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'Paint these Wayne'

Well hello! I’m sure you’re wondering what this new design is all about? Well, I am too. Yesterday morning the site started crashing intermittently, I asked my host what I’d done and he informed me that the theme I was using had more issues that John Terry’s personal life. To rescue the site, I had to transfer over to a temporary theme. So, here we are. I’m not a fan, but it works. The comment section isn’t the best, but we’ll have to make do while the bespoke build is put together. That should be ready by early January… so not too long!

The big talking point today for Arsenal is obviously around who we can draw for the Champions League last 16.

  • Napoli
  • CSKA Moscow
  • FC Basel
  • Lyon
  • Bayer Leverkusen
  • Zenit St Petersburg
  • AC Milan

Personally, I don’t think there is too much for us to fear in that group. Milan and Napoli are probably the top two for quality, you wouldn’t want to have to head to Russia if you could avoid it, outside that, I’m not overly fussed. I think we could beat any of those sides on our day and there certainly isn’t a Barcelona or Madrid in there to make you fear for qualifying for the next round. The benefits of topping your group eh?

I spoke to Arsenal America last night for a podcast which was great fun. One of the questions they raised was the possibility of buying in a left back. This is a really interesting topic for me because I’m not sure we can. We have a 26-year-old Brazil international and a very young future England hopeful who is raw at the moment. What can we possibly do in the transfer market outside a loan deal… and please don’t tell me Wayne Bridge is a good option. The guy is more interested in painting his girlfriends finger nails than playing any sort of competitive football. I think we’re going to have to lump this one…

Transfer rumours are flying all over the place, Podolski is apparently being watched by us on Friday night. I always wonder why we send scouts to the ground. Those hotel bills and plane tickets soon rack up in cost. Steve Rowley should just ask the Grovers if anyone has a live stream to the games, I’m sure they’d help.

According to the Mail, we’re also looking at Rasmus Elm. He sounds like an Scandinavian bush, but I’m sure he plays better than one. His Grimantube video seems to indicate he is a set piece master, scorer of corners and a bit of an all round tough guy on the pitch. He looks suited to the Premiership, whether he has the x factor when it comes to quality is another question.

I’ve still no real clue where we’re going with this transfer window. Rest assured, I’ll ask nearer the time… Pam has been quiet of late.

I didn’t mention the fact Arsenal lost in the FA Youth Cup, mainly because I’m generally more interested in painting Frankie Sandford’s finger nails than I am in watching youth team games.

We lost, John Toral landed himself a meaty black eye, that’s the end of that. Coquelin has been quoted saying he’s ‘flattered’ that Lille are interested in him. He wants game time, I like the fact he’d take a loan spell to get it. I’m not sure he should go though, he’s ahead of Frimpong in the pecking order and I can’t imagine Song will stay fit/not need a rest all season.

Other than that, enjoy the draw. United and City fans won’t be. Ha… ha…. ha.

Have a great day, see you in the comments!

P.S. I was told yesterday The Times gave Dennis Bergkamp the greatest Premier League goal of all time for this peach… I haven’t corroborated it, but any excuse to show it again I’ll take! Oh, and Jack will be back for Mid-Feb, it’s already creeping out!

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  1. Herkules

    Perhaps Bendtner’s escapade is a GOOD thing… he might have a clause in his contract that allows us to release him for unlawful behavior

  2. IvoryGoonz

    haha, Benik his sister are so funny

    Frimpong26AFC Emmanuel Frimpong
    par benik_afobe
    “@craigleastmond: Who likes @sanchezwatt hair yfrog.com/kk2e0tpj” DIS GUY IS A CLOWN MAN HE LOOKS LIKE ANY DANGEROUS LION IN DA FOREST

    FiFiLeBoom FiFi Afobe
    @afobe skype me you bastard.

    FiFiLeBoom FiFi Afobe
    Fuck it, I’m young.

  3. The JD flick!!

    Did a gooner fuck a nun while killing babies in a witch coven to piss the fucking footy gods off this much? I don’t understand why some of you are so calm. Say what you want about their age but those pricks made barca work for the result. Hate to be captain obvious but we aren’t as good as barca. Our style and tempo are similar to barca’s and they survived that. Barca won because of individual class, something we’ve lost recently( except RVP.)

    We all need to pray to every god possible that we have someone capable of scoring in febuary.

    I’ll start by asking the god of Christmas.

  4. DaleDaGooner

    Bendtner…what a knob head!

    Just knew Milan it would be, Would have loved Basel….oh well, you gotta beat the best to have a chance….i’m mad that Real and Barca got easier opponents. Barca Napoli, Real – Milan would have been awesome.

    Bring on City, lets hope our defenders are up for this on Sunday.

  5. jon

    feel sorry for anyone that does go.

    i think we will grab a point 1-1 but is it worth being in a stadium with cunts like nasri

  6. DaleDaGooner

    Arsène Wenger picked Andre Santos for the final Champions League group game at Olympiacos because he wanted to “respect the competition”.

    I cringe!

