Rasmus Elm sparking Arsenal interest | Jack back February | Champions League draw

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'Paint these Wayne'

Well hello! I’m sure you’re wondering what this new design is all about? Well, I am too. Yesterday morning the site started crashing intermittently, I asked my host what I’d done and he informed me that the theme I was using had more issues that John Terry’s personal life. To rescue the site, I had to transfer over to a temporary theme. So, here we are. I’m not a fan, but it works. The comment section isn’t the best, but we’ll have to make do while the bespoke build is put together. That should be ready by early January… so not too long!

The big talking point today for Arsenal is obviously around who we can draw for the Champions League last 16.

  • Napoli
  • CSKA Moscow
  • FC Basel
  • Lyon
  • Bayer Leverkusen
  • Zenit St Petersburg
  • AC Milan

Personally, I don’t think there is too much for us to fear in that group. Milan and Napoli are probably the top two for quality, you wouldn’t want to have to head to Russia if you could avoid it, outside that, I’m not overly fussed. I think we could beat any of those sides on our day and there certainly isn’t a Barcelona or Madrid in there to make you fear for qualifying for the next round. The benefits of topping your group eh?

I spoke to Arsenal America last night for a podcast which was great fun. One of the questions they raised was the possibility of buying in a left back. This is a really interesting topic for me because I’m not sure we can. We have a 26-year-old Brazil international and a very young future England hopeful who is raw at the moment. What can we possibly do in the transfer market outside a loan deal… and please don’t tell me Wayne Bridge is a good option. The guy is more interested in painting his girlfriends finger nails than playing any sort of competitive football. I think we’re going to have to lump this one…

Transfer rumours are flying all over the place, Podolski is apparently being watched by us on Friday night. I always wonder why we send scouts to the ground. Those hotel bills and plane tickets soon rack up in cost. Steve Rowley should just ask the Grovers if anyone has a live stream to the games, I’m sure they’d help.

According to the Mail, we’re also looking at Rasmus Elm. He sounds like an Scandinavian bush, but I’m sure he plays better than one. His Grimantube video seems to indicate he is a set piece master, scorer of corners and a bit of an all round tough guy on the pitch. He looks suited to the Premiership, whether he has the x factor when it comes to quality is another question.

I’ve still no real clue where we’re going with this transfer window. Rest assured, I’ll ask nearer the time… Pam has been quiet of late.

I didn’t mention the fact Arsenal lost in the FA Youth Cup, mainly because I’m generally more interested in painting Frankie Sandford’s finger nails than I am in watching youth team games.

We lost, John Toral landed himself a meaty black eye, that’s the end of that. Coquelin has been quoted saying he’s ‘flattered’ that Lille are interested in him. He wants game time, I like the fact he’d take a loan spell to get it. I’m not sure he should go though, he’s ahead of Frimpong in the pecking order and I can’t imagine Song will stay fit/not need a rest all season.

Other than that, enjoy the draw. United and City fans won’t be. Ha… ha…. ha.

Have a great day, see you in the comments!

P.S. I was told yesterday The Times gave Dennis Bergkamp the greatest Premier League goal of all time for this peach… I haven’t corroborated it, but any excuse to show it again I’ll take! Oh, and Jack will be back for Mid-Feb, it’s already creeping out!

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  1. Alone + Easy Target

    Hah lovely alt-text!

    So we have to bear with this until next year? Nevermind that I think I’d rather we face Basel than any other side to be honest.

  2. NiXsKiX

    I was watching the season review 2001-02.. watched that DB10 goal 15 times… n he says he really meant it.. cherry on top..

  3. MOH4

    Btw pedro speaking of podcasts. When is Le grove gonna release one? Your blog is huge, it deserves one. Im gonna keep bugging you until you do it lol

  4. Alone + Easy Target

    I’d love it if we get Basel and we thump them 8-2

    So in a way we’d get back at those manc? Love it! πŸ˜€

    Well MOH4, I don’t know about that but progressing into the next stages would bring more profit and we really can’t let past right? Though it may take a toll to our players so that’s why we have to invest wisely this winter transfer window.

