Dzeko (£28million) to Johnson (£8million) to Aguerro (£38million) GOAL. Ratings + Review

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Ahhh well. What can you say? It’s not like we hadn’t planned for this. Like heading into a fight with Mike Tyson, you know the outcome, all you can do is give a good account of yourself and hope you don’t get your ear bitten off. Sadly, there was no sucker punch from us, but I tell you what, we put in a spirited performance and gave a fantastic account of ourselves.

I know it’s a bit patronising, but we’re not dealing with any old team here. We’re dealing with a club that can afford to loan out a player they deemed worthy of an £170k a week contract, whilst footing half of the salary that our top earner would be lucky to take home. In fact, they’re so flush, they’ve got a player on £90k a week who can’t even be assed to go on loan. They’re  grotesque anomaly in the Premiership, so when our reserves go out and give them a good game, it’s something to be proud off. £35mill versus £119million.

There were some very encouraging individual performances we can talk about. I thought Coquelin looked fantastic on the ball and a menace going forward. He has an amazing ability to adapt to whatever role he is asked to play. He played superbly in the middle of park, popping up with crunching tackles, distributing the ball with a great range of passing. His pass across the face of the box early on found Park who looked certain to score but for a superb reflex save from a keeper whose name wouldn’t look out of place on a bottle next to the Vagisil in Tesco.

Chamberlain did his reputation no harm with a marauding performance out wide. Like Theo, he likes to cut in, but unlike his older team-mate, he has amazing composure on the ball and a footballing brain of a player 5 years older than his young self. Whether he was hitting the wing or cutting inside, he was threatening. He was unlucky the City keeper was in such great form. His rasping first time shot mid first half looked to be edging into the top corner until it was clawed out in spectacular fashion.

The whole team seemed enthused. We were pressing City in the same way Barcelona press teams. It was forcing mistakes and working to great effect in a game that was end to end like a proper old fashioned English cup tie. I think the only result both teams didn’t want yesterday was a draw.

Fabianski took time out to remind us why he’s number two with a tremendous flap for a corner. It’s good that he does that, it reminds you how good our number 1 is.

Nasri was being booed on every touch, he thought he’d been taken off early but the Mancini was actually taking off Kolorov and bringing on Aguerro.

The second half was a bit more of a cagey affair, City finally opened the scoring from the most disappointing of situations. We conceded possession from a corner. Dzeko fed in Johnson, he turned and played in Aguerro… from there, a low driven strike past Fabianski was the only outcome on the card.

Our night was over. The Argentinian superstar had buried us.

That didn’t stop us battling to the end. A late cross into the box at the death was marginally missed by Chamakh. Why haven’t I written much about him and Park? Mostly because they were anonymous. Neither took the opportunity by the scruff of the neck and they sum up quite nicely why bargain basement isn’t always the best way to go. If a striker isn’t on the January sales list… we could find ourselves in a serious bit of bother should Robin not be fit for the rest of the season.

Hopefully we’ll look at the goal record of whoever we buy, we obviously didn’t with those two and oh how it shows. Chamakh is an impressionist, someone trying to impersonate a top class striker, but hideously out their depth… struggling with even the simplest of lay offs. Park, well, I’m not sure what he does. It doesn’t help playing next to someone so bad, but he still didn’t do much for me. He needs to shape up if he wants to be taken seriously as anything other than a marketing ploy.

We lost, but for me, there was no shame in losing a game like that. I’m encouraged City had to bring on their superstars to beat us. I think their sheen is well and truly rubbing off. Hopefully a dip is on the way. They’re not that good.

How we react to this defeat will tell us what we need to know about this season. Wigan away, the place we ballsed things up last season. Let’s see what the character and mental spirit is like this time around!

