French beast linked on Le Grove suggestion | Both Arsenal strikers quiet on moves | Keeper for quota?

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This guy sums up how I feel. I do hope he's a model and not a terminally ill.

Please god, make it go away! I’ve got international fever and I don’t think I’m going to pull through!

The FA are so unbelievably selfish with their friendlies. They’ve enforced 4 weeks of boring international football on us inside two months. It’s absolutely outrageous. We should start a petition, perhaps go on a march? Maybe we could occupy the FA? Hang around outside, crap in their lobby and create an unsightly fire hazard until they ban this madness!

It’s boring, there are too many games and I have nothing to write about for two weeks. It’s not on. The authorities need to shake up how they do things. They need to inject some spark back into the international game.


Barcelona Chief Cassandra Rossell has been bleating in the press again, he’s flogging a book by the way, so excuse his outlandish statements. He reckons the European elite want to reduce the amount of teams to 16 and have more entrants in the Champions League!


He went further, he also wants European games to happen on a Saturday. Great news. We move one step closer to the Euro Super League. It’s all about money now and making sure clubs maximise it regardless of what fans want!


The Bordeaux President reckons he’s called Arsenal and left messages about the availability of Chamakh. He also reckons he’s left messages with Wenger. No one has called back. This is the story of my love life.

The way I traditionally work around this issue is to drink myself into a stupor and bombard the person I need to contact with texts at 2 a.m… This normally forces a reaction of sorts. I’m not sure if this is a good tactic in business. At least I’m offering solutions here.

You’d like to think if someone was offering Arsenal money for our old rope, we’d have the decency to bite their arm off whatever the compensation on offer was. Still… It’s good to know he’s wanted. Maybe we can sell and compete with Spurs and Chelsea for Cavani?

Nik B…

He apparently got into a riot with Daniel Agger in his teams hotel after a few beers. Sunderland’s problem… Until he’s our problem again in June.

Denmark beat Finland last night Carl. England smashed Sweden into oblivion with a blend of 1970’s Brazil mashed in with the total football of Cryuffs Holland.

What? I was just making the point…

Etienne Capoue

Whaddya know? The Le Grove scouting network strikes again. We’re linked with the beast of Capoue, we scouted him last December after our Grover scouting network suggested him.

The ex under 21 captain is like Flamini after a long course of steroids finding out Emmauel Eboue had been holding his wife’s hand behind his back.

He’s powerful, fearsome and he looks to all intents an purposes very much like a player who could work for us. At £15million short of Yann M’Villa’s price, this move wouldn’t surprise me at all.


We’re looking at some chap called Gerrard Butland. Gotta say, any young keeper worth his salt would steer clear of us. Pushing Chezzer out anytime soon is unlikely. It took 3 years to dislodge Almunia… this kid is either coming in because he’s the best in the universe, or he’s there helping with quotas.


Right, just so you know, Robin won’t speak to us until the summer. Then he’ll make a decision. I’ll update you with the situation again tomorrow.

Yossi Benaywho…

Wenger reckons the Israeli will play at some point this yet due to the likelihood of injury. Things have mostly been fine since he joined. It would be nice to see him a little more, he’s a talent, he gives the team the same spark Arshavin can.

Still… the season is long.

Who would you have?

Ok, so today’s big question is about player recruitment. If you could take one player from our history, restore them to their prime, and give them a squad number, who would it be?

Paddy – The man who replaced Tony Adams as captain was a legend of the club, winning 3 premiership titles with us. He was a ball winning box to box beast who lead by example and with passion. He had a great Song about coming from Senegal.

Wrighty – Look back at videos of our second highest scorer and marvel at just how good he was. Imagine him playing off Robin? Think of the possibilities! He had spark, passion and goals by the bucket load! He had a song where we sang his name on repeat.

Freddie – You might think that we need goals from midfield. If anyone could connect with Robin, it would be this man when he was fit and on fire! He was lightning, terrier like and his finishing was clinical. The timing of his runs was a site to behold and he had a fan song that left me hoarse on many occasions! We mostly sang about his red hair and our love for him.

