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Arsenal 0 – 0 Marseille

So Arsene Wenger answered the hotly debated question of who his favoured defensive partnership was by opting for the giant German and the fans favourite Belgian.

The game started much in the same way as the Chelsea game, our full backs being exploited and our goal tested by the inaccurate shooting boots of strikers who luckily couldn’t find the target!

The Marseille fans were loud and rowdy, probably excited Santos was in the festive spirit of giving. He twice made unforced errors leading to good Marseille chances.

Arsenal tested the French for the first time when Alex Song slipped Theo in on goal, the Englishman’s trademark low shot tipped round the post.

Chezzer was in attention seeking mode nearly making a meal of a Jenkinson back pass, luckily for him his two clumsy Cruyff turns evaded two Marseille attackers. We laughed, but he needs to be careful. Silly risk taking has a habit of biting you in the ass when it matters.

The French were pressing Arsenal extremely well, they were desperate for an early goal.

We played some classy football at times but things were failing to click in the final third. Passes were too direct into feet or marginally behind the run.

Gervinho and Theo were swapping wings and passing slickly, Park also looked comfortable without ever looking threatening.

Our best chance in the first half fell to Rambo at the back post when Theo crossed well, sadly a his volley could only find the upper tier. What happened to the diving header my Gooner pal said?

As the half drew to a close we started to look lifeless up front, both widemen lost their width, fighting it out for space through the middle causing a congested penalty area and making the job of marking them far too easy.

Our final frustrating move came when Gervinho played Rambo in but the Welshman dithered and passed up his shot.

Half time in club level was interesting, a Chicken burger costs £9.90 and a Hot dog £7.80. I’d rather starve… or eat my free programme.

The second half was really weak. We didn’t really chase a win.

Jenkinson really grew with the game, his engine is incredible. He played some great crosses, just a shame there was no real target.

Park who failed to sparkle made way for the captain on 65, the boss hoping the Dutchman hadn’t run out of magic tricks.

Arshavin and Rosicky entered the fray and things tried to liven up. Robin was put through by Rosicky, he elected for the chip, it didn’t work, but rest assured, Carlos Vela was pleased, lady boys on him at the Christmas do.

Theo came close to playing a decisive ball into Andrey after expertly keeping the ball in play but failed with the simple 8 yard pass.

Song of all people was driving the last ten minutes, not to great effect, though he deserves an honourable mention for his back heel that let Robin rip a cross dangerously across the box. He also did well to win a free kick at the death… Robin could only fire it at the wall.

The game ended 0-0 and qualification would have to wait another day. Still, a clean sheet was hugely important as was the fitness of the back 4.


Taking 4 points from the French Champions would have been satisfactory outcome before we’d kicked off the group stages, the fact they were there for the taking leaves me a bit disappointed. The group is still wide open with two relatively tricky games against Dortmund and Olympiacos to come.

We’re still really struggling in two areas. Our full backs are suspect. Andre Santos is a real mystery to me. He was garbage against Chelsea and last night he did nothing to convince me I’d be rash in giving him a 4.5 there. He makes far too many basic mistakes and he’s so far off the pace I wonder if he’ll ever catch up. I never thought I’d be looking forward to seeing Gibbs back.

In attack we were really toothless. Robin is hugely important and Wenger was right to rest him last night. His mistake came from not replacing Nik B with a top notch striker in the summer. Forget the form of Robin, he still needs competition and the team needs to know if he’s rested there’s someone there who can come close to matching him. It looks like we’ve landed another striker who fits into our style but doesn’t have that edge we need. Our front three struggled last night. It took the captain to spark the team into urgency, too little too late.

People take offence in Arsenal being called a one man team, sad thing is, the more matches we play like that, the more obvious that assessment is. We depend on Robin not only for goals, but morale, leadership, speed of play and spark. Someone else has to take step up, I’m just not sure who?

Positives are that the two centre backs seemed to have an understanding and we ground out an uninspiring 0-0 in a professional manner. We’ve been on a great run and have to accept that perhaps the game at the weekend took the wind out of our sales a bit.

Next up is West Brom on Saturday, we need to stay focused and make sure there is no complacency. We need to keep this points train on the right track, no let up. Let’s make sure this November is the whitest one since time began.

