Brazilian bombing | 4 talents eyed | Alex Song rejects Arsenal deal | England smash Spain

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So I guess I know what all the talk this morning is about… Cesc’s haircut, right?

He leaves us and his £12 fortnightly trim on the Blackstock Road with Martino… Heads out to Spain… Finds a hairband in Ibrahimovic’s old locker… and look what happens. Everything goes all David Beckham. It’s sexy over footballing substance and didn’t it show?

He was rubbish. Looks like Arsene pulled a shrewd move binning the injury prone Spaniard this summer. Gooners… Cesc has peaked. This is Arteta’s time!

Jokes aside, I hope you known at heart, I’m just as obnoxious in victory as the next Englishman. It’s amazing that I don’t have to wake up and lambast the state of football in my nation, for now we are Champions of the world having taken out the greatest international side in a generation!

It was a torrid match for us, but why wouldn’t it be? Spain are so good they forced total football merchants Holland into Sam Allardyce tactics in the last World Cup final. That match should be classed as a tactical master class in the same way it was when Mourinho turned over Barca a few years ago. Except Capello did it with Darren Bent and Stuart Downing!

Theo didn’t really have much impact, which at least means his stock hasn’t risen substantially. Scott Parker though… Well, I hate to say it, but so much for him being overrated. We missed a trick there even if it was only for a season. He was desperate to join as well.

Onto the Arsenal news.

Alex Song rejected an extension to his contract recently and now, apparently, Barca are sniffing around for a replacement for Keitia. I’ve been telling you since last year the vibe around Song is that he’s on the look out for his next big deal. I’m also pretty sure Steve Stammers has the length of his contract wrong as well. He’s down to his last 2 years this summer…

He’s a good player, but is he Barca standard? I don’t think so. Not by a margins. If the rumour is true (Geoff, contain yourself!) and the Spaniards did come in for him, Yaan M’Villa would make a tidy replacement. He still might re-sign, but I do wonder if, from what I’ve heard about the player, we’d be prepared to take his contract to silly levels.

I’d also be interested to know, having played with Hleb, if he’d be keen to be a Barca bit part player at 24?

Anyway, remember where you heard about Songs contract reluctance first.

Collecting Pogs…

Arsenal are monitoring the contract situation of United’s 18 year old midfielder, Paul Pogba. He’s on Steve Rowley’s eBay watch list and we might pounce for him on a free next year. He’s been likened to Patrick Vieira as he’s probably tall, black and French. Outside that I know very little bar he wants first team football. Now, the cynic inside me says if you can’t get a sniff at a team who don’t have a holding midfielder, you probably won’t get a sniff at a team with Coquelin, Frimpong and Song in front of you.

Also, I don’t want to be the team young kids come to for apprenticeships… Unless they are from Barca.

La Masia raid…

That means farmhouse raid in Spanish. We’re keeping tabs on 4 of their kids. The names are irrelevant but Barca being Barca have a real first team congestion issue at the moment. That leaves their kids ripe for the picking. I’m all for it. If we get 4, one will make it for sure.


The Dane has once again reiterated the point no one cares about… He’s not coming back to Arsenal. For me, the coach should have persisted with him over Chamakh but there you go.

Nik, you’ll never be the best in the world as a Mackem and you’ll never get a Champions League club in for you scoring two in 3 months. Shame he couldn’t put his goals where his mouth is…


Well, the greatest superstar to emerge since Carlos Vela has added more misery to his early career by complaining on Twitter about his lack of opportunity. It’s hard to remember a. Arsenal youth player with an attitude worse than Wellington? Maybe Bothroyd? What’s he going to be like when he comes over here? So much promise appears to be flowing down the career toilet there!

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Right, that’s all I have for you today! Tune in tomorrow for another dose and say hi in the comments section if family time is depressing you!

P.S Wonky ‘Arry in court in January, a C.V asset if ever I saw one! Good luck with that England dream!

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  1. goonermart

    Good news about song, please let it be true. If he leaves it will feel like another 5-3 victory against the chavs.

    Come on song, do the right thing

  2. HendonGooner

    Morning All!

    So what if Song does not want to stay.
    He’s not all that anyway.
    Song the Mong……

    But we did miss a trick with Socttie Parker. He was awesome against Spain.
    Have a great day Grovers….

