Wenger say nein to Götze… for January at least | Wilshere starts gambling | Dortmund Preview

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Götze <- That 'o' has an umlaut. Just so you know.

Oh my, what’s that? The two Manchester teams, flunking out against teams they really should be beating? Yeah it is. Amusing. I’d gloat more, but we haven’t dealt with the stern challenge of Dortmund yet.

It’s nice to know that Manchester City aren’t the footballing gods many have painted them out to be. Like all clubs, they’ve still got to adjust to European football and it’s good to know that if you take the game to City, they can falter. Hopefully the rest of the Premiership was watching that and we won’t see quite so many pant dropping sessions through December. United continue to slog through without impressing. It’s all looking good, providing we can win this evening.

Cavani looks a bit special doesn’t he? If  we do end up selling Robin, I’d be keen to fire any of the proceeds straight back on that man.

Diaby returning to the set up was the biggest shock of yesterday. I’d almost forgotten the Frenchman. I can’t even remember if he’s any good? I think he is. Sometimes. I said in the comments yesterday, I’d be excited about his return if I knew he’d string more than 4 games together. I stuck up for him quite a bit last season. We know that somewhere there’s a good players lurking, I’m just not sure he’s attitude is up to the challenge of top class football. I’d love to be proved wrong. Maybe Arteta can set him an example like he has a number of the others?

Wenger is staying until the end of his contract, unless he cocks everything up, or he’s sacked, or he gets ill, or someone spills soy sauce on his white suede dancing shoes and he throws the mother of all hissy fits.

Dancing shoes

“My contract is a long time in football and as long as I can walk properly and be healthy I want to do the job I love.

“But I am not the master of that.”

He may not be the master of his futures, but he is the master of his transfer budget and one place he won’t be purchasing in January is Dortmund. No Götze for us. Jurgen Kloop was also pretty negative about our chances,

‘Nothing can happen in January. It’s not a problem.’

Poor old Gazidis will be wasting his finest Riesling on the Germans if he’s thinking of using tomorrow’s meet to thrash out a deal. He also put our January transfer dreams in the fridge with this comment…

‘We have a big squad and we are not after anybody. Götze is a very good player. I can understand there is a lot of interest in him around Europe.

‘On our side, I do not think this is the best time to talk about it. We play against Dortmund tomorrow and we must concentrate on the game, not transfers.’

Well, there you have it. Saving an injury crisis, this is probably the squad we’ll roll with until the end of the season. I think that’s a big mistake if that’s the case. I called it a few weeks ago. Unlike other manager’s, Wenger sees form as a having a great squad, he doesn’t see it as having a good 1st team 11 that is an injury away from a serious impotency issue. I guess this issue is for thrashing out another day.

On the game, he went on…

“Every player and every member of staff is conscious that it is a big night for us. It’s a very important one.

“It’s another big test for our solidity and we will go into the game with that attitude, concentration and desire to win the game. We think we can do it.”

Very true. It’ll be a massive confidence boost for us and hopefully it’ll help us continue our great domestic form. Wenger wanted to talk about that as well…

‘Mathematically you have seven teams who can win the title. You can rule nobody out.’

“We don’t prioritise, at the moment the priority is the League and the Champions League – they are the two priorities. We go for every competition and after we choose when we have to. You only make a choice when you have nothing left.”

“He will not be available before the end of January.”

Jack Wilshere has also been in the news after placing a bet with Spurs fans that we’ll finish above them. If we don’t, he’ll pay out £3k to a Charity. I hope it’s not the, ‘Help us find a new Stadium’ fund set up by Daniel Levy.

Chezzer has been talking with the main site as well, the jist of what he was saying is that the defence trust him, his Dortmund friends haven’t been ribbing him with quite the verve they were before the first match up and he’s happy with how he’s playing but thinks there is still much more to come.

“I speak to the coaches and we analyse every little mistake and it’s all to make me improve. There is a lot of room for improvement, I believe. I listen to the coaches’ advice and hopefully I will learn.

“I am just focusing on doing my job properly and if my manager and team-mates appreciate it then I am happy.”

Good to hear that a player many thought egotistical after his first season has been well and truly grounded. It’s to be expected, but it’s nice to hear young players talking in a humble way.


You can’t help but think there is some sort of major PR push on the Polish keeper, this morning, Wenger said,

‘Wojciech is a quiet boy usually, you know. But he has something that is difficult to explain. Some keepers have that, some do not. That’s what you call presence, charisma, confidence. It must be a mixture of all that.’

The article was all about how honest Chezzer is. I’m not sure his girlfriend would agree… badum tschhh!

Just kidding. He’s more honest than Pinocchio in the sequel.

Tonight, I’m not sure how we’ll line up, but I’d imagine it’ll be a little like this.


Kozzer Mertesacker Vermaelen Santos

Arteta Song Ramsey

Gervinho Robin Theo

I think we need to play with patience this evening. They’ve got bundles of pace and they’re very sharp technically. We need absolute discipline at the back and we need to take our chances when they come. In the first game with Dortmund, we were far too open in midfield and we let them attack our full backs with too much ease. Hopefully our front three can continue their good form and hopefully we can defend with solidity and land ourselves a confidence boosting clean sheet.