  5. Alone + Easy Target

    Le Coq should go in my opinion as we already have two defensive midfielders and that seems good enough to me. Besides, we’ll get Vertonghen (dream on) and that should cover the problems at left back and defensive midfield positions.

  6. Santos

    I’d like us to get Basel or CSKA realistically. I trust them to put us with AC Milan, but they a’int Barca , so I won’t be afraid if it happens

  7. Alone + Easy Target

    “Yhis is awful set up…… sorry I can’t stand changes”

    Bade you old gits, stuck in the past as always eh? Heh.

  8. Alone + Easy Target

    Oh and to further improve the site I think we sincerely need a quote button. Is there such thing for wordpress sites though?

  9. Pedro

    We can sort out a quote button, I might be able to do it via this.

    After doing that podcast last night, it got me thinking I should be doing one. At least I can edit out bits when I start talking about cardboard boxes!

    Jack back for mid Feb now… creeping out already!

  10. Santos


    OGL doesn’t want to let us know that Jack is out for the rest of the season, to avoid panic and spending. I see where this is heading. That was what happened to Djourou, then Vermaelen.

  11. Alone + Easy Target

    Ok thanks Pedro, great that it can be done. As long as it won’t crash the site again. πŸ˜‰

    “Jack back for mid Feb now… creeping out already!”

    Hah the recovery date getting pushed back further and further. I think we could not just rely on him to be fit this season.

  12. Santos


    How far? Gilles Grimandi is our scout for France. He youtube-d Chamakh. Gosh I thought that guy was going to spice up our attacking play.

  13. MOH4

    Trust me Pedro. Le grove should definately be doing a podcast. There are so many small shitty arsenal sites doing pods that are crap and boring. In all honesty, Le grove not doing a podcast is almost criminal lol

  14. BOOZY

    i’d luv it if we get napoli.

    And i’m not really sure if le coq is ahead of frimpong.

    i think both of them are equal, but the future dm slot leans more in frimpongs favour – however in le coq we may have a good utility player, which is why i’ll play him at rb on sunday.

  15. Jibran Naseer

    Rasmus Elm has reportedly signed for the other side: “AZ agreed a final fee of around 6.5 million pounds on 14th December 2011 and Elm was expected to arrive at White Hart Lane in January on the opening day of the transfer window.” – Wiki

  16. adi

    I wouldn’t read much into the podolski denial. 2 days before the end of the last window wenger denied interest in arteta.
    Frankly though, i wouldn’t want to see podolski. Seems to have quite an ego. I’d go for luuk de jong or matias suarez. And willian from shakhtar.

  17. skandibird

    I must be different Pedro, as I really really like this temporary LeGrove page, it’s colourful and much larger in view. And, as you say, the comment section does look good.
    Just for info, Rasmus Elm is a Swedish National footballer, who played against England at their friendly last month. It seems that (according to Swedish press) that ManUre are also interested.
    Just for information to everyone out there in LeGrove land; unknown to many Scandinavia is not a country but a membership of 3 countries = Sweden,Norway & Denmark. There is also a membership of Nordic Countries(Norden) which includes all three plus another two, Finland & Greenland. So there you are, a bit of geography lesson for you on a early Friday morning. And, it’s where all those real men, The Vikings heralded from, conquering the whole world. Yes, they even ended up in Russia, China & Canada/USA (not sure they made it to Australia though)…. carrying those heavy wooden viking ships across land when required. Hope you didn’t ”give up” reading the above, but it’s Friday, it’s raining outside and I’m bored. Have a lovely Friday πŸ˜‰

  18. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    Don’t think we’ll be seeing the back of both DJ & Squillaci in Jan.. Probably Sq only..

