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Good morning sports fans! How are we all feeling today? Christmassy? Like you’re about to burst? Or just settling into that perma-hangover feeling?

Ahhh me too… If I were breathalysed for the tube every morning I’d have had my season ticket revoked and a £400 fine to deal with.

Anyway, onto the news. Gibbs could be back for Boxing Day. All Colin Lewin wanted for Christmas was a fit full back and it looks like his dream has a chance. He was first choice earlier in the season and he had a few smart games so hopefully he can stake a claim over the next few months and heaven knows, maybe stay fit for more than 3 games!

There’s a good article about Stan and his under-achieving St Louis Rams (Written by Bryan Burwell, I love American names, say that in an American accent at your desk now, go on, it’s great fun). The fans are demanding Stan fire their jerk manager, Stan is saying niente. He’s cleared it with Billy Beane who says the current manager, Steve Spagnuolo (I can’t pronounce that name, boooo), is his hero.

The jist of his thought process is that new managers make mistakes but given time can rectify them. A nice way of thinking I guess. If you invest in someone you believe in and you sack them, you’re actually denegrating your judgement.

Trouble is, how long do you give these days? How long is acceptable when managers are on such monster contracts? In a world where one bad season can undo 5 years good work, how long can you afford to let a manager flounder?

Look at Arsenal. It took a while but in the end, we paid for a lack of football ambition when our two best players said they’d had enough. Our form was that of a club in relegation over 26 games. The club held strong when many wouldn’t, has it paid off? Well, the ship has been steadied no doubt. Will it last? I don’t know… ask Billy Beane. What I do know is Arsene has a great chance in January to make some inspired signings and kick us onto the path of global domination.

We’re sniffing around the Argentine Lucas Biglia. He plays for Anderlecht and he’s reported as creative midfielder though it looks like he plays as a ball winning centre midfielder from the extensive research I’ve undertaken. He’d cost £9million and no one had heard of him before. He’s exactly the sort of player Wenger would snap up.

I say this every year, but we should be sniffing around the second strings of the elite. There are always bargains to be had for good young players cast aside and older experienced players who haven’t worked out. Big teams collect top talent they don’t need. Taiwo, the ex-Marseille full back is struggling in Italy. Barcelona players like Maxwell and Adriano out of the starting line up, Madrid have players like Sahin, Albiol and Altintop not getting games (they might be injured,  but you get my point). I still like Mahamadou Diarra, I think he’s available on a free transfer at the moment. There must be RvDV deals floating around this January…

Still, at least Wenger isn’t ruling anything out and my new best friend Ivan Gazidis did hint at signings. I do like it that Wenger always refers to the economy, a constant reminder about his degree. You know, like irritating friends who drop travel stories into conversations if you’re eating something oriental, like a prawn cracker. Bore off…  no one cares how many pink dolphins you saved in Peru on your 2 week package holiday.

Anyway, my point about the economy is that sure, it’s not in great shape but preaching to people who are actually living the consequences is a bit patronising. When you have £40mill in personal savings you’ll not be affected. When your company has bullet proof TV revenue streams, you’ll generally be ok as a club. We should be using these testing times to hoover up the best talent on the cheap. What’s the point in being the richest and not using your cash wealth to make poor clubs feel inferior and fearful? You know, poor clubs like Spurs who have been delisted in the hope of raising £400million for a new stadium. Good luck with that Levy, good luck!

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Anyway, let me know who you’d like us to sign in January and I’ll knock together a Giles Grimantube report later in the week!

P.S. The Americans have a good way of selling tickets back to the system here.

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  1. NiXsKiX

    I actually knew of Lucas Biglia.. Through football manager of course. I had him in my team as a back up defensive midfielder.

  2. Sangbaran Dasgupta

    I read the Ashburtongrove blog today and it seems we have completed the qouta of 17 non home it would be difficult to get someone who is of age 21 and above.He suggested 2 options …throw out Almunia and squillachi and get someone.
    OR get B52 bomber from Sunderland as he is an academy player.

