Arsenal take on Chelsea at the Bridge… who’s dreaming of a win?

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Chelsea host Arsenal today in a not so top of the table crunch tie. That said, a win today could put us within 3 points of the West Londoners, which you’d have to say, would be rather grand!

I’m not sure what has me dreaming of a win, but something does! I really fancy at least a point from Chelsea. They’ve blown hot and cold this season and apparently, they were totally riled by the reception they received from the QPR fans the week before, John Terry giving some back to the crowd at one point. The fact that they lost against such a weak team gives me hope and we know from seasons past that Chelsea have gone through some pretty serious dips after losing a game. Last years poor run was awful. Forget they recovered well in the end, they were out the running by Christmas.

Wenger has been talking about racism and abuse, saying both are the same. He’s kind of right there. If we’ve got a problem in the Premier League, it’s knowing where the line is. Trouble is, how do you manage abuse? Is singing about a players wife too far? Is singing about John Terry’s mum stealing dog food too far? Is singing about John Terry being a racist too far? Is singing about John Terry’s Dad being a convicted coke dealer taking things too far? Who dictates what is and what isn’t acceptable? A question to big for me and maybe the universe.

Back to the game…

Do Arsenal have it in them to grind out a win? We certainly have the fire power in Robin Van Persie to score. Do we have the spark in midfield to create the chances for him? Do we have the concentration at the back to mark the runs of Torres? Have we learned the lessons of the Old Trafford spanking? Big questions will be answered today.

Vermaelen has worked his way back into to contention, but for me, he has to start on the bench.We have something that resembles a unit in the centre of our defence at the moment, I don’t think breaking it up for a massive game is a good idea, regardless of how sharp Thomas thinks he is. Still, it’s nice to have a player keen on returning. I doubt Diaby would be declaring himself that fit.

I think the midfield will line up with Arteta, Ramsey and Song. Pretty much standard these days. Song has to do the basics today and make sure he tracks runs into the box from midfield. I don’t want to see Songinho out there today. Arteta and Ramsey just need to keep the ball moving and take a chance. Be direct and make sure Robin isn’t left isolated up top.

I’m not sure which wideman he’ll go for out of Theo and Arshavin. I guess he’ll probably go for Theo because of his burning pace. I’m not sure how many problems he’ll cause Ashley Cole, he used to deal with Ronaldo expertly, Theo is a far more basic player even if he is getting on a bit. Gervinho will take to the other wing and we’ll have to hope he has one of his more inspired days.

Personally I’d prefer to see a ground out 0-0 than see us go gung-ho and leave ourselves exposed. A point is good enough today, a win, well, that would be dream stuff!

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How do you see the game panning? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. bade the gooner (bernard)

    I really want to see Tommy in such a big game, his presence adds so much to our confidence, in the other hand Pedro has a valid point about the unit we’ve formed in the back recently….. Pity Tommy can’t play RB, isn’t it?

  2. bade the gooner (bernard)

    My biggest temptation of starting Tommy wouldn’t be his own qualities (not that they don’t count), but the urge of a good Sagna-sub at RB.

    Sorry, but to say JD would be able to handle Mata and Cashly, is a bit of wishful thinking, and very out of touch with reality. I’d like to see Kozzer in there. He’s faster, more powerful in tackles, and his big minus (the aerial battle), means less with Mata and Cole in that side

    Jenko of course out of consideration for such a game. We should be loaning the boy or giving him a run in cup games and low seeded EPL games, not in such key battles, if we want to protect him and build his confidence and experience the right way.

  3. ardentgooner

    The Sun claims that Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini is set to be offered a new £22 million four-year deal to continue to oversee the club’s rise to prominence.
    The paper points out that only one other manager in the Premier League commands such a salary: Sir Alex Ferguson.

    Wasnt Arsene Wenger the highest paid manager?

  4. goonermart

    Yeah me too georgian

    Good post Pedro, I hope your dream comes true.

    I leaning towards a 1 all draw. I think the game hinges on how our midfield perform today. I cant see us having lots of chances but with the form RVP is in and maybe an apperance from Park i do fancy us to score.

    I agree about TV starting on the bench for this match as the defence have definitely been playing better.
    I really hope Capello is at the game today, then we might see the best of Theo

  5. Tinyspuds

    I think this game might be a week too early for Vermaelen. Shame it’s not WBA this week and Chelsea next, that would have been better for him. Still, the people that know the most are the ones that have seen him in training this week. His comments show he’s very fired up for playing.

