Dzeko (£28million) to Johnson (£8million) to Aguerro (£38million) GOAL. Ratings + Review

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Ahhh well. What can you say? It’s not like we hadn’t planned for this. Like heading into a fight with Mike Tyson, you know the outcome, all you can do is give a good account of yourself and hope you don’t get your ear bitten off. Sadly, there was no sucker punch from us, but I tell you what, we put in a spirited performance and gave a fantastic account of ourselves.

I know it’s a bit patronising, but we’re not dealing with any old team here. We’re dealing with a club that can afford to loan out a player they deemed worthy of an £170k a week contract, whilst footing half of the salary that our top earner would be lucky to take home. In fact, they’re so flush, they’ve got a player on £90k a week who can’t even be assed to go on loan. They’re  grotesque anomaly in the Premiership, so when our reserves go out and give them a good game, it’s something to be proud off. £35mill versus £119million.

There were some very encouraging individual performances we can talk about. I thought Coquelin looked fantastic on the ball and a menace going forward. He has an amazing ability to adapt to whatever role he is asked to play. He played superbly in the middle of park, popping up with crunching tackles, distributing the ball with a great range of passing. His pass across the face of the box early on found Park who looked certain to score but for a superb reflex save from a keeper whose name wouldn’t look out of place on a bottle next to the Vagisil in Tesco.

Chamberlain did his reputation no harm with a marauding performance out wide. Like Theo, he likes to cut in, but unlike his older team-mate, he has amazing composure on the ball and a footballing brain of a player 5 years older than his young self. Whether he was hitting the wing or cutting inside, he was threatening. He was unlucky the City keeper was in such great form. His rasping first time shot mid first half looked to be edging into the top corner until it was clawed out in spectacular fashion.

The whole team seemed enthused. We were pressing City in the same way Barcelona press teams. It was forcing mistakes and working to great effect in a game that was end to end like a proper old fashioned English cup tie. I think the only result both teams didn’t want yesterday was a draw.

Fabianski took time out to remind us why he’s number two with a tremendous flap for a corner. It’s good that he does that, it reminds you how good our number 1 is.

Nasri was being booed on every touch, he thought he’d been taken off early but the Mancini was actually taking off Kolorov and bringing on Aguerro.

The second half was a bit more of a cagey affair, City finally opened the scoring from the most disappointing of situations. We conceded possession from a corner. Dzeko fed in Johnson, he turned and played in Aguerro… from there, a low driven strike past Fabianski was the only outcome on the card.

Our night was over. The Argentinian superstar had buried us.

That didn’t stop us battling to the end. A late cross into the box at the death was marginally missed by Chamakh. Why haven’t I written much about him and Park? Mostly because they were anonymous. Neither took the opportunity by the scruff of the neck and they sum up quite nicely why bargain basement isn’t always the best way to go. If a striker isn’t on the January sales list… we could find ourselves in a serious bit of bother should Robin not be fit for the rest of the season.

Hopefully we’ll look at the goal record of whoever we buy, we obviously didn’t with those two and oh how it shows. Chamakh is an impressionist, someone trying to impersonate a top class striker, but hideously out their depth… struggling with even the simplest of lay offs. Park, well, I’m not sure what he does. It doesn’t help playing next to someone so bad, but he still didn’t do much for me. He needs to shape up if he wants to be taken seriously as anything other than a marketing ploy.

We lost, but for me, there was no shame in losing a game like that. I’m encouraged City had to bring on their superstars to beat us. I think their sheen is well and truly rubbing off. Hopefully a dip is on the way. They’re not that good.

How we react to this defeat will tell us what we need to know about this season. Wigan away, the place we ballsed things up last season. Let’s see what the character and mental spirit is like this time around!

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Fabianski – Didn’t really have too much to do. Quick off his line when needed, flappy by nature from crosses. 6

Koscielny – Super game from the Frenchman. Throws his all into everything. 7.5

JD – Better game from the big Swissman! Looked more composed on the ball, with a bit more confidence. 7

Squillaci – Very solid game from the Frenchman. Slotted in perfectly and gave a good account of himself. 7

Miquel – Was turned early on by Johnson, but grew with the game. Not really sure he’s built for full backery. 6.5

Frimpong – Solid game from our erratic but lovable defensive midfielder. No idea why he was allowed to take the freekick in the end. Had a bit of handbags at the end with Samir. 7

Francis Coquelin – Great game, really like him as a player, he has that terrier like attitude we all love. He also has composure and great passing. 7.5

Yossi Benayoun (c) – Not an amazing game but he kept the ball well. 6

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – Top performance after a slightly poor outing last time. Was at the heart of everything, busy, creative and hard-working. Could be a spectacular player after February. 8

Marouane Chamakh – He’s not interested. He really didn’t do anything to show the fans he gave a crap today. Bad control, poor passing and no instinct for the goal. What a waste of 3 seasons tracking. 4

Park – Nearly scored a tap in early on but was denied by a great save. Ok striker, but he really does look like £3million worth of player at the moment. 5

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  1. Sangbaran Dasgupta

    You forgot to rate Squillachi!!!
    I think he was more than decent yesterday considering the opposition.
    We need a quality striker ASAP..please Arsene solve that.
    Arshavin looked horrible…its worrying we do not have ANY backups to Gervinho at this moment.Wonder what will happen during the ACN period.Coquelin was Awesome but Yossi was very disappointing!!!!

