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Arsenal 0 – 0 Marseille

So Arsene Wenger answered the hotly debated question of who his favoured defensive partnership was by opting for the giant German and the fans favourite Belgian.

The game started much in the same way as the Chelsea game, our full backs being exploited and our goal tested by the inaccurate shooting boots of strikers who luckily couldn’t find the target!

The Marseille fans were loud and rowdy, probably excited Santos was in the festive spirit of giving. He twice made unforced errors leading to good Marseille chances.

Arsenal tested the French for the first time when Alex Song slipped Theo in on goal, the Englishman’s trademark low shot tipped round the post.

Chezzer was in attention seeking mode nearly making a meal of a Jenkinson back pass, luckily for him his two clumsy Cruyff turns evaded two Marseille attackers. We laughed, but he needs to be careful. Silly risk taking has a habit of biting you in the ass when it matters.

The French were pressing Arsenal extremely well, they were desperate for an early goal.

We played some classy football at times but things were failing to click in the final third. Passes were too direct into feet or marginally behind the run.

Gervinho and Theo were swapping wings and passing slickly, Park also looked comfortable without ever looking threatening.

Our best chance in the first half fell to Rambo at the back post when Theo crossed well, sadly a his volley could only find the upper tier. What happened to the diving header my Gooner pal said?

As the half drew to a close we started to look lifeless up front, both widemen lost their width, fighting it out for space through the middle causing a congested penalty area and making the job of marking them far too easy.

Our final frustrating move came when Gervinho played Rambo in but the Welshman dithered and passed up his shot.

Half time in club level was interesting, a Chicken burger costs £9.90 and a Hot dog £7.80. I’d rather starve… or eat my free programme.

The second half was really weak. We didn’t really chase a win.

Jenkinson really grew with the game, his engine is incredible. He played some great crosses, just a shame there was no real target.

Park who failed to sparkle made way for the captain on 65, the boss hoping the Dutchman hadn’t run out of magic tricks.

Arshavin and Rosicky entered the fray and things tried to liven up. Robin was put through by Rosicky, he elected for the chip, it didn’t work, but rest assured, Carlos Vela was pleased, lady boys on him at the Christmas do.

Theo came close to playing a decisive ball into Andrey after expertly keeping the ball in play but failed with the simple 8 yard pass.

Song of all people was driving the last ten minutes, not to great effect, though he deserves an honourable mention for his back heel that let Robin rip a cross dangerously across the box. He also did well to win a free kick at the death… Robin could only fire it at the wall.

The game ended 0-0 and qualification would have to wait another day. Still, a clean sheet was hugely important as was the fitness of the back 4.


Taking 4 points from the French Champions would have been satisfactory outcome before we’d kicked off the group stages, the fact they were there for the taking leaves me a bit disappointed. The group is still wide open with two relatively tricky games against Dortmund and Olympiacos to come.

We’re still really struggling in two areas. Our full backs are suspect. Andre Santos is a real mystery to me. He was garbage against Chelsea and last night he did nothing to convince me I’d be rash in giving him a 4.5 there. He makes far too many basic mistakes and he’s so far off the pace I wonder if he’ll ever catch up. I never thought I’d be looking forward to seeing Gibbs back.

In attack we were really toothless. Robin is hugely important and Wenger was right to rest him last night. His mistake came from not replacing Nik B with a top notch striker in the summer. Forget the form of Robin, he still needs competition and the team needs to know if he’s rested there’s someone there who can come close to matching him. It looks like we’ve landed another striker who fits into our style but doesn’t have that edge we need. Our front three struggled last night. It took the captain to spark the team into urgency, too little too late.

People take offence in Arsenal being called a one man team, sad thing is, the more matches we play like that, the more obvious that assessment is. We depend on Robin not only for goals, but morale, leadership, speed of play and spark. Someone else has to take step up, I’m just not sure who?

Positives are that the two centre backs seemed to have an understanding and we ground out an uninspiring 0-0 in a professional manner. We’ve been on a great run and have to accept that perhaps the game at the weekend took the wind out of our sales a bit.

Next up is West Brom on Saturday, we need to stay focused and make sure there is no complacency. We need to keep this points train on the right track, no let up. Let’s make sure this November is the whitest one since time began.

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Ratings –

Chezzer – Didn’t have much to do. Wish he’d calm down on the risk taking. 6

Santos – Needs to be sat down in a dark room with a two hour video of his low-lights. He’s supposed to be our experience, must improve, we’re a top 4 team, it’s not acceptable for 2 teams inside a week to target the full back as an exploitation tactic. 4

Jenkinson – Much improved with a great engine. Defended well, really improved in the 2nd half. Needs to watch his positioning and remember he is a defender first and foremost. 7

Mertesacker – Much more assured last night. Kept the ship steady and improved in the air. 7

Vermaelen – A great communicator, looked strong, excellent at sniffing out danger. 7.5

Song – Great game, looked very motivated, maybe assumed too much responsibility for creating an opening, but if no one else will, why not? 7.5

Arteta – Jury is still out, solid, dependable, occasionally erratic in the pass… no dazzle yet. 6.5

Ramsey – I love his hustle. When he gets older, he’ll be a menace on the pitch. Final third passing was missing last night, but he more than made up for that with a solid work ethic. 6.5

Gervinho – Our most attacking threat but also our most wasteful player. The ups and downs of an undoubted talent. 6.5

Theo – Very quiet for large parts and not the best night for his final ball. 6

Park – Started ok, but failed to inspire the doubters he was anything more than an ok stop gap. His runs dried up after 20mins, he was taken off on 65 mins. 5.5

P.S. For those who don’t get to games, make sure you tune into our Tumblr / Instagram (search Le Grove) account. I’ll be uploading pictures of the game so you can get a feel for the bits of being a season ticket holder you don’t get from watching the TV.

