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Happy New Year!

Happy new years eve to everyone! What’s your new years resolutions for next year? Lay off the booze? Cut down on the cigarettes? Swap kebabs for low carb healthy alternatives? Indulge in more Arsenal goodness? I hope so… after all, fit and healthy readers of the site is what we crave most!

So, this is the last post of the year, unless something mad happens, like an impending Armageddon. Then we’d do a final post of all time whatever time of the day it is, so make sure you tune in if that’s the case. It’s been a good year for the site, we added 34% to the readership this year, which is exciting during times of austerity. Hopefully that means we’re still on the right track when it comes to writing about stuff you like. We’ve also had 270k worth of comments this year, which hopefully means you all still get along in the comments section like a group of nerds at a Star Trek convention (Shhh, I was there too 😉 ). Anyway, just a final thanks for making internet life living worth living… certainly hasn’t…

In the footballing world of news, there were plenty of things to chew over as of yesterday. Firstly, Thierry is back on a short-term loan, has finally caught up so we can now all officially talk about it. I know there are many out there who won’t talk about anything unless it’s on… crap performances must be difficult.

Wenger reckons the man is over his fitness problems and he still has much to offer. We’re not to expect the Thierry of ten years ago, but then again, who is deluded enough to think he’ll be the same player? He’ll play across the front three and I think from memory he’ll be available for the Leeds game, 8 Premiers League outings and maybe the Champions League game against Milan. That’s a tough schedule, but he has that little bit of excellence we need to break teams down. It’s also worth noting what a pain in the backside Di Natale was against us, a player who also shares the same age at Thierry.

Wenger keeps saying the reason he took on Thierry was for short term cover, ignoring the obvious white elephant in the room that is Park. If he were firing like he should be, I wonder whether we’d have Thierry in here now? Park can play out wide, Park can play centrally. Shouldn’t he be the cover? If he can’t be, shouldn’t we really be looking for something more longer term? It’s great having Thierry until March for the short term, but what happens if Robin isn’t fit for March? Where do we go from there? Park won’t have played any games and Chamakh will probably have malaria.

I’m still amazed that in the whole amount of time Wenger has been at the club, we’ve never produced a top class striker?

In other sections of the news, it’s worth noting that Frimpong is off to Wolves for loan spell. Wolves is the only place on my travels I’ve ever feared being attacked whilst refuelling my car. It’s also one of the few areas of the country where Visa is a mythical beast not accepted as a valid payment method. I’m guessing the thought process behind the move is that it will work like bootcamp for an ill disciplined youth team player. He has undoubted talent, but it needs to be honed away from the first team. I’m sure he’ll come back a better man for it and I’m sure the Wolves fans are going to absolutely love him.

Abou Diaby is so crocked the manager won’t give him a return date. Probably a good idea. He should just throw him onto the team sheet one day, a surprise player inclusion that no one is that excited about. That would be fun. I really don’t know what the future can hold for a player who constantly suffers niggly muscle injuries. If it’s not one problem, how can you fix it? How can you plan for him to be in the team? How can you justify his massive salary?

Ahead of the game this afternoon against QPR, there are no fresh injuries to report. We’ll be lining up with a strong team. I expect this to be Robin Van Persie’s last game for the next two. He’ll be looking to break a calendar year record, hopefully he couldn’t have picked better opposition to do it against. QPR are either fantastically hard to break down, or they’re utter cack. Hopefully they’ll be the latter today!

They have some top players to be aware of. We all know what a pain in the backside Joey Barton is. He’ll be in our faces from the off, he’ll be agitating for bookings and sendings off and he’ll be popping up with pinpoint passes if he’s given the space to breathe. Up front they have ex-Arsenal strop Jay Bothroyd (if he’s fit), who has good movement and a finish. I think Helguson is the potential danger man this year, he’s been their goalscoring king pin but at 34, and a lack of previous quality, we really should be able to handle him. We’ll also have to be careful of SWP, he’s capable of a long range dig and he’s a tricky customer outwide, which could be a problem for JD.