  3. Azed

    The Mail is reporting that Torres will be available for 20Mil….
    Wenger don’t dull.
    Torres might not be playing or scoring much but he is a billion times better than our reserve and i think he’ll adapt to our system better

  4. Nishaad (@GoonerNish)

    podolski and gotze. little tired of saying those two names over and over and over again. what is it they say about things coming true if you keep saying them over and over?

  5. Nishaad

    podolski and gotze. little tired of saying those two names over and over and over again. what is it they say about things coming true if you keep saying them over and over?

  6. Mazin

    For me the player who can really make us better is Podolski ! He is talented, suits our style of play and he can start ahead of gervinho while providing cover for RVP

  7. The JD Flick!

    what a miss.
    Anyway, I’m all for Torres. But his salary, that’s money we wanna use on RvP.
    I say we go for Fernny Llorente and Podolshki.

    We need 4 Fullbacks for each flank. Arsene treats his like I used to treat my army men. They either end up up my nose or in the toilet. Or both.

  8. Bob N7

    If he is a DM, will that ‘kill’ Frimpong and Coquelin?
    Don’t want to be too pedantic Firman but JD needs to play if he’s in the IX but maybe not in the XI !

  9. The JD Flick!

    I just found out Llorente’s actual Name is Fernando Llorente Torres. Maybe that’s the Torres we should be heading for!

  10. Goonar

    By order of importance:
    Yann M’vila
    Jan Vertonghen/Cahill

    Once in each of those position could place us in a very strong position for next year Champions league and title run. With Wilshere coming back….
    But to be realistic, even if we’ll sign just Gotze I’ll be surprised and happy.

  11. firman


    why not get rid of players who are over 21 who wont get games regardless. its not that we have to register all players who are over 21. we can have as many of those and only still register only 17 of them right?

  12. NiXsKiX

    The JD Flick! says:
    December 14, 2011 at 10:00
    We need 4 Fullbacks for each flank. Arsene treats his like I used to treat my army men. They either end up up my nose or in the toilet. Or both.

    By any chance up the nose after the dunking in toilet?? 🙂
    I should hope not… 😀

  13. Drmaadh

    Finally 1st, and that also after moderation. Cosquence of missing an M on the mail add.

    Anyways. So many days to the city match. Its not that satisfying that they lost, as our current Top 4 rival Chelsea are unlikely to hit a dip in form after that buzz. And why
    is there no news about Vertonghen. ANy friend of the Verminator cant be bad for us.

  14. Azed

    Well i think Podolski will be a flop…..he’s not a big gam player..Reyes mk II
    As for Torres salary, The sale of Almunia, Sqid and chamack should cover it

  15. John

    Le Grove you are desperate for Wenger to fail what a pointless article

    As for Biglia AW/Grimandi have ruled out buying a midfielder.

    Francis Coquelin is a better DM than Lucas Biglia. #Stupidrumour

  16. James

    Dream signings in summer would be Hazard & Goetze although I’m not sure AW will a) afford them/beat the competition, or b) will he want Hazard considering we have (discounting poor form for some) Theo, Shava, Gerv, Ox, Ryo and Park.

    Even then midfielder-wise we have Diaby, Rosicky, Arteta, Ramsey, Song, Wilshere, Frimpong and Coquelin – are there too many players on the books (although never all fit) for AW to really bring in who we all want?

    Diaby, Rosicky, Shava and Chamakh could all leave with no real loss of personel imo. Squillaci to leave is something of a pipe dream it seems but players out permitting, a sure footed RB & CB would be great, another creative maestro in MF (do you think Mata would have suited us perfectly?) and a front man who has pace as well as being able to finish – what has happened to Gervinho one-one with the GK since last year??

    I think Reus and Podolski would be good additions, and a solid full back who can play both sides, yet predominantly right? Left has Gibbs, Santos and Verm so less of an issue

  17. Santos

    If Torres were available, I would drive to the Bridge and help him pack his luggage for a transfer to Arsenal. He might not be scoring but is the only player I like. I DREAM(deeply ) that he will join us in the summer or even January, then turn his career around. But.. It’s just a dream

  18. proud akb

    losing nasir was not a bad thing.losing cesc was inevitable.buying the gerv before nasir followed the money shows ambition.i guess you want arsenal to be like spurs.buying rejected players right.well trust wenger,he knows there are good fresh hungry players out there.and he knows where to get them.