P.P.S I’m disgusted and ashamed that people from my country would sing such disgusting chants at an away match in Europe. Shame on Chelsea, shame on their fans. They should be taken to the cleaners for the song they were singing last night.

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  1. Matt

    I genuinely forgot that Park was on the pitch until he got subbed, thats how anonymous he was.

    Santos is a liability and the attacking threat that he does bring wont make up for the amount of times he will cost us this season.

    Great to have Tommy back but I feel sorry for Kos because I think he has been really impressive lately.

  2. gambon

    So Arsene brings another legendary excuse to the table.

    We didnt win cos we were on an emotional comedown from beating Chelsea?

    Oh lord thats embarrassing!!

    So Wenger wants to make us the best team in the world in his own words, and he doesnt think that will be a problem? A team that cant win a game after winning a big game cos theyre too emotional?

    Or just say it as it is Wenger…..we dont have the quality to win regularly against top opposition.

    He refuses to ever believe we dont have the quality, its always about ‘Mental strengz’ ‘togetherness’ and now this.

    On a positive, I think Mertesacker & Vermaelen could make a good big guy & quick guy combo…..and it keeps that awful CB Koscielny away from the team.

  3. NiXKiX

    I was up till 3:00 A.M to watch the match.. A proper nail-biter it was..
    (Nail biting done to keep myself awake…)

  4. richaldo

    Dissapointed not to get the win – but a much needed clean sheet and almost through to play Barca next round!!!!!

    Rich… much clutching of straws but unbeaten in the Champs league so far – can’t sniff at that : )

  5. Matt

    I just dont get your views on Kos Gambon. I agree with most of what you say generally but I think Kos has done well this season. You need to let the Birmingham game go!!

  6. azed

    james the specail one says:
    November 2, 2011 at 10:30

    Ramsey is rubbish
    not rubbish just overated.

  7. azed

    Gambon for some who hates wenger, you pay way too much attention to his comments.
    I’d rather watch paint dry than listen to a wenger press conference

  8. hitman49



    what a boring match..

    spent 10 min talking to mr david dean !

    last night at the game

    he loves mr w…so that was intresting…

  9. Northbank879

    I like the look of santos. I think as he gets fit he will be twice the player Gibbs is. He may make a few errors but think that’s more down to our coaching.

  10. Goonerpower

    Northbank. Sorry mate but that’s a ridiculous statement. Santos is 27-28 he’s been coatched else where in all that time. How can you blame our coaching. 🙂

  11. Big Dave

    what a sack of shit that was last night, up against a championship side at best.

    i hate it when our players run their mouths off after a victory over the chavs, do your talking on the pitch not the website.

    “we can beat anynone”

    errr no you can’t

  12. Tinyspuds

    I think Santos is trying to coach our midfielders how to defend better. So that when a full back goes up the pitch, either Song or Arteta needs to come across to cover. Other than that I can’t see too many reasons why he spent so long out of his own half. Maybe he’s mates with the Marseille keeper and wanted a chat

  13. azed

    Gambon looks like you wrote that article….
    You talk about Vermaelen like he is some saviour when in reality our defence has been rubbish including the year we had vermaelen play the whole season.

  14. Walking Wounded

    Chelsea are a classless bunch of idiots who idolise a bully.

    John Terry runs that team by fear and fear alone. What he must get upto behind closed doors is anyone’s guess, but I suggestit is more serious and savage then Vieira’s monster piece.

    I feel sorry for AVB at Chelsea, because, as an experienced manager, the Chelsea dressing room is probably the hardest one to win around.

  15. gambon

    Big Dave

    You would think they would learn their lesson, after last year.

    The likes of Theo running his mouth all season then the most laughable collapse since the credit crunch.

  16. naija soccer

    In 10 games , we ve lost 1 , drew 1 and won 8. Even Bastardlona would be proud of that record.

    I sense as ass whooping on Saturday. 4-0 to be exact in favour of arsenal of course.

  17. dev

    Morning, was at the game last night, in the east stand. Every match we keep asking why players don’t respond or play for the fans but based on the lack of atmosphere and home support u can hardly blame them. Mate and I would stand up, start a chant, shout, scream and we would get such odd looks from the silent seated fans, as if we were the away fans. The Marseille fans were in good form and deserved their point. We constantly feel the players owe us cos of money and blah blah but I was ashamed to be sitting with a bunch of silent ‘home’ fan cunts. Clubs don’t fear coming to the emirates because they know their away fans will make the most noise. As Theo raced down the wing, the gooner in front of me enthusiastically got to his feet only to he tapped on the back by the cunt next to me and told to sit down so he could watch the game from his comfortable seated position. Worse was that the gooner apologetically sat down. Twice more this happened until I I told the gooner to remain standing. We don’t need fans like the cunt next to me. I would have taken 30 Newcastle fans than the few hundred arsenal ‘support’ that was around me.

    Van Persie says the fans deserved the result against the scum on Saturday…yep the away fans did. Shame on you silent cunts yesterday.