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Fabianski – Didn’t really have too much to do. Quick off his line when needed, flappy by nature from crosses. 6

Koscielny – Super game from the Frenchman. Throws his all into everything. 7.5

JD – Better game from the big Swissman! Looked more composed on the ball, with a bit more confidence. 7

Squillaci – Very solid game from the Frenchman. Slotted in perfectly and gave a good account of himself. 7

Miquel – Was turned early on by Johnson, but grew with the game. Not really sure he’s built for full backery. 6.5

Frimpong – Solid game from our erratic but lovable defensive midfielder. No idea why he was allowed to take the freekick in the end. Had a bit of handbags at the end with Samir. 7

Francis Coquelin – Great game, really like him as a player, he has that terrier like attitude we all love. He also has composure and great passing. 7.5

Yossi Benayoun (c) – Not an amazing game but he kept the ball well. 6

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – Top performance after a slightly poor outing last time. Was at the heart of everything, busy, creative and hard-working. Could be a spectacular player after February. 8

Marouane Chamakh – He’s not interested. He really didn’t do anything to show the fans he gave a crap today. Bad control, poor passing and no instinct for the goal. What a waste of 3 seasons tracking. 4

Park – Nearly scored a tap in early on but was denied by a great save. Ok striker, but he really does look like £3million worth of player at the moment. 5

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  1. Gazthegooner

    Well said today Pedro not much wrong in what you said about our performance last night was well proud of the boys last night.

    Craigy you need true supporters whom live and breathe arsenal to get that intense atmosphere in a ground not these corperate bigotts turning up because their firm gave them some free tickets. Also stewards telling you to sit down and stop swearing!

    Desperate for striker, David Villa for Barca is not getting games and is rumoured to be unsettled, got to be worth a inqury, i would love to see Di Natale come in coz he is a class act and a great leader. but the man is as loyal as a old dog, so that 1 is out the question. But i think Padolski is a relistic target, also if we could nick Llorente the spanish chap i think he would a mustard signing. Also Sorenson would make excellent cover for Chezza!

    January would also be time to clear out the droz, Almunia – Free Transfer, Squillaci – whatever we can get, Denilson – 3M, Dialby – 3M, Arshavin – 5M, Shitmack – whatever someone is willing to pay!

  2. alan b'stard M P

    AC Gooner says:
    November 30, 2011 at 11:21


    Why are we completely useless at set pieces???

    I think we were so pathetic at defending them the last few seasons that everyone focused only on defending and forgot the other side of them. ”

    Because AW won’t offer Delap a decent quid to switch. AW does not belive in long throws, long balls etc

  3. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    i will be very surprised if nas stays at city for more than two seasons, it would not have been missed on the city supporters that he wanted to come off after 20 minutes, threw his black armband off, wanting to be taken off, devastation when he was kept on, but never put a new one on.

  4. james wood

    Craigy spot on a new anthem is a must,that dire song of our’s is the one they sang in the 60s,it’s aout as motivating as Wengers team selection’s.

    Those Turkish sides supporters are awesome when in full voice,that song of our’s is non rousing.
    Any suggestion from the panel.?

  5. DaleDaGooner

    Agreed wholly with the review, and like Wenger said, naivety cost us that game, Coquelin played extremely well, but was naive to let Aguero go off and score that goal, Frimpong was awsome in the fact that he was all over them, he reminded me of what Barca did when they lose the ball, him and Coq fought like a pack of Wolves.

    I’ve defended Chamakh a lot in the early 1st season, but he has regressed, Wenger messed up by not pairing AA23 with Park instead of Chamakh….all he did was hold up and tap back, he has no idea how to take charge of a game and win it, we need a winner at heart for a striker, that’s why he needs to go in January…biggest mistake (I don’t care for people calling Arshavin lazy, his place is in the hole!) was not bringing on AA in the first half to play behind Park, Park is a fox in the box, he needed someone creative to give him an outlet, Benayoun was doing Chamakh’s work plus his. I remember him swifting through the City box and looks up, No Chamakh, only Coq and Park, covered by City defender’s…where was Chamakh???? He is annoying in the sense that he lacks confidence to stand up and be counted as the hero.

    Squilachi was actually very very good, and Kos as always, my goodness, gambon must have hated that.

    Miquel is no left back, Gibbs is a crock, get a proper leftback in either from the reserves or go out and shop, we could use more competition at left back. Vermaelen as well, he is better as a CB, he was missing for the goal, i guess we had all our tall defenders trying to score a corner we NEVER now how to play. That has finally cost us.

