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Happy New Year!

Happy new years eve to everyone! What’s your new years resolutions for next year? Lay off the booze? Cut down on the cigarettes? Swap kebabs for low carb healthy alternatives? Indulge in more Arsenal goodness? I hope so… after all, fit and healthy readers of the site is what we crave most!

So, this is the last post of the year, unless something mad happens, like an impending Armageddon. Then we’d do a final post of all time whatever time of the day it is, so make sure you tune in if that’s the case. It’s been a good year for the site, we added 34% to the readership this year, which is exciting during times of austerity. Hopefully that means we’re still on the right track when it comes to writing about stuff you like. We’ve also had 270k worth of comments this year, which hopefully means you all still get along in the comments section like a group of nerds at a Star Trek convention (Shhh, I was there too 😉 ). Anyway, just a final thanks for making internet life living worth living… certainly hasn’t…

In the footballing world of news, there were plenty of things to chew over as of yesterday. Firstly, Thierry is back on a short-term loan, has finally caught up so we can now all officially talk about it. I know there are many out there who won’t talk about anything unless it’s on… crap performances must be difficult.

Wenger reckons the man is over his fitness problems and he still has much to offer. We’re not to expect the Thierry of ten years ago, but then again, who is deluded enough to think he’ll be the same player? He’ll play across the front three and I think from memory he’ll be available for the Leeds game, 8 Premiers League outings and maybe the Champions League game against Milan. That’s a tough schedule, but he has that little bit of excellence we need to break teams down. It’s also worth noting what a pain in the backside Di Natale was against us, a player who also shares the same age at Thierry.

Wenger keeps saying the reason he took on Thierry was for short term cover, ignoring the obvious white elephant in the room that is Park. If he were firing like he should be, I wonder whether we’d have Thierry in here now? Park can play out wide, Park can play centrally. Shouldn’t he be the cover? If he can’t be, shouldn’t we really be looking for something more longer term? It’s great having Thierry until March for the short term, but what happens if Robin isn’t fit for March? Where do we go from there? Park won’t have played any games and Chamakh will probably have malaria.

I’m still amazed that in the whole amount of time Wenger has been at the club, we’ve never produced a top class striker?

In other sections of the news, it’s worth noting that Frimpong is off to Wolves for loan spell. Wolves is the only place on my travels I’ve ever feared being attacked whilst refuelling my car. It’s also one of the few areas of the country where Visa is a mythical beast not accepted as a valid payment method. I’m guessing the thought process behind the move is that it will work like bootcamp for an ill disciplined youth team player. He has undoubted talent, but it needs to be honed away from the first team. I’m sure he’ll come back a better man for it and I’m sure the Wolves fans are going to absolutely love him.

Abou Diaby is so crocked the manager won’t give him a return date. Probably a good idea. He should just throw him onto the team sheet one day, a surprise player inclusion that no one is that excited about. That would be fun. I really don’t know what the future can hold for a player who constantly suffers niggly muscle injuries. If it’s not one problem, how can you fix it? How can you plan for him to be in the team? How can you justify his massive salary?

Ahead of the game this afternoon against QPR, there are no fresh injuries to report. We’ll be lining up with a strong team. I expect this to be Robin Van Persie’s last game for the next two. He’ll be looking to break a calendar year record, hopefully he couldn’t have picked better opposition to do it against. QPR are either fantastically hard to break down, or they’re utter cack. Hopefully they’ll be the latter today!

They have some top players to be aware of. We all know what a pain in the backside Joey Barton is. He’ll be in our faces from the off, he’ll be agitating for bookings and sendings off and he’ll be popping up with pinpoint passes if he’s given the space to breathe. Up front they have ex-Arsenal strop Jay Bothroyd (if he’s fit), who has good movement and a finish. I think Helguson is the potential danger man this year, he’s been their goalscoring king pin but at 34, and a lack of previous quality, we really should be able to handle him. We’ll also have to be careful of SWP, he’s capable of a long range dig and he’s a tricky customer outwide, which could be a problem for JD.

