Wenger says no to striker | Gervinho makes Hazard recommendation | Wigan – Arsenal preview!

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Good morning! For the second time. So my technical issues are sorted… nothing a bit of aspirin couldn’t fix!

“If we have no injuries, we should get away with it because we have Chamberlain, who can play there. Park, Arshavin and Van Persie.

“So we still have offensive players, but we could be a bit short if we have an injury.”

The above quote is in reference to signing a striker in January. I’m not sure how to take the comment, generally when Wenger says he won’t buy, he means it. The thought of heading into the run in with just Chamakh and Park and hoping we’ll ‘get away’ with it sends shivers down my spine. Why just try and get away with it? Arsene Wenger is the guy who drives his car into the red part of the fuel gauge. You know there’s supposed to be 40 miles in the tank, you’ve heard it’s a legal requirement, but there’s every chance this is lie your mate Dave perpetuates down the pub. You could run out of fuel at any moment. If you make it back from Tesco’s without having to fill up… you’re a hero… if your car clinks to a spluttering halt. You’ve just cost yourself double what filling up would have done.

The cost of us running out of fuel could be the £25million Champions League money. I’m hoping he’ll see the light. I’m hoping he’s just made a motivational bluff. I don’t suppose Chamakh needs anything else to dent his almost non-existent confidence. A move for Di Natale would be perfect, Thierry for two months would be a sound move… hell, I’d even accept David Vila on loan.

Arsene… don’t be a plank, fill up the tank.

Wenger also took time out to dash a young Mexicans dream of joining the club.  Marco Fabian de la Mora will not be joining Arsenal. Despite having a fabulous name and bundles of enthusiasm, it appears his agent has been telling porkies in the press to land his man a move to the greater riches of Europe.

Gervinho has weighed in with his transfer recommendations. He says Arsenal should take Hazard from Lille.

“I would advise Mr Wenger to get Eden to pack his cases and come here. His game would really suit Arsenal’s.”

The wide man is going to be a huge talent wherever he decides to go. My guess is he’ll likely end up at Madrid. I’m not sure we could afford him and Gotze and the German does seem to be Wenger’s favoured target

Diaby picking up another injury is an interesting one. Wenger says that he’s put a lot of effort into sorting his broken body out and he’s very low after another set back. Now, I understand he doesn’t want to be injured, I understand it’s not his fault… but there does come a point when you have to ask if his squad place is killing the chance for someone else to progress? How long do you persist? If we’re so obsessed with value, where do we see it in Diaby? He’s never fit. Even when he is functioning, it’s not like we’re dealing with a world beater. I’d love to see what he could do with a 15 game run in the side, I just fear he’ll never manage that…


We take on Wigan in the dreaded north-west of England. They’re not a good side, so we should deal with them relatively easily. That said, they’ve caused us plenty of issues in the past. However, with the form we’re in league wise, they shouldn’t pose a threat. They’re not disciplined and they’re not particularly sharp in attack. We need to use today as an opportinuty to make up points and goal difference on those in front of us.

I’d love to see the goal duties shared out today and I’d love to see us play with some confidence and swagger. I’m expecting a big game from Theo and I’m hoping Gervinho breaks his goal duck and shows us all that he is top quality. I’m imagining the side is going line up like it has done so regularly this season.


Kos Mertesacker Vermaelen Santos

Arteta Song Rambo

Gervinho Robin Theo

Lets bang in an early goal and hope our Saturday afternoon is a nice, simple 3 points!

Catch you tomorrow for the match report! For streams, see in the comments… there are always plenty!

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  1. Ricky

    Do you bet on other sports IG?

    I’ve had some good wins on boxing this year.. Most of my predictions have come right.

  2. IvoryGoonz

    Ricky: I do other sports, but not boxing, dont know boxing enough 😉
    football-tennis-snooker-rugby essentially
    tried dogs and golf but im not good at it 🙂

  3. Hussain


    Yeah, he might not have Cesc anymore to feed him through balls but now he has a functioning footballing brain, works really well Gerv, VP and Arteta! His crossing has improved as well

  4. IvoryGoonz

    still have the following, but not really counting on it 😉

    Single EW
    Lee Westwood @ 4/9
    Tournament Winner – LiveOpen
    Sun City Nedbank Challenge – Tournament Winner Live
    Stake: £10.00
    Potential Returns: £12.66

    Single To Win
    Hamburg @ 10/11
    Hamburg v Nurnberg
    Stake: £10.00
    Potential Returns: £19.09

    Single To Win
    Malaga @ 6/4
    Real Sociedad v Malaga
    Stake: £10.00
    Potential Returns: £25.00

  5. Ricky

    If you need advice for boxing give me a shout.. I reckon i could help..

