We proved we can win ugly, but last night wasn’t ugly, it was poetic, a thing of beauty.

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Morning all, I listened to the game on Arsene-Online last night so decided to write down my thoughts as they happened.

So this is a sort of match report but with no ratings, and typed on a new MacBook Air.

Then after the game I watched the match on Sky on the red button and was pleasantly surprised, so have added to it this morning.

First the game, this is how I heard it. A kind of live report the day after.

Villa’s first corner sees Chezzer pull off an early blinder from Gabby with the dodgy moustache.

The side saw a midfield of Frimpong, Ramsey and Arteta, Coquelin started as right back with Vermaelen on the left, centrebacks were Kozzer and Mertesacker.

Strange that we don’t see Rosicky, Squillaci and Almunia much anymore, I guess Wenger and that penny have dropped. Maybe we’ll have to wait until next summer before that same penny drops with Chamakh and Arshavin, who by the way I think has been ruined.

I was a bit surprised to see Coquelin at right back, I thought he may have put Miquel in there, the commentators said that Wenger doesn’t like playing players out of position as they pick up injuries.

Ok then so we won’t mention Djourou, Walcott, Song and last season a million times Eboue. And I really could go on.

Well the referee points to the spot for a yank on Theo so we get an early penalty, up steps Robin, one nil, the first time Robin scores at Villa Park, against the run of play but who gives a rats arse, I don’t, and Robin gets closer to the record, 2 behind Shearer and level with Henry.

This is a slow game and already I find myself looking forward to 67 minutes when Wenger will make his first substitution. I’m guessing Arshavin and Chamakh but I would like to see Chamberlain.

Well with 30 minutes gone we are lucky to still be ahead, Coquelin has been booked and he needs to be careful.

RVP combines well with Gervinho and the ball goes to Ramsey and that ends up in row Z.

Arsenal are ordinary, as Wellington said at Waterloo, give me Blucher or the night, he got Blucher, I call for a goal, or half time and don’t care which as long as we get one of them before they score.

Mind you I wouldn’t mind the Scots Greys out there, that would make it a little easier, imagine 900 odd big old carthorses charging at you bristling with weapons, that’s what it must have felt like to defences when we had Henry, Pires and Bergkamp coming at them.

Ireland goes off, and a sub comes on at 45 minutes, Wenger complains, it’s not 67 yet he says, anyway anyone remember when Ireland was valued at £20mil? What happened to him!

Nil nil, play has stopped and no Blucher, so it must be half time, thank God for that.

The next Premiership goal will be the 20,000th so what? They really do talk codswallop don’t they?

Unless of course we get it, then it means something, absolutely.

Oh bollocks now we know who got the 20,000 goal, it wasn’t to be us, 1-1 stupid stat who cares, I know I don’t. At least we were involved with the stat!

Still it won’t be long before we see Arshavin or Chamakh, 67 minutes are looming and we all know what happens then don’t we, not because we need to, he just does it that’s all, every single time Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Still maybe this time we’ll see Chamberlain or someone good, oh I forgot, that just means Chamberlain.

Here we are on 67 minutes Frimpong is off and Rosicky is on, Arteta goes to the DM spot. I was wrong though because the clock says the substitution was on 66, not 67, Wenger will be spitting feathers.

Just out of interest the way Kenny Dalglish treated a convicted racist Suarez, he had the whole team wearing Suarez T shirts with his face on the front and his name and number on the back, way to go Kenny, show the world what unintelligent morons most football managers are, and he found it funny. What? Suarez calling someone a bad name? Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, a person on the other hand would as we all know he loves a good old bite up.

Even if he thought Suarez didn’t say it because Evra is a lying bag of phlegm he should have kept quiet. He thinks he’s so clever, what a plank, you shouldn’t try and be clever with that subject Kenny.

John Terry on the other hand has the backing of the FA, his manager and all his team mates, except in his case we all saw what he said. John Terry wouldn’t lie would he?

Anyway nothing happened since the rub-a-dub apart from Robin got a yellow for diving, but now he’s brought on Benni and Arshavin, good call for Gervinho and Ramsey, he’s left Theo on and who knows, he can change a game.

This game sounds so good I’m finding myself watching the Liverpool game that I have on in the background.

Arsenal corner with 5 to go, I’m doing my best not to nod off and now the bastards are telling me the other scores so they are bored as well, flipping heck Benni has scored, amazing and well done son, you woke me up!

2-1 to us and if we get away with this that would be the true definition of winning ugly, who cares, I for one have been desperate for us to do this for years.

We attack again and almost score, it’s exciting for the first time all game, tremendous, we are not hanging on, we are going for more and this is all down to Benni chasing everything, I hope he gives Chamakh the DVD afterwards.

4 minutes of added time and Villa are on the attack but Mertesacker and Kozzer are up for it and fend the corners away. Hutton is in trouble, me I would punch him hard, but refs can’t do that so he got a booking instead, only and ex spud Icelander could take umbrage with a superstar like Robin, dipstick half witted prat.

Now Hutton gets sent off for upending Vermaelen, and I collect a pound from my black country mate from Bangkok, I said Black country!

So now I watch the game, the first thing that I love was our kit, how nice does our away kit look when we use turquoise socks, I love it.

Then I watch in admiration at our movement, something the commentators didn’t mention, it was crisp, fast and direct.