    So it looks like no bid then for any CB.. if you believe this!

    “We will not be on the market for any centre-back, I can assure you,” said Wenger in response to the speculation.

    So after, allegedly, bidding 10m for Alex in the summer it looks like Djourou is rated 10m plus then!

  19. kapslock

    “I do not expect a chance for me because a player is unavailable.”

    I agree with arseblog, what the fuck does that even mean Park? Why do we have so many retards in our team. Sigh

  20. IvoryGoonz

    Did anyone see Ian Wright interview with Sky? I’d bet he’s a regular on here πŸ˜‰
    And I wholeheartedly agree with him. A couple of great signings in Jan and we’d be able to actually challenge for the title.
    Here’s hope…

  21. IvoryGoonz

    Kapslock: I’m French, and I actually think I understood Park on that one… Is this a question of will?
    What he means is that he doesn’t expect to be picked first just because VP or Chamakh would be injured… (and I agree with his assessment, it’s more likely Walcott and Arshavin will get there first…)

  22. kapslock

    IG – I’m in an unstable condition this morning. Had to read it again. Fair enough.

    Chelsea v Napoli ooooooooooooo

  23. Angeausarsenal

    As if we’re going to get anyone else, fucking UEFA digging everything for cuntsalona. Fuckem I say and let’s beat the shit out of AC, followed by a quarter final undoubtedly to Cuntsalona

  24. kapslock

    Milan are nothing to worry about imo. They’re team is pretty fucking weak to be honest even if they boast a front 3 of Robinho, Ibra, Pato. Their defence is ageing and midfield is slow and ageing. If we win the midfield battle, which we should (and have Jack back for those games) we’ll be fine. Even Spuds beat them last year for fuck sake!

  25. gazzap

    We will be up for it and Milan aren’t the team they once were. And if we are to get knocked out, we may as well get knocked out early so we can focus on the league. no shame in losing to Milan either. I think its a good draw. Its certainly one to look forward to.

  26. K.C.

    Sorry to be a downer but that couldn’t have been any worse. What’s the point in winning the group to turn and face AC Milan?! Fucking Pointless.

  27. Bade

    Ok’ I’m back to take care of my garden now….

    Stop moaning bitches, we already overtaken them once, we’ll be able to do it again….

    And the Lyon CEO can’t hide his smile

  28. K.C.

    So the 4 best teams end up facing off against each other out of coincidence? Hardly believing that. What a fix is right.

  29. goondawg

    pedro you paint frankie sandford’s nails? major jealous

    Milan???? aww crud nice to se the gods of xmas cheer are smiling down on arsenal still!

    rasmus elm! apparently spuds are in it for this guy as well. big. fucking. surprise

    errmm joke friday. i had a dream last night that i weighed less than a 1000th of a gram. i was like 0mg!

  30. Josip Skoblar

    I look forward to playing Milan. We can beat them. Italian football is predictable and boring. We have an excellent track record against Italian teams in CL.

  31. truegooner

    We dont fear AC Milan COYG – wld b gd 2 get another forward & an AMF!

    In Arsene we trust – u kno he is the King of Spin!!!!!!!!!

  32. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    uefa must be smiling , beaming from ear to ear… english teams get the tuff draws, all they want is noe english team in the semis.

  33. Foreheadinho

    Great draw. A huge game against AC Milan is just what we need. If you want to be the best you have to rise to the occasion and beat the big teams. This will push our boys and Wenger to work hard on the pitch and in the transfer market. Can’t wait for the first tie. Who could get excited by Basel? Let’s take out Milan.

  34. Foreheadinho

    Bendtner probably just rendered himself unsellable. Idiot. Good chance he will be back at Arsenal soon and all his wages back on the books. At least he is a better back up than Chamakh/Park but I still hope a versatile attacker/striker is bought in like Reuss or Podolski.

  35. Gunner4Real

    Cheer up guys, I doubt we were to of Milan’s wish list.

