Wenger’s blows his tactics as small squad fatigue bites us on the Arsenal.

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Bloody hell, what a crap opening to 2012. Arsenal and all their flaws on show for all to see in a horrible second half that ended in a predictable manner. We went a goal up, some bad decisions went against us for the third game in a row, our possession dropped to 30%, then our lead disappeared.

I tweeted before the game that I felt his was a match we’d win from the bench. I couldn’t believe that Arsene would field Van Persie who clearly looked jaded against QPR from the start and I personally thought he might start with someone like AOC (not even on the bench), give Chamakh a run out and then if things were looking tight at 60 minutes, bring on the big guns to take them a part in the last half an hour.

Instead, Arsene started near enough the same team as the last game, we didn’t take a two goal lead and it all fell apart in the second half as the team fatigued.

The game started off relatively well. Rambo, after a dodgy opening 5 minutes regained some composure to fire off a shot at the Fulham goal. Gervinho had his first miss of the game when he volleyed wide of the post from a corner.

Fulham weren’t there to be spectators of our football showmanship, they’d come to play and they were knocking the ball about nicely. Zamora went close with a low pile driver Chesney did well to hold onto.

Down the other end, the first contreversey of the game occured when Gervinho raced into the box with the ball, he cut across Senderos and was clipped over. The ref ignored the challenge. Was it because he suffered a momentary black out? Did he think it was too early for a penalty? Either way it was a terrible decision. You certainly didn’t need a replay to tell you that. One thing you can be sure about, if Big Phil had done that in an Arsenal shirt, we’d have been one nil down.

Riise was having a great time out wide, he got the better of JD fizzing a low cross just a touch too far from Bobby Z.

Gervinho was getting in plenty of decent positions but he seemed to have a bit of a brain freeze when it came to the crucial moments. He can iron that out over time, that doesn’t help this team right now though.

Koscielny opened the scoring, Ramsey smashed a shot at goal, it hit a Fulham player and came out to Gervinho, he passed back to Ramsey who picked out Koscielny unmarked in the box for him to head in superbly. Moments later, we nearly scored again. Fulham and their keeper getting the better of the penalty box table tennis.

Ruiz was causing problems for us, his ball retention was superb, he took it around 3 of our players and nearly placed a shot low into the bottom corner. Song had to perform some heroics to keep him out with a last ditch sliding tackle. Some might have called it a two footed lunge…

Our best chance before the whistle came when Coquelin pulled off a fancy bit of skill out wide, his cross found Robin but the Dutchmans shot was well saved by Stockdale. The young keeper was having an excellent game.

The second half got underway and it was immediately clear which team wanted the game more. Fulham’s Ruiz fired a decent shot at our goal almost straight after the whistle. Coquelin showed his ‘tremendous leap’ ability to beat Zamora to a header in the box. We were falling to pieces.

In a rare venture into the Fulham half, Robin was bundled over by Senderos and one of his Fulham friends, once again, the ref ignored the pleas of the Arsenal players.

Theo Walcott, currently negotiating a contract that Arsenal are stalling on, was having a shocker. Does this remind you of this time last year when all of a sudden Nasri stopped playing well and didn’t sign on? I hope not… Regardless, his was totally annonymous and for a man requesting £85k a week, that is totally unacceptable. He was taken off for Rosicky at around the time we saw Fulham were taking 66% of the posession.

Senderos and then Ruiz both had headers that glanced marginally wide. Phil’s was after a stupid flap from Chezzer. I had visions of the De Gea flap before the Blackburn goal.

JD was sent off in what would be the turning point in the game. He clung onto the shirt of Zamora who dropped to the ground. After picking up a yellow earlier in the game, the ref had no option but to send him off. Wenger threw on Squillaci and from then, you kind of knew what was coming.

My keeping vision became a reality, Chezzer came out of his box way further than he should of, he palmed the ball as far as Senderos who headed it back across goal where Sidwell was on hand to nod home. Terrible keeping from the young Pole. Really disappointing he felt the need to come for that, especially after cocking up a similar cross 15 minutes earlier.

We’d totally lost control by this point. We couldn’t keep posession, there was no shape to the side and everyone looked totally knackered.

The final nail in the coffin came when Fulham launched a final ball into the box, Squillaci headed it across goal in a dire clearance, Koscielny couldn’t get across quick enough to stop Zamora smashing a volley home.

Total deflation.


I think the conclusion from the last 3 games is that we’re really struggling to create and score goals. Our squad has done a pretty decent job clawing itself back up the table and the medical team have done a very good job keeping them fit. One thing they can’t do is cure fatigue. One thing the manager can’t do is make the back ups good enough to throw in for all the important game we’ve got coming up.

Robin shouldn’t have played today and I’d say Gervinho or Theo should have sat on the bench. Theo based on his nothing performance, but Gervinho has hardly been a revelation the last few games. Who do you bring in though? There is no one in the side who can come close to what Robin is offering and there is a big concern that AOC might not be able to cope with the pressure. In the main, that’s mostly got to be on the managers head.

Rosicky has never been a game changer, even 3 years ago we were all wondering what his purpose was in the side. Nowadays, he positively impotent. Sure he passes the ball well, but what was he doing for the first goal? Take a look. He’s hanging around in the box doing nothing.

As for the defence, it’s totally crippled. All I can do is feel for them. JD is not a right back, he never has been, never will be. It was obvious he was going to get sent off at some point, his clumsy challenges have been a fixture for weeks. The only positive I can take from today is that it’s clear we need some help, the negative is that unless Wenger can clear away some deadwood, he can’t buy anyone.

Tactically, I thought Wenger had a nightmare today. He should have rested key players today and tried to win from the bench. As he didn’t, we tired as the game went, Fulham kicked on a gear and all we had to answer them three thirty plus veterans. We didn’t have another gear. Where was Oxo-Chamberlain? Where was Park Chu-Young? I was told yesterday the problem isn’t a lack of ability, it’s a lack of chances to bed him in. Not sure what the point of buying him was of that is the case…

What disapointed the most though was the total lack of balls we showed in the second half. We were second to every ball, weaker in the tackle and totally bereft of any desire. I thought we’d seen the back of the hapless Arsenal, but we certainly didn’t come out fighting like Fulham did. For me, there’s no excuse for that.