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Ratings –

Chezzer – Didn’t have much to do. Wish he’d calm down on the risk taking. 6

Santos – Needs to be sat down in a dark room with a two hour video of his low-lights. He’s supposed to be our experience, must improve, we’re a top 4 team, it’s not acceptable for 2 teams inside a week to target the full back as an exploitation tactic. 4

Jenkinson – Much improved with a great engine. Defended well, really improved in the 2nd half. Needs to watch his positioning and remember he is a defender first and foremost. 7

Mertesacker – Much more assured last night. Kept the ship steady and improved in the air. 7

Vermaelen – A great communicator, looked strong, excellent at sniffing out danger. 7.5

Song – Great game, looked very motivated, maybe assumed too much responsibility for creating an opening, but if no one else will, why not? 7.5

Arteta – Jury is still out, solid, dependable, occasionally erratic in the pass… no dazzle yet. 6.5

Ramsey – I love his hustle. When he gets older, he’ll be a menace on the pitch. Final third passing was missing last night, but he more than made up for that with a solid work ethic. 6.5

Gervinho – Our most attacking threat but also our most wasteful player. The ups and downs of an undoubted talent. 6.5

Theo – Very quiet for large parts and not the best night for his final ball. 6

Park – Started ok, but failed to inspire the doubters he was anything more than an ok stop gap. His runs dried up after 20mins, he was taken off on 65 mins. 5.5

P.S. For those who don’t get to games, make sure you tune into our Tumblr / Instagram (search Le Grove) account. I’ll be uploading pictures of the game so you can get a feel for the bits of being a season ticket holder you don’t get from watching the TV.

P.P.S I’m disgusted and ashamed that people from my country would sing such disgusting chants at an away match in Europe. Shame on Chelsea, shame on their fans. They should be taken to the cleaners for the song they were singing last night.

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  1. Dan Gleeballs

    Pipe down Gambon – You not heard the saying “If you dont have anything positive to say then dont say anything at all”

  2. Dan Gleeballs

    It’s sad really that all your comments are just ignored now and you are just thought of as the Miserable Le Grove Clown.

  3. bade the gooner (bernard)


    You’r generous

    I thought if you’r playing nowhere near the opposition box when you’r team is possessing the ball, it’s a mistake. Also he fail to control a relatively easy pass from Theo and missed a good chance.

    Anyway Park was just example

    I’m sure every beggar you pass by blesses you!

  4. NiXKiX

    “gambon says:
    November 2, 2011 at 14:37
    Speaking of massive pussies, how is your mother?

    Everytime I see a ripped out fireplace I think of her.

    Send my regards.”


  5. scott

    Wow loads of AKb’s on here today.
    I don’t agree with gambon about kos. But I agree with most of his other regular posts. Another few shit results and you’ll all be agreeing with him.

  6. Arsene Nose Best

    tozzzer did do his best to give the chavs a goal on saturday,how he is getting praised is beyond ridiculous now.this is what we have come to,thanks to wenger,disgusting.

  7. JJ

    Vermy Meatsack Kos Sagna

    Add another top striker and creative midfielder in January to this defensive unit and we will make top 4.

    Does Wenger have the nuts to buy in January though?

  8. BacaryisGod

    Before the game started, I hoped that RVP wouldn’t let all the acclaim go to his head and start thinking he was Messi.

    What happened? He’s put through in a similar position to our 5th goal against Chelsea and he decides to attempt a low-percentage Messi-like finish instead of just smacking it with his golden left boot.

    Sure the keeper had come out to cut off the angle, but RVP needs to remember that power and placement will always be better for him than showboating, particularly when a big game is on the line.

  9. JJ

    Personally I think Gibbs needs a loan. His positioning is generally poor and quite often leaves the back door wide open.

    I like Santos but his positioning at times is also poor. Add his lack of fitness (I hope that is all it is) to this and he also leaves us very exposed.

    With Kos and Per playing this well, I would prefer Vermy at LB… mainly because I think he is the only left-footer out of the three. If Kos was left-footed I would make him LB.

    It will never happen though. Wenger will always play a fit LB at LB (and RB at RB) irrespective of how they are playing and who the opponent is. He trusts Gibbs and Jenkinson which is fair enough but I am less of a risk taker.

