Arsenal pull out the spanking stick on West Brom. Ratings and Review

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What can you say? A professional no frills spanking dished out in orderly fashion on a Saturday 3pm kickoff. Perfect. No stress, no injuries, no bad luck, no concerns.

How queer…

The afternoon had a slight chill in the air, rain clouds teetering on a down pour. The atmosphere was buzzing, form had returned to the team and for the first time in a while, the fans as well. Amazing what a run of form can do for everyone.

The main change from mid week was Laurent in for Mertesacker. The rest of our team was standard starting 11 from what was available.

Laurent made two confident interceptions within the first 5, fan love went into overdrive as he landed himself a mini standing ovation. People are truly appreciating his improvement and dedication to the cause.

The flow of the match was mostly in our favour, we weren’t carving out loads of chances, the closest we went early on was a Robin conversion from 30 yards.

We couldn’t work out who started the move for the first, but it looked like Ramsey who slid in a ball to the right, Theo latched on at pace, he fired down the gullet of the keeper, the shot was parried, Robin was in the right place to turn in his first of the day.

The crowd went wild, one man took it too far though when he started singing ‘sexy Van Persie’… A little too much man love there my friend.

Arsenal were playing some great football and the fans were loving it.

Santos was having a much better game, he was far more efficient on the ball an he was making some timely defensive interceptions.

Koscielny looked to have nearly given a penalty away after Song and Santos fell over trying to defend the build up of a rare WBA attack.

Down the other end, Gervinho was keeping busy. He floated a superb pass at the back post, Robin brought it down and fired it across the area for Vermaelen to expertly finish low and to the right of Foster. An excellent move and a deserved goal from a player who has had a rough old year.

The second half was controlled in the same well organised fashion the first half was. Wenger wasn’t interested in flair these days, he was interested in points.

Robin nearly supplied Verm again from a whipped corner that the Belgian could only head over.

Gervinho carved out a great chance for Rambo with some fancy footwork on the edge of the area, the Welshman could only shoot wide.

Jenkinson was putting in a dogged performance on the right. I love his attitude and his excellent crossing. Bragging about our full backs distribution in attack hasn’t been a regular occurance over the last 5 years.

Ben Foster’s distribution was as bad as it was when he played at the Emirates for Watford. Woeful stuff.

Song tested the keeper after receiving back the one two from Gervinho on the edge of the box, his shot was parried away by the keeper.

Mikel made it 3 after Robin set Rosicky free, the Czech played it back to Robin who cut back to Arteta who was on hand to bury the ball home.

There were a few testing moments at the end. Vermaelen slid in to block a Tchoyi shot. Steven Reid found space from a corner late on after Jenko lost him in the box. Luckily Chezzer was on hand to take care of business.

The whistle blew, game over. 3 more points in the slightly more weighty bag. Watch out Spurs and Liverpool, we’re on a bit of a run!

(…and we landed a clean sheet)


This doesn’t need a lot of words. The team have worked out how to play with each other, experienced heads are finding form and confidence is seeping back into the team and the fans. A perfect November storm for progress and table climbing.

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Chezzer: didn’t have a lot to do but dealt with long balls into the box with perfect calmness. 7

Jenko: improving with every game, very solid going forward, needs to keep his concentration at he back. 7.5

Kozzer: solid and dependable. Really benefitting from being no where near Squillaci. 7

Verm: leading at the back and communicating all the time with authority. Great goal as well. 8

Santos: better positional awareness and more efficiency in his passing. 7

Song: bossed the midfield all day. Great Strength, solid passing and nearly a goal. 7.5

Arteta: really solid purchase, great experience and a fighter. Good goal as well. 7.5

Rambo: another game that raised his profile. Our midfield is going to look pretty exciting come January! 7.5

Robin: at the heart of everything as usual and on the score sheet again. 8.5

Gervinho: a proper footballer with much to give this season. He has tricks and natural flair to go round backlines that want to sit deep. 8

Theo: his pace is always a threat as is his finishing. He’s a bit wasteful in the final third and can go missing sometimes. 7

P.S Check out our Tumblr for some great pics later. Oh… And this was written on an iPhone, apologies for any spelling errors!

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  1. bade the gooner (bernard)


    We won 10 titles before Arsene

    I wasn’t referring to you personally about the shockigness

    Its just the general feeling over the fan base

  2. Keyser

    I’d still rather have Parlour though, Parlour just seems brighter like he was clued on, also he played further forward, Parker just has this blank look, at 31 or whatever Parkers experienced enough to know his role and just plays to his strengths.

    We need someone better than that, all Song lacks really is pace, otherwise he’s got pretty much everything.