  19. stu

    biglia is a deep playmaker

    we dont need him weve got arteta and song as well as ramsey, wilshere, coquelin

    what we need is a direct attack minded midfielder/striker

    gotze or hazard would be ideal as they can play anywhere across the midfield in the attacking positions

    podolski or even someone like pavluychenko can be a threat upfront and would be a better option than chamakh

  20. Santos

    I meant the only Chav player I like. The rest are cunts. We can afford Torres or Llorente, but I sense we might be swooping for Salomon Kalou.

  21. Dony

    agree djourou and chamakh needs to go.

    regarding signings in january, another top midfielder like biglia would be a big plus. i have a hard time seeing arteta stay healthy the whole season.

    if we’re really going to upgrade quality, i would bring in Gregory van der Wiel at right back. he would be awesome for us. fast, tough in the tackle, good on the ball and can cross. plus he’s buyable. love sagna but Wiel would be an improvement.

    as a striker, podolski is good but would prefer Cavani. i loved watching him dismantle Man City.

    Who will we actually get…probably nobody. we’ll be sold the big quality of park and other ‘internal’ solutions…

  22. NiXsKiX

    John –
    If you can’t appreciate the effort that goes into writing a blog every single day, you are welcome to fuck right off..

  23. Azed

    Torres is better than the backup/back up to backup that will have…
    He’s a very good player and he can re discover his form with us…

  24. Dream10

    I have seen Mario Gotze play a few times in the Champions League and he is does not strike me as a 30 million pound/euro player. He may have creativity but he has no pace and goalscoring ability.

    Eden Hazard on the other hand….. he plays like a superstar. Attitude maybe an issue and it remains to be seen if he wants to join us, but he is star quality.

    Christian Eriksen>Mario Gotze
    Eden Hazard>Mario Gotze

    For people who have watched Gotze extensively, is he worth 30-35 million pounds/euros???

  25. KM

    For me the squad needs another clearout..but mainly all the trash which will free up money and space.

    OUT –


    Loan out – Frimpong, Coquelin & Miyachi

    In :

    CF – Damio/Llorente/Doumbia
    DM – M’Vila/Buglia/Vertoghen
    LW – Hazard/Podolski
    AM – Gotze
    GK – Sorenson or a good keeper who is willing to be 2nd choice. Promote a keeper from the reserves to be 3rd choice.

    My list is a fantasy – but I’m sure we can purchase 3 out of the 5 I’v listed.

  26. Vikram Singh Negi


    Right now, I wouldnt want specialists. I think we need versatile players as it gives better cover for injuries and allows the player coming in to get more first team chances.

    Podolski for one. He can play out left (in the absence of Gerv) and can cover for RVP if required.

    I dont have much clue as how would Verthongten figure as a LB, but if that allows TV to be stationed at LCB forever, i am up for it. Plus, he can cover for Song as a DM (which means Manny Frimpong can go on loan) and can play CB when required.

  27. GregChamba

    The infamous arsenal transfer talk: it fills u with hope and then hits u like a frying pan wen ur dreams crash around u. We all know exactly wat is needed and our imaginations sometimes get the better of us. Lately iv found my more logical mind reeling in my imagination. As far as I’m concerned there is no chance of wenger going after a player that is gonna break the banks and disturb his precious economic stability. I think that he knows wat we need and in a perfect world he would go out and get a gotze, benzema, cissokho, vertogen…the list goes on. Unfortunately, the wenger of economic stability do exactly as he has said: if something that offers good value comes along he’ll grab it, if not I think we have to accept the dros that we have and pray for no more injuries. It seems that wenger is more likely to gamble our footballing future than our economic stability. How sad is that!

  28. fabindiangooner

    Vertonghen is not much of a left back…even for belgium vertonghen plays cb and vermaelen lb…he is also a very shaky DM like the Song of 3 yrs back..

  29. Darrenchallis

    Wenger will buy of that I am sure, but it will be either some unheard of like above or a player in the same situation as RVP or last year or free this summer. The rest we can forget. He bought Arshavin because no one else wanted him in Jan as an example. There will be no Hazzard only Torres if they want to sell and he can be persuaded to drop his wages. Anyone he wants will be at teams playing hardball knowing they can push it to the wire and Wenger will just fold as he always does. Wenger is a great coach motivator and team manager but he will never be a even a good negotiator or poker player. we need someone who knows players/ agents and how to negotiate.