  18. gambon


    “You talk about Vermaelen like he is some saviour”

    This may be the most pathetic thing ive ever seen writted. Typical AKB exaggeration.

    I have gone on record 40,000 times saying we are weak defensively, and we need another class CB.

    I would love you to show me how I have said Vermaelen is a saviour?

    jesus Pedro, cant we do something about the people you let on here? Some of them are an embarrassment. Maybe you have to do an IQ test to get on, and if its under 40 you are denied, that would keep a lot of them away.

  19. Walking Wounded


    Calm down dear!

    Accept that we are not a title challenging team, and things look better.

    Last night’s result is useful in keeping the team grounded, becasue we are still defensively poor (but gettting better) and all the while we are working hard for results and not thinking we are owed victories, then things will be better for the rest of the season.

    We still qualify for the knockout stages with a draw against Dortmund, and knowing that we cannot win the tournament this year, attracting talent to the team in January is essential.

  20. gazzap

    I thought Marseille were decent. they defended really well and had some neat passing going forwards. we missed RVP for 60, but I think wenger made the right decision. You will all be moaning when he hits the wall in January and his form goes shite because of overplaying.
    Most strikers cannot handle playing a lone role. RVP is a very rare breed. thats another reason why our current formation cannot work over a season because its massively over reliant on one player being in the team. We need 2 up front.

    Santos just loves going forward! gives me heart attacks though.

  21. Mayank

    Good to see Gambon back in his element, back to back embarrassing defeats for Chlesea and Utd had really made this a dull blog.

  22. Matt


    I think somebody has spent way too much time analysing things to try and find examples where Kos is playing people onside, and even then, a couple of the examples show that the left back is also playing the attacker onside so I dont really think that goes too fat to prove what a bad player he is.

    I had serious reservations when we signed him and he was very bad at times in his first season. But, I think he has shown that he is actually a decent player.

  23. gambon

    Walking Wounded

    Believe me I do accept that we arent a title challenging team, Im one of the only on here that has been able to accept it. Remember last season for example?

    TBH last nights result wasnt too bad, especially when you look at Chelseas result.

    Just enjoy slating Wenger. He brings it on with his ridiculous press conferences.

  24. TopGoon

    “We know what you are, Anton Ferdinand, we know what you are”

    Chelsea fans’ class always shines through. Fine them, ban them and then the world will know exactly what THEY are. Filth.

  25. gambon

    Big Dave

    Agree about Park….wenger has done what he does best, been ridiculously cheap and its backfired.

    A grand total of £3m spent on Park & Chamakh.

    Man Utds backup striker cost £30m, Man City have Dzeko & Balotelli, both £20m+ players.

    But dont worry, we win the balance sheet trophy again, thats the one that matters.

  26. james the specail one

    when you watch the team play this season it makes you realise even more what cesc brought to the team when at the club. his ability was to help keep position and being the main man with his brilliant technical play an being able to keep the ball and pick out passes Nasri also, This is something world class players can do Ramsey brings nothing if anything he slows the game down soooo overrated its absolutely hilarious me personally I think he’s rubbish. As for Song waste of space he will always be that donkey that gives away fouls and will collapse in big games cause he’s no big game player, we have needed a DM since Veira left this position in are team has been the problem why don’t fans see this? The Special would like to se a monster in the centre and Song is no Monster.

  27. GMR

    Aren’t Lille the French champions, not Marseille??

    I don’t know why anyone would write Park off already. He looks pretty good, albeit that he hasn’t really shown that for Arsenal yet (the Bolton goal aside), however it would be interesting to see any striker come in and have a great game when they never get to play, he doesn’t even get to come off the bench. I think people need to wait and see whether he is good enough, the only problem I have with the signing is that regardless of how good or bad he ends up being, he will be gone within 2 years.

    I think a new striker is definitely needed, but somebody that is proven. I would go all out for Benzema, I think he will get fed up soon as he starts playing second fiddle to Higuain again, now that he is back fit.

  28. Walking Wounded

    Though we appeared toothless last night, you have to give credit to Marseille whose defence, we should look at and try and emulate, because they were tight and solid.

    Diarra, Diwara and N’Koulou were top notch, though we do help them.

    Why oh why oh (spells Yoyo) do we play the ball to Walcott’s feet? Notonce did anyone play the ball behind the full back and give him a chance to run onto it.

    If you don’t play to a player’s strengths, then you can’t expect him to play well. If you expect Messi to run onto the ball constantly, he wouldn’t be anywhere near as effective.

  29. Big Dave


    Would luv both of them at our club but we all know it will never happen.

    “we will not throw money around” …..

    Santos, not sure about just yet, may need more time with him, but he aint a left back that for sure

  30. azed

    Typical AKB exaggeration.
    coming from someone who spends his time picking up everything wenger says??

    On a positive, I think Mertesacker & Vermaelen could make a good big guy & quick guy combo…..and it keeps that awful CB Koscielny away from the team.

    we signed Vermaelen and our defence was/is still shit
    we signed koscienly and our defence was/is still shit but somehow in your world kozzer is the awful one.

    Mert was at fault for two goals against the chavs but you make no metion of it …if it was koscielny you’d be on about it forever..

  31. gambon

    We need 2 attacking players, both of a significant quality.

    One wide player who can score goals, and one striker who can play infront of VanPersie, alongside him or replace him from the bench.

    The thing is real class in these areas is gonna cost, youre looking at £20m each at the very least.