    Good performance, would have wished it was a 2 legged tie and it wouldn’t have hurt.

    Hopefully we are lucky with the FA cup.

  6. Byo

    Great synopsis.
    I fully agree that AW has to look for a reliable striker in the coming transfer window.

    But dont you just love Frimpong-not intimidated in the least.

  7. DaleDaGooner

    Only 1 (other than Alex O-C) real threat and shot at a goal yesterday = Park Ju Young, and you lot want to lump him with Chamakh? He needed to play with Arshavin, just how we had them in the last round, but Wenger must owe Chamakh something, once he started throwing up scared, he should have been off for AA23 to create something for Park.

  8. Carlito

    Great post Pedro, although a 4 was probably a bit generous to Chamakh.

    I thought the team did pretty well last night, apart from the front two, obviously.

    We desperately need a striker in January. If we make one signing it has to be someone who can step in, and do a job in RVP’s absence. I’d rather get someone experienced, personally.

    Chamakh should be shipped out, along with Arshavin, who is not interested, and will at least bring a bit of money in.

  9. tippitappi

    when you look at the cost difference between the two sides and then watch the match we don’t need to spend grotesque amounts as they have had to to be their equals problem is the club are so obsessed with the self sustainable thing they won’t meet the problem half way to bring in players who would make that difference its all or nothing with them bastards so near yet so far away and that by product project youth has a lot to answer for roll on january I live in hope

  10. charles

    Can really see the class of all the shitty fans coming on here to comment. Mind you all this winning must be a real novelty for them.

  11. Robins Choco Leg Special

    Podolski would be a good signing at a decent price. Experienced pro and has a pedigree, certainly at international level.

    Chamcack as he is known, is dog shit. I’ve been saying it like, forever, seriously! He constantly looks like a man who’s been ganged raped and dropped off in the middle of nowhere not quite sure what to do first, every time he steps on the pitch.

    Park, for all the negativity hasn’t had a run of games and looks like he really is struggling to adapt. Jury’s still out for me, but he certainly isn’t an answer as the one up front. He’s more a left or right side forward (with his mobility) if we’re in the shit with injuries squad player for me and nothing more at the moment.

    Koss is looking a much better option at right back than jenkinson and can do a job if one of mert or verm need a breather in the middle. Improving all the time.

    Coq and chamberlain and certs for 1st team squad regularity next season. Fabianski is only going to continue to whinge as a number 2 and he certainly isn’t a good enough no.1.. Best to get rid and bring in an experienced pro as a number 2 on a two year deal..

    Still not convinced by either of our left backs as gibbs injury record is just shocking and santos will get torn to shreds on the counter by top quality wide men as we’ve already witnessed. Really should have got enrique!!!

  12. gats

    sorry without RVP we dont have a single striker capable of scoring, walcott might get a goal every now and then, I wouldnt put money on Gervinho even htting the target, let alone stand z. PARK and chamakh look exactly what you paid for them One was free and the other £ 3 million. They look exactly those type fo players, parks control and passing was bloody atrociuos, chamacks has no pace or anything. We are fubared if RVP ever gets injured, and going by 8 years of previuos history that is more than likely. Wenneeds to get the cheque book out in summer. You spend a bit of money and you get top quality player ie dzeko and aguero. You spend fuck all and you get chamakc and park as strikers.

  13. Dimitri

    I don’t think anyone has been watching Podolski play that much if we’re being honest here. He is a good option on the left of a front 3, but he doesn’t have the intelligence levels to do what Robin does down the middle. Why do you think he didn’t make it at Bayern.

    He relies on his physical attributes a little more than he should, but can not hold the ball up or link play, so is a bit like Theo and okay hanging off the last defender, but he’s not an answer to what Robin does.

    We do need a striker though, preferably someone like Remy.

  14. Robins Choco Leg Special

    arshavin is a luxury player and the arsenal of the moment cannot afford to carry passengers if we’re looking top 4. Simple as that…

    chamakh, diaby, arshavin, squillaci and fabianski should all be moving on jan/end of season.

    should be keeping song and bringing through coq and the dench one and adding a little bit of magic in a player that can offer something the middle and from out wide in goetze.

    in; podolski, gk, goetze.

