We finally get to see Park at the Arsenal, but will it be a walk in one tonight?

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So good, he levitates footballs with his mind

Tonight’s the night then, we will finally get to see our Korean wonderkid that we have for 2 years, but will he shine? I hope so.

Wenger had this to say about him…

‘Some people judged our players very quickly in a negative way and slowly they changed their mind through their performances. I prefer it that way round than the other. Some players like Pires and Henry took four, five, six months and they became exceptional players, Park arrived two months ago so that’s normal’

Well I’m not sure what that meant, a bit Cantona’ish if you ask me. I think all we have been asking is why hasn’t he played yet, when he continues to play the donkey that is Chamakh and Park doesn’t get a look in, you have to wonder. So I welcome the chance to see him play against the EPL new whipping boys Bolton tonight.

I think he’ll do well, for Wenger to mention him in the same breath as Henry and Pires is a big shout, such illustrious company, let’s hope the boy does good.

I think we’ll smash them tonight, we’ll have Oxo, Park, Frimpong and Coquelin on show and I hope he plays Miquel and not Squillaci with Vermaelen as that will be an interesting combination and we know Squillaci is a disaster waiting to happen, if I see him and Chamakh trot out I will be disappointed.

I think our reserves are much stronger this year so seeing players like Aneke out there won’t fill me with dread like his Carling Cup teams used to.

I’m going for a tonking tonight as there will be a few out there wanting to show their boss how good they are.

Here’s my wish for tonights team.


Yennaris Miquel Vermaelen Santos

Frimpong Aneke Coquelin

Oxo Park Ryo

I say this team because I would like to see them and I believe they all trained, I suspect though he will have Yossi in there as captain and Squillaci in place of Vermaelen. I hope I’m wrong though, Yennaris was born in Leyton so it will be interesting to see another young English talent on display tonight. I know he’s a midfielder but he also plays at right back so I put him in there in hope.

I put Ryo in there so Park has someone to talk to. I’m kidding, I know he’s Japanese, but I saw him in training and the thought of watching him and Oxo on the flanks is a mouth watering prospect, so I hope he gets the nod.

There are a bunch of stories out there about Robin signing a new contract, don’t get too upset people as Robin will be 30 at the end of this contract and Wenger doesn’t sign 30 year olds on big contracts, forget Keown, Adams, Wright and Bergkamp, they were all useless.

Anyway, if he wants to keep Robin he needs to sign a world class strike partner to play alongside him, if he’s not learned from losing Nasri and Cesc by now, he never will.

So lets all hope for a convincing win tonight and extend the confidence for the game against the racists in West London.

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Have a great day Grovers, and hopefully a top, top night!

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  1. Hussain

    Oh that finish by Park Ju Young reminds of our certain Bobby pires who used to run in from the left wing and chip them over the defenders and keepers, absolute class.

    Please start Park ahead of Arshavin at the weekend if you are going to waste Arshavin on the left wing, but holy creams if we use a 4-3-1-2 with RVP and Park upfront and arsha in the hole. 7 in 8 now, keep the momentum lads, crisis? what crisis?

  2. Big Dave

    Read somewhere on twitter that MC29 was meant to have been seen at a club at 2 am prior to the Stoke game, not sure if true or not

  3. Hussain

    news from a journalist on twitter is that TV5 only has strain and taking him off was more precautionary than anything else, doubt for chelsea, might make the bench though!
    only if we had Sagna for the weekend 🙁

    Santos Per Kos Sagna
    and all of a sudden our back-line looks solid, never mind though, a 2-1 win for the good boys at the weekend, you heard it here first!

  4. roaaary

    Been on twitter lately and seen tommy v and rvp r bbfs. Hopefully tv signing a new contract and rvp saying he is committed means he will stay. Sounds like park could turn out to be a winner but the morale from rvp signing would be amazing

  5. VanTheManPersie

    wenger said tonight in his after match press call that TV is short of fitness for chelsea game, also that TV asked to be taken off as he had a tight calf, but that its not a calf strain, just tired more than anything else

  6. VanTheManPersie

    if these are not mind games (liek robin suddenly coming and playing against barca very late …might not be intentional but still),
    I have a feling DJourou will be badly exposed by mat and cole on the left side , even Anelka works the left channel at times.

    Walcott will have to provide better cover there. I’m not sure about he work rate of park, but generally asians have good work rate, woudl wonder if wenger woudl consider playign him on the right with gervinho on the left. Another thought would be playing both song and coquelin but that looks unlikley as arteta is almost on par with coquelin defensively and has mroe experience.

  7. DeiseGooner

    Wenger on Vermaelen’s return…

    He did very well. He had to come off for a minor calf problem but I hope it’s not too bad. He will be a bit short for Saturday, I don’t know yet what I will do. We have to test him tomorrow, but it doesn’t look too bad.

    He has been out for a long time, he had only one training session yesterday with the team. I didn’t really expect a game of that intensity, it was a tough one for a centre-back. They put us under pressure in the second half and the intensity of the game was very high.

    We don’t think it is a calf strain, it is just tight calves. He has not played a proper game for two months. He wanted to come off. In fairness I did not want to take him off because I thought it was too stupid now with four minutes to go to concede a goal. He was adamant he couldn’t go on so I hope it’s not too bad.