  3. gambon

    “It’s only ManCitys very strong start (amazing what happens when you throw a billion pounds at a football team) that would put us 2nd”

    HAHA It was AKBs like you that were pronouncing that money isnt important (whenever wenger refuses to spend), yet now City are flying its all that matters?

    “And it was actually Wenger that gave us the expectation of being 1st / 2nd…”

    Yet another post 1996 fan i assume? We won 10 eague titles pre wenger.

  4. incesc

    haha good one keyser

    song cant even pass a football.

    hes just one of wengers african athletes like eboue and ade.

    physically good but not a natural footballer

  5. Lurch LeRouge

    We’ve still got a load of deadwood to clear before we can think about DM replacements, a striker has to be the priority or RVP will have us over a barrel otherwise.

  6. Tinyspuds

    Bade: “We won 10 titles before Arsene”

    and our average finishing position was what over those 100+ years ?

    Or even in the 20 years before Wenger ?

  7. Radio Raheem

    10 league titles in over 100 years so that’s about 1 every 10 years?

    After last season I feel we could do with a new manager, fresh ideas and all that…but if we win a trophy this year and finish in the top 4 then it’ll be hard/harsh to get rid of Wenger.

  8. Keyser

    incesc – Look I don’t mind you whinging it gives us something to talk about, but what’s the point of the spazzy shit ? He can’t pass ? and Parker can ?!

    Fuck that.

    I’d say he’s more natural than Parker.

  9. Keyser

    Also Chesney needs to cut his sugar intake, he already fucked a Cup final for us, it’s like he gets bored and decides he needs to do something to keep himself concentrated.

  10. bade the gooner (bernard)

    And Tiny,
    37 points in 17 games hardly a champions form

    It’s 82 points, has been long since 82 points won it (10 years + – )

  11. Tinyspuds

    @ Gambon,

    You’re wrong again, Wenger has been at Arsenal for less than half the time I’ve supported them, though I have to admit to being tactically naive in my early years,

    And 10 league titles pre Wenger ? Gosh, we must have been winning them almost every other year then? I mean Arsenal have only been going a couple of decades…oh wait…

    And personally I’ve never said money isn’t important, don’t really know where you got that from. My point is that ManC have a book of blank cheques at the moment, you clearly misunderstood.

    It’s probably better if you go back to banging on about how bad Koscielny is, if you keep doing that, you will eventually find someone else who agrees with you 😉

  12. Olumide

    Incesc, ‘song can’t even pass a ball…’? Santos goal vs chelsea, vermaelen’s goal. If you think song is as worse as that, you need 2 remove d veil on your face.

  13. gambon

    It’s probably better if you go back to banging on about how bad Koscielny is, if you keep doing that, you will eventually find someone else who agrees with you

    Yeah his name is Laurent Blanc, oh and every manager in the world that isnt Arsene Wenger.

  14. Tinyspuds


    My point was that if he did work it out, it’s not going to be very high.


    I had a quick look at previous years from 2000 onwards, 37 points after 17 games puts you 1st or thereabouts. Championship winning teams probably do better in the 2nd half of the season than the first.

  15. Tinyspuds

    Oh dear Gambon, I don’t think they come on here that often, so that means you’re wasting you time. Never mind

  16. Goon in 60 Seconds

    Thus we are progressing nicely through our 14th consecutive year in the Champions League. 14 years of ending in the top 4 in English football in order to qualify – something that has never previously been even remotely approached in our 125 years history. The nearest we got before this run was five consecutive seasons in the top four – from 1930/1 on to 1934/5. The following season we came sixth. untold Arsenal

  17. bade the gooner (bernard)


    People should know Arsenal history before debating about it

    We won 2 league titles, 1 FA, 2 CC , 1 European cup in the 15 years before Arsene came

    With him we won 3 titles and 4 FA …

    Wow! Significant difference eh!

  18. Tinyspuds


    Bade was saying that we won 10 league titles before Wenger as evidence that Arsenal have always had that expectation that we ought to be winning the league. My point is that over 110 years our average finshing point in the league would suggest that is not the case.

  19. Keyser

    Bade – “People should know Arsenal history before debating about it”

    Hmm, so between George Graham and Arsene Wenger you haven’t noticed any other significant differences good or bad ?!

  20. incesc

    arsenal have always been a big club with high expectations, dont put your own club down like that.

    before wenger george graham won more stuff per season on average,

    we were the 2nd team to do the double, the only top club never to be relegated, 1 game off going unbeaten under graha,, european success…

    wengers pre mental ilness stats were superb obviously but arsenal were a great club before him

  21. Tinyspuds


    I know our history very well thanks, and you were talking league positions.