It’s freezing in London, so wrap up warm if you’re heading down tonight!

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Right, that’s all I have for you! See you in the comments!

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  1. Goon from BD

    Oh no he changed his name I guess.

    Klopp on RvP:
    “He is certainly one of the best in Europe. What a performance, what a player.

    “I have hardly ever seen a player who plays so deep in midfield and then is such a danger in the box.”

  2. Dave

    As an Arsenal fan I can only compare RVP to TH at this point. Of course I am also worried about his fitness and whether he will extend his contract.

    We have two things going for us. He’s 28 now with a year and a half running. We have him tied to 29. Most clubs do not move for 29 year old strikers. Even if he does go for free at the end. We would have gotten his best years.

    This man is a fantastic captain. The way he brings everyone into the celebration, very team orientated. I’m proud to see a captain like this. Frankly, I never believed RVP would be such a captain. I thought TV would be a better one. I’m glad I’m wrong. If AW can keep this team together, the team spirit and friendships that you can see obviously building will keep this bunch together.

    Replacing RVP. Replacing RVP due to injury etc would be easier than TH. TH was the source of most our moves. He would bomb down the left flank, cut in and finish. That is a one man show. RVP is more of a finisher. His goals this season show good finishing rather than amazing solo skills. In fact the assists to him have been really good and have come from various players which is encouraging. Replacing RVP would only need us to find an excellent finisher who knows where to be at the right time. It’s easier than replacing TH.

    Song has stepped up really well this season. I hope we tie him up too. Someone should run the stats on our Win:Loss ratio with and without Song for the past 3 seasons. I always felt more comfortable when he plays. Defending has been improving and heck he can even score and create good assists now.

  3. zeus

    Quite simply RVP is amazing.

    Agreed with most of what Rohan said, but disagree with the ‘he’s not flashy bit’.

    For much of his youth, he was very ‘show boat’ but in recent months he has had more focus in his efficiency. He doesn’t do something for the sake of doing it anymore, it’s all for the greater good, the performance. Everything is calculated, and yet it’s done with such spontaneity.

    I pray that Wenger surrounds him with a team that can truly compete. Injuries aside, this man can usurp DB10.

    Just thinking that he is just another in the long line of great Dutch forwards, up there with DB10 ,van hasten and Cryuff (not really a natural forward I know).

    Who is the next Dutchman in that production line?

  4. NiXKiX

    Not sure i agree wid all the Nasri haters though..

    Yes he didn’t show loyalty.. atleast it got Wenger to realise his “project” had gone tits up…

    We owe him I feel… Same wid Cesc… Hopefully not required for RvP

  5. Rohan

    Since van Persie does not really rely on his physical attributes as much as other strikers, he could potentially be banging in 30 goals a season for the next 4 years at a minimum.
    I reckon he’ll do a Bergkamp and play at the highest of highest levels for atleast another 5 years.
    That’s why Arsene, give the Pers a 5 year 180k contract.

  6. PerSantosPak

    Here is the mathematical calculation for arsenal to go to Round of 16:

    They need to lose their last game… ouch!

  7. Bade

    Fuck me, I’m so hungover I don’t remember how we did score the second…. The first was a header, wasn’t it? But the second….. I have to try and remember!

  8. PerSantosPak

    There is something for real that we have missed for as long as we have had cesc and nasri, that scruffy side of the game where opponents no longer want any more body contact. Those knocks we use to gate game in game out have gone to our opponents. ….buzzing!!!

  9. Goonerman



  10. on D Gooner

    To azed: How far wrong could you have been?!! Song is a fantastic player and I hope he made you eat your words after forgetting he was a DM!! I would rather have him play like he did against BD than have you comment on any more pre-matches!

    Now let’s focus on Fulham on Saturday. It will be another interesting match as Fulham are quite strong away from home and Zamora is always looking to prove the whole world wrong. No complacency boys.

  11. goonerboy

    Goonerman-come the end of the season those gooners sceptical about the Board and Arsene will be out in force again- the reason? Because Arsene and the Board have learned NOTHING from the last 3 seasons. Yeah a good spell before christmas is very welcome- like the last 3 season, but why are all our hopes pinned on one player? Why are they coming out now -in November and telling us they are not reinforcing in January- thus pocketing the 25m profit of last summer. You AKB are mugs pure and simple. The Board and Arsene have no intention of investing sufficient in this team to turn hopefuls into realistic title contenders.

  12. DaleDaGooner

    No one better bash Song here, what a player. Arteta was a beast as well, Ramsey is lost in the whole. Gervinho forgot how to round keepers, Walcott was good. Kos is a beast in defense period! As is Vermaelen and Per and Santos where on point. Szczesny and RvP, what would we do without those 2? RvP the new king.

  13. DaleDaGooner

    Great play yesterday, though their stats (BvB D) was better overall. RvP can’t stop scoring and Song was immense till the last goal conceded. I still think we lack that creative force in the middle, and though everyone wants to praise Ramsey, I want Wilshere back soon, he’d give us what Ramsey does, but with more creativity.

    Gervinho is working hard, but he needs to score more.

    Kos is such a classy defender, bet those who were bashing him are pissed.

    I really didn’t see Gotze do anything great in the short time he spent, £30m?? Good to have Diaby back, Arteta will need a rest.