  10. JJ

    Bacary – I think the situation was a little different. You are right, last night the keeper was more off the line but that made the shot required different. I think the chip was the right option – it was the execution that wasn’t there. Not to say that blasting an accurate shot wouldn’t have worked either but that would have been harder. Just my opinion though…

  11. SUGA3

    evening 😉

    Park was completely shyte last night, he is so lazy it’s not funny, his Chamakh-esque jogging around the pitch was really painful to watch, yes, he can finish, but that’s about it, he can’t outrun his man or go past him and he was not even making any runs into the box, no wonder his team got relegated…

  12. Hussain

    Apparently RVP and Wenger have been named to be the player and manager of month for October, RVP yes, but i think Pardew deserved the Manager of the Month award more than Wenger did!

  13. SUGA3


    Pardew did not deliver the Führer-like ‘100 Thousand Year Arsenal’ speech last month, no?

    OGL with his speech and RvP with his celebration make a nice couple 😆

  14. incesc

    gomes scores for bayern

    he was recommended by people on here ages ago, bit like balotelli, dzeko, aguero…

    shame we got park and chamakh

  15. Paul King

    Typical fuckin’ delusional cunt playing for the filth! Ray’s Van Parts has got an hard on for his club’s current form…but watch the cunts bottle it and fall apart when one FA Cup Twitchy loses interest and dives for cover from HMRC under the England Manager protection umbrella!
    50 fuckin’ years….Nothing…not even a title challenge!

  16. Ritesh

    10 pounds for a burger!
    Something is wrong in your country and the next generation is not going to be happy about that.

    Crazy match. Midfield lack balance and it was too open. We did not dictate the game and our lines were too far from each other sometimes

  17. skandibird

    I’m back from Skandiland peeps; stressful Saturday, wasn’t able to watch game but finally a friend got BBC World on her telly and the result (3-5 to us!!!) it so made my whole week-end, so so happy. Sunday papers full of RVP and his talent, BUT, my god do they like Tottenham, what is that all about I wonder, maybe it’s a birth defect of some sort ….. 😉

  18. kwik fit

    Welcome home skandi. You have been missed some girl called vicki tried to take your patch while you were gone 🙂

  19. Paul King

    The press have an hard on for the filth because of Twitchy….he is their chosen one! The fact is the cunt can’t lace Capello’s boots and is as bent as a nine bob note! Just a scamming cunt that for some reason has become the Del Boy of the Premier League.

  20. SUGA3

    Paul King,

    getting cold feet much? I remember the times when we would just laugh at Jol or ‘One day’ Ramos, now some people feel the urge to abuse ‘Arry, who, apart from the CC game last year did not lose a single game against us, funny that…


    there is a reason why Chamakh was available on a free…

  21. Paul King


    Twitchy is a racketeering cunt. I lived in Essex for over 40 years and there are so many stories about this fake you wouldn’t know where to start! The dope has hit a purple patch against us but that won’t last! One FA Cup…That’s it! Plenty of relegation experience though! He’s a cunt!

  22. kwik fit

    suga3 forgot about that one. They are getting better and better and going foward I just don’t see anyone beating them. We can only hope for self implosion.

  23. SUGA3

    it’s no purple patch, he just works better with what he has, simples!

    all I am interested in is how a football manager does the football management, I don’t give a flying fuck about whether someone is a crook, first stones and all that 😉

  24. Paul King

    The cunts squatted in the Champions League for a year and have now been evicted! They have a five match run and everyone’s wanking over twitchy! He is a total cunt! A completely shit record for someone being seriously considered for the England post! Typical little Englander mentality! He’s shit!

  25. SUGA3

    kwik fit,

    no self implosion is going to happen there, all Mancini need to do is tell them that if they don’t win a truckload of trophies, everyone will say they are just a bunch of overpaid cunts…

    ideals defeat money only in cheesy American movies, you know?

  26. Ritesh

    This Ricky Alvarez is good. Slow but very tricky, would have been good to have him when we had the tippy tappy set up.

  27. Ricky

    Citeh haven’t looked too impressive in th CL.. In all fairness the Villarreal side they beat wouldn’t get out of the championship bottom 5.