I think we’ll win today but we have to take our chances this week. We created 25 against Wolves, hit 17 on target and we only came away with one goal. We need to improve on that today and break them with an early two goal lead. Dropping points is not an option against QPR. Talking about them being a tough team afterwards is also not something we should be doing. We want to be classed amongst the top tier, we have to play like we are.

I’m excited. Hopefully the rest of the team will and we can end 2011 on high! Enjoy the game wherever you are and have a safe, but fantastic new years celebration later on!

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Happy New Year, from Pedro and Geoff!

P.S. I’ll compile the New Years polls for the 2nd!

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  1. LAzer

    Walcott has had a shit 2011-12 EPL so far in scoring terms.

    Goalscoring has taken a step backwards from previous.

    Lets hope he finds his boots in 2012.

  2. Keyser

    Geoff – There you go Geoff, at least you put some effort in that time.

    We all know you’re really from Yorkshire.

    Good to have you back. Song was shit wsn’t he ?!

  3. Bade

    Two home games, against shite teams, we all thought of the fest of goals

    Yet we managed to get 4 points, with 2-1 goal difference

    I’m happy the Chavs, Mancs and Spuds lost points, though I would love to be happy for us raping teams, not scrapping lame home wins

  4. LAzer

    I am not disagreeing entirely. Just saying its unrealistic we buy 4 players in Jan.

    Anyways, GK is a need, lord knows ‘Munia at the back is a disaster. When is Flaps due back?

    Who is backup to Song? What is Wenger’s plan for ACN??

  5. Geoff

    Keyser you only come on after the game finishes which convinces me you go shopping with the girls.

    Song is always shit, if you watched a game and added up the passes he gives away and the tackles he loses you’d see it too.

    The only thing he ever gets consistently is booked and nicked for driving cars without insurance.

    Trouble is people like you only ever see the highlights, try watching a game you may learn something about your team.

  6. Keyser

    Santos is the last one to come back from injury isn’t he out of the long term ones ?!

    Coquelin looked decent on the ball out wide at least.

  7. Pedro

    Bade, if United won that, you’d be saying that sums up how they win whilst playing badly.

    We’ve moved up a place, Chelsea lost, Spurs drew and the Mancs lost. It’s a good day.

  8. LAzer

    I have a feeling Fergie will splash some $$ this window.

    As may AVB in desperation for his job.

    City are going to walk it seems like.

  9. Keyser

    “Keyser you only come on after the game finishes”

    Hmm, lets see.. Heh.

    “which convinces me you go shopping with the girls.”

    Lost it there, I almost feel bad right now, Sorry oldboy.

  10. Goon from BD

    Shit game but still won…complete opposite of Wolves and Walcott is most of the time a liability. Its not the miss I’m talking about but that he can’t trap a ball consistently.

    Say what u like about Gervinho he pretty fucking good as a winger.

    Welbeck Valencia Park Nani

    ^^^^^^United central midfield

    David Luiz is a clown.

  11. AJ

    Bade says:
    December 31, 2011 at 17:12

    Two home games, against shite teams, we all thought of the fest of goals

    Yet we managed to get 4 points, with 2-1 goal difference

    You consider them shit, teams with no ability, and you are mistaken there.

  12. CowleyGooner

    Would just like to wish Pedro, Geoff and all you Grovers a great New Year.
    A great (hard fought) win to see out 2011, but i think todays performace shows we desperatly need to spend big bucks in the TW.
    As for Walcott, what a cunt.
    Im off out to get plastered after getting a last minute babysitter, happy days.
    Have a great night everyone, stay safe see you in the new year.
    (on LeGrove i mean not literally).

  13. Radio Raheem

    That was the most frustrating 1-0 victory. Just like the last match we dominated and created several chances but failed to take them.

    From the number of chances we create I’m surprised some still think signing a creative midfielder should be the top of our priority.