  2. Socrates

    Good performance for most of the team but you really have to wonder about Arshavin, this was a game he ought to have started. I cant shanke the feeling he’s off this January, Arsene must be preparing for life without him.

  3. DialSquare

    Kos was fucking immense last night, i’m sure Chamakh thiks the penalty area is mined.Crowd were good last night,Shitty must have the quietest away support i have seen.

  4. kc

    no doubt it is a good performance, but there is no prize for playing a 35mil team against 127mil team. besides people tend to overlook how much salary is the club paying for this team. dun forget arsenal is paying 60k to a few bit-part player.

  5. Bracknell Gooner

    When AW brought Chamakh it was to replace the bendy one, and that is exactly what he has done in almost every aspect of the game. I felt sorry for Park he made some good movement one to see the Cham hold the ball up. The 6’8″ reach was the only thing that stopped us going in 2 up at half time. and in the 2nd half a chip over the top of most keepers was pulled down like a bloody slam dunk. I thought that Coquelin could have chased back harder for the City Goal but the boys put on a great show. The real “if only” was not Chamakh missing the cross at the death but the fact it was Sqeaky and not TV or Kos at the back post throwing everything at it

  6. Doublegooner

    Yossi was definately worth more than a 6.

    The midfield last night was far more impressive & MOBILE than the normal ‘1st team’.

    Last night just confirms Chamakh & AA out in jan – Podolski in.

    NB: Diaby is a waste of space & the odd ocassion when fit uses up the place of Frimpong & Coq. Get him out ASAP.

  7. gambon

    Bit of an embarassing night really for Wenger.

    Fairly good performance by us though.


    – Chamberlain looks good, could be a top player in a few years
    – Frimpong & Coquelin look like they will both be around the squad for many years


    – Park & Chamakh. Wenger said we lacked experience upfront, well thats bullshit, we had plenty of experience, we just didnt have quality
    – Wenger still seems to think results dont matter. He thinks that a good bit of tippy tappy is all that matters – this is the reason that he signs shit strikers. Man City showed what its all about…..a high quality striker will always win you a game.
    – Wenger mentioned the “4th place trophy”

    His comments show more than anything that what we are desperate for is a new manager. Every problem in our team can be traced back to his flawed way of thinking.

  8. OPG

    Despite the cost of their strikers they went on to win the game though the difference in the end.
    They made 10 changes I think both made the same amount, they have alot of experience and depth but that many changes you can’t expect things to click properly only thing is that was a 442 didn’t quite get working.

  9. Mayank

    Great review, agree with everything. If we need to ship out Park and Chamakh for Podolski, I’m all for it.

    AOC, Coq and Kos were the heroes of a lost battle. While Benayoun, Frimpong and JD put in good shifts.

    Might be jumping the gun but AOC and Coq look ready for the first team. Especially Coq. Song and Theo are so important to our first team right now, good to know that their backup is more than just able.

  10. OnDGooner

    My son who watched it thought we diid well. At only 13 his assessment of Oxlade from what you have written this morning was spot on. I will have time this evening to watch the game on Arsenal player as I completely also forgot to save it on SKY-PLUS!
    Why is Arsene still then persisting with Chamakh if his game was that poor again? How many chances will he get in an Arsenal shirt before we call him an Arsenal player? Get shot of him, Arshavin and possibly Rosicky and bring in Goetze or Hazard; that’s the way I see it and it will most certainly reduce our ever bulging wage bill!

  11. Frichie

    Was it me or did everyone else have a heart in mouth moment any time the ball got lumped into the box…How I missed knowing Chezzer was in goal. Flapi, granted must have been rusty, but didnt show any sign that he has turned a corner. I think Chamakh was trying to hard to impersonate a striker that nothing was coming off for him. I think he put in effort last night, but just doesnt have that 10% of talent required at the top

  12. Socrates

    Chamakh is simply lost. I had been watching him at Bordeaux and Morocco for years before joining Arsenal and he now seems a different player.

    For Morocco he was pacy and full of tricks playing in the wing, same at Bordeaux but now he just doesnt seem to understand what his role. He knows he’s not good enough for either side of the front three and not a good finisher so he doesnt try in either.

  13. ExiledGooner

    DoubleGooner – no one will touch Diaby. Not unless he puts in some consistent minutes on the pitch. We will just need to count down to the end of his contract and release him then.

  14. Warrington blue

    No doubt you have some great youngsters about to make a claim for a 1st team place. Chamberlain, Frimpong and Coquelin to name just three. So a lot of positives. You do have to get away from quoting money all the time as an excuse and be happy you are supporting a well run club, well according to Wenger anyway. Me personally would be more concerned about paying the highest priced Season Card to watch a well run club that doesn’t look as though it is going to win anything soon. They really do have to spend some money if they want to keep up and I am not talking about just keeping up with City. Others are spending big as well or haven’t you noticed?

