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Robin sinks Dortmund with his second

I had a disastrous start to the evening, the Underground was beyond ridiculous and the tickets I’d secured for my American friends fell through. I eventually headed in with a German pal who had to put up with the muppets behind me making Nazi references all game. Luckily, my pal took it for what it was… ‘I can’t imagine it would happen outside the ground, it’s part of the spirit’… hmmm, I’d like to think so. Honestly, Nazi comments in this day in age?

The first half was nothing to write home about. A cagey affair played out mostly in midfield. Theo nearly beat the keeper to a through ball and Robin shot just wide. The only other Arsenal highlight I can think of was a dangerous whipped cross from Walcott. Slim pickings eh?

Dortmund didn’t fair much better. Firstly their two star players went off. Bender to a Vermaelen induced jaw break and Gotze to a Song collision. This severely affected their shape and confidence. Attack wise they managed a speculative long range shot that blazed just past the post and Chesney easily dealt with the half volley fired at him.

The second half started with a bit more attacking authority. Dortmund had the first chance, Chesney did well to save a low shot.

We were the team to open the scoring. Songinho had the ball out wide with three players surrounding him, he cut inside on man then shimmied his way between two more, raced into the box, chipped a pass to the back post where Robin was on hand to head home.

A great bit of skill from Song.

Robin momentarily dropped with an ankle complaint after a poor challenge. You could hear the gasps. He jumped back up. He’d learnt the art of manning up this summer. That drew the biggest cheer of the night.

We searched for the second knowing full well one is never enough. Gervinho went close after taking the ball round the keeper only to miss out on the shot because two Dortmund defenders caught him.

Here’s an idea Gervinho, shoot early!

It came late on when an Arteta corner was nodded on by Vermaelen to a waiting Robin Van Persie. 2 goals from the man who just can’t stop scoring!

The Germans sang, ‘you only sing when you’re winning’, how right they were!

A game wouldn’t be complete without us conceding a sloppy goal. Song lost possession in a dangerous area, Dortmund took advantage, everyone conspired to balls up and Kagawa smashed past Chezzer. Embarrassing stuff. Vermaelen was furious.

Arsenal managed to see out the game and celebrated qualification into the last 16. No stumbling this year. 1st in the group was ours!

A solid performance from Arsenal, slightly overshadowed by some very sloppy play late on. We need to tighten up, because there will come a point when we’ll have to rely on winning games 1-0. At the moment, we look incapable of doing that. Sure the defence has greatly improved, but since September, in all competitions, we’ve only managed 5 clean sheets in 16. That’s not good enough and it needs to improve if we have aspirations of achieving a trophy this year.

There were some great performances out there last night… I’ll list them below!

P.S. The Dortmund fans were immense last night. They have a conductor who leads the way with their choreographed clapping and stamping. Amazing to watch, amazing to hear!

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Chezzer – Didn’t really have much to do all night. 6

Santos – Leaves us exposed at times, but overall, he’s feeling his way into the Arsenal way quite nicely. 6.5

Kozzer – Another solid game at right back. JD had a part to play in the goal we conceded, I think it’s the right decision to keep the Frenchman where he is at the moment. 7

Vermaelen – Snuffed out everything that came his way, another imposing game. 8

Mertesacker – More calmness from the German today. Doesn’t get enough credit for the thing he does well. 7

Song – A superb game until he gave up posession at the end for the Dortmund goal. ‘We’ve only got one Song’ was the fan song of choice last night, and truly deserved in the main. He bossed the midfield last night and served a great assist to Robin 7.5

Arteta – Controlled the pace well, continuing his great partnership with Song. I think that’s the telling difference this year, Arteta really sacrifices some of his attacking game to give us solidity. 7.5

Ramsey – Showcased some excellent passing last night. Has the engine of an ox and the extra time spent in the gym last season is starting to tell in games. He doesn’t get bullied by anyone. 7.5

Robin – It does get boring churning out superlatives for a player who is clearly the best striker in the world at the moment. His movement, creativity and deadly finishing is an absolute joy to watch. One thing I will say is that while people rightly report most of the goals are coming through him, what they’re failing to mention is the quality of final ball he’s receiving. Both goals last night were teed up so well, Chamakh could have finished them. The supply line is gradually improving . 9