  7. IvoryGoonz

    jon: that or at Tottenham … hmm … hope he fucks off to Argentina, after all, that’s why he’s so miserable.

  8. Goon in 60 Seconds

    My god Adrian Durham talking sense for once in his career!!!

    Great new look site by the waaaay, although It has lost a bit of it’s le groveness!!

    But change is the only constant in this world so I guess bring it ooooooooon!!!

  9. DaleDaGooner

    Gibbs ready in 1 week or 2 (until he is out again) and Jenkinson scan was not encouraging….So all logic points to need for a versatile full back, say what you will, but Eboue would have come in handy…..doh! Liverpool game came to mind…

  10. DaleDaGooner

    Yaya was training with us from Beveren? No? he played Barnet Pre-Season back in 2003. We were supposed to sign him but work permit issues. Right?

  11. Evan

    Yep Wenger played Yaya in a barnet reserve match as a second striker, he ain’t got a clue about natural positioning (quotes in the sun)

    Hey Zeus, regarding Poldolski link being dismissed i saw it on skysports, reliable?? “meh” I expect Poldolski is far to ambitious for Wenger, wouldn’t wanta upset Chamakh

  12. Goon from BD

    What a fucking fix!!!!!!!!!!!
    Arsenal and Chelsea to face Milan and Napoli.

    Lyon get APOEL………….D I S G R A C E

  13. Goon from BD

    Ibra is fucking useless in the CL knockouts and Van Bommel wouldn’t dare tackle RvP but they got Nesta and T.Silva.

  14. kwik fit

    Why do they bother wasting time on a draw?
    It is blatantly obvious what is happening . Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely .What a bunch of tossers uefa really are.
    Back handers? If I ever seen any of those tools I would certainly give them the back of my hand!!!

  15. DaleDaGooner

    Still I’d rather AC MIlan than the Russian duo or Napoli. I just hate that Barca arn’t properly tested in the later stages or group stages. Napoli would test them properly than BL.

  16. JJ

    I am more concerned about buying a RB rather than a LB. Vermy is adequate cover for now. JD, on the other hand, is an accident waiting to happen.

    I hope Wenger has the balls to drop JD and play this defensive unit:
    Kos Song Meatsack Vermy
    Le Coq

  17. Sabeel

    most people are debating abt milan, haha, as if we gonna win the champions league..

    concentrate on bread & butter stuff boys, top4 is a trophy

  18. Mayank

    Fuck me that’s the best team of the lot. You’d think all the piss taking at the Manc clubs will take some time before it comes back to bite us. Milan are a brilliant team but one that’s suited to our style of play. It’ll be a great European night though. CL is more than we can handle this year to be honest.

  19. Herkules

    Tevez is cup-tied so we don’t need to worry about him…

    I actually think a win will serve as a huge boost to confidence – and could keep us rolling in the league. Should be a strong test for us

  20. M. Chamakh

    Milan eh? Robiniho – overrated in my opinion. Ibra is a show pony with no end product. Apart from scoring two against us – against a makeshift defence which included Fat Sol – he has NEVER stepped up against an English team. The main threat for me is Boateng. The guy is a beast of a player with a hammer like shot on him, we just can not afford to give him any time or space within 35M of the goals.

    At the back Abate, Zambrotta at full back are weak links – Gerviniho and Theo will rape them time and time again. If Nesta and Silva are fit and ready then RvP will have to be at his best. Nesta has all the experience and will know what to do – watch him against Barca in the first game of the CL group stage, the word immense comes to mind. As for Silva well the guy is like a you Lucio – a beast of a player who puts himself about.

    If we fan field a defence of Sagna-Koscienly-Mertesacker-Vermalen with Song shielding then we would be quite stable at the back and I dont see them getting many chances. My main concern is that RvP will be man marked and the above CB pairing will have him for breakfast, lunch and tea. Our chance of winning depends on how well Ramsey and Arteta play. One of them two will have to provide RvP support – if they can then I see us winning 2-1 over two legs.

  21. KM

    AC Milan are a good team and with the players they have we to respect them.

    A defender who can play Cb & RB/LB would be perfect.when is Sagna back?

    Wenger must ship out the rubbish & get in some top notch players

  22. IvoryGoonz

    Dale: Kolo was on trial, so not technically signed, never been there, so never stayed, but I understand your vibe…

  23. DeiseGooner

    yeah Sabeel people talking about Milan because we have a good chance of beating them, thats kinda the point isnt it. Beat the next team in the competition you are in and see where it takes you….

  24. Samir

    Köln are complete shit! I bet Podolski can’t wait to join us in January 😉

    Ship out all the shit players! Bring in:

    Podolski (Cover for Gervinho *ACN* and RVP)
    Vertonghen Cover for CB,LB,DM
    A quality ACM – Gotze or a cheaper equivalent!

    When the ACN is on we could play:

  25. Samir

    Arsene Wenger dismisses rumours linking Koln’s Lukas Podolski with move to Arsenal
    The Frenchman says he is not planning on making a move for the Germany international in January, and also revealed his confidence ahead of the Gunners’ clash with Manchester City

    Speaking at his pre-match press conference ahead of Sunday’s game against Manchester City, Wenger, who has already revealed he could be in the market in January, dismissed the speculation.

