Wenger’s blows his tactics as small squad fatigue bites us on the Arsenal.

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Bloody hell, what a crap opening to 2012. Arsenal and all their flaws on show for all to see in a horrible second half that ended in a predictable manner. We went a goal up, some bad decisions went against us for the third game in a row, our possession dropped to 30%, then our lead disappeared.

I tweeted before the game that I felt his was a match we’d win from the bench. I couldn’t believe that Arsene would field Van Persie who clearly looked jaded against QPR from the start and I personally thought he might start with someone like AOC (not even on the bench), give Chamakh a run out and then if things were looking tight at 60 minutes, bring on the big guns to take them a part in the last half an hour.

Instead, Arsene started near enough the same team as the last game, we didn’t take a two goal lead and it all fell apart in the second half as the team fatigued.

The game started off relatively well. Rambo, after a dodgy opening 5 minutes regained some composure to fire off a shot at the Fulham goal. Gervinho had his first miss of the game when he volleyed wide of the post from a corner.

Fulham weren’t there to be spectators of our football showmanship, they’d come to play and they were knocking the ball about nicely. Zamora went close with a low pile driver Chesney did well to hold onto.

Down the other end, the first contreversey of the game occured when Gervinho raced into the box with the ball, he cut across Senderos and was clipped over. The ref ignored the challenge. Was it because he suffered a momentary black out? Did he think it was too early for a penalty? Either way it was a terrible decision. You certainly didn’t need a replay to tell you that. One thing you can be sure about, if Big Phil had done that in an Arsenal shirt, we’d have been one nil down.

Riise was having a great time out wide, he got the better of JD fizzing a low cross just a touch too far from Bobby Z.

Gervinho was getting in plenty of decent positions but he seemed to have a bit of a brain freeze when it came to the crucial moments. He can iron that out over time, that doesn’t help this team right now though.

Koscielny opened the scoring, Ramsey smashed a shot at goal, it hit a Fulham player and came out to Gervinho, he passed back to Ramsey who picked out Koscielny unmarked in the box for him to head in superbly. Moments later, we nearly scored again. Fulham and their keeper getting the better of the penalty box table tennis.

Ruiz was causing problems for us, his ball retention was superb, he took it around 3 of our players and nearly placed a shot low into the bottom corner. Song had to perform some heroics to keep him out with a last ditch sliding tackle. Some might have called it a two footed lunge…

Our best chance before the whistle came when Coquelin pulled off a fancy bit of skill out wide, his cross found Robin but the Dutchmans shot was well saved by Stockdale. The young keeper was having an excellent game.

The second half got underway and it was immediately clear which team wanted the game more. Fulham’s Ruiz fired a decent shot at our goal almost straight after the whistle. Coquelin showed his ‘tremendous leap’ ability to beat Zamora to a header in the box. We were falling to pieces.

In a rare venture into the Fulham half, Robin was bundled over by Senderos and one of his Fulham friends, once again, the ref ignored the pleas of the Arsenal players.

Theo Walcott, currently negotiating a contract that Arsenal are stalling on, was having a shocker. Does this remind you of this time last year when all of a sudden Nasri stopped playing well and didn’t sign on? I hope not… Regardless, his was totally annonymous and for a man requesting £85k a week, that is totally unacceptable. He was taken off for Rosicky at around the time we saw Fulham were taking 66% of the posession.

Senderos and then Ruiz both had headers that glanced marginally wide. Phil’s was after a stupid flap from Chezzer. I had visions of the De Gea flap before the Blackburn goal.

JD was sent off in what would be the turning point in the game. He clung onto the shirt of Zamora who dropped to the ground. After picking up a yellow earlier in the game, the ref had no option but to send him off. Wenger threw on Squillaci and from then, you kind of knew what was coming.

My keeping vision became a reality, Chezzer came out of his box way further than he should of, he palmed the ball as far as Senderos who headed it back across goal where Sidwell was on hand to nod home. Terrible keeping from the young Pole. Really disappointing he felt the need to come for that, especially after cocking up a similar cross 15 minutes earlier.

We’d totally lost control by this point. We couldn’t keep posession, there was no shape to the side and everyone looked totally knackered.

The final nail in the coffin came when Fulham launched a final ball into the box, Squillaci headed it across goal in a dire clearance, Koscielny couldn’t get across quick enough to stop Zamora smashing a volley home.

Total deflation.


I think the conclusion from the last 3 games is that we’re really struggling to create and score goals. Our squad has done a pretty decent job clawing itself back up the table and the medical team have done a very good job keeping them fit. One thing they can’t do is cure fatigue. One thing the manager can’t do is make the back ups good enough to throw in for all the important game we’ve got coming up.

