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Another solid weekend of Arsenal football and another dismal result from Chelsea. Listening to AVB talk about the future is almost reminiscent of our last 5 years! It won’t rub over there though… the young Portuguese will be out on his ear by Christmas if he doesn’t shape up fast. I personally think he took on the wrong job. If you want to play attacking free flowing football, you don’t take on a slow, ageing defensive side. Still, it is always great to see the Blue side of West London having a John Terry induced bad time.

That said, as we well know, as quick as you’re down and written off, you’re back contending again. I’m pretty sure Chelsea had a similarly torrid time this time last season.

Arsenal have certainly turned a corner. We’re playing with a new confidence and style and we’re playing with a new found maturity we lacked last year.

Theo Walcott has certainly been a major force in our transformation. He took a bit of an early season pasting from many but he’s knuckled down and he’s turned around his and our season with some top performances.

I think the key to his resurgence has been his improved passing and the timing of his runs. He’s getting in behind defenders and he’s learnt to go it alone through the middle. The predictability of seasons past has disappeared. Sure he still frustrates, but we do forget he’s only a 22. That footballing brain he’s lacked for so long seems to be developing. It’s just a shame he’s playing the, ‘I just want to play football and not think about my contract’ card. We all know what that means. Chelsea were sniffing in the summer, I’ve no doubt Kenny Dalglish will be in for the ex-Liverpool fan and even United might attempt a move.

This sort of problem is why I think the coach is considering his future. He can’t effectively build a team anymore. Players are of the ‘now generation’ just as much as the fans. They don’t want to spend 50% of their career buliding for a glorious future that might never happen. If Wenger does have to contemplate losing Theo, Robin and Song this summer, could he deal with the rebuild process? Does he have the energy, or is that a good exit point?

The trouble with all the contract situations is that they have been the build up of 3 years of not signing players of adequate quality. That said, it seems like Wenger has taken some serious learning from this summer.

1) Signings tall defenders when you’re attrocious from set plays helps the keeper and the team. It might not solve all our ills, but it’s gone a long way to killing the basic strategy crap teams take when playing us.

2) Signing mature players with know how and fight is just as beneficial as signing young players with potential by the bucket load. You need a balance in a team. Arteta isn’t an absolute world beater, but he’s intelligent, he knows how to play the game and he upholds standards in our midfield. The younger players thrive off that maturity and ultimately, the squad is benefiting.

Mertesacker is now the focus of many peoples angst. I think he’s been prematurely slagged much in the same way Koscielny was last season. I think he’ll turn around his fortunes and prove to be an immense buy as the season draws on. He’ll adapt to the pace and he’ll be fine. He’s making basic mistakes, but he wasn’t when he was taking Germany to world cup semi finals and he wasn’t when he was winning German Bundasliga. Being a top player doesn’t disappear over night.

1 Man City 12 31 34
2 Man Utd 12 17 29
3 Newcastle 12 7 25
4 Chelsea 12 8 22

5 Tottenham 10 6 22

6 Liverpool 12 5 22
7 Arsenal 12 3 22
8 Aston Villa 11 1 15

The league is starting to shape up rather nicely. We’re level pegging with Chelsea and Liverpool for games and points. Spurs could go 6 points ahead of us, but their slump hasn’t happened yet. I’m sure it will do. Newcastle aren’t top 4 quality, so I’d imagine they’ll slip down the table over the Christmas period. City are still the team to catch, again, they haven’t had a dip in form yet, but I’m sure it will happen at some point. If 4th was the target this season, being level with Chelsea and Liverpool in late November isn’t the worst eh?

Arsenal players are in the festive mood of giving already. They’re all donating a days wages next weekend which is very kind. If everyone on the payroll did that, they’d be donating £340,821 to the cause which is very generous. I remember a nursing charity did something like this a few  years ago and they only managed to recoup £200,000 of the initial £1million worth of pledges. Premiership footballers, so classy…

Wenger has taken us out of the running for long term target Gary Cahill. Bolton were too greedy in the summer, so he won’t be arriving… which is a shame, because he’s certainly a very good player. I’d imagine Bolton will struggle to recoup much of his value now, a very poor business move in retrospect (in fact, we said it was a poor move at the time).

We play host to a resurgent Dortmund. They’ll arrive at the Emirates full of beans having beaten table toppers Bayern Munich by one goal at the weekend. Don’t go into this game thinking they’ll be a pushover, they have excellent players and a win would be a superb achievement.