  30. Darrenchallis

    And guys forget selling these fringe players
    or Bentner They all cost tooooo much in wages for any other club, we overpay them for their status. so unless they want to take a wage cut, we are stuck with them until the end of their contracts. So loan deals are our only option and we will still probably be paying half their wages

  31. Frimpongballs

    Alex Smithies from Huddersfield for back up keeper. Cheikh M’bengue from Toulouse for left back. Rami from Valencia for center half. M’Vila for anchor man. And the previously mentioned Leandro Damiao up front would be lethal indeed. Wishful thinking on all fronts i’m afraid. Throw in Hazard too. Go on.

  32. blanco

    Willian – his contract is up june 2012 – age 23 5ft 9in – winger midfielder. Wenger tyipcal player and could be cheap.

  33. Al

    Doumbia is a player i would have loved us to get but he will be of to the african nations. Ricky van Wolfswinkel is another striker we should be looking at, excellent finisher

  34. James

    Azed – agree, but I wouldnt want to pay circa £20m and pay over £100,000/week wages for a better back up than what we have. We can get a better player for AFC for less rather than buy on reputation.

    I dont go for this ‘we need Premiership experience’ either – Vidic, Nani, Drogba, RVP, Silva, Modric, Mata, Aguero, Raf VdV, Yaya Toure, Suarez, Torrwes (when LIV first bought him) – all these players have made the biggest impact on teams in recent years (ok, early days for some in their first season) but none were experienced Prem players. There are obviously examples of players who were Prem exp and made big impacts after moving to bigger clubs, Rooney for example, but it’s about the quality of the player and attitude, not what country you buy him from. Verm another great example of buying the right players from abroad – I dont care if AW doesnt spend £40m on a player everyone is raving about as long as the ones he does bring in make a big impact like Verm did 🙂

  35. naija soccer

    Having Van persie and Villa as our strikers , Arteta, Song, Ramsey and Wilshere as our key midfielders , Sagna , Vermaelen and KoscieLny as key midfielders and Shezney as our main goalkeeper suddenly makes us a world class and title chasing team.

  36. Darrenchallis

    As a top player in Europe they want to come here and know they have a chance of winning the Premier League. Most already are in the Champions League. So do we offer a realistic chance of winning this well probably to them no. So the next target is Premier League players who are vastly over valued and what Champions League, this for me is our target like Arteta experienced Premier League players who want Champions League ( if we get it). Otherwise its mercenaries who do not care as long as they are on over £100k per week. A negotiator would be able top convey confidence in the player that we will be able to fulfill their ambition David Dein used to do this. And our best signings have come when we had a 50 50 chance of winning the League.

  37. Darrenchallis

    Jamal says:
    December 14, 2011 at 11:26

    why would david villa want to leave barca and come to us?

    Only for a final payday and I think Man City have that offer or Chelsea. so Torres out for Chelsea and Villa in.

  38. dennisdamenace

    Morning Pedders.

    To quote you “He’d cost £9million and no one had heard of him before. He’s exactly the sort of player Wenger would snap up.”

    Yes, and that’s exactly why we are where we are, fucking nowhere, because of continually buying “the sort of player Wenger would snap up”.

    That’s why Fabregas finally fucked off, because of continually buying “the sort of player Wenger would snap up”.

    Sorry, but that’s the sort of unambitious bollox signing that’s seen us gradually lose ground on our title rivals – and i use title rivals in it’s loosest possible way!!

    Here’s an idea, spend some serious money on serious proven quality to push on, and actually add to “the sort of player Wenger would snap up”.

  39. Jamal

    yh but think of teams we’ll be competing against to sign him, theres no chance of signing him coz wenger wont go higher than 20 mil

  40. Darrenchallis

    David Villa wish list = 1st Man City 200k per week and a chance of PL + CL football

    2nd Chelsea £200 per week and chance PL + CL

    3rd anyone else but I will hedge my bets until summer and see who is in CL and who wins PL.