  15. @G_AFC

    Was at the game last night.Chamack can’t hit a barn door,without doubt the most useless player that pulls on the shirt.Even squid was better than him. Oxo different gravey as always.Kozzer was different class he has grown into a fantastic defender.We gave shitty a good game ,if we had quality back up for rvp we would have won by 2 goals imo.Frimmers a coq were class.My feeling is when we play them on 18th we could be the first team to beat them this season.

  16. The Red Dennis

    I know you don’t rate Squillaci, but to literally not rate him is a bit harsh. He actually had a good game. 7.

  17. bloomers

    Kozza was my man of the match, I think he was outstanding. He is turning into a very good player. All defenders make some mistakes, he is still very young but he gives everything, every single match..

    Chamberlain looked very good too, lets hope for some consistency from him (when given the chance to play).

    No shame in losing that way last night, those kids played really well, we just looked toothless in front of goal, we NEED another striker..

  18. Matt

    AOC is quality. That is the second game I have watched Park play where I have completely forgot he was on the pitch.

    The thing that stands out for me is how pathetic we are at set pieces, both defending and attacking. We didn’t look threatening from one corner last night and conceded the only goal of the game as a result of not making it past the first man again.

  19. Bush Gooner

    We have a good midfield and defence BUT we are seriously lacking striking options up front which is a major worry for us. Chamakh was absolute garbage last night.

  20. Walking Wounded

    We were victims of OSOG Fabianski (One Shot One Goal)

    Although not at fault for the goal, he made it very easy for Aguero. Bare in mind that he was watching the build up and could see how it was developing, how could he be standing so far off his line to make it impossible to react, but not far enough off to narrow down any angle, and then make himself so small and an insignificant presence that the goal looked huge. The a token dive.

    For all the excellent performances from many players, the biggest positive from the game is we now know where we need to improve. A striker who can actually play football, and another keeper. If the rest of the team we have decent strength in depth, but the strikers are poor. I mean, with Bendtner last night we could easily have won, because he does help with the build up as well as scoring, the other two couldn’t do either.

  21. Walking Wounded

    Much credit to Coquelin, Frimpong, OC and Koscielny last night, showed the over paid Manc Chav wannabes that how to play.

  22. dennisdamenace

    Wenger owes it to players like Frimpong, Kosser, Cocky, Oxo Cube et al to buy a decent fucking striker, stop bullshitting your own players…..

    How well they played last night, only to be outdone because we haven’t got it up front (again),…….Chamahk, is he actually a footballer, and that third division Korean, they’re supposed to be RvP’s forward partner(s)/backups/replacements…………Jesus do me a favour.

    Still, not to worry, think of all that lovely lolly sitting in the bank.

    Those lads played well last night, only to be undone by a manager who refuses to do what is fucking obvious, spend decent money on a decent cutting edge. Someone who can play instead of or with RvP. We’ve been here so many fucking times over the past few years. Wenger once again just doing enough, without going the extra yard to make that difference, doing it on the cheap yet again.

    Still, not to worry, think of all that lovely lolly sitting in the bank.

    I don’t give a flying fuck that it was the worthless cup, last night could be an EPL or ECL game in the New Year. The differential in quality between the first eleven and their backups is too immense.

    The vast majority of those players deserved better last night Arsene, you have let them down, like you’ve let me down with your false economies.

    Still, not to worry, think of all that lovely lolly sitting in the bank…………..sigh!

  23. rob

    as per most peoples comments, i agree that Chamack and Park are out of their depth at this level, however my criticism of last night stems to the captaincy. whilst it may seem churlish to make this point, i cannot accept a player on loan being our captain. whilst he may be experienced there were players last night who have more appearances than Yossi. the disrespecting of the armbands continue. Also on the wall outside block 132 there is a wall picturing all the past captains, except there is no picture of RVP !! how long does it take to put a picture up? hes only been captain since August

  24. Bluemoon

    Strange report really,I don`t remember you guys complaining when you and yoonited had the pick of the best players,I seem to remember you where one of the teams that threatened to break away from the league unless you got the lions share of the money.
    You have billionaire owners you can afford to compete on an equal basis

  25. Robbo

    Sorry City fan here (please don’t lynch me :))

    I was actually quite impressed with Arsenal in terms of their fight and strength – particularly at the back and in the middle of midfield. Despite being an arrogan looking fella (the type your own fans love) Frimpong looked good, but i was more impressed with Coquelin. Koscielny looked nice and tidy and was rarely beaten. Unfortunately for you guys, despite some good pressure, i just didnt think you looked like scoring. Chamakh looks like he knows he won’t be at the club for much longer and Park looks a little lost, though he will take time. Chamberlain looked like a bull, but i thought Zabaleta played him well considering. I seriously think Walcott should be a little worried, though he seems to have perked up recently.