Gervinho – He’s turning into a bit of a marmite amongst fans. He was sloppy with his passing last night and he lost the ball a few too many times. He’s adapting though, you can see he’s a proper wide man and he has a natural ability. Once he channels that into finishing, he’ll be a force for us. 6

Theo – Had an off night yesterday. Whipped in some dangerous balls but his touch deserted  him at times and he wasn’t particularly effective. 6.5

P.S. I’ll be at the AST meeting listening to Tom Fox talk marketing later. Hopefully we’ll get an explanation from him about his thoughts on our waiting list and why he thinks that means we’re not paying enough.

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  1. NiXKiX

    “Both goals last night were teed up so well, Chamakh could have finished them.”

    Surely not!!!
    You’ve one too many Peroni’s last night…


  2. Kavit Patel

    Great post!

    Though I think it was Djourou who lost possession for the goal we conceded. What happened to him after a decent season last year…he’s now turning into a squillaci-type, whenever we want to concede bring him on (even if only for 4 minutes conceding is inevitable).

  3. Maverick

    I think Song & Djourou conspired to give away the ball which led to Dortmund’s goal. The idea to keep hold of the ball was fine, but not near ones own penalty area. Commonsense defending, but we tend to overplay sometimes.

    Anyway, a Solid but unspectacular performance.
    I think our defence did its job very well yesterday. Chezzer made maybe a couple of saves in the entire 90 mins and those weren’t difficult.

    Need to get a positive result against Fulham.

  4. Steemo

    Great game. The boys really ground one out last night. Bit of badluck for Dortmund, could have Ben a much tighter game game with goetze and bender in. Really impressed with song and kozzer lat night. Seemed like they were everywhere o the field. Did kozzer pick up a knock or just wear out after a veracious performance? Vern and per we’re solid at the back as well. Djouru came in and shot our defense to hell!

  5. Kavit Patel

    Gervinho has been pretty wasteful with chances that are coming his way, he better not turn into to a more forward-playing eboue (good runs and no end product).

    I really hope he adapts soon else it might make more sense to start Arshavin over him.

    As much of a lazy arse that Andrei is you know if you give him a sniff (like swansea keeper did), he will punish the oppo.

  6. MattR

    I have to say Gervinho’s first touch last night was reminiscent of Bentdner’s – so heavy you don’t give yourself a chance against a team that was pressing hard.

  7. skandibird

    Interesting post Pedro, didn’t manage to go myself but reading about & hearing about the dreadful tube journey last night, maybe I made the right decision. Ref Theo, funny how people see players performances, Charlie ‘Champagne’ Nicholas gave his highest praise for Theo’s performance last night, he especially pointed out his continuous high work and in particular of one tackle that won the ball back nearer our own back line. He felt that Theo doesn’t get credit enough for his performance/s.

  8. frichie79

    JD stuffed up more than Song, song came in to close down, but JD was on the wrong side of his man anyway!

    Still i think its AW fault anyway, making two defensive subs at the death, it invited Dortmund on to us.

  9. Kavit Patel

    Besides Captain Fantastic, the following were immense last night:

    Song: Great going forward and at the back, swept up alot of Dortmund attacks and stayed strong to push on forward. Very calming performance.

    Mert: Good to see him come back strong after the blooper on the weekend. His reading of the game and intercepting is immense.

    Verm: One word -> Beast!

    Arteta&Rambo: Controlled the pace and creativity from midfield. I would rather have an Arteta with 60% of Nasri’s skill and 150% of Nasri’s fight for the shirt on the pitch.

  10. NiXKiX

    Song should have just cleared the lines.. He held on to the ball for too long in a dangerous area.

    JD, being the Squillachi he is, was obviously in the wrong position and got a pre-assist…

  11. nuudles

    Happy Spursday to all, not much sweeter than a Spursday on the heels of a CL win and winning the group with a match to spare!

    Agree Pedders, although I would not give Gerv more than a 4-5. Overall his work rate is high but he was incredibly frustrating last night. Theo had some good moments, that early whip through to RvP when Wiederfella (sp??) got a hand on it was pure class and if one or two of the through balls to Theo were slightly better weighted I am sure he would have done much better than Gerv.

