Gotze… it’s on, but is it really on? | Gazidis and his big worry | Arsenal tour review

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Before I kick off into the Arsenal Tour stuff thought I’d give my thoughts into some of the news floating about.

Firstly the story that has you all dreaming of a mega signing in January. Well, I was with John Cross and Tim Payton last night. John thinks we’ll most certainly be making a move for the young German in January. The club realise he’ll be hotter than the underside of a Villas Boas collar this summer, so January might be our only chance.

Tim thinks this might be PR spin to a certain degree. If the worst happens… 1) We keep our powder dry through January 2) We finish 5th… Ivan Gazidis will have to preside over a baying mob of upper class hoodlums and explain why £50million profit is acceptable.

The CEO will be desperate to reinforce this January, so expect movement.

It’s also worth remembering that we can afford to do this as we’ll also be receiving £25-30million from the Queensland Road development. Did you know Arsenal own the land where the Metro bar is next to the station? I didn’t…

Agents fees…

Arsenal announced to the web yesterday that our fees for agents was £4.6million. Apparently much of that went to Chamakh’s people. One can only assume into his party time fund.

Spurs and United…

It’s always amusing to watch your rivals lose games. However, I think United losing was always possibly going to be on the cards. Fergie doesn’t prize the Carling Cup over the other three, especially with a squad that hasn’t been performing. Then there is Spurs, we can all laugh, but I told you during pre-season their sole focus was attaining Champions League Football. So we can laugh at the 26k that turned up, but rest assured, Spurs European campaign is bang on track.

Gervinho solution…

I was fearing the exclusion of the Ivory Coast wing machine in January to the ACN. It’s amazing how many people I meet who are not convinced by his potential.

Anyway… I think AOC is more than capable of holding the fort through that period. Hopefully we’ll buy a striker who can help. Even if it’s Thierry for a final hurrah.

Arsenal Tour…

Last night I was invited to attend the new super interactive Arsenal stadium tour. I’d never been on an Arsenal tour before, mainly because I remember being bored to tears doing the old Wembley tour when I was about 8.

The jist of the offering was that previously the tour had a capacity of 100k per year. With this new style version the sky is the limit… No longer are Arsenal constrained.

How do they manage that? With a giant key fob that has a colour screen of course! Yep, you get a digi box with some headphones and you’re sent on your merry way.

Now, I will say, being a social kind of guy, I struggled with the solitude of it all. You’re basically on your own you’re paying attention to the interactive tour guide. This worked out ok for me, having no friends finally paid off.

The tech is pretty smart. Bob Wilson gives you the lowdown on pretty much everything. If something is boring, he’ll jazz it up with media, if it’s exciting, there’s no additional media, you’re just left to explore.

Basically you get free rein of the Emirates. You came mooch round the dressing room, hang in the dugouts or leave illicit transfer notes in Ivan’s Diamond Club chair.

Some interesting facts…

  • It took 6million hours to build the stadium. Roughly the same amount of time it took me to programme my central heating.
  • We have one of the first stadium tours that translates into Mandarin. I checked as well, the translation is good.
  • The stadium is capable of pouring 2400 beers a minute. The staff are at 2% of that capacity.
  • There is a dog toilet in the stadium
  • We used to be called the Arsenal. Herbert Chapman dropped ‘The’ in the thirties so we’d always be first alphabetically. Mark Zuckerberg copied his method at Facebook.
  • The Queen is a Gooner. Block 14 so I’m told.

Route in via player car park


Lonely man with no friends + press bit for writing up their reports.


Where Wenger hangs during pressers.


Giant talking key fob (That guides you).


When I was told I'd see three busts in the first room, this was not what I was expecting


Creepy view from Diamond Club

Diamond Club Chair... oh what's that? My iPad?


Discovery of note book wedged inside Ivan's chair?


Swanky clock...


Looking out the tunnel...


Poster they have on the away dressing room wall


How Robin would look in a shirt


Subs bench... they have feet heaters the birds congregate round in the winter. Ahh, sweet.


Man of the match booth


Samir Nasri's plate...



I think there is something for everyone here, it’s well worth having a look regardless of how many times you’ve been to the ground. Charles from Marketing, Mark Gonnella from Communications and Katie (good banter) from PR hung around at the end for a chat at the end. All very indoctrinated in the Arsenal way which is great to see/hear. I had quite an extensive chat with Mark and he seemed really excited about our commercial prospects as a club. He said that there is a commercial vision that is going to take time to realise, but they think they’re on the right track… especially in Asia where he said setting up shops and training schools has in the main, been an exercise in white elephantery.

I think a learning curve for anyone working in the business side of sport is that it’s emotive, so the standard decisions you’d make with a theatre enterprise can’t necessarily be transferred over to a football club. Case and point… season ticket prices.