    81 3rd
    82 5th
    83 10th
    84 6th
    85 7th
    86 7th
    87 4th
    88 6th
    89 1st
    90 4th
    91 1st
    92 4th
    93 10th
    94 4th
    95 12th

  22. Goon in 60 Seconds

    Bade arsene has changed the culture at Arsenal, made us a globally loved club, look at van basten’s quotes, Wenger is about way more than trophies. He is one of the top coaches in the world. He gave Arsenal that class, that chavs and city will never be able to buy.

  23. gambon

    Hmmm so whats the big deal about qualifying for a competition we cant possibly win?

    We may as well be Bate Borisov or Olympiakos.

  24. Tinyspuds

    Incesc: “arsenal have always been a big club with high expectations, dont put your own club down like that.”

    Arsenal have always be a great club, always will be a great club, and for me there will be no ever for the rest of my life, but for many years when I have supported them I didn’t believe at the start of the season we would finish as winners. The presumption that pre-Wenger that was the case is a fallacy

  25. Byo

    It never cease to amaze me why anyone here will engage a particular character, and everyone knows who this refers to. But it is still funny to read the comments by this character, though. The comments are almost always negative. The psychological make-up always comes through- display of narcissism with a tinge of borderline personality disorder, life always half-empty, etc

    Why anyone would become abusive, and call people you know nothing about names has always been beyond my comprehension. especially when the conversation is about football, where everyone has an opinion! I will dare to venture that no one here has ever managed a top football club.

  26. Keyser

    “Hmmm so whats the big deal about qualifying for a competition we cant possibly win?”

    Put the beating on him incesc, with the aspirations talk, do it.

    ‘Did you see it ?!”

  27. abnet

    i think he wld be very expensive for his age, IMO there are better options on the world football right now , but we should have singed him three seasons ago

  28. gambon


    Arent you the fool that came on last week talking facts, only to realise everything you wrote was completely wrong?

  29. incesc

    yeah england are shit

    but at least they have wilshere and theo.

    and theres a rumour capello might call up oxbo which is pretty stupid

  30. Goon in 60 Seconds

    Thats not the point Gambon, you are all so eager to point out wengers failings, but 14 years in the top four, forget champions league, is something this club has come nowhere near achieving in it’s history. He won coach of the decade for christ sake, if you are so into what awards players have won to prove I point then why shouldn’t I use that one to show how good wenger is. Considrering how much money we have spent it is a miracle! Give Wenger some slack you miserable bastardo!

  31. Pedro

    Goon, what are you doing back on here again?

    Arsene gave Arsenal class? You do talk some bollocks. That is an embarrassing comment typical of someone who has only supported the club a few years.

  32. incesc

    goon i know its been said before to you about 100 times but before wenger you didnt get into europe for finishing 4th so your point is irrelevant

    and english teams were banned from europe for a while

  33. Pedro

    Dial… absolutely! I told them if they didn’t, I’d take away their beer rights.

    It was good fun there yesterday… no moaning!

  34. gambon


    You seem to have a real problem differentiating between the present and the past/future.

    Wilshere was absolutely appalling against West Ham, which wouldve been 2 years ago. What happened a matter of weeks after that game? He went on loan, why? because he wasnt ready.

    Wilshere IS a top class player, Wilshere WAS shit that day, as he was a few times when he played before his loan. You clearly cant differentiate them 2 statements.

    I also said Merida would be gone soon, and lets face it, I was right.

    You also have a real & very strange obsession with me. Maybe you and goon could get together, you both seem like losers.

  35. Rohan

    Why November? Why is it any different from the other months.

    I thought people would have even more free time to while away on here now that they’re not shaving!

  36. Tinyspuds

    I don’t think I ever bought food inside Highbury, and I never have at Emirates,

    Burger vans for me every time

  37. abnet

    i know pedro he didnt say that but i’m sure he will say it if jack has three poor game in a row , gambon is quick to right of an arsenal player, he has been like that long since i knew him on LG

  38. abnet

    You also have a real & very strange obsession with me.
    hahaha are you series? me obsessed with you haha cunt!!!

  39. Pedro

    Rohan, no transfers to talk about, usually a bad and quiet month, plus an international break.

    Things hot up after Xmas and build from there.

  40. Pedro

    Abnet, I don’t get the obsession for going after seines opinion all the time? First he’s accused of never being here when we win… When he’s here more than most, then he’s accused of things he could do!

    If you don’t lie his opinion, bat back why you don’t agree, if it doesn’t get through, move on!