  6. bade the gooner (bernard)

    I’d like to see a formation of more 451 than the regular 433

    I’d start the team as this


    Rambo and Gervinho shouldn’t play on the flank, well maybe Gervinho is still a more advanced player, but we need Rambo protecting the RB. Then AA23 should play in the hole, where he likes and did great in the CC. Gervinho should burn a lot of mileage supporting the defence and Robin when we go forward

    Theo? I wouldn’t start him for a couple of reasons. His defending is bit problematic, his recent form isn’t up, and if we use him as an impact sub round the 60-65 minutes, he’d have a better run I reckon

  7. goonermart

    I thought he was ardentgooner, but not certain. Maybe Fergie got a pay rise last season, not sure what AVB is on at the blue scum either

  8. ardentgooner

    How about starting Tommy V in the midfield with Song and Arteta….and then bringing on Ramsey in the second half if its still 0-0

  9. bade the gooner (bernard)

    Well, the better way to express my line up is rather this


  10. ardentgooner


    Gambon and Geoff keep saying he’s on 7million per year….that would make him the highest paid..not sure who to believe afterall its the Sun reporting…

  11. Tinyspuds

    AVB was said to have been on the same wage that Mourinho earned when he was at Chelsea when he joined in the summer. About £4.5mill (ish) I think

    Dunno how true that is though.

  12. hitman49

    i can not wait to hear the mad mans excuse’s

    we are on for a new one i’m afraid….

    if you all thought the maure score was bad hold on !

  13. Bengali Gunner

    Am I the only one who’s starting to really like and rate Koscielny? Really starting to impress me lately

  14. hitman49

    we are going to get murderd…

    i hate to say it,,i really do,

    i cant even see us scoreing..

    so i’d say,3 or 4 nil….

  15. madgunner

    And now our esteemed manager is defending John Terry! He says that sometimes players say things on the pitch that they don’t really mean….OK so you balck cunt fuck back up ur tree and after the game sorry mate I did not mean all that cheerio old chap…Fucking retard should concentrate on his own team and shut the fuck up!

  16. squirrel

    “I think the midfield will line up with Arteta, Ramsey and Song.” fuck me everyone knows our fucking line up,it’s so fucking predictable and fucking boring,same old formation same old struggles.
    as for us winning at the bridge well bollocks just because we scraped past the boltons and swanseas? we’ve been beaten by manu spurs and liverpool expect another defeat today then we can crack on with turning the corner against the rest of the shit.

    2-0 chelsea 🙂

  17. incesc

    girlfriend just asked who we are playing and will it ruin our saturday

    said chelsea

    shes not happy

    no faith…

    4-1 arsenal

  18. kc

    Chelsea’s two suspensions weakens them considerably today. A win or at least a draw shouldn’t be too much to hope for. Bosingwa is a threat on both ends of the pitch, and we all know what Drogba is capable of. Tommy V in at CB and move Kos to the right. Arshavin in the hole again. Predicting a win today 2-1 to the good. Come On You Reds!

  19. hitman49

    i’v pulled back a little from my first thoughts

    but no i can see 5,6 even

    if the chavs play like last week we’r dead i’m afraid

    we are far to frail at the back.

  20. Tinyspuds

    We need a lot of work out of Song and Arteta today, and concentration from the players on the wings. If we get that it’s going to be a very tight game I think

  21. samir masri


    Its good to know your girl friend isn’t an AKB. But At-least you 2 will have better things to discuss rather than painful Arsenal.

  22. hitman49

    incesc..thanks gladd you agree

    madgun……lmfao if they only have 7 players

    they’ll still beat us easily…

    i hope i’m wrong but alas not

  23. hitman49


    100% agree mate..

    and you know i’m really mixed as to if i want us to

    win as i dislike the manager so much and all that

    he stands for….

  24. reggie57

    Morning guy’s im gonna agree with hitman cant see anything than a chav win!! dunno about the scoreline though!! when our manager corrects the problems we have got in our own team instead of commenting about other teams shit, then we might stand a chance……

  25. Geoff

    Morning all, of course Wenger is the highest paid on £7mil’ish

    If Gazidas got a £1.7mil bonus on a salary of around £300k for doing no deals of note and winning fuck all, imagine what Wenger got!