Let me know your one player in the comments!

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P.S. Fancy knowing a bit about the guys creating Manchester United’s social media platform? Check out the video that went viral for all the wrong reasons yesterday!

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  1. azed

    Viera… i think his leadship would get the best out of arshavin and diaby
    he’d also tell songihno to drop the ihno from his name cos he’s no brazilian

  2. charybdis1966

    Good read Pedders, made me laugh, especially about your love life strategy.
    Brilliant, and it;’ worked for me, I am now with the love of my life…………….NOT(think Borat saying that at his humour training lessons in his film).

    As to your question, I would say Paddy but he’s sullied his good name with the Gooner faithful, beyond all redemption, with his shameless whoring of himself for Abu Dhabi FC and his tapping up of Na$ri on their behalf.

    So my pick goes to Wrighty, a clinical finisher and a selfish goal scorer is what we need.

  3. Gunner-Mac

    Restore Frank Stapelton.He would eat the crosses from jenks and link with RVP very well!If only for one game it would be something to behold.

  4. Dan

    I think any young keeper would want to come to Arsenal and hope they develop as fast as chezzer. They don’t want to compete with him, they want to learn from his coaches (assuming they have never heard of our other keepers of course).

  5. Thomas. it's up for grabs now...

    As defence is the rock of any sucessful team.. and ours too in the past.

    And considering that we have, Chesney, TV, Sagna.. and one of Per/Kos for the other CB position.. I would bring back Cole..(Yes, sorry guys!) or Kenny Samsom at LB..

  6. RockyPires

    I would have Pires return, imagine his linkup play with RVP – Theo/Gervinho. He would take the creative burden off Ramsey and Arteta. Ball retention would improve 200%.

  7. gambon

    “RockyPires says:
    November 16, 2011 at 09:41

    I would have Pires return, imagine his linkup play with RVP – Theo/Gervinho. He would take the creative burden off Ramsey and Arteta. Ball retention would improve 200%.”

    I take it this is a joke?

  8. Tinyspuds

    Tricky one.

    I’d love to say Ian Wright, but that would mean going back to 442 which might be risky.

    Maybe even Sansom. Left back is a bit of a problem and he’d add some steel to the position, along with pace going forward. And besides, it would help him lose a few pounds.

    I’d love to have Tony Adams back, but I think our central defence is one of the stronger parts of our team right now, and I’m hoping with Vermaelen back, we have a decent organiser there

    So I’d go with Vieira. His drive, leadership and strength has never been fully replaced and he’d make a difference to the team. And then just keep my fingers crossed that RvP stays uninjured

  9. gambon

    I was talking about Capoue years ago.

    I also had numerous debates with people on here where I said there would be an inevitable Euro super league, which people disagreed with.

    In the words of LeSenile Wenger….I deserve more credit.

  10. potter

    Would have to be Wrighty , despite that with Vieira we would boss the games, we do that most of the time anyway. However with another 25 goals a season we would win the matches more easily and allow our possession football to flourish.

  11. gambon


    No chance. Players like Rodwell, Hazard & MVila cost money.

    Wenger will bid £8m then tell us “we nearly signed him” in 5 years time.

  12. azed

    gambon says:
    November 16, 2011 at 09:51


    No chance. Players like Rodwell, Hazard & MVila cost money.

    Wenger will bid £8m then tell us “we nearly signed him” in 5 years time.
    it would be signing him would kill lansbury

  13. Josip Skoblar

    Toulouse have been doing very well with Capoue over the past years. It’s a shame he faces competition with M’Vila and Matuidi in the French team.

  14. NiXKiX

    I’m jus plain tired of all this international football bull shit… Its not like my country are even in the running…. #couldntcareless

  15. Josip Skoblar

    The French squad is full of young talents. It’s amazing. If only we had a fraction of these skilled players we would win major competitions again. But why does the French team play so badly? Bad coaching? Battles of ego? The players can’t be bother to work their socks off for their country? This French team is a complete mystery to me.