  3. Dom

    To be fair to Wellington, 0 appearances in a year when you’re there to get game time is ridiculous.

    I’d of given him to Feyenoord in the summer. They clearly did well introducing Miyaichi, and to build on that relationship Wellington would have been perfect.

  4. azed

    If song doesn’t sign before jan wenger should get a top DM and drop song.its high wenger showed these players who the top dog is.

  5. albo

    Can’t believe the number of people who don’t rate Song on here. Presumably it stems from Geoff’s (tongue in cheek?) stubbornness to admit he was wrong about him, but how many other players in world football can play a very decent game at CB, play the Makalele role and shield the back 4, play a box to box game when needed, ping out the odd perfect floated through ball, and occasionally score a goal like he’s an attacking midfielder?! I’d say Yaya Toure heads a VERY short list!

  6. finestcuts

    We really need to sort the situation with our first 11 players out because it seems as soon as they’re getting to their best they want to go where the big money is. Not that difficult to understand really but Arsenal can’t be used as a training ground for future top talents, we’re supposed to be creaming them off smaller clubs who have like one gem who’s going to leave anyway.

  7. Schartze

    Song is a top quality player he has proven that over the last couple of seasons. It strange how people who watch him week in week out cannot see this? I suppose as he is not a favourite, the good he does is ignored.

    IF Song wasn’t a top player Barca would not be looking at him. I presume Guardiola knows more about quality players then a random dude from Hendon. Sorry I just hate hearing people insult OUR players for no apparent reason.

    I think it would be good for Song to move on and get a fat transfer fee and more wages. It would be better than hanging around to be derided by numskull Gooners who have no sense of loyalty to those who perform well for the team, like Mr Song.

    It would be a shame for us though as the guys seems to be getting better and better. And he has been our most effective player in covering when I our CBs go marauding up-field despite the fact Wenger has categorically stated that he is not deployed as an out and out DM.

  8. bc

    Firstly wellington had to go on loan to a spanish or portugese team as this is his quickest route to a eu passport.

    song – if he wants out and we can get enough to buy mvila and have a bit over then great. if someone of songs limited technical ability can do a good job for us then mvila and coquelin certainly can. if we need a little more braun then frimpong can provide that comfortably. if we could sell song diaby rosicky and arshavin replacing them with mvila gotze pogba and hazard i would take that all day long.

  9. TR

    thanks Albo! You couldn’t have summarised it better! He has been our outstanding player for the past two seasons. I hope Arsenal pull out all stops to extend his contract!

  10. chpgooner

    people who don’t rate Song know nothing about football. Of course he’s not perfect. No one is perfect exept me.

    If Barca want him, either he’s a good player or you don’t know about football. Just remember them 3 games where he was suspended!

  11. optimistic Gooner

    After having read above comments, I would say we shouldn’t get over our heads with the Song issue. Coquelin and Frimpong are only young lads but Song has been an ever present rock and he rarely gets injured. He is part of the reason our backline is strong.

    I suggest we offer him what he wants as I don’t see Yann M’villa on the same level as Song.

    Also, wordpress should be sued for making me miss 2 days of Le-grove

  12. ExiledGooner

    Sure I read somewhere that Wellington is doing his 2nd stint at Levante; didnt get a game last time round and got frustrated and was sent there again this season where the same thing seems to be happening. Think its a bit harsh to be slating his attitude where I am sure anyone would have shown the same frustration.

    As for Song – I am not sure why people are slagging him off. Lets not forget his agent is Darren Dein, its probably that slimey little fucker thats causing these rumours, not Song himsel.

  13. Zacp10

    @ tinyspuds

    Think both statement are clearly false, he ain’t shit but he wouldn’t get near Barca 1st team.

    He’s a high level premier league player who’d probably get in any epl team other than Man City.

  14. OBA

    I think its time Arsenal spend on establish players
    Than these fucking guys using ARSENAL as a stepping stone.
    Le grove you rock!

  15. AJ

    Song has been decent for us. Rather than we letting him go and Wenger making signing replacement from the ‘internal market’, we should keep him.
    Sell deadwood.

  16. Bade the gooner (Bernard)

    Morning ….

    Hahaha, what a crazy joke!

    How can we claim being a big club, if an average player we all agree won’t even make the Barca squad, refuses to re-sign for us?

  17. Bade the gooner (Bernard)

    I hope Song will not sign, let him try life elsewhere, maybe some people on here will realise how “good” he really is …..

