Thierry to replace Pat Rice | Bleak Arsenal January unless we sell, delist, or buy British

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Pinch me. Did City just cap of a marvelous few days for Arsenal fans with a fine 1-0 slump at Sunderland? Yes. Yes they did. Perfect! Everyone dropped points around us this weekend which makes our hard-fought win against QPR taste even sweeter. It also makes the dropped points at Wolves taste a little more bitter than it did at the time… but there you go.

In the news yesterday was the story about Theo and his contract wrangle with the club. Apparently he wants £85k a week, a £25k uplift in what he’s currently earning. It’s a large some of money, but to be honest, it’s not the sort of figure I thought he’d be asking for. I imagined he’d be looking to break six figures a week.

I’m not really sure where I stand on this one. I don’t think Theo is a world beater and I’ve never been convinced he’s much more than a talented sprinter. However, that sprinting power has served us well and in a side that lacks pace, he’s often our only outlet. I’ve castigated him in the past for his lack of end product, but last season he managed 13 goals and 12 assists in 27 starts. This year, things haven’t been amazing and he’s slipped back into what I’d say is mediocrity. 6 assists and 2 goals in 20 starts isn’t what you’d expect from a player looking for £85k a week playing with the hottest striker on the planet there to finish off your assists. We can’t blame fitness issues either…

So what do you do? Take an expensive punt on him having 5 years injury free and hopefully fulfilling his potential. Or do you ask Theo to find a club that will play him what he wants… like Chelsea… and risk him kicking on as he’s young. How many more of our first team do we want to lose is one argument… the other one is why would you want to reward mediocrity with a massive 5 year deal he doesn’t really deserve.

Podolski is hot on the lips of anyone who has watched our toothless attack play of late. The German took flirtatious compliments from a man so tall, he can change bathroom spotlights from a standing position. Mertesacker said…

“He is a powerful, great player, especially for the national team.

“He has scored a lot of goals, is a good striker with a very good finish. His left foot is unbelievable and I am a fan of his.’’

Last time our giant centre back spoke of his love for a striker, it was Thierry… and guess what. We signed him. Now he’s talking about Podolski. If he signs, we need to coerce him into talking about more ambitious targets. He clearly has the midas voice when it comes to transfers. But is he aware of the rules? A pal from the online Gooner e-mailed in the other day to raise the issue of quotas. If we want to bring in any additional players from lands afar, we’ll need to sell, loan or delist players from our squad. I’ve no doubt there are a few I’d be happy to see the back off… but who would take them?

Really, we’re in a bit of a sticky situation. As far as I can see, there’s no one British who is available who’d help plug the gaps. So someone has to go… The list of potential leavers is as followed –

  • Squillaci
  • Almunia
  • Chamakh
  • Rosicky

I think the most likely candidate to go from that list is Rosicky. I was told in the summer Squillaci wasn’t the sort of character to hang around if he had the chance to play football elsewhere… but being on the back 9 of his career, I guess that depends if anyone can match his handsome salary. Almunia would be a prime candidate to ship out, but he’s found himself back in the squad because of injury.

My oh my… we all get excited when we land a bargain, totally forgetting the ball ache it causes when they don’t work out.

Talking of our only signing so far… the Daily Star, paper to the elite, reckon Thierry Henry is being lined up as the number 2 to Arsene Wenger. I’m not really sure what to make of that. I love the man, but is he a coach? Very intelligent guy, a massive lover of Arsenal… but I ask you this. How many strikers make amazing managers? Not many after some extensive 10 minute research. I’d welcome your thoughts on that subject in the comments!

Wenger has been speaking about the future of Robin. He understand it depends on the success of the team. When asked what the club had to do to keep the prolific Dutchman, the manager said…

“Continue to improve and be capable to fight for the top of the league. Robin is an ambitious player and when you have his quality of course you want him to do that.”

He also thinks the second half of the year could work out with players coming back and having to play the top four at home…

“If you look at the run of all of the teams from games five to 19 we are not behind anybody so, if we can continue to improve and get our injured players back, we might have a strong enough squad.”

