Arsenal take on Chelsea at the Bridge… who’s dreaming of a win?

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Chelsea host Arsenal today in a not so top of the table crunch tie. That said, a win today could put us within 3 points of the West Londoners, which you’d have to say, would be rather grand!

I’m not sure what has me dreaming of a win, but something does! I really fancy at least a point from Chelsea. They’ve blown hot and cold this season and apparently, they were totally riled by the reception they received from the QPR fans the week before, John Terry giving some back to the crowd at one point. The fact that they lost against such a weak team gives me hope and we know from seasons past that Chelsea have gone through some pretty serious dips after losing a game. Last years poor run was awful. Forget they recovered well in the end, they were out the running by Christmas.

Wenger has been talking about racism and abuse, saying both are the same. He’s kind of right there. If we’ve got a problem in the Premier League, it’s knowing where the line is. Trouble is, how do you manage abuse? Is singing about a players wife too far? Is singing about John Terry’s mum stealing dog food too far? Is singing about John Terry being a racist too far? Is singing about John Terry’s Dad being a convicted coke dealer taking things too far? Who dictates what is and what isn’t acceptable? A question to big for me and maybe the universe.

Back to the game…

Do Arsenal have it in them to grind out a win? We certainly have the fire power in Robin Van Persie to score. Do we have the spark in midfield to create the chances for him? Do we have the concentration at the back to mark the runs of Torres? Have we learned the lessons of the Old Trafford spanking? Big questions will be answered today.

Vermaelen has worked his way back into to contention, but for me, he has to start on the bench.We have something that resembles a unit in the centre of our defence at the moment, I don’t think breaking it up for a massive game is a good idea, regardless of how sharp Thomas thinks he is. Still, it’s nice to have a player keen on returning. I doubt Diaby would be declaring himself that fit.

I think the midfield will line up with Arteta, Ramsey and Song. Pretty much standard these days. Song has to do the basics today and make sure he tracks runs into the box from midfield. I don’t want to see Songinho out there today. Arteta and Ramsey just need to keep the ball moving and take a chance. Be direct and make sure Robin isn’t left isolated up top.

I’m not sure which wideman he’ll go for out of Theo and Arshavin. I guess he’ll probably go for Theo because of his burning pace. I’m not sure how many problems he’ll cause Ashley Cole, he used to deal with Ronaldo expertly, Theo is a far more basic player even if he is getting on a bit. Gervinho will take to the other wing and we’ll have to hope he has one of his more inspired days.

Personally I’d prefer to see a ground out 0-0 than see us go gung-ho and leave ourselves exposed. A point is good enough today, a win, well, that would be dream stuff!

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How do you see the game panning? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Elena

    I am so sorry that I’ve totally lost the faith in my team – and I didn’t believe we could win this game. And even now this seems absolutely unreal to me. Am I asleep? If so, don’t want to wake up.
    Robin my love forever.

  2. christopher wreh

    nah jt just hopin someone was close to him so he could charge the ref calling ledley and anton funny names and waving his england armband

  3. David

    naija soccer says:
    October 29, 2011 at 14:55

    Van persie I m not a faggot but….


    You like your holes filled up we understand.

  4. Hitman

    Havent had a enjoyable win like that in months/ years. Superb effort.

    Great day for fantasy team as well, RVP, Walnutt, Santos, Mata.

  5. incesc

    get a life naija, calling people out when we’ve won

    and considering me and gambon had money on an arsenal win, you point is pretty fucking dumb

  6. Keyser

    Radio Raheem – Like incesc said it’s a release/ relief really I don’t think many thought we’d even be capable of that, Ramsey’s passing was equisite, I was going to let rip at Gervinho after his first miss but that pull back for Van Persie and his second half work defensively was awesome, almost all of them had good moments and bad all rolled up into 90 minutes.

    We’re still a work in progress and that’s how we should be looked at, but that was electrifying.

