Wenger’s blows his tactics as small squad fatigue bites us on the Arsenal.

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Bloody hell, what a crap opening to 2012. Arsenal and all their flaws on show for all to see in a horrible second half that ended in a predictable manner. We went a goal up, some bad decisions went against us for the third game in a row, our possession dropped to 30%, then our lead disappeared.

I tweeted before the game that I felt his was a match we’d win from the bench. I couldn’t believe that Arsene would field Van Persie who clearly looked jaded against QPR from the start and I personally thought he might start with someone like AOC (not even on the bench), give Chamakh a run out and then if things were looking tight at 60 minutes, bring on the big guns to take them a part in the last half an hour.

Instead, Arsene started near enough the same team as the last game, we didn’t take a two goal lead and it all fell apart in the second half as the team fatigued.

The game started off relatively well. Rambo, after a dodgy opening 5 minutes regained some composure to fire off a shot at the Fulham goal. Gervinho had his first miss of the game when he volleyed wide of the post from a corner.

Fulham weren’t there to be spectators of our football showmanship, they’d come to play and they were knocking the ball about nicely. Zamora went close with a low pile driver Chesney did well to hold onto.

Down the other end, the first contreversey of the game occured when Gervinho raced into the box with the ball, he cut across Senderos and was clipped over. The ref ignored the challenge. Was it because he suffered a momentary black out? Did he think it was too early for a penalty? Either way it was a terrible decision. You certainly didn’t need a replay to tell you that. One thing you can be sure about, if Big Phil had done that in an Arsenal shirt, we’d have been one nil down.

Riise was having a great time out wide, he got the better of JD fizzing a low cross just a touch too far from Bobby Z.

Gervinho was getting in plenty of decent positions but he seemed to have a bit of a brain freeze when it came to the crucial moments. He can iron that out over time, that doesn’t help this team right now though.

Koscielny opened the scoring, Ramsey smashed a shot at goal, it hit a Fulham player and came out to Gervinho, he passed back to Ramsey who picked out Koscielny unmarked in the box for him to head in superbly. Moments later, we nearly scored again. Fulham and their keeper getting the better of the penalty box table tennis.

Ruiz was causing problems for us, his ball retention was superb, he took it around 3 of our players and nearly placed a shot low into the bottom corner. Song had to perform some heroics to keep him out with a last ditch sliding tackle. Some might have called it a two footed lunge…

Our best chance before the whistle came when Coquelin pulled off a fancy bit of skill out wide, his cross found Robin but the Dutchmans shot was well saved by Stockdale. The young keeper was having an excellent game.

The second half got underway and it was immediately clear which team wanted the game more. Fulham’s Ruiz fired a decent shot at our goal almost straight after the whistle. Coquelin showed his ‘tremendous leap’ ability to beat Zamora to a header in the box. We were falling to pieces.

In a rare venture into the Fulham half, Robin was bundled over by Senderos and one of his Fulham friends, once again, the ref ignored the pleas of the Arsenal players.

Theo Walcott, currently negotiating a contract that Arsenal are stalling on, was having a shocker. Does this remind you of this time last year when all of a sudden Nasri stopped playing well and didn’t sign on? I hope not… Regardless, his was totally annonymous and for a man requesting £85k a week, that is totally unacceptable. He was taken off for Rosicky at around the time we saw Fulham were taking 66% of the posession.

Senderos and then Ruiz both had headers that glanced marginally wide. Phil’s was after a stupid flap from Chezzer. I had visions of the De Gea flap before the Blackburn goal.

JD was sent off in what would be the turning point in the game. He clung onto the shirt of Zamora who dropped to the ground. After picking up a yellow earlier in the game, the ref had no option but to send him off. Wenger threw on Squillaci and from then, you kind of knew what was coming.

My keeping vision became a reality, Chezzer came out of his box way further than he should of, he palmed the ball as far as Senderos who headed it back across goal where Sidwell was on hand to nod home. Terrible keeping from the young Pole. Really disappointing he felt the need to come for that, especially after cocking up a similar cross 15 minutes earlier.

We’d totally lost control by this point. We couldn’t keep posession, there was no shape to the side and everyone looked totally knackered.

The final nail in the coffin came when Fulham launched a final ball into the box, Squillaci headed it across goal in a dire clearance, Koscielny couldn’t get across quick enough to stop Zamora smashing a volley home.

Total deflation.


I think the conclusion from the last 3 games is that we’re really struggling to create and score goals. Our squad has done a pretty decent job clawing itself back up the table and the medical team have done a very good job keeping them fit. One thing they can’t do is cure fatigue. One thing the manager can’t do is make the back ups good enough to throw in for all the important game we’ve got coming up.

Robin shouldn’t have played today and I’d say Gervinho or Theo should have sat on the bench. Theo based on his nothing performance, but Gervinho has hardly been a revelation the last few games. Who do you bring in though? There is no one in the side who can come close to what Robin is offering and there is a big concern that AOC might not be able to cope with the pressure. In the main, that’s mostly got to be on the managers head.

Rosicky has never been a game changer, even 3 years ago we were all wondering what his purpose was in the side. Nowadays, he positively impotent. Sure he passes the ball well, but what was he doing for the first goal? Take a look. He’s hanging around in the box doing nothing.

As for the defence, it’s totally crippled. All I can do is feel for them. JD is not a right back, he never has been, never will be. It was obvious he was going to get sent off at some point, his clumsy challenges have been a fixture for weeks. The only positive I can take from today is that it’s clear we need some help, the negative is that unless Wenger can clear away some deadwood, he can’t buy anyone.

Tactically, I thought Wenger had a nightmare today. He should have rested key players today and tried to win from the bench. As he didn’t, we tired as the game went, Fulham kicked on a gear and all we had to answer them three thirty plus veterans. We didn’t have another gear. Where was Oxo-Chamberlain? Where was Park Chu-Young? I was told yesterday the problem isn’t a lack of ability, it’s a lack of chances to bed him in. Not sure what the point of buying him was of that is the case…

What disapointed the most though was the total lack of balls we showed in the second half. We were second to every ball, weaker in the tackle and totally bereft of any desire. I thought we’d seen the back of the hapless Arsenal, but we certainly didn’t come out fighting like Fulham did. For me, there’s no excuse for that.