1 Arsenal 4 2 2 0 4 2 2 8
2 Marseille 4 2 1 1 4 1 3 7
3 Borussia Dortmund 4 1 1 2 3 7 -4 4
4 Olympiakos 4 1 0 3 4 5 -1 3

If we do beat them, we’ll qualify. Which would be absolutely marvelous. If we lose, things will be wide open again. As it stands, winning would put us up against…

  • Zenit
  • Milan
  • Leverkusen
  • Ajax
  • Benfica
  • CSKA Moscow
I’ll have more on the game tomorrow, until then, have a great day!

If you have 3 Dortmund spares going, let me know, I have a buyer.

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  1. Keyser

    Didn’t watch the game live, watched it back yesterday, the commentators spent all game discussing Mertesackers struggles with adapting to the nature of the English league, and then when Holt twice basically jumped into twice wondered whether he’d fell over.

    Just say he fucking dived.

  2. Radio Raheem

    Really Ivory? How old is he? I’m surprised premier league teams haven’t snapped him up already.

    Keyser, I know all that but from what you guys have been ‘saying’ and from the 1/2 articles I have read he seems to be overdoing. Frankly, I couldn’t care less about his motivation. I find him boring and unnecessarily mad! I comment when I find something worth commenting on and there seem to be more folks on here to do that with.

    As for getting you out of your mum’s basement you’ll need a crane for that 🙂

  3. Bade

    Hello Grovers from a truly rainy Jerusalem

    Yet another very fine post by Pedro.

    Theo was always one of my favourites. I just fear he’s on the way out, he’s a Liverpool fan, those things never really die.

    Happy to hear Arsene is progressing towards half admitting his falters ….

    Ok, later…. Fucking work!

  4. AFC53

    I find i funny the fact we are having a debate about having too many CB’s if we bought in Vertongen (TV international partner can play LB) or Cahill (PL experience)

    TV – Best we have must be foundation
    LK – getting better with every game
    PM – needs time to adjust to EPL but will get there

    JD – reserve right back at best
    SS – never been our quality
    Michel – Youngster needs time to mature
    KB – Youngster needs time to mature

  5. Radio Raheem

    I actually like Mertesacker and it would be perverse for me to keep pointing out his weakness(es). So, yes, Mertesacker is better than folks are giving him credit for. I blame the media.

  6. AFC53

    Imagine If You will

    Chezzer & Fabianski

    Sagna TV Vertongen LK PM Santos
    JD Gibbs

    Rambo JW Arteta Song TW Gervinio De Jong
    Rosicky Gotze AA

    RVP Benzema Chamakh Vela

    With the ones missing being sold on Bye Bye Diaby,Denilson,Almunia,Squillaci,Bendtner,

  7. Hussain

    I dont get this, Tottenham have their captain left with hardly 6 months on his contract, United have Berbatov who could well be leaving for free in June and yet all the media cares about is VP having 20 months on his contract, 20 months is a long, long time in football mates.

    Heard we will be meeting Agents and reps from Dortmund for the sale of Gotze on Wed, really want us to beat Dortmund on wed, not only for qualification but also to send a message to all 4 of our transfer targets, i.e: Reus, Gotze, Farfan and Podolski that we are still a Top club.

    P.S: Nearly started crying after watching that Eboue video, dont wanna sound racist but bloody Turks, as indisciplined as ever. Bring Eboue home 🙁 if not AFC, than maybe even the Premier League, miss that guy. Im sure even the players miss him too.

  8. Hussain

    And if we sell Theo, we must sign Adam Johnson from City, no actually we should sign him to replace Rosicky anyways, what a player that guy can be.

  9. Darrenchallis

    Anyone started a new job? remember not knowing where everything is, who you can have a laugh with and what your boss is like? well Per has just come to a new country, met a new team and playing at 100 miles an hour in a position with no room for error. He would have ideally been eased into the team, but he had to be thrown in. Anyone with less experience would have caved.

  10. Hussain

    And yes, i do think we might be signing Vert/Cahill to replace Squid in January, I would want Vertonghen though, purely because he can play RB and CDM and has always wanted to play for us, like Merts, just been waiting for the call from AFC. Really hope we dont lose out on him to City

  11. Hussain

    Yes, had Arsene been a little more sensible and bought him in June, he would have had a pre season with us here and could have been in a much better position, never mind though, he will surely start coming good!