  8. goonermart

    goon in 60 seconds, your such a twat, you said you were not coming back ton here. what a complete cock you really are!

  9. incesc

    was a good goal but comparing him to henry after one carling cup finish



    shit news about vermalaen, would have been some boost havinfg him for chelsea

  10. zeus

    on Arshavin’s performance…
    Andrey is a player who of course takes a bit gamble on nearly every ball he plays. Sometimes he loses balls he shouldn’t lose but when you look at the end of the game he has always had a big impact. Tonight he scored and made an assist. He had a good performance tonight.

    on his ‘no 10’ credentials…
    You cannot play with two wingers and two offensive players like that, you are too short in midfield. He is normally a wide player but he wants to grow in a role behind the striker. Of course, he can do that. He plays where you want him to play but if you ask him honestly he will always tell you that he likes to play in there.

    Wasn’t AA23 playing ‘No.10’ for Russia for years when we bought him.

  11. OPG

    Arshavin had a mixed game from what I’ve heard, gave ball away but had his moments, midfield weren’t great in keeping the ball though.
    Some are getting a bit carried away after such a poor start fair enough, Twitter has so much favoritism and criticism of some players..

  12. Lurch LeRouge

    Le Coq, Frimpong and the Ox disappointing.

    fabianski and squillaci live up to the hype.

    shava doesn’t have the strength to play central, but had a pretty good game all told.

    Yossi was pretty productive while Ozy and Ryo had fine cameos

    Ju and Vermaelen stand out performers, mostly.

  13. OPG

    Owen Coyle has them playing a good style of football but their defence/midfield seems to switch off defensively while Cahill is their best defender one player can’t do everything, the tough fixture list and injuries has been tough for them tbf.
    Steve Kean should get the sack if they don’t go out to Newcastle tonight and don’t beat Norwich, is he still living off the win against us?

  14. bade the gooner (bernard)

    Morning chums,

    Good win yesterday, but listening to Arsene post-game comment must’ve irritated you too

    Clearly he’s begging arsene to play behind the strikers. Noe Arsene admitted that. So let’s make the whole puzzle in our attacking situation:

    1) Robin wants to play DB10 used to, a second striker
    2) Theo plead for a striking position, he fits the deep striker role
    3) Arshavin wants to play behind the strikers

    So our front three want all the 1-2 distribution, AM in the hole + 2 strikers format, but Arsene is still adamant with the 2-1 one, with two in the flanks and a sole striker

    Blimey how blind can you be Arsene? For how long???

    We have 4 strikers we can shuffle up front, Robin, Theo, Gervinho and Park (Sorry, Chamakh is finished in my books we should sell him before we stuck with another Denilson/Bendtner situation).

    We have Arshavin and Yossi that can shuffle the Am role. basically, Rosa and OX can play there too.

    It has nothing to do with the midfield battles. We can play the 442 diamond, so we have three midfielders to share the midfield, and one more advanced AM. The only “loss” is the natural wingers, but we can make that up by the fullbacks supporting the attack, and more mobility from the midfielders on the sides of the DM, and the strikers too.

    Appears to be that Arsene grew an obsession with wingers for some reason….. That’s the main obstacle between us and playing the better formation with 2 strikers, AM and a solid midfield

  15. PerSantosPak

    T_Vermaelen05 ” Btw, i had a small cramp at the end. Nothing serious. Just went out as a precaution.”

    good news! now bring on the chavs!

  16. Tinyspuds


    If you’re saying we play RvP and Walcott up front with Arshavin behind them how would the rest of the team pan out ?

  17. gambon

    So we concede way too many goals, and have a negative GD, and people want us to play AA in the hole behind 2 strikers, cos he had 1, yes 1 good game there, against an appaling Bolton side?!

    Does make me laugh how reactionary everyone is on here. No one has a thought out opinion, its constantly changing depending on what happened a few hours ago.

  18. abnet

    i wonder when Gambon will wake up in his arsenal(right) side just for once ,
    -0– We just won a hard fought game with 75% of reserve players for God sake just chill mate be happy

  19. OPG

    Squillaci still looks as weak as ever lol. Just watched some of it, quite a open game.
    AA still seems a bit of a limitationseven there though despite having his moments no doubt about his quality though.

  20. Tinyspuds

    What are the rules about him signing a pre-contract ? I thought a player could only do that when they had 6 months left on their contract ?

  21. IvoryGoonz

    Vermaelen injured, only one training session since he came back from injury..
    would I be jumping to conclusions if I said Vermaelen was rushed too quick? Again?

  22. Tinyspuds

    IvoryGoonz: “would I be jumping to conclusions if I said Vermaelen was rushed too quick? Again?”

    T_Vermaelen05 Thomas Vermaelen
    Btw, i had a small cramp at the end. Nothing serious. Just went out as a precaution.

    So yes you would be jumping to conclusions again

  23. Tiger

    Can we all just verify that we don’t want Gary Cahill any longer– unless as a Squillaci replacement? Please!!! I don’t see the hype

    Also, Gambon… do you need a hug? We just won!! Arsenal is a huge club and we all have more ambitions than what we are getting right now– but when the chips are down your really should enjoy the small victories!