We now have a couple of weeks to recuperate and rekindle some form(assuming Leeds is for the kids). I’d make sure we’ve got something else to bring to the table for our next game other than the same line up that has struggled against 3 very average teams. 4th place isn’t a guarantee this season and if I was the manager, I’d seriously consider delisting players as an option if we can’t shift on overpaid foreigners who are taking up valuable squad placed.


Chezzer – Made some good saves early on but let himself down badly in the second half with two wild flaps at balls into the box. 5

Coquelin – I thought he had a sterling game, any midget who can out jump Zamora gets the thumbs up from me. He did show naivity at time, but overall, he did well. 7

Koscielny – He had a fairly good game at the back considering how busy he was. Lost Zamora at the end which was disappointing, but who’d anticipate Squillaci would head back towards goal… oh wait… anyone who has ever watched him. 7

Mertesacker – Caught out a few times and for me, shoud really have been using his height better for the corners at the end. 5

JD – Had a good first half, but started to fall away in the second. He made two clumsy challenges and was sent off. He’s been an accident watiting to happen for a while, but then again, he’s not a mobile full back. He’s not built for it. 4

Arteta – I thought he looked tired today. He didn’t impose himself on the game like he normally does, nor did he lead with any authority. 5

Song – I thought he had a poor game, he totally slinked into the background in the second half and looked very lazy. 4.5

Ramsey – Created our first goal with a great cross but gave the ball away far too often. He’s played a lot of games this year and also looks in need of a rest. Faded badly with the game, hardly noticed him in the second half. 5.5

Robin – Looked totally in the red zone. Hardly moved all game, no spark whatsoever. It was a big mistake to start him even if he did escape injury. 5

Theo – Useless all game. Totally annonymous. If his head is in the contract clouds, drop him until he comes to his senses. We hold the power, he has a championship in the summer that lots of big clubs will be paying attention to. He won’t get into that squad if he’s not playing. 3

Gervinho – Found himself in some great positions in the first half and was unlucky not to be awarded a penalty. His erratic decision making and his poor final ball left most feeling incredibly frustrated. He has to improve if we’re to kick on when he’s back. 5


Benny – The team was in a pretty bad way when he came on, not sure what he could contribute. 5

Rosicky – Same as Benny except he should have been tracking someone from the corner that lead to the goal. 4

Squillaci – You know things are desperate if you’re thinking of bringing this man on… his poor clearance led to the losing goal. A terrible decision to throw him on or even put him in the squad. 3

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  1. Tim

    Two big positives: Kos was outstanding again in defence, and Coquelin showed he can really play (even though he was at fault, twice, for the winner).

    I agree it was a risk to far to start RvP. He did look a little jaded, but equally he got no help whatsoever from Gervinho and Theo, the latter of whom looked totally out of sorts.

    It was a terribly disappointing result, but the saving grace is we can now rest players for the FA Cup and we were not the only ones to stumble over Xmas. It just shows the madness of playing so many matches so close together. (That’s no excuse though, as Fulham also played on New Year’s Eve.)

    Time for the boys to show that they really do have more character than previous years’ versions. Our form has gone. Time to re-find it. Onward.


  2. Stuart

    disgraceful 2nd half performance – where is miquel????? Where is Oxlade??? Where is Ryo Miyachi??? Why have we not recalled Bartley????? Why have we sent frimpong out on loan so early, when we have a defensive crisis???

  3. Soji

    Knew we’d lose the game even before the line-ups were read.

    AW got it wrong but we do need a break or two from the referees.

    Its funny that Ji scored a winner for Sunderland from an offside position and RVP’s goal was disallowed when clearly level.

    That’s where it fell down for us I think. A positive result in that game would have energised the team till the window opens.

    We are where we are though and we just need to win all 18 remaining league games to win the league…

    Sorry that was a typo…we are in royal battle for forth place. Its going to be nip and tuck till the end of the season

  4. G787

    Watching Squillaci is either funny or tragic. You can see he’s pertified of coming on the pitch. Once he came on I knew it was game over.
    Poor guy must know he’s a liability, must be terrible to lose so much confidence & ability.
    JD was always a liabilty at RB, you could tell he was losing it just before the 2nd yello.

  5. AJ

    Frustrated. But how long are we going to have to face the refs?
    ‘Untold ref review’ says that the ref hardly gave any foul on our players, and got 1 in 3 decisions right in the first half.

    I know we should be winning nevertheless, but refs are a stumbling block, and we are getting to see this repeatedly.

  6. Yippee Kai Yay

    last post just before new one went up, seems worthy of repetition:

    I would dare to suggest that anyone who still says ‘arsene knows best’ the type of degenerate muppet who is still reliving past glories on youtube and thinks that nothing has changed.

    The sort of person here who is conspicuous by absence on bad days as they are probably busy spending all day salivating over Theo Walcott posters, they bitch when he doesn’t perform (which is quite regularly because he is a player who looks better without a ball at their feet), still thinks he should have a 40% pay rise and then will begrudge ticket price increases.

    Clearly they are not capable of thinking for themselves. Because they would have noticed that the difference between May’s ‘spectacular 4th place trophy’ and now is that the club have sold arguably two of the most talented players in the squad and replaced them with average journey men.

    This isn’t a reaction to one game, in the past 20 how many were good performances? 3, maybe 4.

    And the ref comments are pathetic, the sort of comments by people who have never actually played football.

    Yes the Gerv pen was a pen, but hey sometimes these aren’t given, but the yellows were yellow, and JD even had a warning in between for another tackle / assault that he was walking a tightrope. Any other manager would have hauled him off before the inevitable.

