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Happy New Year!

Happy new years eve to everyone! What’s your new years resolutions for next year? Lay off the booze? Cut down on the cigarettes? Swap kebabs for low carb healthy alternatives? Indulge in more Arsenal goodness? I hope so… after all, fit and healthy readers of the site is what we crave most!

So, this is the last post of the year, unless something mad happens, like an impending Armageddon. Then we’d do a final post of all time whatever time of the day it is, so make sure you tune in if that’s the case. It’s been a good year for the site, we added 34% to the readership this year, which is exciting during times of austerity. Hopefully that means we’re still on the right track when it comes to writing about stuff you like. We’ve also had 270k worth of comments this year, which hopefully means you all still get along in the comments section like a group of nerds at a Star Trek convention (Shhh, I was there too 😉 ). Anyway, just a final thanks for making internet life living worth living… certainly hasn’t…

In the footballing world of news, there were plenty of things to chew over as of yesterday. Firstly, Thierry is back on a short-term loan, has finally caught up so we can now all officially talk about it. I know there are many out there who won’t talk about anything unless it’s on… crap performances must be difficult.

Wenger reckons the man is over his fitness problems and he still has much to offer. We’re not to expect the Thierry of ten years ago, but then again, who is deluded enough to think he’ll be the same player? He’ll play across the front three and I think from memory he’ll be available for the Leeds game, 8 Premiers League outings and maybe the Champions League game against Milan. That’s a tough schedule, but he has that little bit of excellence we need to break teams down. It’s also worth noting what a pain in the backside Di Natale was against us, a player who also shares the same age at Thierry.

Wenger keeps saying the reason he took on Thierry was for short term cover, ignoring the obvious white elephant in the room that is Park. If he were firing like he should be, I wonder whether we’d have Thierry in here now? Park can play out wide, Park can play centrally. Shouldn’t he be the cover? If he can’t be, shouldn’t we really be looking for something more longer term? It’s great having Thierry until March for the short term, but what happens if Robin isn’t fit for March? Where do we go from there? Park won’t have played any games and Chamakh will probably have malaria.

I’m still amazed that in the whole amount of time Wenger has been at the club, we’ve never produced a top class striker?

In other sections of the news, it’s worth noting that Frimpong is off to Wolves for loan spell. Wolves is the only place on my travels I’ve ever feared being attacked whilst refuelling my car. It’s also one of the few areas of the country where Visa is a mythical beast not accepted as a valid payment method. I’m guessing the thought process behind the move is that it will work like bootcamp for an ill disciplined youth team player. He has undoubted talent, but it needs to be honed away from the first team. I’m sure he’ll come back a better man for it and I’m sure the Wolves fans are going to absolutely love him.

Abou Diaby is so crocked the manager won’t give him a return date. Probably a good idea. He should just throw him onto the team sheet one day, a surprise player inclusion that no one is that excited about. That would be fun. I really don’t know what the future can hold for a player who constantly suffers niggly muscle injuries. If it’s not one problem, how can you fix it? How can you plan for him to be in the team? How can you justify his massive salary?

Ahead of the game this afternoon against QPR, there are no fresh injuries to report. We’ll be lining up with a strong team. I expect this to be Robin Van Persie’s last game for the next two. He’ll be looking to break a calendar year record, hopefully he couldn’t have picked better opposition to do it against. QPR are either fantastically hard to break down, or they’re utter cack. Hopefully they’ll be the latter today!

They have some top players to be aware of. We all know what a pain in the backside Joey Barton is. He’ll be in our faces from the off, he’ll be agitating for bookings and sendings off and he’ll be popping up with pinpoint passes if he’s given the space to breathe. Up front they have ex-Arsenal strop Jay Bothroyd (if he’s fit), who has good movement and a finish. I think Helguson is the potential danger man this year, he’s been their goalscoring king pin but at 34, and a lack of previous quality, we really should be able to handle him. We’ll also have to be careful of SWP, he’s capable of a long range dig and he’s a tricky customer outwide, which could be a problem for JD.