  7. Keyser

    Anyone screwing during parts of the second half thinking Villas Boas’s comments on reffing had affected some of Mariners decisions today ?!

  8. mattafc

    Paulinho, sorry but you are completely and utterly wrong. His goal scoring record is incredible, and to sell him so short after scoring a hattrick at Stamford Bridge is a bit ridiculous. (And its matt afc)

  9. OPG

    I remember Gerrard assisting Henry once and Drogba 2 years ago can’t remember it happening that often, Terry had no chance it was perfectly weighted, their line was ridiculous enough we’d be screaming if that was us.

  10. incesc

    dunno keyser

    i think he was lenient on both sides looking back to let the game flow and chesney should have had a red card

    but during the game i thought he was giving everything to chelsea


  11. mattafc

    and you say I’d see his limitations for Holland as well? His record is almost 1 in 2 for them – 25 goals in 60 apps, also impressive at int level

  12. roaaary

    Naija how can you call incesc tec surrogate fans. You are the one who is detached from this club you live in fuckin africa. That is why you are never critical of arsene or arsenal. You do not understand english culture or what is goin on at the club. You make yourself look like an idiot.

    On a brighter note, wenger acknowledged the mental strens is back haha

  13. zeus

    Fuck sake.

    We got Man City in the Carling Cup.

    No keeds for that one. (No RVP either) We’ve got bigger fish to fry.(sewing up 4th)

  14. Keyser

    incesc – Chesney’s wasn’t red, Koscileny would’ve got back, it’s not like we had John Terry back there, hahahahahaha…

  15. goonermart

    Get in there you GUNNERS!!!!
    Nearly lost my voice but I dont care!
    Well done Robin, Well done lads, some great performances!
    Ha fucking Ha, JT on the floor where you belong, classic!
    Enjoy the weekend Grovers!
    Ha Ha John Terry!

  16. Lurch LeRouge

    Mertesacker will improve, still rate his reading of the game. He’s just getting pawned with the physical stuff.

  17. Hitman

    Naija – that was pretty immature.

    A great win today. Everyone is over the moon.

    This team is more resiliant than the 2010 team. They go forward with more purpose. Defence still crap. It will take time and improvement to win everyone over. The criticism isnt unjustified.

    But we won today hooooooray.

  18. albo


    What a fucking amazing result. Anyone actually think this is how most of our big game scorelines should have been over the past few years if only we had taken the chances we created? Ie leaky at the back but winning by scoring more than them. How many of the defeats by Chelsea in the past few years have been after we missed a ton of chances…

  19. incesc

    i dunno keyers, he did pull out last minute but it was very rash!

    it could easily have been a red.

    i suppose i wouldnt of minded too much if he had broken coles face with his boot

  20. Radio Raheem

    We might have kept a clean sheet second half if not for Mariner. Song did a great job on Mata second half…the team got better second half.

    Keyser I think I’m as excited as you. For the first time in a long time the tectonic plates of indifference, on which my Arsenal world has rested on, would subside paving the way for that of guarded expectation to take its place. Now that’s what I call electrifying!

  21. Keyser

    incesc – Heh, just wanted to be mean about John Terry, almost feel sorry for him now.

    It was close, but fuck it, first half Mariner kept giving everything as a foul second half was just a free-for-all, Lukaku blocked off Santos, also Ramsey could’ve gone down from Coles challenge ? Ironically Cole probably would’ve.

  22. Gunner4Real

    This is not good. Now I’m just going to get drunk.

    What a player RVP is. The 2 teams should have left the defence out, just go on attack V attack

  23. Gunner4Real

    Seriously, I know we all lover Vermalean, but how do you just suddenly send Kos to the bench?

    Arsene has got to mix this up

  24. DaleDaGooner

    So all the earlier vile comments, did we change the tune? cos i didn’t bother to read all…great win ooh to be a gooner

  25. darrenchallis

    Mata picked the wrong team greedy bastard. and the Chavs are a bunch of Chav pensioners proved by their late collapse. There is no one out there for them to buy to fix this ha ha. and Merteseker will come good, hes been thrown in to PL football with no idea and needs time to adapt.