    But the ‘robed by ref’ comments show the sort of ‘victim mentality’ I expect from Liverpool fans.

    Get with the real world folks, or GTFO, because life’s a bitch.

    and to quote Bruce Willis himself ‘and then some’.

    Hmm, think I wrote this about three months ago, and guess what, nothing still changed, except the delusions of the stupid and easily satisfied.

  7. Sabeel

    Actually in a month or two, we are going to see this side implode even more, because we cannot kill off teams…

    every year since last 6/7 seasons, our 2nd half of the season is sick,and it is gonna continue again this year…

    Basically nothings changed…as there hasnt been any change…

  8. albo

    Absolutely gutted. Only saw the 1st half so can’t comment on what went wrong, but what a pain in the fucking arse! Also, does anyone feel we STILL are feeling the affects of that fucking Eduardo witchhunt when it comes to penalties? Can’t believe how many we haven’t had given over the last season or 2…

  9. Andreas the Swede

    I just say one thing, BUY IN VERTONGHEN!
    No Taiwo, No Bridge, BUY IN VERTONGHEN and sell or delist Squillaci/Djourou now. Or make a hard bid for Baines! I am sure we can use Santos a winger upfront since he seemed to have more tricks up his bag then Gervinho. His methods are read by now…
    To that we can´t seem to hit in proper from Gervinho or Walcott which isolates RVP even more. I bet Chamakh would score loads with wingers/fullbacks who could cut the ball in for his head!

  10. .

    I just don’t know what to say about arsenal anymore,only the champions league trophy can ease,the pain i’m feeling this season,i feel really terrible,when i’m not sure wether arsenal will win a match or not,should wenger go?yes coz with a new coach in place,he’ll have the burden of winning us a trophy coz we haven done so in six seasons and counting,what did we do wrong God,you know we deserve a trophy.

  11. scott

    Stop buying bargain basement. We need quality signings. Mertesacker is the only 6’5″ player I know who can’t handle a ball in the air over his head.

  12. Azed

    Horrible second half. They game reminded me of song’s 1st game for arsenal which was coincendentally against Fulham.
    By the way Wenger gets a big fat 0

  13. Soji

    Our squad unfortunately is very disjointed. Its also not helped by the injuries in Defence.

    We really need a Striker, a DM, a Creative Midfielder, a Winger and possibly another Centreback to make the squad complete.

  14. Mark C

    I dont understand what went wrong – we were good in the first half. The players looked knackered but JD did not need to make both tackles for his two yellows.

    Agree about the Ox – he should be on the bench or starting -as should Park – give the guy a chance.

    I hope TH can play as a defender as that is where we need him !!

    Lastly is the Coq the new Flamini?

  15. Big Dave

    JD is a liabilty, and crap all the same, that 2nd half was just like the Blackburn game and was waiting for them to score. very poor

  16. woody

    £85,000 Grand a week Walcott. Toss pot. Can,t even cross a ball
    properly when he’s in acres of space.

    Will the Russian and the Yank accept not being in the Champions -L.

    Squallachi-Walcott-JD- Not Premiership worthy.

  17. skandibird

    If we have to ”offload” before buying, how will anything happen in this transfer window then? If, we need to sell some of the following (what are the chances there actually will be any interest in buying them); Squillaci, DJ, Rosicky, Arshavin (well, yes some of you actually do…) Diaby (but being injured who’ll buy ? oh wait, prob the Spuds, I mean he has been seen in a Spud shirt already….) Almunia, Mannone etc etc – yesterday’s game really showed (blatantly) that Arsenal are very very thin as a squad and if WE can see that how come the Manager, who’s in charge of everything from selling/buying/decisions – in fact totally in control of the club, not see the same thing as us??????? 🙁
    answers on a postcard please to Le-Grove

  18. Danish Gooner

    Struggle to score goals,no wonder when they have returned to this horrible tippi tappy football,it is as likely as getting us goals as i am of selling sand in the Sahara.

  19. Moray

    Wenger knew the fixtures list months ago.

    He also knew we would be down to the bare bones: we always are at this point.

    His job is at least to make sure those bones are serviceable, but they are not. Our bench players are poor and out of form/confidence/couldn’t care less.Our back-ups to them are attrocious.

    And if I hear anyone say something along the lines of “Well even Man Utd couldn’t cope if they lost all they full backs…” I’ll be sick. It is ALWAYS us who suffers badly from injuries and who copes worst with it.

    Actually, this year has been a miracle because of VP10 staying fit. Nobody else is scoring, which places us in a very precarious situation. We cannot afford to rest him nor to play him.

    Wenger MUST buy, but we have been in worse positions and he has failed to do what is needed. I expect he is on the phone at the moment trying to get Leo Messi on Loan for 6 months.

  20. Pollux

    I remembered someone here was saying 9 points from wolves, QPR and fulham. Fucking joker. I wasn’t convinced our core 11 can last the season. As of now, wenger doesn’t trust anyone outside his main 11 in epl and cl which leads me to ask… Why not rid the dead woods than and bring in quality? I’m fucking puzzled by what’s going on. Anyway be prepared for Thursday night ch 5 next season!

  21. AJ

    scott says:
    January 3, 2012 at 10:06

    Stop buying bargain basement.
    how often do we say that. but who are we talking to?

  22. Big Dave

    It all comes down to the way we act in the transfer market and how immature we are, all wenger cares about is the bank balance then the board worry about that .

    we will always be 4th 5th due to the way we do our business

  23. The Wise One

    If Wilshere comes back this season…can he play cam? Or do we need to bring in someone like gorcouff/gotze. Sell squid, bring in left back on permanent deal (gibbs can’t be relied upon) don’t  us buying a cb cause verm,kos,mert,djo r pretty solid..last but not least striker that can also play on wing…sell arshavin

  24. gambon

    Ive said this sooooo many times before, but it needs repeating.

    Everytime we have an important game, when our rivals arent playing and we can achieve something significant, we blow it. This team is a mirror image of its manager, weak mentally and falls to pieces in decisive situations.

