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Robin sinks Dortmund with his second

I had a disastrous start to the evening, the Underground was beyond ridiculous and the tickets I’d secured for my American friends fell through. I eventually headed in with a German pal who had to put up with the muppets behind me making Nazi references all game. Luckily, my pal took it for what it was… ‘I can’t imagine it would happen outside the ground, it’s part of the spirit’… hmmm, I’d like to think so. Honestly, Nazi comments in this day in age?

The first half was nothing to write home about. A cagey affair played out mostly in midfield. Theo nearly beat the keeper to a through ball and Robin shot just wide. The only other Arsenal highlight I can think of was a dangerous whipped cross from Walcott. Slim pickings eh?

Dortmund didn’t fair much better. Firstly their two star players went off. Bender to a Vermaelen induced jaw break and Gotze to a Song collision. This severely affected their shape and confidence. Attack wise they managed a speculative long range shot that blazed just past the post and Chesney easily dealt with the half volley fired at him.

The second half started with a bit more attacking authority. Dortmund had the first chance, Chesney did well to save a low shot.

We were the team to open the scoring. Songinho had the ball out wide with three players surrounding him, he cut inside on man then shimmied his way between two more, raced into the box, chipped a pass to the back post where Robin was on hand to head home.

A great bit of skill from Song.

Robin momentarily dropped with an ankle complaint after a poor challenge. You could hear the gasps. He jumped back up. He’d learnt the art of manning up this summer. That drew the biggest cheer of the night.

We searched for the second knowing full well one is never enough. Gervinho went close after taking the ball round the keeper only to miss out on the shot because two Dortmund defenders caught him.

Here’s an idea Gervinho, shoot early!

It came late on when an Arteta corner was nodded on by Vermaelen to a waiting Robin Van Persie. 2 goals from the man who just can’t stop scoring!

The Germans sang, ‘you only sing when you’re winning’, how right they were!

A game wouldn’t be complete without us conceding a sloppy goal. Song lost possession in a dangerous area, Dortmund took advantage, everyone conspired to balls up and Kagawa smashed past Chezzer. Embarrassing stuff. Vermaelen was furious.

Arsenal managed to see out the game and celebrated qualification into the last 16. No stumbling this year. 1st in the group was ours!

A solid performance from Arsenal, slightly overshadowed by some very sloppy play late on. We need to tighten up, because there will come a point when we’ll have to rely on winning games 1-0. At the moment, we look incapable of doing that. Sure the defence has greatly improved, but since September, in all competitions, we’ve only managed 5 clean sheets in 16. That’s not good enough and it needs to improve if we have aspirations of achieving a trophy this year.

There were some great performances out there last night… I’ll list them below!

P.S. The Dortmund fans were immense last night. They have a conductor who leads the way with their choreographed clapping and stamping. Amazing to watch, amazing to hear!

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Chezzer – Didn’t really have much to do all night. 6

Santos – Leaves us exposed at times, but overall, he’s feeling his way into the Arsenal way quite nicely. 6.5

Kozzer – Another solid game at right back. JD had a part to play in the goal we conceded, I think it’s the right decision to keep the Frenchman where he is at the moment. 7

Vermaelen – Snuffed out everything that came his way, another imposing game. 8

Mertesacker – More calmness from the German today. Doesn’t get enough credit for the thing he does well. 7

Song – A superb game until he gave up posession at the end for the Dortmund goal. ‘We’ve only got one Song’ was the fan song of choice last night, and truly deserved in the main. He bossed the midfield last night and served a great assist to Robin 7.5

Arteta – Controlled the pace well, continuing his great partnership with Song. I think that’s the telling difference this year, Arteta really sacrifices some of his attacking game to give us solidity. 7.5

Ramsey – Showcased some excellent passing last night. Has the engine of an ox and the extra time spent in the gym last season is starting to tell in games. He doesn’t get bullied by anyone. 7.5

Robin – It does get boring churning out superlatives for a player who is clearly the best striker in the world at the moment. His movement, creativity and deadly finishing is an absolute joy to watch. One thing I will say is that while people rightly report most of the goals are coming through him, what they’re failing to mention is the quality of final ball he’s receiving. Both goals last night were teed up so well, Chamakh could have finished them. The supply line is gradually improving . 9

Gervinho – He’s turning into a bit of a marmite amongst fans. He was sloppy with his passing last night and he lost the ball a few too many times. He’s adapting though, you can see he’s a proper wide man and he has a natural ability. Once he channels that into finishing, he’ll be a force for us. 6

Theo – Had an off night yesterday. Whipped in some dangerous balls but his touch deserted  him at times and he wasn’t particularly effective. 6.5

P.S. I’ll be at the AST meeting listening to Tom Fox talk marketing later. Hopefully we’ll get an explanation from him about his thoughts on our waiting list and why he thinks that means we’re not paying enough.

