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Welcome to Tuesday, a fine, crisp winters morning with a Carling Cup match against the richest team on the planet the only thing bar a coat to warm you.

I don’t know whether I’m excited about this one. The thought of playing a team with a second string that probably earn close to what our entire squad is raking in is quite a daunting prospect. Mancini talking about the domestic campaign hindering England as a whole is giving me some faith. I don’t think he’s fussed about the game and if your manager is thinking  that, those negative vibes tend to seep into the players mindsets. I mean, it’s not like Samir needs and excuse not to put a shift in. He totally bottled the second half of last season because it felt a little too much like responsibility. Still, he is earning £180k a week at the moment, which I’m sure is a fine salary to sit on the bench.

He’ll be playing tonight. We do have to remember there is talent in the boy and we’ve just got to hope we don’t give him too much space this evening. Also, remember not to give him too much attention. Who is he? Why would someone who gave us 3 good months in 3 years be worth the energy of booing? He’s a nothing. Just another fly by night player like Alex Hleb. We enjoyed patchy moments of brilliance, but I don’t yearn for him back in the team.

He wears a snood, which is the technical term for the flap of skin over a turkeys beak. I have nothing more to say on that. I just wanted to shoe horn it in so you can tell your friends at high class dinner parties.

Back to the game… Rumour has it their front three could be Johnson, Dzeko and Samir. Their midfield might have De Jong and Yaya in it!

Still, we know from seasons past that it doesn’t matter who you’ve got on the pitch providing the attitude is bang on the money. Oxo will be given a chance to shine tonight. He’s been slightly relegated in our thoughts of late due to the superb form of Theo Walcott. I totally agree with this stance. All the hype and clamour for him to start was beyond ridiculous. We don’t want another over used 18 year old who’s in the damaged goods room 90% of his career because he wasn’t given the chance to grow. Still, tonight is showcase night I’ve no doubt he’ll be humbled after being kept out of the limelight. His last game was very poor, so I’m looking to see more focus on sharp, fast passing than I am on over the top tricks and flicks that amount to nothing much.

Ryo Miyachi. Yeah. He should be called Ryo Miyinjured. Totally. Where is he?

Oh right? Are you serious?

He’s on tour with the effing ladies! Are you kidding me? Well, I hope he’s out in Japan doing that because he’s injured and not just because he fancies living the sexiest dream going.

Wenger intimated that we’ll be seeing a run out from Benny this evening. A super talent that hasn’t been given a fair crack at the whip according to the coach. Am I fussed about this? Absolutely not. Why should any football manager feel bad about not being able to play someone because there are players in better form? The boss always has this fear that he’ll sign a player then not be able to play them every week. That’s why we end up with a squad that has a great 11 then not much outside. An example of that is what we’ll be playing up front. Park Chu-Young looks ok, but is he top class? Can he trouble City this evening? Or have we just bought a cheap stop-gap that will be even more casual about being on the bench than Chamakh?


Yennaris JD Squillaci Santos

Frimpong Benny Coquelin

AOC Park Arshavin

I’m rubbish at predicting line ups, but that’s my best bet at what it will look like. I’d prefer to see Miquel given a run out over Squillaci but I guess we have to be realistic about this one, it’ll likely be the more experienced, if slightly more erratic Frenchman. I have Arshavin out wide, but we might see him drop into the hole again and a bit of a reshuffle. We could also see Chamakh playing outwide, something he used to do quite well for his last club.

I think we’ll have to contain City for large parts and we’ll have to play a disciplined game. If we leave ourselves open, we’ll find ourselves multiple goals down within minutes. The two holding midfielders have a massive part to play in the outcome of this evening, Frimpong needs to keep a cool head and be positionally aware at all times. Fabianski will have to be on his toes, he’ll be dealing with a lot of dangerous crosses and a City that aren’t afraid to shoot.

Transfer news…

Word has it PSG are stumping up £10million to sign Chamakh. If Wenger is planning to move there at some point, it could be an awkward first board meeting explaining how that transfer happened. Interest is hotting up regardless, that is good news for all parties!

The other exciting story is Podolski has been scouted by us. The German wideman or striker comes with pedigree on an international stage, but he did bomb out at Bayern. He’s super fast, very direct and a bit of a no-nonsense player. He’d be a great addition to the squad if we picked him up for £10mill in January.