    Last season we had opportunities to go top, and always blew it. This season we fuck up everytime we have to win to get 4th place outright.

    Look at Wengers career, he loses most of the finals he’s in, and comes second more than first, what does that tell you?

    We have possibly the most flawed manager in the game, and certainly the most overrated, until that changes we will get absolutely nowhere.

  25. AJ

    Big Dave says:
    January 3, 2012 at 10:21


    MC29 Left out of the Morocco squad for ACON

    Thanks to arsene wenger. we will have one more blockhead on the bench. but one thing is for sure, we have wasted him.

  26. GD

    Firstly, Happy New Year to Pedro, Geoff and all the grovers!!

    Now onto pressing issues – I AM RAGING!!! Dropped points against Wolves and Fulham at home in recent weeks and now we lose away to Fulham. If we want to be competing for titles or top 4 then we have to put these teams away. I know Fulham are a tough team but seriously 1 point from two games against them??? We should have put the game away in the first half as we had loads of chances but Walcott and Gervinho couldn’t finish their dinner – maybe that’s why they are both so skinny. Maybe Henry could teach them how to finish??? First: same old story, lots of possession and chances but not much to show for it but what happened in the second half? Granted Fulham played well and all credit to them, but we just defended most of the second half, we should have got at least another goal before the second half but NO this is Arsene Wenger’s team – total rubbish!!! I know the ref was poor toward the end but Wenger cannot solely blame the ref for the result, anyway JD is a total waste of space!!! Then we brought Squid (what a fantastic substitution) on and they scored two goals – says it all…defensive coach needed to teach Arsenal players how to defend at corners and hold onto a lead – bollocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Long term additions and clear-outs are needed in January, if not then this season will go down the pan as every other season in recent memory but this time no 4th spot. In May it may be time to say bye-bye to Mr Wenger as he has gone off along with many of his squad players.

  27. gambon

    Haha, people blaming the Eduardo ‘witch-hunt’.

    You mean that time Eduardo DIVED like a scumbag?

    So lets see how many other excuses we can use:

    – The position of jupiter
    – Witchcraft practiced by Martin Jol
    – The Bilderberg Group hate Arsenal

  28. The Wise One

    Would really like to see how the ox and park perform in fa cup..so we can gauge at least if they can play a bigger part in the squad

  29. Pedro

    Not sure it’s an Eduardo witch hunt Albo… the Croatian dived, whichever way you look at it.

    It’s just bad reffing… plain and simple.

    Our problem yesterday was playing the same team over and over again… they were all fucked.

  30. Matt

    I reckon the penatly might have been given if Forehard didnt go down so dramaticaly. When I first saw it, I thought it was a dive because his hands were flailing everywhere. He cant even do that properly. Complete dog shit of a player. No football brain at all. Which brings me on nicely to Walcott. As someone said here yesterday, if he wasnt English, he wouldnt have been afforded the patience from the fans that he has been. He has nothing but pace and half the time he cant even use that effectively. I have never seen a premiership player who looks as clueless as him when he has the ball.

    Other then that, there is averageness all through the team.

    Listening to the commentators go on when we were 1-0 up yesterday about how Wenger has turned things around after such a poor start, you would think we were winning the fucking league, not sat in 5th! And who’s fucking fault was it we made such a poor start. One senile French fuck!!

    I cant even enjoy our wins anymore because I know they will be followed closely by a ‘performance’ like that.

  31. bushgoooner

    We should be putting teams the likes of Fulham to the sword. If we had players with that extra bit of quality with that time and space they would make good use of it. Walcott and Gerv were shocking. JD was caught out of position numerous times and because of that he got is second yellow. Why didnt Coquelin play right back and Miguel left? Why did Rosicky play? Where is AOC? He is much more direct than Walcott and has got an eye for the odd goal too!

  32. gambon

    Also, you will note that i said MANY times that Gervinho is Eboue but upfront.

    The guy is a fucking moron. The new Kalou-less.

    Wenger does love his French-Africans though, so he will never see it.

    As for Theo, well my feelings on that mug have been clear for a long time.

  33. Cloggs

    verytime we have an important game, when our rivals arent playing and we can achieve something significant, we blow it. This team is a mirror image of its manager, weak mentally and falls to pieces in decisive situations.

    Spot on Gambon. Add to this that the gallic twat always runs his best players into the ground and has a tactical football brain of a peanut. Not even mentioning all the dross he contracted oover the years.

  34. gambon


    Wenger has always been the same.

    He hates competition for places, has a very distinct first XI with shitty backups, and runs players into the ground.

    He has run Vieira, Henry, Ljungberg, Cesc and now Jack into the ground, it seems the next body he wants to destroy is RVP.

    He is so out of his depth these days its silly. He is still living in 1998 while even the worst managers in the PL have moved forward.

    How the fuck have Stoke got better GK options than us? Well easy, cos Wenger thinks he can just stick anyone in goal as defending doesnt matter.

  35. Doublegooner

    Arsenal managed by Wenger, Kronke & Gazidas was always looking like 6th or 7th finish.

    Jan 3rd shows nothing to change my mind.

    We are in a worse position than last year and the dross list gets longer !

  36. scott

    We are no longer a big club.
    No offence to Jenkinson, I like the lad but would Barcelona or Real Madrid buy a right back from spains 2nd division, who had only played 7 first team games the previous season.
    We are a selling club now, but charge big club prices. a American franchise to be exact.
    Wenger is now a shadow of his former self, he has to go.I cannot believe people liked our poor summer last minute panic additions.

