Arsenal take on Chelsea at the Bridge… who’s dreaming of a win?

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Chelsea host Arsenal today in a not so top of the table crunch tie. That said, a win today could put us within 3 points of the West Londoners, which you’d have to say, would be rather grand!

I’m not sure what has me dreaming of a win, but something does! I really fancy at least a point from Chelsea. They’ve blown hot and cold this season and apparently, they were totally riled by the reception they received from the QPR fans the week before, John Terry giving some back to the crowd at one point. The fact that they lost against such a weak team gives me hope and we know from seasons past that Chelsea have gone through some pretty serious dips after losing a game. Last years poor run was awful. Forget they recovered well in the end, they were out the running by Christmas.

Wenger has been talking about racism and abuse, saying both are the same. He’s kind of right there. If we’ve got a problem in the Premier League, it’s knowing where the line is. Trouble is, how do you manage abuse? Is singing about a players wife too far? Is singing about John Terry’s mum stealing dog food too far? Is singing about John Terry being a racist too far? Is singing about John Terry’s Dad being a convicted coke dealer taking things too far? Who dictates what is and what isn’t acceptable? A question to big for me and maybe the universe.

Back to the game…

Do Arsenal have it in them to grind out a win? We certainly have the fire power in Robin Van Persie to score. Do we have the spark in midfield to create the chances for him? Do we have the concentration at the back to mark the runs of Torres? Have we learned the lessons of the Old Trafford spanking? Big questions will be answered today.

Vermaelen has worked his way back into to contention, but for me, he has to start on the bench.We have something that resembles a unit in the centre of our defence at the moment, I don’t think breaking it up for a massive game is a good idea, regardless of how sharp Thomas thinks he is. Still, it’s nice to have a player keen on returning. I doubt Diaby would be declaring himself that fit.

I think the midfield will line up with Arteta, Ramsey and Song. Pretty much standard these days. Song has to do the basics today and make sure he tracks runs into the box from midfield. I don’t want to see Songinho out there today. Arteta and Ramsey just need to keep the ball moving and take a chance. Be direct and make sure Robin isn’t left isolated up top.

I’m not sure which wideman he’ll go for out of Theo and Arshavin. I guess he’ll probably go for Theo because of his burning pace. I’m not sure how many problems he’ll cause Ashley Cole, he used to deal with Ronaldo expertly, Theo is a far more basic player even if he is getting on a bit. Gervinho will take to the other wing and we’ll have to hope he has one of his more inspired days.

Personally I’d prefer to see a ground out 0-0 than see us go gung-ho and leave ourselves exposed. A point is good enough today, a win, well, that would be dream stuff!

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How do you see the game panning? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Thomas. It's up for grabs now!

    There are key moments in every season that stand out…

    97-98: Limpar’s goal at Old Trafford.. That was the exact moment I knew we would go on and win the league.. 10 wins on the trot and it was in the bag.

    01-02: 0-2 down at half-time against Villa at Highbury after a shit first half. Came back with a storming 2nd half to win 3-2. That was Dec 2001 and we went on to win it…But that was the moment for me..

    I’m NOT comparing the sides.. or the chance of winning the title. Woahhh…They are entirely different circumstances. We have issues.. We are short and we need to strengthen in Jan. I’ll leave that for monday’s blogging when the rain is battering the windows!Tonight I’m going to drink with a smile and enjoy this day.

    But.. watching the players celebrate in front of the fans at the end shows how much it meant to them. They are on a high that no illegal substance could give them. It will give them confidence.

    They won’t be so nervous, like they’ve been, if they go behind to WBA, Norwich, Fulham, Wigan, Everton.. (next 5 games). The heads won’t go down so far. They will now believe they can win.

    I am hoping that I saw one of those moments. I don’t know how high or where it will take us but we are in the game for the top four. After that,fate, luck, injuries, signings, and some poxy Ref will decide!

    Enjoy today Gooners, It was special! No one in the PL era has put 5 past them there. Even in the pre-Roman days when they were realy shit!

  2. goonermart

    What Posts did you post after the 8-2 game? None

    You talk about people not posting after a win, you are worse.

    Ever since you have been on here you talk shit

    Goon in 60 Seconds says:
    October 20, 2011 at 12:08

    Bade saying AW is “fucking up my beloved team” made me actually so angry I wanted to fuck something or someone up, and that is not a good feeling. I’m done 4 good with this. Pedro I think you are excellent writer, thanks for some enjoyable times grovers.