I have no idea how the match will pan out, I won’t be heading up this evening, but I’m sure if you are it’ll be fun. Just don’t be too downbeat if the worst happens, I doubt any club in the league would be able to honestly say they’re capable of turning over Manchester City’s reserves.

Crazier things have happened though… just ask Ryo Miyachi… the lucky sod.

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See you in the comments and make sure you let me know how your team is lining up!

P.S. I have one spare, let me know if you’re interested via e-mail.

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  1. goonermart


    who the fuck is chamakh? You’ll be going round in circles with keyser mate.

    Ox is awsome, hope we see him again some time soon

  2. roaaary

    @goonermart – i have given up with that one already. its hard arguing an opinion but saying chamakh was shit was a fact

  3. David

    We played with two DM’s.

    And wide players.

    Which meant we needed some creativity in the MIDDLE.

    Seemed we were just happy to wach the Oxo show.

    Particularly the players

  4. Keyser

    roaaasey – ffs well I doubt anyone would sit with you for tactical analysis, stop being such a clueless cunt and think about it.

    We created 1-2 crosses from wide for our strikers, bar the odd run and shot from Ox, it’s not like we created upteen oppurtunites and considering Citeh struggled aswell, either Citeh were phenomenally shit, or we kind of cancelled each other out.

    I suggest you go watch the Fulham game, and then re-watch this one and see the difference in the match when Benayoun switched inside and Gervinho came on.

    The game opened up more and in the end cost us.

  5. frenchie

    evidently, when asked by a reporter if dzeko and aguero were the difference in the match, mancini responded: arsenal had chamack.

    that is mean.

  6. roaaary

    so keyser u think that a striker isnt responsible for creating chances with their movement? chamakh n park didnt have any.

    your stupidity reaches new levels with every comment you make

  7. Keyser

    roaassey – Neither did Citeh create anything, do you think that might be because there were 4 dm’s on the pitch and both teams played with a back 6 defensively.

    You were crying a while back about not reading enough insight into the games, give you insight because obviously the clueless cunt part should go without saying and you ignore it.

    Chamakh and Park weren’t spectacular, but then it’s not their fault entirely either.

  8. Lurch


    Park I can excuse, but chamakh was spectacularly shit, he’s incapable of the simplest passes, has no touch, vision or speed of thought.

    He’s not a footballer, heck I wouldn’t even let him near a knife and a bucket of oranges for fear he’d fuck that up.

    He made that coughing fit up when he was caught out flat footed on a through ball and didn’t want to look a total cunt.

  9. DrMaadh

    The reason we played fairly well,albeit the loss is very much down to the lack of pressure on our players. No body expected us to do anything. Most would have feared a thrashing. If this is even 50% of how good City can play i have no fears for the Premier league showdown. We might very well be the first team to beat them.

  10. jon

    well citeh did create a goal keyser.

    are you saying part of a top strikers job isnt to create chances for himself either from nothing or finding space and being switched on to recieve passes?

    and chamakh wouldnt have been in the position aguero was in to score because he is clueless and he wouldnt have scored because he would have turned round and looked to pass and then fallen over or cried or something.

  11. David

    Absolutely agree with everything Lurch

    I’ll take it a step further and call Park shyte as well.

    I hate to say it.

    But Bendtner wouldve probably scored that chance at the end.

  12. Keyser

    Lurch – There’s a start, at least more than roaaasey’s attempted, still the typical spazzy bullshit when people want to pick a scapegoat.

    Blame our lack of resources if you want, ideally both Park/ Chamakh shouldn’t be playing together especially with soo little game-time neither are the sort of player that takes the initiative of leading the line, they want to work in and around other players with more intent.

    Bendtner maybe to be one of the pair, or Diaby/Rosicky to take one of the positions.

  13. frenchie

    that coughing fit topped his inability to run during the fulham match. his job is to lead the attach and he is being beaten down the pitch by song, alex fucking song. the only thing he runs for is the next flight to vegas.

  14. David

    Weve got strikers that just sit and hang around in midfield.

    Nobody makes a run forward.

    Nobody arsed to get in the box.

    I dont want to be critical of Ox but that shot he had that almost went in…Benayoun was wide open on the end.

    If its not Youth Naivety that kills a Wenger team its the Cheap Shite Buys that find a way.