    I know you won;t like hearing this, but for all of your pressure, i couldn’t see you scoring. I’m sure it will be a different matter in the league, but we will also be more competitive in the midfield in that game.

    Hope you don’t give Clichy the same reception as Nasri – i don’t think he deserves it.

  26. Si

    Just carry on being proud of your performances – we’ll carry on winning. With the rise of Spurs & Newcastle and the improvement in Liverpool you better prepare yourself for ‘good performances’ whilst not in europe.

  27. Azeez Oladimeji

    I dont know why some thought yossi was good last night cos i dont get how he played 90 mins.He was in a midfield of kids and he was clearly outshorn.

  28. azed

    Is anyone thinking we should write off this season completely and start building for next?
    Wenger should use jan window to sell the deadwood (Squid, Almunia, Chamack, Park, Arshavin) and anyone who would not be in the team come august 2012.
    Lets use the next two transfer window to build a EPL winning team.
    But we all know Wenger aint that smart.

  29. Doublegooner

    Alleged super injunctions.

    if true, are the 2 affecting our supposed goal scorer – or is he shit anyway ! 🙂

  30. Walking Wounded

    Bluemoon – typical whore fan…. Only get their kicks by paying for it, not earning it.

    We can’t compete with the money you guys are wasting on players, nor should we.

    SO please turn your back on this site, and look forward to the Uefa Cup for the rest of the season.

    On an Arsenal note, the Olympiacos game interests me now. It is an ideal opportunity to play OC on the right and give Theo a run in the middle. Chamakh and Park are not cut out for the top flight.

  31. Big Dave

    I suppose before kick off most might had thought we would get beat 3-0

    OAC a posotive Kose did well, but lack of power up front is our down fall, a real eye opener for wenger and if god for bid Rvp is injured were fucked big style

  32. duvee

    I wouldn’t say that Chamakh is not interested. I think he just doesn’t have the skill. If I played for Arsenal I would be giving it my all and would be interested, but my all is shite so no point in being there.

  33. Walking Wounded

    Robbo – That summed up the game perfectly, Just think how much more effective Chamberlain would have been if his two striking partners could actually retain possession or make an intelligent proactive run in the box?

  34. gnarleygeorge9

    …….”think of all that lovely lolly sitting in the bank…………..sigh!”

    That certainly contradicts the rest of the Eurozone 😆

  35. NW5 gooner

    fair play to the city fans coming on and being constructive – pretty much agree with everything you say… first XI vs first XI in a few weeks will be an interesting main course after the appetiser!

  36. Ben

    i watched the game on tv, the crowd was great!!! It seems like when the price of tickets are reasonable we get a very good crowd & very good support for the team!! I was impressed with the performance of Frimpong, Chamberlain, Coquelin & Koscielny !! good performance overall but Chamakh & Park were shocking, no way good enough for us.

  37. Azeez Oladimeji

    A friend told me chamakh is always looking at how good his wingers or midfielders are rather than scoring cos he is always behind them wacthing them dribble instead of being in the box

  38. rc

    our formation was 4-4-0, may as well bite the bullet sell cham and AA23, keep young as he will sit on the bench until campbell comes back and he goes to work……. lecoq and frimpong did well as did kozzer and to some extent squlli….doubt wenger will do much in jan transfer window, but if he did it will make sense to blood them in for following season as we will not win owt this season, we are close to having a good squad, but look at the forward lines for manure manck citeh liverpool chelsea and spudz they all have at least 3 GOOD strikers we have ONE !!!!!

  39. Socrates

    Never really understood the Tevez for Arsenal thing. Is’nt his biggest problem homesickness? He’ll just pull the same tantrums here as well.

  40. Azeez Oladimeji

    Was i the only that saw VP reaction to that chamakh late means.He’s body language says it all but what worrys me is how much time wenger plays a player before he knows the player is not up for it.I mean we are all not always right but as a coach he needs to be clinical.He should get rid of that i told you attitude he has

  41. AJ

    Sell Rosicky Arshavin. Coquelin to start more for the first team, we cannot let perma crocks get in our young guns’ progress. Frimpong did well yesterday, more performances like that, and he will be a massive addition.

  42. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    Agree with most of the comments. Some really good performances and a good effort. No shame in losing that game generally speaking.

    Regarding Chamakh & Park… It is simply not acceptable to say that they are inexperienced or need time. Park is 26 and Chamakh is 27. Both should be at the peak of their game. If this is their peak then the only question is are they good enough for Arsenal. (I would like to see Park more to fully assess.. but at his age he should already be good enough for a first team bench spot, not the CC).

    The inexperience tag is appropriate for OX, Jenkinson, Coq, Frimpong etc… and some forgiveness can and should be shown for mistakes or inexperience.

    But when you have a professional footballer, who should now be at his peak, not performing then the door beckons.

    Karim Benzema is 24 in December. If we bought him would we expect him to score goals or line up in the reserves… learning the game? No! because he is an experienced player and we would expect goals pretty soon after a settling in period. Then why do we accept it from players around 25 and over?

