Arsenal take on Chelsea at the Bridge… who’s dreaming of a win?

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Chelsea host Arsenal today in a not so top of the table crunch tie. That said, a win today could put us within 3 points of the West Londoners, which you’d have to say, would be rather grand!

I’m not sure what has me dreaming of a win, but something does! I really fancy at least a point from Chelsea. They’ve blown hot and cold this season and apparently, they were totally riled by the reception they received from the QPR fans the week before, John Terry giving some back to the crowd at one point. The fact that they lost against such a weak team gives me hope and we know from seasons past that Chelsea have gone through some pretty serious dips after losing a game. Last years poor run was awful. Forget they recovered well in the end, they were out the running by Christmas.

Wenger has been talking about racism and abuse, saying both are the same. He’s kind of right there. If we’ve got a problem in the Premier League, it’s knowing where the line is. Trouble is, how do you manage abuse? Is singing about a players wife too far? Is singing about John Terry’s mum stealing dog food too far? Is singing about John Terry being a racist too far? Is singing about John Terry’s Dad being a convicted coke dealer taking things too far? Who dictates what is and what isn’t acceptable? A question to big for me and maybe the universe.

Back to the game…

Do Arsenal have it in them to grind out a win? We certainly have the fire power in Robin Van Persie to score. Do we have the spark in midfield to create the chances for him? Do we have the concentration at the back to mark the runs of Torres? Have we learned the lessons of the Old Trafford spanking? Big questions will be answered today.

Vermaelen has worked his way back into to contention, but for me, he has to start on the bench.We have something that resembles a unit in the centre of our defence at the moment, I don’t think breaking it up for a massive game is a good idea, regardless of how sharp Thomas thinks he is. Still, it’s nice to have a player keen on returning. I doubt Diaby would be declaring himself that fit.

I think the midfield will line up with Arteta, Ramsey and Song. Pretty much standard these days. Song has to do the basics today and make sure he tracks runs into the box from midfield. I don’t want to see Songinho out there today. Arteta and Ramsey just need to keep the ball moving and take a chance. Be direct and make sure Robin isn’t left isolated up top.

I’m not sure which wideman he’ll go for out of Theo and Arshavin. I guess he’ll probably go for Theo because of his burning pace. I’m not sure how many problems he’ll cause Ashley Cole, he used to deal with Ronaldo expertly, Theo is a far more basic player even if he is getting on a bit. Gervinho will take to the other wing and we’ll have to hope he has one of his more inspired days.

Personally I’d prefer to see a ground out 0-0 than see us go gung-ho and leave ourselves exposed. A point is good enough today, a win, well, that would be dream stuff!

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How do you see the game panning? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Gooby

    amazing game.

    the first goal was a great play by ramsey, gervinho unselfish, RvP to bury it top stuff.

    what a finish by santos for the second and what a fight theo showed for the 3rd.

    RvP’s finishing killed them off.

    I Have to add that it was a great team performance, everyone fought for the cause especially ramsey, gervinho, arteta, robin, theo and kozzer. Those were everywhere

  2. OPG

    Blackburn beating Norwich who just about held Liverpool @ anfield who beat us 4-3 while we beat Chelsea 5-3 @SB bizarre.

  3. KM


    Re. M’Vila

    He’s a younger Yaya Toure with a bit of Makelele thrown in. A gr8 combination imo.

    My January buys would be:

    LW – Hazard/Vargas/Granero
    DM – M’Vila/?
    GK – Sorenson/Begovic type of keeper…not too expensive but a damn good backup to Chesney
    AM – Do we r.need 1 with Arshavin/Ramsey/Rosicky/Yossi who can play there?

    Outgoings :

    Chamakh …. giving Theo a chance to play upfront

  4. Gooby

    owen coyle is a top class manager, so good that he’ll get them relegated after so many years in the prem (if he keeps his job)

  5. frenchie

    ebanks-blake is fat. he is a professional footballer, his job is to play sport and stay in shape, yet he is fat.

    kolarov has had a really good match.

  6. Gooby

    shitty will eventually lose a couple of random games. But fucking hell, spending so much money shouldn’t be allowed

  7. frenchie

    a few thoughts on the match:

    1) santos was a player of two halves. first half he was suspect, bordering on toilet. second half he picked everyone’s pocket, and played a staggeringly good game. think in the 5-6 matches he has featured he has scored more than gael in the years he was at arsenal.

    2) rambo is coming into his own again. not going to speak much more about it with fear it might hex him.

    3) gervinho plays.

    4) dave is good.

    4) when was the last time you saw an arsenal captain take his team to the away support and celebrate the fans as rvp did. class. absolute class.

  8. OPG

    Blackburn 1 win in 10, Bolton 2 wins in 10 but 8 losses with a tougher fixture list which seems to have drained their confidence..
    Still a long way to go though but Wigan look nailed on favourites to go down.