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  1. Bade

    I think Arteta is underrated …..

    His intelligence and responsibility are marvelous.

    He’s driving the players round him to give more from there selves, and our midfield suddenly look much solid and stronger, even if it’s less sparkling

    I think the fans appreciating more this style of play

  2. visionary

    the sloppy play only came about because the mentally weak and bone lazy diaby and djourou were allowed to enter the fray, time for these two to be shown the door, excuse after excuse being made for them year after year.
    as for the starting 11 there is plenty to be pleased about,mistakes are made for sure but there is lots of physicality about the team and they are not afraid to put in a decent shift and i for one cannot ask for more from them

  3. Bade

    Agree Richard

    But the problem, as Pedro rightly posted yesterday, our manager mixes between a good run of form and a good large squad….

  4. abnet

    Bade ur absolutely right about Arteta – he has been unbelievably great, i would love to see Arteta – Diaby – Rosicky midfield this weekend

  5. Bade

    AS it stand right now, we will NOT be playing those in the last 16:


    We are very close for being the only English team to top it’s group…. Hahaha I swear I never dreamt of that!

  6. Bade

    Abnet I would play our strongest team this weekend too

    We have the team above us clashing between them so it’s a great chance to cut gaps, and to keep our amazing run

    We have the last CL game to rotate…..

  7. Richard

    Agreed Bade.

    But the problem, as Jaguar used to say, our manager is a c@nt.

    Just kidding…. but le prof’s days are numbered.

    Great first team, poor back-ups in key positions: defence, wingers and forwards.

    Three players and our squad is covered. Will Wenger get them in? Of course not. So frustrating!

  8. The JD flick!

    Songinho! The main reason I stayed up til 6am! Never been a fan of the lad, but you can’t criticise THAT assist, now we wait for the barca transfer rumours :/ I’m a bit curious tho, why all the hate for the Forehead? He had an average game, maybe even a bad one, but isn’t it good when That sort of perfomance is a player’s worst? Imagine Squid’s worst game and tell me gerv is as bad as you all reckon. I’d rather he peaked when we really need him; when the RVP goalscoring machine needs a break or when the hot streak ends (if it ever ends,here’s hoping it doesn’t) We don’t want to waste all of our asskicking yet, the season is young.

    So come on folks, give the man a break, for our own sake.

  9. Richard

    I would play Park, Arsh and Yossi this weekend.

    Rest Ramsey, Gerv and VP.

    Maybe I should be worried, but Fulham don’t worry me.

  10. Bade

    Most probably, Mancs and Chavs will be second in their groups, so both might be facing tough games, $ity will too, if they ever make it to top 16 🙂

    We’re in a fucking Paradise ….

  11. goonerDNA is dench

    I’ve been slating Ramsey this season, his passing was top yesterday and recently I’ve been impressed. Good times to come with Jack and Rambo I reckon

  12. IvoryGoonz

    For Djourou replacing Kosc, as I said yesterday during the game, I’m pretty sure Kosc picked up a minor injury, reason why Arsene had to take him off.
    His small chit-chat to our staff member just after he was subbed tends to go to that direction too…

  13. Goon in 60 Seconds

    The defence wasn’t shaky last night pedro!! We defended well all over the pitch. Are you sure geoff didn’t write that post?? It didn’t feel like your style at all pedro, very “monotone”. Was a FUCKING GREAT WIN!!! WE beat a good team, we have qualified before any other English team!! We are TOP of the group, better than last year1! Where has the joy gone pedro??? Please don’t say you are bored of winning already???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh and one more thing everyone, Who was it iwho spent a day on here over the summer defending Song from the village idiots.?? W”llybilly, oh yes,

  14. Pedro

    Willy, when it’s only you who criticises the post, it’s ok.

