£30million Jan move looks a nonsense | Eboue shame | Arsenal too good for FFP… oh yeah! Woo!

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A bit of a crap night last night, our slightly irritating neighbours took another 3 points and went past us on points. They’ve been blessed with a lack of injuries so far and it’s hard to deny that they’re looking a bit of a force if they can keep their players fit. Scott Parker is going strength to the strength and that still sticks in the throat. Not as much as Adebayor banging in goals, but there we go. Parker apparently made just as many successful attacking passes last night as Modric. Villa are looking unbelievably bad. The appointment of Alex Mcleish is looking like a dismal one.


The manager has been in ‘you misconstrued my comments’ mode.

“I have a few more years to go,”

He reckons he’s here until 2014 unless he’s shown the exit door by the board.

There’s more chance of me getting the nod as Arsenal’s Chief Surgeon than that happening.

The translation was quite interesting. He acknowledged that his long term vision had failed.

‘It’s true, a new cycle is starting. When we left Highbury, I set my sights on a long-term project with a young team. It didn’t produce the results I’d hoped for. Yes, we have to rebuild.’

Fair play there sir. We’ve known that for 4 years. Admitting the problem is half the battle won. Benefitting from that admission when you see that experienced players add more to the squad is the other half. If Wenger does decide to stay on until the end of his contract, I’d imagine he’ll try and restore his reputation with the fans and leave on a massive high. That would work for me. The biggest problem he’s had with the fans has been his failure to acknowledge his mistakes.

It’s a shame he saves interviews like that for the French press. It’d be nice if he did stuff like that for one of the papers over here. Some fantastic questions were asked and once the interviewer got him past his standard responses, there was some interesting stuff.

‘I was thinking about a 10 year old kid who might have come to watch Arsenal for the first time with his dad in 1996. I was thinking that he’d now be 25, and he will have known only one chap on the bench. That makes me think I’m the manager of an entire generation.’

I’m nearly that kid, I would have been 12, so I remember the tale end of the George Graham era. It will be strange when he does eventually move onto a new project, but I don’t think that’ll be a bad thing. He’ll have left the club nearly debt free, he’ll have raised our profile and given us some of the best years we’ve ever known. He’ll also leave us with a production line, great infrastructure and hopefully, a fair amount of cash to invest in new players. We have a lot to be thankful, but things don’t last forever, like I said, let’s hope he leaves things on a high.


Ivan has been doing what he does best. Smashing the crap out the sustainable business model drum. He was at a conference talking about how we’re so amazing at sustainability, we don’t even look at the FFP rules.

“We believe in what we’re doing outside financial fair play so we’re not relying on any kind of rules nor are we really changing what we do.

“We believe that what we do is the right thing to do for our football club. This idea of a sustainable model means that we can look forward with real confidence and say Arsenal will be at the top of the game five years from now, 10 years from now and 20 years from now.

Our model is truly awe-inspiring. We can’t compete with anyone for transfer fees or wages, but my god do we shame clubs with benefactors. That’s a trophy right there my friends. It’s great to be a financial case study of greatness, but I don’t think too many people will be celebrating how amazing it is until it gives us something other than a moral advantage on the pitch.

Smug Bar

I do think we’re a bit like fair trade chocolate. Slightly more expensive than normal confectionery, not the best but palatable, but a chocolate bar you can eat with a kind of smug self-satisfaction that you’re supporting a good chocolate bar. Sad thing is though… you’d rather be eating stick of exploitation chocolate.


Sad scenes erupted in Turkey when Eboue was pelted with lighters and bottles. I’m not sure whether it was because he was black or just slightly annoying. Regardless, it’s really not the way to treat a footballer and it really doesn’t paint Turkey in the sort of light I’m sure their North London expats would want. It did make me laugh though, all the ‘experts’ on Turkish football somehow justifying the Besiktas fans bad behaviour because they’re proudly left wing. That’s like me smashing up a pensioner then justifying it because I have a degree from Cambridge in fine arts.


Below is the video. Turn the music down unless you want the whole event to be trivialised.

I know what’s going on there is horrible, but please, less of the ‘bring back Eboue’ nonsense. He’ll be fine.


I don’t know whether I told you this the other day, but I’ll tell you again because I thought it was interesting. Apparently Usmanov bought into Facebook because he owns a controlling stake in the biggest social network in Russia (VKontakte). The reason he sees a future in Facebook is that in Russia, he makes 5 times per user what Facebook does, if they can replicate that with their 5% stake in the American site, they’ll be absolutely buying Lionel Messi for Arsenal in no time at all. Clever stuff eh?