  37. Taxi for Wenger

    This is getting painful now. I honestly believe Wenger hasn’t a clue what he’s doing anymore.We now only play for 4th place just keep the money rolling in.Wenger should of gone 5 years ago this groundhog bollocks won’t stop till he’s gone Time stands still for no man I fear for the club if this man who is so pig headed will not admit this shit is down to him and nobody else

  38. Mykelgunner

    city vs arsenal- penalty not given arsenal vs wolves-penalty not given arsenal vs qpr-penalty not given fulham vs arsenal-penalty not given.I think this is some kind of a conspiracy.4 and still counting

  39. abnet

    Come on Gambon – we only lost a game poorly in some time, and yes the ref has a big part to play, so please see every thing from fair Perspective

  40. Cygan's Left Foot

    In the last 10 games we have been missing almost 3 CLEAR chances in every game, Why is this problem have not been addressed by the manager? Because we see the SAME mistakes from Girvenho, Theo and Ramsey in front of goal over and over in ever game and nothing been done about it, we all knew it will come back to hunt us sooner or later.

    Secondly, how a team like Fulham, who played away from home at the same time as us (not excuse for midweek champion league football this time) looked fitter than us in the second half, and have better players to come in and perform? Our squad wage bill over 100 million theirs is not reaching even the 40 million.

    Finally, Why are our players that don’t perform no held accountable or dropped? Theo been off from since the Man City game, Ramsey been running on empty for good knows how long. I know you would say who to bring in,, but who is fault is that, we pay top top wage, EVEN Squilliaci earns more wage than their best earner!!!

    Don’t ask me for answers, it is been like that since Paddy left on 2005 that some players can get away with playing shit when ever they don’t fancy it. And I don’t get payed 5/6 million per a year to find the answers..

  41. Big Dave

    Regarding the penalty of late. In a way Wenger is to blame there is an agenda against him and we don’t get all the descions our way

  42. Doublegooner


    Fair perspective is we fucked up against wolves, scraped through against an average QPR.

    Our squad is shite.

    We are a 5/7th place team nowadays on the field with the envy of most other clubs chairman of having 58/60,000 fans earning £3m every home game.

  43. Azed

    Big Dave
    Fulham strikers are better than our back up….Dembele would stroll into our starting 11.
    Ruiz, Dempsey and Zamora are better than our backup and probably on less money

  44. Moe

    Chezzer has become nervous seeing his 1st line defence go down from the sagna,vermalen,santos team all the way to squillaci! We just need sum1 with a black van,sum duct tape and a headsock to ‘help’ mr squillaci find the airport! Not completely his fault (tactics wrong plus a lot of other deadwood)but my goodness does he hav an uncanny ability to sap confidence away. At least with chamack we can naively hope he goes bak to beginning form

  45. Sabeel

    in this way,dont thing we are gonna win the league in next 2/3 yrs and it will be very soon a DECADE without a trophy….amazingly embarassing & sick

  46. jay4741

    always the same as soon as we get in touching distance two steps forward one step back

    wenger cost us that game yesterday, tactical fucking stupid bringing theo & gerv off inviting fulham on to us, they are our only players with pace to counter and keep fulham back, and bringing on rosicky for theo left jd with no cover even hes a clumsy gormless twat

  47. Rocka

    Gee-zus, get a grip everyone. We lost a game. It happens. Wait until we fully collapse before completely losing your heads. We’ve had a good run, let’s see how the team responds.

    As for nothing changing, I think signing five players on deadline day disputes that theory. The squad was re-stocked with experience, now is the time to buy 1-2 quality players to push us on to 4th place.

    We were never in the title race this year. 4th should be our main aim, along with a good run in the Cups.

    Can’t wait to see the King back.

  48. abnet

    Double – thats absolutely true and i agree with all those performances you mentioned was not good enough, but where were those people when scraped past QPR criticizing the team, isn’t ever body in here talking about tittles? all i was is fair and balanced assessment , what i see most of the time in LG is sensationalized supporting,

  49. ATID

    Not sure about the small squad comment. we actually have the largest professional playing squad in the EPL we currently have 49 players plus the 2 we have in on loan and the 13 that we have out on loan. that makes a total of 64 professionals.
    the problem is to much dross and youth not enough quality and winners.
    It is high time that people started including walcott on the dross list and song and gervinho are not far off it.
    we need mvila and we need him now. we need vertonghen and we need him now. we need baines and we need him now. we need van der weil and we need him now. we need hazard and we need him now we need gotze and we need him now and we need podolski immediately

    vander weil vertonghen vermealen baines
    mvila wilshire
    hazard gotze podolski

  50. Mykelgunner

    What is it with our defenders?Last season koscielny was shite now he is playing really good, djourou was our best defender and now he is the new squillaci.Wenger needs to do buy or bye

  51. Taxi for Wenger

    Sabeel win the league? We don’t need to do that anymore 4th place is now like a trophy for us…Arsen knows

  52. Arben

    Same fucking results ,same fucking mistakes ,same fucking tactics,same fucking attitude,same fucking end product,The answer to this is Mr fucking Wenger ,how much longer do we have to suffer for fuck sake.

  53. Ricky

    If wenger used he’s brain instead of worrying about un-important goal records he woulda rested rvp in for the qpr game & kept him fresh for what was always going to be the tough game at fulham.

    Instead this inept, senile fool throws him in all of the last three games & expects miracles.

    What a plonker!! The man will never learn.

  54. Sabeel

    Taxi 4 wenger

    what i meant was it will be very soon a decade without winning the league, and very soon 15 years without league and very soon….

    as top4 now,then top5, top6,top7 will be a trophy…

  55. Sabeel

    & we arent talking about one bullshit game like yesterday, we are talking about the bigger picture, which is Nothings changed as there hasnt been any change as needed

  56. coob23

    did you even watch this game, per was at least a 7, song played well up until the end and coquelin was better than a 7, for a c entral midfielder to play there, he was at the least an 8, our best player by miles… if theo wants his 85 a week, he needs to learn to fucking cross. like the kid but what is he doing? its mental

  57. squirrel

    Got a feeling wenger now realises what a complete an utter bunch of crap he has signed in his squad.
    Throw some injuries in an acn cup and we are well and truly fucked.
    the ref was a cunt,the fulham players didn’t let us play,we showed great mental strength,boo hoo hoo you fucking senile french cunt.
    every game is a fucking disaster and it’s always someone’s fault but never his own.
    Fatigue? Have a look at the fulham teams over xmas its virtually the same team and they didnt look clueless and fucked did they?