I don’t like the might in that sentence, you’d hope for more conviction, but then again, we have to be realistic. We’re not competing on a level playing field and our squad is going to be tough to shape this month. We can go some way to improving our points total this evening when we head to Fulham. Martin Jol has a solid team that will be tough to deal with. This isn’t a 3 points in the bag type of game and I’m pretty sure we’ll be reduced to less chances than QPR and Wolves afforded us. Taking our chances is an absolute must.

I think the big worry about tonight is that there will obviously have to be rested players. I’m expecting Gervinho to slip back into the starting line up and Coquelin to possibly to start at left back. Things are pretty dire at the back but I’m comfortable with Koscielny and Mertesacker in the middle. If we have a midfield of Arteta, Rambo and Song we’ll be strong there, it’s up top that worries me. Do we give Park a run out or opt for Chamakh before he leaves for the ACN? I’d be more tempted to go with Park. It’d be just our luck for Chamakh to put in a MoM performance before he packs his bags!

Whatever the line up… we can’t complain about resting players. United had to put out an awful line up against Blackburn… which cost them big time. Hopefully we won’t suffer the same fate.

Jack kicked off the new year with some marvelous advice.

ALWAYS BE YOURSELF! Don’t change for no-one! If they don’t like who you are! Tough!


Jack Wilshere

What more can I add after a profound bit of life coaching like that?  If you’re a man and you want to wear a skirt to work. Do it, Jack said it was cool. If you want eat a kebab for breakfast and wash it down with a pint of Italy’s finest, don’t listen to your partner bitch about your slovenly ways, just tell them you’re being yourself and Jack said it was ok. Our superstar has just liberated the global community of Gooners… and that’s why Arsenal are a class apart.

On that note, have yourself a marvelous day… back to work tomorrow!

P.S. Ever wondered who the top 5 commenters were for Le Grove in 2011? I did, so I went through all the posts and found out for you… see below.

 Lurch LeRouge 8077 comments
 incesc 6261 comments
 gambon 6046 comments
 SUGA3 5885 comments
 Rohan 5243 comments

Staggering commitment from the lads, sorry to Rohan who only made the UEFA Cup this year. Thanks to everyone who dropped a comment last year, you’re all very special, like a club level gold seat plaque or a Champions League semi final flag.

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  1. Socrates

    Unbelievable thought pattern there Herve de Nerve

    “Since he’s been at Spurs, and what I deem to be a football club that can compete with AFC, he has smashed us and the deluded senile French twat 12 fucking points to 6!”

    Your ignoring something here Herve, about 18 other things, think about it!

  2. SUGA3


    so, who was the latest talent he ‘unearthed’ then?

    and don’t say Wilshere or Szczesny, I am talking the most recent purchases…

    Gervinho is just another Theo with a bit better dribble on him, Chamakh is fucking hopeless and so is Park…

    and don’t get me started on Squillaci…

    come to think of it, the only unearthed gem worth a mention is Koscielny!

    and that represents last few years, talent spotter? do me a favour…

  3. Pierre


    Don’t think he’ll be buying players who are at the Euro. He stated on Eurosport that players are overvalued after major tournaments – too bad he didn’t realise that with Rosicky and Arshavin – I guess lesson learned though.

    Anyway, he ain’t going for big names…

  4. Paulinho

    Keyser – I said that we would be end up sixth or seventh remember?

    I also said our season ended with Santos being injured. Wilshere is a loss but he’s been built up too much as usual (like we always do with any decent player). I don’t seem to remember him doing much to steady the ship against Birmingham in the final.

    We still have too many limited players regardless. Arteta is not good enough to bring out the best in Wilshere like Fabregas could. Ditto Ramsey and Wally. There will still be a dsyfunction in the team, in fact we could lose the ‘steadyness’ that has probably been our greatest asset.

