Wenger tells Stan to open his wallet and buy his dream man + Arsenal Champions League stuff

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It was so cold this morning, my touch screen began failing recognise my fingers. I hate winter and all it stands for. The football keeps me going and tonight is no exception as we take on Olympiacos over in Greece.

The only two players starting from the weekend will be Santos and Vermaelen. Whether Vermaelen will play is debatable. This could be a game for Miquel and Squillaci at the back with Yennaris slotting in at right back.

Midfield will probably contain Coquelin and Frimmers anchoring with Benny pulling the strings. Wenger has been talking about the pros and cons of Frimpong. Possibly a gee up before he moves out on loan.

“I love his raw enthusiasm,” remarked the Frenchman. “The only problem is to keep him on the right track. Like every generous guy, you don’t want to see him lose that. He’s a real fighter. You would love to go to war [alongside] Frimpong.

“But he also has to use his energy in a positive way because sometimes too much energy can be a handicap.

Very true Mr Wenger. Still, every manager would prefer to have enthusiasm over a total lack of it… ala Denilson.

The Front three will most likely be made up of AOC, Park and Chamakh.

Now this is either a game will win at a canter or one of this that will remind us of the difference in attitude between the fringe and the first. Andrey will be key for us tonight. Not because we need him to be spectacular, more because his presence and attitude of late has left us looking like 10 men. He’ll likely be with us until at least June. He should start pulling his finger out. He’s the biggest waste of talent since Nik B’s ego left the building.

The star man tonight will be AOC. He scored in the first leg and put on an excellent attacking display, though he was guilty of failing in his defensive duties. He’ll be the man opening up the Greeks and I’d comfortably say he’ll be our most potent attacker. Big praise for one so young.

Chamakh is in the last chance saloon for me and I’d suspect with Arsene. His partying won’t have escaped the ear of the management team and his lack lustre displays won’t have impressed anyone at the ground. He’s got to play like he means it or take the easy route out to Paris.

Wenger made an off the cuff statement to the press indicating that if he could put all his money on one striker, it’d be the Brazilian Neymar. Though not claiming he’s better than Pele he did indicate the talent was there.

“If I had the money today, I’d put it on Neymar. You can’t say that Neymar is Pele as he had won the World Cup by the age of 17.

“He has the potential to be one of the future great strikers but at the moment there’s a big difference between the Brazilian league and a European league.”

The Brazilian has been doing incredible things domestically and he’s weighed in Internationally. In 135 appearances over 3 seasons, he’s scored 79 and bagged 18 assists. He’s one of those sure-fire bets to be a superstar. Like buying a house in Holland Park… the chances of losing value are low.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if Stan heard Wenger’s plea? He really would make a statement with a purchase like that and my god, wouldn’t the sponsors approve, like a crowd of happy seals.

Nike exec left - Emirates right

Also, as a fan, when I read that headline endorphins rushed to my head like I’d just been given a £40k payrise. Football is about excitement, we haven’t had much of that on the transfer front. This would make up for 5 years of Silvestre like surprises.

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Anyway… Enough from me, who would you start this evening? Drop a comment below!

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  1. Gunner4Real

    Any credibility in us being in for Gourcuff on loan. He was injured a while ago and since coming back is being kept out the team by a Brazilian player.

    Is he still any good?

  2. goonermart

    just think, wenger brought crapmakh & shitllaci to our club, not as youngsters but fully grown adult ‘footballers’. Now how the fuck does that happen!

  3. gambon

    Haha so wenger the cunt defends the shite we saw tonight.

    Is it any wonder we can’t win anything and collapse spectacularly every season when our standards are so low?

  4. Doo Woop

    With santos possibly out, it would be atrxious not to buy in january, which is why I think cunt AW will not buy

    you complain about defence, attack? Look at our goalkeepers

    We have ONE goalkeeper, ONE, only ONE. If chesney goes injured 8-2 will be just in the first half

    chamakh and AA I had enough. This is not a playground, if you are in arsenal shirt, play fucking serious

  5. Big Dave

    Arsene Wenger confirms that Santos will be out for ‘a while’. Thomas Vermaelen likely to play at left-back against Everton on Saturday.