    Fuck me Arsene how many more of those spoilt boys you raised with tears, will show you the finger in the way out?

    When will you realise, it’s you the mistaken, not them

  18. Bade the gooner (Bernard)

    Had we kept Gilberto, Diarra, Flamini, that bad hairstyled slow pounce won’t even see the bench, I’m telling you

    Arsene you failure, look how low you did bring us

  19. Bade the gooner (Bernard)

    But of course he’ll sign.

    After all, Arsene is so generous with those under-performers, as they are his children. How harsh a man can be with his own flesh and blood?

    So he’ll get a pay raise, he’ll sign for 5 years, next year or the next after, he’ll realise he’s useless in the higher standards of the game (I hope we’ll still be there), then we’ll try to loan him out cause we won’t be able to offload him, as no other crazy club will offer him the same bumper deal!

  20. yloops

    You lot are sick, telling me song is shit, under performing… WTF never heard so much s before.

    Geoff and Le grove is wrong and always wrong went it comes to song even attributing assists and good crosses to other players instead of song ( Gervinho instead of ong) lasst match.

    He along with Chesney and van Persie has been a slawart. consistently performing!!!

    People should stop dick riding, following the anti song rhetoric and think for themselves.

    How the hell can people say say Diaby is good ( when fit)and song is rubbish… Take song out this time, and we are suffering without a very high quality replacement

  21. Hussain

    Song will be missed if he does decide to leave, cant believe how badly we have handled contract situations of our starting xi from last season, Theo next!

    Song will go to Inter i presume, Barca news is just to increase the price by Dein

  22. arcastic

    Song is above average at best,but then so are many premiership players.
    Turning circle of a supertanker and no pace over 10 yards, not good enough for big european sides.

  23. Hussain


    Inter have the funds required. Although, i do wonder what barca will do with Song when they already have Macherano, Busquets fighting it out for the DM spot!

  24. Goonerpower

    This is strange still won’t open anything on phone. I’m using a Galaxy II Ace. Not sure why I can’t see comments, can’t switch it to normal site and I can’t open the drop down bit where Home is. I managed to have a go on PC worked fine. Hope I’m making sense?? Pedders do you know what it could be. If I go on my ‘Kick App’ it seems to work. I’m gutted!!

  25. naija soccer

    Song is not leaving Arsenal. Players like him ,Van persie , Wilshere , shezney are not going anywhere for a looooong looooong time.

    Arsenal contract issues is only one of the problem. The other major problem is Darren dein. He is so fucking greedy that when its time for contract negotiation , if we don’t pay our players above 150 thousand , he is quick to negotiate their contract to another club. He wants his big fucking cut and will do anything to get it. Let’s also not forget that he’s on a revenge mission.

    Darren dein , killing Arsenal softly since 2007.

  26. Tinyspuds

    Schartze: “Oh so I concur with Albo and Tinyspuds Great post guys”

    I wasn’t saying he can’t be shit because Barca want him, I was saying that if you are to believe that they do, then he must have some decent talent, or likewise if you believe him to be a shit player then there can be very little truth in the rumour that Barca (and also Inter apparently) are after him.

    Personally, I suspect it’s simply an agent putting out whispers to get his client the best deal.
    How many times do you read stories about such and such a player saying they’d be interested in a move to Arsenal, shortly before signing a new improved contract with their existing club?

  27. john lloyd

    Song hears `footsteps` Much ado about M`Vila would indicate that he is not the flavour of the month, so he fears for his place. Worse, he faces a triple threat. Coquelin is too good to ignore and behind him waits Frimpong. Song can get a better deal while he is our number one. As 2nd. or 3rd. in the pecking order, his big money days would be over – not logical but reality. If he`s smart; he should get out now.

  28. Josip Skoblar

    The rumour of the imminent sale of Chamack and Squillaci seems to be confirmed in France now. I can see a mid-table club buying them in January.4

  29. Josip Skoblar

    Cesc: great player, clever lad, poor captain. However I don’t see him becoming truly great in Barca, simply because there are better and more consistent players in midfield there. From this perspective, leaving Arsenal was not a good career move. Another former AFC player who will bite the dust in Catalunya…

  30. Bade the gooner (Bernard)

    How could you miss Vela is at Real Sociadad?