    A sound defence doesn’t concede a goal that weak from pretty much their only attack of the game.

  15. goonerDNA is dench

    I’m not going risk a league game to get revenge against city because they have lots of cash or because they buy our players for stupid amounts

  16. goonerDNA is dench

    Goon, my girl is in Philly been there for 6/7 months thank fuck for skype and webcam sex is the alot better than phone sex

    And happy thanksgiving American gooners

  17. arsen whinger

    very good win. I thought song was man of the match….just so solid and effective.
    I think the defense is weak in general. Against top teams we will ship goals…(like chelsea). I will be interested to see andy johnson test mertesacker…that should really make my mind up about per.

  18. Goon in 60 Seconds

    Cheers Gooner . Skype is good, but still aint the same. Haaaaaaappy thanksgiving!!!!! thanks for giving me your input 😉

  19. Goon in 60 Seconds

    Pedro, hahahahaha, no. I met her in real life!!

    She was an exchange student from italy but it was only a month exchange, she has gone home now, obviously! I’ll be honest with you boys, I am love sick, but it is tough because we are both at uni, and have no real chance of being together for another 3 years. What do we do? survive on visits and skype for 3 years? or let eachother go for 3 years and hope that we can meet again, i am crazy in love and don’t want to lose this chick, but it is distracting us both too much in our lives, chatting on skype and generally thinking all the time about the situation is actually making us both more unhappy in our daily lives, ;-(

  20. youdaman

    Arteta has been immense in this winning run. I though we were very solid defensively last night. Height wise we are getting better. For Dortmund’s last corner we had Djourou, Mert, Verm, Santos, Song Diaby, RVP, Arteta all defending. All big men which is great to see. No longer the midgets.
    Ain’t as good to watch as previous seasons but now much more solid like the Utds and Chelsea’s of old. If we get LJW back and sign another serious striker in Jan, we won’t be far off silverware, never mind 4th spot.
    Wouuld you swap Arteta for Nasri right now, I don’t think so.

  21. Goon in 60 Seconds

    Yes, you are probably right pedders. It’s a shame though, but really I fear you are right. As long as she is gooner through and through though!!! 🙂

  22. Lurch

    Fortress emirates, one red brick at a time.

    Feels good.

    Loving the newfound Brazilian flair on the left wing.

    One thing we’ve lost is our predictability, long may it last. A goal from a corner for fucks sake, a corner!!

    Old macdonald’s tiptap has left the farm.

  23. Kavit Patel


    On a serious note (from experience), if both parties want to make it work it can work….but the longer that time goes by there’s only so much skype/bbm etc you can do before there’s just nothing left to say.

    Not being “together” for long spells does take its toll..unless you make frequent visits to Italy or she comes up to England (once in 2-3 months is ok).

    If you dont see each other for long spells (say a year plus)it can lead to a bit of communication breakdown, but only do it if she’s worth the trouble and if you can see and want something to progress.

  24. Kavit Patel

    Oh yeah and in my case it didnt work out…2 years down the drain….so i say to you goon, think wisely before getting into that situation.

  25. Richard

    Goon. My advice. Not that it means anything.
    Either she moves to the UK, you move to Italy, or it is over.
    Otherwise, what’s the point?

    No matter how nice webcam is, there is nothing that compares to the physical touch.

  26. Gazthegooner

    Arteta is turning out to be our best signing.

    I read in one of the posts gerv up there with Parker and Aguero has signings of the season, OH PLEASE!

    Also that Gerv gives us more than Nasri did, now i hate the city bench warmer but come on, are you watching the same player i am watching don’t rate Gerv!

  27. kapslock

    Done long distance before. Not worth it. As much as you may like the girl, it’s just tough. Worth staying friends and finding someone closer to you.

  28. Kavit Patel

    mate, have a chat with her and decide what the best is for both of you.

    If it don’t work out coz of distance and you still have good chemistry there’s always “Holiday Loving” 😉

  29. Richard

    Hang on a minute…. Goon, Is she Burlusconi’s love child? If she is… you might want to see it through 🙂

    Otherwise… ditch her and find something closer to home. Let’s be frank, it is not hard to find nice foreign totty in London. One brother engaged to a lovely, smart Slovakian girl… The other in a long-term relationship with a wonderful Japanese girl.