Robin shouldn’t have played today and I’d say Gervinho or Theo should have sat on the bench. Theo based on his nothing performance, but Gervinho has hardly been a revelation the last few games. Who do you bring in though? There is no one in the side who can come close to what Robin is offering and there is a big concern that AOC might not be able to cope with the pressure. In the main, that’s mostly got to be on the managers head.

Rosicky has never been a game changer, even 3 years ago we were all wondering what his purpose was in the side. Nowadays, he positively impotent. Sure he passes the ball well, but what was he doing for the first goal? Take a look. He’s hanging around in the box doing nothing.

As for the defence, it’s totally crippled. All I can do is feel for them. JD is not a right back, he never has been, never will be. It was obvious he was going to get sent off at some point, his clumsy challenges have been a fixture for weeks. The only positive I can take from today is that it’s clear we need some help, the negative is that unless Wenger can clear away some deadwood, he can’t buy anyone.

Tactically, I thought Wenger had a nightmare today. He should have rested key players today and tried to win from the bench. As he didn’t, we tired as the game went, Fulham kicked on a gear and all we had to answer them three thirty plus veterans. We didn’t have another gear. Where was Oxo-Chamberlain? Where was Park Chu-Young? I was told yesterday the problem isn’t a lack of ability, it’s a lack of chances to bed him in. Not sure what the point of buying him was of that is the case…

What disapointed the most though was the total lack of balls we showed in the second half. We were second to every ball, weaker in the tackle and totally bereft of any desire. I thought we’d seen the back of the hapless Arsenal, but we certainly didn’t come out fighting like Fulham did. For me, there’s no excuse for that.

We now have a couple of weeks to recuperate and rekindle some form(assuming Leeds is for the kids). I’d make sure we’ve got something else to bring to the table for our next game other than the same line up that has struggled against 3 very average teams. 4th place isn’t a guarantee this season and if I was the manager, I’d seriously consider delisting players as an option if we can’t shift on overpaid foreigners who are taking up valuable squad placed.


Chezzer – Made some good saves early on but let himself down badly in the second half with two wild flaps at balls into the box. 5

Coquelin – I thought he had a sterling game, any midget who can out jump Zamora gets the thumbs up from me. He did show naivity at time, but overall, he did well. 7

Koscielny – He had a fairly good game at the back considering how busy he was. Lost Zamora at the end which was disappointing, but who’d anticipate Squillaci would head back towards goal… oh wait… anyone who has ever watched him. 7

Mertesacker – Caught out a few times and for me, shoud really have been using his height better for the corners at the end. 5

JD – Had a good first half, but started to fall away in the second. He made two clumsy challenges and was sent off. He’s been an accident watiting to happen for a while, but then again, he’s not a mobile full back. He’s not built for it. 4

Arteta – I thought he looked tired today. He didn’t impose himself on the game like he normally does, nor did he lead with any authority. 5

Song – I thought he had a poor game, he totally slinked into the background in the second half and looked very lazy. 4.5

Ramsey – Created our first goal with a great cross but gave the ball away far too often. He’s played a lot of games this year and also looks in need of a rest. Faded badly with the game, hardly noticed him in the second half. 5.5

Robin – Looked totally in the red zone. Hardly moved all game, no spark whatsoever. It was a big mistake to start him even if he did escape injury. 5

Theo – Useless all game. Totally annonymous. If his head is in the contract clouds, drop him until he comes to his senses. We hold the power, he has a championship in the summer that lots of big clubs will be paying attention to. He won’t get into that squad if he’s not playing. 3

Gervinho – Found himself in some great positions in the first half and was unlucky not to be awarded a penalty. His erratic decision making and his poor final ball left most feeling incredibly frustrated. He has to improve if we’re to kick on when he’s back. 5


Benny – The team was in a pretty bad way when he came on, not sure what he could contribute. 5

Rosicky – Same as Benny except he should have been tracking someone from the corner that lead to the goal. 4

Squillaci – You know things are desperate if you’re thinking of bringing this man on… his poor clearance led to the losing goal. A terrible decision to throw him on or even put him in the squad. 3

Written on an iPhone, apologies for typos

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  1. Paulinho

    Ricky – Blackburn and Chelsea were my “one and a half” matches, even then the Blackburn match was his debut wasn’t it? Bit stupid pointing that game out. In the Chelsea match he was brilliant in the second half. Also in the first half our midfield put them under no pressure so their midfield had all the time in the world. Notice how Djourou also completely got exposed in that same half? Santos was a bit sloppy though in that match.

    Norwich one sums it up really. He was excellent. Anyway it’s all about opinions so fair enough.

  2. Gazthegooner

    Hey i’m not trying to upset anyone on here i’m just sick and fucking tired of listening to yids rubbing my noise in it and when i look at whats going on at the shite hole, and i have nothing to come back with and this as never happened, sad times gents and makes me sick to my stomach. WENGER OUT!

  3. Lurch LeRouge

    “Though I suppose you could say a sense of community, a gathering of like minds, a feeling that you can pretend you’re part of a greater good.

    exactly, being stuck in a wheelchair I can’t really play sport so I chose the team with the best blog.