We now have a couple of weeks to recuperate and rekindle some form(assuming Leeds is for the kids). I’d make sure we’ve got something else to bring to the table for our next game other than the same line up that has struggled against 3 very average teams. 4th place isn’t a guarantee this season and if I was the manager, I’d seriously consider delisting players as an option if we can’t shift on overpaid foreigners who are taking up valuable squad placed.


Chezzer – Made some good saves early on but let himself down badly in the second half with two wild flaps at balls into the box. 5

Coquelin – I thought he had a sterling game, any midget who can out jump Zamora gets the thumbs up from me. He did show naivity at time, but overall, he did well. 7

Koscielny – He had a fairly good game at the back considering how busy he was. Lost Zamora at the end which was disappointing, but who’d anticipate Squillaci would head back towards goal… oh wait… anyone who has ever watched him. 7

Mertesacker – Caught out a few times and for me, shoud really have been using his height better for the corners at the end. 5

JD – Had a good first half, but started to fall away in the second. He made two clumsy challenges and was sent off. He’s been an accident watiting to happen for a while, but then again, he’s not a mobile full back. He’s not built for it. 4

Arteta – I thought he looked tired today. He didn’t impose himself on the game like he normally does, nor did he lead with any authority. 5

Song – I thought he had a poor game, he totally slinked into the background in the second half and looked very lazy. 4.5

Ramsey – Created our first goal with a great cross but gave the ball away far too often. He’s played a lot of games this year and also looks in need of a rest. Faded badly with the game, hardly noticed him in the second half. 5.5

Robin – Looked totally in the red zone. Hardly moved all game, no spark whatsoever. It was a big mistake to start him even if he did escape injury. 5

Theo – Useless all game. Totally annonymous. If his head is in the contract clouds, drop him until he comes to his senses. We hold the power, he has a championship in the summer that lots of big clubs will be paying attention to. He won’t get into that squad if he’s not playing. 3

Gervinho – Found himself in some great positions in the first half and was unlucky not to be awarded a penalty. His erratic decision making and his poor final ball left most feeling incredibly frustrated. He has to improve if we’re to kick on when he’s back. 5


Benny – The team was in a pretty bad way when he came on, not sure what he could contribute. 5

Rosicky – Same as Benny except he should have been tracking someone from the corner that lead to the goal. 4

Squillaci – You know things are desperate if you’re thinking of bringing this man on… his poor clearance led to the losing goal. A terrible decision to throw him on or even put him in the squad. 3

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  1. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Ramsey runs about alot and not alot else reallt, but he shouldn’t be starting in an arsenal side that’s chasing it’s first trophy after 7 years. He’s still learning his trade and still hasn’t matured to where he’s bossing games and making significant contributions in the offensive and defensive stat department other than a half decent through ball every now and again that doesnt get finished off because of theodore gervinshite.

    Has anyone else realized that apart from Van Persie (and only for the last 14 months mind) we do not have any other proven goalscorer or attacking threat what so ever. We have no threat from anywhere…

    There is no threat whatsoever and if Robin is having a bit of a shocker the onus is on the others to stand up and be counted but do gervinho, walcott, arshavin, chamackh, ramsey, arteta, wilshere, song, oxlade-chamberlain, benayoun, rosicky, miyiachi, park and diaby have any sort of goalscoring or assist pedigree?

    Do they fuck……

    We need players that can make a significant contribution in the final third and definitely a left back. Podolski and Gourcouff are must haves along with a decent full back (not wayne bridge)

  2. ivorygoonz

    the only answer is proper youth coaching and first team coaching.
    not throwing money at potential.
    if you don’t have the right youth coaching, that potential will be wasted, the same way Walcott was wasted.

  3. Rohan

    He’d definitely/should get in , Pool’s and Spuds probably United and City’s squad.

    He’s an upgrade over Clichy imo. He also seemed like he got along with the team very well.

  4. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Pedro – Don’t lower your standards because Santos is injured and Gibbs is made of Styrofoam.

    Shocking defenders the pair of them.. It’s all well and good going forward and looking half decent when we’re dominating, but when we’re under the cosh really tells you about a ‘proper defender.

    I like my defenders to defend 1st and contribute going forward second, not the other way round. If they can do both great, but alas poor yorrick they’re shit!

  5. gambon


    I think he could be the new Pires, and i hate “the new xxx” sayings. A lot of people dont realise how flat Pires’ career had got, Wenger took a big risk on him.

    It wouldnt even really be a rish, apparantly he would be £12m, and theres no way he will ever be a <£12m footballer.

    For me we need to now only target absolute top class players, not random squad players. We should buy first XI players, and drop some of our current first XI into squad roles.

    Other playmakers could be:

    Gotze – Would love him, but you just know it will never happen.
    Kagawa – Good player, is he strong enough?
    Martin – One season wonder for me
    Alvarez – That boat has sailed
    Kaka – Could be an outstanding signing, could be a disaster, either way he's too high profile for Wenger.
    Ganso – Would be very Wengeresque but injury problems and big clubs interested make it a no
    Thiago Alcantara – Not that realistic
    Renato Augusto – Will probably be a great player one day but still raw with a lot to learn
    Marek Hamsik – Not really a Cesc, but more of a Lampard, not necessarily a bad thing, too high profile for AW

    I would like to see Gourcuff or Hamsik for different reasons.

  6. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    ivory – walcott was never wasted. He was just exceedingly fast and wenger had a slight chubby thinking he could create the next henry for arsenal and england and get undying love for it.

    Unfortunately, for us anyway, it looks like we’ve pissed 35 odd million down the drain for a hattrick against croatia, a decent display against chelsea and a mazy run against liverpool in the champions league.

    worth it?

  7. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    rohan – santos is not an upgrade over clichy whatsoever.

    Funny how with a proper defensive set up and tactics clichy looks solid at the back and can cross all of a sudden when in dangerous areas..