  16. NiXKiX

    I’d have henry in heartbeat.. but he doesn’t really add that much to the team in its current state.. there are more pressing areas of concerns

  17. AJ

    What about Sol? I was amazed by the attitude he showed when we played spurs, shouting his head off.
    TANK of a man.
    Imagine Mertesacker shouting,’Come on, Arsinol(skin cream?)!’
    Mertesacker is a good guy though.

  18. RockyPires

    I would also resign Manninger as cover for Chesney.

    With Chamack off to ACN will Afobe get his chance or will AW have his cheque book out again.

    I think Saha wouldnt be a bad stop gap signing but as ye say a Remy or the likes would be better

  19. RayGooner

    Congratulation to England who managed to beat my beloved Sweden for the first time since 1968….
    Sweden were holding a record of 12 games unbeaten against England before this defeat, no other country has managed that…

  20. charybdis1966

    RayG – I was secretly hoping Sweden would score as I have a soft spot for your country having visited Trolhattan in August plus my liking of Saabs, Wallander and other things swedish.

    That Toivonen(sp ?) seemed a bit of a fnacy dan with and the other forward who came on as a sub(Wilhemsson?) seemed to have good build up play but a poor final ball.

  21. nuudles

    Watched the France v Belgium friendly last night. Some thoughts:
    – Hazard was not all that, very Arshavin like.
    – Benzema was also not looking brilliant,
    – Remy looked much better, he got battered on many occasions by Tommy and Felliani
    – M’vila also looked good until Hazard ran under him while M’vila was in the air and M’vila had to be carried off
    – Martin was very much annonamous
    – Felliani looked decent, could be a brilliant box-to-box player for pretty much any team, dont think he has the discipline to be a pure DM though, Witsel also looked like a young Felliani

    Saw bits of the England game, Theo looked quite sharp and made some decent runs and cut-backs. His runs down blind allies were also not nearly as plentifull as always.

  22. SUGA3

    morning 😉

    nice post, I lol’d at the drunken 2 AM texting strategy…

    out of the players listed, I would have Freddie, apart from that, Henry in his prime who would not accept any second best shit and his trademark look would have Song’s imaginary friend run for his dear life 😆

  23. RayGooner


    Toivonen (plays in PSV) hasn’t really made it in the National First team yet (mostly because he doesn’t get many chances being Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s back-up) but he was one of our best when we beat Holland a couple of weeks ago…
    Wilhelmsson (plays in Al-Hilal or something like that) has left his prime, he was really good once, but you’re right, he doesn’t seem to have that final ball in him anymore…

  24. RayGooner

    It’s not only Arsenal that’s missing Ljungberg at his prime, the Swedish National team miss him even more…
    Not to mention how much we miss Henrik Larsson…

  25. gambon


    MVila. Plays at a higher level, technically better.

    I like Capoue, but hes a proper bruiser, MVila is more of a footballer.

  26. Bahraini Gooner

    To Arsenal fans….. hold your breath.

    Our new Henry is here with us in June.

    Joe Campel amzaing goal against Spain.

    Must see

  27. charybdis1966

    RayG – once you go to the minor leagues(Al-hilal being in the Qatar leagui emaybe?) it’s an admission you can’t cut it in a proper league anymore.
    True, what we(The Arse) could do with a Freddy L type now.

  28. skandibird

    Allegedly the English FA approached the Swedish FA before the game and asked if the Swedish National team could play badly and especially, if no goal was apparent, create an own goal so that England would finally be victorious over Sweden after 100’s of years…as a favour. I did hear absoluetly NO money exchnaged hands at any time…

  29. nuudles

    I know we have Jack but he is still not quite at Cesc’s level so my pick would be Cesc in his prime (which is likely yet to come). If it was not for RvP then Henry would win hands down but RvP in his 2011 form gives you so much that Henry would not make a massive impact.

    Chezzer is top class so replacing him would not improve us much, so too Sagna, and 2 of Tommy/Per/Kozzer. Left back is a bit of a concern so Cole would be in with a good shout.

    Paddy offered a lot but Arteta is not bad so I wouldnt say Paddy would take us to another level. Song has plenty of faults but on his day he can be very good, maybe here I would put Gilberto on the list.