  12. Darrenchallis

    Hussain says:
    November 21, 2011 at 15:33

    Yes, had Arsene been a little more sensible and bought him in June, he would have had a pre season with us here and could have been in a much better position, never mind though, he will surely start coming good!

    Yes same can be said for half the squad.

  13. Darrenchallis

    Mert reminds me of Tony Adams, he makes similar mistakes and Adams was always bailed out in a very good solid defensive unit, Mert didn’t have that luxuary and now with Verm he will start to be more sure, add Sagna and we are away.

  14. Hussain

    Couldnt agree more, im sure Koscielny, TV5, Arteta and VP have been talking to him and helping him adjust to the life and pace of Premier League, he’s a top player, i’m sure hes willing to learn, adjust and become better for us!

  15. Hussain

    Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham will have to stump up at least £25 million if they wish to acquire Palermo’s attacking midfielder Josip Ilicic.

    Who the fu*k is this guy :O and what has he done to be worth that much amount of money??!! Have i been missing out on a new Zidane?

  16. Darrenchallis

    If you add Vertongen we have cover in DM and across the back. Mert will be fine and will adjust to the pace, also he will be invaluable against the bigger ball humping teams. He has his place on European nights

  17. Darrenchallis

    lol if your going to spend that money then Benzema is the man. plus never heard of this guy. one season wonder, you tube creation.

  18. Hussain


    On European nights, it would always be Koscielny on teamsheet for me, agile, technical, times his interceptions brilliantly, rarely gives FKs away, cant remember him messing up in CL even in his first season, had Messi in his pocket at the Emirates. Quality CB to have for CL nights.

  19. Hussain

    Arsenal Tom

    Seriously? Damn i thought he didn’t get along with Mancini, didn’t get any playing time at all, amazing what paying right money can do.

  20. Darrenchallis

    I agree Koscielny but the squad has to be rotated and TV needs to be looked after. TV would be 1st on the list but he needs protecting.

  21. Hussain

    Yep, need Tommy V fit for the leader he is, and the confidence he brings to the team, love his never say die attitude. Classy guy, hope VP follows his suit and signs an extension!

  22. Darrenchallis

    I saw TV play against us and thought the same thing, he fits the PL mould, not a primadonna and just a hard grafter. And he is loyal, look how long he played for Ajax and they still love him.

  23. Goon from BD

    Hussain- Can’t really say bro. Its difficult to tell who is worth what currently. His ex teammate Pastore went for 40m or something. Palermo president used to claim Pastore is worth this and that and people used to laugh(me included). Then he was sold for that amount I was SHOCKED. Ilicic looks a fantastic talent but 25 is too much. I thought Pastore was worth 25 and he went for 40 above.

  24. Jack

    I think ANBs post was to remind all you people with short memories or with your head up Arsenes hole that the Arsenal are only good enough for top 4 spot now. ( if were lucky) and if RVP gets injured we will be mid table. A reality check

  25. sir henry norris


    I concede we need 6 top quality CB as an option for having 5 at the moment. Sorry about that your obviously more elightened than me.

    As I said Squid looks to be on the way out of the club so we could buy one or two of your options.

    Maybe you could give me your wise thoughts as to whether any of your suggested buys would be 15m to 20m better than JD and or Kos????

  26. AndyB

    First time poster but always read this blog. You always have good valid opinions and you arent too swayed by most of the bollocks some people say. I had to show this article by samuel in the daily mail as he is so unbelievably biased towards Arsenal. Where was this when Barca were after Fabregas! Now chimp boy has had his head turned its different.

  27. AndyB

    Oh and I live in Turkey, my fiance is a Turk. From what I can see they arent racist people, and are very friendly especially if you get away from the tourist areas. Then again they turn into animals at football games as do a lot of fans from any nationality. No excuse for being racist, just giving my opinion.

  28. IvoryGoonz

    SHN: stop being an a$$.
    that’s a rhetorical question, you really expect me to answer it?
    Who can really say what such player will be worth after 2 years with us…
    What is certain is Vertonghen+Cahill or Vertonghen+Mbiwa are better than Squillaci+JD, and I wouldn’t hesitate putting 20m on the table for the pair and ship out Squid and JD for 10m+ altogether.
    They’d have a bigger resale value as well.

  29. Hussain


    I concur. Eboue is an Arsenal legend, for completely different reasons, but a legend nevertheless

    And Oh please, Gotze Eriksen is no comparison, Eriksen is average at best.