    Wenger out.

  58. Arben

    How much longer do we have to sacrifice to build our game around one fucking player ,that happen with Henry ,It happen with Fabregas ,now is happening with Van Persie .You know this doesn’t fucking work why do you repeat this shit all over again ,again ,and again.

  59. Taxi for Wenger

    Rocka “get a grip” We are the Arsenal and were embarrassing against Fulham yes Fulham! And as for 4th place what’s the point?

  60. st34

    The team is TIRED. Mission impossible without new signings now. Look at Man city- what a squad! I think that 5-6 Arsenal first team players have to become backups for a quality new signings…
    What`s going on with Henry??


  61. Arsene's Nurse

    Arsene’s comments from BBC.

    “When Djourou got the first yellow card, they tried every time to get him a second yellow and the referee was naive enough to give it,” said Wenger.

    “I saw it coming, you know. I do not need to make stories for newspapers. I tell you the game I have seen. I don’t care about the rest.”

    So why the fuck did you keep DJ on the pitch if you saw it coming?


  62. Gooner S

    We didn’t play well, it was a poor result. We don’t have a recognised full back because of injuries. I thought it was obvious what team Wenger would put out, he was clearly trying to eek things out until the cup game. Do not expect a recogniseable side against Leeds is my guess. These things happen…it just did to Manchester United!

  63. John R Clark (@Only_Red_White)

    Obviously I am pissed at the result and performance but just like Utds game on Saturday its been coming for a while and Wenger seems utterly blind to what is happening. .

    JD is a poor footballer who is there for the taking every time he plays. He is nowhere good enough to play.

    FC perhaps made a mistake or two perhaps but really was very impressive – I wonder why? Oh yes he is a genuine footballer whereas JD is a bumbling idiot.

    How many times in the last two games has he failed to cleanly take a ball rolled to him – watch closely he fumbles everything. A couple of runs that he has done recently I am certain are more to do with mis-control where he has fumbled and then needed to recover and he then stumbles past a couple of players. Maybe its the Ray Parlour thing (I loved him really)- when he has no time to think its goes great but when there is some thinking time – oh shit!

    Ok we have been unlucky with full back injuries but its not a great problem to play there if you have some football ability.

    More and more its looking like yet again Wenger cannot see the wood from the trees and playing FC at right back should have been the first choice and then when the left back was an issue play him there and put another midfielder in at right back. Ramsey or Rosicky or Ozykup even.

    Its the goalie situation all over again when Wenger cannot see things – he was getting rid of Schsney who he thought was 4th behind 3 incompetents. Wengers judgement really is highly questionable.

    I have had a complete hang up about Theo for several years and it amazes me that he has played for Arsenal the number of games he has. I said to anyone who would listen that Theo would get AW the sack some 4 years ago after 2 years of zero improvement and by God unless AW gives him an almighty ultimatum my forecast will come true. A new contract for this little tosser is out of the question. Exactly what has our great AW done for Theo other than allow him to play a load of games of which 99% are shit. Does no-one ever sit down with Theo and show him all his faults – it amazes me at exactly what coaching goes on at this club. His every mannerism I have grown to hate – sorry I don’t want to say that but I must – his very presence fills me with disgust.

    There is often a call for Refs to explian their decsions well there is also a need for some of these players to explain quite what the hell they were thinking of at times in a match – not to me but the coaching staff. As I always say about Theo he runs in places where even God could not pass it to him – especially on give and go’s where he runs like a possessed idiot – he is embarrassing.

    I’d like to spend some money this Transfer Window but if not then please use our resources better and take action against non peforming players – some senior players are playing so poorly it has to be better playing a kid who wants its more and how can they be any worse?

    If some people think I am harsh then so be it but I have been going week in week out since 1963 – I wear my heart on my sleeve and I am really hurting.

  64. coob23

    @ATID- this isnt football manager, the team you want would not only cost around 150 million and van der wiel just signed for valencia, if you dont know dont guess… thats how crummy rumours get started…
    by the start of next season, we need to sell all dead wood, squid, arshavin, rosicky, almunia, diaby etc
    and we need a striker, (podolski, sow etc) another creative midfielder (gourcuff, gotze, hazard etc) and someone potentially like vertonghen… thats it.

  65. Sabeel

    and yes we can safely say,

    Watching us implode season after season is a HABIT now,

    why i say that?, well, 2nd half of season has just started…and the boards gonna just do sit there and count the money in the bank as Jan window again passes by

  66. Taxi for wenger

    Got a feeling wenger now realises what a complete an utter bunch of crap he has signed in his squad.
    Throw some injuries in an acn cup and we are well and truly fucked.
    the ref was a cunt,the fulham players didn’t let us play,we showed great mental strength,boo hoo hoo you fucking senile french cunt.
    every game is a fucking disaster and it’s always someone’s fault but never his own.
    Fatigue? Have a look at the fulham teams over xmas its virtually the same team and they didnt look clueless and fucked did they?

    Wenger out.

  67. squirrel

    4 points out of 9 from wolves at home qpr at home and fulham away? do me a favour swansea away and man utd at home we will slide further down the table.
    Thursdays and sundays next season at best.
    Also why does everyone keep mentioning hazard and goetze etc?
    Wenger won’t buy quality that costs money,expect more useless cunts in from the lique one dross and a couple of unwanteds on loan

  68. itchyballs

    oi!tampon,lay off eduardo-IT WAS NOT A DIVE as confirmed by later angles not used on sky sports & this was highlighted on the sunday supplement(no lovers of arsenal)so yes,there was a witch hunt..