    I wont be surprised at tall if we go into the January Window huffing puffing and bluffing without getting anyone and then RVP gets injured second week in February.

  15. Arsene Nose Best

    soooooooooooo glad we are out of that carling bollocks cup,itfucked us over badly last season.i think we should boycott the carling cup next season.

    F U C K T H E C A R L I N G C U P

  16. Keyser

    jon – He wouldn’t have been in the position because he’d be helping out defensively on the corner.

    By the time they scored we’d already changed formation.

  17. Lurch


    there literally isn’t anything you could say to defend Chamakh with merit, he was given opportunity – he received the ball in a myriad of different positions, few when he was under concerted pressure and he fucked his touch. He could have been on the end of plenty more if he’d bothered anticipating anything but a give a go & making a run, he even had a header on a plate in the dying minutes, just like the one he fucked up for Vermaelen’s equaliser on the weekend.

    total utter toilet and the worst player I can remember setting eyes on in the whole prem.

  18. colonel mustard

    Let the bad sequence start…..Wegner never sees it…..Ill rest the little preciouses….f**kin idiot…cant wait til lhe is gone from AFC…

  19. Keyser

    fuck it hope Citeh go all the way, with that and the Europa league, with Mancini already having to play players not quite completely fit, hopefully they’ll struggle in the league later on.

  20. colonel mustard

    Arsene Nose Best – oh yeah we have’nt won a f***kin trophy for years…and that was f**kin barely…I’ll take a Carling Cup with open arms…this team does not know how to win.

  21. DrMaadh

    On a different note, most of us must be thinking how shit is arshavin and… How Awesome is the Ox. There is no way that Ox can be left out of the team. Im not saying first 11 in league matches. But some 10- 15 minutes cameo, on for gervino or any1 else for that matter seems like a good idea. enough to keep his boots on the ground and try harder and give a taste of what he would be facing next season.

    I can already see him playing a big part when gervino leaves for ANC. I suppose the israeli should be the one to get the chance but would be nice if we saw more of the OX. The lad has got the real magic that Nasri thinks he has.

  22. goonermart

    positives from tonight

    1. Ox
    2. Coquelin
    3. Frimpong
    4. We can concentrate on the 6th place trophy
    5. Sponsors may feel sorry for us and offer us more money
    6. We are soon to be presented with the ninth successive League Cup quarter-final trophy
    7. Goon in 60 should be gone for a couple of days
    8. Less AKBs in general
    9. Slim chance wenger might do a garyspeed

    So not all doom and gloom

  23. Keyser

    Lurch – Why didn’t you stop with the first sentance then ?!

    The header wasn’t on a plate, also it’s not like we threw countless crosses in there, he’s not the best striker we’ve ever had but considering we’ve spent the best portion of two years lamenting our lack of crossing and/or crossing technique it’s not fucking surprising he didn’t anticipate it is it.

  24. frenchie



    this sums up camelface: he is happy learning to play his game and sit on the bench behind rvp. no player worth his weight in spit would be happy to sit on the bench, watching. even that total cunt of a cuntrag, the greatest footballer in the world who wore pink boots, wanted to be on the pitch! i can respect that. chamack is a disgrace. never wanted him at arsenal, still do not want him at arsenal.

  25. David

    Okay Keyser,

    Thats a pretty fucking dumb thing to say.

    Even by your standards.


    Chamakh hasnt been hear two years.


    He should be anticipating crosses. He’s supposedly the best at it when we got him?

  26. jon

    oh right keyser

    now you are making excuses for a striker not anticipating crosses.

    you are defending the undefendable. Hes and arsenal striker that cant score goals.

  27. jon

    well nearly lurch

    on whether the FA Cup is the best trophy chance…

    I consider the championship the most important. More than anything else, it is important to finish in the top four.

  28. Paulinho

    Wenger’s ego is more important that our success, so expect Chamakh to be a permanent fixture in our squad till he fucks off.

    Can’t face the embarrassment of shipping off a player he waited – and wasted – two years to get.

  29. David


    I cant bare to listen or read anything Wenger has to say again.

    I just want results.

    I do wish he would fuck off soon though.

  30. David

    Thank you Keyser,

    Dont let the Cyber bullies get to you.

    Keep making up dumb shyte and stirring up debate.