    Find a nice new girl…. and if she has a pretty friend, let me know. I am moving back to London next month!!

  30. rooster1108

    Goon. Have the best of both worlds, bang something local and pop over to Italy for the odd dirty holiday. If you’re not gonna do it, send me her details and I’ll be your stunt double 🙂

  31. Bade

    Most probably, those will be the seeds at the end of group stage:

    1st spots:
    Bayern, Inter, Benfica, Real, Bayer Leverkusen, Arsenal, APOEL, Barca

    2nd spots:
    Napoli ($ity), Lille (Trabzonspor), Mancs, Ajax, Chavs, Marseille, Porto (Zenit), Milan

    So we will be facing one of those:
    Milan, Napoli, Porto, Ajax, Lille
    Bar the Italians, the other team looks comfortable to go through

  32. The JD flick!

    Lurch,you paint quite the image.Goon, give love a chance. Even if you waste 2 years, being in a long distance relationship, especially during uni, is actually very’s less work than you think. If you just need to get your Johnson wet, may I suggest the lovely ladies of the night? Beats the he’ll outta skype!

  33. Goon from BD

    One top team I wouldn’t mind facing in the CL this season would be Bayern. RvP is gonna have a field day with Boateng and Holger Baddefender in central defense. Dragging them out a position like he has a remote to control them :D. Hummels couldn’t make his mind up what to do with RvP :D.

  34. Tinyspuds

    Pedro: “A sound defence doesn’t concede a goal that weak from pretty much their only attack of the game.”

    A defence that only allows the other side pretty much only one attack has done pretty well though.

    I guess the trick is knowing whether we’d have conceded that goal if we were only 1-0 up. Would our concentration levels have been a little higher ?

    And from Vermaelen’s reaction, I bet he’ll be giving them some grief over it

  35. Dimitri

    God I don’t miss the London singles life, full of a bunch of fat birds who consistently think they are God’s gift to men. Horrid times!

  36. Kavit Patel

    Dimitri says:
    November 24, 2011 at 14:58
    God I don’t miss the London singles life, full of a bunch of fat birds who consistently think they are God’s gift to men. Horrid times!

    LOL…sounds like our weekends in Nottingham when all the fit uni birds were recovering after partying the whole week!

  37. Keyser

    Where’s Incesc gone, who made him change his name ? Think it’s hit him hard.

    Also WTL, Jimbo, Paulinho, dooming’s at a minumum which is just not the norm for Le Grove, we need more inventive ways of disparaging team performances, Pedro’s just not up to it.

  38. Pedro

    Tiny, it was hardly an onslaught by Dortmund, they were terrible. I think that’s more a credit to two injuries and the work of the midfield.

  39. Dimitri

    Bollocks there are Kaps. Of course you have your fare share, but the levels of self-delusion of the birds there is beyond belief. When the fatties think they are Claudia Schiffer in her hayday then the decent ones are already on another planet. Agree to disagree, I think the girls there are as bad as it gets personality wise along with the Mediterranean ones.

  40. kapslock

    I do agree with you about most of the girls being up their own arses. It’s this scenester-trendy phase everyones going through.I’m not saying girls in London are the best in the world, but they’re far from the ugliest mate.

  41. kapslock

    The Guardian claims the club’s Indian owners Venky’s will pay Kean £1.5 million per year following the revision, despite the club’s dismal start to the season which has left them second-bottom in the Premier League.

    LOL. Would hate to be a Blackburn fan. That sounds like some Wenger contract negotiations right there. Undeserved completely but get a massive pay rise – Diaby-esque. Venky’s must be smoking something else!

  42. Mayank

    Pedro it was down to their gutbusting performance at the weekend. 50 minutes in we had 61% possession and had made almost twice the passes. It’s not as ugly a win as it seems. Dortmund are a quality team though.

  43. Mayank

    That’s what I said? Why does it seem you’re disagreeing with me.

    Anyway we were in a toughish group and can now rest players before we play City in the league. Hooray for us!