    Not u=yet at the stage of going to Russia or China but the PL will give him the platform for that move.

  41. Goonerpower

    Oh john. How can you call it a pointless article, then comment on its contents……..tosser springs to mind 🙂

    Good posting pedders

  42. Delboy

    I think torres wud be a top buy if we cud get him.(depending on wages) The chavs dont play to his strengths he wud suit our style of play and bag a hatful for us! The thing is wudnt he be cup tied for the CL as wud a few of the players being mentioned????

  43. Radio Raheem

    If we beat shitty on Sunday will we be in a title race?

    Where are all the muppets on here championing Liverpool’s march to the ‘glorious top 4’ position at our expense?

    Like I said at the beginning of the season we’ll finish in the top 4 not problem but what is surprising is that if we beat shitty on Sunday, and I think we will, we might actually make a title challenge. Unbelievable!!

  44. m224

    Not to be too critical off a Youtube video, but if thats Biglia’s top performance (or one of them) explain to me how hes a “creative midfielder” he looks more like what a lot of descriptions have called him which is basically a defensive mid/holding midfielder. All I say was some physicality and some lateral passes. Fail to see how hed add anything we dont get with Arteta. We need a player that can score and give crucial through balls in the final 3rd. Free kick ability is also something we should look for. My picks are Honda and Ilicic. Lets hope these rumors are false…

  45. kapslock

    I doubt anyone at Chelsea is on £200k a week. I’m sure Terry, Lampard, Drogba are on around £150k/pw.

    I don’t want Torres, his attitude is shit and I can’t seem him recovering his form any time soon. Also, don’t think Wenger will spend big on the likes of Torres, Villa as he would have to change his formation to 4-4-2, which isn’t happening.

    We’ll get another unknonwn, a la Park. Not getting my hopes up.

  46. Darrenchallis

    Its a straight forward equation Money balanced against success. Fab had the money but wanted what he didnt have success and he could not see it happening. we have just signed Arteta for the same reason he has more chance of success with us.

    Money and success that’s the golden goose only Man City and Chelsea are offering that, or a believed to be. One title win or CL changes all that. why did Torres go to Liverpool really, they had just won CL and been in the final.

  47. Radio Raheem

    With the emergence of Coquelin, I see little need for a defensive midfielder. David Villa on loan until the end of the season will be great! That is sort of player we need – one that is adaptable across all three forward positions – since Gervinho will be off in January and Arshavin is in very poor form.

  48. naija soccer

    Radio raheem

    i ve been thinking about the same thing. Winning the game against Money city on sunday will suddenly have us challenging for the title. Plus a 2 horse race title challenge suddenly becomes a 5 team title challenge excluding Liverpool of course.

    Europa for the YNWAs. Thats what u get for buying Henderson and Caroll who pays more attention to his ponytail than the opposition net.

  49. Arsenal

    A smart reasonable option would be to buy Loic Remy/Podolski (one of the two) and buy paulo ferreria from chelsea. I know the last one isnt talked about much but i think it would be a smart move because he can play for right and left fullback, and he has premier league experience and champions league experience. Both loic remy and poldi can play on the wings, but poldi is more expensive but is more experienced. However, remy is better technical footballer and will be more toward the future seeing as he is 23/24. Anyways, thought i’d offer my thoughts but in all honesty transfer windows are quite annoying

  50. Radio Raheem

    naija, I was a lone voice on here when I was belittling Liverpool’s new ‘recruits’ and their chances of breaking into the top 4. I actually like Carrol I’m just not sure Daglish is able to get the best out of him or perhaps the move to a big club has come too early for him.
    As for Chubby Adams, Henderson and the like what a waste of money eh! The stupidest move was benching and then selling Meireles for Chubby Adams!

  51. Pedro

    Sorry… I do forget your expertise in creating content everyday that people will read.

    My mistake. I’ll learn from the mighty Afrogoon.

  52. alan b'stard M P

    Jamal. Villa won’t have a choice. According to press, Villa’s team need to fund 3 transfers in and sale of Villa will go towards financing it

  53. Radio Raheem

    I am more comfortable with the back 4 that started against Everton than one with Kieron Gibbs in it even if it had Sagna at RB.