I think we’ll win today but we have to take our chances this week. We created 25 against Wolves, hit 17 on target and we only came away with one goal. We need to improve on that today and break them with an early two goal lead. Dropping points is not an option against QPR. Talking about them being a tough team afterwards is also not something we should be doing. We want to be classed amongst the top tier, we have to play like we are.

I’m excited. Hopefully the rest of the team will and we can end 2011 on high! Enjoy the game wherever you are and have a safe, but fantastic new years celebration later on!

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Happy New Year, from Pedro and Geoff!

P.S. I’ll compile the New Years polls for the 2nd!

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  1. DustyDwyer6MPS

    where was the yellow card for simulation ref !!! eh … rvp one week fuck all the next .. no consistency … Eng refs are poor..

  2. albo

    Good substitution that. I always think we’re safest holding onto a lead by bringing on players who will push their defense back, rather than ones that will encourage ours to retreat!

  3. gambon

    Like I’ve been saying all season, we are really struggling in pretty much every game.

    We just don’t have many decisive players.

    Stop vp and you stop Arsenal. That seriously needs to change.

  4. tippitappi

    another mare from theo but thev’e all been nervy and fretful today against a poor team don’t look good dose it

  5. DustyDwyer6MPS

    Shows a;so how much we miss Sagna and Santos … Sagna can be an assist machine and has created quite a few chances over the years .. Santos was looking like a great outlet down the left ..

    Sagna and Santos could offer us so much more .. no real fullback play for us .. which holds back creativity and chances we would normally have..

    Sagna is massive for us.. JW and Sagna / Santos will be new signings …

  6. Arsene's Nurse

    Just think if we’d beat Wolves and now QPR (fingers crossed) where we’d be going into the New Year.

    Chavs 1 – 3 Villa


  7. Stu

    So who do ye think is going to score the equaliser. Im going for either Barton or Young. One is a cunt and the other is an extremely unlikely scorer…both types that often score against us.

  8. WengersSweeties

    Arsene’s Nurse says:
    December 31, 2011 at 16:48

    That record has affected RVP over the last 2 matches.


    He still scored?

    He carries this team.

  9. AJ

    David says:
    December 31, 2011 at 16:50


    Thank fuck, Song did not do more of them today.

  10. Arsene's Nurse

    @WS Yep he still scored but you can see how much he wants it and is therefore trying too hard rather than relaxing against Wolves and QPR.

  11. zeus

    Arsene’s Nurse on December 31, 2011 at 16:50 said:
    If Swansea score I might celebrate like it’s New Years Eve tonight.



  12. albo

    So after all that doom and gloom, the fact is that we have 3 points whilst Spurs and Chelsea dropped points and we’re into the top 4.

    You see my point that all that moaning and groaning after 30 mins of a match is just a bit unnecessary?!

  13. sidney896

    Great result in the end, perhaps RvP et al will relax in the box now the record has gone…..

    Well done Villa, great comeback Swansea. Off to Fulham monday in the, not so, neutral zone!!!

    Bring the king back!!!!!!!!

  14. gazzap

    we were the only top team to win today.

    why cant we score goals when we dominate? Its our major achilles heel, moreso than poor defending these days.

  15. Geoff

    What’s the point in signing Henry when you can’t sling him on to see if he can make a difference? It’s a loaner, he doesn’t have to wait until Jan 1, does he?

  16. LAzer

    What a set of fantastic results for us. Shame on Robin’s record but Arsenal ALWAYS comes first.

    Happy New Years Grovers.

  17. IvoryGoonz

    AN: understandable.
    but im sure he could break another bigger target reached only by Shearer, Cole, and Phillips of 34 goals in a season.
    he’s now on 20 for 18 games, one goal ahead statistically speaking

  18. incesc

    top four at new year is a great achievement.

    liverpool were supposed to be resurgent and we were finished.


    Now we need to push on with some quality additions

  19. Geoff

    Albo, blimey, how incredibly insightful, are you playing football manager or did you dream that comment up all by yourself?

  20. Keyser

    We played alright, were just a bit nervy taking our chances so it was tense until the last minute, especially with Goal Flashes with Tottenham and Chelsea concerned.

    Did Chelsea lose or draw ?!