  43. Leedsgunner

    Decent run out by our boys but if the last game against Fulham and last night prove anything we definitely need another striker to provide more firepower. It’s similiar to the situation that AW faced with the need for a new defender… everyone except him could see the need and AW needed a huge spanking at Old Trafford to force his hand in this. Chamahk is not simply good enough and Park has not been given enough games for him to prove himself at EPL level. Without another striker/ attacking midfielder who scores consistently we will lose close games like last night and draw games we should win. I know it’s stating the obvious but to draw too many games is same as losing the odd few. With so many teams fighting for the top 4 spots these are the points we can’t afford to drop. Make the no mistake Wigan is a huge banana skin for us. We need to win this game.

  44. gazzap

    AOC and Coq were genuine quality. First team quality on show right there, and ready right now. Other than the first teamers like Kozzer, and maybe JD, no one else really strikes me as being good enough now.
    Even Frimpong, while he makes great tackles, he takes a second too long on the ball. In the PL that is not good enough. You need to spot the passes quicker and make them crisper. He needs a loan.

    Will AOC or Coq get near the bench even over the next few months? I doubt they will. Coq could end up leaving knowing wengers record with players like Diarra, JET.

  45. Bade

    OXO was tremendous, but I though MOTM for us was Kozzer, or Le Coq

    I never thought that small lad can be so tough. Amazing game by Le Coq, by all standards, he seems to have longer legs than you would think

  46. K.C.

    Not bothered a bit to be done with the beer cup for the season. This squad doesn’t have the depth to compete for all four trophies, so crashing out of the least important of the four is really the best scenario. City and their fans now can at least go all in for the Carling Cup since the Champions League group stage is too much to bare.

  47. pinaygooner

    Haven’t you guys noticed those Citeh fans were “oh so quiet” for most parts of the game until Aguero scored? But they hushed when Arsenal were throwing everything (but the kitchen sink)at their goal in the dying minutes.

    The quad is gone, but the treb is still on. We are guaranteed a safe passage into the knockout stages in the CL, unlike Citeh who are praying for a Villareal upset to Napoli. The winter fixtures are crammed, now that we are no longer in the CC, at least we can set our sights to the FA Cup, Premier League and the CL.

    The kids are alright. I personally would not mind getting Frimpong, Coquelin and AOC a run against Olympiakos.

    As an Asian, Park just need some confidence mojo. Maybe he misses eating authentic kimchi, ginsing, and soju. Winter’s setting in he needs those stuff to warm up.

    Chamakh?! The look of RvP’s face said it all.

    Podolski should be our priority buy this January.


  48. Bade

    Yossi was disappointing IMHO

    He’s a proven talent, he was our captain, but lost his chance. He had a Cesc-like captaincy display, we expected a leadership of the Robin/Tommy mould

    Though he wasn’t bad, he should have dome much more, but was barely involved

  49. Ricky

    Agree with pedro’s rating of all the players today.. The boys have a good account of themselves & im hoping to see that same side (without chamakh & park) line up against olympiakos.

    Kosielny was easily the best player for me last night. He seems to be good against these short tricky messi & aguero type players that most defenders dread going up against.

  50. mkv

    We lost but i’m not at all disappointed. I thought we played really well especially AOC i think he deserves more first team chances. That boy is a star in the making, stylish and full of energy

  51. Bade

    Park and Chamakh

    Waste of space, money, squad members (due to the 25 players rule)

    Embarrassing display by both

    As Lurch posted yesterday, Chamakh isn’t a striker at all!

    Park was bit more mobile, but no where near what needed and expected.

    Poor quality of strikers, both.

    I hope Chamakh just secured himself a January move, I thought Arsene was going crazy for his lacklustre performance, albeit he denied that fuming was aimed directly to Chamakh……

  52. Hussain

    Sell Diaby, promote LeCoq.
    Sell Chamakh, sign Podoslki
    Sell Rosicky, get Gotze
    Sell Arshavn or swap him with Farfan by end of January please Wenger.

    We will have a considerable squad with backup with these changes and no, we wont have to spend big to land them either.

    Frimpong looks like he is learning fast, Miguel gave a good account of himself, good to see Djorou finally getting back to his last seasons’ form, and Kozzer, as a defender purely, is better than Vermalaen. Park was nothing but just pissing Lille off for not selling us Hazard i think

  53. rooster1108

    I sat in the lower tier for the first time last night, took the kids as the tkts were only a fiver.. so nit sitting up in my normal seat made it difficult t juudge the performances of some. However, the back 4 looked really solid, Kos and Squid really shone and miquel and JD mopped up most things although both a little tentaive going forward.

    Le Coq, Frimmers and Benny all played well, kept the ball, made runs and considering the opposition and their international experience they did very very well. Le Coq mugging off Hargreaves and De Jong a few times was a joy to watch. Both need to step up and take responsibility near the box to shoot though.

