Song could be Arsenal’s creative mid | Gervinho a marmite? | Wenger disses baseball

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Good morning everyone! I’m hungover like a dog, so please bear with me on this one. It might be a little flat, you know, like the Chelsea dressing room at the moment.

The big news is that Arsene Wenger doesn’t know anything about baseball. Me neither Arsene, as far as I’m aware, it’s rounders for men. I heard the other night they play 160 games a season. What a ridiculous number. I’d be bored senseless by the time that season ended. Anyway, Billy Beane likes stats. Arsene Wenger likes stats. They’re basically mutual stat lovers.

I sometimes struggle to believe Arsene loves stats, being that he’s ignored the biggest problem stat for years… we concede too many goals.

Today is the perfect chance to begin our run of clean sheets. It feels like we’re getting ever closer to a solid back 4. Individually, I’m pretty happy who we’ve got playing. I think we have a fantastic keeper and I’m starting to warm to Santos. Koscielny has slotted in at right back with no problem and I’m a fan of the Vermaelen and Mertesacker middle two. It’s just momentary lapses that are costing us. Things have tightened considerably and we’re giving teams less, we just need that final push of concentration to make it stick for 90minutes.

Wenger has been talking up Alex Song, he said…

“He looks to me also to be a creative player. He was a centre back, but him and Andre Santos are players who look like they could play in creative midfield.”

I hope Song isn’t reading that! I think one of the reasons he’s performing better this season is that in the main, he’d given up trying to be Cesc. You have moments of brilliance like the assist the other night, which you can be pleased about, but then you have the curse of over confidence with what he did in the 91st minute.

“You can talk and talk as a manager but either you play somebody or you don’t. That is the best way to show confidence in a player. In the last three years he has played a lot.”

It’s always odd who gets that confidence and who doesn’t. I’ll always be at a loss as to the reason Carlos Vela was never given a crack at the first team. He showed so much promise but never had the trust of the manager. There are lots of players we could have had at the club that were never given a fair crack at the whip. I guess it’s like general life, you have your favourites and you run with them.

One of my favourite players is Gervinho. He’s come in for some stick lately. His poor finishing and occasional flashes of selfish play seem to irk some sections of the fan base. I think he’s a top talent, I’d prefer to have him in the side over the first two seasons we had of Samir Nasri. I think he works hard, he opens space and I think he’s fairly efficient with the ball. He also has the natural gift of being able to go round players with the ball at his feet. Something Theo struggles with. For me, it’s just a case of waiting for the finishing penny to drop. Once it does, he’ll be producing impressive stats.

Freddie Ljungberg was the same when he joined Arsenal. His finishing was mostly terrible for the first season. He’d get into great positions, but he’d rarely hit the target. The next season, something clicked and he couldn’t stop scoring.

Fulham are coming to exploit our weakness for leaving space at the back…

‘They are playing with a lot of possession and of course they have a lot of talent in the team, but they still have to rotate at the back. Hopefully we can exploit the space we get.’

… the swines.

They certainly have players that can do that.  Bobby Zamora is a very talented striker who can have flashes of brilliance. He’s not consistent but he’s a player that needs to be watched with a keen eye. Andy Johnson is a tricky customer, he’ll always be looking for a penalty and I’d imagine he’s licking his lips at the prospect of going over a flailing leg of Per Mertesacker. Then there is the American Clint Dempsey, a player we were rumoured to be in for last summer, he’s capable of the spectacular and he’s a very hard worker.

If we take our chances and keep our discipline in midfield, I’m sure we can conquer Fulham. These games are always potential banana skins for us, especially since the press have done a 360 on their opinion in the last week. They’re waiting to pounce with the ‘Same old Arsenal’ headline.

Enjoy the late kick off, I’ll be back tomorrow with a match post outlining what a lovely day I’ve just had!

See you in the comments…

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P.S. If you’re out and about today… do make sure you pick up a copy of The Gooner, we’ve said a few words in there today which I’m sure you’d love to read in hard copy. Also, just in general, you should support the fanzine when you’re at the ground, it’s only a pound. It’s one of the few traditions left in football and it’s a quality read for the tube!

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  1. Lurch

    yeah JW’s the man Jon, Rambo was shagged today – he chased Dortmund off the pitch on wednesday so if Diaby manages to keep fit we can start to rotate now.

    we needed a Sunday game – undone by the shit fixture list.