    Wenger gets a nose bleed writing a cheque for £32.50 at the petrol station. Hes the type of cunt that will put water in his car cos its cheaper, then spend 5 years developing the water to become petrol, then he sells it to the arabs & invests in water again.

  32. DT

    Some of the comments on this site are ridiculous. You call for this and that, but do you get behind the team gambon? No, you just moan, week in, week out and hurl abusive things at people.

    Its people like you who we dont need at the Emirates. I was there last night and it was dead. The Marseille fans were loud and rocking, ours were an embarrasment. Probably lots of fans like gambon. Just moaning and whining instead of giving the team some support.

    As many have said, our record in the last ten has been execellent and we’re clearly improving. You cant win 5-3 every week. Kos, TV5 and Mertz are all good defenders. People called for good centre backs and we have them now, but idiots like gambon cant see the class of someone like Kos. Stop whining, open your eyes and support your club.

  33. naija soccer

    When we won on Saturday, 90 percent of our fans were saying we ve arrived, we can come 3rd, Ramsey is a hell of a player, Arteta is coming into his own etc. Now we draw one game against a very well organised team and they are all back to their doom mongerings.

    Even Barca draw games sometimes despite being the best team in the world. Santos is a good buy. Even Dani alves can be defensively clueless sometimes and he’s supposed to be one of the best.

    Stop being so fucking fickle people. Try and understand that we can’t win em all. Soon as we draw a game, all of a sudden our team ain’t good enough.


  34. gary

    Some of the pricks on here never cease to amaze me..Ramseys shit, kos is shit even Park (though he’s played 2 games) and then one of the pricks even has the audacity to ask for pedro to ban people

  35. darrenchallis

    Why do we buy YouTube sensations that look good in inferior leagues like Chamakh. being top goal scorer in France with 20 goals doe not equate to class. Here is an idea Mr Wenger and I know it’s controversial… how about buying a proven goal scorer at all levels.

  36. Gbenga

    ”jesus Pedro, cant we do something about the people you let on here? Some of them are an embarrassment. Maybe you have to do an IQ test to get on, and if its under 40 you are denied, that would keep a lot of them away”

    …….I agree with you the genius (twisted). But come to think of it, dont you think you will be the first victim?

  37. Pedro

    Wardo, something like, ‘Ferdinand, you know what you are’

    Gambon, if everyone thought like you, you’d find a new site!

  38. Walking Wounded


    You are spot on. Our creative element is Van Paersie, and since we lost Cesc, our midfield is not that good at unlocking defences.

    Rambo is a Gerrard/Lampard type player.
    Arteta needs more space than our style of play provides, and Song is brilliant until he tries to pay the killer ball, and then he is found wanting.

    I have to say that the sooner Jack comes back the better, becasue he will create extra space that will help Arteta and Ramsey exploit, but we do need that more potent midfielder.

  39. Hussain

    did i just hear somebody say Eriksen? Well fuck no, we need someone like Gotze, somebody who can create goal scoring opportunities from nowhere, and in no way do we look over the fact that we need a top notch clinical striker too, cant be bothered about the back 5 though, i think we are fairly strong in that department, and why the fuck do we play Arteta and Song together? Yesterday we should have gone with Yossi instead of Arteta, two defensive midfielders in a game where we had a genuinely good chance of going for the win, whats the point of bringing in Yossi if you arent gonna play him?

  40. Big Dave

    hearing that a signing may depend on the fitness of Jack and if he starts to train again come xmas time, in time for Jan return

  41. Josip Skoblar

    We were toothless in attack and not entirely convincing defensively, but credit to OM defence which was compact and good. OM in France has the reputation of playing fluid attacking football like us or ManU (in 1974, after the WC in Germany they bought Jairzinho and Paulo Cesar!!!). But not under Deschamps who is a super defensive minded coach. Deschamps should go back to Italy where they all value defensive boring football. He is not suited to French or English football.
    All in all, not a strong performance, but our new players are playing more and more like a unit (Santos worries me a bit at times though…).

  42. Walking Wounded

    gambon, at least we paid Bordeaux what Chamakh is worth….nothing!

    If we sell him in January (please Aw) then that will please the money men, because it will definitely be a profit.

  43. NiXKiX

    No one in their right mind said Chamakh was a master stroke gambon.
    None of his goals were of qality. Most of them were just bundled in and some of them he had no clue whatsoever.

  44. finestcuts

    RVP is the golden boy at the moment, we just aren’t the same without him. His goal ratio is better than Messi’s. J.Young hasn’t been given much time to be fair and also it’s down to the whole team to score. A draw is alright, not what we would’ve hoped for but we’re top of the group with six points to play for. Credit to Marseille for stopping us from playing, we lacked sharpness and I’d say it’s only a temporary hurdle.
    One things for sure, if we lose RVP we have no plan B. We need to keep him fresh so we have to rotate and prioritise. Looking at the fixture list, if Marseille beat Olympiakos, Dortmund will have nothing to play for in the final game as they’ll be guaranteed 3rd place and without a chance of getting 2nd if we at least draw against them which is why tactically a win last night would have been key in finish the group top, so we have to beat Dortmund at home or hope Olympiakos can do us a favour against Marseille. It;s still very much in our hands and a home win against Dormund can be done, but we’ll need to play our first 11, we can’t afford to put out a second string against them.

  45. gambon


    Its fairly obvious that we can raise some good cash by selling Bendtner, Chamakh & Vela in Jan and buying a class striker.