    AOC I thought was ok but opted to dribble when a pass was on too many times.
    Chamakh – useless tart. ship him out, he controls the ball and then looks at it! Shielding the ball is great and he can do that but he waits so long he then loses it.
    Park – jury is still out but he looked a little flat footed and the timing of his runs or the balls through never quite clicked.

  54. Hussain

    think AOC might get his chance on left in PL when Gervinho leaves for AFCON, but I would much rather have Wenger sell Arshavin and sign one of Reus or Farfan to have proven quality and goal scoring threat, but too bad we are talking about Wenger, we will get AOC and Ryo on left.

  55. Hussain

    And Squid was played for his transfers suitors hopefully and after that display, im sure some clubs in Spain would be willing to have him for 3-4mil, add in a couple of million and we can get Cahill for around 6 million from Bolton as 4th choice.

  56. Josip Skoblar

    According to one French journo (close to him), AW was apparently very affected by last night’s defeat. I find it strange because our team gave a decent performance yesterday. They fought well and could have won it. ManCity’s team of millionaire did not impress me in the least. They were strong and solid, that’s it. We are work in progress but we look quite promising. This is not the kind of performance any of our teams (first or reserves) could have given the past five years. We look more composed and more solid than before. It is a big plus. Arsene should address our main weakness: we need more quality and options up front (and possibly in midfield as well). If he does, the future could be quite bright.

  57. Hussain

    And send Park off to Lille with a note saying we are Sorry. I missed Pinky boots last night, used to score in CC fixtures pretty regularly! Chamakh cant tie his boots

  58. skandibird

    My God Pedro, you write a good post!
    I’m really proud of the boys performance last night, bar a few, they held their own against a team that has been assembled by millions and millions of pounds, players that earn wages you and I can only dream of (and most PL players) and agree with Pedro and think that ManC will not run the run of an unbeaten season, and will come unstuck sooner than later.
    Liverpool had another good game against Chelski and beat them 2-0. Are Chelsea a has been team now in ‘transition’ like Arsenal have been the last few years? Or will they with their spending power (not as high as ManC) just ”buy” themselves another ‘team’, and start winning again? Not so sure they will attract star players if they do not win much this season though. Unlike Arsenal, they are not the team most players ”would like to play for”, so it will be interesting to see how their season pan out. As for us I beleive we will be in the top 4 come May, especially if Arsene does spend/buy 2 players come January as in 1 striker and 1 DM/AM.

  59. NiXKiX

    January is going to be very interesting.
    Chelsea and Manu are probably going to be in the Market as well.
    We should look make our purchases early #wishfulThinking

  60. Gunner4Real

    I have read a couple of comments slating Yossi, but his presence ensured the discipline in midfield.

    On Chamakh? I really don’t know how to place this guy. Being a free acquisition does not need to make you a poor one. Sol was free. I really cannot lay a finger on this guy’s ability as a striker.

    Koss was solid last night. Made some immense tackles in the box. To all the Koss haters, the boy is here to stay.

  61. Phil

    Wenger keeps talking about the size of our squad so don’t expect anything in January, unless he finally accepts that outside of RVP we are completely bereft of strikers.
    Chamakh was appalling again, and Park is clearly only there to be more appealing in Asia.
    The good news was that AOC looks far better than Theo at the same age.
    le Coq also looks as though he belongs.

  62. Hussain


    Song is going nowhere, and Le Coq is a good enough bench player for the DM position, i would rather have us signing an AM and a LW to go with a Striker!

  63. AC Gooner

    I wonder if we will see Park and Chamakh for the last time against the Greeks in our “free” CL match?

    Lets see what happens in January.

    At least I think we can say there has been huge improvement in our defenders. Djouru looked very good last night. Squillachi too. Together with Koz, TV, and the Sack, we should have enough IF JD and SS could constantly show that form.

    Now off to fix the front line:

    The time has come to say bye bye to AA and Chamakh. Take whatever we get for them, put it in a bowl, add some more dough, and go out and buy…


    OMMMM, Blog of love

  64. craigy

    fuck me every time chamakh touch the ball last night he gave me an anxiety attack, truly shocking. he cant even lay a simple pass on, it rolls at a snails pace! he needs to fuck off thanx but no thanx, he’s simply not good enough. oxo!! jeez dont need to say n e thing, 4 a player so young he’s truly exceptional he’s fantastic, whats he gonna be like next year and the year after??, as much as it frustrates me, wenger is being smart not thrusting him in thye first team, we dont want another crock superstar do we. i gotta say koscielny is awesome what a player he is! have you noticed every time he cumes up against world class strikers he deals with them like water off a ducks back, two recent games with barca he’s had messi in his back pocket, every time he plays against torres is the same, and aguero last night, and that’s naming a few! the guy is a complete nightmare for any forward, thats why they get so snappy with him, he dont giv em a sniff! it took him a little time to adjust to life in the league, but now he looks better with every game! i fooking luv him! nice post guys!!

  65. Drogman

    I thought Frimpong had a great game. He was everywhere on the field and his tackling and passing was excellent considering the amount of football he has against quality opposition. Chamberlain was very good as well, final ball wasn’t perfect but I loved the way he always looked to attack when he got the ball and the crowd encouraged it as well.