  69. insane frog

    many of the realistic fans have seen this game of 2 halves over and over again and have concluded that wenger is the prime reason we fall apart.
    Wenger has no tactical awareness.,,,many opposing managers strangely enough wait and see how we line up and play in the first half, before unleashing a fully committed closing-down strategy that overpowers arsenal. It works every time. 2-0 up to spuds..lose 3-2..4-0 up at newcastle…you know the rest.
    Wenger HAS to go…he is a totally feeble remote academic, unable to inspire or motivate. His signings seem to lack that gritty hard spirit…gervinho is one of the most lightweight players ive ever seen in the famous red-and white…a typical wenger buy.. cheap french league, lightweight and not effective.
    We are all getting tired of his lame excuses..the ref the pitches the lack of focus, well more and more fans are beginning to see what the problem really is. WENGER!!!

  70. kc

    At least we know now that Wenger too thinks this team is short on quality depth. Actions speak louder than words with that starting eleven. Van Persie needs help, so spend some fuckn money!

  71. Cloggs

    – Witchcraft practiced by Martin Jol

    Well if it comes to “reading” your opponent react accordingly” yes, that is total witchcraft to Wenger.

  72. Big Dave

    JD is very average.

    Am not asking for us for to be like city and spend millions and millions but add to the squad in the correct manner that extra bit of quality is needed to take us over the line the deadwood has to go and be invested properly would like to see some proper wingers at the club, a hard midfielder to play along side Jack, and a lethal striker. Left back should had been dealt with better.

    Problem being don’t think the manager or the club can be bothered and our only happy to see us come 4th

  73. Jimmythegun

    Morning all,

    Last night’s game was us in a microcosm, 1st half some brilliant football and a scarily-high tempo, 2nd half saw us give up possession and territory to Fulham and most of us will have seen the result coming from about the 48th minute onwards.

    One thing was for sure, we could still be out there now and we weren’t going to score again!

    The blame sits firmly with Wenger – exposed tactically once again and embarrassed the club with his post-match comments.

    Someone made a comment about Demebele and Zomora being better than what we’ve got. It isn’t just Fulham’s forwards that would get into our team – I’d also take Hangeland, Riise and Murphy.

    It says a lot that 5/6 FULHAM players would improve an ARSENAL team. We’ve played pretty well since the Spuds game but we all knew this was coming…everyone except Wenger apparently!

  74. Jay2oh

    the annual collapse is now on! If that senile twat thinks Thierry and anow.rd rate defender on loan can sort that lot out, he should leave now.

  75. Thomas. It's up for grabs now!

    Pedro. I don’t subscribe to the tiredness argument even though they may well have been.

    That was our 31st competitive game of the season. It was Fulham’s 35th. They’ve had a long hard slog starting on 30th June with Europa Lge qualifiers.

    I’ve been all over Fulham’s site and can count only 42 players. AW has 52 available to play 1st team football.

    We all know the odd poxy result will come up and shut happens in football. But that sexond half performance was abject mediocrity from some players who are coasting. (Walcott and Rosicky when he came on).

    The issue for me is AW is missing a ruthless streak. The replay clearly shows Rosicky strolling while two Fulham players pass him on the way into the box. Such attitude on the field should be rewarded with a one way ticket on Ryan Air to a remote airfield in the Czech Republic.

    But Rosicky will feature again on the bench in the next game and make his cameo on 67 mins.

    Not picking on him exclusively but using him as an example of the culture whereby mediocre performances are acceptable at a club that is listed as the 5th richest in the world!

    Every player that pulls on that famous shirt should give his all no matter how long he is on the field. Or fuck off!

  76. Pedro

    Thomas, I can’t argue with facts like that…

    Our players were tired though… we’re flogging a solid starting 11 to death again… there’s no excuse for tired players when you’ve got so many to choose from.

  77. squirrel


    That’s right mate,he can’t fix it because of the 25 man squad rule we have to off load before we buy and what championship team or lower prem teams would pay the sort of wages wenger has bandied around on the second rate dross he signed and do you think he has the balls to tell the board he’s fucked up and arsenal will have to pay off thier contracts to get rid of em?

  78. Lurch LeRouge

    fine report though a lost opportunity for a Geoff rant, would have coincided nicely with the hurricane in effect outside.


    at board level,

    at management level,

    at player level.

    its systemic.

  79. Jay2oh

    our forward options are a fucking joke. Walcott and Gervinho are useless. Van persie is our only threat. OUR ONLY STRIKER, Stoke have better STRIKER options in Jones/crouch/fuller! Fulham do as Well. I would even take that Danny graham fella from swansea as back up.

  80. squirrel


    My mistake,i fancied a name change without looking and amazingly picked yours,odds on that?
    With that cunt in charge i should’ve known better. 🙂

  81. Jeremy

    He saw it coming din he… now we starting to lose games because we don’t have a left back….

    Santos should never been used Greeks…. Playing clumsy centre back in wing back role just doesn’t help. How to tell an elephant to behave like horse???

    Don’t point complaining about referee because it is the simply all his fault.

  82. Thomas. It's up for grabs now!

    Wenger bleating about the ref and Fulham targetting JD! Well smarts to Fulham! That’s football. And yes it was a clear pen.

    That does not take from the fact that again we only scored 1 goal. 8 times in the last 10 games we’ve failed to score more than 1.

    The red was a tit. Does that provide smoke to cover our lack of finishing or the almost total absence of goals from our midfield?

    These are the real problems that need to be addressed.

    And BTW I’m on a mobile also so typo’s are everywhere! 😀

  83. gambon

    Ok so just to look at these claims by experts like Albo on here that we are discriminated against by the media/refs and certain other teams arent, something i see a LOT of people on here going on about .

    Lets look at Arsenal vs Man Utd, and look at the key stats that would show bias….penalties & red cards.

    Over the last 10 years (02/03 to present):

    Penalties for:

    Arsenal – 54
    Man Utd – 49

    – Now this puts to bed the myth that UTD get loads of pens and we are denied nailed on pens constantly. Its also worth noting that UTD have scored more goals than us (712 vs 709) in this time and won 5 PLs to our 1.