  41. tipitapi

    england should wear the poppy next week and fuck that dirty swiss mob do you really think those self centered cunts would risk a massive PR own goal ,going on about non political reasons everything they do is political

  42. abnet

    well thats is the easiest thing i can do pedro !! no problem, but i’m sick of the media bashing we getting win or lose and then i came to an arsenal blog i enjoy i find people like him win or lose,

  43. Mayank

    I’ve seen it Rohan. Good production values but the music they produce is anything but. Once the ‘novelty’ of Indo-western fusion wears off the music is really pedestrian, despite the fact that the musicians are pretty good.

    I’m not against fusion itself just the execution. And the fact that Indian ocean are the only ones who’ve been able to do it. It has to be more organic than just putting good musicians in a room together.

    My other gripe with the show is that they call Parikrama a good band. First half of their career was spent covering AC/DC and Maiden and the second half trying to convince everyone that they’re an original band.

    I don’t know how much of that made sense to you and I know it didn’t to anyone else here.

    Anyway, rant over…

    …God I hate when people sign off with that.

  44. Rohan

    Yeah I kinda see where you’re coming from. Don’t know much about Parikrama so wouldn’t really know.
    I liked the Indian Ocean one the best.

  45. bade the gooner (bernard)

    Sorry for the late replies, was out and my battery died

    I didn’t get you totally there, I’ll be happy if you explain it
    If Arsene wasn’t managing Arsenal when 4th get you to CL he would’ve been sacked ages ago.
    So averagely we’re a better team now?
    Fuck me this is loser point of view (no personal offense on you), you know finishing 3rd for 110 years would make us averagely the best team in the world, with 0 trophies, how about that as an argument?

  46. bade the gooner (bernard)


    As always you’r right, those 10 dry years between GG and Arsene were way toolong

    Fuck me GG was sacked 8 months after winning us a trophy, Arsene is speeding towards 8 years since his last trophy with him still in charge…..

    Was it not the CL money, who would keep him so long? Even our spineless board would have not

  47. bade the gooner (bernard)


    Your utter shit, is shit!

    Arsene gave Arsenal the class?

    Yeh, he retained a league title…. Oh wait he didn’t

    He won the title in the last game of the season, away from home, against the title contenders, when 2 goals margin needed…. Oh wait he didn’t do that either

    He won us our first double… Oh wait he wasn’t the first

    He won us our first English cup double… OH wait he didn’t

    He won us a European cup…. Oh wait he didn’t

    And spare me this Global shit talk

    I know enough 30+ people Where I live, all of them Arsenal fans way before Arsene

    It was the web idiot, not Arsene

  48. Mayank

    I recommended the Ry Cooder album earlier. If blues is your thing. If you haven’t yet the Radiohead album released early this year was good.

    LL, Haha! I always had faith in you.

  49. Mayank

    Bade yes Arsenal were a biggish club before Arsene. And you’re trying to prove that by belittling Arsene’s achievements.

    Kind of counter-productive to the whole Arsenal deserve better line everyone seems to be towing.

  50. bade the gooner (bernard)

    No Mayank,

    I was trying to show the blind people Arsenal were class way before Arsene

    I never undermined his achievements, but they were all of the past

    Mind you we’re heading towards 2012 when our last trophy was @ 2005

    We lost our last 3 cup finals whit Arsene on the side, 2006 CL, 2007 CC, 2011 CC

  51. Mayank

    So that means we’ve been shit since 2005, again doesn’t support the whole idea of entitlement to being a top European club.

  52. bade the gooner (bernard)

    I already said it, I reckon Real will win La Liga

    Shit that equaliser made a bad Deja Vu from that CC final

  53. Tinyspuds

    Bade: “If Arsene wasn’t managing Arsenal when 4th get you to CL he would’ve been sacked ages ago.”

    He would ? why ?

    Bade: “So averagely we’re a better team now?”


    You claimed that Wenger has lowered fans expectations. If he did, he lowered it from the levels he reached earlier

  54. bade the gooner (bernard)

    Mayank, this is now true thank to Arsene

    Since 4th is a trophy is the new standard, that’s how we look

    This is why I think he must leave…..

  55. stevegooner

    Byo says:
    November 6, 2011 at 19:17
    It never cease to amaze me why anyone here will engage a particular character, and everyone knows who this refers to. But it is still funny to read the comments by this character, though. The comments are almost always negative. The psychological make-up always comes through- display of narcissism with a tinge of borderline personality disorder, life always half-empty, etc

    Why anyone would become abusive, and call people you know nothing about names has always been beyond my comprehension. especially when the conversation is about football, where everyone has an opinion! I will dare to venture that no one here has ever managed a top football club.