    Song was an obsolute beast (except for combining with JD to give the ball away in a dangerous area very late on) and I cannot agree more on Arteta.

    I said the same thing about RvP yesterday, of late his responsibility has shifted from creating&finishing towards finishing which is a very good sign that the rest of the team are stepping up their efforts.

    On that note I can see either Park or Chamakh start the weekend. RvP needs a rest, I dont think we should ever play him 3 times in a week, especially not if he played the full 90 for 2 games in a row.

    I would also not mind to see us give Theo a run at CF with Oxo on the wing for the weekend.

    Very early weekend prediction:

    Like I said I would consider starting Theo at CF but I dont see Wenger making that move with Park & Chamakh available. I would like to see Oxo given a start but because Arsh’ game time is so limited I cannot see Wenger starting Oxo unless he rests both Gerv & Theo.

    Arteta may also be rested, maybe even Song but I would be wary of resting both.

  12. NiXKiX

    A big shout out to the Arsenal medical staff for the Ultrafit players who ran 11+ kms last nite…

    Hopefully they can keep everyone fit and wid Diaby back get a bit of rotation going to rest the tired legs.

  13. stu

    great win, qualification with a game to go – will give some players like rvp a chance to rest, maybe not even travel to greece and mayeb for some players to get some game time and maybe show us and wenger why they should be starting – maybe ryo will get a chance if fit as well as diaby, arshavin, oxlade, park, coquelin and frimpong

    great win, and totally agree our more direct wingers are giving more chances for rvp, but if a team gets to grips with rvp, where will the goals come from??? gervinho is handful for any full back but he needs to take his chances better

    fulham,wigan and everton next 3 games – 9 points is the minimum requirement – it has to be if we want to get in that top 4

    c’mon the arsenal!!!!!!!!!

  14. Danny

    For the first time in ages Wenger had the same starting 11 two games in a row and I believe this proved itself in the 2nd half.

  15. skandibird

    Anyway, as I was trying to say, before pressing the ”post comment” – I’m happy we won the game even though it wasn’t exactly a ”confident’ display; and after all Chelski lost theirs, so it made me happy. Arsene seriously needs to buy a second striker in January, if something should happen (god forbid)who, at his point, would step up to the plate?

  16. DeiseGooner

    It was Song and JD who messed up but why are we talking about 1 silly moment when the game was in the bag – when we should be talking about the game and the group top spot being in the bag? Sure its a sour note right at the end but look at all the sweetness beforehand….big ups to everyone last night, they each played their part. At least you guys didnt have to listen to Ronnie Whelan and John Giles on RTE refuse to give any credit whatsoever to The Arsenal, the clueless twats.

  17. TT

    @ Kavit Patel

    “Arteta&Rambo: Controlled the pace and creativity from midfield. I would rather have an Arteta with 60% of Nasri’s skill and 150% of Nasri’s fight for the shirt on the pitch.”

    How very true.

  18. nuudles

    NiXKiX, agree!

    Would be very interesting to see where Diaby is deployed. We all know he is a big favourite of Wenger, maybe justifyably so? I know it is not based on much but he looked decent for the couple of touches he had, he is obviously lacking match fitness but I rate him (if he can stay fit for a number of games). Or rather: I would much rather play with him than against him as I think he can be very dangerous.

  19. gooner-pak

    Both goals last night were teed up so well, Chamakh could have finished them.

    not chamakh maybe park – given his ability to pop up at right time in int’l atleast

  20. Tim

    I actually thought we defended quite well, with the late lapse coming in the final seconds of the game when the win was already secure. I can’t remember Szczesny having to make any difficult saves – a long-range effort from Schmelzer, the Kagawa effort early in the second half, that was about it.

    There’s little to say about RvP that hasn’t already been said. It’s fantastic that his first instinct is now to head into the box rather than hanging around outside it – so many of his goals are comparatively simple tap-ins, but it is his timing and ability to lose his defender which is so impressive.

    Song’s assist for the opener was quite wonderful. In a relatively quiet match, it’s the one moment we will all remember. Songinho indeed!

  21. Kavit Patel

    Is Arshavin being given zero game-time these days because he spoke about Wenger’s “willingness to listen to others’ opinions” in the media?