  6. Yipee Kai Yay

    Samir, how can you ever expect anyone to take any of your posts seriously. Chamack was free to AFC. has done sweet fa of note and you now think he’s worth £8mil? I want some of what you are having (just not what ever you are paying for it).

    Let me fix your post for future reference:
    Samir says:

    December 6, 2011 at 22:04

    Djourou – 4MB of ram for a Lenovo Thinkpad
    Fabianski – sell to local zoo to present the seal demonstration
    Mannone – send him with Flappy to hold the bucket of fish
    Denilson – Send him to wrok at nearest Lidl and recoup wages to bring in at least some value.
    Diaby – see if you can trade at poundsaver for a christmas present for someone’s gran (notoriously difficult to buy for). Maybe a raffle for the ST holders to decide who gets it.
    Chamakh – send him to ceventry, literally, they are that desperate they’d probably take him. Failing that 50p and he can go to pompey (but if latter get money up front and nop refunds).
    Arshavin – enough russian electricity to power emirates lights for next 10 years
    Squid – swap for greggs sandwich
    Rosicky – Swap for some band aids, savlon and slings to replenish stock.

  7. Doublegooner


    Both Keepers – 1 (0.5 each)
    Djourou – 4
    Squillaci – 2
    TV – 4.5
    Santos – 5
    Frimpong – 4
    Coq – 5
    Yos – 6
    Ox – 7
    Russian maggott – CUNT 0
    Greasepot – CUNT 0

  8. Yipee Kai Yay

    Gambon, the tragedy is that tommorrow the akb’s will be out in force citing ‘only our 2nd string’. conveniently forgetting that:

    a) Wenger bought them to maintain ‘qwalidee’ in the squad thoughout ‘the whole season’.
    b) at some point this season they will be called upon.

    It will be cast aside as a one-off, same as the United game, same as the Liverpool game, same as the fulham game, same as the blackburn game and same as the north london derby. You get the point.

    Idiots like Goon for 60 (who never actually left unfortunately for the rest of Le Grove) are the apologist in chief for their Le God. And their blinkered mantra spouting is what will kill the club, and even then they won’t see it.

    This isn’t about one result, this is about the bigger picture, and at the moment it looks more a fridge poster by the parents of a special school kid than a constable.


    that chamakh is utter shit, i would rather see afobe there, roll on african nations
    squilachi, fabianski, mannone djourou are all uselss, but we all knew that long ago
    anyway top the group rested the first team and roll on saturday

  10. leon

    to be honest i realy dont get the decision to rest all of our key players particualy when they have not qualified the loss mainly due putting such an weak team out.

    alot of fans are saying that we need a striker extremly badly but in my scoring is just down to striker players like thoe givenho aa risicky ramsey arteter ect also gor chip in and score.

  11. Ricky V

    I don’t understand why people are being so harsh after just one game. After the Man City CC (comparable opposition to Olympiacos) game everyone was happy about our “2nd team” looking solid and now that some of them had a bad game everyone’s calling for Wenger’s head? Let’s just see what happens in the rest of Dec and the transfer window before we begin these accusations. You’d of thought we’d just been relegated by the comments!

  12. Lurch

    why not, I too enjoy a little slow ritualistic torture.

    do your blood pressure a favour and forget about it.

    in other news we have 3 shinny new statues and are 99% certain of signing Goetze due to their UCL fail. 😉

  13. SUGA3

    Goetze would be nice, but we also need a striker, because as expected, Chamakh is fucking poo…

    and expect him to stick around, as no idiot will buy him!

    disheartening to read about Demise of the Meerkat too!

  14. SUGA3

    agreed mate, I had great hopes for him, wanted to reach nearly DB10-esque levels and end his career here, but he clearly does not want to be here for some reason…

  15. Robert

    Fyck our second team is bad.