    We play more 433 than 451. RvP doesn’t quite forage as a lone striker as, say, Drogba used to for the chavs but instead he’s well supported by our wing forwards and midfielders especially Ramsey so much so that in most of our counter attacks he isn’t always the furthest forward…it’s usually Theo, Ramsey or Gervinho.

    Playing 433 the way we do is, arguably, just as attacking if not more attacking than a 442.

    I agree with most of the criticisms of Ramsey but I’ll forgive him for them since he more than made up with his tireless work and some very good through balls.

    MOTM – Ramsey and Koscielny

  14. Jamal

    Gervinho and Theo are both shit, look at nani and balethey are proper wingers who arnt scared to shoot from outside the box.. our 2 wingers just know how to run into opposition defenders…, Frustratingggggg!!

  15. Keyser

    Paulinho should appreciate Coquelin’s first touch and his general awareness.

    He’s pretty decent all over the park, needs to start bulking up a bit, but otherwise energetic, works hard and is quite skillful.

  16. albo

    Amazingly, since the game finished and we have gained points on all our rivals the negative comments massively outweigh the positive ones. I really don’t understand some people. As if the other results today don’t completely illustrate how easy it is to drop points against lesser opposition.

    The bottom line is that after a few games we were 15th and there were people on here saying we’d genuinely struggle to be midtable. Now, before New Year we’re 4th.

    If you can’t see the positive side of that you might just as well give up, because football is only going to make you horribly miserable!

  17. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    That united keeper is suspect.. they would be better off with the second choice….
    Thank the lordwe have chesney…

  18. LAzer

    Coquelin could even be longterm answer to Geoff’s Song sized headache.

    He’s a neat tackler, good on the ball. Passing isn’t the best “yet” but Song started in the basement so I have hopes.

    Maybe I am mistaken on Santos then. Bac tweeted he is back in training “lightly.” As is Jack.

    Knowing Wenger he will risk it all and walk the line. Will not buy ANYONE.

  19. Keyser

    Radio Raheem – We just need some variation, teams are able to predict and crowd us out right now. If Gervinho and Walcott improve their decision making it’ll take the pressure of Van Persie and give us even more room.

    Also Arteta and Song are pretty cautious at the moment, not surprising, but it means Ramsey’s left alot of responisbility going forward.

  20. Paulinho

    Keyser – Yeah, always been a big fan. It’s no effort with him, he has natural class. Whereas with Frimpong you’re waiting for the malfunction.

    Still have reservations about him though. Has a habit of receiving the ball with his head down, and trying to run with the ball too much in deep areas. Once he calms down and picks and chooses when to do that he could a very good player. I much prefer him as a player to a bumbling buffalo like Song.

  21. Bade

    Arsene must be happy to state now: “We’re already fourth so it’s a trophy, and we expect Jack, Sagna, Santos and Diaby back, and we signed Henry, so basically we’re looking at 5 new players now”

    We have the depth of squad and quality to compete

  22. AJ

    Keyser says:
    December 31, 2011 at 17:24

    Also Arteta and Song are pretty cautious at the moment, not surprising, but it means Ramsey’s left alot of responisbility going forward.

    Ramsey’s left alot of responisbility going forward. Agrees. Arteta was to be a creative player, he plays defensive so to say, but I think we concede less goals because of that.
    More sharpness in the attack is what we need.

  23. Lurch LeRouge

    YoungGunsBlog Jamie Sanderson
    Arsène Wenger tells @BBCSport_David that Vermaelen is out for 2-3 weeks, and he’ll look to bring a defender in on loan.

  24. LAzer

    It’s not ALL good news for Arsenal fans today. Arsene Wenger has just revealed that Thomas Vermaelen is out for “two or three weeks” with the injury he sustained against QPR. Wenger also confirmed he’s trying to sign a defender but only on loan, and Arsenal midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong has sealed his loan switch to Wolves for the rest of the season. More on all of this in a moment or two

  25. Keyser

    Paulinho – Think we’ve got a decent mix with them three, unless we want to buy someone with more experience.