  22. DeiseGooner

    Apparently Song made a bet with Santos that hed either score or make an assist last night, Santos was having none of it, so Song brought out Songinho for 17 seconds to shut him up…. 🙂

  23. Tinyspuds

    Good result and a good performance. Last season I think we’d have conceded in the 1st half. As it was, Szczesny didn’t have a proper save to make till the 2nd half, and then only the one.

    I’m really starting to like Arteta. He spots a gap and plugs it before the opposition take advantage of it. I wonder if the experience of playing for Everton is paying us big dividends.

    Gervinho needs a goal. His movement and runs are goods, but soo much hesitation in front of goal. Hopefully it’s nothing more than a confidence thing.

    And if Santos keeps improving at this rate, he’s going to be pretty damn good by xmas

  24. Danny

    Did anybody else feel very ill when at 1:0 Wenger replaced Koscielny with Djourou? I reckon we all did!
    2nd match in a row that Benayoun has come on and not Arshavin – he must be on his bike soon.

  25. Vierpersie

    The clarification of the facts: it wasn’t diaby that conceded possession that led to Dortmund late equaliser. It was Song, our most improved player in the last few seasons

    Also, Van Persie has always “manned up”, to borrow your phrase. He was just very unfortunate to have had an incredible record of bizarre injuries. Let’s hope all is behind him now. Long live King Persie.

    Your ratings are spot on compared to other rating blogs

  26. Kavit Patel

    Before the first goal who else was screaming out for Song to pass the ball instead of attempting to dribble past 3 players?

    Humble-pie tastes very sweet.

    Touché Mr. Songinho, touché! 😀

  27. Bracknell Gooner

    It’s funny that after winning a match that over the past years would have seen us huff and puff and maybe conceed a set piece to lose. We win and still the main topic of conversation is around Song and JD playing tippy tap in our corner. The good news is that we beat the team that turned Bayern over using teh same effort and tactics. Make no mistake Fulham will also try this and they have nowhere near the class BvB had last night. My fear is with Wolves (Henry) and QPR (Barton) RvP may well find his ankle under attack before the end of year.

  28. nuudles

    haha Kavit, very true. If it was Hazard, Sanchez, Suarez, Aguero, Nani, Mata, etc everyone would have still have been massively impressed by the great control and movement AND perfect cross, the fact that it was our DM makes it even sweeter.

  29. alfie

    ‘Our shaky defence needs addressing fast’ and than continue on to give our defence a good write up… strange??

    Kozzer – Another solid game at right back

    Vermaelen – Snuffed out everything that came his way, another imposing game

    Very odd.

    Mertesacker – More calmness from the German today. Doesn’t get enough credit for the thing he does well

  30. nuudles

    Bracknell, I believe we do not have to play RvP against the likes of Wolves & QPR to beat them (as much as my fantasy team would suffer if RvP does not play).

    As Pedders eluded to RvP’s responsibility has shifted from being creator&scorer earlier in the season to mainly just scorer lately. Early on it looked like no one else could create a goal, now we have Theo, Ramsey, Arteta, Song, Gerv(immensely frustrating last night), Santos & even Vermaelen who have had assists, and some of them very decent ones at that.

    In Park we have a decent finisher, I am not saying he is nearly as good as RvP, but I am confident that as the understanding between him and the above mentioned players grow his goal tally will also rise. I am also confident that we should easily beat the likes of Wolves & QPR with him in stead of RvP playing.

  31. abnet

    Afternoon grovers
    i,m very much impressed with this new team, totally different to what we had for the last 4/5 season, this team remind me of the invincibles in attitude wise

  32. gazzap

    Do not under estimate the importance of being in the right place at the right time. RVP is now doing this consistently. Only great strikers can do it. Chamakh could not.

    Give me a striker who scores 15 tap-ins over a player that can put it in the top corner every now and again. Not spectacular but it wins you trophies.

  33. Kavit Patel

    LOL Nuudles, so true.

    Song may not be the best DM in the world, but he has improved a hell of a lot since making his nightmare debut vs Fulham in 07, and I appreciate and am grateful for that.