    I reckon they’ll struggle to get anything at Napoli & well, the home game against bayern depends on the side they feel like putting out.

  28. bade the gooner (bernard)


    Was so knackered yesterday night, didn’t watch anything

    Just saw the highlights,

    Gomes looks finally what they were saying he’ll be two years ago.

    Bayern and Real look set for the CL finals, unless they meet each other before that…..

  29. Lego

    “Or just say it as it is Wenger…..we dont have the quality to win regularly against top opposition.”

    idiotic comment.
    Nobody wins regularly againts top opposition, even barca, madrid, man utd or chelsea.

  30. Lego

    “yet Spurs sit comfortably above us in the league and have beaten us 3 times in the last 4 in the PL.”

    so ‘arry is better then wenger? cmon, say it.

  31. Paul King


    The filth haven’t finished above us since 199 fuckin’ 5, haven’t sniffed a title challenge in half a century and consistently create a hype with purple patches, followed by predictable collapses. You fail to mention that before the 2 gifts we gave them in the league last season (twice leading by 2 goals), the cunts hadn’t beaten us in over a decade in the league. This included a chunk of the “miserable” 6 seasons without a trophy period that you are happy to highlight on a daily basis! Even during our recent failures & struggles they remain substantially inferior to us in every way! Always remember…..they are complete cunts and are clearly the most detested club by all other Premier League Club’s fans.

  32. abnet

    paul – Gambon is a living legend of cunts, dont give him the attention that he seeks badly, and most of all he is not an arsenal fan, IMO why you want to talk about arsenal with some one who has no value and love for the club ,

  33. Paul King


    Whatever the club has done right or wrong, we don’t have a fuckin’ god given right to stay ahead of the filth forever! What sort of fan starts whinging and fuckin’ whining about the manager, most of the playing staff and the board when a long period of utter domination over the cunts…appears to end. This is sport….They have improved and we have gone backwards, but we will fight to stay ahead for a longer period. They have achieved precisely…Fuck All under Twitchy and I don’t see that changing!

  34. abnet

    Suga3 – when was the last time they finished above us? and why the fuck i want to talk about them in a blog that i love who only talks about Arsenal, why i bother talking about the scum of a team haaa

  35. IvoryGoonz

    At all after Suga:
    I’m sorry guys for you.
    You only see the iceberg once it’s hit the deck.
    We have witnessed a collapse in Wenger’s assessment of the team and the squad.
    Once an unbeatable Lion, you have to admit the totts are not afraid of us anymore.
    Get used to it. If Wenger fucked it up once, he’ll do it again.

  36. gambon

    “They have improved and we have gone backwards”

    The key part here is “we have gone backwards”……..when a business goes backwards new management comes in.

    You are admitting failure on Wengers part here you muppett.

  37. IvoryGoonz

    And for everybody that said OM was there for the taking, well, I can tell you being over here, OM players at the exit of the emirates and OM fans, said Arsenal was for the taking and they should have got the 3 points.
    We should have won the fucking game at home…
    And it wad all down to tactics.
    I had warned couple days ago that OM switched back to a 4-4-2, reason? Players didn’t really like the 4-3-3 anymore and was boring… Sound familiar? Had we had 2 adequate strikers on the pitch, we would have won. Simple as. Either you have the money to play a real 4-3-3 a la Barcelona, with enough depth, and quality all over the attack, either you have to use tactics to be able to counter a 4-3-3.
    The other thing is communication between the keeper and the back four. And that is clearly an issue for us at the moment…

  38. passionandpride




  39. passionandpride



  40. Maciek


    We need a quality striker( Tevez or Cavani), a proper left back, and a world class cdm (M’Villa). Santos should play as a winger.

    And of course we need a world class playmaker. Since we don’t have a chance to sign Goetze I would say Hamsik or Eriksen from Ajax.

    Have a nice day!

  41. Kartik Bharadwaj

    Whoever says Aaron Ramsey is crap must punch themselves.
    He is an awesome talent. Hailed as the next cesc I think he is much much better than the real cesc. Just wait for another yaer and we all will see the quality aaron brings in!
    P.S. – We need a proper target man and a cb…everything else is pretty sorted.