    Youre a Le-grove Icon 😀

  31. Keyser

    Soo jon, I used to ask this quite often of incesc when he made certain statements I thought might be contradicting what he’d said earlier.

    But you’ve never moaned about how shit our crossing was or that we hardly ever bothered either ?!

    jon seems a bit bland, unless you frenchised John, thought you’d come up with something more inventive.

    Don’t really feel anything when players have moved on, kind of can’t be asked to hate on them because it wastes good karma I could be using on Arsenal.

  32. Grassy Knoll

    Honestly, what is Wenger trying to prove by persisting with Chamakh (and Arsharvin)?

    Doesn’t he have fucking eyeballs?

    January – OUT: Chamakh, Arsharvin, Almunia, Bendtner, Vela, Squillaci, Denilson, Park.


    If we had a decent striker we wiuld have won that game with ease.


  33. jon

    haha cheers mate, thats my name, bland as it is…

    i dont hate him, just dont have any love for him anymore and its pointless being named after a barce player on an arsenal blog.

    Barce bore me, im glad they are struggling away from home this year, the other night they offered nothing, i think cesc chose a shit time to head over there considering footballs cyclical nature.

  34. BacaryisGod

    That was a defeat without shame.

    Hugely impressed with our youngsters Coquelin, Frimpong, Oxlade-Chamberlain.

    Koscielny was immense.

    Djourou and Squillaci were surprisingly solid.

    Miquel, Benayoun and Fabianski were average.

    Chamakh and Park were a little lightweight and toothless. Neither have adjusted yet. Both are trying hard but floundering right now.

    That puts 6 of the 11 at above average (with 3 of those-AOC,Koscielny and Coquelin- outstanding).

    On the way too optimistic side, at least we now have at least two matches fewer to deal with when injuries and games begin to mount.

  35. Keyser

    In hindsight though the seasons not over, I think Cesc chose a shit time all round, Real Madrid’s squad may not have the talent of Messi but it’s probably deeper than Barcelona’s has been for a while and considering the rest of the leagues pretty adject it’s Madrid’s to lose now.

    If he’d stayed, another year of him and Nasri with Gervinho and a couple of other players, we might have finally won something and he could have gone back a success over here and the great white hope for them if Madrid win this years Liga.

  36. OPG

    At least they didn’t get humiliated by a relegated side in the end, although last seasons run was better on paper with tough away draws..

  37. Northbanksy

    Played very well but ended up losing 1 nil..Man $itys
    only shot on goal!!!! Excellent shifts from Ox Chamberlain, Coquelin, Frimpong & Koschelny, but my lord do we need a striker. Chamakh & Park were very disappointing.

  38. Goon from BD

    DialSquare & Northbanksy- Cheers!

    Watched the post match interviews. Got the impression we played rather well then.

    Nasri bottled it!!! can’t even handle the pressure of ze carling cup!! Ballon D’or???…….LMFAO!!!!!!

  39. zeus

    on whether the FA Cup is the best trophy chance…
    I consider the championship the most important. More than anything else, it is important to finish in the top four.


    Back to fourth place being a trophy then?

  40. Lurch

    love this barbed criticism.

    Persie_Official Robin van Persie
    Very proud of the boys tonight! We lost but so many players can look back @ a great game of football tonight!

  41. SUGA3

    back home from the game, watched the game with a couple of footy specialist mates, the council has agreed on the following:

    – this team is seriously lacking hustle and aggression
    – Chamakh and Park are fucking poo
    – Fabianski is still a shitcunt wanker

    that will be all, good 😉

  42. Sabeel


    Yeah, but put David Silva and Yaya Toure in the mix…

    dude, if our first string side play, we can take care of them…as the 2nd string side showed we can control the rest…

  43. Sabeel


    Yeah, but put David Silva and Yaya Toure in the mix…

    dude, if our first string side play, we can take care of them…as the 2nd string side showed we can control the res

  44. Mayank

    I can’t believe Chamkh looked the better of the two strikers. I really don’t understand why Park was worth pissing Lille off.

    But we played well against a team with Aguero, Dzeko, Johnson and Nasri although with their defence we should’ve had a couple. Not really disappointed with the guys just wish we had someone who could finish. Podolski will be a great buy.

    Oh and well done AOC ran rings around a very expensive defence and should’ve got some reward.