Arsenal and City shoot for the stars in massive season tipping point | Robin says 4th is rubbish

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Morning Grove fans and welcome to the biggest Sunday this week. Before we kick into the post, I have some bad news. I’m moving servers again. My dream of server costs being below £7 a month have been shattered, as some of you may have seen with the slow site and the regular crashes. I’m moving to my own server for the last time this year.

What I actually did is post this up last night, then the servers switched straight away and I lost this post. So here it is again! Sorry for the mix up! Welcome to my new server!

Onto the game. It’s massive for us and it’s massive for City. It’s huge for us because it’ll tell us just how close or far we are from arguably the best team in the country. For City, they have to prove they’re a great team, a good way to do that is show your bouncebackability after your first loss of the campaign.

City are organised at the back like a typical Italian club from the nineties. In my opinion, they’re not the most individually talented back 4, but they are the most drilled and efficient. That said, they’ve only kept one clean sheet in their last 8. So there’s hope for us on the goal scoring front.

It’s worth noting that they play with two anchor midfielders and their driving centre midfielder is also the ex-Barcelona holding man so you know that if they choose, they can be tighter than an Arsene Wenger secret Santa outlay.

City head into the game without Gael Clichy in the back four, which is a benefit kind of… actually, without meaning to besmirch the name of a solid ex-pro, I think I’d prefer if he did play. We know he has the penchant for a Senderos moment. Tevez obviously wont start, but Balotelli, Dzeko or Aguerro will… so the back 4 are in for a tough day. That’s a back 4 of centre backs. Not particularly balanced you have to say. Hopefully that will mean we won’t have any problems from corners (I can dream)!

Key positives from our back line is that three of those defenders are top class. JD can be a superb asset for us when he has his head straight. Trouble is, that hasn’t really happened this year. We need to be careful tomorrow. He’ll need extra cover because City will double up on him all day long if they’ve any sense.

In midfield, I expect Song, Ramsey and Arteta to start. I’d imagine Arteta is going to have to sacrifice quite a lot of his forward play tomorrow to take care of the tricky players in the centre of City’s midfield. Alex Song will have to play a disciplined strong game. His break up play will be key and his distribution will have to be sharp if we’re going to exploit any holes at the back for City. Loitering on the ball is a no no tomorrow.

I think Napoli showed that if you want to take on City, you have to play them on the break. You can’t show them respect, you have to go into the game knowing you’re the better team, they don’t have the belief a seasoned team of Champions does, so when the wheels start to come off, the only thing they have to call upon is a £400million bench. Jokes aside, if we can get stuck into them early on and control the pace of the game on our terms, we could cause an upset.

What great bragging rights a win here would be before Christmas eh?! It almost feels like a 6 pointer today, any lost points will be made all the more painful because all our rivals are playing poor teams.

Update – Chelsea drew…

Lets keep them crossed, hope the old Arsenal turns up and pray that fight, discipline and hard work can lead to a cheeky 1-0 win!

Other news…

Wenger refused to rule out snapping up Thierry Henry. Apparently signing a striker hasn’t crossed his mind yet. Really Arsene?

“I haven’t even investigated that. I cannot tell you even if there is a chance because I haven’t even made any approach, not to him nor his club. I do not always master all my thoughts so it has to come through my brain at some stage but I haven’t been concrete on the case.”

You’re in training, watching Chamakh getting wedgied by the youth team players for being rubbish and signing Thierry never crossed your mind? I don’t believe you!

Robin came out and stated the obvious…

‘I don’t think it’s clever to be excited by fourth, fifth, sixth or whatever. We still have to play many games.’

No one is excited about 4th position, but people are looking at the reality of the situation. If you think we can go further than that, we’d all be able to take our expectations up a notch and start getting excited about competing for the league.

“I don’t see why we can’t surprise again. We’re having a good run. Everybody is confident and believes in themselves. The spirit is as high as it can get.”

This is good to hear and for once, it’s being reflected on the pitch, let’s see where it is after tomorrow night. Will we be talking about Arsenal being top 2 contenders, or will those secret dreams we’re all harbouring be dashed back into place?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Enjoy the game and have a marvellous Sunday!

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  1. Gunner4Real

    Gunner786, Chelsea did not win.