Arsenal are apparently going to use tomorrow night to thrash out a deal with the Directors of Dortmund for a January move. Does this all sound a bit Cesc Fabregas when Barca came over last year? I mean, Dortmund have their financial issues, they owe about £70million to the banks, but is selling your best player in January, for £30million, just before the European Championships a sensible business move? Surely the prize of £30million Champions League money and keeping your best player who is still a kid is the more sensible option? I’d love to see the move happen, but honestly, am I the only one who thinks it’s a nonsense? They’re 2nd in the Bundasliga, not 16th. Not to mention Goetze said there was an agreement to stay with Dortmund for at least 2 years.

Le Basketball…

If you think that footballers are a nightmare, I was reading about Le Bron James and his moment of genius last summer. After 8 years at the Cleveland Cavaliers (same time period Thierry was with us), he had a choice to make, to stay, or go on a free. He announced this choice on a national TV special called ‘The Decision‘… surprisingly it didn’t go down well!

Imagine if you were a Cavaliers fan and a legend of your club did that to you?

It was interesting reading his thoughts on buying a stake in Liverpool and how the History is so incredibly impressive on a global scale. The article also highlighted the problems basketball is having splitting the £2.5billion TV revenue. The players want 57%, the owners want to give them less than 52%. As a result, the season start has been delayed. Disgusting eh? What about the poor fans suffering in the mist of a horrible financial crisis?

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  1. Gooby

    bayern to rip shitty a new one at the petrol arena
    napoli to win their 6th game

    bayern and shitty through, city get a ticket to eruopa league and mancini a one way ticket to Italy

    Am i accurate enough?

  2. BacaryisGod

    They way it’s looking, the best case scenario for Man U is that their choice of teams for the Round of 16 will be Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan or Zenit unless Benfica completely choke in their final game.

  3. Radio Raheem

    I think shitty will find it more difficult in the league from January…it takes premier league sides a few months to figure out how to stop others

  4. BacaryisGod

    For Arsenal, we desperately need to win our group. Otherwise, we’re looking at a probable match against Barca, Real, Bayern, Inter, Benfica or Zenit.

    If we win, there will be fewer tough matches (Napoli, AC Milan) and much more winnable ones (Trabonzpor, Ajax, Bayer Leverkusen, Marseille, Apoel).

    Of course, what will probably happen is that we get Napoli or Milan and United will get Zenit.

  5. Maciek

    Bacary is God,

    Mate, if we lose against Dortmund( which is quite possible) we will face Olympiakos away and that match we can also lose.

    I fear we won’t qualify. I don’t care which team we will get in the 1/8 stage because we won’t qualify further.

    We are average at best. Even Dortmund and OM have got more chances to go further in the CL.

  6. OPG

    Nah most likely City will do what Spurs are doing and play their 2nd/3rd XI.
    The CL is tough if you take it lightly even in the group stage, last season was a lesson when we thought 1st in the bag and then lost to Shakhtar and Braga cause there were a few too many changes while Wenger was eager to do well in the CC aswell.

  7. Maciek


    I would love to beat Dormund, win the CL and the League, but we are still missing a few players and our defensive play is still suspicious.

  8. IvoryGoonz


    if we draw with Dortmund, we will be on 9, they are on 5.

    if OM win their game against Olympiacos, OM will be on 10, Olympiacos on 3.
    if OM lose their game, they stay at 7, Olympiacos on 6.
    if they draw, OM go to 8, Olympiacos to 4.

    Then we play Olympiacos, OM play Dortmund.
    Dortmund will be on 5 points at this stage, so they’d be go up to 8 points if they beat OM, while if OM wins, OM would go 10, 11 or 13 depending on their previous result.

    if we win, that’s us qualified with 12, with OM, Olympiacos stay either at 3, 4 or 6.
    if we draw, that’s us qualified with 10, with OM.
    if we lose, we stay on 9, Olympiacos could be 3+3, 4+3, or 6+3, and that would be played on goal difference.
    so there is one case where we wouldnt qualify automatically if we drew tomorrow, it would be if Olympiacos wins against (OM + Us).
    not very likely, but yes still a possibility.

    in any case

  9. DaleDaGooner

    Maciek, I know we don’t have a right to win the CL with our squad, but stranger things have happened, Like Monaco vs Porto for the final once before….all the big boys knock themselves out and we manage to have a fighting spirit to beat one of them enroute…would be sweet, Plus the Liverpool team that won it in 05 weren’t all conquering, were they?

    I just hope we can nick a cup, cups are easier to win than the league.

  10. DaleDaGooner

    LOL…I was reading the rules of engagement IvoryGoonz posted, and boom Maciek comes in apologetic and goes straight to business of dooming…good to be constant with your opinions.

  11. IvoryGoonz

    Dale: apologetic? I thought he stayed politically correct to not tell you to piss off… at least he’s got his opinions.
    tell us you dont agree if you want, but dont accuse him/us of not supporting Arsenal.

  12. Bade

    Ridiculous how better Real and Bayern are, comparing to the other teams in the CL this season

    Real’s squad is ridiculously amazing…..