    Let’s hope he keeps improving to become the best in the world

  34. Mayank

    Liked the match report but don’t agree with the ratings. Song was immense and motm along with Kos. RvP finished well but we’ve seen him contribute so much more.

    Also Theo played quite well, despite the odd mistake he kept troubling the defence.

    Gerv needs a rest, give Benayoun and Arsh a few games with Gerv as the impact sub.

  35. Kavit Patel


    “Give me a striker who scores 15 tap-ins over a player that can put it in the top corner every now and again. Not spectacular but it wins you trophies.”

    We were blessed to have the best at doing both…TH14

  36. Bracknell Gooner

    You have also missed out Park, Ryo & a young english player who will be back in Feb as well. Now Park is fit I expect him to fill one of the Gerv/Theo 70minute sub roles. Beny will be on to mix it up as needed, and our Will Smith alta ego has finished filming so is back in London until his next “injury” see him back on the set in Hollywood. 🙂

  37. Goonerman



    Pedro – I did not make the point that AW has been vindicated now. He has made a series of mistakes, granted. And there is a long way to go to win a trophy but all the morons who say ‘Wenger has lost it’ don’t understand the contraints he works under nor his coaching experience. JUST LOOK AT THE CHELSEA MANAGER! Out of his depth. Such are the dangers of appointing the wrong manager.

  38. Kavit Patel

    Ian Wright just replied to my Tweet.

    I know it’s a little lame but that has officially made my day!


  39. itchyballs

    once again “kozzer”was the dogs b***ks!ow the hell does “glenda”on sky get away with proclaiming rvp as in top six strikers in europe?is there anyone around in THE WORLD with a better strike rate at present?dont think so!

  40. Santos


    Those are key players now and we can’t afford to lose them now at least, I hope to see them fit till New Year, when we could actually supplement the team with new players. Can you imagine the lift and buzz that will be when new players arrive in January? Rest will do them good.

  41. Walking Wounded

    The team to travel to Greece and play Olymipakos


    Yennaris Djourou Squillaci Meade

    Benayoun Frimpong Diaby

    AOC Chamakh Park

  42. kapslock

    Thought defence was solid last night until that clow Djourou came on. Santos had one of his best games imo. Song’s run was something else. Brilliant stuff. And what more can you say about that man RVP? Immense. Great result and feels even better knowing we’ve topped our group and miss out on the other European giants in the next round. Roll on last 16.

    Also, Pedro whoever was making Nazi references throughout the game should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. There’s no need for that sort of treatment especially with all that’s going on at the moment. Thought the German fans were fantastic last night.

  43. Tinyspuds


    I know we can’t afford to lose them, but we also need 3 points on saturday. The CC game on tuesday, and the game in Greece aren’t so important. Maybe rest one of them, but not all 3. Take them off when the game is won.

  44. cashmoe

    errrmm PEDDERS can u pls add highlights of the matches to ur posts ? it wud be really appreciated jxt the links !! tanx !!
    and anybody kno wer the big bear is ……?

  45. Santos


    Yes maybe rest Song and play Diaby, rest Walcott and play Park/ Chambermaid
    HOw about that? It doesn’t alter the team.

  46. kapslock

    I know the CC City game isn’t that important because of the competition, but I really want to spank those cunts. I’d play a decent team for that game. We should be able to roll over Fulham.

  47. abnet

    last night after the game ———————-
    in the Dressing room – Henry,federer,pires,lehman and Parlour were with the team celebrating the win – AMAZING

  48. Santos

    The CC squad should be a mixture of kids and the bigger players. I don’t expect us to hand them victory easily I would like us to take a punt;and its at the grove! But I get it that the squad looks slim at the moment and we don’t have to risk the health of our key players for the Carling cup.

  49. ZARgooner

    I would like to ask:

    Where are the muppets that suggested we sell Van Persie?
    The same muppets that have slated Koscielny instead of getting behind him? He may have had some difficult games in the beginning but his skill has always been evident…. Putting in great work at RB.

    Also must say Santos has had a great game last night. WOuld pick him over Gibbs all day long….

    If only AW would take this solid platform we have and build….

  50. abnet

    YossiBenayoun15 Yossi Benayoun
    Great win yesterday and it was great to meet legends like roger Federer and Henry in the dressing room after the game

  51. truegooner

    I like it Goonerman tel them like it is!!!!!!!