  54. Nick

    For 20 million we would be insane not to try and sign Torres. Imagine a combo of Torres in front of RVP, OMG! I think Wenger could definitely get Torres back in form and bring the best out of him. If he were French we wouldn’t even be having this discussion as he’d already have a deal worked out, lol. Come on Wenger, he doesn’t have Barca “DNA”, what are you waiting for!

    Vertonghen, Goetze, Hazard, Reus, Podolski are all welcome to come to the Emirates and play for the Arsenal as well

  55. fabindiangooner

    liverpool are shit…. problem is they r nt our main challengers for our top 4 spot spurs and chelsea are..

  56. kapslock

    I always said Dalglish hasn’t got a fucking clue. Henderson, Downing & Carroll for a combined sum of £75 million. That is disgraceful and all three of them are shit/bang on average.

    Liverpool fans are the dumbest cunts out there.

  57. Darrenchallis

    Chelsea are not going to sell Torres to us, just in case it comes back to haunt them. he will be off to Germany or probably Italy, maybe PSG

  58. arsenal1886-2006

    Remember Henry at Juve, written off till Wenger reignited his passion. If I remember, he turned into an ok player.

  59. Goon in 60 Seconds

    I am not saying we don’t need some signings, i believe we do, but they all throw up interesting challenges.

    Firstly, Goalkeeper.. We have one of the best if not the best young keeper in the world, how many experienced back up keepers would be prepared to come and sit of the bench behind such a young keeper, not many I wager. So we either go for another younger one with potential, or an old fucker who is no better than what we got.

    Full backs, fuly fit, we have a great selection. Sagna is incredible, Jenks will be incredible if not better than bacary in 2 to 3 years. Left backs, there is a decision to be made on gibbs, i believe if he was fit all the time he would have, or be in the process of removing cole from England, so it would be good to keep him ( if he can stay fit), santos is already a bit of a legend, and his loss to the team was huge. Kozz and Verm can deputise (as we well know!). So really the only option is as some have said, to scrap dj and buy in someone who can play full back and CB, like Vertogen. I think Santos’s injury will force wengers hand on this, I believe DJ and squid are on the scrap heap in the eyes of Wenger. OUr defense will be very interchangable, but that is a good thing in modern football. Miquel can take squids place in the team.

    MIdfield, Again difficult, again it depends on injury, if diaby and wilshere can come back fit we are strong in this area with out any further additions. But actually I think Gotze is ours, he will have been blown away by our stadium and our performance that night, we were excellent! if so Rambo and gotze and arteta will fight it out. Song and Jack will be mainstays. I think Ramsey has great great quality, I am not sure why people on here give him so much shit. He only came back at the end of last season, he has had a few rough moments, but he has his own style when receiving the ball, mark my words Rambo will be one of the best in the world, without doubt. I guess wings are a problem , but if gerv gets injured we can play walcott and ox, or if wally gets injured we can play gerv and ox. Oxo is ready for the prem, and i cant wait to see Miyaichi. But an arshavin replacement would be a good thing, but I could cope with Arsh on the wings at points this season if needed.

    So Striker?? we all know that if VP gets injured, Chamakh couldn’t score in a kick around in the park with 5 year olds at the moment, so parkk chu young will have to step up. I think he could do well, that finish in the carling cup was of vp standard, and he probably just needs some time to find his game. WE also could try Walcot in the middle, or even ox in the “easier games”. BUt yes we are 2 or 3 players off being an absolute belting team, if it wasnt for persistent injury we would be already!!, Lets wait and see what happens in Jan.

    Team for City


    Le Coq Merte Kozz Verm

    THeo Gerv

    WE can win with this team!!!! Mancini will underestimate us to his peril!

  60. fabindiangooner

    dalglish has gt all the media fawning over him…so far we had arsenal in crisis,chelsea in crisis,even united after they were dumped out of CL in crisis…wonder what the liverpool sympathisers out there will say abt dalglish if they dont qualify for CL

  61. Darrenchallis

    Torres needs to be fit and hes not. he was all about pace and power and hes lost about a yard of pace in the last three seasons. The chavs may sell him to us but only for RVP in exchange, so yeh great.

