Brazilian bombing | 4 talents eyed | Alex Song rejects Arsenal deal | England smash Spain

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So I guess I know what all the talk this morning is about… Cesc’s haircut, right?

He leaves us and his £12 fortnightly trim on the Blackstock Road with Martino… Heads out to Spain… Finds a hairband in Ibrahimovic’s old locker… and look what happens. Everything goes all David Beckham. It’s sexy over footballing substance and didn’t it show?

He was rubbish. Looks like Arsene pulled a shrewd move binning the injury prone Spaniard this summer. Gooners… Cesc has peaked. This is Arteta’s time!

Jokes aside, I hope you known at heart, I’m just as obnoxious in victory as the next Englishman. It’s amazing that I don’t have to wake up and lambast the state of football in my nation, for now we are Champions of the world having taken out the greatest international side in a generation!

It was a torrid match for us, but why wouldn’t it be? Spain are so good they forced total football merchants Holland into Sam Allardyce tactics in the last World Cup final. That match should be classed as a tactical master class in the same way it was when Mourinho turned over Barca a few years ago. Except Capello did it with Darren Bent and Stuart Downing!

Theo didn’t really have much impact, which at least means his stock hasn’t risen substantially. Scott Parker though… Well, I hate to say it, but so much for him being overrated. We missed a trick there even if it was only for a season. He was desperate to join as well.

Onto the Arsenal news.

Alex Song rejected an extension to his contract recently and now, apparently, Barca are sniffing around for a replacement for Keitia. I’ve been telling you since last year the vibe around Song is that he’s on the look out for his next big deal. I’m also pretty sure Steve Stammers has the length of his contract wrong as well. He’s down to his last 2 years this summer…

He’s a good player, but is he Barca standard? I don’t think so. Not by a margins. If the rumour is true (Geoff, contain yourself!) and the Spaniards did come in for him, Yaan M’Villa would make a tidy replacement. He still might re-sign, but I do wonder if, from what I’ve heard about the player, we’d be prepared to take his contract to silly levels.

I’d also be interested to know, having played with Hleb, if he’d be keen to be a Barca bit part player at 24?

Anyway, remember where you heard about Songs contract reluctance first.

Collecting Pogs…

Arsenal are monitoring the contract situation of United’s 18 year old midfielder, Paul Pogba. He’s on Steve Rowley’s eBay watch list and we might pounce for him on a free next year. He’s been likened to Patrick Vieira as he’s probably tall, black and French. Outside that I know very little bar he wants first team football. Now, the cynic inside me says if you can’t get a sniff at a team who don’t have a holding midfielder, you probably won’t get a sniff at a team with Coquelin, Frimpong and Song in front of you.

Also, I don’t want to be the team young kids come to for apprenticeships… Unless they are from Barca.

La Masia raid…

That means farmhouse raid in Spanish. We’re keeping tabs on 4 of their kids. The names are irrelevant but Barca being Barca have a real first team congestion issue at the moment. That leaves their kids ripe for the picking. I’m all for it. If we get 4, one will make it for sure.


The Dane has once again reiterated the point no one cares about… He’s not coming back to Arsenal. For me, the coach should have persisted with him over Chamakh but there you go.

Nik, you’ll never be the best in the world as a Mackem and you’ll never get a Champions League club in for you scoring two in 3 months. Shame he couldn’t put his goals where his mouth is…


Well, the greatest superstar to emerge since Carlos Vela has added more misery to his early career by complaining on Twitter about his lack of opportunity. It’s hard to remember a. Arsenal youth player with an attitude worse than Wellington? Maybe Bothroyd? What’s he going to be like when he comes over here? So much promise appears to be flowing down the career toilet there!

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Right, that’s all I have for you today! Tune in tomorrow for another dose and say hi in the comments section if family time is depressing you!

P.S Wonky ‘Arry in court in January, a C.V asset if ever I saw one! Good luck with that England dream!

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  1. boomergooner27

    i don’t care what anyone says; song is absolutely of barca quality (aside from their supposed interest). let him settle into that midfield and i think we’d be throwing fits for letting him go easy, which we might at this rate. he’s not irreplaceable by any means but premier league experience has no monetary value so i for one would be sad to see him go. he has some detrumental tendencies such as playing CAM instead of CDM but that woould work for the catalian giants and will work for us when our team is deeper and better balanced. i guess part of my wanting him to stay is based in liking the player but i think he is a quality YOUNG lad with a good work ethic and that’s not easy to come by.

  2. Paul King

    Wenger didn’t buy Parker because he’s shit! Many are wanking over his role in what was basically an exhibition game. 71-29% possession to Spain and 21-3 shots on goal. They fuckin’ murdered us! Our 9-0-1 system might have worked in this charade but when it matters Scott fuckin’ Parker ain’t gonna save us! Grade 2 level player at best! He failed miserably when at a top 4 club. He’s in the form of his life right now but you still wouldn’t cross the road to see him play football. His “weapons” are tackling & a good engine…..don’t be fooled…this type of player is nearly extinct in the modern game.

  3. goonermart

    Paul King says:
    November 14, 2011 at 06:26

    Wenger didn’t buy Parker because he’s shit!


    Ha Ha, wouldn’t expect anything less from Paul King

  4. PrinceZuk

    Hi guys,

    I was reading these posts of last month about Song and would like to open the debate again. I am curious to read what some of the ungrateful fans here have to say about Song. It is funny how much you guys sit at home or behind your desk for those of you actually have a job and cry over salary increase or promotion, and when an amazing and dedicated football player like Alex Song who has been the most consistent Arsenal players over the past 3 seasons ask for a better contract you treat him as if he has just cheated on your mums.

    Give the guy a break, and for those of you who are actually real football fans they should just admire what the guys is doing and hope he stays.