The tour is a step in the right direction and the openness the club has had with the fans over the past year is too.

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P.S. Happy Birthday Arsenal!

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  1. goonermart

    he’s miles better than song, funny i dont think they have lost in the league since they signed him and are within 2 points of man u with a game in hand. He’s nearly always been there best player too.

    If we had bought him in summer it would be a double bonus, we’d have him and the spud’s wouldn’t

  2. DaleDaGooner

    Thank you zeus…..but like someone rightly pointed out, the madness on this place sometimes, the 2 sides are as bad as each other…like someone saying this “Funny how in the eyes of an AKB wenger can take the credit for success but never get blamed when he fails. How does that work?”

    Same person will slag him and yet won’t credit him when he does well…..two mad sets of people

    The Arsene ass kissers and the Arsene bum spankers.

  3. goonermart

    better than being an arsene bum fucker like you. When wenger does something worthy of praise I’ll give it, unfortunately thats unlikely.

  4. DaleDaGooner

    goonermart…go and sleep, bedtime calls. when you write like that, i can’t take you serious. I just stated i can’t stand neither of you idiots and you try to lump me in the circus.

    Typical, if you can’t get a reasonable rationale out of your head and you run into intelligence, next thing is to label that entity “an AKB” EVEN IF THAT PERSON HAS NO AFFILIATION TO ARSENE WHAT-SO-EVER, BUT TO THE CLUB ITSELF. GROW SOME BALLS MARTY.

    I deride Arsene for the shit fucks, and I give him his due when he gets it right, I don’t act like a village idiot ranting doom every single day, something you are well into.

  5. Lurch

    is hoggie ape slang for twat?

    take your meds or help me out because I literally have no idea what your on about?

    I’ll scratch it up to a humour fail.

  6. DaleDaGooner

    Spanking the bad little Arsene is like a culture these days, some just want to be a part of it, kinda like embracing Tom of Finlan (Lurch you seem to like his work)

  7. goonermart

    I said arguably be the stand out player of the season so far, Arguably!

    Song is not even within the top twenty! Spot the difference.

  8. HumAnimal

    Oh transfers round the corner guess its time for most to get back off the wenger wagon…
    I think like i said a rep for gerv and a supplementary player for VP is all i want… i wouldnt even be that bummed if we dont sign any1 this jan… i kind of want to see what wenger has planned for the rest of the season.

    incase any1 is thinking of calling me an AKB for that statement, i’m not… but i respect him and hows he’s managed to turn our results around with this squad. that is all.

  9. Lurch

    oh dear, just when i thought your posts couldn’t get any more cliched & purile….

    dale – the – blog – gimp that keeps on giving.

  10. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    look they eluded to it in the blog, terry henry will be back injab=n as support for rvp. if you think he will buy more, well…….

  11. goonermart

    Ha Ha, your an AKB dale and you dont even know it.
    Your typical in that you try to abuse anyone that post’s against wenger.
    I’ve never abused you first. After a good win or performance I post on here and am happy but I will never except the standard we have aloud ourselves to drop to. The standard wenger has dragged us down to with his vain idealistic myopic cause.

  12. HumAnimal

    goonermart i actually agree with you when it comes to the lowered standards, but i honestly think he’s the man to get us out, some of the guys here wanted AVB and Owen Coyle to be our managers.

  13. Keyser

    goonermart – Go on, why’s Parker arguably the player of the season soo far, and why’s Song not even in the top 20.

  14. goonermart

    HumAnimal, maybe a few years ago I thought that, but after watching good players leave but wengers ‘boys’ stay with out merit, my view changed. Wenger could have been a great manager if he was not so stubborn and did not try to be a clever dick.

    Just for instance why did we let Bendtner leave and keep shitmakh?

  15. Keyser

    goonermart – Heh, you won’t as long as you don’t start talking shit.

    Don’t worry about it though, that’s enough really.

  16. HumAnimal

    but you cant deny, goonermart, that our team is looking better than the last few years, maybe not on paper but in terms of heart, this team has it. he’s brought in defenders who are proving themselves, he bought an experienced head in the midfield and we’re in the market for another offensive player… AW and us the fans have been let down by ponces like Nasri and Ade, his policy has always been if you think your above arsenal then fuck off, thats left us wit a determined bunch of players who i love watching right now.

  17. goonermart

    Yes we are on a good run at the moment but I truly believe that this season we will not make the top four. Then will Theo, Song and RVP do a ‘Nasri & Ade’?

    We should have had a decent striker to play against city on tuesday, if we did we would have been in with a shout of the carling cup

    Would wenger have made those signings if he wasn’t under so much pressure from the fans.

    What will be the new ‘trophy’ if we don’t regain 4th this year?

  18. goonermart

    I’ve been dating a homeless women recently, and I think it’s getting serious.

    She asked me to move out with her.