  5. Bade


    Again, people on here ignoring the limitation of squad rules

    We can’t have more than 17 players over 21, who weren’t raised in the British Island (footballing wise). We already have 17 of those (even before Henry) so we need to offload before adding

  6. coolasfox

    its the same old arsenal its absolutely tyical im soooo sick to my back teeth of it arsen has to spend this jan i hate to admit it now but yesterday i was dreaming about just possibly being able to nick the tittle now i genuinly belive that with this current squad we will be lucky to scrape 4th

  7. SUGA3


    I am sorry mate, but I just don’t consider a 7M p.a. position to be one where the person in question is to learn the stuff which should be obvious, besides, the two examples you raised are not too adequate: Rosicky is a quality player, but a cokehead at that and Arshavin was ruined by the man himself…

    plus, Rosicky was bought for peanuts BEFORE the tournie…

  8. Keyser

    Paulinho – I remember the Santos thing, just don’t get why you constantly make the same jump to the same conclusions, like if Wilshere hasn’t played at all, how have we reached any peak, regardless of how talented he is.

    It’s also apparent in your opinions on Van Persie.

  9. Bade


    After such a rough night, and baring in mind a long day lay ahead for me tomorrow, I think I’ll go the Gooby path


  10. Pierre

    Taiwo on loan looking like a possibility in this window – wouldn’t be too keen on that though, the guy is a real troublemaker..

  11. Socrates

    IG and Herve De Nerve,

    I was referring to the other 18 teams in the league. Herve says Twitchy is a better manager because of his head to head against us. Ridiculous, and its the only proof that exists of his superiority.

    Anyway, lets move on from this I just think its a wind up…. gone wild.

  12. Paulinho

    Keyser – Because regardless of who plays, Wenger is still here, and as long as he is, we’ll see the same old shit, just dressed up differently. At least it’s a bit more fun with the likes of Santos.

    I’m jesting with RVP to an extent. However I do find him extremely irritating. A long way down the list of top class players i would like to watch. Iniesta is a joy, so is Messi, so is Robben, Henry, Giggs, Etoo. RVP is just functional. No way is he a ‘Bergkamp who scores goals”.

  13. Mark gooner

    Thierry is currently better then the majority of our team. That shows our decline
    Wingers last transfer window for me. If ambition is not shown then change needed after season

  14. SUGA3


    I am going to yellow card myself in advance and agree with Herve here: Twitchy is doing a stellar job on lower budget, when Sp*ds finish the season above us (which they will), it will be the final nail in Wenger’s coffin, the very last ‘argument’ about financial doping will become null & void that very moment!

  15. Keyser

    Paulinho – See, I don’t really see anything in your posts anymore to believe it is jest, there’s just little substance to your posts especially when you’re trying to be soo cutting.

    All those players have a functional element to them, bar Robben who’s far too greedy to ever be a great and far too self-involved, the World Cup final summed him up.

    The difference is the teams they play in, which obviously plays a massive part in their development and the role they occupy. Right now we need functional and he’s doing at far higher a level than most of his counterparts.

    How many top teams are efficient creations in today’s game most are overladen with superfluous and wasted talent.

  16. Gunner2301

    Joppa totally agree with you mate. We need to wake up and realise the illusion Wenger has laid out in front of our eyes. How can we year on year decimate the team by selling our best players and then palm us off with cheap alternatives and expect a better result? It’s media spin and mind tricks from Wenger.

    Last season everyone was lauding Djourou because of his decent half season. I’d said from the beginning he was fundamentally shit and been lucky thus far. He’s like a Walcott in defence and now it can be seen plainly. Lets not forget Djourou couldn’t get in the team ahead of Senderos, then Arsene moves 4 defenders on so Djourou gets an automatic spot by default? That’s the fucking loser mentality that is fostered at Arsenal nowadays.

    As for Walcott fuck his 85k sell his cunt in the Summer. I said he was shit when he was 19 but everyone said “give Theo a chance he’s still learning” I argued that whilst he was learning the team was suffering, it’s like playing with a man down. Now at 22 he’s not much better never had a brain and never will have.