    You talk shit goon and you are mental

  3. ardentgooner

    Anyone else think Pep Guardiola is begining to be a bit too cocky these days…. Pique and Puyol on the bench…actually he’s been doing that for a month now….Arrogant bastards

  4. Sabeel (@Sabeelmk)

    yeah can u believe it…west ham ‘a championship team reject’ goalkeeper almunia, who has played 109 games for Arsenal FC ‘a top premier club’

    in short, a championship club rejects a premier league player…how right was wenger to make him play 109 games,and in the process kill the motivation inside cesc fabregas for so many years…

  5. albo

    Find it hilarious how many posts there are on here defending Gambon for disappearing after our win. He may well just be down the pub, but quite why anyone feels the need to fight the miserable cunt’s corner I do not know!

  6. Sabeel (@Sabeelmk)

    Almunia has returned to Arsenal after his loan move. Justin in time for WBA next week …
    that moron keeper…cost us so many bloody pts last year….whats the bloody problem of such players…they get so much money,so great coaching staff and still screwup in games….

  7. albo

    gambon says:
    October 29, 2011 at 14:12

    Chelsea have conceded 13, Arsenal 20.

    You sure about that?
    Yes Gambon, I’m completely sure about that! (16-21 now!) And the difference between us and Chelsea is that he has taken on a strong defence and turned them leaky as a sponge…

  8. Gooby

    gambon is just too pessimistic, why focus on him? He’s got his view we may not all agree with him (i don’t most of the time) but let’s talk less about him and more about football.

    Everyone is free to have an opinion and as must as we disagree we shall not insult each others over it.

  9. goonermart

    albo- because it’s hypocritical to say that someone only posts when we lose, by someone that only posts when we win.

  10. ikon

    unlike most of the comments slagging off the defending i thought the defense played well for most part.. especially the excellent Koscielny and Santos in the 2nd half. The two opening Chelsea goals were all due to fault of Mertesacker, who is one of the slowest coming out of his blocks. We know our defense isnt a world class defense, and without Sagna leaving apart the first 10 minutes, Djourou played okay. In my opinion one thing that could have been avoided was Bendtner loan to Sunderland. When January comes, we have to have a Koscielny type signing, a playmaker and a striker. And ohh yes , please pray nothing happens to RVP this season. He is contributing more to the team’s try for success single handedly that Cesc did.

  11. frenchie

    only in the blogosphere could the proclivities of a poster take on more importance than the subject of the blog.

  12. Geoff

    Gooby our defence was rubbish against Bolton as well, if they had been better at finishing we would have lost.

    Our defending today was crap, don’t be fooled, that’s what’s so annoying about Wenger, had he just signed what we needed for the last 7 seasons we would be unbeatable, but he won’t.

    And that’s why every year we lose our best players, imagine had we had Mata in out team?

    This win changes nothing for me, I would be very shallow if it did.

  13. Leedsgunner

    Went out for a family day — and managed to avoid the score until the cab ride home in the afternoon when we were told the score — when we all spontaneously cheered, wife included. Great, great result… sounds like a real shoot out… Looking forward to watching MOTD tonight and reading Le Grove’s match report tomorrow — well done lads… COYG! I think we can officially say that the corner has been turned… now onward and upward.

  14. Santos


    There are a list of Strikers who we can get In January;

    Loic Remy
    Stevan Jovetic
    Klass Jan-Huntelaar
    Papiss Cisse

  15. frenchie


    exactly. arsene is still relying on a spotty defender playing out of position and a youngster to cover areas we all knew needed adequate support.

    i love the win, but hate seeing djourou and jenks thrown into games like today.

    i said it earlier, arsene is going to use this win to support his summer of indecision and another winter of inactivity.

  16. Gooby


    i didn’t say we defended well, we didn’t in the first half. But the lads fought hard on the pitch they gave everything to protect the defense. gervinho walcott arteta ramsey did their jobs.

    mertezaker was at fault for the first 2 goals, the 3rd goal was just pure genius from mata, nothing we could do about that.

    A back line needs time to develop, those 4 didn’t play a lot together, djourou isn’t a RB and santos isn’t fit. Metrtezaker was terrible on their first goal. But there are some signs of improvement, and i suppose vermaelen+a fit santos will improve us a lot. We might be solid at last.