    1st team;


    sagna per verm gibbs

    song wilshere


    walcott vp goetze


    gk, santos, dave, coq, gerv, ox, podolski

  15. Grassy Knoll

    That Elvis Presley song played before every game is a fucking horrible american steaming turd in the mouth of every supporter.

  16. DialSquare

    The ground is less than 50% full when that poxy song is on and only 10% of those sing. Having said that City fans were the quietest i have heard at the Ems

  17. Samir

    Agree with Robin Choco Leg;
    Chamakh, Diaby, Arshavin, Squillaci and Fabianski should all be moving on soonish!

    Cavani,Gotze and Hazard should come in. That would sort us out for many years to come! Considering everyone stays together!


    Bench from: Cavani (Rotates with RVP alot) Gervinho,Koss,Ramsey,Oxo,Jenkinson,Gibbs,Djourou,Coq, Frimpong, Park

    A decent backup GK would be a good option to buy aswell…

  18. Lurch

    We’re 1 injury away from from cataclism and no 4th berth.

    like to see how many of Goetze, Cavani & Hazard want to sign for us when we’re in the Europa league.

    Some might point to the signing of Suarez as an event that quality strikers sign despite UCL qualification & its true, some might – but they won’t be in the tier of Cavani, Goetze & Hazard.

  19. kwik fit

    The supporters were brilliant last night. There was an atmosphere straight from kickoff . Its a disgrace that real fans such as those at the match last night should not be at all home games instead of those ‘jolly good show’ fans at premiership matches.

  20. DaleDaGooner

    Lurch, are you saying Suarez isn’t in the same league as Gotze, Cavani and Hazard? I like how you quickly discount your argument.

  21. Lurch

    hope Frimpong plays on Nasri’s return, we got the makings of an excellent feud there, the bite that Frimpong brings has long been lacking.

  22. kwik fit

    In the cold light of day I think we have much to be optimistic about. There is the nucleus of a squad with many departments covered . Defense and Cm are fine.
    Wide mid and attack needs addressed in jan. If they are who knows.

  23. DaleDaGooner

    Lurch, you just made a think statement, Suarez? not on the same level as who? Cavani, Hazard or Gotze? What? By your genius opinion he isn’t as good?

  24. Carlito

    Grassy Knoll says:
    November 30, 2011 at 16:43

    That Elvis Presley song played before every game is a fucking horrible american steaming turd in the mouth of every supporter.


    I cringe when that is played, it’s totally embarrassing. Let’s at least have something upbeat, and under fifty years old.

  25. frenchie

    i can think of 1 injury arsenal could sustain and actually improve.

    podolski and goetze would be nice. still rumblings of loic. and even a suggestion the reus was scouted at same time podolski was viewed.

  26. Lurch

    Dial, perhaps but he was a load more disciplined last night.

    Besides we know Nasri’s just as spiky, I guess it comes down to which manager can exert most control over his player, Balotelli’s & Tevez’s examples don’t set a great precedent.

  27. Lurch

    Think I’d take anyone right now Frenchie.

    I’d also like to see some pressure put on Theo to play centrally, start a couple of games in there with RVP at the ready from the bench.

  28. Mayank

    The biggest problem I see with Frimpong is his passing. Coquelin is way ahead of him there. But a player like Frimpong can really become a legend if he can channel his aggression. One of those Roy Keane types that’ll make sure no one messes with us.

  29. Keyser

    What we basically need to do, is paint him white, give him a thinning hair line, a scouse accent and get him to play for England and instead of his temperatment being seen as a hindurance it’ll be seen as a National treasure.

  30. Todd

    Frimpong and Wilshire celebrated their 10th aniversary together last week…could be a great partnership for the future considering their love for all things Arsenal.

  31. Keyser

    Or like most things lets wait for Wilshere to get back and he won’t have to think too hard on the pitch and he can just sit back and make mugs of players with Coquelin.

  32. Mayank

    Theo in the middle? That puts a lot of pressure on Ramsey and Arteta to provide the through balls. However if Theo goes central and AOC goes right we’ll have the fastest front three in the PL.