    For anyone who has analysed Theos game he rarely offers anything but speed, is indecisive, cant beat a man unless its a foot race. He stands in front of the left back and waits for someone to come so he can make a sideways pass because he rarely attempts to beat them. AOC is already better than Theo was at 19 so I would happily tell Theo to fuck off in the Summer and play AOC. Truth is had he not been English and not cost so much (any normal manager maybe not Wenger) he would have been gone already.

    As someone said you pay peanuts you get monkeys. Gervinho is average and will not greatly improve. If we can’t compete with the top 2 in the final third theres no way we can challenge them and we only have RVP who would get near City or Man Us strikers, FFS Man U have Berbatov 3rd choice who’s just amble around and get a hat-trick in his first game, thats the kind of quality he has. Both teams have 3 good strikers or front men, we have 1.

    Ramsey I don’t rate either and had we not bought him and he’d have gone to Man U he’d have been on loan in the championship. His passing and ball retention for a midfielder is abysmal at times. I’ve also said Song is not good enough for us if we want to be title contenders. He’s a guy you have if you want to tread water in mid table of Europa league spots. He has no brain and can always be counted on to give away a trademark free kick just outside the box to put the defence under pressure.

    I would like Wenger to leave in the Summer (but he wont) even if we won the league. He can no longer motivate the team, they don’t know how to fight, he has no ideas and is too predictable, which in turn makes the team predictable. The midfield mix is wrong because he wants to keep faith with players who shouldn’t be there. He is tactically naive in his selection and changes WTF are we paying him 7 mill a year for? Oh yeah the bank balance I forgot.

    He will do the bare minimum in this window mark my words that’s the kind of tight cunt he is so don’t get your hopes up, especially if we can’t move on the shit he’s stockpiled that he pays so highly but nobody else seems to want. Structural change is required at our club, until then we will not progress as a team.

  17. Yippee Kai Yay

    Suga and herve, wenger may have the ‘track record’ but much like those financial ‘experts’ who failed to predict global financial meltdown, past performance means sweet fa in the ‘brass tacks’ stakes.

    Its not what someone did that matters, it’s what they do now, and what they are capable of in the future.

    Too many live past glories, with socrates (the irony) citing that spurs hadn’t won the league since he’d been alive as reasons to not use them as a comparison or bench mark. By that rationale we should ignore Man City, as they never really amounted to anything.

    All that matters is what any one person is capable of now, wenger has long been the parody that other teams would believe him to be.

    And yet still the blinkers are on, this whole mess is of his own doing, don’t believe me? try reading this and consider when it was written:

  18. goonerboy

    The truth is that Arsenal do not have the squad to complete the Christmas/New Year itinery and compete in the ECL. We never did have
    From the 75th minute onwards we had nothing left-Kozzer who was once again magnificent was playing them on his own. Our midfield cant perform twice in a week let alone 3 times literally disappeared as an attacking force.
    Those complaining about Arteta might notice that he spent the second half defending- primarily because Song has completely run out of gas. where was Rosicky when we needed him? You might ask – and not for the first time-he was no where in the second half.
    Why did we have so little left? Every team has injuries and players missing but how many play as anaemically as this with 15 minutes to go?
    Too many passengers and players in this squad who cannot play 2 let alone 3 games per week. Some, like Chamakh and Arshavin cant play one. People on here are right to point the finger at Wenger and this Board for persistently failing to invest in the right players.Even so I dont agree with Fulham lovers- a team with Senderos and half a team of journey men is workmanlike- but very beatable.
    We should have been able to hang on to a draw- the fact we couldnt WAS down to the referee as much as anyone.
    The help that Fulham received from Lee Probert DOES need an inquiry- it was shocking- is he grossly incompetent or bent? One of the most blatant penalties I have ever seen not given and Probert saw it.
    RVP constantly unfairly penalised throughout the game- without a doubt Probert was influenced by the groundless comments of the QPR manager after the last game.
    How can you blame Zamora for his blatant dive when he knows he has every chance of getting JD sent off? It wasnt even a foul let alone a yellow card. It wasnt just one or two dodgy decisions from a homer ref. Wenger might be trying to cover up his own defeiciencies- but he is right about the referee today.