    Pires on the wing would obviously be an improvement but Gerv has already improved a lot in his short time with us. Theo is also looking more consistent this year, Pires would be an automatic pick over Theo though…

    Dennis is a hard one, I dont really see where he fits in our current formation, yes he can play in the hole but I doubt he has the discipline required of a midfielder to track runs/focus on defence.

    So in order of preference:
    – Cesc for Ramsey/Jack when he is back (although hopefully ack’s performances will be such that we dont miss Cesc)
    – Cole
    – Pires
    – Paddy
    – Gilberto
    – Dennis

    I know they are all recent players but I am only young so that is my reference timespan. From what I hear Brady was very highly regarded and in the Cesc/Jack mould so maybe him over Cesc?

    Looking at our notable players list on wiki I noted one quite interesting feature:
    Jimmy Brain England FW 1924–1931 232 139
    Joe Hulme England RW 1926–1937 374 125
    Jack Lambert England FW 1926–1933 161 109
    Charlie Buchan England FW 1925–1928 120 56
    David Jack England MF 1928–1934 208 124

    That means a period from say 1926-1932 most of the above would have been players (there are others on the list who should also be included but these have the best stats), we must have had incredible overall goal scoring stats for the above mentioned periods because quite possibly a lot of these players would have been playing together.

  30. Santos

    I’d take a punt on signing Fellaini; he’d be a proper box to box player and he usually finds himself in the final third.I hope we get him next summer, he’d step up big time.

  31. AJ

    Speaking of transfers, is Granero good? DM, right wing, behind the striker, anywhere he can play I’ve heard. 6m only, ideal for wenger this guy is.

  32. kapslock

    Rossell spouts a lot of shit, it’s about time he shuts up. Guardiola doesn’t even get on with him! A Europe Super League doesn’t make sense in the slightest.

    As for a player from the past would be a toss up between Freddie and Bobby. Hard choice but if I had to go with one it’d be Pires.

  33. Santos

    Thomas Grabs

    Thanks for the history. I’m just knowing that now. It’s even a record that stands till today. How come we always break these records?

  34. Santos

    Sandra Rossel says crap sometimes. How do you expect FIFA to pay players after the international friendlies? The respective FAs are responsible for the players not FIFA imo.

  35. goonerDNA is dench

    Nuddles, I think having Henry back would force wenger into a 4-4-2 and people forget how creative Henry was his link up play was brilliant but he usually didn’t have to pass it, he’s still a god in my eyes.

    No doubt RVP would stay if Dennis was back in a Arsenal shirt.

    imo we need cover for RVP but with those 2 around he would be cover for them. RVP on the bench isn’t a bad option to have.

  36. potter

    Bobby Pires /Freddie/ Bergkamp all greats Dennis being the greatest but goals win games if we can’t get a rejuvenated Wright then Joe Baker.

  37. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Gabby Agbonlarhor has impressed me this season as a striker on the last man he has very good pace and is not a bad finisher, he would link p well with Van Persie.

  38. nuudles

    goonerDNA, in my eyes 4-4-2 is dead unless you have a very hard working second striker who more often than not falls back into midfield to make up the numbers.

    If you play 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 or 4-2-1-3 you have a much more crowded midfield, this makes it very hard for the opposition to find space in the midfield and winning the midfield more often than not wins you games.

    4-4-2 is normally played in one of two formations: either a “flat” 4 with 2 in the middle and 2 on the wings, this is quite defensive but those 2 in the middle has to run their socks off on attack unless the opposition’s fullbacks are rubish and you continually go wide. The alternative is a diamond 4 in the middle, but this is normally either too narrow or leaves too much space between the 4.

    If you are decent at holding onto the ball it is very easy to completely dominate against a 4 man midfield with a 4-3-3 formation. Playing 4-4-2 effectively leaves 2 strikers isolated in a congested match as opposed to only 1 being left isolated in 4-3-3, so you effectively play with a one man deficit unless you get into the opposition’s box.