    Oh sorry, rephrase:
    How could you miss the sarcasm generally missed on here? 🙂

    Horrible waiting time, lucky that I can log in via BB again

    Some relief

  31. Nedox

    I bet if we ddnt hav Song in our team,and he is playing like this, people wil be screamin for us to buy him!

    As for m’villa, there is NO WAY he is better than Song. I hv watched him 6times this season…

  32. Bade the gooner (Bernard)



    The same Icon and remembering your details in the mobile site?

    Blimey, a Revelation!

  33. Santos

    I didn’t witness any problems commenting on LG. I’m still surprised that many are on the waiting list. This has Emirates written all over it.

  34. Nedox

    And as for the podolski rumors, i wud prefer Remy. Not cos of yesterday buh overall this season and given his status as risen sta. Podolski might not find it funi to sit on the bench for us. And remy is an all rounder, cheap too

  35. hmm

    “He’s [Song’s] down to his last 2 years this summer…”

    if he has 2 years left on his contract this upcoming summer, why would he offer him a new contract now already?

  36. Santos

    Song wins the ball dribbles two players while thinking of how to make a complete pass, then passes to an opposition player. He still dwells on the ball a lot. Remember our bad displays in 2009 when midfield held on with the ball excessively; Song is good for but he is average. He should be a bench player for us. We must be looking for quality elsewhere and to think we gave up Gilberto, Lass and Flamster for Song Denilson and D*aby makes me bitter.
    I won’t even jump on the Frimpong and Coquelin bandwagon. They are just little kids who are showing promise, but are not ready to take us to the top yet. They won’t build the winning mentality we are asking for. We need to be replacing Song as I hope he doesn’t sign a new contract. Same goes Theo, if he doent improve.

  37. AC Gooner

    I actually like Song, but i understand that he infuriates people. Hope we have him until a good replacement is ready or found.

    How is this for luck, the wife choses this weekend to get sick, is off to her parents to rest leaving me with the kids. Doesnt know its internationals and I am missing no football.

    For my heroic feats and sacrifice this weekend i will probably be able to live in the pub all next weekend.

    Yeahh. Childish? Yeah.

  38. Josip Skoblar

    I would take M’Vila over Song because the former is far more technical and composed on the ball, which are key qualities for a midfield.

  39. gambon

    “Song is not leaving Arsenal. Players like him ,Van persie , Wilshere , shezney are not going anywhere for a looooong looooong time.

    Arsenal contract issues is only one of the problem. The other major problem is Darren dein. He is so fucking greedy that when its time for contract negotiation , if we don’t pay our players above 150 thousand , he is quick to negotiate their contract to another club. He wants his big fucking cut and will do anything to get it. Let’s also not forget that he’s on a revenge mission.

    Darren dein , killing Arsenal softly since 2007.”

    Worst fucking post ive read in a long time.

  40. IvoryGoonz

    Pedro: some didn’t even remember we had players on loan called Vela and Wellington…
    Can’t expect every non-English reader to actually understand that sentence from yours… Don’t hit yourself..
    peeps, how about you start by learning english before you start writing?

  41. Just Stick It In!

    Hey, Song to Barca news could be true you know.

    Cesc could be planning to take over the catalan club from the inside.

    First with Song and the the final piece would be Wenger!

    Sigh, take whatever you want Cesc, we the Arsenal have the proven ability to come back from the dead. Just ask Ezra.

  42. david

    If the story of Song rejecting our offer is true, sell him. Get rid of him and his tapeworm agent…kill two birds with one stone. After all ‘he is killing Frimpong and Coquelin’. AW should be ruthless and make an example out of him.

  43. Lurch

    Spain who!? Looks like Cesc is enjoying the paella a little too much.

    We English are footballing gods. FACT

    On a side note, Piers Morgans life stories with Gazza last night was worth a watch,

  44. hasan

    song is miles better than busquetes and he is versitile so if puyoul piqie get injured or suspended song could play cente back barca dont have many centre backs

  45. SaudiGooner

    Some of you guys that call yourselves arsenal fans are just dreadful rubbish SONG has been vital and a very strong asset of the club specially this season at least he shows heart and determination every game not to mention he is one of the best players that know how to turn with the ball at his feet while under pressure if he leaves we lose a gr8 player but I guess we are use to that already I hope he doesn’t leave for a very long time.