  9. KM

    City are a possession side like us….starve them of possession and they’r dead….we can beat them but for that our midfield 3:


    have to be in sync…know each other’s game…when to move back & forward…anticipating their runs etc. This is what is lacking atm in our midfield.

  10. zeus

    Paulinho says:
    October 29, 2011 at 16:10
    Aaron Ramsey scored the only goal in a 1-0 win over Manchester United, the next day Osama bin Laden was killed.

    On October 19th, 2011 Aaron Ramsey scored the only goal in a 1-0 win over Marseille, the next day Muammar Gaddafi was killed.

    Who will be his next victim?

    Gold m8. Gold.

  11. frenchie

    how to highlight the fact you are cunt. “hey, alex, hug, buddy?” “c’mon, fella, i like you blacks. really.”

  12. Josip Skoblar

    Just heard Shearer on BBC5 Live: lucky win, AFC weak defensively, Hansen shares my view, blah blah, the usual anti-Arsenal stuff.

  13. KM

    Ramsey is getting better slowly but surely.

    He’s improving inch by inch…he’s a confidence player and at his young age he had to bear too much pressure at Arsenal early season.

    His performances until Xmas will determine whether Wenger goes for AM like Georcuff

  14. goonermart

    and what a hat trick that was 1-eight-7, still remember listening to it on the radio and dancing round my living room

  15. Mayank

    if I had a penny every time I heard ‘we’ve got an easy run of games’….

    Don’t want to jinx it but we’re still potentially 6 points behind Spurs, so if we don’t capitalise on what’s shaping up as a good run we’re not going to catch up. We all know results both good and bad come in streaks for us.

  16. nishanth

    Ramsey might have only played a part in our first goal but was excellent throughout.He had a torrid game against spurs.Hasn’t looked back since though

  17. Gooby


    i’ve gone through the comment section too, agree, shocking comments at times. But guess it’s the excitement.

    Even suarez didn’t expect to get that penalty, strange decision

  18. Lurch LeRouge

    spurs will crumble. you can set your clock to it.

    JW returning in Jan will reinvigorate us nicely when we need it most I recon.

    yeah michael theres a load of fruit that come on here just to gloat after a win but too afraid to put their thoughts on record the rest of the time.

  19. goonermart

    goonermichael- surprising, really?

    Just because someone is critical it does not mean that they do not support the club. It’s just that people like yourself become confussed about the whole thing.

    If you believe everything has been perfect over the last 6 months (or longer) then that is up to you but sticking your head in the sand solves nothing.

    Wenger himself even admitted he made mistakes. Without criticism and pressure it is to easy to become complacent.

  20. frenchie

    biggest fear re: today’s win. ogl uses it as evidence in support of no january transfer movement. you know it will happen…

  21. nishanth

    We still need one more top class striker..We are linked with Jovetic..Havn’t seen enough of him.Very highly rated.Is he good enough for us?

  22. Mayank

    Spurs may well crumble but what about Pool? They’re 2 points ahead of us if they win this. My point is, we have 3 teams competing for one spot. We need to make up the difference and fast. And hope that we don’t have our annual end of season fail.

    Oh and if we win the next one we’ll be 1 point behind where we were last time around.

  23. Sabeel (@Sabeelmk)

    if only we were consistently capable of winning with a clean sheet,

    0-5 win is great, not 3-5 win….but since we are a mid-table team now,a win against an enemy is just nice for a change…

    2010 season is remembered for a win over barca, hopefully 2011 will not be remembered only for this 3-5 win over chavs..

  24. Thomas. It's up for grabs now!

    Like I said earlier just enjoy the result… Time to stick the red and white in everybody else’s face.. Not fellow gooners…

    Spurs will be getting a bit apprehensive now looking over their shoulder ..

    Liverpool and the rest will be thinking.. fucking hell they’re not dead..

    Great win… I don’t give a fuck who made mistakes right now! Going to enjoy this evening and let everyone know I am a Gooner!

  25. Sabeel (@Sabeelmk)

    reading thru the comments makes me realise, THIS IS THE YEAR from when on we will be more interested & debating about porbabilities in pool,spuds results,rather than manure,chavs results…

    tuf times ahead…

  26. Lurch LeRouge

    i get your point, nothing’s certain sure, but I’d rate the spuds over the scouse. I think the scouse are too reliant on Suarez – I suppose like we are with RVP, fortunately today we saw goals coming from elsewhere…

    we need to maintain this juggernaught.