    Like I said above it can work but then your second striker needs to drop deep and do so often, effectively playing in the hole, so in essence you are back to a variation on 4-3-3. Thats just my view, there are many of you who know the ins and outs of formation much better than me but that is how my logic works.

  39. goonerDNA is dench

    So many people choosing Wrighty over Henry, why?

    If you want a great Arsenal English striker what about Ted Drake?

  40. gambon

    One player from our history = has to be Thierry.

    It seems to be more popular to say Bergkamp/Pires/Wreh were the more influential but Henry is our best ever player and it isnt even close.

    Vieira, Pires, Bergkamp, Adams also get honourable mentions.

  41. Santos

    Henry is the best player we have ever had. That record wont be broken for many years to come. Then Bergkamp and Adams come into mentions. These are my top three.

  42. Pedro

    This week is painful.

    I reckon I’d probably elect for a Paddy type character… thought creativity is the problem from midfield.

    What about Bobby in the side?

  43. goonerDNA is dench

    Nuddles, United won the league with a 4-4-2 formation which can change into a 4-4-1-1 or 4-3-3/4-5-1 not being rigid is the trick to any formation now days.

    RVP isn’t the player to play behind the striker tho Rooney makes the formation work as he can play deeper play upfront and has a eye for slotting into the right places

  44. Pedro

    Gambon, as much as I’d love Thierry… a fit and firing Robin does 75% of the job. I think we need someone supplying the Dutchman.

  45. naija soccer

    U know u ve got Arsenal blues when all u can think of and dream of is Arsenal of course. Internationals no matter how exciting the games, is just not the same when Arsenal isn’t playing.

    Its like substituting a mansion for a hut.

  46. gambon

    “Pedro says:
    November 16, 2011 at 11:37

    Gambon, as much as I’d love Thierry… a fit and firing Robin does 75% of the job. I think we need someone supplying the Dutchman”

    No he doesnt. He has done for about 11 games, Thierry did that for years and years.

  47. Josip Skoblar

    Circa 2002-05, with Henry, Arsenal was almost a one-man team. And what a team we had at that time! This said, my choice would go for Veira. With Vieira in his pomp, you knew nothing wrong could happen to us.
    Pires was such an elegant and creative player. Bergkamp has sublime skills, but he was a bit inconsistent (I remember games where he virtually did nothing at all).

  48. Pedro

    Gambon, he’s doing it now though… so if we could take advantage of that form with a true creator (not that Thierry didn’t create)… I reckon we’d be pretty powerful.

    I wouldn’t mind a decent left back as well…

  49. kapslock

    I think you’ll find he’s done it for 30 odd games Gambon if you take into account his goals from January onwards.

  50. Darrenchallis

    Henry is the man. When you look at players that could make a difference in games, he’s the man. Closely followed by Dennis and Bobby Pires. These are players that scored vital winning goals in big must win games.

  51. gambon

    Van Persie has never scored more than 22 in a season.


    99-00 ; 26
    00-01 ; 22
    01-02 : 32
    02-03 ; 32
    03-04 ; 39
    04-05 ; 30
    05-06 ; 33

    Lets not bother comparing the 2 eh!!

  52. Pedro

    Gambon, if Robin was fit, you could probably compare the two…

    I don’t think he’s managed 22 games in a season more than a handful of occasions.

  53. leon

    i dought wenger wll sell chamakh in january in hope he might regain the form he had at the start of last season but i think almunia and the defender will go

  54. gambon


    Being fit is a qualkity in itself.

    I dont agree when people say shit like “when Robins fit…….”.

    Thats like someone talking about their alcoholic husband saying “when hes sober hes lovely”.

  55. nuudles

    gambon, he has not only done it for 11 games, he has done it for a constant 11 months (except obviously the summer break). The whole of 2011 RvP has been super.

    I agree with Pedders, therefore I would put Cesc or Brady as my number 1 inclusion with Bobby hot on their heels. I would put Cole in just ahead of Bobby though because of what the current squad needs: we have a serious problem at LB. Gerv and Theo are no Bobby but in my book they do enough whereas if we had a truly solid and dependable week-in week-out LB we would have a top back 5 and a very good formation for the forwards to be more expressive.