    The pressing on City was excellent, especially in the second half, and if the first team can emulate the “second” string team then there will be plenty of points won over the rest of the season.

    Definitely in need of a striker and creative midfielder in January but other than that I think there’s plenty to be optimistic about if the young players keep putting in performances like that last night.

  66. craigy

    AC, i agree mate AA is really looking washed up, he is a fantastic talent is jus doesn’t look like he can be bothered anymore, its sad man!

  67. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    how long before we go back to a traditional 4 4 2 with theo up front with robin.
    ox and gervino on the wings.

    and two from arteta,song, frim, coq, jack, rosicky, yossi..

  68. OPG

    Attacking wise it seemed to work against Bolton but then City looked more solid than Bolton despite the changes they made at the back although maybe the players out there made them look good in some respect and vice versa. The performance then wasn’t great against Bolton but improved in some respects against City.

  69. AC Gooner


    Why are we completely useless at set pieces???

    I think we were so pathetic at defending them the last few seasons that everyone focused only on defending and forgot the other side of them.

  70. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    blue moon & robbo, citeh fans, good points eloquently said, dont think clichy will get the same, hope not, he seems to have found his hunger again at your drum,

    i reckon it worth a bet a manure – Citeh cc final, an fa final also i reckon citeh will go through on cl so a triple final?

    and 1-2 in the league? what odds?

  71. Savage

    “Not really sure he’s built for full backery”

    That’s a nice play when you consider we do have someone built for it … Backery Sagna 🙂

  72. Hussain


    Afobe is far better than Chamakh and Park combined, shame hes injured or he would have gotten some precious time on pitch, Joel Campbell is worth a shout as well, we need to sort his visa issues out!

  73. Doo Woop

    Park and Chamakh were missing balls and chances like real rookies

    But the sad part is that no, they are the immediate replacements of van persie

    we have no threat in the attack with these strikers

  74. checker

    AA is one example of player deliberately ruined to nothing by Wenger. Five minutes? You must be kidding, it is a bad joke, some kind of trolling on Wenger part.

  75. kapslock

    Gutted we lost last night but some of the lads held their own. Chamakh is utter garbage. He needs to be sold quickly. Wenger has to realise that we need a good striker. No one’s asking him to spend £30 million on a striker, because it won’t ever happen. However, he needs to act now and get something sorted. There’s Remy, Podolski, Sow and even Llorente (though he would be around the £20-£25 million mark).

    You could even see RVP’s frustration at Chamakhs miss right at the end – he was shouting ‘Come on!’ He knows it too and he’s not going to stick around if he has to play with shit like that all the time. Sort it out Wenger.

    Positive – Koz (who I’ve been critical of in the past a lot but he’s growing on me), Oxo, Frimpong, Coq and even Djourou had a solid game.

  76. AC Gooner

    was it Gooby on here who always says we should play Diaby as a striker???

    After last night’s performance, all i can say is…

    As for me and Grandpa, we Believe!

    Better than nothing

  77. benji

    wenger basically admitted it on the interview after the match how we lacked up front.

    it proved last night these guy are not good enough to score.

    performances from frimpong chamberlain and coquelin were immense.

    our defence was brilliant last night bloody so niave tho that was the only way man city were gunna score last night was a counter attack. djourou and frimpong at the back just werent quicker enough.

    wenger can trim the players he wants now. we need to sell both chamakh and park. buy a quality powerful foward and get a quick understudy up there

    whats the score with this joel campbell???

    when can he play for arsenal??

    campbell looks awesome we need him here A.S.A.P

  78. dennisdamenace

    Pedro – You might be shit at joke telling, have a shit hairdo (!), and where shit jackets, but you write some very insightful stuff fella, well done.

    Oh, and i almost forgot, you are also top of the tree when it comes to stealing jokes!!

  79. Pedro

    DDM, you are the Robin Hood of joke smithery… giving to the poor.

    Very charitable. Many a friend have I made off the back of your highly offensive musings.

  80. diabyearnshowmuch

    brilliant game last night, crowd were excellent, so nice to see such enthusiastic passion. shame these guys can’t get season tickets.
    with the ACN around the corner will Coq get his chance to shine? also AOC in for Gervinho?? maybe AW does have a master plan… just the small problem of needing a goal scorer

  81. dennisdamenace

    I would also like to state – for the record – that my musings are not highly offensive, they are just slightly misunderstood……….. 😯

  82. Ricky

    Lool at nasri!! What a fucking little tart he is.. Swearing in French cos he knew frimpong woulda had him with he’s pants round he’s ankles.

  83. goonerboy

    Did anyone seriously think Arsenal- the City feeder club is going to beat City? This is a feeling we have to get used to- because we are not competitive. They can field 2 teams- we couldn’t field one- so we fielded half a team of reserves and a bunch of kids. yes some of the kids are promising- thats all.
    What I find offensive about Wenge’s after match comments- is he brands our team as being naive- yet no one is more naive than him for selling 4 first choice players to an EPL rival. When Roberto Mancini picks up the EPL title this year he should write and thank Wenger for his generosity.