  30. sir henry norris

    Ivory: lol, stop being defensive then….

    A rhetorical question that you have now answered 🙂

    The thing is your 20m would not buy those two players and JD is goi not ng anywhere anytime soon.

    We are fine for centre defensive players, they are (as is the whole of the back-line)improving as a unit with every game. Let the coach/manager do there jobs then we will see where we are in May.

    Good job your not in charge as we’d be skint.

  31. IvoryGoonz

    RR: N’Koulou is 21. He was the best player of Monaco, despite the relegation, he was their best player.
    At Marseille, the central pair used to be called as Mbiawara (concatenation of M’bia and Diawara).
    Well. Neither M’bia or Diawara is ensured of a first team role now… And that’s knowing Mbiawara was the best defense in French ligue over the past couple of years…

  32. SUGA3

    I always liked Eboue and thought that OGL cocked it up big time when he tried to mould him into a wide attacking player, when he was a really good RB…

  33. IvoryGoonz

    SHN: just learn to read an write and stop being confused.
    In your yesterlast comment you go on JD and KOS!
    I never talked about replacing Kos. So I got no reason answering that question.
    I was talking all the way about replacing JD and Squillaci.
    So, no I haven’t answered your question about JD and Kos, while I did answer to the question you should have asked about JD and Squillaci.

  34. Hussain

    Exactly, Eboue became an scapegoat for Wenger’s faults trying to turn him into Walcott. He was a decent RB backup, he proved it well enough against a number of opposition for a number of years, why fix something that ain’t broke?

  35. SUGA3

    funny that you ask, I’ve got myself a gig at a festival next June!

    had a blast in Poland last week, it was my Bday on Wed and I celebrated A LOT 😆

  36. IvoryGoonz

    SHN: and to answer your last comment, if I was in charge, I would spend the transfer budget available to challenge for all titles, yes, but only what’s available to Wenger himself now. not more. and all the players I proposed so far were under 15m and all in the current budget, (at the exception of Seydou Doumbia we might have to fork around 17m, but with wages much lower than equivalent strikers of the same age/quality).

    That would be using the 60m transfer fund, but still leaving the 180m on cash account.
    there’d still be money on accounts, but there’d be trophy in the cabinets.
    That would be:
    GK: Mandanda
    DL: Aly Cissokho
    DR: Sime Vrsaljko
    CBs: Vertonghen and Yanga Mbiwa
    DMC: Fernandinho (Shakhtar)
    MC/AMRLC: Willian (Shakhtar)
    STs: Seydou Doumbia (CSKA Moscow) and Leandro (Gremio)

    GK: Fabianski, Almunia,
    DL: Gibbs
    DCs: Djourou and Squillaci
    MC: Diaby and Denilson
    AMRLCs: Arshavin, Rosicky
    ST: Park.

    anyway, keep mis-reading.

  37. sir henry norris

    Ivory dude. Are you bullying me?? I’m only 16, and think the defence is now doing a solid Job, therefore no need for extra bodies in an area that now looks to be fully covered..

    We are on the same sde here, we all want to see our beloved club win silverware…

  38. IvoryGoonz

    SHN: oh boy … me bullying you? you’re bullying yourself mate, start by re-reading 7 times what you wrote before you post it, or just dont post, friendly advise…
    just re-read yourself, seriously, and wonder why I cant take you seriously…

  39. Richard


    “think the defence is now doing a solid Job, therefore no need for extra bodies in an area that now looks to be fully covered..”

    We don’t have a fit RB. Sagna and Jenks are injured.

    We have one fit LB. Santos is fit, but Gibbs is injured. Again. Surprise. Surprise.
    We have three playable CBs. Verm, Kos, Mert. Squill, JD, Bartley, and that young Spaniard are not up to it (although the latter two might be one day)

    I don’t think that makes us fully covered.
    I think that is quite clear.

  40. Lurch

    your right frenchie i was mildly disturbed.

    but then I thought he should have handled it a bit more courageously pumped his chest and told them to fuck off or bring it properly, rather than half ducking it with a sad face and whinging to the ref.

    lets face it, he does dive – if that’s how the turks react – so be it.

  41. IvoryGoonz

    Suga: whats the next home game you go to?
    Dortmund’s a bit short notice for me, might have to stay late at work, but otherwise, Fulham (26th Nov) or Man City (Carling 29th) should be able, especially if Pedro/Geoff get some spares…

  42. kwik fit

    We have 2 rb’s 2 lb’s and 5 cb’s .We can not go out to buy players when players are on short term injuries.
    If we buy players we must sell to accomodate.(squid perhaps)
    We are covered but quality in depth may be an issue.

