Arsenal take on Chelsea at the Bridge… who’s dreaming of a win?

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Chelsea host Arsenal today in a not so top of the table crunch tie. That said, a win today could put us within 3 points of the West Londoners, which you’d have to say, would be rather grand!

I’m not sure what has me dreaming of a win, but something does! I really fancy at least a point from Chelsea. They’ve blown hot and cold this season and apparently, they were totally riled by the reception they received from the QPR fans the week before, John Terry giving some back to the crowd at one point. The fact that they lost against such a weak team gives me hope and we know from seasons past that Chelsea have gone through some pretty serious dips after losing a game. Last years poor run was awful. Forget they recovered well in the end, they were out the running by Christmas.

Wenger has been talking about racism and abuse, saying both are the same. He’s kind of right there. If we’ve got a problem in the Premier League, it’s knowing where the line is. Trouble is, how do you manage abuse? Is singing about a players wife too far? Is singing about John Terry’s mum stealing dog food too far? Is singing about John Terry being a racist too far? Is singing about John Terry’s Dad being a convicted coke dealer taking things too far? Who dictates what is and what isn’t acceptable? A question to big for me and maybe the universe.

Back to the game…

Do Arsenal have it in them to grind out a win? We certainly have the fire power in Robin Van Persie to score. Do we have the spark in midfield to create the chances for him? Do we have the concentration at the back to mark the runs of Torres? Have we learned the lessons of the Old Trafford spanking? Big questions will be answered today.

Vermaelen has worked his way back into to contention, but for me, he has to start on the bench.We have something that resembles a unit in the centre of our defence at the moment, I don’t think breaking it up for a massive game is a good idea, regardless of how sharp Thomas thinks he is. Still, it’s nice to have a player keen on returning. I doubt Diaby would be declaring himself that fit.

I think the midfield will line up with Arteta, Ramsey and Song. Pretty much standard these days. Song has to do the basics today and make sure he tracks runs into the box from midfield. I don’t want to see Songinho out there today. Arteta and Ramsey just need to keep the ball moving and take a chance. Be direct and make sure Robin isn’t left isolated up top.

I’m not sure which wideman he’ll go for out of Theo and Arshavin. I guess he’ll probably go for Theo because of his burning pace. I’m not sure how many problems he’ll cause Ashley Cole, he used to deal with Ronaldo expertly, Theo is a far more basic player even if he is getting on a bit. Gervinho will take to the other wing and we’ll have to hope he has one of his more inspired days.

Personally I’d prefer to see a ground out 0-0 than see us go gung-ho and leave ourselves exposed. A point is good enough today, a win, well, that would be dream stuff!

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How do you see the game panning? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. alan b'stard M P

    Barclays Premier League Top Scorers


    Van Persie Arsenal 10
    Aguero Man City 9
    Dzeko Man City 9
    Rooney Man Utd 9
    Ba Newcastle 5
    Balotelli Man City 5
    Lampard Chelsea 5
    Van der Vaart Tottenham 5
    Agbonlahor Aston Villa 4
    Graham Swansea 4
    Hernandez Man Utd 4
    Sturridge Chelsea 4
    Suarez Liverpool 4
    Adebayor Tottenham 3
    Bent Aston Villa 3

  2. OPG

    Chelsea’s concept of defending seems to have been thrown out the window, it’s like they’ve caught it from David Luiz..

    Fair enough Wal but nothing wrong with constructive criticism you have to say, all fans like to debate tactics and performances the old argument that we can’t do that is silly.
    That game was very close could have gone either way how open it was, that can be good for the neutral but a emotional rollercoaster for the fans.

  3. roaaary

    will never grow old. I honestly think it was one of my favourite games of all time because it was so entertaining.

    and seeing cashleys face at the end!!!!

  4. bade the gooner (bernard)

    What a fabulous morning to wake up!

    Sun is shining, Arsenal hammered the Chavs 5-3 at the Bridge

    Can’t ask for much more this one!

  5. gnarleygeorge9

    Danny Mills, Arsenal exposed you as a total plonker yesterday.

    Anyway, just so we can all be reminded of the genius of Le Gaffer, heres that old chestnut for you to wake up to

  6. OPG

    That is seriously cheesy..

    Seems that Cole remembers how we play the offside trap just like Clichy aswell, the art of defending doesn’t seem so important anymore so far this season.

  7. JJ

    Some of the comments on here during the game were absolutely ridiculous. E.g. Paulinho and his RvP bashing in particular. Show some decency and give yourself a few days timeout from blogging.

  8. abnet

    tell me about it JJ !! i didnt read any comments during the game but when last night i came to read some of em , it makes u feel whether some of em in here are even an arsenal fan,

  9. gnarleygeorge9

    A lot of cyber bullies get on here these days, who would rather talk about films & kulture than footie.

    I’m actually @ a happy place with The Arsenal. The Arsenal is now match day/an occasion for me, like it used to be, & last night (EST) was bloody great.

  10. alan b'stard M P

    AW will wait till season’s end and make an offer to RvP.

    It won’t be enough and AW knows it

    Business is business. Board won’t learn

  11. Thomas. It's up for grabs now!

    Morning Grovers….. What a fine morning to be a Gooner…

    Morning Abnet & JJ…
    I agree some of the comments have been off the wall.. however, excluding the few plonkers…. many fans have been looking at things extremely pessimistically. I think after yesterday we will see a more balanced view now on the blogs.

    I hope yesterday was a watershed of sorts.

  12. abnet

    yea gnarley !! what funny was when we won the game most of the bashers just vanished from LG ! why is that dose that mean ? they dont like arsenal wining a big game so they can be judged true? or they are not even a fan?

  13. abnet

    “Robin van Persie scored more league goals at Stamford Bridge last night than Fernando Torres has managed there in his career? ”
    Ouch hahaha

  14. DJ

    “a win, well, that would be dream stuff!” ….Well this seems like an christmas gift. The whole team played their heart out and that’s what I want from my gunners this season. Play for the team, play for each other.

  15. bade the gooner (bernard)

    bade the gooner (bernard) says:
    October 29, 2011 at 09:31
    Morning Grovers,

    We’re going for a famous win today, to really kickstart this lazy season!

    Am I a prophet, or what? 🙂

  16. OPG

    As said earlier people disappear/appear when we lose or draw aswell it’ll happen, I don’t get the arguing though there’s just an amount of conflicting opinions and so much bias in their opinions.
    The pessimism you can understand though although some is over the top the summer was tough after least season, but people need to be realistic this season.

  17. wtf wanker

    when will the new post come out!!! loking forward to it !!!.. ramsey is getting better n better than winner against marsellei,and now at chelsea!!! by next season he should be top class!!!