    As someone who hated defending, and was pretty slow, the way Coquelin recovers once beaten is excellant, he’s every hard to shake off much like Koscielny.

    Also skillwise he seems far quicker of thought than many of the players he’ll face in the Premiership.

  26. Keyser

    AJ – We’re struggling because as we’re trying to get that sharpness we’re also under a lot of pressure. We really just need another player to hit form, or to bring someone in.

  27. Radio Raheem

    Yeah Keyser I think improving our decision making especially in the attacking third, as you rightly point out, is the best path to improving our results/performance.

    I think Song is less cautious than Arteta but generally they are both cautious I agree. However, it makes sense for them to be that cautious since Ramsey, RvP, Gervinho and Theo are quite attacking. I wouldn’t want any of those to curb their attacking instincts.

    In most cases we do keep a very good distance between our 3 central midfielders and our 3 forwards. Tactically, I don’t think there is a lot to complain about there.

    We are creating the chances just not taking them.

  28. albo

    Can’t believe there is still debate about whether Song is good enough. Without question one of the top 3 players in his position in the EPL (and imo the best, since I find Parker laughably overrated in that way that only half-decent English players ever seem to be).

    Not only is he a top quality central midfielder, he has WAY more attacking threat than the Parkers or Lucas’, AND he is a very serviceable CB. What more do you want from him exactly?!

  29. Keyser

    You’re left wondering if Ramsey had had the sort of education Wilshere had, or if he’d been through the youth ranks at Barcelona like Cesc, how good he could have been for us right now.

  30. Fanboy

    1-0 to the Arsenal and the other ‘top’ teams lose points, good to end the year on a high. now to really end the year on a high…

  31. albo

    In other news, I really do think Kozzer is one of the very best CBs in the EPL. His reading of the game is fantastic, his pace is great, his determination is Koewn-esque, his tackling is good and (a less commented point) he can pick a very decent pass from defence.

    I’d take him over Luiz or Cahill in a heartbeat. Who’d have thought we’d be saying that after his first few months?!

  32. albo

    Paulinho – I agree. Ramsey’s second half was very impressive. I’d love him to cut out SOME of the flicks and tricks, but his ability with a through ball is improving game on game. Wonder how good he’d be right now if not for Shawcross…

  33. Geoff

    Song is fucking hopeless, he has no tactical awareness, he continually obstructs players, sticks his hands up like he has learning difficulties and he goes missing with his ego when he’s needed.

    Other than that he’s a top player.

    Sorry I forgot to say slow, goes missing all the time and is really thick.

    Think that about covers him.

  34. Paulinho

    Albo – Those players have far better balance, which is vital for a defensive midfielder who is continually in situations when he is being squared up. Once Song commits to a side he can’t recover if he’s sold a dummy, and it leaves us open as a team time and time again.

    Having a jack of all trades type player like him doesn’t necessarily make the overall collective stronger. Sometimes the just muddle things.

    Song is very average going forward as well. Don’t confuse going forward with being effective going forward. For the amount of times he bombs his end product is very poor. If Parker wanted to he could probably go forward all the time but he’s responsible and thinks of the team.

  35. albo

    LAzer says:
    December 31, 2011 at 17:35
    Whos got Songs spot for ACN? Is is Coquelin? Where is the planning Wenger?
    Song isn’t going to ACN mate (thank god!)

  36. albo

    Paulinho – I disagree. I think in general the combo of Song and Arteta is pretty disciplined defensively in terms of covering each other.

    And Song’s end product is way better than people give him credit for – particularly from floated long passes

  37. Keyser

    Paulinho – Mate, you’ve got to stop with that, I mean you really struggle when you simply dislike a player and have to denigrate him no matter what.

    Parker’s in the twilight of his career, he’s never shown, and I mean never, the same dynamicism or verve Song has, if Song was simply quicker we wouldn’t have this conversation at all.