    I think we can give it a try once Jack comes back.

  33. Carlito

    Keyser says:
    November 30, 2011 at 18:18

    What we basically need to do, is paint him white, give him a thinning hair line, a scouse accent and get him to play for England and instead of his temperatment being seen as a hindurance it’ll be seen as a National treasure.



  34. Keyser

    Or Frimpong could be smarter than we think in that maybe since we’re out anyway and he’s got a clothing line to promote he thought he’d just do something to get in some tabloids.

  35. Lurch

    I like Arteta and appreciate his role but I’d like to see LeCoq in for him as well, he doesn’t dwell on the ball anywhere near as much and is capable of driving runs.

  36. Mayank

    Yeah it was but still eclipsed by Coquelin. And since they’re both vying for the same position it’s a bit of a problem for him.

  37. Carlito

    I’m not too surprised about Bruce. You have to question the judgement of someone who thinks Bendtner is a decent player.

  38. Keyser

    I wouldn’t say eclipsed, there was a hole in midfield that no-one wanted to fill really right in front of both of them.

    Park and Chamakh dropped deeper, Benayoun and Ox both tried to cut in while working back on their wings, but no-one seemed comfortable taking charge of the ball and pulling strings in there.

    I honestly think we just lacked that one player to balance it.

    Frimpong sat and Coqeuling tried to push forward into the space but it just didn’t happen.

  39. tippitappi

    I think 4th is a big ask now even with VP . Wenger must get to work on converting Kos into full time right back. Hate the elvis song always have can’t see the connection, I thought they were ditching it at one time

  40. Mayank

    Yeah I said it before the game, the 4-4-2 was just to please both our strikers. A 4-3-3 with Benayoun in the whole would’ve given us a much more balanced team.

  41. Lurch


    442 will rip Ramsey’s little heart to shreds, he’s been busting his gut to join in the attack the past few months – & he’s just about getting there – yes he needs to work on his finishing – then, boom! lets change formation play 2 strikers, and force Rambo to park it.

    the poor kid will cry.

    And I don’t see how it makes us any less reliant on RVP.

  42. Keyser

    I don’t think we had too many options, Benayoun worked very hard outwide and he and Miquel played well, can you see Arshavin tracking back ?!

    Rosicky/ Diaby would have been better and then either could switch with Yossi.

    Even Gibbs pushing forward could have given us more, Jenkinson would have finally had someone to aim his crosses at.

  43. Rohan

    Frimpong’s hilarious. He isn’t the greatest player but he’s a joy to watch.
    As someone on twitter said,

    I love the way Frimpong suddenly hits a turn of pace when running for the ball. Like he’s just picked up a Mario Kart mushroom on the floor.

  44. Rohan

    I think we’d have won it if Rosicky had played yesterday. As Keyser says, I agree that we lacked someone who was ready to make us play through him centrally. We didn’t go at them through the middle enough.

  45. Keyser

    I think Ramsey would deal with it, he might be still learning but every game he’s always gesticulating and seems vocal on the pitch. Albeit dull post-match interview wise.

    With RVP it’s a bit like Fabregas we’re trying to cater the team to get the best out of him.

  46. Lurch

    Frimpong and the cup crowd work like hand in glove, he’s definitely fuelled by crowd love.

    It’s probably better he’s not spoilt playing for England.

  47. frenchie

    i see that too. the last thing i would want is to further break anything belonging to rambo, least of which his little man heart. but rambo cannot play every day.

    tactics sometime dictate different formations. this would be a consideration if wenger thought tactically.

    the only solution to rvp reliance is to purchase another striker.

  48. Lurch

    your condoning a formation switch Keyser?

    thats a reversal no?, admittedly after seeing Park and Chamakh last night i’m shifting away from the 442 i’d been pining for.

  49. IvoryGoonz

    Azeez Oladimeji says:
    November 30, 2011 at 10:04

    Was i the only that saw VP reaction to that chamakh late means.He’s body language says it all but what worrys me is how much time wenger plays a player before he knows the player is not up for it.I mean we are all not always right but as a coach he needs to be clinical.He should get rid of that i told you attitude he has
    check yesterday at that time … I saw VP was gutted.
    one of the only 2 trophies we could pretend to this season and Chamakh/Park fuck it up.
    I can see him asking himself if he should stay now.
    I hope Wenger does sell Chamakh and send Park on loan to get game time or sell him, and brings at least a top striker. Otherwise, Im afraid he’s as good as gone.