  26. Kris

    I seriously dont understand the mentality of some of the posters on here, Arsenal infuriate me at times but I will never get on their back like most of the knob heads on here and DURING a game as well.

    You could go back and highlight about 150 (50% from paulinho you tw*t) comments on here spouted by idiot armchair supporters that obviously should be supporting the spuds.

    If only all our supporters were like our fans at the game today.

  27. Lurch LeRouge

    me neither Mayank, I felt lucky today but I underestimated our ability to put the ball in the net that many times.

    i’m still trying to come to terms with a question though, did we win it? or was it gifted… im erring on the 1st.

  28. Radio Raheem

    I think you might be underwhelmed by Match of the Day today. I can picture Hanson saying, ‘diabolical defending this diabolical defending that’ with Shearer chipping in with a few more cliches for good effect and maybe ‘give credit to RvP’ ‘world class striker’ ‘great finish’ ‘composure’…They might undermine and slate Villash Boash too…Still I’ll re-watch the match on arsenal player

    I thought the top teams were shit last season, it seems they’ve got shitter this season. 07/08 was the last good premier league season it would appear

  29. David

    Lurch LeRouge says:
    October 29, 2011 at 15:08
    er David no, some of us predicted a win.


    Really? You predicted we’d put 5 past Petr Cech?

  30. albo

    Interesting the moment a team tries playing as high a line as we do their ‘world class’ defenders suddenly look a bit shit…

  31. patthegooner

    Wow, simply wow.

    I would have been over the moon with a draw but that result has blown me away. Fucking well done Arsenal Football Club, fucking well done. And to come back from trailing twice is a great feeling.

    Arsene you can bang on about mental spirit all you want today. That my son was Mental Spirit. Awesome, I am buzzing.

    A great day for Arsenal Football club


  32. Mayank

    Hah, I’d just put it down as one of those games. Bad defending even from the other side of the pitch is contagious.

  33. Bush Gooner

    It could have been 7-3 if Gervinho wasnt trying to hit the corner flag and RvP mis-kicked!

    Great victory though. Lets keep up the momentum going into the Marsaille game.

  34. DaleDaGooner

    Kris….you’ll learn, it’s easy to doom on here, but hard to stand up and admit what a dick some are ……naija pretty much stated the truth, he may be in Africa, but he sure knows what it is to be a supporter of a club like Arsenal, regardless of who is managing….the comments during and before the game was just classless …I’m glad we won this, off to beat my chav mates in the head with this

  35. OPG

    I wonder who plays the higher line tbh heh.
    City have improved most of them all and Man U are Man U, we’re well in the fight for 4th although have tough competition.
    Who knows if Chelsea and AVB will get things right defensively though.
    It’s a long season where all results won’t go your way but you have to get enough points to where you want to get, January window could be key.

  36. Paulinho

    Albo – I think it goes beyond simply taking chances. The dynamic in the team is different, it’s less ‘scripted’ than it was in the last couple of years ago.

    I really hated the whole Nasri -Clichy ponce-fest of five yard pass backs. I’m glad we’ve purged that to an extent and replaced it with a flair left back, and fire and brimstone in the middle.

    We won’t do much this season, but at least there is an element of surprise about the whole thing for the first time in years.

  37. Dial Square

    Personally I’d prefer to see a ground out 0-0 than see us go gung-ho and leave ourselves exposed. A point is good enough today, a win, well, that would be dream stuff! …………Pedro?

  38. incesc

    its a huge positive that our midfield created lots of chances vs chelsea, regardless of their bad defending, we could have had 7 or 8.

    ramsey is a real creative force, i reckon hes been watching cesc dvds

  39. naija soccer


    Uhhhmmm , I live in the USA, not that it matters where anybody lives as long as u support the team thru thick and thin. U r still a plastic fan though. Now go back and suck on incesc dick’s some more.