  8. Pabs

    Arsenal need a first-choice striker who can play on the wing. get Theo out of the side! RVP cant play evey game and that means we’re screwed for goals. Wenger is going to have to pay atleast £20million to get a play that can make an impact like that immediately.

    On top of that we need Arshavin, Rosicky, Diaby replacements. Podloski is top quality and Gourcuff is a really exciting transfer prospect. I just hope Wenger doesn’t miss the chance this January. As has been the case for several seasons now we could be just a few signings away from being a top team again.

  9. gambon

    Oh and Dzagoev, but the russians arent exactly creating a good impression over here right now. Also he seems to have stalled in terms of progress where he looked like Gotze a few years ago.

  10. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    wenger will sign henry and bridge on loan and that’ll be your lot i think.

    even bridge on loan in tandem with henry is being overtly optimistic knowing wenger…

    we might get lucky and he’ll panic loan on the 31st jan when we hear gibbs, diaby, wilshere, vermaelen and sagna all miraculously have injury setbacks.

  11. Cygan's Left Foot

    We are lucky because Theo is English and his value still high, sell him to Chelsea or Liverpool and get 15 to 20 million.

  12. Gazthegooner

    Rohan saying that he’d get in the squad and not start says it all.

    Santos is not good enough, Clichy and Santos are as good as each other great going forward shit at defending.

    City – i would take Zabelieta or Kolorov over him
    Man Utd – Evra
    Lpool – Enrique (we missed the boat there)
    Yids – Bale / Ecotter (can’t spell his name but more consistant than Santos)
    Chelsea – His a cunt!

    Santos would not start in front of any of them so why are we lumbered with him.

    Yes he as had good spells but come on he is not world class and not a top player.

  13. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    i believe that we need to accept where we are with wenger… he has been punching above his weight for the last couple of years, we are on best a top 8 side, who may get lucky and win a cup one year, may get luck and make a CL final thats it, we are a shot team, top players will want to go tpo places where they have ambition , places where thay are not afraid to make swweping changes to get sucess!

    the halcyon days of mr wenger are over never to come back …..

    its true.

  14. ivorygoonz

    How about Gourcuff in and Squillaci to Lyon, Hazard in and Park to Lille, Vertonghen in and Arshavin to Zenit, Podolski in and Chamakh out to Bordeaux or PSG?
    anyway, you know Wenger. as long as is persuaded and happy we’ll finish in top 4, everything is ok.
    you seen him celebrating our goal? I swear the jacket’s zipper was happier.
    1 signing max, and that’s Thierry. I think we can only make one change to the current squad registered for ECL, bar additions if we didnt register the full 25 (Im not sure, but I seem to remember our 25 man squad was actually a 23 man registered. would be good if someone could check on that.
    rest will be bollocks to media to avoid fan pressure until summer, then assess.

  15. Azed

    With Wenger in charge we should stop talking(dreaming) about targets above 15mil..
    in 1999 Wenger paid 10Mil for Henry, 12 years later, he wont pay 20Mil for a good player and he is supposed to be an economist…
    Wenger needs his head examined!!!!!

  16. scott

    We don’t need a attacking right sided player to replace walnut. We have AOC, £15m for a player never used. Why?
    I read somewhere the other day. Jimmy Greaves, Dennis Law. And jonny Giles all played First team top flight football regularly at 17 years old.
    What is Wenger waiting for?

  17. Bade

    Horrible game yesterday!

    I had a nightmare was barely getting asleep ahead of a long day

    Arsene is a cunt

    And Pedro’s post is excuse making

  18. ivorygoonz

    are we slowly coming to say that selling Clichy was a mistake? maybe we could have done with Clichy+Santos and Gibbs on loan in EPL?
    Same with Eboue? how much do we actually save on Jenko? could have done with Sagna and Eboue, Jenko on loan in EPL?
    isn’t that the same old Arsene, I remember already saying the following: you don’t sell your old shoes before (or even just after) buying your new ones, they’ll take time to shape to your feet and you will need your old shoes for a while.
    same thing. over and over again. just to save couple millions. but that’s also what cost us deeply every time.

  19. Bade

    Most of the points made in the post are valid ones, but to throw it on the ref is burying head in the sand and excuse making

    The same excuse making Pedro, when you refer to “fatigue”

    Arsene had the chance to play other player than the flaws but he opted not to, because he’s tactically inept and dogmatic to the most stupid level you can think of

  20. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    rspc – why do we have to accept it? It’s unacceptable that some chose to accept medicore in my opinion.

    for a basic arguements sake;

    when we moved to the emirates during a time Chelsea’s billions and foreign owners and investors had taken spending to a whole new level, we were told we were doing so to compete and remain competing at the highest level.

    By compete i took that as competing for the big trophies, big players, big sponsorship contracts the whole 9 yards.

    Why then, do we find ourselves somehow paying outrageous sums money than ever to dogshite players who dont love the shirt, have a squad littered with kids that’ll never make it and senior players who’re just shocking at best. Yet bang on about a sustainable model and financial fair play all of a sudden… Does anyone else give a fuck about ffp? No, only Wenger..

    The day where barca, united, chelsea, madrid and city are all disqualified from uefa competitions due to financial irregularities is the day that never comes.

    We should be dining at the top table with pride and quality yet somehow find ourselves being mugged off by classless outfits like barca and city because they can take our best players because they realise under wenger 4th and not 1st is an achievement.

    I don’t like nasri, but i certainly can’t blame him…

  21. Gazthegooner

    ivory totally agree with your shoe theory, but our hands were tied with clichy, eboue was an ok make shift right back, but replacing your second right back with a player from a lower league is just barmy.

    We lack numbers and have alot of deadwood, if we are to get rid of all our deadwood we may aswell get another manager in because he signed these players.

  22. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    realistically we will finish high enough for the europa cup…
    then next season we will not sell out the stadium for these games, arsenal fans will treat this cup like the carling cup and stay away unless by some chance we draw a named europe team….

    they the club have brought this oon them selves, we all saw the wood through the trees, the youth policy would have been good had he spent earlier… now we have the dregs of whats left in the prem and a few overpaid young potential winding thheir contract down,

    when jack comes back jhe will play well have a good euros and then the big clubs will coem in for him and we sell, because thats what this club does best.