    All i am saying is that we are improving, winning games is important to build confidence there’s a lot of potential in that team. Gervinho is a great player imo, ramsey will be immense, wilshere is due to be back we know he’s top top midfielder. matta would have been a good addition in any team but we, as well, have got some talents.

    i’d take a striker in january to replace chamakh and maybe a CB/RB.

    there’s room for improvement, there’s only one way to find out if this team is good enough at the moment: they need to play every game with the same fight and passion as today and it might all click together at some point. The talent is there, the experience is there so is the competition for starting spots. Let’s see what they have to offer next month and hope for the best now that we can’t buy anyone until new year. At least the spirit and the passion is there, they have the will to prove the critics wrong.

  17. OPG

    Cesc is on the bench along with Iniesta but Xavi not in squad so I guess Messi isn’t so reliant on one player to create for him.

  18. Gooby


    Jovetic was class two seasons ago, i think he had a bad injury last year. He’s the kind of versatile striker i’d like us to have

  19. WengersSweeties

    If we lay our defence out like this:


    I think that would be pretty solid.

    Everyone seems to be drilling Santos today who does look unfit.

    But Mertesacker was awful and at fault for both goals, I’ve come to the conclusion that he just isn’t good in the air which is surprising considering his height.

    He needs to start ironing out some of these mistakes because he can be top class.

  20. David

    Santos says:
    October 29, 2011 at 19:33

    There are a list of Strikers who we can get In January;


    Loic Remy —————-> Decent but one dimensional.
    Stevan Jovetic ————> Bendtner II
    Klass Jan-Huntelaar ———–> Shite.
    Papiss Cisse —————-> Marginally Shite.

  21. Sabeel (@Sabeelmk)

    if 2 months of improvement brings about a change from 8-2 loss to 3-5 win, something is going right as luck is never on our side..

    hence heres hoping we end up in top3 and cup double(carling/fa)

    Nite all

  22. David

    Lurch LeRouge says:
    October 29, 2011 at 19:47
    get rid of chamakh, give theo a go centrally and pick up another capable wideman.


    Amen! (lifting the baptist hand)

  23. gooner-pak

    Don’t know if some shared got it from fb status
    Mancs 8-2 arsenal, mancs 1-6 city and Chav 3-5 arsenal
    Can’t wait for Chav v city :p

  24. OPG

    AVB basically said he won’t change his philosophy after today, a high line sometimes up to the halfway line is suicidal.
    Mata should be playing for us damn right.

  25. Gooby


    papis cisse has got a good goal scoring record, i’ve never watched him play though

    08/09 15 goals in 33 starts
    09/10 13 in 26
    10/11 24 in 34
    11/12 7 in 11

    not much on the assist front, he has to be one of those goal scorers. he’s 6ft

  26. bade the gooner (bernard)


    That was sarcasm….

    Wow, I passed out for a couple of hours…. just collected me self back to consciousness……

  27. nishanth


    Hoilett is a top prospect.I like the look of reus though.Very athletic and will give us a good goalscoring option an as well.Reminds me a bit of ljungberg especially with his runs

  28. Gooby

    i remember boozy said we have no chance against the chavs because AVB is more intelligent than AW

    that was so inaccurate

  29. bade the gooner (bernard)

    Curious to find out why Chamakh was left out of the squad….

    Is Arsene getting how shit he is, finally ?

  30. OPG

    Yeah AVB still has much to learn but he needs to be given time and get past this adventurous style of football stage.
    It would be good to get somebody versatile who can play AM and on the wing.


    what a fucking day
    gooners at the bridge were the 12th man
    ramsey and theo were awesome
    kocielny brilliant
    santos and merts turned it around in the 2nd half and were solid
    rvp clinical as it gets
    gervinho is lively and i like him, he will be more consistent then nasri was imo, he runs without fear and makes things happen

    great great day


    if we can get 15 points there things will be looking alot healthier

  32. Tinyspuds

    Now that’s over we have some easier games for Vermaelen to get match fit and sort out who’s playing where. Santos is hot and cold, if he can make his 2nd half performance his standard, then he’ll do well. Worried about Mertesacker today, he kept going but looked poor. Still, he won’t have to deal with games like that too often.

    We need to use this win the right way and follow it up with wins over the next few weeks. Too many times in recent years, we”ve drawn / lost games after a win like this. Somehow though with RvP as captain I feel a little more confident.

    Is there a little more fight in this Arsenal side this season ?