    I made bets with paddy power in september for the mayweather vs ortiz fight. They were giving 5/2 odds on mayweather to win by KO/TKO.. I knew the fight wouldn’t go past round 8 so put £400 on mayweather..

    Coupla weeks back manny pacquiao vs marquez were 40/1 with william hill. Most ppl thought the fight wouldnt go past 6 because of the level of oppo pacquiao has beaten. however, i knew marquez took pacquiao all the way in there previous 2 fights because of he’s awkward style & i thought this fight would also go all the way so put all my winnings & bet cash from the mayweather fight on & whadda u know.. The fight went all the way & thanks to the crooked judges things went my way.

    I’ve got another small one on for tonights fight with miguel cotto vs antonio margarito.. Fingers crossed! 🙂

  6. Ricky

    With boxing it’s always better if you can predict the way the fight ends.. It can be unpredictable but thats just like all sports.

    P.s 20 not 40/1.. Wish it was tho. 🙂

  7. Bade

    Well Kwik

    I had the page opened since the morning with the comments, so I just refreshed and didn’t check the new post!!!!

  8. Ricky


    You can get 5/2 on cotto to win by tko.. Margarito has had two eye surgeries since he’s last fight because of a brutal beating by the hands of pacquiao.. I can’t see that eye holding up tonight & cotto is a big puncher. Expect the fight to be stopped half way through.

    Klitschko is almost not worth betting on because all he’s fight are so one sided. Heavyweight fighters are non exsistent nowadays.

    Margarito was caught with plaster in he’s hand wraps a fight against Shane Mosley & possibly had wore them in previous fight against cotto.. This man should be banned from boxing but when you got corrupt promoters there’s nothing much you can expect.

  9. IvoryGoonz

    Ricky: ok, no answer.
    gone for that:

    Miguel Angel Cotto Round 3 @ 33/1
    Stake : £20.00
    Estimated Returns : £680.00

    Miguel Angel Cotto Round 4 @ 33/1
    Stake : £20.00
    Estimated Returns : £680.00

    Miguel Angel Cotto Round 5 @ 33/1
    Stake : £20.00
    Estimated Returns : £680.00

    Miguel Angel Cotto Round 6 @ 33/1
    Stake : £20.00
    Estimated Returns : £680.00

    Antonio Margarito @ 6/4
    Stake : £40.00
    Estimated Returns : £100.00

    what do you think?

  10. IvoryGoonz

    Ricky: alright. added

    Miguel Angel Cotto By KO TKO TD or DQ @ 3/1
    Stake : £50.00
    Estimated Returns : £200.00

    let’s hope it goes according to plan 😉

  11. goonermart

    have to say that is my current favorite french songwriter-guitaris now too, it’s the only one i know though!

  12. IvoryGoonz

    and my favorite french roots band, for Pedro’s hangover
    it’s about a guy who always promise he’ll stop drinking 🙂

  13. IvoryGoonz

    last one, for me dad, from a band from Bretagne, singing in french, breton, gaelic,
    if you’re ever in Bretagne and they play around, have a go, you wont be deceived,

  14. IvoryGoonz

    no problem.
    just dont know if I can last til 3 o’clock

    I put another bet on margarito just to get even if cotto doesnt win, and a lower one on cotto to win, with the others. let’s hope cotto wins between 3rd and 6th round 🙂

  15. goonerboy

    Great result against Wigan-and not a bad performance. Wigan were very poor though-they look a cert for relegation on this form.
    I agree with Pedro-Wenger will stick to his no spend in January policy. We might have a big squad-but we are short of strikers and only have one striker in form.
    Credit where its due-Wenger and Pat Rice have turned things around since September-largely as a result of RVP’s goals and improved performances from a number of players–
    But Arsene, like so many of his supporters seems to get carried away by a few wins at this time of the year against moderate opposition. He obviously didn’t notice how toothless we look whenever RVP is missing from the side. So we are relying on a bloke to stay fit for every game who has only averaged 16 games per season who has one of the worst injury records at the club.

    What’s at stake is a place in the ECL. In order to do this, we have to make up ground on our rivals -all of whom have stronger squads than us-
    Any thoughts of keeping RVP or buying a top striker in the summer will disappear down the toilet if we don’t qualify for the ECL-along with a minimum of 40m.
    It can’t be argued that there is no money.
    Sitting on his hands during the January transfer window perhaps selling the odd squad player-shows he and the management and Board at the club have not done a proper risk analysis and have learned nothing at all from last seasons debacle-it suggests that they are incompetent.

  16. gnarleygeorge9

    I think Gervinho is a ticking time bomb & is about to go off. I reckon he has a bunch of goals in him that could reveal themselves during the next rounds of the CL. Arteta is getting better & Per & TV are getting to know each other.

    And man city keep winning, scoring, etc, etc. Arabs should stay in the desert 👿