  23. Hopeless 1

    The ref seems to have come with a single point agenda or instructions from the word go. Not to give us any advantage. We can blame anyone or everyone but in reality if we are not waking up to this menace and still harping about Wenger should throw money or Wenger should go then we are kidding ourselves.

  24. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    well robin we know that those clubs wont get thrown out they will take it to a european court wnd win which will un do wengers thinking for the last six years…

    at the end of the day wenger is a bad punter… he has taken decisions on buying players who he think will be great… amnd it aint worked, he got a few 20-1 winners in the cases of anelka, henry, overmars, cole. but his luck has run out…

    do you not think that this season is causing unrest at boardroom level? they must be spilt like the fans are, all the while we were scrapping for the CL was acceptable, when the penny drops and its thursdays nights and sundays …the loss of revenue will mean we become more of a selling club!
    players who could be worth big money in 2-3 yeras

    jack 25 +
    sczc 20 +
    Cocelin 15+
    ox 20
    there in 3 yeras time we can recoup the loss of 3 years CL money in one summer sale!

  25. Bade

    The fatigue poor excuse Pedro

    I looked at the Fulham fixtures. Guess what they played one game more than us between December and now!

    Fulham had 10 games between December the 1st and yesterday’s shame. We had 9 games only.

    If we cut the segment and look only at the last 10 days, both teams played 4 games. Between boxing day and yesterday both team had 3 games, albeit they played the first in the boxing day when our was delays in a day. Hardly enough for the “fatigue” claim.

    Funny to point out though, that the fatigue claim can’t apply on Squillaci what so ever, he barely plays. Also Rosicky can’t complain about fatigue as he’s played little, neither SZCZ can. All of them were having their fair share for the goals we concede yesterday.

    It was Arsene bottling it managing us like a complete nutty.

    Blimey, a decent manager should’ve noticed they were picking JD and he was crumbling. But no, not Arsene. he’s blind.

    It was funny to read you referred to Gerv freezing but what about Arsene’s giant deep-freezer time and time again? Why weren’t you highlighting this enough???

    How something as obvious as the Sun in a shiny day in the middle of the desert can slip from our 7 millions a year manager, who supposed to be experience enough to cope with a player racing to his sending off?? how come you saw it happening, I saw happening (you can track back the comments section), and surely about another one million gooners did see it happening. But not our manager

    The only fatigue that affected the result on this one, was the fatigued tactics, brains and eyes of our hapless manager

  26. Paulinho

    Santos is miles better than Clichy going forward. Jesus some people haven’t got a fucking clue when it comes to judging players.

  27. Hitman

    Need a word class midfielder & world class forward. We lack quality.

    Only solution is for Wenger to buy them. Thats the problem. Not the refs.

    Walcott will never be worldclass. Ox is not deady. RVP cant do it on his own.

    Buy buy buy buy.

  28. Rohan

    Enrique has been crap for Liverpool. Evra has been poor this season imo and he’s definitely miles better than Ekkoto. I’d also have him over Kolarov and Clichy who are both meh going forward and the same defensively.

    I agree with Paulinho for once, Santos is fantastic going forward.

  29. Rohan

    Robin’s Choco Leg Special says:
    January 3, 2012 at 15:27
    rohan – santos is not an upgrade over clichy whatsoever.

    Funny how with a proper defensive set up and tactics clichy looks solid at the back and can cross all of a sudden when in dangerous areas..

    I think this is merely a case of the grass being greener on the other side. Clichy has been ok for City, nothing more, nothing less. The same he was for us.
    Santos has genuine ability going forward (probably better than Theo in the wide positions as well actually come to think of it) and is reasonably solid at the back.

  30. kapslock

    Santos is class. He makes good interceptions and is quality going forward. He was just getting into the rhythm of things then that cunt plays him in Greece. Fucking shocking.

  31. ricardo

    Mr Whinger is back – the strain is showing
    Agree a piss-poor performance from AW. Worst still the whining after the match that Fulham were running at dopey Djourou to try and get him dismissed. Well of Course. Every sensible manager facing a team that lines-up a (at best) clumsey CB at full-back is bound to exploit that weakness. Jesus – who’s fault is that. Why didn’t Whinger sub Djourou when he looked like a train-wreck about to happen? Everyone could see it coming – except of course Mr myopic.

    Can’t believe just how poor is Walcott this season – doesn’t deserve to start – and how bad must Arshavin be to be behind him!!.

  32. Rohan

    Actually , Enrique hasn’t been shit. That’s probably being harsh. But he definitely hasn’t been anything to write home about.
    I do like him defensively though.

  33. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    RSPC – the fact you are weighing up selling our future assets is an indictment of wengers management of this club. The only thing we should be contemplating is at the moment;

    1. what’s the point to play a 4-3-3 built around cesc, without him?

    2. how is it only van persie that looks a threat in or near the opponents box?

    3. why are we so threadbare on quality but heavy in numbers, when we’re in the top 4 richest clubs on the planet?

    4. when are we going to employ a new medical department?

    5. whose going to be our next manager?

    I can also understand the player wages are out of control, but paying bendtner 52k, diaby 60 odd etc just smacks of mismanagement when they are nothijng more than low squad players… You cannot say they’ve played well enough to earn these sorts of astronomical sums and at best should be on 15-20k and even that’s pushing it.

    Arsene wenger whould be put out of his misery.. he’s lost his competitive edge, that edge that gives you focus on nothing else but winning… Somewhere along the line, not upsetting the players he’s bought in (no matter how shit and how much they let the club down) and justifying spending what we earn (even though we pay the highest ticket price sin world football on average) has taken precedent over everything…

    I want to know why?