  46. Tinyspuds

    Lurch: “On a side note, Piers Morgans life stories with Gazza last night was worth a watch”

    In that case I’ll keep an eye on utube, see if someone puts up an edited version without Piers Morgan in it 😉

    Gazza, amazing footballer, and fascinating character, (if not always for the best reasons)

  47. kwik fit

    I tell you what its slow on here today! The fuckin interlull its always the same. No football to get the blood boiling .

  48. Lurch


    never really understood the loathing of PM personally, he’s just a media court jester.

    either way he’s not irritating in this interview – if you can marginalise his baggage, – its all about his guest.

    yeah Gazza’s a truly mercurial character, Seaman pops up regularly with little jokes in there as well – good memories from a time of relative sporting innocence.

    Technically speaking Jack Wilshere has some big boots to fill if he warrants any comparison.

  49. Gooby

    kwik fit says:
    November 13, 2011 at 15:03
    Song to Barca. Walcott to inter . RVP to the chavs.
    You couldn’t make this shit up!

    hahhaha. Lazy journalism

  50. Goon in 60 Seconds

    Song!!!!!!!!!!!! who would’ve thunk it eh? well apart from me that is!!!

    Strange game last night, spain reminded me a bit of us, that’s what happens when possesion footy doesn’t come off!! But like Spain did, we HAVE to persevere with our style, it’s what defines us from the rest!!!!!!!! Success will come!!!!!!!

  51. bradguns

    Song is great player and deserves a premier league salary i hope he doesn’t go i’m sure this is just speculation.

    p.s ive met Alex before hes one of the nicest arsenal players ive ever spoken with (previously ive had a chance to speak with Thierry, Ashley cole, Emmanuel Frimpong/Eboue Theo Adebayor Jens a retired Alan Smirh) Alex actually took the time to ask me some questions aswell i loved it hes one of my favs

  52. kwik fit

    Song is a good player who has moments of brilliance.
    He still has to learn however to pass consistently and to avoid those silly fouls. He is getting better but there are better quality options out there. The DM role is not the most important to address at the moment. We have le coq/frimpong in reserve. We need a class front man to compliment/replace RVP in January.

  53. ruelando

    SOme of you must be living in the fantasy football, I think alex song, scot parker and kiote are the best defensive midfielders in the BPL right now, and the fact that he doesnt want to sign a contract right now is like the worst thing in the world and i dont hear anyone telling VAN persie to leave. VP may be a goal scorer but what u idiots dont realise is song is just as important.
    I wouldnt mind Mvilla in the team, but to replace song at this time of the season, he would need at least a hear to start feeling is feet in this league and i dont think he is as good as son, from the matches i have seen he makes the same errors has song and doesnt cover as much ground.
    Once the sight identify a player i normally watch his matches to judge for myself and he is just another football. YOU DAMN IDIOTS

  54. Bade the gooner (Bernard)

    Song is a wonderful player. He just needs to sort out the following elements of his game:

    1) pace, he must be quicker
    2) intelligence, to use his brain, or storm it
    3) pass accuracy / stop the ghost passing
    4) timing of attacking
    5) avoiding silly fouls round our box
    6) avoiding silly drives round and in our box
    7) better positioning in set pieces

    So apart from the above, I agree he’s world class!

  55. Bade the gooner (Bernard)

    You get the acknowledge and the gratitude

    They both are trophies…. Ask Arsene 😆

    Now I’m off again …………

  56. kwik fit

    ‘Once the sight identify a player i normally watch his matches to judge for myself and he is just another football. YOU DAMN IDIOTS’

    It’s this sort of stuff that I love about LG 🙂

  57. frenchie

    i just finished watching france slog through a boring match with the usa and made a few observations.

    first, m’vila remains tidy.

    second, brek shea is fucking toilet and looks like a dude (my apologies, geoff). i think klinsmann has taken his revenge as a scum by recommending him to arsenal.

    third, arsenal need to bring in the alcoholic’s dream tandem: remy and martin. loic remy is a player we should have picked up 2 years back, prior to his move to om. he loves arsenal, he loves th14. martin is active. really active. he singlehandedly charged the complexion of that game.

  58. Adedayor Olusegun

    If barca needs him is a great News but may own concern is this we need a huge amount on him not $15m,to be frank he’s a good DM i cant not see him going.