  50. HumAnimal

    my wishlist for january
    Marin/gotze and podolski.

    thats all we need.

    even if we just get podolski i’ll be ok. just some1 to replace gervinho and deputise for VP

  51. IvoryGoonz

    pinaygooner says:
    November 30, 2011 at 10:23

    Haven’t you guys noticed those Citeh fans were “oh so quiet” for most parts of the game until Aguero scored?
    have you noticed apart some of our fans booing Nasri, Emirates was silent again?

  52. frenchie

    the great thing about pink boots is that he has made it next to impossible for him return. still better than the feces fencer.

  53. IvoryGoonz

    skandibird says:
    November 30, 2011 at 10:38
    for Chelsea it’s just a matter of time.
    they dont have this tight ass attitude we have in the transfer market.

  54. Lurch

    your right, its more about the messengers, and a change of formation makes us more reliant on versatile wingers all of a sudden, Ox might put a few games together, but Shava’s done.

    I think we need to see what park can contribute out wide.

  55. HumAnimal

    shava didnt need height, hleb didnt, overmars didnt, freddy didnt…
    he’s small but he’s got tidy feet he’s quick he can shoot and FINISH

  56. IvoryGoonz

    Savage says:
    November 30, 2011 at 11:28

    “Not really sure he’s built for full backery”

    That’s a nice play when you consider we do have someone built for it … Backery Sagna 🙂
    +1 🙂

  57. IvoryGoonz

    Doo Woop says:
    November 30, 2011 at 11:37

    rc says:
    November 30, 2011 at 09:56
    our formation was 4-4-0,

    haha, EAXCTLY
    credits to Goonermart? yesterday

  58. Keyser

    Lurch – My point was more that the formation’s just fitted really around the players we have, ideally the formation wouldn’t matter at all. Same with tactics.

    Van Persie like Fabregas is someone it’s worth catering the side to, if we had Henry up there you’d cater it to him.

  59. Mayank

    After seeing the 4-3-3 for so long it feels weird when I see a team play 4-4-2. Just seems like there’s something missing. And the football from the 4-4-2 playing sides left is quite boring bar counter attacks.

  60. IvoryGoonz

    goonerboy says:
    November 30, 2011 at 12:35

    Did anyone seriously think Arsenal- the City feeder club is going to beat City? This is a feeling we have to get used to- because we are not competitive. They can field 2 teams- we couldn’t field one- so we fielded half a team of reserves and a bunch of kids. yes some of the kids are promising- thats all.
    What I find offensive about Wenge’s after match comments- is he brands our team as being naive- yet no one is more naive than him for selling 4 first choice players to an EPL rival. When Roberto Mancini picks up the EPL title this year he should write and thank Wenger for his generosity.
    or send him 1/6 of the trophy ^^

  61. Lurch

    I get you Keyser, but I’m not so sure we should be exalting Cesc’s time with us as a pinnacle likeable to Henry’s.

    We were over reliant on Cesc and while its a formula likely good enough to maintain top4, I’m not sure its enough to win silverware.

    That said, its less risky if our play revolves around a target man than a CAM – strikers are easier to replace than CAMS imho.

  62. IvoryGoonz

    chris says:
    November 30, 2011 at 12:44

    … We could have won last night without RvP and most of the 1st team ffs….
    you got to be kidding me

  63. HumAnimal

    i get u frenchie but that “big player” upfront doesnt work for us… if we get a big guy he has to be quick and able to use his feet aswell as his head… an Ade-type player. for me size doesnt matter on the wings

  64. IvoryGoonz

    chris says:
    November 30, 2011 at 13:23

    Also – Fabianski’s flapping didn’t make me realise what a good GK Szczesny is – just how bad Fabianski is.