  34. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Bade says:
    January 3, 2012 at 16:16
    But Santos is by far the best LB we had since Cashley, and with time he might even overtake him


    wow! Are you serious there? I sincerely hope not…

  35. Bade

    And yes, the hibernation time has ended sooner than expected… still not full posts related, but it will be popping up, and with the nutty in charge I feel the popping ups will increase rapidly


  36. Paulinho

    Clichy is still the same. In fact I haven’t seen him much recently, dropped already?

    He’s done a few pull backs to the edge of the area and gives it the billy big bollocks routine when surrounded by the likes of Ya Ya Toure, but he’s still the same clown. Just look at the Chelsea match.

  37. Bade

    I was serious, but what where referring to Choco legs?

    Him being better than Clichy, Flamini, Eboue, Sagna, Gibbs, Le Coq as LB?

    Or the possibility of him overtaking Cashly?

  38. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    as much as i hate to say it bade – ashley cole is the one that got away as a footballer.

    It was more his fault, but if he was french he’d have got his 60k a week and currently be our captain.. Actually he’d have just recently gone to city or barca in a shit deal because he’s approacing the last year/2years of his contract.

  39. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    how we didn’t get 45m sterling plus for fabregas is another wenger and gazidis fuck up.

    30m these days get’s you an andy carroll or that portuguese bloke who plays in russia.

  40. Keyser

    Santos can’t run and it fucks him going forward to, 3-4 years ago he might have been worth it but I’m guessing he’s never been anywhere near the athlete Clichy was or even Cole.

    Yesterday he wouldn’ve been fucked not just because Fulham would have had him 1-1 but because if you get a plum referee like Probert even if he wins the ball a couple of time constantly diving in, Probert would catch him out.

  41. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    I think this is merely a case of the grass being greener on the other side. Clichy has been ok for City, nothing more, nothing less. The same he was for us.
    Santos has genuine ability going forward (probably better than Theo in the wide positions as well actually come to think of it) and is reasonably solid at the back.


    i think it’s a case of ‘take the red tinted blinkers off’ 😉

  42. Rohan

    If Cole had stayed , he’d have become an Arsenal legend, had a testimonial, and possibly had a statue in 10 years. Now, he’s going to end up as the most hated footballer in town.

  43. ivorygoonz

    Paulinho/Incesc: but Clichy knew the PL and EPL and was an asset better than Gibbs now. Wenger made a huge mis-assessment on Gibbs ability physicaly to step up.
    what about having Santos and another PL proven player, say Enrique, Baines? those players were available, and would have at least lasted longer than Gibbs…
    It’s easy saying Clichy wanted to leave, they all want to leave to get better chances at trophies and better money before their football career is over.
    our current priorities are just not right.

  44. Paulinho

    Just like Santos was fucked in the second half against Chelsea when he was 1 v 1 on numerous occasions and won the ball to start off an attack.

  45. Ricky

    gambon on January 3, 2012 at 14:23 said:

    A midfield of Wilshere, Arteta, Song will be lacking in creativity.
    Too right mate!

    Arteta’s not what ppl make him out to be. He’s good at keeping possession & he’s a hard worker. He’s NOT going to get the best out of our attacking players, he’s not going to boss the midfield like our midfielders in the past & he’s most deffo not going to be the game changer we’ve been missing.

    IMO that spot next to jack & song is still vacant.

  46. Bade

    So we agree there Choco,

    I said SINCE Cashly he was our best LB. And if he tunes a bit better his positioning awareness and loses a stone or so, he might be even better than Cole

    He’s a constant threat going forward, he handles the ball like you’d expect any South American wizard would, and with him on the side we can play 442 that would look like 352

  47. Paulinho

    Ivory – Real shame with Gibbs. I think he can be an excellent left back. Whenever he’s had a run of games and reached a certain level he’s got injured though.

    Clichy would’ve been useful now but if he hadn’t of left we wouldn’t have bought Santos. Just not the way Wenger does things.

  48. Keyser

    RCLS – “when we moved to the emirates during a time Chelsea’s billions and foreign owners and investors had taken spending to a whole new level, we were told we were doing so to compete and remain competing at the highest level.”

    To be fair, say if that was the plan, Chelsea have curtailed spending or Mourinho’s fucked them so royally that his spirit constantly haunts Stamford Bridge, what’s happened since ? Citeh have taken the absolute biscuit.

  49. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Keyser – not really. Modric whinged like a little bitch and even refused to play got made to stay and pulled his finger out.

    fabregas had 3-4 years left of that deal and we could have sold him to the highest bidder. If he only wanted to go to barcelona they’d have to match what others would’ve paid. If he spat his dummy out the pram then there are fines, suspensions etc..

    Plus, he was the captain so i doubt he’d have had an everlasting shit strop.

    Fabregas didn’t back us into a corner, we allowed him to dictate his exit like all of wengers favourites because he feels he owes it to them for the service they give rather than getting the best possible deal for the club.

  50. Joppa Road

    What about Mackail-Smith of Brighton and John Mackie?

    I would go for Agbonlahor. Pacey, skillful and can score. Job done, Agbonlahor it is.

  51. Keyser

    Think there must be real questions hanging over Santo’s head if we hadn’t even been linked with him sooner.

  52. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    totally agree with the 4 3 3 , i’m drained with wenger and his poor purchases and his inept tatical knowledge,, i think fuinishing outside the top 4 will wake and break up the board, who must be as angry as the fans… someone stated earlier, every time we get close to going up in the league or to cement a place, or to go top as in previous years we blow it… this all comes down to the manager, he lacks the belief, he lacks the mental strength,

    the wasted years of

    is one blu ray i would never sit down and watch..

  53. Keyser

    RCLS – Not really the same, Modric’s nowhere near who Fabregas is, to us, to Barcelona, to Spain, Fabregas basically said ‘let me go’ and unless you want to piss me him completely you say ‘fine, off you go’.

    If he wanted to he could’ve got us to lower the offer, if he wanted to he could’ve said pay them more, but unlike Modric he’s stuck between the love he has for Barcelona and his country over the love he’s built for us.

    What’s Modric got ? He wanted to go to Chelsea.