    At least, its a tie worth the travel for fans and one the players need no motivational talk for.

    When are these games?

  36. DeiseGooner

    Nic Bendtner has just ensured he has no chance whatsoever at The Arsenal. And probably not Sunderland now either!!

  37. Arsene Nose Best

    Just seen the draw,that is certainly not what we was looking for,i think we could come unstuck this time,milan are due a win over an english side,robinho and ibra,will have a field day against our defence,there goes another c.league campaign

  38. jay4741

    Milan will not be an easy tie, earlier in the campaign they drew at the nou camp and narrowly lost to barca at home 3-2 throught a late goal

  39. DeiseGooner

    Shepp – Nic and Lee Cattermole went on the rampage through the streets of newcastle smashing up the common mans cars because they arent as flash as footballers ones – and certainly not as flash as ‘the best footballers’ car πŸ™‚

  40. Foreheadinho

    Deise, What can be done with him but take him back and ‘rehabilitate’ him so that he has some value to sell down the track? Tearing up his contract may not be possible depending on its terms. No one will buy him now.

  41. Bade

    You should always fear a team with Zlatan on it’s side

    He’s a fucking world class winner….. With the most amazing stat of winning 7 (or 8) titles in a row, in 3 different countries, with 5 different teams…..

  42. Bade

    This is quite cheering up Pedro, though I remember him nicking those two goals against us, in that 2-2 two season back

    I think we can get through the Italians, but we need to pray for Robin’s fitness, and hope Sagna will be ready for that game, so we can have reasonable back 4 if Arsene doesn’t bring in a defender

    I’d like Adriano From Barca, top player, so underrated. Versatile and good in LB RB and midfield positions

  43. fabindiangooner

    Milan play a lot like chelsea ..slow midfield,big striker on top,and a centre back who prefers attacking than defending..if we play like we did against chelsea we could win the game at san siro and shut shop at home

  44. chopper4001

    Good draw. I love playing Italian teams. Our backline will be fine against their strikers (assuming no injuries) and we’ll run rings around their defence. Second leg at home too. No worries.
    Anyone note that Sky sports article about Podolski doesn’t actually include any quotes. Him and Vertonghen would be two perfect signings I reckon.

  45. Ricky

    I pick us to beat Milan anyday of the week.. The only Italian side I’d be worried about would be Napoli right now.. They have good attacking players.

    It could be the end of the road for Chelsea.

  46. zeus


    ‘The Argentine only joined the Parisian club in the summer for Β£35.4 million, but has now stated that his ambitions lie beyond the French side.

    “I train with great conviction in order to realise my dream of playing with a big team,” the former Palermo playmaker told Radio Radio.

    “It depends on me if I want a team that is bigger than PSG to call me.”

    Meanwhile, Pastore has come out in support of his under-fire coach Antoine Kombouare.

    “In France, they’re not used to changing things after two or three defeats. In Argentina and Italy, it changes often. In France, when they say that the coach is going to change, it comes after a big mess,” he observed.

    “I have nothing to say of Mr Kombouare. He’s always treated me well.”


    A pretty shit thing to say about a club that paid such an exorbitant fee for him and he hasn’t even been there a year.

  47. dennisdamenace


    This one’s for you……

    I was in Tesco with my wife, when she said, “What a lazy cunt you are!!”

    I almost fell out of the fucking trolley!!!

  48. dennisdamenace

    Jack out ’til mid-February……… har ucking har, it’s started all over again.

    Come January 31st it’ll be end of February.

    Come mid-February it’ll be mid-March.

    Come the beginning of March it’ll be May……..

  49. dennisdamenace

    Everytime i hear Arsene Wenger/Arsenal are after yet another “teenage sensation” my fucking heart sinks……..

  50. leon

    Rasmus Elm would be a great asset… him on set pieces to Vermaelan would be deadly and delivering to the hitman Van Persie. That gets me happy just wether we would get him.