    5 things we learned/knew already:

    1. Our second choice keepers are shit. Like, really shit. Third division shit. Fuck me.

    2. Any back four that has squid and JD will concede multiple goals

    3. We need a striker. Anyone would be better than our current reserve strikers.

    4. Benny looks ok and should be taken on a year contract

    5. Frimpong is years from being ready.

  16. Lurch

    apocalyptically shit.

    suga3, its worth just watching the first 20 minutes for a laugh at flappy’s expense, the hilarity of his little face buried in the grass in shame after he ‘cut’ his knee is golden

  17. SUGA3

    I can’t stand the very sight of this twunt in the hallowed shirt from day one, so I guess I will give it a miss…

    always thought he was not good enough, he is just GK department’s answer to The Lego Haired One!

  18. zeus

    ‘apocalyptically shit.’

    Hahahahaha. Classic. Lurch at your OTT best..

    I didn’t see any of it, but was the team really that awful. Chamakh was his typical self I’m sure but what of the rest.?really that

  19. Lurch


    very poor, our workrate was dire up top and the ball wasn’t sticking and they pressed in packs, our youngsters couldn’t make any space for themselves and the pressure just piled on JD, Squillaci, Flappy and Mannone and they snapped.

    Shava is cooked, finito – he’s leaving a bad taste in the mouth, the others despite their incompetence at least gave a shit.


  20. Bade

    Arsene must be blind if he thinks any of those fringe players can slot in nicely in the first XI when needed

    Have to say I was disappointed by the performance of Tommy. He was nowhere near his regular standards

  21. Bade

    Suddenly, When Mannone came in, I thought Fabianski is a good keeper….. Mannone outshone all Flappy’s falters

    I remembered the horrible display of Flappy against Porto. It was of that caliber

  22. Bade

    JD and Squillaci….. WOWOWOWOWOWOW

    Like, can you really describe in plain words how shocking both were?

    They shouldn’t get near the first team, not even as ball boys…. I’d have Miquel in the queue days before them. I’d rather play midfielders and not those two. Horrible

  23. Bade

    Chamakh was pure shite. You can’t consider it 11 vs 11 when he’s on the pitch. He’s a nothing player, a waste of a squad number…..

    AA23, as painful to watch as Chamakh. He doesn’t give a fuck, he’s stopped trying for the team. That’s it, as much as I rate him, he has to be sold this January.

  24. Bade

    Yossi was the only player to produce a reasonable game, great goal and great assist that Rosa couldn’t finish well

  25. Bade

    But the amount of bad passes from the squad was something of rare quantity I reckon

    I don’t remember a single player to have made more successful passes than unsuccessful ones, again bar Yossi

    JD and Squillaci were passing the ball around our box directly to the Greeks under no pressure. Mannone too. That was odd to watch. Even Tommy made a few embarrassing passes…..

    Those are football basics, what’s the hell?

  26. passionandpride

    Wenger is a compulsive headline-hunter. At no time, he would like to have any player in Arsenal who would take more credit than him. Hence, he sells players those who become bigger than him in the club.
    Knowing fully well his statements could get interpreted the way all the above 750-odd comments have done, he made such a statement. He is a wicked soul out there to ruin Arsenal with his peanuts.

  27. gnarleygeorge9

    Why all the fuss? It was a dead rubber.

    But yes, watching Mannone & Flappy brought back bad memories. Both should be replaced & should be squillaci 🙁

  28. goonermart

    Doublegooner says:
    December 6, 2011 at 22:56


    Both Keepers – 1 (0.5 each)
    Djourou – 4
    Squillaci – 2
    TV – 4.5
    Santos – 5
    Frimpong – 4
    Coq – 5
    Yos – 6
    Ox – 7
    Russian maggott – CUNT 0
    Greasepot – CUNT 0

    Ha Ha Ha, wouldn’t disagree one bit, love the keeper rating, spot on.


    Yipee Kai Yay says:
    December 6, 2011 at 23:03


    Agree 100% Sad to think that’s the next best 11 players the great wenger can bring to the club. Shocking!

  29. Mayank

    I told you this would happen. If you’re playing a second string squad in Greece go all the way don’t put your first teamers in harms way. We’ve never won away in Greece what’s the point in risking your only left back in a dead rubber. I wouldn’t care if Pat Rice played there. There was absolutely no impetus to win.