    As for the rest of the plastic fans out there , yes I know we got issues in the team but it d be nice to get behind the team more often instead of getting on their backs when they need our support the most.

  40. Radio Raheem

    We scored 1 in the first 5mins of the second half but we could have got 3 if RvP and Ramsey had taken their chances.

    I didn’t see us scoring 5 today. I expected a draw but a win wouldn’t have surprised me.

    It’s retarded to play a high line with JT in the middle! I can understand it if he played Alex and Luiz.

  41. roaaary

    Kozzer won me over today. Has been immense lately but i thought he would collapse with the pressure on him. Merter had a shocker today but i think he reads the game so well we need him in there with verms or kozzer. Sort the full backs out and thats a strong defence. Maybe sagna-merter-kozzer-vermealen would be best line up.

  42. IvoryGoonz

    Had to check the score πŸ˜‰
    Well done Gunners!!!
    And well done RVP… With a bit of luck, might even win the Sun weekend dream team with VP as star man πŸ™‚
    I’m so gonna enjoy the rest of the weekend now…
    See you in a week Grovers!

  43. Keyser

    In terms of scripts, last seasons team was a writer, writing and re-writing a whole script until he gets it right, this years it’s you write the ending, I’ll write the start and we’ll just mash it together in 90 minutes.

  44. Lurch LeRouge

    Gervinho’s contribution was considerable as well, looked dangerous and direct almost every with the ball at feet.

  45. roaaary

    Naija usa is even further from north london. U fuckin tool.

    So if you are such an avid fan and i am such an arm chair fan how many games have you been this year? Or because you have an arsenal sticker or silly arsenal tattoo on your arm make u a bigger fan than me.

    You idiot naija its clueless twats like u who ensure gazidis and wenger will always stay at this club even when they make mistakes

  46. Keyser

    Was really impressed with his tenacity in the second half, he tried to make everything count whether it was a tackle or a pass.

  47. Arsene Wenger

    Roary don’t hate on the legend that is ARSENE WENGER.

    Everybody sing along with the song !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  48. Paulinho

    Gervinho —–> Nasri.

    Definately prefer him, perfect balance between looking to get behind and dropping deep.

    Nasri has to make a really concerted effort to run behind, Gervinho does it effortlessly.

  49. Josip Skoblar

    agreed, Lurch. Gerv is always a threat and he’s no Ade: he works hard for the team…
    a couple of strong signings in Jan and we’re back in business!

  50. Radio Raheem

    Enjoy it while you can roaaary ‘cos in 2040 when Arsenal home matches are played in Bruce Lee Stadium in Beijing it’ll be you who’d have to prove your gooner credentials πŸ™‚

  51. Lordbergkamp

    People need to get a bit of a grip – if anton ferdinand hadn’t tied terry’s laces together no 4th goal.

    It wasn’t tactical genius – it was one useless defender falling on his arse.

    AW did his best to fuck it up by bringing on Jenk in a straight swap – wtf?? And took off the one player terrorising the defense – walcott.

  52. Samir

    Agree, if we can get 3 quality players in Jan! We can win something!


    Would be my dream January! Their valuations are too high for us sadly though πŸ™

  53. Dave

    Big Dave

    Did you watch the game, especially the 1st 25 mins. Most if not all of their attacks were down our right flank with Djorou looking clueless. I don’t understand your comment. If you think Djorou is a decent RB then I don’t know what to say anymore

  54. goonermart

    The difference is a true supporter will not just sit by and watch the club they love be destroyed without a fight.
    People like naija would blindly say evey thing is ok when it has clearly not been.
    Admitting faults is the first part of the process of putting things right.
    If wenger hadn’t felt under pressure from fan unrest I doubt we would have seen the last transfer day purchase’s.
    It was wengers fault we lost 8-2 to united.
    If he can take the plaudits he can take the blame too.