I think we’ll win today but we have to take our chances this week. We created 25 against Wolves, hit 17 on target and we only came away with one goal. We need to improve on that today and break them with an early two goal lead. Dropping points is not an option against QPR. Talking about them being a tough team afterwards is also not something we should be doing. We want to be classed amongst the top tier, we have to play like we are.

I’m excited. Hopefully the rest of the team will and we can end 2011 on high! Enjoy the game wherever you are and have a safe, but fantastic new years celebration later on!

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Happy New Year, from Pedro and Geoff!

P.S. I’ll compile the New Years polls for the 2nd!

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  1. Keyser

    “According to the report, Evra asked Suárez why he had kicked him, to which the forward replied: “Because you are black.” “

  2. Keyser

    “The report said Evra then told Suárez he was going to hit him, to which the Uruguay international replied in Spanish: “Dale, negro, negro, negro.” That translates to: “Okay, blackie, blackie, blackie”.

  3. Fanboy

    Been staring at the table for a while now and I’m still wondering how the f*ck we jumped from 17th to 4th (EPL eh?).

    Well what can I say other than HAPPY 2OI2 all gunners (and any spuds haters as well) and I hope Robin lifts a trophy by may (not with city though).

  4. kwik fit

    The day started with man u fan’s tweeting the old Henry hoover joke.
    It end’s with the old birthday boy himself with egg on his face 🙂

  5. Juju

    Coquelin will be a monster if we give him a run. Regular games is what he wants if he is to stay with us. I have a feeling he can play any position he is asked to. Unbelievable talent he is.

  6. jack

    Happy New Year Pedro, Geoff and fellow Grovers. Good result, Poor performance. . Against a better team today, we would,ve been up against it. And up against it we will be for the rest of season. Breathing space again for the deluded french clown.

  7. BacaryisGod

    What odds would you have got at the close of the transfer window that out of the regular left-footed first-teamers (Santos, Gibbs, Wilshere, Vermaelen and RVP) that RVP would be the only one left standing at the end of the year?

    This can only be a day for celebration. The only negative was a below-par performance. In the positive column we have another clean sheet, RVP breaking a record, 3 points, Chelsea losing at home, Man U losing at home and Tottenham dropping two points.

    Basically, quit your whining bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Per Santos Park

    Happy new year to the men [Pedro & Geoff] that tirelessly ensure this blog is up and running, and not only that…, its the best!

    ….oh! and to all the gunners!

  9. Bade

    It’s the new years bells ringing in Israel already!

    Happy new year to Arsenal and all those who love the Arsenal

    We may see the Arsenal interest in different perspectives, but surely we all are wholehearted with sincere love to this great club, and that will always remain our common denominator ….

    Love you all

    May this new year bring us the success we all crave for !


  10. Stu

    Neil Warnock really is a bitter old man isnt he? VP breaks a club record, 2nd overall and the only thing Warnock can do is criticise VP for getting away with fouling his shit centrebacks. Pathetic.

  11. gnarleygeorge9

    4th going into 2012, mind u it was already 2012 here when Arsenal went 4th. Another hot cloudless sky on NYD 😎 which means it is definitely not like his film clip.


  12. 037

    “I’m still amazed that in the whole amount of time Wenger has been at the club, we’ve never produced a top class striker?”

    What’s Henry and RVP then?
    They were nobodies when they came to Arsenal.

  13. goonerboy

    We were 2-3 goals better than QPR- those were bad misses by Walcott and Gervinho.
    Agree with your thoughts on RVP- great as he is-we are skating on very thin ice striker wise.
    That was a great ball from Arshavin to RVP for the goal- and I thought he was not too bad otherwise. Its got to be a psychological thing with him. Arshavin has got to come good sometime.
    Rosicky also played well when he came on. People complain that he has no end product- and he does have a problem scoring but overall his play and delivery into the box is very good – trouble is outside of RVP we do not have a reliable finisher in the team. Ramsey is the best of a bad lot. We have to address that and get ourselves a full back in the transfer window. Henry should be regarded as a bit of a treat-because at best he will only be fit enough to play a bit part role. It will be great to see him alongside RVP.