  4. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    paulinho – valid to some degree, but you can’t slag off the midfield for not screening properly if the defenders cant do their primary job well 1st can you?

    Attack is the best form of defence against teams you should beat. Against teams like barca and united you need to able to defend, something we’re not very good at.

    I remember the days we’d go down to 10 men and still smash teams like it was nothing.. Perhaps Wenger has spoilt us all and like a senile grandparent, giving us the knitted jumper every year after previously bestowing great gifts on us has left me a little bitter

  5. Pierre


    Arsenal survival is dependent upon sound business decisions and fiscal responsibility. Selling Fabregas for €50m and spending the entire amount on Hazard isn’t feasible.

    Arsenal isn’t owned by some oligarch or Arabian sheikh, nor is it subsidised by the Spanish government like certain other clubs.

    Arsenal are also banking on financial fair play which will level the playing field and arguably Arsenal are in the best position for it’s introduction (Platini has even praised Arsenal in this regard)

  6. ivorygoonz

    incesc: we’d have lost the said 3 games in one week away against Man Cit, Chelsea, and Man U, I wouldnt have a problem. that would be still in the order of possible things for a title challenging team.
    we had our worst start to a season, some forget we lost 0-2 at home against Liverpool before the Man U game 8-2 away. that we lost 4-3 against Blackburn, 2-1 at Tottenham, followed by a good run, and then we just draw home against Fulham, lose to City and the losing streak is on again, we drop against teams that should be 2-0 under at least at half time.
    When there’s even the slight possibility that Tottenham will end above us (and with a much smaller budget – just being challenged by Tottenham should be a ringing bell), there’s nothing such as a “mental” reaction to what’s happening. just a general feeling growing and growing, and that Wenger has only couple days left to turn the situation around, and we all know he won’t even take that chance. You think Thierry will be enough? I don’t.

    Keyser: and I forgot something, I actually do something by not buying anymore merchandise and not going to games anymore. that’s the only thing I can do to protest. now I can’t even return the question, because which ever way it goes, you do nothing.

  7. incesc

    bollocks pierre

    hazard would be on less wages then fabregas so we would actually save money on that deal and we already had a significant transfer kitty and money from nasri and clichy

  8. Paulinho

    Robin – Fulham bypassed our midfield too easily. In that last half an hour they were feeding little passes into the likes of Zamora and Song and Arteta were like two zombies in front of them. Both of them were probably knackered though, and we all know who’s fault that is.

    Basically we’re splitting hairs. Everyone is agreed that Wenger is a twat.

  9. Goon from BD

    Ivory- how is he playing now? Can’t remember the last time I saw him…was he playing for Levante last season?

    I think if we can’t get a proper striker in Jan we should atleast buy Reus. I think he can play the false#9 and with Robin fit we will not be seeing Theo start 😀

    Gotze is out of reach now and I think we should be signing players who can have their best years with us not kids at least for some time.

  10. Keyser

    IvoryGoonz – Either way ? You need to think harder about the situation YOU find yourself in, what do you want me to do ? That’s what I mean about the pretence.

  11. Gazthegooner

    Yids rubbing our nose in their current form? Sorry for grammer was having a rant, goes the shape of a pear when that happens.

    Your not upset about the Y word are you?

  12. Keyser

    Lurch LeRouge – Sorry to read that, I know we all kid ourselves, but for some reason it just feels right to be an Arsenal guess it’s the same for all fans or maybe Arsenal fans just take the absolute piss with making blogs up.

  13. ivorygoonz

    BD: yes he was, he came to City, City judged him not good enough for their first team yet, went on loan for 3 years doing quite well, was last year at Levante, and he left City for Lokomotiv because he wanted first team football and trophies.
    would come not too expensive, and that would be a hell of a good City back-stabbing if he works out to be better than VP or any current EPL top strikers.

  14. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Basically we’re splitting hairs. Everyone is agreed that Wenger is a twat.


    😆 i think everytime wenger speaks after a transfer window or a game we’ve lost the whole arsenal community (minus the diminishing akb race) want to well and truly give him a slap.

    For once i’d like to hear an honest assessment rather than some mumbo jumbo mental strength, financial doping, handbrake, unlucky, fatigued, lack a little sharpness in the final 3rd bullshit he constantly drivvels out.

    But to be fair the reporters let him off too easy. He needs to get chewed up and spat out by some honest questions. he’s already reverted to type regarding the ‘players coming back will be like new signings’ bullshit.

    They’re not new players, they were already squad members injured who are back to save us from the shower of shit you’ve purchased and played in their interim.

  15. Ricky

    So just because Blackburn was he’s debut it shouldn’t count no?