    As I’m also unconvinced about Mannone, what about Sorensen at Stoke – he’s got 7 months left on his contract, he’s just reclaimed first choice off Begovic, he’s 37(?) and would be a great back up –
    He has certainly looked good on TV.
    you think he’s gonna want to be Szcz shadow, now that he’s first pick? I don’t.

  65. IvoryGoonz

    Rohan says:
    November 30, 2011 at 17:29

    Why the fuck did Edin Dzeko get MOM?
    worked all game and got the assist

  66. IvoryGoonz

    Carlito says:
    November 30, 2011 at 18:23

    Keyser says:
    November 30, 2011 at 18:18

    What we basically need to do, is paint him white, give him a thinning hair line, a scouse accent and get him to play for England and instead of his temperatment being seen as a hindurance it’ll be seen as a National treasure.

  67. Keyser

    Lurch – They’re your best players unless you’ve got the ridiculous depth that certain other teams have then they’re going to be the ones the team revolves around.

    Dzeko and Aguero had about the same success as Park and Chamakh did for most of the game, overall they’re just better.

    How do you beat that ? That’s when formation and tactics matter. Say if someone like Jenkinson was crossing out wide to Chamakh it’d make a difference.

  68. IvoryGoonz

    frenchie says:
    November 30, 2011 at 18:37

    that is it, pink boots will be back and we are saved.
    sadly, you could be right there

  69. HumAnimal

    i’ll admit i dont know much about reus. so i wont comment. what kind of player is he.

    Kwik Fit
    i know… i wasnt suggesting we get him… he’s class but i dont think we’ll sign a high profile player if VP is there… he’s on the kind of form that would bench any striker in europe.

    If we could find a young up and coming striker whos got th right ingredients that would be ideal

  70. SUGA3

    good outing last nite!

    fuck that we have lost, we had a blast, if we had a pair of proper strikers up front, we would have that game wrapped up by halftime…

    we agreed that we wanted Podolski in January, however, we may be a little biased 😆

  71. Guvnor

    We desperately need a striker that will hit the ground running. We’ve got no time for bedding in stories. No matter how good Joel Campbell is (or is supposed to be), I really don’t think it will be fair to expect him to light up the premiership any time soon. He’s way too young and is coming from a fundamentally different league which means he will need to adapt to the physicallity of the EPL unless if he’s in the league of the Lionel Messis of this world etc but we all know there aren’t too many of them like that around. It will take special talent to give us what we need, and need sharpish. IMO, I think Podolski is our man considering how Benzema is enjoying the limelight at the mo in the La Liga. There’s no way in hell Jose will sell. I personally feel we need Vertogen, Gotze, Reus (sp) and Podolski to seriously challenge for honours this season. Come summer, we must get another goalie backup and ship out Almunia and Flappy. Jury is still out on Manone imo. We all know who we want shipped out so I’m not gonna waste time with that lot. I think we will be able to rotate with the above additions without losing our shape and/or identity. Also maybe rest Mr. Rice and co and bring in Bergkamp and some of the club’s legends to mordenise our game and maybe impress upoun the board that we need to spend in order to remain relevant. I dont expect us to do it Citeh style but we really need to at least pay the likes of RVP something in tandem with others of his ilk are getting elsewhere. I personally think he should be getting at least 160K minimum, Verminator, Sagna at least 120K followed by Per, Theo, Chesney! minimum 100k. We can easily afford this if ship out some of the dross we are stuck with right now. The lot that we bring in will be in there somewhere depending on experience and contribution.

  72. Lurch

    fair point Keyser,

    it was pretty clear the game meant more to our boys last night, that as a tactic alone is often enough.

    I’m not really talking about last night though, I’m drawing on evidence of last night to discuss concern of the the void in the first team when RVP is rotated – we just happen to be jumping across three different conversations in so doing.

  73. jack

    you would think we won the match with alot of posts saying great performance,played well etc etc, and how bad citeh were. citeh didnt play well and won the fucking match you clowns because they buy class not 2nd rate shit. we would have won if vp and theo had of been playing. I accept there was positives and good performances from ox,frim,coq etc which may bode well for future, but they will leave if we have no ambition and our only goal is 4th. its amazing how the acceptance of failure has been transmitted down from the board and Arsene to most fans now and its very very sad indeed. sorry for not feeling as positive about 4th as some of you. hope im wrong

  74. kwik fit

    I think we should be targeting a striker who can play with RVP not just replacing him when he gets injured. We need to spend at least 20m (llorente)on quality and still hope that PSG will pay 10m for Chamakh after last night.
    As for park …..