  2. frenchie


    i admit that i was upset when diaby was brought on, but he did add a presence. he controlled the midfield. i had forgotten his ability to step through and around tackles. hope he retains fitness.

  3. Pat

    RVP could have dummied a good cross today and Arteta had a very good chance (80% I’d say) to score. There were few bodies so they probably wouldn’t block it. RVP took it wide though

  4. reggie57

    No cant see wilshire filling the hole that cesc left!! but what he would give us is 100% commitment!! more than what cesc ever did…….

  5. colonel mustard

    This game exposes wegners summer of F**k ups. No support for Robin. We needed Chiqarito today but we dont have that player. Ardshavin is a joke to professional football. Poor from Rambo, Arteta and Song. doing the same thing and not well today. Arteta on our last attack of game concedes possession so easily. story of game.

  6. Pat

    I think we need a dribbler in midfield, SO wilshere or Diaby should always plays. Song and Arteta as well.

    Ramsey is very average. Hardworking british player, but his passing is nothing impressive. Diaby will offer presence, drive, and dribbling until Wilshere gets back.

  7. gambon

    Lot of pathetic excuses flying around, particularly pat blaming the ref.

    I wonder if they’re condemning the ref in the UTD game?

  8. albo

    Gotta say there is a lot of nonsense being written on here. The idea that we should just field the same 11 players game in game out – pretty frickin stupid!

  9. Goon from BD



  10. Leedsgunner

    Pat, re Diaby — presence and drive in the physio room… he’s the definition of a crock no matter how good he is he should have been sold ago. The new Viera he is not, that’s for sure. Opportunity lost today… shame!

  11. frenchie


    admittedly, that was a shit penalty awarded.

    while mike dean is a cunt, he did not play as if he had lead weights attached to his ass. and arshavin clearly had too many perogis.

    schwarzer and baird saved fulham. schwarzer had a very good game.

  12. David

    We dont need a Winger. WEve got plenty of creativity on the wings.

    We need someone who can create in the middle and finish those chances that Ramsey has had for the upteenth game now.

    Djouru is Back!

  13. zeus

    LeG Rash says:
    November 26, 2011 at 19:35
    Were there too many different types of foreigner on the pitch in our team today. Before the anti-racist brigade go bonkers – it’s a very, very fair question – in fact it couldn’t be fairer.
    I mean communication – it’s bound to be, if you like not, able fully be in command in the mother tongue of what is after all the english premier league, The English language – it’s a problem … no?

    What a tired rubbish point. I don’t even know where to begin. So I won’t.

  14. WengersSweeties

    Our support can be embarrassing though gambon.

    When you see the Dortmund fans, then ours it’s a completely different atmosphere.

    We were licked from Wednesday nights game today, that and complacency as per usual.

    When we decided to turn it on we created chances, if we played the 94mins like we did the last 20 we would have won the game.

  15. zeus

    Pat says:
    November 26, 2011 at 19:45
    RVP could have dummied a good cross today and Arteta had a very good chance (80% I’d say) to score. There were few bodies so they probably wouldn’t block it. RVP took it wide though.


    Thought the same. Arteta should have probably screamed leave it though.

  16. David

    Goon from BD says:
    November 26, 2011 at 19:32

    We need to replace Arshavin. WTF are we gonna do when Gervinho goes to AFCON?


    Ohhh. Daaammmmn…

  17. Thomas, It's up for grabs now

    Can’t blame the ref for today. Fulham did stroll a bit but we had too many strollers on the park too. No urgency until we went behind.

    Theo worked hard without product, put in a few decent crosses. Rambo looked tired. Arteta looked for the easy pass to often and for someone else to do the work. Good response from TV to make amends for the OG. He had the desire to get up the field and do something.

    Positive impact from Gerv… Arshavin has been in this slump for way too long. The door in Jan and the money plus the profits hanging around from the summer and off to Dortmund with a one way ticket for Goetze on RyanAir.

    BTW Gamboo.. Just seen Rednose on skynews whinging about the linesman today! Don’t know what the incident was but he was fairly damming! Implied he should never work again. 🙂

  18. Thomas, It's up for grabs now

    He’s being sarcastic… (LeG Rash) Read his previous posts. (Actually, don’t bother). He’s attempting to poke fun at the posters on here.

    Ignore it. School’s back Monday.