  54. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    keyser – what have chelsea curtailed? they spent 50m on torres last jan and 50m the summer before that, 35 odd millions this summer and are probably set to spend heavily this january again.

    The ghost of mourinho doesn’t haunt stamford bridge as ancellotti won the double..

    What chelsea’s problem is, is a lack of continuity.. There has been too many managerial and personnel changes.

    Our problem is we’ve kept wenger too long and in turn he’s become the symbol of the club and he’s the one that attracts the players, etc. not the clubs heritage.

    It’s having a negative effect as his philosophy has been shot to pieces and his lack of a winning mentality is starting to rub off on the squad. It also seems any kid whose half decent has a chance of earning 6 figures a week for a top club by their mid twenties if they do their education at arsenal under wenger.

  55. ivorygoonz

    Paulinho: and the problem with Santos is that he doesn’t have 5 years to adapt to the game in England.
    he’s on the thiner side of the rope.
    why did we buy Park, I’d rather we spend that money on an hormon treatment for the next Chinese Messi, at least there’s billions of them for customers.

  56. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    keyser – it’s exactly the same. they are both under contract at clubs who wanted to keep them.

    Don’t paint a sad story as to why fabregas went. We didn’t have to sell end of. We caved in, for no reason other than honouring a player who’d given us decent service, but left with fuck all winners medals…

    Thierry i got, fabregas still baffles…

  57. ivorygoonz

    or was it just Wenger mis-assessed again, maybe he thought, while talkin to the French Champions’ target, he thought it could be a good way to get Hazard in exchange and send them Park on loan, and that just didn’t turn out the way he expected and annoyed Lille?

  58. Rohan

    Barton’s an insufferable cunt. But he’s strangely entertaining. He’s daft , but in a different way to the likes of Rooney.

  59. ivorygoonz

    Paulinho: I’d rather play him as left winger instead, at his age he might never adapt fully to the difference being left back in England and in Brazil. people tend to forget Clichy’s interceptions as well.
    in any case, we need another left back.

  60. ivorygoonz

    Keyser: considering Wenger and Arsenal gave the bastard a chance when Barca didnt want him anymore, he should have done the right thing and forced Barca to pay the right amount.
    he just went classless.

  61. Keyser

    RCLS – Chelsea wanted a striker they paid well over the odds for him, and when it doesn’t work they’re fucked.

    Citeh have basically been through about 4-5 Torres’s albeit at lower sums, before they’ve got Dzeko and Aguerro.

    We could handle the form Torres has had, Citeh ? They probably should have won the league last year.

    Mourinho brings you trophies, he saps every last bit of energy out of the club to get them, without the continous spending there is no continuity after he leaves.

    Our problem is basically finding a solution for something’s that’s far bigger than what we can handle as a club, the odds of success are simply against us right now, like you say if Chelsea haven’t curtailed spending and Citeh have blown them out of the water where does that leave us.

    Come on, the Fabregas thing is simply really, how much respect do we have for him as a player/person ? and how much respect did he have for us. We met halfway.

  62. Ricky

    santos should not be first choice for us.

    He’s positioning isn’t great & neither is he’s defending.

    He is good going forward & is a threat infront of goal.

    He had as much bad games as good ones before he got injured. for some reason ppl seem to forget….

  63. ivorygoonz

    Keyser: we have huge amounts of cash getting in, and Arsene mi-used a lot of that cash in the past, he has to recognise it, despite the numbers, most of it has gone to make more money, not more titles. it can only get better when someone else comes who actually will be under pressure to succeed and will have to strengthen with quality players to do so, or be gone.

    and you’re talking about Fabregas like we were married to him, and he didnt cheat at all. he was putting a Barca shirt on long time before he signed for them. bastards should have paid. end of.

  64. Kushagra India

    RCLS mate cant understand ur gripe with 4-3-3 .The formation had played a big part in getting us back in contention for 4th place and it still suits our personnel.

  65. incesc


    I dont really get your point on torres

    are you saying that arsenal shouldnt spend 50 million on an out of form striker that has been struggling with injury for 3 seasons like chelsea did?


  66. Keyser

    IvoryGoonz – We’ve had this conversation before, look around there is waste everywhere, you could name a big name buy or player from every team who’s failed to live up to expectations and is just a burden to the club.

    The thing is with almost every player over-rated and over-paid, unless you have as much or more money then your competitors you’re going to struggle and even if you get to compete your odds still aren’t good.

    Either football changes or we realise that the odds of success or sustained success if very limited.

    He was club Captain, think you need to go over what I’ve written.

  67. Hopeless 1

    For some1 who wrote the bull crap about penalties being awarded to Arenal. Lets talk some statistics.

    Arsenal has the most penalties yes till 2010 – 11 season yes. But the thing is one single season of 2006 contributed 11 penalties of the 60 which is roughly 15% of the lot in a single season.

    Also Man Utd has got most penalties playing away i.e while others got around 20 penalties on average while visiting United got 40.

    You can create good stories but never create half baked stories and think you will get away the same.

  68. incesc

    Citeh are just a bunch of cunts

    we should never compare ourselves to them

    rvp is the best striker in the league and now they will buy him and probably dump dzeko.

    doesnt mean we cant be more proactive in signing better players then our current ones, especially when free ones, that are wanted in france, like chamakh dont work out.

  69. Rohan

    and you’re talking about Fabregas like we were married to him, and he didnt cheat at all. he was putting a Barca shirt on long time before he signed for them. bastards should have paid. end of.

    Course we were married to him. He was our captain , the symbol of the club and our talisman. We were a victim of circumstance really. Sad, but nothing we can do really…

  70. ivorygoonz

    Keyser: yeah, but you keep bring that subject back and comparing to City and Chelsea, I don’t see why I should re-read you. same old, same old. keep looking for excuses in others’ successes and excuses for our failures.
    we keep these over-rated over-paid way too long when they flop. just to avoid losing more money.
    to have a chance to win a title, you have to aim for first, not 4th, and give it all, not just the necessary for 4th and maybe better.
    you have no chance of success with this kind of mentality.
    that’s where the Redknapp and Fulham will always win over Wenger.
    and ref Fabregas, you should ask yourself why he was made Captain, instead of Vermaelen or Van Persie

  71. Rohan

    Cesc was made captain when Vermaelen 3 months into his career at Arsenal.

    van Persie’s fitness was highly questioned at the time.
    He was the only choice really.

