French beast linked on Le Grove suggestion | Both Arsenal strikers quiet on moves | Keeper for quota?

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This guy sums up how I feel. I do hope he's a model and not a terminally ill.

Please god, make it go away! I’ve got international fever and I don’t think I’m going to pull through!

The FA are so unbelievably selfish with their friendlies. They’ve enforced 4 weeks of boring international football on us inside two months. It’s absolutely outrageous. We should start a petition, perhaps go on a march? Maybe we could occupy the FA? Hang around outside, crap in their lobby and create an unsightly fire hazard until they ban this madness!

It’s boring, there are too many games and I have nothing to write about for two weeks. It’s not on. The authorities need to shake up how they do things. They need to inject some spark back into the international game.


Barcelona Chief Cassandra Rossell has been bleating in the press again, he’s flogging a book by the way, so excuse his outlandish statements. He reckons the European elite want to reduce the amount of teams to 16 and have more entrants in the Champions League!


He went further, he also wants European games to happen on a Saturday. Great news. We move one step closer to the Euro Super League. It’s all about money now and making sure clubs maximise it regardless of what fans want!


The Bordeaux President reckons he’s called Arsenal and left messages about the availability of Chamakh. He also reckons he’s left messages with Wenger. No one has called back. This is the story of my love life.

The way I traditionally work around this issue is to drink myself into a stupor and bombard the person I need to contact with texts at 2 a.m… This normally forces a reaction of sorts. I’m not sure if this is a good tactic in business. At least I’m offering solutions here.

You’d like to think if someone was offering Arsenal money for our old rope, we’d have the decency to bite their arm off whatever the compensation on offer was. Still… It’s good to know he’s wanted. Maybe we can sell and compete with Spurs and Chelsea for Cavani?

Nik B…

He apparently got into a riot with Daniel Agger in his teams hotel after a few beers. Sunderland’s problem… Until he’s our problem again in June.

Denmark beat Finland last night Carl. England smashed Sweden into oblivion with a blend of 1970’s Brazil mashed in with the total football of Cryuffs Holland.

What? I was just making the point…

Etienne Capoue

Whaddya know? The Le Grove scouting network strikes again. We’re linked with the beast of Capoue, we scouted him last December after our Grover scouting network suggested him.

The ex under 21 captain is like Flamini after a long course of steroids finding out Emmauel Eboue had been holding his wife’s hand behind his back.

He’s powerful, fearsome and he looks to all intents an purposes very much like a player who could work for us. At £15million short of Yann M’Villa’s price, this move wouldn’t surprise me at all.


We’re looking at some chap called Gerrard Butland. Gotta say, any young keeper worth his salt would steer clear of us. Pushing Chezzer out anytime soon is unlikely. It took 3 years to dislodge Almunia… this kid is either coming in because he’s the best in the universe, or he’s there helping with quotas.


Right, just so you know, Robin won’t speak to us until the summer. Then he’ll make a decision. I’ll update you with the situation again tomorrow.

Yossi Benaywho…

Wenger reckons the Israeli will play at some point this yet due to the likelihood of injury. Things have mostly been fine since he joined. It would be nice to see him a little more, he’s a talent, he gives the team the same spark Arshavin can.

Still… the season is long.

Who would you have?

Ok, so today’s big question is about player recruitment. If you could take one player from our history, restore them to their prime, and give them a squad number, who would it be?

Paddy – The man who replaced Tony Adams as captain was a legend of the club, winning 3 premiership titles with us. He was a ball winning box to box beast who lead by example and with passion. He had a great Song about coming from Senegal.

Wrighty – Look back at videos of our second highest scorer and marvel at just how good he was. Imagine him playing off Robin? Think of the possibilities! He had spark, passion and goals by the bucket load! He had a song where we sang his name on repeat.

Freddie – You might think that we need goals from midfield. If anyone could connect with Robin, it would be this man when he was fit and on fire! He was lightning, terrier like and his finishing was clinical. The timing of his runs was a site to behold and he had a fan song that left me hoarse on many occasions! We mostly sang about his red hair and our love for him.

Let me know your one player in the comments!

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P.S. Fancy knowing a bit about the guys creating Manchester United’s social media platform? Check out the video that went viral for all the wrong reasons yesterday!

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  1. Mayank

    Fuck I wrote rac-ist in the post and now its moderated.

    Now that Eboue’s gone and Song is good can we get rac-ist off the moderated words list?

  2. frenchie

    i would have no problem with suarez calling evra a cunt. he is a cunt. but when one makes it an issue of race rather than cuntishness…i draw the line. you can be a cunt, without being a black/brown/asian cunt.


    Why must Evra be a little bitch about it? If I get insulted on the pitch I just give plenty back,I dont go complaining and making a big issue of it. Evra needs to man up as they say in the states.

  4. Mayank

    Why this distinction between the pitch and real life?

    You’d expect a formal complaint if you racially abused a co-worker. Don’t footballers live sheltered enough lives already without exempting them of basic moral conduct during ‘work’ hours?

  5. roaaary

    bloody hell to death with the racism shit. people get abused all day every day whether its because your fat, ginger, smelly, inbred (hehe) there is always an element of someone becoming the alpha male. Get over it.
    Fine Terry because he is actually a cunt then get on with football again

  6. NiXKiX

    Manchester City are running scared after hearing that Arsenal’s in form striker Ju Young Park will be starting against them! This guy has scored 4-5 goals against “Middle Eastern opponents” and is tipped to score again against City !!

  7. Grassy Knoll

    Frenchie says: “you can be a cunt, without being a black/brown/asian cunt” … or even a white cunt perhaps – any of them about? Like John Terry maybe?