  19. zeus

    Ordinarily I would have waited to post this tomorrow, but I suspect that Geoff will di the post do it will be an almighty bitchfest.

    So I was curious as to what u lot thought of the following. (non Arsenal related)

  20. zeus

    In the last competitive game of the South American season, Eduardo Vargas scored a goal that made sure Universidad de Chile won the domestic title, and also highlighted why Napoli are taking him across the Atlantic.

    Vargas broke from the halfway line. Cobreloa defender Sebastian Roco, worried about his pace, kept backing off. Vargas’ control of the ball at pace was so good that he was able to do two things.

    First, make a little change of angle to give himself more room. Second, look up and appreciate the situation unfolding around him. He had seen that keeper Nicolas Peric was a few metres off his line. Without breaking stride, Vargas unleashed a beautifully precise chip, over Peric but under the bar.
    It is this type of talent that has made the 22-year-old the outstanding figure of the last few months of South American football; but not the player of the year. It was a two horse race, but Neymar of Brazil and Santos pulled away to win the annual prize organised by the Uruguayan newspaper, El Pais.

    Vargas came on strongly towards the end of the year, but the first half of 2011 belonged to Neymar. His year began with the South American Under-20 Championship, and a four-goal haul against Paraguay that had even the Argentine press branding him ‘Neymaradona.

    He was then the key figure as Santos won the Copa Libertadores for the first time since 1963. But from a purely individual point of view, his highlight probably came at the end of July with a goal he scored against Flamengo.

    Picking up possession wide on the left, he ran diagonally across the pitch, with a quick exchange of passes and then, on the edge of the area, coming up with an extraordinary dribble past centre-back Ronaldo Angelim.

    Neymar opened out his body and played the ball past the defender with his left foot, emerging round the other side to poke right footed past the keeper. It was as if Neymar had passed to himself. In a fraction of a second he had become two players, and worked his own two-against-one situation against an experienced defender.

    Neymar and Vargas going head to head for the ‘player of the Americas’ title is a good sign. Both are worthy inheritors of a great tradition.

    A few years ago Brazilian centre-back Juan mused on the differences between top players in Europe and in his country – though in effect he might as well have been speaking about his own continent.

    “Technically, the Europeans are better than the Brazilians in terms of passing, shooting, heading,” he said, which is not as surprising as it might seem, given that the extra pace of European football means that functions need to be executed faster. “But we have more ability, with an unmatched capacity to dribble.”

    This ability to come up with an improvised solution – showcased by Vargas and Neymar in their superb goals – is a trademark of the South American game. It could be seen as a metaphor for the survival skills needed by the poor kid born on the wrong side of the tracks, where a sharp eye and a quick mind come in handy for taking advantage of the fleeting opportunities that life throws up.

    Then, of course, there is the dynamic of football. One generation inspires the next. Kids in Brazil aim to place themselves in the tradition of Neymar and all those greats who came before him. Chilean kids will be trying to emulate Vargas, now of Napoli, and also his magnificently talented Barcelona-based compatriot Alexis Sanchez.

    But what of British kids? One of the most fascinating aspects of football is its global dimension. Tactical innovations can be born in Holland and picked up years later in Colombia.

    Local culture clearly has a major impact, but the competitive nature of the game means that there is a constant trade of information, ideas and, especially these days, of players as well.

    When I left England in 1994, the Premier League was still an overwhelmingly domestic concern. Much has happened since and the pace of the change has been breathtaking.

    In my childhood footballing idols were often all action, charge-through-the-mud types. I don’t even remember us giving any attention to free kicks – apart from during the 1974 World Cup, when Rivelino’s rockets made a big impression. I imagine that these days the curling free kick is a normal part of a kid’s skill set.