  26. incesc

    i dunno

    im putting aside everything and hoping for a win

    cant stand chelsea and we are a bit more solid than a few weeks ago.

    chelsea looked good with 9 men last week thou

    kock verm mert santos
    ramsey arteta
    gerv arsh


    its not a bad line up.

    just lacking in the midfield because Song is shit

  27. hitman49

    and you know what after the AGM we now know what they

    really think of us as supporters….very little if we

    dont spend money..and we’r not buying tickets.

    well you know what we really should sing a few songs

    to them,just to remind them that we dont care that

    much for them and the sustainable model..

  28. Ricky

    I really don’t know what to expect today.. I don’t have that glowing feeling that we’re gonna get a win but I also don’t have the feeling that we’re gonna get murdered..

    Funny one today! A goalless draw wouldn’t be too bad if you asked me to choose a realistic score line.

  29. goonermart

    don’t let your girlfriend read hitman’s post incesc, lol.

    But I think it’s always in the back of your mind since the man u result, this is our first big test since then.

  30. SUGA3

    morning bitches 😉

    given our record at SB, a draw will be a tall order, if we win, I shall start believing in Santa again…

    Chelsea away has been a game to chalk off for the past few years, we won there, what, once since 2005?

  31. Dave

    Win, lose or draw today……it still doesn’t hide the fact that the club needs changing from top to bottom. I don’t get the admiration for AW’s speech yesterday. It was the same crap from the same people.

  32. terry

    remember wht toress did to vidic… i same scared the same dosent happen to mertersucker….
    ramires is one heck of a player…. are u sure he is going to start 2day…
    mata is a good player but i think we will be able to manage him…
    wht i feel i we can win the game 2day but…. arshavin should be give his prefered position..
    Robin the lone striker
    theo and gerviniho on the wings….
    areteta and song in the cetre… the entire game is in 3 players hands song arteta and arshaivn…
    arteta and song prove to a shield for our defence and if arshavin gets his creative boots on, i think we are in with a shout.
    walcott and gerviniho have to lot of running up and down the players have to give their 100% today. i want to see passion outh there today like a do or die thing!!!

  33. reggie57

    Still cant believe that people are still falling for the same old? same old? wake up its gonna all end in tears !!

  34. Ricky

    Hitman, Im just going with the feeling of expectation I have today, which is not much..

    I really don’t see us getting murdered. As bad as we have been I can’t see it today.

    Don’t get me wrong, I wouldnt be suprised if we did take a pasting as my expectations for this team in general is pretty low.

  35. TonyS

    Same again anyone? Arsenal look good for 30 mins, don’t score a goal, commit too many players forward, Chelsea break away and eventually win 2-0 without playing that well at all.

    And repeat, year, after year, after year…..its becoming a little boring now!

  36. gambon


    Its called “The Arsene Wenger Method”

    Build teams that play tippy tappy, mostly ineffective football – but without any fight and absolutely useless defensively.

    Did it at Monaco, now at Arsenal, at least Monaco had the sense to sack him.

  37. roaaary

    Im goin 2-0 chelsea. can see the midfield giving the ball away too much and us getting punished for it. rvp will be isolated. not getting my hopes up at all today

  38. 9icekbee

    What I know for sure is we gonna create some couples of chances up front & I hope we don’t waste much of them but the BIG question remain “can we hold on strongly @ the back 4?” I hope so, & I hope we don’t give away cheap goals. THE RULES OF THE GAME SHOULD BE “If we can’t score don’t allow them to score & if we score 1st defend it(d goal) with everything we got & @ the sametime move for more goals.” My prayers today is I pray to God Almighty to give us #arsenal this day to win by whatever margin He feels is right, Amen!

  39. TonyS

    Chelsea Win 8/13
    Draw 11/4
    Arsenal Win 5/1

    First Goalscorer
    Fernando Torres 15/4
    Daniel Sturridge 9/2
    Nicolas Anelka 11/2

    John Terry to racially abuse
    Alex Song 13/5
    Gervinho 7/1
    Walcott 10/1
    Ryo Miyaichi 80/1

  40. reggie57

    Im wondering why no one is saying anything positive about the team after Wenger’s rousing speech? hmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!