  55. incesc

    13Szczesny13Wojciech Szczesny

    I don’t know why I stayed on the pitch but WHAT A GAME!! Great spirit, great atmosphere

  56. Josip Skoblar

    I had a chat with a friend who lives in Rennes yesterday. M’vila should be our no1 target, he reckons. He is a more technical and incisive version of Makekele.

  57. OPG

    I think even Jose Mourinho has changed his old ngeative philosophy and AVB seems to have the same philosophy he had with Porto,
    It’s all about the right balance though which is hard to adapt to different competitions. Obviously Real Madrid attracts the top class players and they have the money to spend to do help do that.

  58. Keyser

    What Chesney needs to do is gain some experience that’s about it, maybe sort out his kicking, also at 3-2 up he needs to stop throwing the ball out soo quickly.

  59. Big Dave


    I never said that I rated JD, you said we would get hammered, glad we didn’t and they did. He was poor 1st half as was santos, but they both did better 2nd half

  60. Dave

    Both full backs were appalling defensively. Santos is not fit and Djorou was shown to be so out of his depth it was, quite frankly, embarrassing

  61. David

    Lurch LeRouge says:
    October 29, 2011 at 15:46
    Gervinho’s contribution was considerable as well, looked dangerous and direct almost every with the ball at feet.


    In Second half yes. First half he was abit shyte. Actually alot shyte.

  62. Dave

    Big Dave

    I did say that we would get hammered and am overjoyed that we didn’t and big enough to come on here to admit that I was wrong. However, without wishing to be a doomer on a great day I am still very worried about our full backs

  63. goonermart

    I thought Gervinho got stuck in as well and won the ball back at times. Thats the kind of work ethic we need from Everyone

  64. naija soccer


    Thanks for the contribution.

    Arsenal I loooooooooooove u. Yes I know we might lose or draw games this season and naturally I ll be mad and blame whoever is responsible but when its time to get behind the team, I ll always support u Arsenal. Really glad vermaelen is back in the team , no injuries, man I m getting drunk at 40/40 niteclub tonite.

  65. ardentgooner

    13Szczesny13 Wojciech Szczesny
    I don’t know why I stayed on the pitch but WHAT A GAME!! Great spirit, great atmosphere and a great win! RVP needs to start scoring though!!


  66. Paulinho

    Aaron Ramsey scored the only goal in a 1-0 win over Manchester United, the next day Osama bin Laden was killed.

    On October 19th, 2011 Aaron Ramsey scored the only goal in a 1-0 win over Marseille, the next day Muammar Gaddafi was killed.

    Who will be his next victim?

  67. Keyser

    OPG – Don’t think Mourinho’s changed philosophy, he’s just got a ridiculously talented team.

    Villas Boas doesn’t have the players to play soo open, They’ve basically got Mata and that’s it as a flair player now.

  68. samir masri

    It was an unpredictable game. Either team could had won the damn game. I’m glad my comments during the day has been rewarded a victory.

  69. Big Dave

    Both our full backs worry me.

    But hey lets just enjoy this day and weekend and we can finally watch motd, laughing at the chavs

  70. Radio Raheem

    Aaron Ramsey scored the only goal in a 1-0 win over Manchester United, the next day Osama bin Laden was killed.

    On October 19th, 2011 Aaron Ramsey scored the only goal in a 1-0 win over Marseille, the next day Muammar Gaddafi was killed.

    Who will be his next victim?

    David Cameron?

  71. goonermart

    Paulinho says:
    October 29, 2011 at 16:10

    Ha Ha good one. All the worlds dictators will be shitting themselves the next time

  72. Lordbergkamp

    And I think if I had spent the amount of money in the offseason that chelski did, I would be pissed off with how crappy they look at the moment…

  73. craigy

    van persie, what a class act that man is, giving the champagne back to ramsey showed what this man is all about, i love him, he leads by example, and the whole team want to play for him, world class!!!