  44. Lurch

    cmon Pedro you can let out a little more enthusiasm, judging by the photo your view wasn’t all that – all though I’m sure you’ve watched it again – we were pretty tight and our air of defensive confidence resembled the chavs under maureen imho.

  45. gambon

    Dimitri says:
    November 24, 2011 at 14:58
    God I don’t miss the London singles life, full of a bunch of fat birds who consistently think they are God’s gift to men. Horrid times!


    Mate you are either gay or you go to the wrong places.

  46. Mayank

    “defensive confidence resembled the chavs under maureen imho”

    Really? I think we still lack that ruthlessness and cuntishness in defence.

  47. Pedro

    Agreed there Gambon… loads of nice birds in London.

    Mayank, I see what you’re saying.

    Lurch, how dare you criticise my cattle class view.

    I don’t see how we can laud a defensive lapse?

  48. Mayank

    Robin hearts Theo

    Van Persie said: “Theo [Walcott] has given me more assists than anyone else this year”.
    “I’ve certainly noticed it and that’s why I really liked the fact that he gave me the ball for my 100th goal – it was meant to be!
    “Hopefully I can give him some proper assists as well, because as a striker I believe assists are just as important as the goals you score.

    “Theo’s assists aren’t lucky – they’re proper assists, down to good movements, good actions, good final balls. For me that’s perhaps even more important than a goal.
    “For example, I look back at my first goal against Chelsea and don’t really feel that it’s mine – it’s 95 per cent down to Gervinho. And my first goal against Norwich was 90 per cent Theo’s – a fantastic first touch, great pace, good cross and bang, I tap it in.
    “OK, it goes in my name, but that’s a tiny part of the story. I do appreciate that, and hopefully I can give him and all the other guys just as much back.

    “Don’t forget Aaron [Ramsey], he was a bit unlucky against Norwich as he should probably have been passed to on a couple of occasions when he’d shown great movement to get into good positions.
    “I should definitely have given him one ball, looking at it again, and there were other times too. If he keeps going that, though, he’ll score goals.”
    The striker has shown an ability to score with either foot, and said: “The goals are going in and I’m in the zone where things are going well – balls just bounce in front of me and things are coming off, so why not try it?,” he said.
    “Everything with my right leg started when I was six or seven years old and did some training with it.
    “I worked loads on my left foot when I was even younger – of course I was lucky to have some talent, but it came to life through hard work on the streets and in training.
    “A couple of years later I did the same with my right. I knew for a very long time that my right leg was good enough, but when you’re a left-footed player and miss a chance or two with your right then maybe people think, ‘it’s his bad leg’.
    “Personally I never felt that – I always felt confident, and now that seems to be coming out a bit more.
    “Maybe in the past I’d choose to turn back onto my left foot, but with fitness and form you get more chances to take the odd risk here and there”

  49. IvoryGoonz

    60: for the long relationship thing.
    I did start a relationship that way. Went through 3 years of her living in Poland and me in Paris and got engaged. Spent 6 months with her there.
    Trouble is she was in her early 20, we both evolved in different ways although I was going to Poland every 2 months, and we ended up splitting.
    And now, I kinda have the feeling of spending 3 years struggling for nothing.

    So I’m not telling you not to do it, I admit I had great times, but be sure you know that he could well end up that way despite all efforts.

  50. Lurch


    I’ll admit I’m mildly blinkered, but I’m 99% certain that JD was indirectly responsible for the lapse.

    Had Koz still been on, Song would’ve done a better job clearing the threat – he didn’t want to row z it – a throw in is still a turnover but neither was he confident putting JD under pressure having just entered the fray – who was pinned in and completely flat footed – besides being generally useless on the ball.

    Had we been level pegging I’m sure we’d have seen more focus right to the end, so under the circumstances I think we can let this indiscretion slip a bit.

  51. Keyser

    By the 2nd goal we were pretty much in control and were starting to zip it about in triangles, there was a Santos back-heel and I was thinking don’t overdo it.

    Think Song was just over-confident and tried to be too clever running the clock down, it’s a reminder if anything that we’re still at the stage where we should be safe rather than sorry.

    He carries the ball wide because the Dortmund players are still pressing and tries to work a way out for himself, except he pushes Djourou out with him, gets challenged on the ball and just puts Djourou under unnecessary pressure with 2-3 Dortmund players around.