  27. jack

    Its been a long time since i felt so overwhelmed with happiness watching Arsenal. when we went 4-3 up, my mental strength was in question and i felt i was having a heart attack. at 5-3 , i knew i was, and still looked at time left, fearing we would collapse again. Arsenal do that to you. I am a critic of Arsene and many of our player.s, but i give credit when its due, even to theo. Rambo is playing better, not backing off anymore and getting stuck in, Gerv is settling in and playing big part in assists and goals. our defence is woeful except for Kos today and we would have lost. santo isnt fit , but great goal anyhow. RVP is on best ever form. so its not doom and gloom time today anyway. it really is a game at a time with us, and dont mention easy games ahead, rem blackburn. enjoy today, and lets hope we remain consistent. GREAT DAY

  28. Rohan

    Sabeel (@Sabeelmk) says:
    October 29, 2011 at 18:01
    if only we were consistently capable of winning with a clean sheet,

    0-5 win is great, not 3-5 win….but since we are a mid-table team now,a win against an enemy is just nice for a change…

    2010 season is remembered for a win over barca, hopefully 2011 will not be remembered only for this 3-5 win over chavs..

    jeez, you can never please some people

  29. Santos

    That was quite a show. RVP on the verge of being better than DB10 goal-wise. We really showed mental strength by coming back to equalize on two occasions. Hopefully we’ll get a real Leftback and Cahill in January and we’ll be sewn up at the back. Very very classy goals by RVP. And Ramsey was a beast too. He showed his pre-Shawcross form today. When we get LJW and Sagna back, there may be a good amount of improvement. It’s cool to be the winning team after a humiliating victory. This game is definitely going classic! Santos may do well at LW not at the defence. His attacking is better than Clichy’s and it has taken him 2 months to match Clichy’s tally. Juan’ goal was excellent but RVP’s rounding off of Cech made it not to Mata. I’m getting real slizzard tonight#COYG!!!!!

  30. ardentgooner


    go to enjoy such wins..and all is not lost yet. Still have time to put a string of results together

    Any surprise that Paulinho and Gambon went missing after the 4th goal….?? Such miserable cunts. I like gambons arguements but its a pity he doesnt enjoy such results…probably sulking somewhere?

  31. Goon in 60 Seconds

    gambon says:
    October 29, 2011 at 13:15
    Defence is a shambles.

    Arsene is finished, 4 years running he has vowed to improve the defence, and this is what we have??!!

    Funnily enough wheres thaem Cunts Wonderboy & Gunnerpete????

    Fucking clowns.


    Funnily enough, where fuck are you Gambon now we have won??

    yOU were happy to make a comment when we were losing, conclusive proof of this man’s shit fan status.

  32. Sabeel (@Sabeelmk)


    Part of me is really happy 2nites display…i mean it takes lots of improvement to go from 8-2 down to 3-5 win…

    BUT, last last so many years, we have so many glorious nights/results & at the end in may,NOT so much to REALLY cheer(trophy)

  33. Kushagra India

    People after more than six months a moment like this came was in the office just shouted Hallelujah Oh yeah….Thank u very very much…
    Oh Oh to be gooner…

  34. Thomas. It's up for grabs now!

    Goon & Ardent…
    Gambon signed out and said he was going to the pub to watch the rest of the game.

    He bet 50 with a workmate that we would win or draw. I guess he’s now drinking for free!

    He can defend himself, but…Just saying!

  35. leon

    i have come to the conclusion that we are never going be the bset defensively its never going happen i have thought it possible but great result it will give the team so much confedence.from what i heard thoe had a great game as did rvp

  36. Santos


    Winning in the derby is special. I dream of the team being strengthened so that we may actually win a cup. Is my bubble going to be burst again? Let’s see. The past 8 months have been a mess and we have missed what it’s like to play well and see marvelous results. Who do you hope to see in January?(I think we need 6)

  37. zeus

    Just seen the post game wih Ramsey and RVP and you have to commend RVP’s discipline.

    No alcohol whatsoever. I remember him saying he cut meat out of his diet as well because they may have made him more susceptible to injury.

  38. leon

    i think this team will have play a little diffently to suite the new players they have because i dont think they will have ability to pass the ball they did before i think they need to play a bit more direct.kos is looking good starting to come into his own and mestaker looks solid.the two weak inks are dj and squalash.jeckenson should be out on loan clear not ready

  39. Sabeel (@Sabeelmk)

    Cahill over Djourou would be so great mate, we could have 3-0 down becos JD schoolboy defending…

    ashley pushes the ball over our djourou and Djourou is ball watching all the time,& not tracking his man…even local footballer dont do such mistakes….and he plays for Arsenal FC….

  40. Samir

    I would love on of Criscito, Taiwo, Baines or Cissokho for the left back position.

    M’Villa for CM.
    Hazard to put a spark in our attacks!