    I can’t remember a single instance where’s he’s shifted his weight from one foot to the other to unbalance two defenders whose momentum was taing them towards the toucline like Song did against Dortmund, Parker’s simply an old school English defender, and Song’s got that tied down with ease, except at Arsenal we expect more, Parker would struggle playing for us even with the experience he does have.

    He’d give us consistent performances and do his job well, but he wouldn’t be as good as Song has going forward and I don’t think Song’s the answer either.

  38. Bade

    What the fucking hell with this Bade bloke?

    Can’t he get himself satisfied?

    Fucking cunt he is!

    We will win the league can;t he see the blind Doomer?

  39. WengersSweeties

    Coquelin is already head and shoulders better than Song!!

    I fear that Verm is out now, I really do!! What’s Winterburn up to these days?

    I bet now we go for Bridge, personally I don’t want him, better him though than Squirrel which I fear Wenger may use.

  40. Keyser

    Bade – Seriously mate are you ok ? Like is there someone with you looking out for you, maybe get you a cup of tea and a biscuit.

  41. ivorygoonz

    for TV injury, as apparently said earlier, Wenger said 2-3 weeks might count out for a month, could be a blessing, forcing Wenger’s hand for another player, which will have to be quality even if it’s a loan, might see that our injury worries are not over, and we need better quality/fit players overall to stand a season.

  42. DeiseGooner

    ‘Coquelin is already head and shoulders better than Song’ – how do you quantify that statement WengersSweeties.

  43. Samir

    Why does this website only work sometimes?
    60% of the time comments do not work…And I get the “new server”…Which only has old posts “City shoot for the…”
    It’s quite annoying!!

    Please Wenger…Get to work.

  44. Bade

    I should be happier today with the other results aiding us, but I’m not

    I feel bad

    Maybe it’s the transfer window

    maybe it’s the Brigade’s comeback… donno really

  45. WengersSweeties

    DeiseGooner says:
    December 31, 2011 at 18:00

    ‘Coquelin is already head and shoulders better than Song’ – how do you quantify that statement WengersSweeties.


    Because I’ve seen Coquelin on the ball.

    Thank you for your question.

  46. Pedro

    Samir, that’s your IP… not the site. As for the comments, you’ll struggle to find a mobile that can load 700 comments at pace.

    We’re not on a new server either… we’re on

  47. ivorygoonz

    off to celebrate our 4th place trophy, haha, take it easy Gunners, the transfer window is young still, Wenger can still surprise us signing Roberto Carlos, Raul, and Ronaldinho 😉

  48. Paulinho

    Keyser – Did you watch Parker for Charlton before he earned his move to Chelsea? It was dynamism and verve personified.

    I’m not his greatest fan, and he wasted what should’ve been his prime years playing strangely within himself, but he’s got a rolls royce engine when he wants to use it. He’s been excellent for Spurs this season, and very effective at motoring up the pitch and gaining yardage for the likes of Bale.

    I don’t like Song, either as a player or person/player. He’s an immature self-centred twat, just like Denilson and Diaby, however i’m able to look at his ability objectively and he’s average. His best asset is his gumption and calmess.

    And it’s not as if he’s great defensively and great going forward like some would have you believe. He’s mediocre at both and that’s seemingly enough to have everyone swooning. I don’t see this incredible dynamism or verve.

  49. The Legend That Is Dennis Bergkamp

    3 points in the bag, well done lads ! Great way to end 2011 ! But being a greedy bastard, i wanted more goals. Will Henry come in and improve our goal per game ratio ? We’ll see. I can’t wait ! How many will Wenger bring in in Jan ? The minimal amount i would hazard a guess at…or will he surprise us all ! Looking at our goal difference, we need to step on the gas. A few more 4 nil wins will do the trick, of which we have only had one of those all season.

  50. albino

    >> If Parker wanted to he could probably go forward all the time but he’s responsible and thinks of the team.<<

    fact is he doesnt. You really hate billong soooo much.

  51. Keyser

    Paulinho – Yeah, I did, and he was your average English Rover engine with the dynamism to match, there’s no real skill or thought just what you’d see from someone who’s risen through the ranks and makes up for any real nous with heart and energy.

