Brazilian Dzeko heavily linked | Diaby out AGAIN | Arsenal – Wigan Preview

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He likes bikes.

You booze you lose… Pints of water before bed won’t undo the damage of a kebab and 6 pints…

An early morning life lesson for anyone heading out tonight.

Right, in the news… what do we have today?

Well, firstly, Steve Bruce packed his bags after some serious under performance at Sunderland. Arsene Wenger leapt to his defence to insist it was wrong… Like he always does. I’m not sure what it is with football managers. They’re paid handsomely to deliver. If it doesn’t work out, Chairman have to act to protect their clubs.

Look where loyalty till the bitter end took Middlesbrough. Or West Hams extended faith in Avram Grant. Sometimes you have to identify a problem and be bold. All this managers union nonsense makes for very transparent reading.

In transfer news, the newspapers are linking us with the who’s who of world goal scorers. Today we’re paired with Brazilian goal machine Damiao. He’s bagged 41 goals in 50 odd games at Internacional. Spurs were priced out of a summer move for him and rumour has it they still might be… Β£25million is always a massive risk when purchasing from an inferior league. For every fat Ronaldo there’s a Manchester City Jo.

I’m not sure what I think of this story, though it has to be said, it would be nice to buy a goal scorer opposed to fashioning one out of half decent athletic attributes. The Brazilian looks like a bit of a bully up front, similar in style to Dzeko.

Team news for Wigan away is pretty standard. Diaby is out for 10 days with a slight muscular problem. Obviously two games took it’s toll on a man my grandma would take on in a bleep test. Rosicky is also injured and won’t travel.

Other than that we’re looking sound as a pound. The team should line up refreshed and raring to rip Wigan a new one. A front three in the form Gervinho, Theo and Robin are in shouldn’t come away with anything less than a goal fest.

It would be nice if the wide pairing of the 3 weighed in with some goals. It’s all well relying on the hottest striker in world football to bail you out, but there surely comes a point as a player when you tire of Robin taking all the plaudits.

If Theo wants a future centrally, he’d best show us he can finish. If Gervinho wants to slot right back into the side when he comes back from the ACN, he’s going to need to start firing. I can’t imagine it’ll take the Ox long to start banging them in.

Midfield get off a little lighter, I appreciate Song and Arteta tend to anchor more. However, the Spaniard wasn’t afraid of the goal when he played for Everton was he?

Right that’s enough rambling from me. Have a superb day and let the jokes roll… It’s Friday!

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  1. goonerboy

    Interesting comments re Goetze allegedly the view of his Bendtner like old man-that we are not a step up from Dortmund-that is a realistic position at one level-looking at their stadium and their current squad- but has Dortmund got half a million world wide fans, our income and market potential? Has it hell. Outside of Germany they don’t have much of a profile. There are very good reasons to join us-firstly our league is much more competitive than the Bundesliga and attracts much more commercial interest and makes much more money, secondly Wenger will make him a better player-than Mourinho ever will or he will ever be at Munich or in Italy.

    He looks good at times-and seems to have great potential but I can’t see what the fuss is really about-I am not convinced that German forwards travel that well-and you have to go back to the Klinsmann days-at the end of his career for a German player who really made an impact elsewhere and I reckon that the best Brazilians are for the most part a far better bet.
    Never the less it is all empty speculation- because Arsenal’s Board have only ever talked about spending more than 17 m on a single player- they have never done so- and are not going to in the current financial climate-we are going to sell far more than we buy.