    Anyone still thinking we’ll land Benzema?

  13. IvoryGoonz

    Maciek: I see you have much class Sir.
    dont know where you class this sarcastic comment “Maciek, nice outlook their as an Arsenal supporter.” and the “you’re a doomer” that followed.

  14. Bade

    So basically, it looks set to be like this

    Bayern, Napoli
    Benfica, Mancs (though I hope they’ll lose to Basel)
    Real, Ajax
    Inter, Lille (they won’t fail at home against the Turkish)

  15. IvoryGoonz

    I dont think Mancini will get sacked if he wins PL, cant see Abramovich spending 15m more to terminate AVB’s contract just yet, unless he finishes out the top 4.
    Is Chelsea more likely to finish out the top 4 than City winning the league… hmmm…. difficult one.

  16. Goon from BD

    There was argument about how this Citeh’s first CL campaign. I just don’t understand it. Mancini played in CL(though shit record). Half of the players are experienced. Bull shit.

  17. Richard

    I feel a bit sorry for AVB. But only a bit. He is a greedy, money-grabbing, douchebag.
    But still, I feel a little sorry for him.

  18. OPG

    Some people esp. Pundits now look silly underestimating Napoli. Mancini failed even with Inter all those years ago but don’t expect him to be sacked right away like Real Madrid did with Capello Del Bosque and after winning the league..

  19. zeus

    Hahahaha. Just saw the excellent City result.

    Doesn’t even matter who the team is, bet they lose this weekend.

    Not surprised that they won’t make it to thelast 16, money can’t buy the CL, Abramovich proved that.

  20. OPG

    Although Del Bosque did win the CL a couple of times and his sacking was more complicated.
    It’ll be interesting to see if Mourinho can succeed this season with the kind of squad they have like with Inter with Barca around.

    Hazard’s reputation seems to be growing more so as highly rated he is already it rules most teams without financial power out, would you say he and Gotze are more talented than say Nasri at their age?
    They would be big money gambles but all signings are gambles but this puts alot of pressure on the player.
    What a waste if Real also get Neymar..

  21. zeus

    Neymar at least seems to have top advisors around him.

    Recently signed a new contract with Santos. He would get VERY LITTLE playing time if he went to Madrid or Barca. He could learn a lot from the Pastore transfer.

    PSG has the money and the french league is off a very good level. Either Spanish giant would be too big a jump for him.

  22. observer

    All this pleasure folks are deriving out of City loss is so detrimental to Arsneal’s future. This time City has proved its not just the money which is jingling, their game is much, much improved. It was just a loss. There’s no reason for the AKB brigade to brandish AW’s brand of stingy club mngt. AW has to go. He has to go. His policy has failed. His time is up!!!

  23. Bade

    Morning chaps,

    Just for the record Pedro, I don’t hope for Arsene’s failure

    Don’t ever suspect I’d hope for a failure regarding my beloved club.

    I don’t hide my sincere feelings for Arsene, but it has nothing to do with me hoping for him to fail, as long as he’s our manager.

    I would be the first one to cheers up and run naked when Arsene win us the treble …. I just don’t see that happening so I criticise him. Harshly maybe, but I still hope to be found wrong time after time. Shame I hadn’t been wrong by assessments so far….

  24. Bade

    And for the record 2:

    I fear this game….. I hope we’ll rattle them up but there is some strange niggling negative feeling

    We should win this. We have to!

  25. Bade

    Dortmund has a fantastic midfield, we need our middle three ate their best.

    Alex, Dortmund will punish you for those recurring non-supervised attacking bursts. Arteta van’t cover them all

  26. Bade

    We have to bait Dortmund to play open… If we push them too much to their goal, they might punish us with their counters…..

    So let them try to play open game, then we’ll have the edge over them as our front three are in a much better form

  27. JJ

    I think we will be ok against Dortmund because Wenger has learned not to play weakened teams at this stage of the CL. That said, I worry about Saturday’s game. I am not sure that we have the squad to fight on all fronts at the moment. Any team without RvP is struggling to score and any team with DJ is struggling to keep a clean sheet.

  28. OPG

    So Wenger says Spuds weren’t challenged on Monday and it’s a long way to go, sure he’s right to a extent but no offense we’d be boasting if we were in their position not that I agree with Harry that they can win the league in the long run.

    Dortmund though are a young and exciting side if they can keep their squad together a couple of years and build on that they’ll be a force but they are a little naive in Europe.

  29. TransylvanianGunner

    Hello Grovers!
    I thought that I have something with my BB, check this out please 😀

    I think the calibre of the young German could be immense for us, and after the winter period we need many central midfielders. He could help us to push the us in the second half of the. Season.

    Nothing to say about today game? Eh. Have a nice day, here is fine.