  41. terry

    I dont think we will losse as badly as u think neither will we get hit on counter … in our team last year u would see clichy, fab, robin, song, nasri, every one in the oppsitions half and we get hit on counter… how many times have we been hit on counter this season… ramsay runs up and tracks back… arteat is always there to help our back 4… song is our def mid and i expect him to play smart ball not run up but look for good passes and release walcott and gerviniho when ever posible.
    this is our game for the taking. we need passion and beleif out there that we can win and we can actually do it.
    2 def mids so that there is no gap between def and mid.
    2 wide players to give us width.
    arsahvin to connect the midfield and attack and robin to killl them …. we are not as bad as we think!!!!

    GO GUNNERS GO!!!!!

  42. Ricky

    I’m getting visuals of a perfectly timed through ball from bergkamp which is picked up by a perfectly timed run by patrick vieira before he slots it past a Chelsea keeper with ease.

    Ahh well!! Shame that ain’t gonna be happening today.

  43. gambon

    Chelsea have lost 5 games in their last 137 at home, that shows how tough today is.

    In the same period we have lost 14 home games.

  44. gunnerpete

    Any site that atracts morons with very little brain such as Hitman,Masri & Gambon….(such great supporters these) is only ever going to forecast the worst for my club. Unlike these spotty herberts who are almost certainly ‘new to AFC’ , I and millions like me, have supported the club through many a shocking period. Thats what it is to be a Gunner. Unlike those pillocks, I have had to watch us get humiliated for an 18 year stretch without a hint of a trophy. Thank God or whoever for Arsene Wenger and David Dein, they saved our club from returing to those terrible days when finishing above half way was a great season. Unlike those pillocks, I am very happy with the way the club is going now and expect our lads to give Chelski a right game..I always expect the Ruskies to infect the officials and see a sudden batch of bad decisions to go Chelski’s way if we are winning, but with any luck , we can win today.It still wont shut the pillocks up but it will help the rest of us.

  45. Inconsistent Wenger

    We will win today. Chelsea is not as strong as some of you suggesting. We will dominate the midfield and create some chances. important is that Kos plays as a right back and Ver in the center.

  46. Roberto

    Gambon is a f*** wit.

    We are In a shit spot, with shit things happening at the club. Still need to get behind the lads and support the team.

    1-0 us.

  47. RayGooner

    It’s remarkable how many players Wenger has used this season already….

    If you compare to his other seasons:

    1996/1997: 28 players
    1997/1998: 28 players
    1998/1999: 30 players
    1999/2000: 32 players
    2000/2001: 34 players
    2001/2002: 33 players
    2002/2003: 32 players
    2003/2004: 34 players
    2004/2005: 31 players
    2005/2006: 33 players
    2006/2007: 28 players
    2007/2008: 31 players
    2008/2009: 34 players
    2009/2010: 41 players
    2010/2011: 31 players
    2011/2012: 34 players (in only 16 games)

    except for the 2009/2010 season when he used 41 players, this season he’s already topped the other seasons, and we know we’re gonna see at least 2 more players in Diaby and Wilshere, and maybe 1 or 2 more of the kids, and also we might see a couple of new signings in January…
    I think we will pass the 40 player mark this year and maybe set a new record!

  48. gambon


    I have supported the club since 1986 you twat.

    I can also absolutely guarantee you that I have 10x the intelligence level that you do.

  49. SUGA3


    yeah, the tandem of AW and DD certainly was one with oomph, Wenger alone is too scared of spending money, he needs Dein standing over him with a fucking cattle prod, simple as…

  50. gambon


    Arent you the cunt that comes on here before every game saying we’re gonna win, then you dont show your face after we lose?

    Hmmm, your opinion is very valid.

    Love the way all these AKBs show so much pre-match bravado then disappear.

  51. Dave

    Don’t get the optimsm about today. No RB, half fit LB, slow CH. Slow midfield, 100m runner on wing. Expect little or no service to VP if Gerv doesn’t fancy it. Hope I am wrong

  52. SUGA3


    and what makes you think so?

    – we got beaten by any big or biggish side so far this season
    – our record at SB is laughable
    – Chavs played QPR’s 11 with 9 men and it looked as if it was the other way around

  53. bade the gooner (bernard)

    I have a good feeling about today, have to tell you boys

    No logic behind it really, just gut feel….. mmmm maybe I slept well yesterday night after all!