    At Chelsea he didn’t play within himself, he couldn’t lift himself above his competition and since he offered little out of the norm he never got a game.

    You’re not able to look at it objectively, otherwise you’d be far more scathing of Parker than you ever could have been of Song.

    Tottenham have spent several years building their team and it’s not Parker who’s made them, it’s that they had a specific Parker shaped whole that he could fill.

    Bale, Lennon, Van De Vaart provide the energy and the intelligence, Modric holds his hand in midfield and Parker just runs around doing what he can, he doesn’t have to stretch himself, it’s just a role he’s almost lucked into.

    Watch the drop once Sandro plays next to him, or one of the others is missing.

    I think Song will struggle to really unleash himself from the crticism simply because he doesn’t have the extra yard of pace that also weighed heavily on Gilberto, but Parker is a pretty poor comparison.

  52. Josip Skoblar

    I was at the game. We should have won 4-0 against a weak QPR side. We were so wasteful (notably Theo and Gerv and also RvP). On the upside: I really like our new defence. They’re calm, composed and professional. Great game by Meet, Verm and Kozzer. When Coquelin came in as a substitute, he made a few good runs, but also made a few errors which could have proved costly. Djourou had an ok game but he’s so lethargic at times: you fear the worst.
    Arteta had a good game, Song was ok but sloppy and with poor passing as usual. Ramsey started off badly, but was increasingly influencial i. Tbe second half. He made a few dodgy backheel which could have cost us dear. He’s good but no Maradona, so keep it simple son! Arshavin was dreadful, looking uninterested and out of his depth. I can’t wait for him to leave. Theo was so wasteful, so predictable, so unhelpful (what a miss in the second half!). He has poor technique. He is not world class. World class, RvP definitely is! What a brilliant player he is! But he should have scored three today and broken Shearer’s record! As for the substitutes, Rosiscky was ok and Gerv was infuriating: great runs but no end product. Three points in the bag, Chelsea lost, ManU lost and Spurs drew. So let’s rejoice, Gunners!

  53. Keyser

    “Scott Parker is a leader. and not passenger”

    He’s one of the most submissive players around, Wilshere dominates him even at his age in the England team.

  54. Paulinho

    Gilberto Silva was very quick – like a panther. He also used to use it sparingly though. The Charity shield goal against United showed his speed and athleticism though. Completely different animal to the lumbering Billong.

    Yeah without Spurs Parker is nothing. I mean he only won the player of the year at West Ham. Even then he had Collison and Faubert holding his hand.

  55. DeiseGooner

    not sayin Le Coq isnt/wont be good/better than Song but come back to me in at least 1 full season of him playing in songs position not 1 game in the french league

    I happen to think Coq will be a valuable player for us but as of right now hes bit part. He looks to have the nod over Frimpong as of today though….

    Good luck to em both

  56. Keyser

    Paulinho – Yeah, and gave very inspiring half-time team talks. Everyone knows Parker won player of the year, no-one can really tell you why.

    It’s like this.

    “I’m not his greatest fan, and he wasted what should’ve been his prime years playing strangely within himself,”

    The answers there somewhere. Why’s it strange ?!

  57. Paulinho

    Keyser – Wow that’s a first, you’re actually paying attention to what’s being said and keeping track. I was testing you there. You’ve got no excuse next time now with Lurch.

    Parker wouldn’t be the first player to struggle at a big club, especially considering the level Chelsea were at, and established pros like Lampard and Essien in their pomp. He let himself down there in not really imposing himself. What’s strange about is why did he lack the confidence? Is he reliant too much on having a manager like Redknapp to bring out the Roy of the Rovers routine?

    He’s obviously got a weakness mentally – or did – but as a player, in terms of attributes, he has a lower centre of gravity than Song and better balance, which makes him harder to pass, and thus a better defensive midfielder than Song. He also doesn’t switch off as much as Song, and he has a better temperament.