  75. IvoryGoonz

    Guvnor: nice post. couple things though.
    with that many germans it would a bit feel like an invasion. 🙂
    and Gotze+Reus, you’re a bit greedy atm, make a choice, we’ll probably not get any of them, certainly not both.

  76. HumAnimal

    Ivory… how could i 4get remy! yes sign him up right now. thank you, i knew i was forgetting sum1.
    though id never want us to throw a game away…
    i think wenger should have played a stronger squad last night and played this squad at greece.
    CC was very winnable.
    anyway Remy would be perfect, he’s quick and got gr8 skill, he’s also quite strong and could learn alot from VP.

  77. Doublegooner

    – On the receiving end of large amounts of vitriol from the Arsenal supporters and looked as if he was up for the battle. However, struggled to find any space and thus, his creative spark was nullified. The impression that he needs to do more in games remains – 6

    Greedy lazy cunt.

  78. Keyser

    Lurch – Why are people soo worried about Van Persie going missing anyway ? Because he’s spent large parts of soo many seasons in the treatment room in the past. Henry left, Fabregas left, and Van Persie going on past history will spend time out to.

    One game on it’s own means little, in context to this season because of the start we’ve had I think regardless of whether Van Persie’s there or not we need to add to the team.

    It’s not really Van Persie more the worry that the players coming in can’t afford any time to adjust.

  79. kwik fit

    I think that Nasri will ultimately be sold as he is not at the level of quality that city will be going for. He will be pushed down the pecking order and then turfed out on his rear end!

  80. IvoryGoonz

    had a thought about Wenger yesterday.
    Im pretty sure his plan was to go to extra time.
    reason why he played 2DM. he also had to play Park and Chamakh for game time, especially with Chamakh going at the ACN (unless he gets dropped after that joke of an appearance). and he got “furious” when we conceded, even more “furious” when Chamakh missed the equaliser.
    Clearly, his plan was working til Aguero scored, although he made his 3 changes all at once.
    Should probably have kept AOC, he wont get that many 1st team games this season, and he could have played 90, and bring in Gervinho earlier, and stay that way as long as they were holding, certainly not take out Coquelin or Frimpong until 90mins. then the subs would have made a difference
    now if Walcott and VP had also been on the bench, it would have made a big difference right?

  81. kwik fit

    Hum 442 would have worked perfectly well last if it wasn’t for the two plonkers at the front. Frims/lecoq have mobility ,strength and quailty and provide a quality option if le boss wants to vary the formation.

  82. IvoryGoonz

    Keyser: because in the past we still had Fabregas, Nasri, even Walcott, who could actually step up and score ze goals while he was away.
    Now there’s no one. 0. zitch.
    defensive, promising stuff, though you can’t put the goal we conceded on the attack.
    but yes, the attack is also to be blamed for not delivering the goods.


  83. Keyser

    IvoryGoonz – Not to go to extra-time, but to stay in the game for as long as we could without being over-whelmed. Hoping to create what we could going forward.

    Park and Chamakh got game-time as did Frimpong and Coquelin, Ox and Benayoun, even Djourou and Squillaci.

    If we played as open as we’ve done in the last two games in the Carling Cup we’d probably have been 3-0 down in the first half-hour.

    Two things fucked us, Mancini replaced Kolarov early on and as we pushed for the winner we let in a pretty cheap goal on the break.

  84. SUGA3

    I’d lose both Chamakh and Park and bought Remy and Podolski, problem solved and no need for the players who are in the red to be on the bench…

    as for the game, IMO, Wenger should have taken off Chamakh after the first half and put AA behind Park with Yossi and AOC out wide

  85. HumAnimal

    good point kwik fit… and remy and Vp will scare the fuck out of any defence. but i do like the way were set up now, im not sure if its a good idea to change it wen were doing so well. thats just my view though