    Its because he’s a cunt

  56. bade the gooner (bernard)

    No Tiny,

    We were a top team before Arsene

    We won 10 titles, back then we were second best in the whole country, with the gigantic scousers ahead of us with 18 titles

    Now we’re third overall, so we’re going backwards

    When Arsene said 4th is a trophy, he was the first to fart such a poor loser’s statement. He was the first manager to concede title after less than 10 games!

    True, not all of our managers succeeded.

    BUT, name one manager that kept his job with 7 trophyless years

    Re 4th and CL, I’m certain had we not got the CL money each year, Arsene would’ve been sacked, as even the balance sheet, his only alleged success, wouldn’t have been there

  57. bade the gooner (bernard)


    Managers that didn’t succeed to win us trophies were sacked, because trophy was the only was they keep their job

    Now Arsene is keeping “A job for life” with no trophies, so does that look to you as not lowering fans expectations?

    I don’t remember if you followed Arsenal before Arsene (you wrote it once but I forgot…) but we were always aiming for 1st even if we miss it so many times, now we’re aiming for 4th and pray not to miss!

  58. bade the gooner (bernard)

    Yeh, I’m on fire….

    Today I had plenty of time to think about Arsenal, when I was on top of trees on the last day of our Olive Harvest 😆

  59. bade the gooner (bernard)


    I rather those over Barca cunts, and personally I’d like us to win a trophy before Cesc does it with the cunts (those super cups aren’t really trophies)

  60. bade the gooner (bernard)


    Just found out (Israeli sports site) had a laugh over that tweet from Santos…..

  61. John Temple

    This website has been quite lively today!

    I must say that the likes of bade the gooner (bernard) and gambon do have the right to criticise what has happened in recent years at our club. We do appear to have lost the ambition that we once had.

    For me, fourth place and Champions’ League quarter-finals are simply not good enough for a club of our stature. But I disagree that solely Wenger is to blame for our lack of trophies: the Board have clearly refused to back him financially.

    I have been a fan for thirty-five years, long before the arrival of Arsene Wenger. For me, Arsenal will always be one of the great names in European football; that’s why runners-up places will never be good enough.

    Our under-achievements of the last six years are simply not acceptable.

  62. skandibird

    to all of you (including abnet) I fancy Sweden above Ingerland any time… unless… they (Ingerland) beat us (sorry them) in the friendly next week,,, doubt it though, haven’t done so in the last 33 years or so, can’t see it happen now either. I reckon Sweden is/are England’s nemesis when it comes to football. The two teams are too similar in the way the play football IMO. Come on you Vikings!!!

  63. Tinyspuds


    We won ten titles in how many years ? 110. Thats an average of 1 every 11 years. Saying we were always aiming for 1st is all well and good but a lot of the time was completely unrealistic. At the start of every season your heart may be dreaming of lifting that big cup in may, but your head is telling you that it’s pretty damn unlikely, and before Wenger my head was telling me that we’d probably finish lower then since he’s joined, and the figures show that to be the case.

    That doesn’t mean I think he’s doing a perfect job, because he clearly isn’t, in just the same way that GG didn’t and he could be equally as frustrating. Maybe some sort of mutation combination of the pair of them would be the best idea 😉

    I’m not sure anyone could say that Wenger would be sacked without Champions League money. At the end of the day the board would look at it and see if they thought someone else could do a better job, and I suspect they would come up with the same answer.

  64. gambon

    Before Wenger joined we didnt have £160m in the bank, yet refused to spend it. Before Wenger joined the PL wasnt so huge that teams had access to such vast amounts of TV revenue. GG et al werent given the resources Arsene has.

    Ive said this too many times, but what wenger has done since 2004 is almost impossible. You couldve given the team in May 2004 to a complete spastic and he wouldve struggled to fuck things up so massively.

  65. Stewdog

    Gambon, so does it make squillaci a better player than koscielny as he has 21 caps for France.

    Cant stand armchair supporters with a lack of understanding for the game of the game!

    We need to get rid of these fickle supporters seriously bringing down the club, and another thing the support on saturday was absolutely atrocious, atmosphere is awful!

    All the people around me just moan and winge, it really makes my blood boil. Real lack of passion for the club just glory hunters like Gambon

  66. Dav

    I dunno why you let an idiot like Gambon wind you up.
    I know it can be difficult when faced with the illogical arguements and negativity he clings to but just let him wallow in his bile and bitterness and stay positive yourself. If Wenger wins a trophy this year I wonder if he will celebrate? I reckon no.