  21. Pedro

    Can’t say I’m pleased with the performance… but I’m chuffed with a win… a defeat for Chelsea and United… what a day!

  22. Geoff

    Incesc had he at least replaced the two we lost we would be top now, he is a clueless arsehole that costs us year, in year out.

  23. IvoryGoonz

    Geoff: you can’t sign players from foreign leagues on loan until the window opens I believe. There could be a “joker” signing allowed during a certain time around november, (if that’s like FM portrays it) but that has to be a player playing in england if im not wrong.
    in any case, the new registration would only come to effect after the end of the window I think, so Henry can probably play only when the new 25 man squad can be registered.
    other thing, is that for some competitions, we wont be allowed to make lots of changes. dont know exactly how many players were registered, but that would certainly influence the numbers of players we could bring in before we have to ship out players on loan, or sell them.

  24. albino

    “boohoo, all the games are hard you can always find a reason for why it is th case, but we are supposed to be a quality side who should have no problems with brushing aside the likes of QPR or Wolves…”

    Meaning Mancs just lost to shite, Chelsea & city draw againts shite the last time, they are also not quality side?

  25. Bade

    We don’t win trophies but we play the most beautiful football they say


  26. LAzer

    GM thats a bit unrealistic.

    Arshavin had a poor game but credit for the assist. We needed that little bit of extra creativity he brings and credit to Wenger for starting him as well.

  27. Keyser

    Go on lay it on, lets have some real dooooom.

    Imagine if we’d won against Wolves…

    There you Go, let loose and doom like it’s December 31st.

  28. IvoryGoonz

    albino: could just be that the difference between the old top 4 and the rest, and the new top 6 and the rest, is not as big as it was, will make a harder competition for middle of table and top 6.

  29. useroz

    you cant just learn quality…gerv is shit in terms of shooting…for once i must agree with the commentator…how much time did he want robin laid a perfect ball for him and he’d have a hat trick since coming on…this is how poor the guy was..and dilly dally on crossing the ball fast into the box and ended up nowhere or played back all the way…surely AOC couldn’t have done worse?? technically he could shoot left, right and center …just check the replay since he came on!!

    ramsey… where to start? how many times you remember he shot on target? the volley today barton headed out may clip the post but otherwise coudn’t shoot properly or just tame… poor decision making and mostly slow… of course people would point to the thru ball for walcott but that was quite an obvious one wasnt it and frankly arteta and song wouldve done the same

    i think rosicky for arshavin was a mistake… not seen anything from rosicky at all for awhile this season except huffing and puffing.. as poor as arshavin is his moments of brillance could win games such as today (and his left foot reflex shot in the wolves game missed by a hair)…rosicky did nothing i’d remotely recall since he came on

    coq was good though at least no problem with qpr and much more comfortable going forward… something to try arsene in the fullham game??

    all in all, still lacking the real quality (not wenger’s top top type) the real stuff especially in the creative department, and of course striker too (not the henry type).

    have a great new year ahead…

  30. zeus

    Only 3 behind spurs after our worse ever start and their best ever start.

    Happy new year boys!! Here’s to a few quality purchases. (I can dream)

  31. incesc

    I know geoff, its a fantastic achievement for the team not so much the manager after he threw our first few games because he was having a strop about nasri and fabregas leaving.

    wenger fair play to him has steadied the ship, but he has a huge amount of money and the team isnt competing yet.

    big job still to do.

    but it is goodto have some bragging rights over chelsea and liverpool 🙂

  32. LAzer

    Poor Chavs?? fuck em. no sympathy for the lot. Hopefully we can capitalise and get the 4th place cup.

    Liverpool and Blues both will challenge till the end though. Gonna be touch and go.

  33. Geoff

    Keyser you were obviously at the Co-Op shopping with an elderly female relative, only someone who’s not really a football fan would have to ask the Chelsea score.

    You have lost all credibility, go and stick your head in the big bag of oats she bought you.

    Fucking fat northern Donkey.

  34. Bade

    We are scrapping results, and we’re still far of the March dip and with Robin majestically fit…….

    Saying it’s good we’re fourth is the same when stoke lead the league after two rounds and say they’re top

    Don’t kid yourself