  19. Pat

    Gambon being the clueless cunt as always. Ref in United game was very good. Lino made the decision, and thats just one decision. If a ref dislikes a team, he won’t do show it by huge decisions. He’ll just get all the small ones wrong, which is a lot more detrimental to a team.

    Go read a thing or two about matchfixing and its history and whats effective.

    All of England knows Dean hates Arsenal. Go wank off to United clueless git

  20. azed

    Anyone see this as a sign that our annual end of season collapse will continue??
    Our back up players should be sold and ramsey should not be a starter.

  21. Keyser

    That was a bit depressing, glad we at least drew, looked like we were knackered, Diaby looked ok when he got on.

    Think this is where we miss the sheer energyw e’d get from Clichy/Gibbs/Sagna and we probably need similar in midfield.

    Though obviously from a blog perspective, Le Grove fucking needed that, gambon/ Paulinho (RVP wtf ? at least try) needed that, hopefully we’ll get some decent debate going over the next few days.

  22. zeus

    Well I’m glad that a good ol debate can get going now.

    Its not like we haven’t had an AKB vs anti-Wenger banter before.

    We should have won this, screw debating.

  23. jack

    we lacked commitment, urgency and a desire to win. how anyone cant see that is beyond me. and Arsene didnt instill it in the team today as he thought it was easy win.

  24. Keyser

    Yeah, why not or instead we can use it at as some sort of offenders register where people just spout random inane bollocks riddled with obsecenities like that one as a way of leaving our mark upon Society.

    Should’ve/Could’ve whatever it’s not like we haven’t drawn before.

    They probably need a kick up the aSs, mid-week mabye we’ll see if any of the fringe players are going to show hope of saving us.

  25. Keyser

    Do they have people for individual body parts ?!

    I was kind of enjoying it then realised that Brittany Murphy plays the voice of the Emperor Penguin love interest, and I think she died.

    Hmm now I don’t know what I want from the Liverpool Citeh game, if we’d won I would’ve wanted a Liverpool win.

  26. Santos

    Doom less! Wenger should have started Gervinho not Arshavin. Arshavin has just proved that he must be sold in New Year. Fulham gave a lot of troubles, and I wish Vermaelen never scored that OG, what would have been?

  27. Keyser

    He’s still got a lot to learn, I don’t think anyone was particularly shit, we were just poor and lethargic all over.

    We need more players with the sort of energy Gervinho had.

  28. gazzap

    you cant slate arshavin. Arsh has become a squad player. You cant just play the same 11 players every game. At some point Gerv needs a rest. Arsh wasn’t bad but not at his best either. What do expect when you dont play for the team anymore?
    Ramsey looked fucked!

  29. IvoryGoonz

    Keyser: for the most advanced yes, such as the feet of the hero for that movie as it was the most important bit of the story…
    besides there was lot of research and I can tell you lot of nights watching Fred Astaire others and then experiencing with 4D to have a good rendering…

  30. goonermart

    Wenger ‘But I can’t be too demanding on the team because the players are exceptional’
    Ha fucking ha, dream on

  31. David

    goonermart says:
    November 26, 2011 at 22:03
    Wenger ‘But I can’t be too demanding on the team because the players are exceptional’


    *heavy sigh*

  32. Chamakh for a Skipper?!

    Hands off my little hero Andrey Arshavin!
    AA23 has given to this team more that some of the twats you are praising on here.
    You may wank over that The Forehead guy until all you losers blue in the faces but that’s no use for he’s always be a nearly man… Frustrating idiot!
    And Arteta is absolutly shocking buy, shocking waste of space…Replacement for Cesc my arse!
    Fulham team is a scum fest, not deserving to be in a top footy competition proletarian filthy commoners.
    Depressing stuff…

  33. goonermart

    Bade says:
    November 26, 2011 at 11:15

    Maybe the fatigued Gervinho will be rested

    Well well, who’s a clever cloggs then 🙂

  34. Bade

    Bad result
    Bad performance
    Bad game

    Yet Arsene still sees the “positives” and here exactly where our problem lays and begins

  35. Bade

    At least Barca cunts lost!

    Cesc must be inserting the winners mentality of Arsene there!

    Oh wait, maybe it was the “Master plan” to crumble the mighty Barca 😆

  36. Bade

    Now people will start with 7542 reason why we did draw home to Fulham

    The real explanation is, we fucked up big time, we missed many setters, we screwed when we let a nothing goal in