    Dortmund right up until the end kept the pressing game up, at any point there were 2-3 players trying to chase down the ball high up the pitch.

  52. David

    We need a creative midfielder in an fast. Were not going to be depending on Song to produce the magic for the remainder of the seasond

  53. Mayank

    I see im still attracting more comments than jesus….

    That’s because you’re so dense not even light can escape your gravitational pull.

  54. Keyser

    Also Mourinho didn’t invent defending, that was like us at our confident best, from front to back we tried to keep the ball on the floor and backed ourselves to play through it.

    Vermaelen just exudes confidence as does Koscielny, Santos it just comes naturally to and regardless of Confidence I think he’d play like that.

    Dortmund don’t press the defence too much, they pack the midfield make it congested as possible and they ask the opposition defence to try and find passes into midfield or up front.

    With Hummels and Santana/ Subotic not many strikers are going to be able to find space to knock down or pass off a long ball that bypasses their midfield.

    So you’re left with Arteta, Ramsey and Song having to find space and time to turn and find a pass forward with players closing them down.

    Compare this game to the first leg away and the difference is marked, Koscielny, Sagna, Gibbs struggled to find space for our midfield and just passed into trouble.

    Vermaelen makes a pretty big difference in that respect.

  55. Richard

    gambon says:
    November 24, 2011 at 16:00


    Im here.

    I see im still attracting more comments than jesus….

    I think Song Billong is getting more mentions than you and Jesus put together.

  56. Goon from BD

    I thought it was JD who fucked up mainly. The stupid cunt should have moved into space to allow Song some space and an option to give it to someone for clearance.

  57. Keyser

    JD did move into Space, he moved all the way over to the touchline, and Song just boxed him in between 2 Dortmund players.

  58. Keyser

    ffs you finally get a tactical chessmatch type game and no-one wants to discuss it. Though Goetze staying on would’ve been far better to see how we’re progressing.

  59. Gooby

    2008/2009 he scored 30 goals (via soccernet)

    17 goals in 18 games is nearly 1 per game, you’ll notice that’s 30 goals is a realistic target on that kind of form

    i am not the one who can barely move because of an extra 60 pounds.

  60. Mayank

    Wasn’t really a a tactical chessmatch type of game. They knew they only had enough in the tank for one half of hustling and had to get a goal then. The injuries disrupted their rhythm and they tried to continue their original gameplan into the second half. When we scored ours they had nothing to offer.

  61. Pedro

    Keyser, I agree with Mayank… I thought it was a midfield slog really. A cagey affair Dortmund were more afraid of losing than us.

  62. Richard

    GUYS GUYS GUYS. Stop the fighting. VP is fine at the moment.

    Goon isn’t getting laid… can’t we talk about that instead?

  63. gambon

    “17 goals in 18 games is nearly 1 per game, you’ll notice that’s 30 goals is a realistic target on that kind of form ”

    Also this is a bit of a silly comment.

  64. Gooby

    he scored 30 goals that season between us and the national team, season includes international so basically you’re wrong

    his goal per game rates indicated how stupid it is saying he’s not a 30 goals a season striker

    it’s funny to see you trying so hard, admitting you’re wrong might actually feel good sometimes

  65. Mayank

    Had 15 assists too.

    That’s not the point though. The question is, is he a 30 goal/season striker. Which means CAN he score 30 goals in a season. You held the position he can’t while other’s held the position he hasn’t because of injuries.

    He’s got 17 in 18 this season and 36 in 37 this year. So he surely can. Question is will he? Which is a question of fitness not ability which was your stand.

  66. gambon

    “he scored 30 goals that season between us and the national team, season includes international so basically you’re wrong ”

    Now I know you are a spastic. We both know that national goals do not EVER count towards goals in a season. Seriously, stop embarassing yourself.

    “his goal per game rates indicated how stupid it is saying he’s not a 30 goals a season striker”

    Again, this makes me think you work in Burger King or something. I clearly asked “WHEN HAS RVP EVER SCORED 30 IN A SEASON?

    What part of that dont you understand? Answer the question…..when has he?

    BTW….include national goals….still not 30.

    Try again.

  67. gambon

    “That’s not the point though. The question is, is he a 30 goal/season striker. Which means CAN he score 30 goals in a season.”