    Wel done gooners lets keep supporting & winning!

    Stil have to put it out there – think Junior Hoillet wld b a great signing can learn the Arsenal way with ease! Wld b a menace!!!!!!!!!

    In Arsene we trust!!!!!!!!!

  52. ZARgooner

    HAHAHAHAHA Gambon the sausage is back…. His new choice of player to attack = Gervinho ….

    Well at least that shows that Kozzers performance is improving!!!

  53. Tasos

    A little credit, at least, must go to Arsene Wenger for managing to turn things around at the club. Seven weeks ago many would have thought it imposable for Arsenal to be in the position they are now.

    The man has been vilified by so many when things were going wrong. And there’s still a long way to go but c’mon people, credit where its due.

  54. Danny

    Those first 15 minutes pre-season against Cologne when Gervinho scored twice made me think the new Ian Wright had arrived – I was so wrong….

  55. Kavit Patel

    Cashmoe, I understand no one wants to read through comments to find videos of highlights.

    But save that website onto your bookmarks, they are always up to date with goals from the latest matches.

  56. abnet

    Danny says:
    November 24, 2011 at 11:05
    Those first 15 minutes pre-season against Cologne when Gervinho scored twice made me think the new Ian Wright had arrived – I was so wrong….
    this is the problem with modern day fan , very quick to right off, I thought he was excellent on the weekend(except the finishing)

  57. terry

    Things look good at the moment, time to give park, ox and diaby a good run of games…
    for fulham we can line up like this:

    kozzer mertescker vermy santos
    ox arteta diaby yossi

    this is our second team apart from the 2 cbs and arteta and its not that bad infact we can challenge any midtable team with this team.

  58. DreamWright

    Hi….First time poster on here…Loved your post, but was a bit disappointed with the title you chose to give the post.
    One seeing the title, without reading the post would think it was we who conceded two goals last night. You do that defence’s work last night & their recent improvement a great injustice by describing them with the word ”Shaky”. Most on here would agree with me that, that defence was anything but shaky. Off course we conceded a sloppy late goal but the defence could be absolved of almost any blame for that goal. Song was almost completely responsible for that goal, as completely responsible for that goal as Merte was for the goal against Norwich. They both gave away possesion cheaply in dangerous areas, when the last thing their teammates expected was that they would.
    Of course its vital you get people to read your blog & a posts title goes a long way in ensuring that, but I think you’d do well to be less sensational & more objective in titling your post next time.
    Keep up the great posting though. All the best.

  59. Kavit Patel

    My brief opinion on Gervinho:

    Runs and Dribbles very well,
    Needs to sort out his finishing and decision-making when it’s time to make a pass (many times he holds on to the ball too long and runs into a wall or out of the pitch).

    Can he improve on that? Why not? He is THE forehead!

    I’ll give him some time to improve, but we definitely need to play Arshavin more to give Gerv a lil kick up his arse

  60. Santos

    The Daily Cunts are praising Dortmund for their Arsenal-like performance last night. Errr, they started playing rough tactics and kicked and pulled many shirts when they were not doing well. What happened to keeping standards?

  61. kapslock

    Gerv will come good, he’s still adjusting. I think he gives us so much more then Nasri did, in terms of directness and running at full backs. Once he sorts out his finishing out he’ll be a class act.

  62. abnet

    Kativ – that comes with playing regularly at this level, and i think he is doing well for a new singing who every body written of from at the start of the season

  63. Josip Skoblar

    I was at the game. Very uninspiring first half, but we had a solid game. I like more and more our defence. RvP is a fantastic player, so is Vermalen. I liked Merte’s calmness and Kozzer delivered the goods. Arteta had a strong game, Ramsey did ok. Gerv is brilliant one minute and the next one infuriating. I had the confirmation that Walcott is not Arsenal material: poor technique and lack of fighting spirit. I like more and more this ‘new’ Arsenal team. Less fancy football, more solid football… And results. Goetze is short and looked overweight. A substandard Nasri? Dortmund were running in circles but were relatively toothless.