    Penalties against:

    Arsenal – 35
    Man Utd – 25

    – A fairly big difference. When you consider that UTD have conceded 66 goals less in this time, and also our long term discipline problems under Wenger, this certainly doesnt point to any bias towards UTD. Its just much rarer to see a UTD player do what Djourou did yesterday.

    Red Cards against:

    Arsenal – 28
    Man Utd – 26

    A negligible difference. Until this season we actually had more.

    So although this is pretty crude, it does suggest there are a lot of overly paranoid fans out there, who need to look at the facts a little more.

  84. jimd

    An appalling second half. Having said that, there were serious failings throughout the game and in most previous games.
    There has been only limited mention of Mertesecker’s absolute lack of heading ability. Yesterday his performance in this vital part of a centre back’s armoury was abject. On one occasion he actually ducked under the ball to lose a challenge. Hopeless!
    We don’t have a midfielder who can tackle. We lose out in almost all 50/50 challenges. How Song can be regarded as a holding midfielder I do not know. Apart from his sluggish and careless approach, he cannot tackle! That is why he also gets so many seemingly soft yellow cards. Tackling strongly and fairly is an art, which only Koscielny in the squad comes remotely near to achieving.
    Wenger is a real worry. He is tactically inept. He is criminally stubborn in his apparent belief in this inadaquate squad. Yesterday his response to defeat would be laughable if it wasn’t so seriously self delusional. Surely his time is up. A terrible end to a wondrous period in Arsenal’s history.

  85. G787

    What’s the point of Roshitty ? I mean i didn’t understand what he did 4 yrs ago when fully fit let alone after his injury. He just takes up space in the pitch, when the hell is his contract up?

  86. Jamal


    rosicky is probably the worst at defending set pieces, he just watches the ball go in and when was the last time he scored a goal????

  87. G787

    Jamal Yeah, every time that guy comes on we concede, sometimes he concedes free kicks on the edge of the box, that lead to goals (Liverpool last year). The rest he just stands around cluelessly or makes crap passes (last toimehe scored was v lthe mighty Leyton Orient).

  88. Azed

    chechout all our dross and they all have 1 thing in common- they are nice blokes thats why Wenger keeps them

  89. telarse

    Presumably loan/swap deals are the only option in offloading dross as it’s unlikely Wenger will accept cut price deals for his “stars”.

    Have we bought Torres yet?

  90. Thomas. It's up for grabs now!

    Pedro. I’m not saying tiredness wasn’t an issue just that I don’t accept it as a valid argument when the main problems are elsewhere!

    Against 3 lower table sides we scored 3, conceded 3, won 1, drawn 1 & lost 1. This is average and we have too many players putting in average performances.

    We have a good spine. Some decent other players but are missing match winners with quality. There is only one way to get them. That’s with a cheque book!

    Players who don’t perform need to be dropped. Was it JW (or another?) who said recently that last year there was no real pressure to win if we lost it was like.. So be it in the dressing room!

    I was really encouraged by the Man City performance and it was no shame to lose that one but it is the managers call to rest players, drop players and use his squad to it’s maximum. Injuries aside in the defence, which is tough I agree, the same level of performance as shown against City should be demanded week in week out by the manager. The only way to instill this is to drop the non-performers. It’s easy to say Ox or Benny or whoever should have started. But the lack of squad rotation points to the managers lack of confidence in these players.

  91. steve

    i think the biggest slap in the face is theo. he’s demanding an extra £20k a week! ship him out. the guy has NO football brain at all. great speed but can’t cross for his life. the most infuriating. i voiced my disgust on twitter to RVP, rambo, and a few others. theo doesnt use his often it seems. wonder why!!! we should all let them know this is not on!!!!!

  92. Doublegooner

    Tiredness !!

    Havent Fulham played many more games being in the Disney Cup ?

    We’d better learn fast how to cope as it very likely we’ll be doing the same next year,,unless we miss out on that too.

  93. G787

    Azed – this is typical of Wenger, blind faith in absolute dross – extended contracts over an over again with his favourits. I know we have a long list but this guy makes my blood boil…= crap squad.

  94. Jamal

    well we all know one thing. if wenger doesnt spend in january then were gonna finish 5th/6th and if he cant see that then he definately needs to go cz he’s taking the piss now with his pathetic excuses..

  95. scott

    jimd says:
    January 3, 2012 at 11:54

    I have always said Mertesacker is fucking pants. How the hell he has 75 odd caps is beyond me. At least 4 games this season he has watched the ball go over his head without attemtping to head it, loses his awareness and panicks. Hes totally shocking.

    And all those akbs who say we cant compete with Man City/ Chelsea /Manc Utd etc.
    We have £50+ million in the bank for transfers and 2 !!! Billionaire owners worth over £20 billion. How the fuck can`t we compete???

  96. The Feptitious

    One of Wenger’s biggest criticism’s has been how we over train players which cause all these niggling injuries that dent our squad continuously throughout the season. His justification for this is it gives us an advantage in the final ten minutes of the game over the other sides. This has paid off before, but it shouldn’t even be necessary. We should be going into games at half time with a two goal lead and fast options on the bench to challenge weary defenders, not trying to push on with our own tired players in the last half hour.

    When you’re playing people live RvP so frequently, you have to be capable of resting him, or even substituting him sometimes and not lose your attacking edge.

  97. G787

    From Arsenal.com profiles
    ‘Tomas scored a rare header last season against Leyton Orient but it’s fair to say he doesn’t get among the goals as he used to after scoring 13 times in his first two years with the Gunners.’
    – haha is that sentence a sick joke ?

    Anyway I think he was signed in 2006 so two 4 yr contarcts would mean he’s outta here next summer 2012 latest, …unless….

  98. scott

    I said on here the other week. If you want a couple of signings to fit straight into the team without needed time to settle.
    Scott Sinclair of Swansea £10m
    Ba of Newcastle £15m
    Job done.