    But Wenger will not buy defensively in Jan unless there is a long term injury. (sagna’s not long term he is back in Jan)

  43. sir henry norris

    Ivory: Firstly and for the record, I sincerely apologise for mis-representing your quotes..

    Sime Vrsaljko is a very good young prospect. Wenger was all over him like a rash, but for his club upping his price at the 11th hour he would be in.

    As for the rest of the players you list I do not believe they are infinitly better than what we have at our disposal.

    Because you buy it does not automaticaly guarantee we would win anything..

  44. IvoryGoonz

    kwik: I’d say 1.75 LB, 1.5 RB, 3.5 CB, but that’s just me, I also agree, I don’t see Wenger getting a defender apart maybe a DRL in january, bar more injuries until then.

  45. Richard

    Agreed Kwik fit. I wouldn’t say there is a quantity issues. I would however say there is certainly a quality issue.

  46. IvoryGoonz

    SHN: they wouldnt be infinitely better, you have to pay for that, and I restrained to same limits Wenger follows (voluntarily or under board constraint).
    But they are definitely better than the player we’d ship out, better work rate, better team work, better fitness, would strengthen where we need, and would add competition for the first 11. would also cost less in wages overall.
    Just showing that there’s a lot that can be done, that we dont have to break the bank to improve, just use all the transfer funds available.
    All that also shows that if Usmanov was on the board, and financially involved, without doing a City or Chelsea, we could really add trophies to the cabinet.
    I can justify all my choices if you want…

  47. Goon from BD

    I’d say Vertonghen would be the best choice. Three in one.

    We need a back up GK too. Its not so important but we should look for one in the summer. I’d like an old experienced guy for the role. Someone who may not be superb but just fine and experienced. Could help Szczesny in developing with his experience. Maybe Manninger?

  48. sir henry norris

    Ivory: no need to justify your choices as ive seen most of them in action and beg to differ.. But I fully agree with you, if Usmonov was on the board we would definiely have a bigger transfer fund, but I would use it to purchase a striker and midfiled at the top end of the market.


  49. kwik fit

    If verminator stays fit I can see him being voted player of the season. He has the ability to play anywhere on the pitch and still be head and shoulders better that his opponents. He has a football brain that surpasses most in the premier league. Come on the Villians!!!!!

  50. Ricky

    M’vila’s so overrated…

    Vidal on the other hand, thats one real talented player we missed out on & one that I must say I personally underrated.

  51. zeus

    M’vila has extensive videos that I’m not too impressed with at all. If youtube compilations are suppose to show your best bits, then his videos aren’t saying much.

    That said, most of Gatze’s videos don’t impress me much either. (We should get a closer look of him in mid-week though)

  52. IvoryGoonz

    SHN: taken.
    well, we’ll agree to disagree then, I’ll stick to my choice of New Guns, spent some time scouting/checking out each of them, and simulating those picks on FM as well (I tested more than 20 players for each position, looked at all combinations possible finance-wise. that one was the most effective on short and long term.
    and unless you/someone has other names to propose, I’m verrrrry happy with that balance, as well as being able to switch from 4-4-2 to 3-5-2 or, eventually 4-3-3. The idea is to have even quality for the top 2 players per position, and a third cover
    the full team looks like that:

    GK: Mandanda, Szczesny, Mannone
    DL: Cissokho, Santos, (Mbiwa)
    DR: Sagna, Vrsaljko, (Mbiwa)
    DC Stopper/Quick: Vermaelen, Koscielny, Mbiwa
    DC Cover/Tall: Vertonghen, Mertesacker, (Mbiwa)
    DMC: Fernandinho, Song, (Vertonghen)
    MC/AMC: Wilshere, (Willian), Arteta, Ramsey
    AML: Willian, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain,(Santos)
    AMR: Gervinho, Walcott, Miyiachi, (Arteta)
    ST Advanced Forward: Van Persie, (Doumbia), Leandro
    ST Deep-Lying F: Doumbia, (Van Persie), Chamakh

    (Oxlade-Chamberlain/Miyaichi do not feature in the CL until they are HG/NG, but can play in the EPL.
    Frimpong, Coquelin, Jenkinson, out on loan, Miquel as Reserve Captain)

    If the names of some first team players are not there, you guessed it, I’d sell them, or send them back to their club, because they need him more than we do 🙂

    and yeah, if Usmanov was in, I’d make some changes too…
    But I’d still try to keep a lower wage structure compared to City/Chelsea, I’d still go for the same basis, bar Neymar/Rossi instead of Leandro, would replace Chamakh with Llorente, Hazard/Gotze for Willian, De Rossi for Fernandinho.