The penalty was nailed on and Theo didn’t get the credit for his wonderful turn and the fact he stayed on his feet. The Robin buried it high into the roof of the net, what a penalty and all I heard was he scored.

In the second half Vermaelen sold Mertesacker short and Villa nipped in and scored, unfortunate but not Per’s fault, that was on the vice captain.

Overall I thought we were fantastic and the difference between listening to it and watching it was like night and day. Oh and Robin should never have been booked, we have to appeal that one.

If only Wenger had gone early and bought what we needed we would be ahead of the lot this year, if only he would go out and buy what we need now we could finish top 4 and maybe even win the ECL, if we just cut out the mistakes and had a team that didn’t need patching up we would be awesome.

We still have time but to continually rely on the likes of Gibbs is killing us, we did with Rosicky and Robin and only now is Robin paying off, time to get what we need and go for it, we still have time, if we don’t we will lose the good players in the summer and the cycle will continue.

Great game last night, better result though and a performance that showed grit and determination. And did I mention, typed on a new MacBook Air, I’m not sure.

Have a great day Grovers, now we have a nice little run coming up and the January sales, so maybe…

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  1. goonermart

    it’s hard to have an opinion on Park if wenger will not play him, might have to wait for wengers autobiography to find out why he signed him

  2. Lurch LeRouge

    never saw him play in ligue1. no comment. what i did see suggests he’s a poacher and cut out to play by himself up front. which leads one to suspect we were fucked over by a scout getting backhanders from an agent…

  3. Ricky

    I managed to sneak out to a pub few doors down from the venue we was at to watch the game tho..

    After that it was all a blur..

    Apparently im on a friends camera acting like a complete lunatic! lool 🙂

  4. Keyser

    I think it’d be really sad if that was true, we bought Christopher Wreh about 13 years ago only scored about two goals but they helped us win a double.

    I think the signing was exactly what it was, a last ditch signing because Bendtner and Vela had left and we needed numbers, he didn’t cost much, he won’t be here long and we can always use the money we saved at a time that’s better for us.

    Basically right now I’d rather he didn’t play a game because it means Van Persie’s fit and firing, though there’s still the FA Cup.

  5. Lurch LeRouge

    well yeah besides his record we all want rvp to play nigh on all games, but there comes a point where the fella needs a rest.

    Podolski can pretty much name his terms right now.

  6. Ja_Gunner

    How the fuck are we playing December 31 and then January 2?

    While Manure plays December 31 and then Janaury 4?

    WHat the hell is that all about?

    Also will Wenger rest RVP in any of the next 2 games? or will he let him go for the record and risk burning him out?

  7. Keyser

    Podolski will get what he wants, he’s not at a massive team and if he’s humble enough, he’ll know whether or not it’s a good move.

    Ja_Gunner – The January one isn’t that FA Cup ? He’ll probably get a rest then, might even see the OX.

  8. Ja_Gunner

    Keyser we play Wolves December 27…QPR December 31…. and then Fulham away January 2….. then the FA cup(Leeds) on January 9……

    So 3 PL games before the FA cup…only one day rest between QPR and Fulham…what the hell he will need some rest somewhere….

  9. Keyser

    Woah there must be some sort of re-scheduling, maybe they’ll move the game mid-week, though I think we had to play last year with 48 hours in between to.

    A bit silly having 3 games in a week, then 7 days until the next one.

  10. Robert

    Perfect result night.

    Emphasised several things though:

    How good a CF ade is. One of the best at winning the 50-50 ball and holding it up. If he wasn’t a fuckhead, how good would he be in our squad.

    Both teams are average, and only a couple
    Injuries away from being screwed.

    Mata is a star. We missed one then.


  11. Robert

    Vdv is awesome too. Missed another one there.

    Modric is very overrated.

    Imagine mata and rvdv in our starting lineup. We would challenge.

  12. passionandpride

    It is but natural to have players of Mata’s and VDV’s quality play for the Arsenal we knew of 98-2004. We did have mid-fielders of that top quality then; Wenger hasn’t got any more like them coz he is saving his pennies for some whore’s funeral

  13. passionandpride

    We needed a striker since 2008. Post TH14’s exit. Wenger has been purposely neglecting that because ruining Arsenal is is hidden agenda. How could he not spot a player as effective as Demba Ba during summer beats me. He has made some fixations with not buying successful PL players. He will only scout in Belgian, French, Dutch leagues. Compulsive Disorder of proving his salt by running for 4th and getting into QR of CL. Why the fuck does the board stand him? Hang him!!!!!

  14. passionandpride

    Holliet will be great pick, if Wenger sheds his fixations and buys a PL player. He can improve so much here. But he cannot be our goal getter. He is strong. He is fast. He has good ball-control. He can play in the hole replacing AA23. But! Wenger will only buy from Dutch, Swiss and Norwegian leagues only if there are no cheaper players in Turkish, Greek or English 3rd Division. BASTARD!!!!!!

  15. tippitappi

    the result today plus yesterdays shows theres no easy games on any given day, of the teams vieing for top 4 we should be most concerned sunderland blackburn& AV would all have taken points off that arsenal performance yesterday no question and with fulham next thats not gonna be easy there’s too many on this site doing a wenger thinking one set of favourable results and we’ve tuned the corner that mug needs to do some work in jan if not there’s going to be humiliations aplenty by may and NO CHAMPIONS LEAGUE OR ST TOTTERINGS DAY or whatever its called shift your fucking arse wenger and people don’t get suckered in AGAIN