    If Chelsea’s finishing wasnt so poor in the first half we woulda been ripped to shreds thanks to santos & djourou (who you chose to use as a comparison for some reason 🙂 lool) then santos was again at fault for one of there goals in the second half! (mata’s I think it was) so all in all, apart from the end result he had a poor performance & would have been punished even worse if it was against more clinical oppo..

  16. ivorygoonz

    Keyser: in the next few posts you’ll tell me that your actual point is about Van Persie’s presence being critical to this team.
    you know what? don’t take me for an idiot for longer and save us both some time.
    you’ve perfectly understood what I said, and you don’t have to act like you’re so naive.
    just go back to the point. you want me to tell you what you do? go find yourself a brain.

  17. Lurch LeRouge

    its fine Keyser,

    It hurts a little when people like GG9 abuse me for not having a life but really its my own fault and need to develop a thicker skin.

  18. Keyser

    IvoryGoonz – I have this thing where I give people leeway because no matter what I can’t believe anyway could be soo stupid, heh or it’s a sick sense of humour.

    Fuck it, either way YOU need to think for yourself, I’m going to do what I want regardless YOU need to work out why that makes YOU soo angry.

    Otherwise this is just a blog for opinions I have as little value for my opinion as I do for yours.

  19. Thomas

    Wenger needs to go now. Sick of that cunts shit. And he could take Almunia, Squillaci, Rosicky, Diaby Bendtner, Denilson, Gibbs, Djourou, Arshavin and Chamakh with him.

  20. Keyser

    Lurch LeRouge – See, you might call me Shirley Temple again, even though I think that dates you, but I don’t really trust what anyone says on here and you’ve got a pretty warped sense of humour, so I don’t know how to react or even if that’s what you want from me, maybe I just over-think things, could be where Occams Razor could be helpful.

    Thought you’d have a pretty thick skin anyway, GG9 just gets upset when we have film-night on here, feels like Le Groves been around for ages now, also you seen Kill List ?!

  21. Lurch LeRouge

    its the middle of the night in Tasmania so i think we should reserve film talk to the early hours of GMT but no I haven’t seen Kill List, have you seen The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, its a passionate story depicted through the eyes of a cripple.

  22. Evan

    Walcott plays much better as a sub and appears to play well only in Champion league.

    I would much prefer Arshavin to start and then bring Theo on as an sub, he doesn’t deserve to start and the request for 85K a week pfft

    I not a massive fan of either, but i think thats the best way to play them

  23. ivorygoonz

    A) you never always do what YOU want. your freedom stops where the freedom of others start, rest is called respect.
    B) if you don’t have any value for your opinions, then you are talkin shit all the time, you do realise that and that’s why you are called a WUM?
    C) I’ve already made my mind up about what Im doing, or actually not doing to protest. this is a blog, to debate, communicate. what YOU do is called trolling. you just refute any argument without even looking at what people answer you, just so that you can stay happy with Wenger for longer.
    D) in any case, you always do what you want, and you always take it to a pissing contest.
    E) hence the question, why are you on here?

  24. Grassy Knoll

    Lurch LeRouge – yep – a life’s story told by a cripple –

    I had to laugh when I got back from the game at Emirates – there was simpleton Lurch, commentating here throughout the whole game, watching it on television, abusing everyone …

    Sad, really.

  25. ivorygoonz

    Evan: I agree, that would use Walcott’s pace at the best moment, and put him in that situation where he apply himself, he seems to relish big games, but switch off against lower oppositions. it’s not by putting him in the first team slot all the time he’s going to progress on his concentration and composure in front of goal.

  26. kwik fit

    Walcot was very poor last night but should have been left on the pitch to provide an outlet with a long ball. Wenger took off both Gerv/Walcott and with RVP out of sorts we didn’t have any outlet with pace to relieve the defense.

  27. Grassy Knoll

    Wenger’s Tasmanian Tactician … you should move to the Emirates Lurch – give the team the benefit of your genius …

    No wonder you follow it online – you probably don’t even get television there.

  28. Keyser

    IvoryGoonz – No real idea where you’re going with this conversation.

    You called me a loser, which I find silly because we support the same team.

    Also who calls me a WUM ?!

  29. Lurch LeRouge

    your getting a little ahead of yourself Grassy & confused I might add, again what was it I said that disturbed you so? you’re going to have to prove it now…

    oh by the way, I live in London & Kent, GG9 lives in Tasmania, do keep up dear boy.

  30. kwik fit

    Ivory I just can not understand why AOC is not even on the bench. He has more ability than all of last nights subs but together.
    A player with pace would have turned the fulham defense from time to time and possibly changed the result. But hay what to fuck do I know?

  31. Grassy Knoll

    Hi Lurch – I was Block 2 / Row 22 / Seat 33 … where exactly were you Coach?

    Tasmania? How was the view from there?

  32. Keyser

    There’s soo much I haven’t seen, neither will I before my eyes tire and close.