    However that is just way too easy for Wenger, also he hates to admit he was wrong, so you can expect to see Chamakh leave for free once his deal runs out in a few years.

  46. NiXKiX

    What about the wages paid Walking Wounded? I’m sure he’s on some ridiclous salary coz he was signed on a free. How much do you think he would fetch realistically?
    I’d say 5 mil at the most.

  47. NiXKiX

    Why would PSG want Chamakh when they are loaded? I’m sure they’d rather pay slightly more and a get a decent player. I’m sure they have enough lamp-posts in Paris.

  48. darrenchallis

    Pedro. lol I just call them that. I could compile and gloss the goals I scored in Sunday league and make me look like Pele or leave them and look like a fat guy trying to do an overhead kick.

  49. Josip Skoblar

    PSG are loaded, so they now buy quality… Very impressed by PSG so far. They win even when they don’t play well. The mark of a great team. I never liked this team, smug and shitty supporters (they used to have a hardcore of extreme-right wing supporters in the 1980s; some real nutters in the Boulogne Kop if I’m correct).

  50. naija soccer

    I don’t give a damn what anybody say. I was hella happy when Van persie and Koz started on the bench yesterday. No need to start all our important players in every goddamn game. If those 2 players started and of them gets injured, our “fans” would be biting Wenger’s head off , blaming him for not resting those players and saying he’s responsible for the injury.

    Only problem I had about wengers starting 11 yesterday was that Rosicky , Benayoun , Arshavin and Fabianski didn’t start. What the fuck did we loan Benayoun for if we r not gonna play him and why isn’t Rosicky starting despite having played well so far this season ?

    And we wonder why our reserve players lack confidence when our coach go out of his way to tell them he has no confidence in them by not starting them when most players( ramsey , song , arteta ) clearly needs rest.

    Playing Fabianski would have reminded sheznee that the goalkeeping position isn’t his personal property. Maybe that will sit him up and remind him that this ain’t comedy central and he needs so stop all those ridiculous comical decisions he’s been making lately.

  51. Fed

    you le grove writers are ridiculous for executing a forward after 2 games.

    … and also beyond insane for dissing the team which was obviously heavylegged after saturday

    … and completely retarded for not figuring out the obvious that marseille played an outstanding defencive game.

    rewatch the game. notice that whenever marseille attacked especially toward the end of the game our midfield was left behind.
    whenever we attacked they had about 8 players all over our 4 forward players every time. Oh and how many quick forward passes does rambo give throughout the games??? eh?? you try and be forward there then…

  52. gambon

    The Arsene Wenger post-2005 trophyless useless shit cunts:





    The worrying thing is that 9 of them are still Arsenal players. What an appalling team!

  53. wardo

    thanks Pedro……i didn’t hear that.

    I know they are chav fans but, i can only hope they didn’t mean it in a rascist way. Perhaps they meant grass…… If they did though then OMG !! Although, you have to wonder what some of the fans in the crowd thought of the chant ?? There must have been a few black fans that weren’t too impressed

  54. LeMassiveCoq

    As much as 5.5 for Park? 4 at the most.

    I think Song deserved 8.5 last night, MoTM in my opinion. Without him and Vermalen we would of lost

  55. Jimi

    Not sure it was a lifeless game, it was end to end, our players looked knackered from running back and forth and subsequently annoyed that nothing they tried was coming off from the chances. Ramsey was definitely due a goal, he had 3 great chances that could easily have been goals on another day. I’m most impressed with him he’s trying so hard. Likewise with Jenkinson, really impressed for such a youngster, so much passion and energy.

    I think criticism of Santos is a little harsh, he may expose us at times but he has already scored 2 goals for the club and delivered some great crosses, not bad for a new recruit who’s prob only played about 6-7 games for us.

    Unfortunately it just wasn’t happening last night though.
    I think most Arsenal fans underestimate Marseille, they have some great players there too, and they had good tactics to muck us about. They nearly scored on a few occasions early on and at the death.

    and unfortunately for us Park was well off the pace.

  56. darrenchallis

    It was a clean sheet.. a bore draw and lifeless. but we haven’t seen many cleans sheets in the last few years.

    RVP should not be allowed to play for Holland end of!!!! someone needs to look him in a cupboard.

  57. wardo

    lol at Gambon still slating Koz !

    he’s been part of an Arsenal side who have beaten quality opposition i.e. Barca, Manure, Chavs, City etc etc.

    He made a few mistakes early on but anyone who knows anything about football can tell he is not a bad player.

    Not saying he is the new maldini or nesta.

    But he is not a Senderos, Cygan, Stpnovs, Luz etc etc.

    In fact, if Verm and Mert are our 1st choice pairing then Koz is one of the best back up defenders Arsenal have had in years !! Think about it ! We’ve had JD as back up and he has been complete toilet imo.

  58. Colonel Mustard

    I think you got it wrong on Santos. He can tackle and pass. its just his fitness. He is better then Gibbs. He has a brain at least.

  59. TopGoon

    Chamakh was actualy bought as a replacement for Gunnersaurus as he is due to retire soon. The thought being, nobody would be able to tell them apart. Just like Wenger did with Henry and others, he is playing Marouane out of position until the time is right. There will come a time when the fans will roar as he runs out the tunnel before games and, once again, Arsene Wenger will hailed as a genius.