    I’ll try to simulate that on FM after finishing the first full season with that pick, gives a very good idea finance-wise, tactical-wise and fitness/number-wise, but you still have to go til the end of the season to see all the effects of the financial choices you made, which is what Im doing with my current pick (haha, lately demolished City 6-1 haha, was lmfao).

  53. Ricky


    I’ve seen m’vila quite a lot recently & he’s decent but not much better then song Tbh..

    Vidal has been holding it down for juve this year & he’s looked bloody good doing it.. Wenger missed out on a bargain for €12m.

  54. Ricky


    I remember you mentioning him.. I knew he was good back then but been watching him Play for juve this year & the boys the complete defensive midfielder right now.. Reminds me of an inform flamini..

  55. skandibird

    shit!! Do the spuds have to win every fuc*ing game or what! I’m fed up, unless they crumble when they start playing the ”real”teams…..

  56. IvoryGoonz

    they are used to be at the top of the injury list too, they were shadowing us till recently, while we are in the top 2 still … wouldnt be surprised if they pick up a couple around feb…

  57. albo

    Precisely my point Sug! When you look at what’s happened to Everton and Villa in the last few years I suppose it should make us thankful we’ve simply trodden water rather then sunk like them!

  58. SUGA3


    seeing Ledley fucking King fit and playing, I am beginning to believe that ‘Arry sold his soul to the devil or that he is the horned one himself 😯

    watch him evade justice, become England manager and winning the World Cup and Euro double 😆

  59. HerveDeNerve

    “shit!! Do the spuds have to win every fuc*ing game or what! I’m fed up, unless they crumble when they start playing the ”real”teams…..”

    Do you mean when they play teams like us Skandi?

    Last 4 league games V spurs points tally
    AFC 1 SPURS 10!!!

  60. Yipee Kai Yay

    Spurs did crumble, first two games against city and united. They were 0 from 2 and rooted to the foot of the table after everyone had played 3 games.

    They’ve got very lucky in a few games. But as much as goons hate it, their first team is not as shit as it used to be. Painful, but true, and I’d rather face up to reality than delude myself they are as shit as they have been for decades previous.

    Their ‘game in hand’ is the rearranged home game vs everton, so it’s not even like they don’t stand a chance of 3 points there. Sky sports are already calling it ‘Battle of the ‘fros”

  61. IvoryGoonz

    YKY: agree, but that was ‘logical’ they’d lose to City and Utd. Especially if they played them so soon in the season. Overall they’ve done better than us this season, and the table reflects that, no matter how painful it is. We’ll need to get all points against them.

  62. Yipee Kai Yay

    If Assou-ekotto and Felani went up together for a header would you have a velco effect? Or would it simply create a ‘super-fro’?

  63. Yipee Kai Yay

    kwik fit, it’s not that bad! ffs. Shaving your scrotum with a rusty blade, and dousing in pickilng vinegar comes a long way before ‘I’m not a celebrity give me some testicles to eat’.

  64. kapslock

    Villa are fucking awful not surprised they’re losing. How are you going to put Hutton in midfield. LOL. Clueless.

    On another note does anyone else think Modric is highly over rated? I just don’t see what all the fuss is about. He’s a good player but nothing amazing. Jheez

  65. Yipee Kai Yay

    kwik fit, battery acid is better if pickling vinegar not available.

    Modric is one of those players that doens’t look good but he does seem to be efficient with the ball. Ugly as fuck though.

  66. Bade

    I wonder why Arsene did that interview?

    He is putting down the reasons for our failure for the last 6 years, but doesn’t take full responsibility for it, he’s half admitting his part.

    I don’t like his lack of accountability, as he didn’t (and almost never) answered a direct question about his obvious failures.

    Hope at least those half admissions aren’t going to the toilet, and now he really is building as he did before that “youth project”

    This will see soon enough, judging by the way he’ll move in January window.

    Make no mistake, we need to strengthen and our great run is about half a miracle. No need to go deluded again, we need to bolster before we get in that annual dip, and before we lose Robin…..