    I do think if we could get him, he would suit our game better with chances on a plate. But he would need some serious fitness work as well as confidence building.

  62. naija soccer

    Can u imagine the kind of players wenger can buy with 75 million ? This is a guy who spends 10 million on class players like arteta , vermealen and koscielny. Soon enough the YNWAs will start calling for Dalgish head , unless of course they enjoy the europa.

  63. Radio Raheem


    Spurs are doing well at the moment but be patient they’ll collapse very soon. I’ve seen 2 or 3 of their matches and I must say they look decent going forward but they are not as good as they are hyped up top be. The media love ‘arry. They leave far too many gaps to be exploited when going forward. We’ll finish ahead of them I am sure of it.
    As for chelsea we are better than them at the moment but for our horrendous start we’ll be ahead of them.
    You are unlikely to read/hear this in the media but I think we are the most tactically compact side in the league at the moment. Shitty have started to unravel.
    The only weakness in our team is, paradoxically, our strongest strength – Robin van Persie!

  64. Jimi

    Biglia doesn’t look like someone we need at all. Where does this stuff come from?

    If I were trying to buy a midfielder I’d be interested in Christian Eriksen (& any chance of Bergkamp to come with him as a coach) now that would be nice!
    There’s too much news around Gotze and I think its waves of media hyped speculation, we can’t afford to spend that much on that kind of player either.

    I can’t see us buying any superstar signings, possibly Moussa Sow (the next best player from Lille that isn’t Eden Hazard).
    Podolski… who knows spose it could happen but I think he’s after a pay increase not a transfer, what about Huntelaar?
    That Marco Reus chap looked pretty promising. I think I’d have him given a choice.
    Demba Ba is on fire I’d really try for him if he would be sold, Newcastle seem happy to let go of people these days – 15m might be worth a shot? or 12m+Bendtner.

    And crucially a versatile full back on loan for the rest of the season would be good.

  65. gazzap

    Wolfsburg looking at Rosicky in January. I think selling him now would be a big mistake. I really like his role for us now. Can come on add experience, calmness, quality on the ball when no one else can do that job.
    Gives Ramsey the night off when there is a cup game as well. Selling players like Rosicky would lead to greater pressure on the squad and lead to our annual collapse happening even earlier.

    I would sell him in the summer and replace with top top quality creative midfielder.

  66. naija soccer

    Radio Raheem

    I was also very impressed with the back 4 against Everton. Koscielny keeps getting better. I seriously can’t remember the last time he had a bad game. And Vermaelen , he didn’t give a sniff to any opposition player on that wing over the weekend. I would play that same back 4 again versus Money city.

    I went over their forum just to see how confident they are for sunday’s game and they seem over confident. Talks of 4-0 , 5-0 against us on Sunday. Some of them even claim to hate our team with a passion. I mean since when did Money city become our Spurs. Shouldn’t they be more concerned about Man yoo ?

  67. abnet

    Goon Machin never had and will underestimate AW’s team , heard him many many times he rates our way of play so i doubt he will go out guns galore

  68. fabindiangooner

    Hope u r right about Spurs bcoz from what I have seen attacking wise spurs have been as good as mancity
    the last two results have papered over the cracks for chelsea…a lot of decisions have gone their way in their past few matches

  69. Radio Raheem

    naija, I think I understand their hate towards us. We sold them duff players for big money!

    It’s weird to have all 4 fullbacks out on long term injuries. I was also very impressed with TV at LB.

    I think I mentioned on here a few weeks ago that we are the only team that’ll give shitty a good match. I might have overrated them there ‘cos the chavs have turned them over.

  70. Jamal

    city’s defence will be shit against us, The Ox tortured Zabaleta in the CC so Theo should do the same… Gervinho vs Richards should be a good one

  71. chris

    I’ve said this before but Thomas Sorensen would be my atempt.

    He’s excellent imo, consistent, used to being a back-up but still prepared to work hard and has eventually got his place back off Begovic, who a lot of people like.

    And imo back-up GK is a lot more frghtening than backup CF.