  60. The Noise


    The club don’t want loud hardcore fans anymore! All they want is the silent merchandise buyers… Hence why they’re now focussing all their efforts on packages to get fan over from the Far East rather than insuring the local community and their kids can get in to see their local team! How many empty seats again last night?

    I gave up my ST this summer after 15 years because of the ST rise and the lies… Scores of other hardcore I know (both ST and away scheme) have done the same!

    As my mate once said…

    Hit. Nail. Head.

  61. darrenchallis

    This all goes back to poor transfer policy and timing. none of these new signing are FIT/UP TO SPEED and tactically aware of where they fit into the team.
    They should have been signed and integrated slowly into the team, but Mr Dither had no choice none of them had a pre season even.

  62. Josip Skoblar

    The Noise

    Agreed, good point except it’s in general cheaper to go the opera than to a football game nowadays. That shows how scandalously expensive football games have become.

  63. darrenchallis

    The Noise says: As my mate once said…

    Hit. Nail. Head.

    Too true and they will be playing crowd noise like canned laughter soon

  64. naija soccer


    Posting ur terrible starting 11 every week is beginning to get old. And ur daily wenger complaints is becoming too familiar. U ve been telling the same old story since 1942. Surely the great Gambon can come up with new material. Nobody wants to read a washed out writer’s book , really.

    Arsene Wenger

    The solutions to the problems in this team are very simple. Actually there are two solutions.
    1. Hazard/marko marin/goetze
    2. Cavani/podolski/mario gomez

    Thank u Le prof.

  65. georgian1gunner

    hi guys, i think yesterday ramsey’s performance was most aweful performance, he was terrible… he had 5 or 6 chances to made an assist but made bad decision.. i was really dissapointed , i was thinking what fabregas would have done if he had played instide of ramsey.
    on the good side , vermaelen was great he showed once more that he is one of the best defenders in the country

  66. The Noise

    Josip… Ha ha! Good point!

    Ticket prices have a lot to answer with in footie these days! Look at the growing trend for fans to boo their team off now? Used to be glory hunters at big clubs… But I’ve heard it at the likes of Wolves & Fulham!
    But what do they ex

  67. darrenchallis

    Future of football………. Uber rich fans paying £50,000 for a per season for a basic ticket fly in and land helicopters at Emirates, all siting down to a three course meal with a token ex player on each table. 20,000 watch the game in silence with canned crowd noise from 1990 played in and the announcer says 60,000 crowd, with the camera showing crowd filling dummies.

    Then Sky realise we can ‘t afford to go to the games anymore its £200 a month for sky sports.

  68. AC Gooner

    Park didnt look too sharp last night. But then again, neither did anyone else really.

    I would play Park as much as I could until Jan and if he doesn’t make it, we buy Podolski in January.

    Either that or we do as (I think Gooby) said and play Diaby up front. JOKE!

  69. Uncle Santos the Christmas joker

    It does really make you realise, as another poster said, just how good Cesc was and just how much we miss him.

    I dont know how many times we have been in a position where I have thought ‘Cesc would have played one of his little chipped passes there’. Instead we just go sideways or backwards.

    We arent far away from being a good side (not great), but theres just that little edge missing in the final third and its even more visible without Cesc. Yes hes gone and we need to move on, but it does make you realise just HOW good he was and how cheap we sold him for.

    I dont really think Hazard is the answer. Hes too much trouble and will step from us to Barca after a couple seasons. Goetze or someone in his mould would be the better bet.

    Things are looking good though. We were in crisis and 17th a few weeks ago, now we’re right up the table and almost through to the next round of the Champs League. Still .. theres no pleasing some fans is there. Unfortunately these fans seem to be in the majority at the stadium. No wonder the Emirates isnt a fortress, because the fans let themselves down

  70. itchyballs

    darrenchallis,youv’e hit the nail on the question.youv’e seen the future!!!…p.s “kozzer”is the dogs b*******ks!he just gets better & better…

  71. The Noise

    But what do you expect when they are charging people up to £70 per game to watch their team? 15/20 years, that could have got you about 6 games…. Following your team week in week out was a way of life!
    Now, it’s a luxury! Fans are starting to treat it that way and that’s why fans are turning on their clubs!
    They can’t milk ’em dry but then still expect them to get behind the team fully!

    (sorry it was split in 2… Hit the fucking submit button too early)

  72. gazzap

    Koz was rested yesterday. Mert prob wont be first choice. when it comes to the crunch Mert will be left out. Expect Kozzer to start against WBA. wenger will deny there is a first choice. He will try and rotate his three centre backs. But watch in the important games, I think it will be Verm and Koz.

  73. albo

    A drab 0-0 hardly anything to get excited about, but if I was trying to put a positive spin on it (and you know me :-)) you’d have to say that, in terms of the team’s overall progression, a 0-0 draw is far better for us that a blood and fire 4-4 where we look leaky as a sponge at the back etc etc.

    It’s a shame Park didn’t have the best night since I was impressed with him in the CC. And I still secretly really like Santos, even if he is clearly a total lunatic when it come to defending (or not…)

  74. The Noise

    Darren… I think we’re already half way there man! What was the cheapest CL final ticket last season? £125?
    Another £75 and you can get a ST at Dagenham & Redbridge!

    That’s the state of football these days!
    But it’s cool… Football is slowly eating itself! Empty seats are popping up everywhere now!
    The ordinary fan on the street has never been so disinterested with football and is finally starting to vote with their feet!

    The FA, the clubs & the players will have no else to blame but themselves!