  33. bade the gooner (bernard)

    If we win our next league game, that will be the first time we had such a long sequence of wins in the league, since February-March 2010 when we had 5 wins on the trot……

  34. gooner-pak

    Pwwefffffff u can’t satisfy some just reading comments above and ppl talking any goal conceded well fuck it did Mancs cried for two goal conceded or eight goal score was talk of town
    I think even invincible at the moment won’t satify ppl saying aaaarghhh we drew too many matches ;p

  35. bade the gooner (bernard)

    October was a blessed month for us, after all

    We started with losing to the Spuds, but since then, 5 strait wins, 3 at home and 2 away against two very good sides….. Now this is momentum!

    I have to admit I didn’t dream of such a good month!

    Bring on November the black, we’ll white wash you Novs 😆

  36. arcastic

    Kos was man of the match for me, Robin may have been the best player on the pitch but we expect that from him. Kos rose to the occasion and i hope he can maintain this level.

  37. OPG

    I think we had alot of winnable games this month bar 2 maybe 3, sometimes made a meal of things at times but have got the resilience rub of the green atm.
    It won’t last forever but it’s a huge relief after the first 2 months.
    I don’t think we’re far compared to this point last season although some clubs have started alot better than last season due to different reasons, Chelsea seem to be the only uncertainty with different manager with a different style.

  38. bade the gooner (bernard)

    Next win will mean end of negative goal difference, a win by 2 or more margin, means the first time we’ll get positive goal difference since the start of season …..

  39. zeus

    Now we head into the traditional bastard month of November.

    Just leave us alone November witch.

    You’ve had your fun for about 5 years running. Pick on someone else.

  40. WengersSweeties

    The defence will be pulled apart on MOTD.

    Hopefully they will give a bit of credit to Ramsey, thought he did really well today against a very strong expensive Chelsea side.

  41. OPG

    RR a high line with Alex and Luiz wouldn’t be any different Alex is about as slow as Terry though, the warning signs have been there since they lost to United, obviously that’s been identified as a clear weakness from many clubs including us now.

    I wouldn’t be suprised to hear that there’s been more goals so far this season than most, there’s been so many high scoring open games with some bad defending and great finishing mixed in.
    8-2 4-3 5-1 6-1 5-3 3-3’s.

  42. incesc

    only boring old farts moan about defending like hansen and neville

    todays game was great entertainment, who wants to see a 1-0 when you can have a 5-3

    i’ll remember that game for years…

  43. nishanth

    Two players who have really raised their game(apart from RVP) Ramsey and Koscielny.They struggled at the beginning of the season.But credit where it is due.Ramsey has been playing a lot of cescish passes and Koscielny has been our standout defender

  44. Wal

    Very funny how some of the people who pretend to know something about football comment during the game and then only to see at the end of the game that they know fuck all…. LOL

    Well sorry guys at the end of the day Wenger just knew what he was doing a bit better than some of you. Maybe that is why Wenger is manager of Arsenal and you …well are just a bunch of keyboard managers who couldn’t even manage to win a game on the bench of Barcelona.


  45. OPG

    4-5 that same season against Spurs.

    I see West Ham conceded twice today and read some fans calling for them to sign Almunia before the game cause Green might leave in January.

  46. nishanth

    Szczesny does seem to concede a lot from long range.Most of them have looked unstoppable but though he could have done slightly better with mata;s effort

  47. bade the gooner (bernard)

    Say what you want about Santos, but he’s a major upgrade on Clichy

    He’s playing with us only for couple of months, and already matched Clichy’s goals tally of 7 full years….

  48. WengersSweeties

    incesc says:
    October 29, 2011 at 21:41

    only boring old farts moan about defending like hansen and neville

    todays game was great entertainment, who wants to see a 1-0 when you can have a 5-3

    i’ll remember that game for years…



  49. abnet

    LOVE this quote !! SO true !!
    “Supporting AFC is like being in a relationship. They give you heartache & just when you’re about to lose faith they show you why u love them”

  50. maksud90

    We should be able to win the next three games. 2 at home against Fulham and West Brom and an away one between the two to I think Norwitch?

  51. OPG

    United get a home draw but Crystal Palace lol, another home draw for us but it’s City and Chelsea and Liverpool draw each other..

  52. OPG

    The quality of finishing even between Blackburn and Norwich is high, Chris Samba seems alot quicker than I thought but he still turns like a oil tanker.

  53. WengersSweeties

    We do need to sort out our defence though.

    Chelsea could have finished us in the first 20mins. It could have been Old Trafford over again.

    Thank fuck Torres is shit.

    We wont get those kind of let offs all season. Sort that out and rest takes care of itself.