    No this is pathetic.

    If someone asks you “Are you married?” would you say yes, even if you werent, cos you think you will be one day?

    If someone said “are you 74 ears old?” would you say yes, cos one day you may be?

  68. Keyser

    Don’t think it was a midfield slog, though most of the energy was centered around it, and once Goetze went off they didn’t have the same thrust going forward. I’d say we also play in the more phsyically demanding league.

    Like Marseille they were very well organised and worked very hard all over the pitch.

    From our viewpoint we’re starting to see them fit together now, why wouldn’t you enjoy how the little nuances of each players interaction with his closest team member are beginning to stack up.

  69. Goon from BD

    Keyser- Saw the replay and I guess you are right but I thought JD could and should have done better.

    Song was MOTM yesterday. Not just because of the superb assist. He made brilliant tackles and covered our fullback(Santos). The assist most probably came when he was covering the left side.

    The fight in this new team is just awesome. Love how Arteta,Ramsey and Song just give it there all every game. The confidence and aggression Vermaelen and Kos bring to this team is fantastic. Fucking warriors. We make a mistake but recover immediately.

  70. Gooby


    haha you funny bastard.

    you said he isn’t a 30 goals a season striker, witch is plain stupid considering his goal per game ratio

    should i remind you that in order to score he should be on the pitch?

    the “spastic” and “work at burger king” part really helped and made you look like a proper genius.

    i am always wondering, if bars can’t serve you alcohol when your drunk can burger king serve you burgers, fries and coke when you’re fat?

  71. Bracknell Gooner


    I just did the same calc, but the fingers crossed tie will be that Apoel come 2nd. My big bet is that the Manc’s or Chavs will get them and fir teh 1st time wengers come 2nd plan will back fire and we will get A.C, Napoli or the nightmare that is a trip to trabzon. Nice to see all the “Sack every one” boys having fun today. oh thoses heady days of summer 🙂

  72. Thomas, It's up for grabs now

    We havent had a striker score more than 20 goals in a season (PL goals) since Adebayor in 2007-08!

    RVP is on scintilating form to achieve that this year and to be fair he scored 18 last year from a news years day start..

    Here’s our top PL scorers record for the last 10 years! Look at the consistency of TH14..Wow! Glory days!! and it looks like RVP is finally providing that now. If 2 of the attacking midfielders contributed 10+ goals a season like Freddie and Pires did, we’d be doing alright!

    2010-11 RVP – 18
    2009-10 Fab – 15
    2008-09 RVP – 11
    2007-08 Ade – 24
    2006-07 RVP – 11
    2005-06 Henry 27
    2004-05 Henry 25 (Pires 14 Ljungberg 10)
    2003-04 Henry 30 (Pires 14)
    2002-03 Henry 23 (Pires 14)
    2001-02 Henry 24 (Ljungberg 12)

    Would still like to see Mario Gomez arrive as our ‘other’ striker though! He’s on a rich vein of form also.

  73. gambon

    OK Gooby, so rather than living in your weird little fantasy world (Sorry, do you have to get back to BK for your next shift?)…lets look at facts.


    112 goals in 8 seasons.

    14 per season on average.

    Best ever = 22 in a season.

    Soooo….i am 100% right in what I said. RVP has never scored 30 in a season, this is an absolute fact. I am literally shocked you cant understand this. This probably makes you mentally retarded.

    This ranks alongside some of A’s claims that Denilson is “too good” and “better than Alonso”.

  74. Keyser

    Goon From BD – Think of it like this if it was still 0-0 or we were only leading 1-0, or even if there were 15-20 minutes to go instead of us being in injury time, would Song have cleared it far quicker ?!

    As in instead of dillydallying across his penalty area would he have tried to just hit it as hard and as far as he could ?!

    Like Djourou did in the Closing seconds of the Champions League match against Barcelona last year.

    I like the fight to, but at the same time I get the feeling it’s because they know they can’t afford tot ake the same risks as the players did last year.

  75. Keyser

    We need an Aguero/ Cavani type more than Gomez, Gomez is a very good finisher, we need someone that’s going to be able to either lift the team with his workrate or produce something special out of nothing.