  72. Gazthegooner

    Santos leaves oh already fragile defence exposed, you put a top winger against him, he will get ripped to shreds his quick going forward but not as quick getting back.

    Yes he has the Brazilian flair and hits good on the eye but having a defender that bombs forward and leaves you exposed. In the premier league you will get torn to pieces,

    Rohan so is Santos 1 of the best in the League?

  73. Paulinho

    Ricky – Santos had a about 1 and a half dodgy games and about seven or eight excellent ones on the trot. You weren’t basing your opinion on that clueless twat Alan Smith by any chance?

  74. Keyser

    “we should never compare ourselves to them”

    But we’re competing with them, unless you’ve got no ambition.

    Also seen Kill List, since I don’t really have much of an opinion myself, I read the reviews, I remember thinking it was a bit slow to get into, but once you did, especially with the Irish character it was going along pretty nicely and then the ends just a bit out of sync.

    It’s almost like two semi-decent films spliced into one, and I’m not sure it works, even with a nihilistic interpretation it’s still a bit of a marmite film. A bit like Diaby or Ebway.

  75. incesc

    i do think your right i guess keyser, but we are a big club too and could act more like one at times with transfers.

    we do occasionally, like with sagna or rosicky.

    but for example everyone knew hazard was the best prospect in france and cesc was going.

    we obviously liked him but now he is probably off to madrid, why didnt wenger buy him in june?

  76. Keyser

    IvoryGoonz – Mate it’s not excuses it’s reasons and the only way we’re going to move forward and truly compete is if we truly appreciate the situation we’re in you can’t ignore it.

    Otherwise 6 months into a new season with signings not working out under a new manager who’s spent money, simpy because it’s pretty hard to find the right ones you’re left wondering why we hired him and the plebs will want him sacked.

  77. incesc

    haha it scared me last night.

    was telling someone about it today and it just sounded stupid recounting the story

  78. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    kush – my gripe with the 4-3-3 is that since we’ve changed to it we’ve won fuck all…

    We have the players that suit the formations, really?

    The only player that seems to benefit from it is van persie. We shouldn’t be playing with pacey widemen in the formation, but two wide men that can interchange and link play ala barcelona (who we copied the formation from)

    we do not play with 2 holding midfielders and a creative attacking midfielder nor 1 very solid defensive midfielder and 2 box to box work horses neither.

    The defence is constantly left exposed to the counter and 1v1’s and we have don’t have defenders that are comfortable playing the high line you need to squeeze the play.

    Wenger’s head went up his own arse thinking he could create a team of kids that would play sumptuous football and dominate for years to come.

    Someone forgot to tell him that top players don’t want to keep waiting for the rest to grow up and catch up.

    Why did he sacrifice the 4-4-1-1/4-5-1 he was so successful with to adapt a formation that came together during the last 3 games of a pre season a few moon ago?

    The answer is fabregas and he’s fucked off now.. Best to change the record or keep repeating the same nonsense for me.

  79. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    paulinho – if you call solid, a backs to the wall performance against fulham…. Not exactly holding on away at the san siro there…

  80. ivorygoonz

    Rohan: chosen by default. what a great motivation for a captain. too young to become captain. anyway.
    we wouldnt be there had Wenger kept all our best players rather than sellin them…

  81. Keyser

    incesc – There’s one bit where he’s torturing ‘The Lbrarian’, heh, and he turns around and says ‘Thank You’ that was freaky, otherwise it was a bit cheap, I dunno maybe I need to watch it properly on tv or something.

  82. Paulinho

    RCLS – I was being sarcastic. This stuff about Santos bombing on leaving us exposed is overblown. On the contrary his surging runs mean we play the game more in the opposition’s half and not stuck in our own half like yesterday.

  83. blanco

    Wenger says we have a big squad – but when it comes to it we have played basically the same team till somebody is injured. As Pedro says – we should of rested RVP for Chamakh, if he is part of the squad and going to ACN. Whats the point of having a second striker if he’s not going to get games. Wenger good coach – shit manager. I see Alberto Giladino has been sold for 6.7 million to Genoa at 29. He is a useless forward – maybe like Chamakh. So buying a striker of any quality will cost 12 million plus. We have no hope of getting Poldolski.

  84. Keyser

    incesc – If you’re Hazard, you’re playing in a title winning team in the Champions League, why are you going to Arsenal unless you support them, if all these other teams are interested.

  85. Socrates

    Energy drainning defeat yesterday, like getting past a level you’ve struggled with for ages in a game and just before you can save the stupid console hangs, had the exact same feeling.

  86. David

    Looks like Theo’s getting plenty of stick on here and deservedly so.

    Problems will always persist when you replace star players with apprentices.

    Its a joke we continue to play the 4-3-3 without Cesc.

    He used to score many goals for us in the absence of Robin.

  87. Keyser

    IvoryGoonz – Happy with constant mediocrity ? I started supporting Arsenal when English football was happy with that. If I can see clear reasons as to where we are I’m going to support them regardless.

    If you’re unhappy do something.

  88. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    paulinho – like i said earlier, that’s all well and good when we’re dominating matches, but when we’re up against it,that’s the true hallmark of a quality defender.

    I’d always rather my defenders can defend 1st and contribute going forward as a bonus. The way the game is these days full backs are more like wingers, which is o.k if your team is defensively solid in the midfield and at centre half.

    defensively solid are two words i would not use to describe arsenal…

    i mean we have jenkinson, squillaci, djourou, fabianski, mannone and fabianski in our squad. You’re more likely to get solid from a 1 year old diarrhoea…

  89. Gazthegooner

    Paulinho – We were shit yesterday, call it what you like but if you want to accept that the signings AW as made are good then thats your opinion.

    All i’m saying is we need and want world class players at our club we have 3 – TV, LJW and RVP.