    Well impressed with Ramsey. Him and Wilshere WILL be class together.

  54. OPG

    Yeah doubt Drogba would do any better though lately he’s declined physically, but maybe worth a gamble on a free for some clubs.

  55. abnet

    pink boot is a an over ego cunt who will never make on the bigger stage , we had to many of those in arsenal in the last 6-7 years , thats why i love the current crop, attitude wise the best team we had in the emirate era

  56. incesc

    a defender man of the match when we concede 3?

    he was good today but theo ramsey and rvp were better.

    theo loves playing chelsea doesnt he

  57. TT

    Incest I lost the count on the interseptions and tackles Kozzer made today, so yeas a defender for me is the MOTM even though we let in three goals because if not for him we would have lost this game.

  58. roaaary

    Theo playing for a contract with the chavs today!

    Im still celebrating. What a result today even though we tried to blow it with 10mins to go!

    Watching match choice now and can enjoy it more.

    Won 6 races out of 7 at wimbledon dogs tonight to top off a great day

  59. roaaary

    Kozzer was immense today. Id say motm. Didn put a foot wrong all game. Merters mistakes lead to the goals. Kozzer was blameless and i wouldnt drop him for tv5 at the moment. Similarly merter seems to bring the best outta kozzer with his reading of the game and i wouldnt drop him either. Tv needs to wait for his chance or play dm/lb/rb

  60. Lurch LeRouge

    harsh on mert, perhaps a little unfair even, if Arteta had stuck to his post Terry wouldn’t have scored.

    Again, one could argue that Lampard walked into our box untracked by his marker, Song or Arteta to blame?

    after all it was Merte who played Sturridge offside for his disallowed goal, which Kozzer could have neutralised….

  61. incesc

    i just think vermalaen has to play when fit, hes a huge presence

    koc vermalean mert santos/gibbs

    that should be our back 4 til sagna returns,

    i think wenger will play jenkinson at right back tho

    anyway, great day to be a gooner. 2 more wins this week please


  62. roaaary

    I just feel he is making a few silly mistakes at the moment. Such a calming influence at the back i do feel safe with him there. His reading is amazing he makes the most important blocks, tackles and interceptions. In the air and crosses he lets people get infront tho. I feel it is just getting used to the prem though. When vidic first came he was ridiculously poor.

    He was at fault for their goals but i cant remember tv and kozzer looking as tight as these two do. Our problem is our full backs. They allow too many crosses into the box. Dont stop crosses, allow time for wingers to pick out passes too. Stoke have a massive emphasis on stopping crosses and people getting in behind. This is our major fault right now

  63. Lurch LeRouge

    yeah Jenko’s probably the the most sensible expendable, Dave ain’t great going forward though, can he even cross?

  64. Lurch LeRouge

    RVP’s brand of captaincy shines a fucking harsh light on what we’ve put up with since PV, he could rival TA in time.

  65. roaaary

    Dave?? U mean kozzer or tv? Tv can i dont reckon kozzer would spin one onto rvps head do you. We dont need attacking full backs tho. Having a solid defence is far more important. Having players comfortable heading is more beneficial than having a good crosser. I felt so uncomfortable when jenks came on today. Feel sorry for him though. He just isnt solid positionally

  66. Wal

    Yes OPG if you read the comments how many time do you see an Arsenal player being called useless, crap, a cunt, a… Only a few minutes later to see that this crap-cunt-useless pile of shit scores a goal for us.

    Why do these people not just support our players and our team in stead of bringing it down when the slightest thing a game goes wrong?

    Are those the ones who contribute to the moans and groans in the Emirates at every pass that doesn’t work out? I think some of them are really depressed because we won today…

  67. roaaary

    A true leader who people look up to.

    Rvp seems clever, experienced and committed……wait for the contract im sure he will sign

  68. zeus

    Just watched the goals again on Arsenalist……..can’t stop buzzing. After the5th eve Arteta had to smooch RVP (no homo of course).

    Fantastic result.

  69. zeus

    I really like Arsenal again. Such a lift about the place.

    Szczesny and TW14 doing pushups at the end. I missed that today.

  70. roaaary

    ahhhh cheers lurch haha. Nah dont think he can cross. Just runs well. His block at the end was amazing.

    Does anyone else feel gutted about rvps injuries. How good could he have been if he played consistently. Up to last year he was never really a first choice or massive player.

    Just watched walcotts goal again. Cant believe theo pulled that out the bag.