  76. Mayank

    I thought you considered yourself intelligent. Why would any one be debating about how many goals he has scored? Obviously the “Is RvP a 30 goal a season striker” debate discussed his ability to do so not whether he had or not.

    How stupid is that? Why the hell would there be any debate about how many goals he HAS scored?

    Essentially the question was whether Robin is marriage material or not, not whether he was married. And you held the position he wasn’t marriage material.

  77. Gooby

    not expecting you to figure it out gambon, you’ll be wrong by february if he doesn’t get injured. he’s been on 0.7 to 0.92 goals per game in the last two seasons and you say he isn’t a 30 goals per season type of striker.

    flipping burgers isn’t an insult gambon you should know it. For the record i don’t flip burger, i have a different job

  78. Goon in 60 Seconds

    THanks ivory, thanks everyone. Pedro, hahahahhaha!

    I’ve done it, it is the end. Feel like I made the biggest mistake, but hey, life moves on. Now I can go after my one true love, Wenger 😉 I appreciate all the advice everyone, muchos. I’m off to drink myself in to a state of oblivion.

  79. Keyser

    Tell you what’s annoying about Burger King as a vegetarian they had the best Vegie Burger outside of Rocky’s on Bath Rd and they decided that two different vegie options was too much.

    They just go with the bean burger now which is pretty disappointing really.

  80. gambon

    “Essentially the question was whether Robin is marriage material or not, not whether he was married. And you held the position he wasn’t marriage material”

    You are completely wrong here.

  81. Bade

    since Jan the 1st, Robin played 23 games for us (of last season) scoring 21 goals and making 4 assists

    this season in 18 games, he’s on 17 goals and 3 assists

    So basically he’d made 38 goals and 7 assists, in 41 games

    Twist it as you like, it is top top class quality, and dare I say it, he’s almost fit for a year now!!!!!!

  82. Bracknell Gooner

    Gambon at his best! he has just gotta be a tiny tott. If anyone can forward a Gambon post that shows he supports Arsenal you win a night out with top london fat birds! coz I can’t remember him ever saying anything positive. 🙂

  83. Goon from BD

    Keyser- Its difficult to tell. On evidence I think he wouldn’t have done it.

    I think if we had half the fight and professionalism last season we wouldn’t have lost the Carling Cup and league.

  84. Thomas, It's up for grabs now

    Gomez.. currently on 59 goals in 56 games.. that’s some form and I’d welcome him at the Emirates. And isn’t a pure ‘finisher’ exactly what we’ve been missing these last few seasons? How many chances did Bendy get before he converted? How many chances per game have we created and not converted over the last few years!

    I’d have Jug ears Lineker in his prime just for his finishing ability!

    In fact with those two, (Gomez and RVP) there’s a future role for RVP to step into the DB10 role as he rolls towards the 30 mark. (age)

  85. Lurch

    now she’s really going to hit town with 3 daigos this weekend, might even take it up the shitter!

    my work is done.


  86. Bade

    Sure I’m not the only one to notice, but this current Arsenal side fulfils 100% out of it’s potential, and it is differed and totally opposed to our teams of the past few years who all where reaching maybe 60% of their potential…..

  87. Goon from BD

    Its just a shame about his injuries. Its the first time maybe he is fit for a year and he is breaking records. We lost one of the most creative players ever in Cesc.

  88. DeiseGooner

    If RVP stays fit from here on in at least he wont burn out too soon as his early 20s was ‘keep your feet up time’ ! 😉

  89. steve

    I just do not know why i bother reading your post anymore, we just beat a great german team and are now the only english team to qualify adn are top of our group. You are the most negative blog i keep reading howwever, that shall just stop now. Why you cant be more optimist instead of whinging is beyond me. We are a great team and are plaingy really well. Can you not just enjoy our win 🙂

  90. Goon from BD

    I’ve read a lot of Bayern fans wanting Gomez to be sold while he is hot and get striker who is good with the ball at his feet and a creative mind. RvP type. They say he slows down their build up and when he is not scoring he is just getting in the way. I wouldn’t mind him but the way he plays he could be useless against organized teams. I would like it if we go for Cavani. Much more of a complete player and superstar quality.

  91. Richard

    Off-topic question guys….

    Should I spend a few days in Hong Kong, or Kuala Lumpur. Suggestions of things to do appreciated.