    And saying we didn’t look good with everyone behind the ball, in the last 5 five years when have we? And what have we won?
    Time for Wenger to step aside.

  90. Goon from BD

    So Prince Poldi ain’t moving this Jan. We desperately need an attacker. I can’t think of one who could be available and be good for us.

  91. zeus


    On fullbacks, if they are as good as Santos and Sagna are at going forward (to varying degrees of effectiveness admittedly) it can make you more defensively solid as u press the opposing fullback deep into his own half.

    Narrow the pitch and all that…….Easier to defend.

  92. Pierre


    Lille weren’t interested to sell in June unless you offered them a ridiculous amount of money. The Lille President, Michel Seydoux said since Pastore cost PSG €42m, he wanted €50m for Hazard. Way out of Arsenal’s target range.

    Lille also were intent on keeping him for the 2011/2012 season due to their participation in the Champions league.

    Lille are solid financially, very solid – they’re not desperate and Hazard has renewed his contract.

    So Hazard was never on the table for Wenger and never will be.

  93. incesc


    do you think some of the reaction to yesterday is a bit mental?

    we lost a game after playing 3 games in a week, it happens to the best teams sometimes and arsenal are in a big post cesc transition and an injury crisis here.

    there was only ever one invincible team and realistically do think this team should be on their level when it was put together in September (3 months ago)?

    teams do lose games, the fall out from this match is all a bit mental in my opinion.

    Maybe i have just lowered my expectations and im never happy when we lose but it gives wenger something to think about all week with the transfer market open as well.

    I also think we have a decent keeper, 3 good cb’s and a top right back for the 1st time in ages, which is a fantastic base to build on.

    maybe i’ve mellowed. 🙂

  94. incesc

    every player has his price.

    sell fabregas to barce for 50 million as we should of and give it too lille for hazard.

    thats the sort of thing liverpool would do but only on some bang average english player instead of hazard. the point being they’d line up a replacement they really really like, right away and pay the price for him.

  95. Socrates

    The biggest deficiency I can see we lack is an quality ACM. Would probably even reduce the overdependence on RVP. Cant even remeber the last time I saw a through ball that led to a goal or even a good defense splitting pass.Dont think LJW could fill that role either.

    Gotze would be an excellent signing.

  96. Paulinho

    RCLS – And my point is we wouldn’t be so ‘up against IT’ if Santos was playing. He would go on a run and before you know it we’ve got a throw in deep in their half or a corner, or just created an attacking move. The whole team pushes up and we can exert some pressure.

    Our central midfield sits deeper than they have in the last couple of years so we need Santos to give us some thrust and invention. If you can’t string a pass together then eventually you’ll concede, it doesn’t matter how solid you appear on paper, and that’s what happened to us yesterday. You can’t blame defenders for being exposed when they’ve basically spent the whole half defending behind a slow midfield that cannot screen properly.

  97. Ricky

    Paul, I hardly watch games on sky so, no.. I’m not judging santos on the opinion smith has of him.

    However, he was caught out of position more times then I care to think. Up until the last couple of games before he got injured he was playing in he own land & not as part of a back four.

    Actually, I can think of 3 poor games just off the top of my head without having to dig into the archives.


  98. kwik fit

    lurch @13.40

    Point taken but would rather play with le coq/miquel at fullbacks than take Richardson on loan.
    Anyway I think it’s all media nonsense.

  99. zeus


    Agree with you on the Wilshere front. I don’t think he is at the point in his development where he an consistently deliver defence splitting passes.

    Needless to say, but I don’t see him making much of a contribution at all this season either. He has been out for months. Its gonna take him time to get back to his level.

    At any rate, while he may develop into a good AM, I think he revels doing the biz in the engine room. Its not just about passing sweetly withhim, its about the tough tackling, getting ‘stuck in’, dictating play from deep. He just loves it. And moving him from that position is a mistake I think.

  100. Doublegooner


    Wenger & The board have worn alot of us down.

    Maybe we should get a buzz instead over how good the club are at running a property empire !

  101. ivorygoonz

    Keyser: I really don’t think I have anything to add to your last post. ignorance is bliss I guess.
    While you are trying to avoid changes, because you can’t see it’s starting to hurt the club too much and you haven’t seen anything else, and you don’t want to, I only have one name for it, loser.

  102. JJ

    Wenger says that he could see the DJ sending off coming… Then why didn’t he sub him? Is it because he knew that it would mean having to put on Squirrel?

    When will Wenger realize that DJ and Squirrel are both crap and should be nowhere near this team?

  103. adi

    Need a cam, sign kagawa/gourcuff
    Need a striker, sign sow/podolski
    Need a versatile defender, sign beck
    Need a backup keeper, sign tim wiese
    Winger? Give AOC, Afobe, Ryo, Joel Campbell a chance next season. 5 players is too much to ask for 😉
    Problems solved

  104. kwik fit

    I think that there is a big possibility that Santos will be out for most of the season a bit like RVP two season’s ago (angle ligaments). Hence Cissoho from lyon would be an ideal replacement if he were available on a 6 month loan.

  105. Keyser

    IvoryGoonz – This is what I don’t get with demented people like yourself, you sit there and call people losers or question their lack of ambition, well why did you start supporting in the first place and why don’t you get off your aSs and do something about it ?!

    It’s fucking weird, I love football, I love playing it and I like watching it I didn’t start supporting Arsenal because of a lack of something in my personal life it’s just a team I chose.

    Think for once about what you’re saying.

  106. Keyser

    Though I suppose you could say a sense of community, a gathering of like minds, a feeling that you can pretend you’re part of a greater good.

  107. incesc

    maybe the 8-2 was rock bottom in my hatred of wenger.

    im convinced he threw that game in a big french strop against how unfair football is.

    since hitting rock bottom though ive come to realise that wenger is out of our control, you have to accept you are powerless over him and get on with life

  108. Socrates

    Only seen Juventus this season when they played Napoli, didnt think he was that great but maybe I chose the wrong game. But that Chiellini is a monster, makes TV look like a pussy.