  75. Josip Skoblar

    The Noise

    Yep, can’t agree more, mate. I’m surprised that so may people are still willing to pay these inflated ticket prices. Who can afford that? What if you have a family and kids who want to go to the game with you? Sorry. an EPL game is not worth £70… or if it is, then you have to pay people much more! I stopped going to games when we moved to the Emirates for that reason, although I live next to the stadium. No doubt that football now attracts all these corporate people and rich kids.

  76. gazzap

    N21. pretty sure Cameroon did not qualify for ANC so Song wont be going. But Gervinho will. And Frimmers, but no loss really on him.

  77. wardo


    yeah fair point but, do you think Cygan was as good as Koz ??

    For me, he is no where near………

    I laugh because Koz for you is like JD for me !! But, i’ll give Koz another season. The way he is improving, i think you’ll end up liking him in the end !

  78. darrenchallis

    @The Noise

    It’s a shame the atmosphere is ruined and the next generation will never see a game live, never bounce around after scoring. or shout at the oppo fans.

    Even in the States everything is still reasonable because they know the fans won’t tolerate it. They have a wage cap and strikes though.

  79. bade the gooner (bernard)

    Hello Grovers,

    A quickie and away

    Pedro, what is it with your generosity when rating? Park was 3 at best, Jenk 7? Boy you’r a Liberal ….

    But you were right, bottom line 4 points a good outcome against OM, though the way things went we should’ve won it yesterday and secure our progress and the week before secure the 1st spot so we can rest key players….. Now we won’t be able to

    It is glaringly obvious we are a one man team….. And it is even more obvious Arsene can’t handle the boys …. A fine run, and we’re suddenly back to square one, complacency all over the pitch, starting from SZCZ and up to the last ….. This is a managerial issue, but we know we have a manager that can’t control his dressing room ……

  80. Arsene Nose Best

    you’d of thought we lost last weekend the way we played last night,don’t get to carried away with recent results,wenger still has to go.

  81. terry

    i think sontos has actually been pretty good he won the ball so many time… he makes excellent runs forwards and has a end product to those runs unlike clichy …
    it is the left midfilders responsiblity to cover for him when he makes a overlapping run… and arteta did pretty well in covering for him…
    itz a team game and more play with each other and understand each others games … the better we get.

  82. Jimmythegun

    I think one of the problems last night was that we can’t trust Ju as much as we trust RVP (obviously).

    This meant that Ramsey was forced higher up the pitch, almost as a second striker (sometimes a first stiker given Ju’s tendancy to drop back to recieve the ball).

    He hasn’t got the pace or composure (yet) for this, and it reduced our ability to get Theo/Gerv into the game as Ramsey was often playing ahead of them.

    RVP can hold the ball up and bring others into play (Theo, Gerv and Ramsey) and this is clearly where we are most affective going forward.

    As mentioned above, I would have prefered to see Gerv/Theo playing a more central role giving us an extra body in midfield.

    Don’t get me wrong, Rambo played as an ‘ACM’ against Chelsea and played wonderfully as he had more of the game in front of him. Can’t believe people are jumping on him after a mediocre performance, but I guess he set the standard on Saturday. He has the potential to be an amazing player.

    Best bit of the game was when Ayw tried 5 or 6 step overs on the edge of the box. Vermy just looked at him (death stare), didn’t even flinch, and robbed the ball off him.


  83. Pedro

    Bade, Park was never a three… to go lower than a 6, you have to start taking making mistakes. He didn’t make mistakes, he just didn’t impose himself.

  84. steve

    the midfield is the problem imo, wenger should just go out in jan for a quality creative midfielder cos arteta, ramsey? far from it! we are not creating enough scoring chance and we can’t even put together string of passes as we use to, we keep losing poccession easily.

  85. steve

    the midfield is the problem imo, wenger should just go out in jan for a quality creative midfielder cos arteta, ramsey? far from it! we are not creating enough scoring chance and we can’t even put together string of passes as we use to, we keep losing poccession easily. how do you expect park to score from situation like that? all strikers cannot be like RVP we’ve got to make their job easier!

  86. Arsene Nose Best

    and as for the keeper,he needs to start bucking his ideas up,he’s out the box every game now,it’s only a matter of time before he gets caught out,which nearly happend last night.

  87. chris

    Gambon –

    You’re on top irritating-for-the-sake-of-it form today.

    I don’t understand the line about Cygan

    If you have a squad player in a good team, he won’t normally destroy it.

    For me Koscielny has consistently shown great strengths in lots of areas, passing, intercepting, bravery, heading sometimes (and I’m not sure there’s another CB in the Prem who could have handled Messi as well as he did last year, cerrtainly not Vermaelen or Terry or Vidic or Lescott or Ledley King) – so for me there’s something there.

    But then he has a glaring tendancy to make errors – so the question is: Are the errors part of him in a Titus Bramble Gael Cilchy way or can he learn to be consistent and make fewer mistakes?

    I think you should see the best in him as well as the less good
    (I thought the “Downs syndrome” comment was abject, btw – like the big but talentless, popular but no future after school bully sneering at Rooney or Peter Beardsley back in the day because they’re ugly – Yeah mate, whatever, I’d certainly rather be Kozzer than you).

    Finally, you shouldn’t say you always accepted that last year’s team couldn’t win the title – I remember you pronouncing them as favourites in the run-in.
    It’s the hope that kills you, eh?