    In Wenger’s words I think our midfield and forwards are somehow forced to play with the handbrake slightly on (hehe) because ball retention is so important because we are still quite vulnerable at the back, we are improving but LB is a weak-link position for us.

  56. goonerDNA is dench

    You want someone to supply RVP but Henry didn’t need supply at all and had the assist stats to make any striker jealous

  57. Jimmythegun

    Afternoon all,

    Anyone see the German’s last night?


    Too many great players to mention, everyone played well and looked full of confidence, even without Lahm and Swine they still had Hoewedes, Rues, Gomez and Giotze on the bench.

    They play with so much freedom (no handbrake) but are pwoerful, physical and difficult to beat.

    Reminded me of the invincibles…

  58. nuudles

    Im not saying RvP is as good as Henry, Im saying when he is in the form he has enjoyed in 2011 he is very very close to Henry and we will never know how well Henry would have done with the same team limitations.

    RvP has many more limitations than Henry had:
    – playing in a worse team
    – no Dennis to play off,
    – no Bobby to play with,
    – no Cesc (for pretty much the whole of 2011, I know Cesc was not a big feature when Henry was still around but he grew significantly in stature towards Henry’s last years with us)
    – a much worse defence, especially during the first half of 2011, getting gradually better (hopefully it will continue to improve)
    – an improved league with the likes of City, Chelsea and even Tottenham being vastly superior to how they were in Henry’s days

  59. nuudles

    Selling Chamakh in January would make perfect sense: he is in any case going to ACN so it is not as if we would have had him if he stayed. Spend the money on Remy or Reus, even if we are not going for a new striker in January (use RvP, Park, Theo, Afobe and Arsh as our options) it is not as if Chamakh offers us much…

    I know I know, we should not get excited about youth and potential and all that, but Campbell looks mighty promising. Scored a cracker, fast, good finisher, good on the ball not just a poacher. Lets hope he lives up to the hype and continues to grow…

  60. goonerDNA is dench

    Nuudles, An inform Henry was unplayable he was untouchable we won games by himself remember Liverpool 2-0 down and Titi went on a rampage, Henry in his prime was one of the greatest strikers the world had ever seen RVP doesn’t come close to that he doesn’t have the pace or skill to match Henry never mind the coolness in front of goal or the slickness.

  61. gazzap

    For restoring to their former glory Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira, Pires. Awesome foursome.
    But what about Rocky Rocastle? Worth a thought.

  62. nuudles

    goonerDNA, I know Henry was unplayable, he was not named by many as the best foreign player to grace the PL and by some as the best player (foreign or domestic) ever in the PL without good reason.

    I’m just saying calling for one player to come in at his prime and that player replacing our current undisputed best player woulnd not necessarily take us to a new level. Henry in stead of RvP would most certainly improve us (personally I would play RvP on the wing and Henry at CF with RvP frequently drifting and cutting in/playing second striker), my point is we have some other areas where a change would have a bigger impact:

    A Cesc at his best (or Pires at his best) would create a wonderful partnership with RvP and could very well take us to a whole new level and get the best out of Gerv & Theo who are both improving as it stands.

    Similarly we have a rather big problem at LB, Cole at his best was/is the best LB in the world, having him there would give us a much more solid base to attack from, and it would give the midfielders and the forwards more freedom to express themselves without much worry about “o no, watch out for the counter because we are vulnerable”.

    So my point is yes Henry was undisputedly better than RvP, but RvP is not too shabby and there other areas where a change such as suggested above would improve us more in my opinion.

  63. BOOZY

    transfer window is very close.

    who’s heard of iker muniain.

    lets get him before madrid and barca does.

    plus a brave 20mil bid for tevez, then we are in serious bizness.

  64. Goon in 60 Seconds

    You are all forgetting one small detail, Park is a stop gap as he goes to war in two years!! We do not neeeeeed another striker, next year we have JOEL CAMPBELL, and this boy is the business. Anyone who has seen his goals (including the one against Spain last night) will know we have got a superstar on our hands. His finishing reminds me of a certain Thierry! and he is only 19!! Another master stroke from Wenger,, 1 million quid!! BARGAIN!!!!!!