  54. Jonas

    Man for man, Chelsea should give us a beating but hoping the recent wins will give us some confidence and Chelseas inconsistency continues….we can but hope

  55. RayGooner

    morning SUGA3,

    i’ve been a bit slow this season, (like most of the team) but i’m back for real now…(hopefully so is the team)

    I’m going for 2-1 to the Arsenal today, with Park coming in as a sub and scoring the winner….

  56. bade the gooner (bernard)

    We obviously need to take care for our RB cause their left side is much stronger, with Cole and Mata

    Meanwhile the Mancs lining up a crazy 11, with Shrek, Welbeck and Chicharito…… Good chance for Everton to hit them in the Counter… Come on you Toffees make it start well for us!

  57. bade the gooner (bernard)


    No need to be radical, and predict us spanking them or the other way round.

    Draw this and it’ll feel like a win!

  58. incesc


    Arsenal – szczesny – djourou, mertesacker, koscielny, santos – arteta, song, ramsey – walcott, van persie, gervinho (via

  59. bade the gooner (bernard)

    szczesny – djourou, mertesacker, koscielny, santos – arteta, song, ramsey – walcott, van persie, gervinho

  60. Wonderboy

    Sup·port·er [suh-pawr-ter, -pohr-] Show IPA
    1. a person or thing that supports.

    I don’t play Playstation and I have sex with adult women.

    But hey, whatever floats yer boat.

  61. Goonerpower

    Suga because I have faith and QPR beat them you ain’t bringing me down. I’m feeling good about it simples

  62. Dave

    Can hear the excuses now. We played a little with zee handbrake on. You could see that we were short at right back. It,s not fair that Chelsea spend more money than us blah blah

  63. SUGA3

    de·lu·sion (d-lzhn)

    a. The act or process of deluding.
    b. The state of being deluded.

    2. A false belief or opinion: labored under the delusion that success was at hand.

    3. Psychiatry A false belief strongly held in spite of invalidating evidence, especially as a symptom of mental illness

    I hope you will still be here after we predictably lose…

  64. Hitman


    Why you slagging me off when I havnt even posted today?

    Hitman49, & Samir are entitled to their views. They are glass half empty at the moment. Not unreasonable given poor last 2 seasons.

    I think we have a chance today as we have stopped playing tippy tappy. That was the beggining of our ‘revival’.

    Some panic average signings and change in the way we play suggest Wenger reads Le Grove. The crticism, booing & protests has had an effect – for the betterment of the team. Wenger has been forced to change his ways – even though he wont admit it.

    Far from brainless Gunnerpete.

  65. bade the gooner (bernard)


    Let’s hope Theo has a blinder in the Defensive side… Who are they lining? Mata and Cole in the left?

  66. bade the gooner (bernard)

    P. Cech, B. Ivanovic, David Luiz, J. Terry, A. Cole, J. Mikel, Raul Meireles, F. Lampard, D. Sturridge, J. Mata, F. Torress

    Very strong line up

  67. Wonderboy

    Suga mate, after the game i shall still be in the pub getting pished. I am certainly no AKB, i think the man has royally fucked up but i DO support the boys on the pitch, especially against that shower of shit.
    For an Arsenal supporters site, we get slagged off for doing exactly.
    I see you as one of the most intelligent bloggers here and i’ve put it to you straight. UTA!

  68. Tinyspuds


    I think it’s a really important game for Walcott. He needs to concentrate. No need for him to put in brilliant defensive tackles, just use his pace to get back and slow down their attacks enough for Song and Arteta to cover. And whenever he gets the chance he needs to make runs against Cole to push him back as much as possible. Terry isn’t the quickest, so they won’t want Walcott getting beyond Cole

  69. bade the gooner (bernard)


    Tiny you’r right, mine was the wrong one. Still, very strong

    Almost their strongest line up (Essien and Drogba only missings)

  70. bade the gooner (bernard)

    Yes Tiny,

    The major upside in the inclusion of Theo, is he likes to score when the Chavs are the opposition…..

    He must be aware Defensively, as Mata and Cole on JD is our weakest match-up there

  71. bade the gooner (bernard)

    Oh great!

    Chamakh isn’t on the bench 🙂

    T. Rosický
    A. Arshavin
    L. Fabianski
    E. Frimpong
    T. Vermaelen
    C. Park
    C. Jenkinson

    So another “finger injury” anyone?