    Finally watched the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Lisbeth’s strangely alluring, going to download the American version and then ‘The Secret in Her Eyes, also an old film called ‘Don’t look now’.

  33. Gunner2301

    TonyT “AW is one of the best managers in the world when it comes to recognising talent and bringing out the best out of players” Where have you been mate? The team has been struggling since Eduardo in one form or another last years CC was just the culmination of all the shit. I have a theory that I still believe holds water.

    I believe that Wenger benefitted from a well drilled defence when he arrived inherited players who knew the game and leaders all over the field that knew their job (Adams, Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Viera) and could change things themselves within a game tactically especially during the period of Viera who would dictate play from midfield. This alleviated him from having to do the bulk of this work.

    He thought he could dismantle it and the youth he had lined up would be good enough forgetting the qualities and characteristics that made the early teams what they were. And this is why his own youth project got nowhere because if you consider what went wrong you could see the team was leaderless like a rudderless ship, didn’t know what to do and it appeared as if Wenger couldn’t coach them. This was a massive oversight on Wengers part and culminates in his bad choice of captains over the years.

    Now we have some more mature players things are changing around again however they are not Arsenal quality even though they have helped us to where we are now, they cannot take us forward. This being the case, the purchases that were made in the Summer are very short sighted or are the type of signings to keep us treading water.

    Mertesacker for a big guy can’t jump. I’ve watched him in a number of matches and he either ducks or makes a token gesture. WTF did no scout see this or is this a German thing? We’d have been better off with Hangeland.

    Theo will get his pay rise undeservedly. I would sell him personally but Wenger wont, this is the man who gave Diaby a new contract a year ago. I don’t recall Diaby tearing up the league at that time or was he even playing? Others like Rosicky got a contract when he returned from a long lay off and there are numerous others that are undeserving. Remember Denilson & Eboue?

    Wenger is a weak manager in many ways and thats’; not what Arsenal needs it needs strong characters and a weak manager will never remedy that because he fears confrontation. He tolerates mediocrity for far too long because his ego won’t allow him to be objective. We are stuck with many players due to his foolish behaviour. He does not deserve the money he is being paid. He’s not a manager anymore he is a financier.

    Wenger must go. I know he wont and we will get more of the same and possibly worse, but we will not progress with him at the helm because he is a self serving, ignorant bastard who lost touch with reality long ago.


  34. Lurch LeRouge

    oh so its clever to come on a blog and criticise participation in it now?

    lateral thinking not your forte is it Grassy Mole.

  35. ivorygoonz

    Keyser: you called yourself a loser first.
    “Happy with constant mediocrity? I started supporting Arsenal when English football was happy with that….”
    so you are happy with mediocrity.
    you’re just resignated that the money of Chelsea and City is the only reason why “we” failed, and that Wenger is doing a top job given the “circumstances” and as long that’s clear reasons you support us?
    so if the reasons were not clear or not those you think, you would stop supporting Arsenal?
    you don’t make sense.
    you’re an “American Fan”, that’s all I can say. satisfied whatever the result as long as you had a good show.
    YOUR opinion, has as much weight as a feather, cause you don’t have any opinion, just want to prevent others having theirs, and “force” them to be happy.
    It doesn’t work like that.

    (oh, and you called me demented didn’t you?)

  36. Evan

    I don’t think Wenger will sign a striker Jan, as i’m assuming Joel Campbell will be available next season (visa permitting, not sure on the techs?) and Bendtner hasn’t been sold yet, and we have Chamakh and Park, plus he is in love with playing a midfielder behind a front man in 4-3-3 (never agreed with this, it all started with Freddie Ljungberg.

    No wideman will be bought as Ryo will feature next season and i’m assuming he has plans for the Wellington (once again visa?) and not forgetting Ox

    As far as i can see the only way he will sign a player is when someone leaves and we don’t have a young starlet to step up.

    – Everyone is injured Left/right back, i expect a signing in this area more likely a left back as Sagna returns

    – If he sells Arshavin, Chamakh and Bendtner then just maybe we will sign a player?

    A wiseman would sell Arshavin whilst you can still get ££££££££

  37. Lurch LeRouge

    clearly your struggling Grassy Mole, so I’ll make it easy for you, heres my posts during the game, which offended you the most?

    Fortunately for you, theres only 5, unfortunately though none of them are consistent with your implication. This leaves me to conclude that I’ve touched you so deep in your well of honour that you’ve got to fabricate complete bullshit in a naive attempt to rescue some.

    The hilarity of it is that every time to try, you come off looking more desperate and thick than before.

    Kick off

    21 min Kozer scores

    Lurch says
    January 2, 2012 at 17:51
    yeah Rambo’s complete shite. (if your confused, this is sarcasm – a mirror held up to David & useroz who regularly slate Ramsey in game)

    Half Time

    Lurch says
    January 2, 2012 at 18:22
    Le Coq, a right footed midfielder making the LB position look easy.
    not bad, gotta keep tighter on Ruiz though.