  84. Darrenchallis

    I can forgive Fab, I can understand Kolo I felt sorry for Hleb, Flam, but Ade and Nasri are the lowest form of unintelligent single cell brained cuxts I have ever seen grace our great game.

    Nasri has a Ronaldo type face you just want to punch, I thought that even when he played for us, lol

  85. GOONbubba

    Yeah gutted we lost, but can you really see us getting any kind of result with Chamakh, Park, Girvinho and Arshavin playing. All four of them are shite, second if not third rate. Get rid and spend some proper money Wenger FFS. Arshavin especially, should never put the shirt on again.

  86. chris

    Why is Goonerboy saying we can’t beat City because we sold them Toure, Clichy and Nasri and Adebayor?
    Their team doesn’t depend on those players and ours hasn’t died because they left.

    We could have won last night without RvP and most of the 1st team ffs.

    Money might make them favourites in a lot of games but they’re not unbeatable –

    I’d ask what Arsenal fan thinks we don’t have any chance at theirs on 18 December

  87. visionary

    was screaming at wenger 2 bring on jermaine aliadiere his 1 premiership goal in 9yrs at the club is making him look like a goal machine
    girls we gotta take this game for what it was, we are out of a competition, we badly need a striker and also we need 2 offload more deadwood and we had promising performances from a few young players.
    also big kudos 2 pat rice for the work he dose defensively, after-all he made squallici look the part last night

  88. Bade

    I’m happy we’re out of CC, I don’t fancy the pain of watching Park and Chamakh run around themselves doing nothing for another couple of games

  89. Bade


    You were right about the Millions worth players playing for the petrol giants, but what shouldn’t be forgotten is that they where saved mainly because of a basement bargain boy with aerated fruit drink name

  90. matt

    we can make excuses about not having the resources of man city all we want but that is the fault of the current board and manager, We have two billionaire owners, one of whom doesn’t want to put any money into the club and as a result keeps the other billionaire marginalised because he wants to invest more in the team.

    Fuck self sufficiency, its a byword for loser. we need massive investment in the team before we become permanant also rans.

  91. OPG

    Aliadiere was fantastic in the CC a couple of years ago at least, some players look the part some don’t seem to up for it in this cup.

  92. observer

    the post’s obsession about City’s money power smells of a loser attitude. Did we not care a damn about such teams between 2003 – 2005. Didn’t the Arsenal management know that such teams would one day come up with huge money power. Why did we not prepare well enough? In business, dont CEOs prepare for onslaught from other smaller players in future? If Arsenal was actually managed by sports-loving business managers, we would not have to target ‘4th’ position. The fact is we have only money-loving business managers. Thats the whole problem. Usmanov could be different. Bring him on.
    Hang Kroenke! Hang Wenger!

  93. chris

    Also – Fabianski’s flapping didn’t make me realise what a good GK Szczesny is – just how bad Fabianski is.

    As I’m also unconvinced about Mannone, what about Sorensen at Stoke – he’s got 7 months left on his contract, he’s just reclaimed first choice off Begovic, he’s 37(?) and would be a great back up –
    He has certainly looked good on TV.

  94. Dimitri

    We keep talking about Götze but is anyone else worried we’d be taking on just another powderpuff player who does well when he’s playing on the TV cameras but can’t be bothered the rest of the time. Had enough of that with Nasri and Fabregas during his last 2 years.

    Apparently Dortmund are looking at Jovetic from Fiorentina as a replacement if they lose Götze. Of course it’s talkshite so prob a load of bollocks, but the point is I reckon someone like Jovetic is much closer to what we need. He is far more direct and has an eye for goal, and comes at a much cheaper price, plus these serbs are well hard he’d be much more cut out for the PL as opposed to Götze the little man.

  95. tippitappi

    I thought we were the better team last night what a shame we were caught too far up pressing there was no need as the game had to be settled on the night and most of them won’t be playing saturday anyway or was this wenger trying to get the 90 min win over mankini to prove a point I hope not

  96. craigy

    wouldn’t it be great if we had an anthem for arsenal! something that would really inspire players and the fans, i dont kno how i could be done, but it would be awsome!

  97. Dimitri

    The thing though is Gooner is that Silva is part of a large squad where you have to compete for a place in the team otherwise you are on the bench. He also has a manager who ensures there is discipline and accountability throughout. Wenger really isn’t that kind of Manager. Götze would get a hell of a lot better with a manager like Mourinho, but Wenger does better with players who have some kind of point to prove.

  98. goonerDNA is dench

    Dimitri, Gotze is a wise kid he’ll do well wherever he goes and Wenger gets the best out of young players he just not good at keeping them.

  99. Pollux

    What the fuck is going on? A loss is a loss and im like reading glorious Report everywhere i surf? Who cares if we dominate the match for 99.99%?? Who cares if oxo or Coe played very well? Football is all about result. Matter of fact, we are out of the carling cup. Fuck.