    City is going to be a hard place to take point this season. We had our chances, but failed to take them. That was the difference today.

    I have read some atrocious reports of this game. Some people saying we were played off the park. That is way over the top, we matched City in terms of play.

    We need to carrying the same level of player into other games and we will get the right results.

  2. goonermart

    ……………….Man City – Arsenal
    Possession 54% – 46%
    Attempts on target 9 – 8
    Attempts off target 6 – 4
    Corners 4 – 6
    Fouls 13 -10

    By no means played off the park but they do have the superior quality and that told in the end, again.

  3. Robert

    Poor handball decision, RVP missing a sitter, noone closing down the wing which lead to the only goal, TV almost saving it.

    None of the 50/50s went our way.

  4. Ja_Gunner

    With all the injuries and suspensions…my team for Villa…. The squad depth will be tested…


  5. zeus

    Albo said

    “Ramsey had a good game and is starting to add Cesc-like through balls to his game.”

    MUST disagree. He was frustrating today. There is a real technical drop off from Jack to Ramsey. And when Wilshere is back, Ramsey will have to make due with Sub appearances. He just hasn’t got the subtle speed of thought necessary to drive us forward.

    Why is the mobile site not syncing with the other one?

  6. passionandpride

    Hang Kroenke. Hang Wenger!

    Given the constraints the entire team played under – out of place/position, intermittent reshuffling, tiring schedules/no-rest, this is the best you can expect from these set of guys – most of whom are average when compared to all city players. Its not fair to expect ponies do the horses’ job.

    And Pedro, did we send our guys to war/some national duty at the start that you need to remind we are far better off than what we were at the start of the season. Whats the point that you are trying to make? Did the fans ask Wenger not to buy the ponies in advance and get them tuned in for performing? Its all because of satisfying his false pride that he keeps the market guessing ’till the end’. Utter nonsense!

    Hang Kroenke! Shoot Wenger! Fuck Wenger! Strip Wenger! Wenger OUTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

  7. fanboy

    Seems some people here expected us to win by two goals – get real!
    We lost to the table toppers by a single goal in a tight game at a stadium where other teams get murderd.

    So because they lost (unluckily) to chelsh** away from home and we beat chelsh** in their stad therefore we should wipe the floors with them? Since when did football work that way?

    The players gave their best (some more than others) and a few missed chances and dodgy refereeing denied us points. All in all it wasn’t 6-1 and that’s something to gloat about (to manure fans that is)

  8. Sabeel

    we have made profits, thats what counts…balls to all this other things… long as Money is made,its happy….i may as well invest in some shares etc,if it were public….Money in the bank is happy…

  9. passionandpride

    @sabeel, well said!

    @loserboy…ooops! @fanboy, seems you have forgotten 2-8. Do you have any idea how many wins and how many trophies can ever wipe that disgrace off your face?

  10. goonermart

    Wenger says “Overall we had a good performance, we gave absolutely everything and we were unlucky as well because we had the chances. The offside decisions [for our goal and David Silva’s goal] are not completely convincing.

    “The game could have finished 1-1, 2-0 for them or 1-0 for us. We know we are close to [City] and you have seen that today.”


    I hope wenger is not going to dwell on excuses and just get us pumped up for the villa game. As for being close to city I prefer to judge that on the league table rather than a one off game.

  11. goonermart

    Sabeel- we are not a bank, we are a football club. True fans want success on the pitch. I will be so glad when wenger goes, and takes fans like you with him.

  12. Sabeel

    goonermart….u need to get ur facts right, we are NO LONGER a football club, we are a bank….the football club is no more…..& if we dont understand irony of my posts i cant help it….

  13. Sabeel

    goonermart….u need to get ur facts right, we are NO LONGER a football club, we are a bank….the football club is no more…..& if *YOU dont understand irony of my posts i cant help it….

  14. goonermart

    I find it easier just to say ‘ i hate wenger’. jest or not we aren’t a bloody bank and it makes me sick wenger does.

  15. NiXsKiX

    The Christmas period is going to be hell.. Out of the top 4. For the first time in months I actually feel the spuds could realistically finish above us.. gutted..

  16. goonermart

    NiXsKiX – yeah i’m sure they will too. Alot of games over christmas, can our squad cope? wenger said he is happy with the players we have. I’m not.