    2nd half

    unrelated to the game
    Lurch says
    January 2, 2012 at 18:28
    any chance there was a translation issue in the poldi interview?

    ie I’m not coming to play second fiddle to RVP, I’m coming to revolutionise the EPL playing with RVP???

    Lurch LeRouge says:
    January 2, 2012 at 18:31
    easy on the JD ridicule, he’s David’s favourite defender and might cry.

    Game ends

    Lurch says
    Lurch LeRouge says:
    January 2, 2012 at 19:26
    squad’s too full Arsene? flush the fucker then.

  38. Grassy Knoll

    Dear Le Grove – when does the podcast start – then we can listen to some intelligent and informed conversation without needing to be mugged by thugs.

  39. ivorygoonz

    GK: no one’s keeping you here “brow”, the place is only as low as the people in it… feel free to go to a happier place for you, hell could be a good start 🙂

  40. kwik fit

    How unfair is this. Spuds play west brom tonight’ Now spuds played on Saturday while Brom played on Sunday Afternoon.

  41. Evan

    Arsenals future, i selected the players who are deemed to make it, don;t think Levante have love for Wellington

    Wellington – Levante
    Apps: 0 Goals: 0
    Loan started: July 10 Loan due to end: End of season
    Last match: Yet to play
    League position: 4th in La Liga

    Denilson – Sao Paulo
    Apps: 12 + 2 Goals: 0
    Loan started: July 20 Loan due to end: End of season
    Last match: Sao Paulo 4-0 Santos
    League position: 6th in Brazilian Serie A

    Nicklas Bendtner – Sunderland
    Apps: 13 + 1 Goals: 2
    Loan started: August 31 Loan due to end: End of season
    Last match: Sunderland 1-0 Man City
    League position: 15th in Premier League

    Joel Campbell – FC Lorient
    Apps: 6 + 7 Goals: 2
    Loan started: August 31 Loan due to end: End of season
    Last match: Marseille 2-1 Lorient
    League position: 10th in Ligue 1

  42. telarse


    Julie Christie is awesome and not a bit shy in ‘Don’t look now’.

    Speaking of wanking…

    Lurch ye know when you say you need to develop a thicker skin, and ye know how you’re on t’interweb quite a bit?

    I presume it’s not your 4skin that reqires thickening!!!!!

    I’ve come up with a new expression to describe fucking-up in defense… “Per-shaped”

  43. Keyser

    IvoryGoonz – I’m trying to tell you how I came about to be supporting Arsenal in the first place, it wasn’t because they won things, it was more than that.

    You need to work out why you started supporting the team because you seem a bit lost here.

    You called me a loser, now an ‘American fan’ whatever that is, I’m saying ‘If you’re upset then you do what you have to’.

  44. leon

    in my opinion both risicky and benioun are good squad players but clearly lack the ability to change a game.also ramsey looks to good upcomming player has a very bright future but dont think he ready to replace cesc.the problem is there is not any goals comming from wingers or midfielders realy.i know what nasri said was in very poor taste but the fact he could easily score at least 10 goals a season cesc evon more.me i realy dont care were the goals come from as long they score but that is only comming rvp the others strikers wenger clearly does not trust and there no goals comming midfield which leads to more presure put on the defence.

  45. Evan

    Ivory: Random question, do you reckon Romelu Lukaku wished he was a gooner now?

    Wenger infuriates me, why would you tell the likes of Park and Ox that they need to show there worth whilst Cham and Gervinho are away and then not even have them on the bench or give them any playing time what so ever?

  46. Lurch LeRouge

    No foreskin telarse,

    its a catheter now i’m confined to the wheelchair, nowadays I get my kicks from teasing cocks like Grassy Mole into a fizz.

  47. kwik fit

    The last 24 hrs have been tough I don’t mind admitting it. But LG and the random banter has picked me up . I feel that i can continue living again. Plus Nasri the smug little money graping bollockless twat is still on the bench 🙂

  48. ivorygoonz

    Keyser: you show your cock again…
    like doubting the reasons I support Arsenal without even knowing, and the fact it has nothing to do with the discussion which is about Wenger’s failures.

    How about you stop being a total prick and either let us talk between civilised people, or follow GK back on Untold?

  49. Lurch LeRouge

    frenchie I knew you’d understand.

    how’s that new dehumidifier we installed in the basement last week?

    those corpses maintaining tactile consistency now?

  50. ivorygoonz

    Evan: ref Lukaku, Im not sure, way too personal feeling.
    I could understand either way.
    He’s got Drogba to tutor him, and he couldn’t really dream of better start, he’s got to prove himself first, that’s a big gap from Belgium league to English league.
    Could have been totally wasted with us too.

  51. Keyser

    IvoryGoonz – Tuned into my webcam link again have you ?!