  88. Jason Harris (@bronzey1970)

    Is a blog not a place for everyone to voice their opinion? albeit postive, constructive and negative. Give Gambon a break he is entitled to his opinion even if we dont agree with what he says!
    Just remember peeps that when we were at Gods acre (highbury) we were bloody successful. We were all sold the theory that moving to a bigger stadium would enable us to grow into a world power in the game, competing against the richest clubs……………..6 years on and we are competing for a top 4 finish !!

  89. DaleDaGooner

    Can’t believe people blame Park, he is a striker that needs the midfield to feed him, Ramsey, sorry to say, blows hot and cold, and he was cold. We didn’t win yesterday cause Ramsey lacked ideas, he hesitates too much.

    RvP is our sole creative force, he scores cause he doesn’t need Ramsey to make him chances.

    Park did well with Arshavin pulling the strings.

  90. Leedsgunner

    Shame we didn’t win… but on the positive at least it was a clean sheet. Park didn’t do himself any favours with such a weak performance — but to be fair to him that was only his second start. Hopefully he’ll gain more games to get that match sharpness. Surprisingly I thought he looked leggy yesterday… the whole team did. Apparently Poldolski is on AW’s radar… I think jt would be great… the type of signing we need to convince RvP to stay… doubt though his club would sell in January…

  91. visionary

    were being 2 harsh on the boys, there not going 2 capitulate like teams of the last few years, anybody see per flatten that guy like he ran into a stone wall or their winger pull out of the 50/50 with santos,we got steel now for the first time in years
    we created chances early on until inevitably fatigue slowered our tempo, park looked lost and out of his debt and i ask myself is drogba worth a million pound punt in january as someone who could get 12 to 15 goals per season and take the workload off robin, and what dose ashavin bring 2 the table, he puts a good shift in for russia for 90 mins and dose sod-all for us. is deadwood that needs 2 be cleared out also??????????????????

  92. DaleDaGooner

    I still stand by Arshavin taking up position int he middle/hole and Ramsey coming of the bench to keep leads.

  93. frenchie

    i felt park was ineffective not because he is a poor player but because he is still learning to fit into the side. does that excuse being absent at times? no. but it was clear he did not read the minds of his team. these are things of growing into the side. they happen.

    unlike chamack, he actually attacks and looks for a pass that is forward, not backward. i agree with some on here that chamack is the worst signing in arsene’s history. i cannot say much for park yet because i have seen him now 3 games for the arsenal.

    still, arsene needs to bring in another forward with pace and tenacity. but he will not.

  94. frenchie

    i think woj rendition of cruyff had more to do with being hung out by jenks’ poor back pass than anything else. agree that jenks did grow through the game–he still should not be sagna’s backup. loan him.

  95. goonerDNA is dench

    Arsene Nose Best says:
    November 2, 2011 at 13:32

    the defence midfield and strikers are the problem,fuck knows how we won that game on saturday..

    LOL you’re like the willy billy of doomers, keep it up

  96. hitman49

    i’m sorry guys

    i have just heard the chavs song on skymanusports.

    what the f@#k are you lot on about.

    we know what you are ? ? ?

    meaning what ? ? your own interpritation onto that. ?

    i have said so many times before that we have the power in the ground..

    as we can sing ……and it will be heard…

    so forget banners…marches….sing your views and if theier’s enought of us we might just get some publisity

  97. Goonerpower

    I think I know how we won that game. Didn’t we score 5 goals and they only scored 3…….yeh that’s right we score more than then. Hope that clears that up for you Arsen nose best 😉

  98. azed

    gambon says:
    November 2, 2011 at 11:37

    The Arsene Wenger post-2005 trophyless useless shit cunts:





    The worrying thing is that 9 of them are still Arsenal players. What an appalling team!
    there has to be a place for justin hoyte

  99. GoonerJohn

    every fucking pundit/journo says it, koscienly has been in top form lately.

    Every arsenal fan share the same opinion including me.

    why do some people need to convince gambon who will never admit koscienly is a good player no matter what he does?

  100. gambon

    “why do some people need to convince gambon who will never admit koscienly is a good player no matter what he does?”

    The best post of the day.

  101. Leedsgunner

    With the team looking tired out there last night… and lacking sharpness as AW himself said, shame we didn’t bring on players like AOC and Ryo into the game inject a bit of pace in the contest — it would have unsettled the French defence at least… allowing Gervinho and Park to get clear sight of goal. Park over Chamakh any day… at least Park runs into channels and appears to give a damn.

  102. Dan Gleeballs

    Park had a poor performance last night but I feel he will grow into this team, he showed composure on the ball and good movement off the ball. Goals will come in time.

    Having said that we need a striker who can fill in for RVP now!!

    Dont try and change Gambon’s oppinion, he is obviously just set in his old ways and wont accept anything good about the new generation.

  103. Pollux

    We have no clue against team that defended very well. This clearly show there is no brain in the team. All are decent workers but we need a brain… Someone that can make that difference with a slick through pass. People say we should buy goetze, I think we should pray for wilshere speedy recovery. People Also said that we really need another top notch striker. I can’t agree more with that statement and really hope wenger will notice and sign another powerful German tank by the name of podolski.

  104. 037

    It wasn’t the absence of spark. It was the absence of finishing.

    I was pleased with the way we played last night. The passes were flowing, and we had MANY shots on goal.
    Whoever complained that Arsenal doesn’t usually take enough shots and is still complaining now seems like they just want something to complain about Arsenal