    And are there kids in Middlesbrough growing up trying to copy Juninho? Or young Manchester City fans seeking to pick up Sergio Aguero’s capacity to conjure something out of nothing? I would love to set off a debate this week about how football’s globalisation has changed the way that British kids approach the game when (or if?) they go to the park for a kickabout.

    Perhaps there are kids out there capable of the same kind of improvised genius of a Neymar or an Vargas. It is a nice thought to kick off 2012.

  21. Joppa Road

    Zeus: My boy (10 years old) is an Arsenal fan by default (because of me) but his favourite players are mostly all foreign superstars. If we are out in the park playing, he will always be Ronaldo (as he loves Madrid) or say Aguerro, sometimes RVP. Same on FIFA – most of the Brit kids on XBox Live will always be Madrid, Barca or Man City.

    I coach at U10 level and you see almost as many Madrid/Barca tops as you do English clubs.

    Very few want to be English players (Rooney being the exception).

  22. Joppa Road

    But the problem lies in the poor coaching at grass roots level where kids are told what to do in no uncertain terms a lot of the time and have the enjoyment/skill side taken out of them at an early age. I see it week in week out.

  23. zeus


    I remember Pedro saying that at the younger levels (older than U10) that English coaches had started playing with smaler pitches and balls and that was helping England to catch up with the rest of Europe.

    Just wondering if thats the case. If the futsal like training is on a national scale. Outside of Jack and maybe a couple other (The Ox) maybe that kidat Everton (name slips me) I can’t think of any up and coming Englishmen who look like they can do say Aguero does.

    Also, I like Tim Vickery a lot, but it seems weird to me that the explanantion he puts forward on why South Americans are so adept at dribbling and being spontaneous as opposed to Europeans is that they have to learn to play the game on concrete or tar surfaces and less than suitable dump like pitches. Essentially they focus more on getting the ball under control from an earlier age, because the pitches in South America have so many bobbles.

    It just seems too simplistic to me, though it makes sense. Maybe just the footballing culture….

  24. Xarkon

    Hey I was wondering what the news on Sagna was?
    Living in America you really don’t hear much and i haven’t seen any articles on when he might return, whats the time table?

  25. Joppa Road

    It makes a lot of sense. The FA in England are doing their best to get the game played in the right way ie. kids should always have a ball at their feet, be encouraged to take little touches, caress if you like the ball. It’s going to take 15-20 years to really catch on though but I know for a fact they are putting a lot of time and effort into it as I have been on a few courses. It’s really refreshing to be part of and gives you hope for the future.

    The problem though is with some of the archaic coaching methods employed by many parents/coaches. I know at my club for example where a couple of the teams are told to kick it as far forward as possible at every opportunity straight from the kick-off. It’s criminal. Sometimes I watch the kids and they look scared to even touch the ball because they know a barrage of shouting is coming their way if they make a so called mistakes. A lot of the fun is taken out of the game and it becomes far too competitive too young.

    Presently it is 7-aside on a smaller pitch with smaller goals until the children get to 10 years of age. Now the FA want to then progress to 9-aside before making the jump to 11-aside at 13years of age. But this is still in discussion. I think my boys team (Under 10s) will be moving to 9-aside from next season.

    The other problem we have is that in my opinion we get the kids playing football at completely the wrong time of year. If I had my way the league would run from late March until early October so they children got the best weather to play in. You might not think this a big deal but when they pitches are muddy and it’s raining and cold it really detracts from the skill side of the game. Where as when it is hot and summery people are happier, the game is slowed and there is more time to get on the ball and play. I really think this would help the childrens and the English game if the youngsters season ran at these times. Just my opinion though, when I talk about it to parents they don’t seem to like the idea.

  26. Andreas the Swede

    WHY THE F*CK..
    Is not Vertonghen the most ideal and talked about deal?
    He would suit Arsenal like the pocket, he can replace Squillaci and Djorou which we should ship away to Siberia, he can fill the spot up behind Song as well as play on the left. The perfect catch for Arsenal, and add he has played with and knows Vermaelen very well. I am getting more frustrated than this summer that we aren´t just going out and selling Squillaci for as little as £2 million and getting in Vertonghen eventhough he is cuptied!