  65. Vikram Singh Negi

    Out of the above 3, it has to be Vieira. Imagine him, Wilshere and Rambo in one midfield.
    But if I have to bring back one, it will be DB10.
    Him playing alongside RVP should be awesome.

  66. arsenal tom

    Goon he’s another unproven prospect mate, hardly a master stroke. could be another henry could be another vela! either way he’s not ready to play for us

  67. Richard

    @Arsenal Tom

    Very true. I no longer get excited about 18 year olds in football kits.
    Good job I don’t train football players at an American University.

  68. kapslock

    I love RVP but he doesn’t compare much to Henry. Henry has to be one of the best strikers to have ever played the game, he was untouchable and lethal on his day. It’s unfortunate that we haven’t seen RVP as much as we would have wanted to. I’m pretty sure had he played most seasons he would’ve bagged 25+ goals.

  69. Vikram Singh Negi


    also, Henry played alongside one of the greatest collection of players, who made his job a bit easier.

    RVP is having to do it all alone sometimes nowadays.

  70. Pollux

    It’s a no brainer. Definitely ray parlour for the ugliest hairstyle in history. This should scare of all opposition.

  71. goonerDNA is dench

    I was going vote Lurch for blogger of the year but I’ve lost all respect for him after the Eboue madness

  72. Richard

    I always felt sorry for Eboue, at least from 2008 onwards. He clearly wasn’t good enough for a top team, but all he wanted was to make other people laugh, and for others to like him.
    Genuinely poor self-esteem.
    Not his fault Wenger didn’t put him out of his misery earlier.

  73. Hussain

    Started watching Arse around 2001-02, so this would be my favorite line-up:


    Sagna Campbell Verma Cole

    Viera – Wilshere

    Pires Fabregas DB10(C)


    and the players i’d have back would be, DB10, Viera, Henry, Cashley

  74. IvoryGoonz

    I know it’s not friday yet, but talking about Almunia…
    Wanted to raise the one thing that really is inaccurate and annoys me in FM…
    Everytime I do a new save on FM, I get rid of him and other players including Gibbs.
    And everytime, I check the club’s confidence, and it comes up with this:
    “the fans are satisfied with the sale of Gibbs, but they are slightly disappointed with Almunia’s departure……
    How many of us/you would be angry if we sold Almunia?

  75. BOOZY

    we do not need another striker next year, we have JOEL CAMPBELL, and this boy is the business.

    i think this enough to get anyone binned.

  76. gambon

    Joel Campbell can fight it out with Ju Labrador for 3rd place, he can also play wide, the new Vela basically.

    We need an absolute worldy in the Falcao, Cavani mould.

  77. gambon

    A couple of interesting things that I picked up in todays news and want to share with the Gambonistas.

    1 – Wenger is refusing to return Triauds calls regarding Chamakh. Errr…what the fuck, you are letting your pride get in the way of some good money that could be reinvested you freak.

    2 – Man Utds cash in the bank fell from £150m to £70m, and yet they DIDNT go bust, thus proving that teams are allowed to spend cash without “doing a leeds”

  78. Josip Skoblar

    Triaud: “J’ai laissé des messages (au moins 4 ou 5 fois), je n’ai pas reçu de réponse”. (Source: RTL, 2 hours ago).

    4-5 messages left on Wenger’s answerphone and no reply. What is going on, Arsene?

  79. frenchie


    you get one man begging, you get many. chamack must be on the block–the passenfger, park chu has taken his spot on the bench.

  80. Gooby

    j*guar might have failed to pass 4th grade, his parents aren’t letting him anywhere near a computer where he can waste his time telling people diaby and wenger are cunts

  81. paul mc daid

    Henry,Adams,Dennis,Wrighty,all superstars and legends,but for sheer passion and heart its Patrick,done the work off three men every game,the ultimate warrior.

  82. Mayank

    That’s an odd view to have Tomtom. The pitch is these guys workplace, you don’t expect to get away with racism in the workplace. Why should this be any different just because they’re footballers.