    You called me a loser and an ‘American fan’ if you’re too dopey to know what relevance that has to your own conversation then yeah don’t talk to me.

  52. leon

    i dought wenger is going do any business other loan signings most likely a lb.i have no fears about henry at all because although he lost alot pace he very intelligent player and is a deadly finisher

  53. telarse

    You’re just the guy I need advice from.
    I’ve had a great idea for opening a vehicle enhancement garage for mobility vehicles.

    How does “Gimp My Ride” sound as a name?

  54. Grassy Knoll

    Dear Friends,

    I will always read the highly valuable and informative posts by Le Grove – every day reading.

    But I’ll never again read the worthless comments – they used to be great – now it’s just snide and threatening, with low-brow insults – ugly trolls.

    I’ll always read LeGrove – it’s the best Arsenal blog by far!

    Thank you!

    And please – podcast as soon as you can! Really waiting on that …


  55. Lurch LeRouge


    I like it telarse, can i recommend an electrified retractable cattle prod, i’m sick of always riding the horn to clear the footpaths. Also a hydraulic adjustable lift kit, because the Hackney footpaths are so irregular.

  56. Lurch LeRouge

    short term memory loss Grassy Mole?

    Don’t you remember how this banter started? after you accused the authors of being in the employ of the club?

    or maybe a dose of lithium would do the trick?

  57. Grassy Knoll

    Bye Bye Mr Ivory – your name says it all – you’re white and you shot beasts and humans far superior in stature to yourself.

  58. Joppa Road

    You lot all getting on Walcott’s case. He’s a top player – it’s the manager you should be questioning and his awful tactics.

    Now I mentioned Agbonlahor earlier and not one response. Come on guys and show some class by admitting it’s a great call. More direct, great on the ball and English – what more do you lot want?

    Sign him up.

  59. Lurch LeRouge

    nothing on MVB, just that a ‘walkout’ was in the offing. complete mentalist, although some posts have had an air of veracity 😉 to them.

  60. Lurch LeRouge


    if I was dying of thirst would you piss on me or pass me a glass of water?

    just trying to assess the level of your frustration really?

  61. frenchie


    you are a grass, right? very rich coming on here, claiming abuse and bullying and then you treat ivory that way. when you treat people with respect, you gane respect. leave it alone, pal.

  62. Maciek


    My prediction-Wenger to stay for at least another 3 years and winning NOTHING, noone will be signed in January and in the summer.

    Robin will extend his contract and will be gone in 1 years time along with Koscielny, Vermy, Sagna,all our best players.

    In the next 3 years we will be a mid-table team, but it doesn’t matter for our board, because there still will be 60 000 jokers singing “One Rasene Wenger”

    When in 2015 Wenger leaves, the Club will be sold and our “custodians” wil earn a lot of money.

  63. Lurch LeRouge

    Grassy, for the record I think your alright mate, you must be as a gooner. so I’d like to drop the war of words, but you’ll have to meet me half way and show some respect to others on here.

    if not….i’m fine either way.

  64. Joppa Road

    Fkin hell. Look what money has done to the game. City 2-0 up against Liverpool, going for their first title in years and years and the place is dead atmosphere wise. Modern fans.

  65. Shepp

    Leon –
    I agree
    and posted something along those lines earlier
    We’ve got a pretty strong core to the team now with:

    Sagna. Koz verm
    jack w
    the problem is the attacking part of our game which has been poor this season apart from RVP… asharvin,rosicky,benny,chamack, weather they not cutting it anymore or never have done need to be moved on,
    They provide zilch to this squad,if wenger can’t see it and doesn’t get rid of at least 2 of them this window then the man truly hasn’t any ambition left, surely he can see this!? EVERYBODY else can,… gervinho and Walcott need some world class competition/replacements with end product.,. RVP’s been carrying these two lately

  66. Joppa Road

    Hello…………..Agbonlahor…English, pacey and can finish. Also I would like Rodwell and Baines.

    How the fck some of you can think Santos is a great player is beyond me. WTF?

  67. Maciek

    Thanks Frenchie,

    Now, I’m aiming to replace G STAR. But, it will be tough:-)

    The guy is in his own league:-)

  68. Pierre


    I noticed prior to the January break that you had been attending lots of Ligue 2 games. What gems have you uncovered?

  69. jack

    look what money has done to Arsenal. citeh spend it on quality players, we pocket it (the board) and buy cheap shit.

  70. Lurch LeRouge

    like Rodwell & Baines, although I think Rodwell & Ramsey are pretty similar and I prefer Ramsey’s engine.

    Agbonlahor, never seen the fuss really, he’s not a brit but I still prefer JNR Hoilett.

  71. Pierre

    Nasri not even on the bench for Man City. Mediocre performance after mediocre performance – looks like Mancini has had enough.