  64. Josip Skoblar

    I’m no fan of the man in general, but Song is my MOTM! What he did on the first goal was absolutely maradonesque!!! Look at that, Theo…

  65. Ezenta Kaycee Peter

    every players that gambon criticises always come gud and prove him wrong,maybe he sud do the miracle by criticisig gerviho

  66. Richard

    Hey all.

    I was thrilled at the result last night. I know it was a shit start, and I still feel Wenger’s time to move is in the present, not the future, but I am chuffed to bits at how we are pllaying at the momennt.

    I wasn’t able to watch the game last night. I’m on a beach in Thailand (life is hard), and the only place showin a game at 2.45am local time were showing the Barca v Milan game. videos don’t seem to be loading on my computer….. does anyone have another link.

    By the way Gambon…. as I said before:

    Song. Billong. The. don.Is. Bigger. Than. Jesus. Not. You.

  67. abnet

    Klopp: “Van Persie, wow. What a player. I have rarely seen a player who drops off in midfield but is still such a danger in the box”.

  68. Byo

    Great,objective critical write-up of the performance yesterday.
    I know it takes some dedication and care to put together work like this(being published myself). And it also shows you are passionate. Thank you!

    Some observations about the team this season- they seem to celebrate goals more spontaneously; they seem to have this fight-back against bullying(I remember Barca attempted choking on RVP last year w/out response).

  69. Ricky

    Van persie’s starting to make me think he’s not human like ronaldo & messi…

    He just can’t stop banging them in.

    Gervinho was pants last night, similar performance to the game in the weekend.. Whoever said he was the wingman version to adebayor was right.

  70. Richard

    Finally managed to find the first goal.
    All I can say is: WOW.

    I am not that surprised though to be honest after his performances so far this season. I think the amount that has been written about Song in the comments section of late is a little bit telling of how important many fans are startinig to feel he is for us. How much Song has improved over the last few years is, for me, a bit shocking.

    I remember just over three years ago sitting in a pub on the Kingsland High Road with my brother (another big Arsenal fan), having a big disagreement about Song and Denilson durng our catastrophic 4-4 draw with the spuds. At the time, I thought Denilson would be bigger than Jesus, and Song would be another Steve Morrow. My brother said the opposite. How was wrong I was. Although he makes mistakes at times, Song is improving so much, so quickly, I am hoping to hell he signs a new contract. His performances this season have mostly been of top quality, and is for me our most complete midfielder. We are missing little Jack, but if Song was out for a period of time, I feel we would miss him more.

    I know it is easy to forget how importanat players are when they are out for a sustained period, and some of you might think I am being a bit over the top with that. But Song stops opposition attacks, creates goals, and scores a few as well. Jack does not stop so many goals, and he doesn’t score so many either. Jack’s importance will increase, but as of now, Song is more important than Wishere.

    Song Billong, I salute you Sir!

  71. Kavit Patel

    The people who say Van Persie isn’t in the league of Messi and Ronaldo have got it ALL wrong.

    Messi/Ronaldo make use of their best asset (speed and skill) to run past anyone that comes in their path and score or create a goal.

    RVP doesnt have the pace to run through like them, but what he makes use of is his greatest asset (his footballing brain)

    38 goals in 2011 (playing in the hardest league in the world) is no joke

  72. Emeritus

    Gambon , Robin cannot play in the Team alone , much as you are heaping so much praise on him , it is a team sport remember. And Gervinho is not useless , we all know he is good , you inclusive

  73. abnet

    NickAmes82 Nick Ames
    What’s Alex Song being called by his team-mates this morning? ‘Ronnie’ (Ronaldinho), obviously.
    hahaha classic , He is the clubs PR guy by the way

  74. Richard

    Pedro…. now it is clear that Song Billong is bigger than both himself and Jesus, I imagine Gambon is lurking until he can think of something witty he can say to put him ahead of Mr Billong again.

    I am waiting for it.

  75. jaymejellyfish

    Anyone else rather watch Arshavin give the ball away than Gervinho…? At least he has the potential for a magic moment

  76. abnet

    for all Gev haters read this from todays John Cross column, very good read
    Gervinho is one of the signings of the season but you might need to be Billy Beane to appreciate it

  77. gazzap

    Arsenal will play a weak side in Greece and if Olympiakos win and the other game is a draw or a win for Dortmund, both Marseille and Dortmund will go out, and I think they are both strong teams that we wouldn’t want to meet later in the competition.