    And Gotze in the summer would be the icing on the cake for me 😀

  41. Goon in 60 Seconds

    Thomas, he has been conspicuous in his absence ever since we have started picking up results, he was non stop when we were losing, that’s the truth

  42. Goon in 60 Seconds

    I’ve been saying months that Kozzer is class!! and he is, especially with merte and verm to guide him! looking worth that 8 mil now!

  43. Santos

    Goon in Billy

    Talk about other things and stop being obsessed with Gambon. Can’t you at least defend Wenger and tell us how irreplaceable he is?

  44. Lurch LeRouge

    agree with him or not Goon, Gambon over the past 4 years has contributed an ocean more to this blog than you ever will, so your petty bleats fall on deaf ears every time.

  45. Gooby


    I have no doubt hansen will be his usual self, but at the end of the day we smashed chavski in their own backyard and scored 5 in the process. Anything else is a bonus 🙂

  46. Goon in 60 Seconds

    Santos’s only issue is fitness ( fatness!) He is great in the tackle, already matched clichy’s goal total, he has tricks, he has passes, he reads the game and provides some swag to the team, when he is fit fully, he will be the man for us. He is getting used to the prem as well remember. Maybe he has a secret toblerone addiction like alan partridge!

  47. Gooby

    we still have wilshere to add to that midfield and sagna and vermaelen at the back.

    the prospect of ramsey and wilshere in midfield is mouthwatering

  48. Geoff

    Fantastic win and great game, no doubt, but the defending was dreadful, paper and cracks, if we had got the sitters it would have been even better, and we were fortunate to keep Chezzer on.

    But a win is a win and any win at Stamford Bridge is amazing, I did have trouble watching the last 20 to be honest, I was shitting myself.

    Cahill has had a fantastic season, if we had him and a pair of full backs that could defend we might not be where we are.

    Imagine if we had Wilshere, Cesc and Nasri as well!

  49. Hitman

    Santos may have his faults but he is still an improvement on Clichy.

    Without Clichy and Sagna – we are creating more chances.

    Nothing infutiated me more than tippy tappy for 40 passes followed by a nothing cross by our useless full backs. Hopefully those years are behind us. Wenger has been forced to change. Halleluliah.

  50. Dutchman

    Give RvP his contract!! Give walcott and song their contracts!!!
    Why do we wait so long!!?? Just give it to them! Or they will leave and that will be big shit management again!!

  51. Hitman

    Steve Biko is probably on some Chelsea website complaining about racism. Bless him.

    Loved Gooner 786’s post earlier:

    what did JT say when he slipped on the grass? – ‘ firkin green c2nt ‘

  52. goonermart

    Goon in 60 Seconds says:
    October 29, 2011 at 18:17

    gambon says:
    October 29, 2011 at 13:15
    Defence is a shambles.

    Arsene is finished, 4 years running he has vowed to improve the defence, and this is what we have??!!

    Funnily enough wheres thaem Cunts Wonderboy & Gunnerpete????

    Fucking clowns.


    Funnily enough, where fuck are you Gambon now we have won??

    yOU were happy to make a comment when we were losing, conclusive proof of this man’s shit fan status.


    Manchester united won 8-2. On that day there were over 2000 post’s on Le Grove.

    After the game between 6pm and Midnight You did not Post.

    I dont think I saw any from Gambon either.

    Pattern: Gambon is not on here 24 hours a day.
    Goon in 60 (AKA biggest twat on Le Grove) likes to post when Arsenal win

    Total Proof that you are a total CUNT

  53. Gooby


    i think we are building a good back line. with vermaelen and sagna back in the mix we’ll be very strong.

    i think kozzer, vermaelen and per are all capable defenders who offer various qualities. Djourou can provide cover, he’s an OK defender on his day and had an encouraging run last season. Imho we’re OK at the back now that we don’t have big games until mid december. It offers time to build on strong basis. As for the LB spot, i am willing to give santos a chance and Gibbs a bit of time. we know the fat brazilian isn’t fit as he didn’t have a proper pre season after the copa america and that Gibbs has potential (capello can recognize a good defender. Cahill was terrible midweek for bolton and i can’t see how he’s an improvement on per, vermalen or kozzer

    i am starting to feel optimistic

  54. Sabeel (@Sabeelmk)

    talking abt our old TAiG i would love to compete with him for the first comment spot,when LG rolls out its 1st trophy winning post(the post when we win the 1st trophy in LG existence) … waiting 4 dat day to come soon….

  55. Goon in 60 Seconds

    Mate ever since i have posted on here i have defended us when things are going shit! If you think i only post when we win you are total mug mate, you just made a bit of a dick out of yourself tbh

  56. ardentgooner

    One game at a time..Need a win on tuesday and seal our qualification to the knockouts…

    Lets have Park starting with RVP on the bench.,,only to come on if needed…and Mert also needs a rest….