  72. passionandpride

    Before the ship ‘steadied’ (i believe we are riding our luck), i was hoping for two Top class January signings. The critical prerequisite for a top player to sign in Jan would be: (a) Arsenal still in CL, (b) Arsenal within 5th-6th in PL. God has been kind enough to Arsenal. Opportunity is beckoning to build a strong team for next season :- signing top player and thereby retaining top performers of this team. If Wenger and Kroenke lets this opportunity to pass by, we will remain as ‘also rans’ for teh next 4 seasons. Mark my words, if two top signigns are not invested in now, we are resigning toward mediocrity.

  73. Radio Raheem

    Pedro, I see. With fans like him we really should have the media in our back pockets, at least, more than ‘arry does. Come to think of it I prefer how we seem to be rising up the table ‘under the radar’. It relieves us of some pressure, maybe. Yeah let the media continue to focus on the spuds and shitty.
    It was funny when after we beat Everton and were momentarily 4th in the league, Robbie Savage (on 5live) insisted we were still not going to finish in the top 4 and that the spuds are a far better side. I know he is dim but I didn’t think he was that dim…maybe he was just playing up to the his role i.e. the (endearing) buffoon on set.

  74. Radio Raheem

    It was good to see Almunia back on the bench on Saturday. He looked constipated and cold…something I found quite pleasing.

  75. Jamal

    i hope na$ri plays against us on sunday, we wont have to worry about him coz he’s a flop, aguero n silva are the main threats… song should deal with silva tho

  76. goonerboy

    I saw some good signs last week end in our attacking play- the speed of counter attack is one. If we got our act together we could beat anyone. Equally if we don’t we could get beaten by a lot of not very special teams. City are still a bunch of special players who are not yet a special team. We need to do what it takes to beat them. Forget Spurs, we ain’t playing them.

  77. terry

    DIABY- Not a firat team player
    ARSHAVIN- Not a first team player
    ROSICKY- Not a first team player
    CHAMAK- Not a first tema player
    SQUILLACHI- Not a first team player
    ALMUNIA- Not a first team player

    replace them with Mario Gotze, Hazard and Saldado
    but i think none of them can play in the champions league.
    thats the onli realistic trophy that we can achive this season.

    wenger has to think hard and smart if he really wants teh likes if Gotze and Harzard as they cannot be used for champions league football and the league lets be honest we cannot win it.

  78. Bade

    Hello Grovers….

    Pedro, the booze is affecting your judgement…. The ship isn’t steady, we’re hanging on a Robin there. He’s out, we’re back to relegation form. As simple as that. Well, maybe not relegation, but mid-table at best

  79. Bade

    And what’s about this Arsene’s heritage of sniffing around the ashtrays of the “elite” looking for cigarette butts to try and squeeze a toke…..

  80. Byo

    My 2 cents.
    Consideration- Will any new buys be eligible for the CL this season?
    My preferences- Vertonghen, a versatile defender who can play in LB, LMF and CB.
    Podolski, can play CF and LW.

    But am sure there are other considerations(that we may not know) by those in charge.
    P.S. And who in hell wants Denilson back?
    Rosicky, while not at his peak anymore, is the type of player we need in the squad. He is passionate and gives all.

  81. Dream10

    Tough times ahead for us.

    – We have one goalscorer

    – Almunia Mannone Jenkinson Djourou Squillaci Gibbs Denilson Diaby Arshavin Vela Bendtner Chamakh Park Eastmond on our wage bill

    – Walcott and Song need new contracts.
    – if Walcott is on 60k per week, he is going
    to want more, but does not deserve it
    – both are replaceable

  82. Bade

    I would like to see Vertonghen and De Rossi,

    My mind is full of traffic right now, so I’ll drop you my striking option later, and a creative CM too

  83. Gooby

    people suggesting we can get 4/5 players in january are too hopeful imo.

    He’d only get 1 or 2 player. Or nobody for that matter

  84. Azed

    I think our dream buys not being eligible for the CL is a plus for us…Guys remember there is a trophy aside the 4th place thats called the F.A cup….now those dream buys can play in the F.A and league which keeps RVP out of the F.A cup…the less games he plays, the more he might not need his annual league.
    Anyone get my drift??
    P.S Terry we have a bigger chance of winning the EPL than the CL