  27. Moray

    I havent seen much of Vertonghen but he would seem an ideal buy for our needs.

    I think we need to be ruthless with our dross players. Why keep Squillachi, Park and Djourou when we cannot rely on them? Get rid and buy in players we can play, even at a loss. By selling those three we could afford Vertonghen. If we sell them cheap then maybe even the buying team could afford their inflated salaries.

  28. thegoon

    was enjoyinh the blog til you added Rosicky to your list of deadwood. couldnt read the rest. i find it very extremely hard to believe any real arsenal fan or analyst would want Rosicky to go. He is the only player apart from RVP and song to an extent whom we can call “experienced” from the crop that took over the invincibles. He is the super sub for me and the catalyst that changes the game all the time. he drives forward and not back ward like ramsey, he defends well and always an instigator for most of our very quick counters. it begs the question which Games do you really watch cause Rosicky in like 90% involved in the moves that give us goals in the last minute. iam particulary disgusted by the same fans who call out foir experience and yet want to get rid of the experience we have. iam pretty certain if he had had chance for the city game the scoreline might have been different cos he has a way with city just like RVP has it for chelsea and Drogba for us. please let every fan who wnats rosicky out watch re-runs and give a much more mature opinion about it.otherwise you are just proving most of us arsenal fans are not realistic

  29. on-the-edge

    Lets get RUTHLESS with this manager. He has been so wicked with us. He has to go.

    Wenger out!
    Wenger out!
    Wenger out!
    Wenger out!
    Wenger out!
    Wenger out!
    Wenger out!
    Wenger out!

  30. PnP

    Were there any ‘anti-wenger’ chants at the Craven Cottage yesterday? i’m sure there were none.

    Arsenal fans are too soft to get a this wicked 7 million man removed. Lets slide down to 10th together. Happy sliding, mates.

  31. rob green

    We have a rubbish team and a rubbish manager!! wenger out!!
    he won’t buy what we need, it’s the same old sh1t every season, We don’t get into the top 4, we have not won a trophy for 6 years, we have the most expensive tickets in the world, Tottenham have now overtaken us, supports expectations are lowering each year

  32. David Bolo

    One scary thing is that the decision makers have already come out and said failure to qualify for UCL would not be a disaster nor would it cost AW his job. I reckon we will finish 7th this season after which every season thereafter will look like an improvement when we finish 6th twice then 5th and maybe one day 4th. Here’s to 7 more years of mediocrity.

  33. Yippee Kai Yay

    I would dare to suggest that anyone who still says ‘arsene knows best’ the type of degenerate muppet who is still reliving past glories on youtube and thinks that nothing has changed.

    The sort of person here who is conspicuous by absence on bad days as they are probably busy spending all day salivating over Theo Walcott posters, they bitch when he doesn’t perform (which is quite regularly because he is a player who looks better without a ball at their feet), still thinks he should have a 40% pay rise and then will begrudge ticket price increases.

    Clearly they are not capable of thinking for themselves. Because they would have noticed that the difference between May’s ‘spectacular 4th place trophy’ and now is that the club have sold arguably two of the most talented players in the squad and replaced them with average journey men.

    This isn’t a reaction to one game, in the past 20 how many were good performances? 3, maybe 4.

    And the ref comments are pathetic, the sort of comments by people who have never actually played football.

    Yes the Gerv pen was a pen, but hey sometimes these aren’t given, but the yellows were yellow, and JD even had a warning in between for another tackle / assault that he was walking a tightrope. Any other manager would have hauled him off before the inevitable.

    But the ‘robed by ref’ comments show the sort of ‘victim mentality’ I expect from Liverpool fans.

    Get with the real world folks, or GTFO, because life’s a bitch.

    and to quote Bruce Willis himself ‘and then some’.

    Hmm, think I wrote this about three months ago, and guess what, nothing still changed, except the delusions of the stupid and easily satisfied.