    When asked if he will make a move for the forward, the Arsenal boss replied: “No.”

  26. jon

    good to know tevez is cup tied

    M. Chamakh

    any reason why you named yourself after the worst premiership hoax since winston bogarde?

  27. kwik fit

    Arsenal football club now there’s an enigma ! I remember Wenger’s vision
    …………….Gilberto Cesc
    Lungberg ….Helb………Pires
    Yes this team was the first Barcelona!!!
    The team had the movement and vision just like these fuckers called Barcelona!
    Fucking copy cats!!!

  28. jon

    shiiiiiiiit that would be why haha

    should have googled it


    how have you been lurch? I have hardly been able to read the comments recently with work.

    looks like im off for the january transfer market though )

  29. Lurch

    not bad injon, few changes on the horizon – new challenges yaada yaada, i’ll spill in time. you?

    xmas is soooooooooooooo boring but…. hanging for the weekend,

    whats the vibe today been awol? we believing or we dooming?

    bit pissed xmas party, just drove after 6 pints applogies ociffer.

  30. jon

    drink driving is whats christmas was made for! haha

    its been fun switching the internet off and working for a bit, been a good few months hard graft on some great projects…

    weird thing with arsenal now is i feel a lot more secure with the team. We are much better at the back but all of a sudden the attacking zest has gone

    we desperately need a top top attacking force in any of the top 5 positions in Jan, and im confident wenger loves goals enough to spend.

  31. Lurch

    im secretly harboring a Ramsey fascination inJon, my 6th sense has machinations on him evolving into something a little bit interesting.

    which is a stupid way of saying, whatch his space.

    your projects long form or short? ads or narrative?

  32. Lurch

    think we’ve plenty of attacking nouse, the Everton game was a little weird – handbreak effect, think Sunday will see a diiferent fish kettle

  33. jon

    might have to change my name, jon is weird 🙂

    worked on a film out next year which was pretty amazing and one other huge thing for elton john no less, and then it all snowballed and i havent stopped till today.

    ramsey i totally agree, ive been singing his praises all season. This time next year, with wilshere alongside him for a long spell and we will know where we are.

    i like gervinho but he looks knackered which is worrying, and theo is hot and cold like anything.

    we need a pires

  34. Lurch

    gervinho’soff to africa bumbata for holidays next week, won’t see him till he’s 3 sheets, then he’ll break.

    junior Hoillet is a good ticket, won’t happen though

  35. kwik fit

    Incesc what do I think about Sunday? I don’t know! I’m happier about our guys at the back Kos/mert/verm. Midfield are more defensive Song /arteta/ ramsey . Our forward’s are mobile and fast . Not as easy on the eye but much easier on the heart! I’d take a draw!

  36. incesc

    shame theres no money in london any more

    theres work, but all anyone ever says is we have a great project, but no time and no money…

    we should get a job with WTL

  37. incesc

    things i noticed at everton

    vermalean was either very tired or hates playing left back

    chezzer tried to give him a quick throw twice and he turned his back and walked off 2nd half. Definately tired imo.

    and we need a fucking clinical goalscorer from midfield or the wings.

  38. kwik fit

    Guys the real deal this year has been Theo . If he continues then he could be the best before the media pull him down. PS I think the ox could be the new rooney!

  39. Lurch

    they don’t pay mate, don’t really need high end production values – can manage with ‘high st’ finishing. the money in 3D is taking over still life photography and rendering it obsolete – at east for the next few years.

    a cold winds coming through London when the financials get reformed, its inevitable …

  40. Lurch

    yeah Verm was knackered, saw it with koz the week before – different stamina requirements, quite remarkable when you think the fat lovable bastard santos schleps that lard up and down and after one game Verms toast.

  41. kwik fit

    Lurch I’am going to miss that big fat shit Santos he was a legend!
    And his missus waaawee what a fucking babe!1 Yes siryee
    This one is for the big guy! Come back soon!!

  42. incesc

    3d obviously fucks me too…

    you want to make money you should do concept stuff or learn nuke and get in at double neg or framestore.

    reckon they will make loads of fake Harry Potters for years

  43. incesc

    love santos as well

    at chelsea he was huge.

    he looks suspect but he creates bags of stuff

    its fucking annoying we lost him on a nothing game, i was really looking forward to seeing him

    obviously a character in the changing room as well

  44. Lurch

    I don’t like sitting behind macs for a living, prefer the mix of photography – different jobs, locations, looks, less predictability and more immediate pressure/stress/rush…. can’t be doing the same all the time, get bored too easy – I learn something then move on…bad habbit i know.

  45. incesc

    also with santos, the body language was great.

    you could tell he had an instant influence, loves the game, and was full of it.

    just what we need

    fucking injuries

  46. Lurch

    yeah he’s happy to make mistakes, doesn’t feel care if the crowd murmurs, he just keeps trying – take cojones when you know your out of shape and your at a new club, his style is balls out. a little refinement and roberto carlos 2.0