  78. abnet

    “Gervinho can seem a little frustrating but if you check his statistics you suddenly realise what a misconception that is. In fact, when you think about signings of the season so far then Gervinho has to be right up there with Scott Parker and Sergio Aguero.”

  79. AFC53

    At long last the defence bar the blip at the end looked more solid with LK at right back they seem to be starting to Gel together.

    RVP needs someone to take the weight of his shoulders though.

    All this talk of Gotze I would rather see another CB & CF (Cahill & Soldado/Cavani/Benzema/Gomez)

  80. Mayank

    Hah predictable opinionless Gambon. Just jumps to criticise whoever is out of form for more than 2 weeks. Started with Robin and posting his goals per season stats here every time anyone called him quality.

    Moved on to Nasri and calling him a fat ponce. Then Theo, then Song, then Kos then Song again and now Gervinho(who you liked when he joined).

    It’s a shame you can’t stick by a player when things aren’t going good. Or actually offer an opinion on a player which might be contrary to popular belief in a positive light.

    Every player we have is shit until proven otherwise.

  81. abnet

    Na$ri vs Gervinho “Gervinho has played nine Premier League games so far, scored twice, made five assists and created a goalscoring chance every 39 minutes.

    By contrast, Nasri, in his first FULL season, played 29, scored six, made just two assists and his chances ratio was one every 49 minutes.”

  82. Bade

    Song, the man of the moment, laterally.

    One moment, genius move between three opposition players, sweet chip to complete a rare quality assist

    Other moment, stupidly over-possessing the ball and ridiculously losing it in a dangerous area, which cost us a goal (JD had his fair share of that too)

  83. AFC53

    You cant hate Gervinho he has had a couple of bad games but that will improve hopefully dont forget he is just adjusting to the PL.

    Exciting times to be a gooner though at the minute.

    For me Arteta has been as important as RVP he offers a directness Cesc & Nasri didnt.

  84. DeiseGooner

    Gervinho is indeed frustrating – but its only frustrating because its obvious hes a better player than his ‘fluffed lines’. Hes a dangerous player as his stats show but imagine the player wel have if he becomes more clinical? Lets hope he pulls it off…

  85. Mayank

    I don’t think Gerv will ever be very clinical. He’s always buzzing with the ball and while it makes his hard to handle but also not the calmest of finishers.

  86. Pedro

    I can’t believe Gervinho gets so much grief?

    He can go round players, he gets in great positions and he’s a good passer.

    His finishing will improve for sure… Freddie was a terrible finisher in his first season at Arsenal!

  87. Bade

    O posted this morning on yesterday’s posy the scientific diagnosis of Arsenal 4.0 (Arsenal 3.0, “youth project”, is died and buried):

    On the upside: Hyperworkethic, hyperresults grinding,
    On the down side: hypotipitapia, hyposparkle

  88. AFC53

    Gervinho has been a good buy I would rather see him than Arshavin on the team sheet as AA already looks like he has moved onto another club.

    Is their a need for Gotze once JW is fit with MA & AR where would he fit in???

  89. Bade

    And talking of finishing, I thought you were carried away a bit there, stating Chamakh would score those setters….

    I disagree, I’d say he won’t be positioned there at all in the first place ….

    By the way, any of you saw two ridiculous misses by Robinho and Messi yesterday? Almost the same position Robin scored our second…..

  90. Bade

    and not posy, post of course…

    Sorry I’m still suffering a deadly hangover…. Luckily no court hearings for me today 😆

  91. Bade

    My biggest concern with Gervinho is his finishing, he reminds me of Ade. He can score spectacular goals, but then miss 10 setters….. Though at least he’s much better than Ade, regarding his work ethics and assist productions, and of course escaping the offside traps…. 😆

  92. abnet

    Some amazing stats from last night- in 57 MIDWEEK games since Emirates opened Arsenal have lost just once. CL i semi vs Mancunts 2008

  93. Richard

    Gerv is fine… he will improve again. I’m feeling very positive about the 2st team atm…. the back-up is not so solid though.