    The boy performs for half a season (For Arsenal – always been shit for France) and his ego erupts.

    He won’t get the patience and chances at Man City he’s had at Arsenal – all downhill for the arrogant twerp from here.

  72. Joppa Road

    Jack, I remember though the excitement of going for our first title since I had supported Arsenal in 1989 and standing on the North Bank. I can remember us beating Liverpool in a League Cup match I think and it was a mad house.

    Do todays fans think they don’t have to support? Do they resent the money the players get? Just curious because when I look back to Man City at Maine Road with the Kippex Stand the atmosphere seemed to be a lot more intimidating. I don’t think money has changed the game for the better.

  73. Shepp

    joppa road-
    Walcott- top player.. Really?
    I don’t know who you’ve been watching this season
    the occasional mazy run, couple of assists defo don’t make the lad a top player.
    wanted to/have been a fan of his but iv lost it with him now far too inconsistent
    I’d hate for him to find his peak somewhere else, his frustrating still hasn’t a football brain
    85k? take pools’ 30mil I say

  74. Joppa Road

    Oh look another player I suggested for Arsenal has scored – Defoe. Fkin hell there are some good English players out there. Go and fkin buy them.

    Defoe, Agbonlahor, Baines, Rodwell, Makail-Smith, Cahill.

    Why the fck do we always have to look abroad for players who always want to fck off anyway?

    Buy English and add them to Wilshere, Gibbs, Walcott and Ox.

    Couldn’t do any worse than what they would be replacing.


  75. jack

    I loved the 89 title the most, being written off and winning 2-0, what we needed. 18yrs since 71 title.

    money has changed everything imo. players in the 70s and 80s loved their club,stayed longer and when they retired, bought a pub and became ordinary citizen.its big business now for club and players, they are set for life after 1 or 2 yrs wages. sign of the times really.

  76. Joppa Road

    Agree Jack, the fans have changed too. Too much of a middle class sport now and that seems to be reflected in the atmosphere.
    Apart from beating Chelsea away (where I went mental) I get more of a buzz out of coaching my boys team. Seems more real.

    We were just lucky I guess to see that 89 side playing at Highbury.

  77. Rob green

    Great!! Spuds are 6 points in head of us now with a game in hand!!

    They look better than us!! Wenger out! How has he let this happen

  78. youdamn

    Look at all the goalscorers Spurs have compared to us (RVP).
    That is the difference. Always one of them turns up with a goal.
    AW has got to get more than Henry or else he is completley mad.

  79. jack

    couldnt agree more Joppa. its my heart rather than my head that keeps my love of Arsenal alive, its that inner child that watched the double winning 71 double team.
    i wont go to the emirates anymore as i cant afford it and the atmosphere has changed as you say. i want to leave it behind me , but cant cause i went mental at chavs win also.


  80. Shepp

    Nasri won’t last long at city,
    Overrated fat ponce,
    25m looks cool now
    If only it was invested in a gotze or hazard
    I’m praying we get podolski, he seems to have a similar mentality as verm,koz,RVP

  81. Ricky

    Lol @ the inbred cunt Darren Anderton on ssn!! Had a good laugh watching him struggling to get words out.

    What a dumb fuck!!

  82. Joppa Road

    Not going to be popular but I actually thought Spurs were a better side than us last season. Now with the loss of Cesc, Nasri and Clichy and with out any of them being replaced, factor in Spurs making some excellent signings (Parker & Ade) I think they are rightly where they are in the league. They play good stuff too.

    That is why I am surprised at how Wenger gets away with just how much Arsenal has slipped. Excuses of refs, tiredness is all complete bollx. We are just not good enough, especially with Wenger game plan/tactics.

  83. Ricky

    I agree Joppa..

    Before the games he’s all “were ready, strong & have plenty of belief & mental strength bollox” & as soon as its over he’s full of excuses..

    The man has no shame.

  84. GUNNER786

    So Spurs win AGAIN! And are six points clear with a game in hand.

    Be afraid! Be very afraid!

    Goodnight Grovers.

    Ohh I almost forgot..,


  85. David

    Robin’s Choco Leg Special says:
    January 3, 2012 at 17:41
    david – walcott is worse than bendtner fact



    Lets not lose all sensibility now. There’s no reason for it 😀

  86. charliegooner

    better get that lasagne out the freezer arsene ! things are looking bleak ,them spuds need to be stopped a bit sharpish !!

  87. jack

    What is most important for Arsenal PLC. winning on the pitch or maintaining a highly profitable business. i dont even believe top 4 is a must for the board to sustain this. 60,000 and staying in top 6 with odd trophy will suffice.
    Greed causes no shame.. ask the bankers

  88. iccecream

    And I love how Pedro insists spurs will flop this season. No way man, and even if they did they will be too far ahead of us to catch up

  89. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    lol david – let’s just agree they’re both shit. bendtner being the slightly crustier one.