  59. knightmoves

    If Song were English, you guys would be having wet dreams about him. Quality player. For those of you with decent memories, remember the decline of Real Madrid after they sold Makelele? Apparently they felt he wasn’t worth much and sold him. That team won f*ck all after that. I keep hearing that we should have bought Scott Parker. Where would he play??? Would he bench Song? If you think so, you are having a laugh. Song is 24, Parker is 31. Nuff said. There are three players within the current Arsenal team that can’t be replaced by anyone one else we have in the squad – Van Persie, Song, Sczescny. Boom!

  60. Santos

    Do some of you even believe that Barca would want to buy Song? Someone here mentioned that Song is better than Busquets!!! Do you think Barca will stand him losing possession simultaneously? He’ll be a reserve player at least. Even Mascherano gets less games these days, Fabregas ditto

  61. LeProf

    Song is part of the first 5 names on the team sheet along with: Chezza, Vermaelen, Sagna and RVP…

    And Song not being composed? I’d advice all you so called “Arsenal fans” to rewatch the Chelsea game when we were 2-1 down, who stepped up to make the difference with a great touch and a killer pass to Andre Santos? He has been absolutely amazing in his breaking up of play too this year, making the most tackles and interceptions along with Koscielny…

    I am so glad I don’t have this bias to non english players like most of the people on here seem to have, quality has no passport…

  62. kwik fit

    ‘I wouldnt mind Mvilla in the team, but to replace song at this time of the season, he would need at least a hear to start feeling is feet in this league and i dont think he is as good as son,’

    Brought to you courtesy of ruelando .

  63. Bade the gooner (Bernard)


    Song is the outcome of lack of choice

    Put Flamini and Diarra in the team, and let’s see where he’ll end in the team sheet picking order….

    I have nothing against him, I’m even not English, still he’s not the top DM we should be having

  64. Richard

    @Kwit fit

    Don’t be such an idiot. If someone isn’t from the UK, so what… no need to pick on their grammar. I am a Brit who has lived in Asia for the last few years… most other nationalities laugh at Brits because of our snobbish view of the English language.
    Get over yourself Kwik fit. Your behaviour is repugnant.

  65. roaaary

    Whats wong mr. Wichard? He was saying the people with a poor grasp of the english language should not be insulting pedro as he was being sarcastic.
    You politically correct wankerrrr

  66. sids

    what a shame you are.. youdont have any right to speak against our former captain ….he deserve where he is now….he has given enough to arsenal ..and give him a break puhhleeeezzzz.

  67. Lurch

    they can laugh all they want -after all we laugh at their tiny cocks!, but hey – they still learn english because they want our coin….

    not quite wag the dog situation yet is it?

  68. gambon

    I work in finance, usually international trades, and trust me, english is the ONLY language in the world that matters right now.

    In 50 years, who knows, i dont care i’ll be in a sailor jerry inspired coma fighting with the ghost of Wi_llyWank-er, or whatever he calls himself.

  69. chris from Cambridge

    We could have bought Parker but one of Wenger’s obstinate obsessions is …. don’t buy any outfield player who is 30 plus. Don’t even allow Arsenal players of 30 plus a 2 year contract …. like Pires and Bergkamp. Pires moved. We were lucky Bergkamp stayed !

    Now we have to watch Parker play like an international powerhouse for somebody else …. while we get screwed by Song and his agent. I admire loyalty but Wenger’s all consuming loyalty is misplaced. They will ALL leave when they are ready to leave.

    You remember when Wenger would not bring Vieira back because it might ” hamper Song’s development.” Now Song (and his agent)couldn’t care less !

  70. dennisdamenace

    The reason why Wenger didn’t buy Parker is simple, it would’ve given Song proper competition, and God forbid this average player should have his place in the team put under threat…..

  71. bradguns

    last 3 games his completed passes % is better than ramsey and was invovlevd in just as much stuff that led to goals

    as well as that he has been doing terrific defensive work

    i think anyone that actually plays football can appreciate the work song does

    dmf isnt there for glory its primary role is to protect the defence, song is wonderful at that

  72. kwik fit

    Freddie Starr’s trying to get off with that jessica jane clement. Telling her how he ate a hamster .Come on Freddie you can do it!

  73. goonermart

    and She can take you for a meal and pay with someone else’s credit card (the real hustle). That’s not the main reason i like her though 🙂