    What has Song done in his career to warrant such haughtyness in comparison to Parker?

    Isn’t he in his comfort zone now, like Parker is? Playing under the sort of manager that suits him? You’re dissecting Parker as if Song is a two ballon d’or winner.

  58. Keyser

    Paulinho – Heh, always know when I’ve got you, because you get all snide, diversory tactics and all, Parker never really sells a dummy either, though he’s sold you.

    Nothing really against Lurch, his point just reminded me of some of the things that annoy me about pundits.Of course you’re always objective though.

    Two things, it’s not soo much what Song’s done, it’s that you chose someone like Parker to compare him to.Parker’s marginally better balanced, he’s quicker to acclerate and turn that’s about it.

    Also if you worked out the differences in the team dynamic how can you not see the answers for yourself.

    Parker simply couldn’t adapt or wiggle himself some room into another role, Redknapp hasn’t got the best out of him soo much as he had a role he could fill to the best of his abilties, watch him next to Sandro or with Defoe up front with Adebayor.

    How is Song in a comfort zone ? That’s precisely the thing, Gilberto next to Vieira, Parker right now at Tottenham have a settled team and a specific slot to fill, how has Song had the same comfort zone, and yet he’s younger than both of them isn’t he ?!

    “You’re dissecting Parker as if Song is a two ballon d’or winner.”

    I’m doing what you do on a regular basis except not with the same vigour or bile. It’s not that I dislike Parker, it’s just typical of the way you argue your point, where have I said he’s a ballon d-or winner ?!

  59. zeus

    Thierry Henry must not ‘hog the limelight’ or he will cause unrest at Arsenal, warns former Gunner Stewart Robson.

    Whilst the majority of the footballing world has hailed the Frenchman’s return to north London, Robson has intimated the New York Red Bulls striker’s presence may cause unrest in the Arsenal camp.

    “I can understand all the reasons why Arsene Wenger has taken him back – he has been training there and it will give the crowd a lift – but I’m not sure it’s a good move,” Robson told TalkSport.

    “For the last two years that Thierry Henry was at the club his ego made him the biggest player there and other players fell by the wayside because of that.

    “I’m just worried for the likes of van Persie, for the likes of [Theo] Walcott, for the likes of [Aaron] Ramsey, that Thierry Henry wants all the limelight, takes all the limelight, and it takes away from Arsenal getting back on a good run.

    “One of the reasons Robin van Persie didn’t progress as quickly as he should have done three or four years ago and why [Jose Antonio] Reyes didn’t become the player that he should have done at Arsenal, and why two or three other players fell by the wayside, was because of Thierry Henry. There’s no question about it.”

    The 47-year-old has also suggested that Henry’s presence at the club first-time round ‘undermined’ the confidence of a number of younger players.

    “I’ve spoken to one or two of the young players at Arsenal that were then when Thierry Henry was there and they said he undermined their confidence. He was a player that threatened them, that didn’t like being threatened himself.

    “When Robin van Persie came into the side and looked as though he could be a better player than Thierry Henry and when Reyes came to the club, they were undermined by Thierry Henry. I hope that doesn’t happen again because Robin van Persie is now showing what a world class player he is.

    “I’m just hoping that Thierry Henry will realise he’s not the player he once was and won’t try to hog the limelight.”


    Why does healways try to undermine us. Can’t believe he is a former gunner.

  60. Paulinho

    Keyser – Well I said Parker was a better defensive midfielder than Song and venomous bile spilled forth from your direction.

  61. Keyser

    Paulinho – It was mild mannered increduality, lately you’ve done the same to Sagna and compared him unfavourably to a Neville.

    Then there’s the criticism of Van Persie, I’m just wondering which English player you’ll hold him accountable against, Crouch maybe ? Chris Sutton ?!

  62. ikon

    As per our defense… Koscielny >>> Mertesacker= Vermaelen = Santos

    Koscielny is going to be one of the greatest defenders of all time provided he stays fit. The way he reads the game is just fifaesque.