  30. Ricky V

    I don’t understand. One bad game and then le Coq, the Ox, and Frimpong are shit? I understand the rants about Chamakh, AA, JD, and Squid but you can’t judge a player just on one game when they’ve been consistently performing through the start of the season

  31. Gooby

    arshavin really is an enigma, he doesn’t seem able to pass the ball properly at the moment. I don’t know what’s the matter with him and i don’t think it’s just being lazy (he had that kind of attitude in the past but always found a way to perform).

    He also covered a lot of ground yesterday, we need his talent at the moment. Used to be a genius counter attacking player and passer in the final 3rd and ffs what happened to his finishing

  32. Bade

    The only positive bit about yesterday, was the fact Chavs got the 1st spot, that means we can play Leverkusen, Zenit, Milan, Ajax, or Tranzospor/Lille, and Napoli if they manage to win away al Villareal

    Fairly easy ties, bar Milan

  33. nishanth

    Awful game yesterday.I know there was nothing at stake for us but you expect the fringe player to put on a good show.If yesterday’s game showed us anything it is that Szczesny is as important if not more than RVP.We need to buy an experienced back up keeper during january.Frimpong definitely needs to go on loan.Chamakah should just fuck off.He could barely control the ball.Fed up with arshavin as well.He was lively in the first half but was the worst player in the second half

  34. Robert

    Le coq, oxo and frimpong aren’t shit.

    Just dreadfully inexperienced. I’d say le coq id ahead of the others in terms of being able to play consistent football.

    Frimpong is years away, and oxo will play one in 4 good games.

    They will all be good players, just need years of playing every week to gain that consistency required to play for a top club.

    Arsh, chamack are shit. If we sell them, we might net 10mill and be able to buy a slightly less bad second striker.

  35. Mayank

    Bade Ox had 93% pass completion. In yesterday’s game that at least merits a 7. Arsh 73%, Chamakh 62%. If both of them are still playing games for us past the winter window we’d have fucked up.

  36. gambon

    Yes thats right. If you do nothing but complete 93% of your passes you get a 7. What a joke.

    That means Denilson got a 7 every game he ever played.

  37. Mayank

    If everyone in our squad had 93% pass completion we’d have drawn 1-1. There was very little space available to us and Ox was continuously double teamed with no support from JD. The fact that he still completed 93% of his passes is commendable. Of course there’s also the question of how many he attempted and how many times he lost the ball. Denilson would probably get a 7 in every game he had 93% completion if he didn’t fuck up defensively.

  38. gambon

    Always AKBs ready to try and defend the pathetic displays.

    Yipee Kai Yays post from last night is 100% spot on.

    Yesterday showed exactly why we’re falling apart, and cant win anything.

  39. Mayank

    Are you blind my first post today explains my point of view about the match. And I’d said the same thing before the match. No point flogging a dead rubber.

  40. DeiseGooner

    Some of the players out there last night really showed why they are ‘second string’. Did themselves no favours whatsoever. Ah well we live and learn. Well lets hope some of those young guys learn from that game. They really need to be up for a game of that intensity. The greeks really went for it, a few calm heads on our team and we would have easily got a draw from that game. The few guys who should have shown up (Squil, Arshavin, Benay, Chamakh, Fabs, Djourou) because they would want to be considered a starter really left it in the dressing room and not out on the pitch. Sure it was a nothing game in the context of the competition itself but it was a big chance for squad competition, but they kinda blew it, didnt they?

  41. fanboy

    I’m kind of an AKB but I have to say there were no redeeming features for the team yesterday.
    The only positive that I can take from that game is that it was probably the final audition to see who stays and who gets reported to the fa for being scam artists pretending to be footballers (although why verm and santos started is beyond me).

  42. Pininho

    You’ve got to check out the Manchester United fan posts following their defeat. Favourite sentiment so far, “Sir Alex, time to admit you’re past it – always overpaying for average players, this team is not good enough. You should get off you Scottish behind and look at what modern managers such as Wenger are doing turning raw talent into world class players.” Exquisite.

    In fact, I don’t even the Grovers would go that far.