We qualified for the knockout stage and we’re 5th in the league, so why am I not celebrating?

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The reason teams fire their managers is because they are not doing a good job. That’s why when the Chavs are having a bad run, their manager is questioned, just like an unsuccessful manager in any line of business would be, let alone one that gets paid so much when he gets fired, he doesn’t need to work again (any EPL manager) .

Steve Bruce gets fired and Wenger sticks up for him, oh there’s a surprise, a £7mil man sticking up for another highly paid flop.

Thing is for some reason we all think to be a great manager you have to be a successful ex top pro footballer.

Why is that? Most ex pros aren’t that bright and would be incapable of running a business, that’s why in the old days, most of them had a tax free testimonial and bought a pub with the proceeds, nowadays they either become pundits like that dipstick Neville, chat show hosts like the muppets on Talk Shite or managers like Steve Bruce of Phil Brown.

Alf Ramsey, Herbert Chapman and of late Mourinho are all examples of great managers that were not top football players, that will tell you something, yes they all played at some level but so did most of us.

So here we all are lapping up our recent run, I’m not, yes I’m happy we are winning and playing some great football again but I’m unhappy we lost two of the worlds best footballers and didn’t replace them, in fact I’m feeling conned.

And someone still needs to explain to me why we let Cesc go on the cheap when he still had 3 years left on his contract, how is that good business or good management? Please, someone explain that one away! Even Barca had a laugh at that deal.

I watched us against Man City and marvelled at Chamberlain trying his best to rip them a new one, then I watched in horror as Wenger took him off, the worst excuse for a player I have seen for years, Chamakh stays on, he did nothing and he repeated the feat on Tuesday, he like Squillaci is hopeless, but he still gets played, why?

It’s because the manager doesn’t want to admit he screwed up. That’s not stubborn, that’s childish.

We went through this with Denilson, Bendtner, Clichy and Senderos, now we have to endure it with those two, and don’t even get me on the merits of Park.

The reason I’m not celebrating is because if he went out and bought 2 decent replacements for the two we lost, a goal scorer to replace Ade which he never did, and world class centreback, yes Cahill would be perfect (forget Bolton, they are a shite team, even Henry would look crap if he were there as well) then we would be in with a chance of winning the lot, right now we look like the only chance we have of qualifying for next year’s ECL is to win it this season. And we all know that won’t happen.

In January he should sign Hazard, Goetze, Cahill and anyone that can score goals in abundance.

We already have injuries and the reason we are in trouble is because we have no decent back up, we never do, this is groundhog day.

So this panacea that is Champions League means what exactly? The main reason it seems we exist is to qualify in the top four, in order to play a team in a few games we will eventually end up out of because we don’t have enough top players.

That’s it, it seems that’s our only target, it’s all Wenger talks about, he never talks FA Cup, he fields a weakened side in the Carling and he admitted we were out of contention in the League last September.

And now the Mancs are out of Europe we will probably need to finish top three to qualify. Yes they have top players but if we did we’d be better because Wenger is a better coach, not a great manager, but a top, top coach.

Anyway so now we may find ourselves having to raise the bar because we need to be in the top three, and with this squad, we have no chance, the purse needs to come out this Christmas or we’ll end up with nothing and lose our best players, again.

Have a nice day Grovers, this’ll give you something to muse over!

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