Arsenal’s main hope of success is returning to the George Graham days

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Good day to you Grovers, there’s plenty of press conference goodness to get through this morning!

First up, Arsene has been reading Le Grove this week and he’s hit back at claims the team lacks creativity. He insists, if you analyse the spreadsheets deep enough, you will in fact see that we’ve been very creative.

‘However if you analyse deeper our games and, if you watch them again, then although we have some improvements still to make it is not as bad as people say.’

Well Arsene, it pretty much has been as bad as people say. We’ve seen steady improvements over the past two games but more on the defensive side. I do appreciate we’ll improve with confidence, but the fundamental issue seems to be more about spark from the midfield than it does about the front three.

I think this season is about playing as a unit and driving out results that way. A return to the George Graham days. The only way I can see us grinding out results this season is by creating a solid unit and performing from there. Much in the same way City did last year. They sucked the joy out of football in a bid to secure first place. We have to ask ourselves as a club whether style over substance is the important factor this year. People won’t like it, but they’ll enjoy the result at the end more. It was interesting to read that Mancini believes in the unit over the individual.

Something I’ve said we’ve forgotten as an insight for years. You can take 4 average players and created a world class unit. We instead opt for 4 brilliant individuals and forget they have to be able to play together. We make the assumption good players can just defend. Ignoring the fact the best clubs work hard and give players all the video and coaching help they need.

Mancini is so anal about the unit, he drills them without the ball so they know which are they are responsible for and they have ultimate accountability. His attention to detail was rewarded last year, I think Joe Hart broke a record earning 27 clean sheets. A feat we could only dream of. So much for people saying he’d have been a risk as a keeper way back when!

I can imagine when Theo picks himself up he’ll be great, I can imagine that a consistent Gervinho could also be a bit of a monster on the pitch, my worry is who is feeding them regular high protein, low carb passes? It doesn’t feel like Arteta has that sort of game, I don’t think Ramsey will pick up that style in a season and Alex Song, bless him, he’s just never going to be that player.

The real danger comes with the managers love for fielding Robin Van Persie.

“On Monday I decide always to rest him and on Friday I play him again.

“I don’t know about Sunday. We will assess everybody on Saturday morning, then I’ll make the decision on the day. But I will have to rotate a little bit.

“Robin has scored 28 goals in 35 games so you always have that dilemma. This season he is certainly [the best all-round striker in the Premier League] and, in the last six months, certainly the most efficient.”

Echoes of Bobby P before he crumpled out of the Newcastle game.

That Arsene, is why you make sure you have two world class strikers in the team, or at least make sure you have a hungry young pretender to pull off the bench. We can pretend there was no one out there this summer, but we all know that’s nonsense, other clubs seem to find these players. Instead, we lumbered ourselves with Park Chu-Young, who might be good, but he’s clearly not trusted enough to bring on at the moment and even worse, we kept Chamakh, who the untrusted Park Chu-Young replaces in the squad.

We don’t have a Wiltord for a Thierry or an Anelka for a Bergkamp. We don’t even have an Adebayor for an RVP. Players like Robin aren’t supposed to play back to back games every week, he’ll be in the red zone before you know it then we’ll be treading dangerous water. The trouble is, so much of the teams fragile confidence is wrapped up in the Dutchman, if you took him out now, what would happen? It’d be a serious dampener. But when do you rest him? Stoke? No way. Chelsea? No way. Marseille at home? Of course not!

The realities of a weak squad. The trouble with being scared of unhappy players on the bench.

It was interesting reading the coach defending Arshavin.

‘He is a great player and you have to give him credit for that. He stands up for his performances. I personally respect him highly and I think he’s a great player.’

I kind of agree with him, the fans seem to have it in their heads that he’s slightly over weight and therefore he is crap. They totally forget that he’s marjorly talented and that he is a contributor, in the main, to the things that matter. No, not pass completion rate, not most through balls that didn’t reach anyone, not final third shoulder barges. I’m talking goals and assists. In 2.5 seasons he’s managed 28 goals and 30 assists. That’s pretty good going and it certainly beats anything Nasri did for us (27 goals / 13 assists / 3 seasons).

It would be interesting to see him in the middle though, if he works as hard as the manager says, why not play him where he plays best?

Injury news is as we expected, Jenko, Gibbs, Diaby, Vermaelen and Sagna.

We’ll talk teams and anti-Stoke rhetoric tomorrow… have a grand day, rumour has it, it’ll be quite warm for the match tomorrow!

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See you in the comments…

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  1. Hitman

    Sort of agree with the post.

    Wenger ditching his ‘principles’ and being more pragmatic. See its not that hard Arsene.

    If only you’d done that in 2008 & 2011.

  2. bade the gooner (bernard)

    Good morning!

    Good post indeed Pedro, though I wouldn’t refer that much to Mancini, there are much more successful manager who believed in united group as the most important element on the pitch

  3. Ricky

    I’ll take boring one-nils in every game this season if it means we’ll finish in the top four..

    Thing is we all know it’s not wengers game so I’m expecting the usual hot & cold performances for the mean time.

  4. frednerk

    Everybody has a right to an opinion,weather your agree or not is a different matter,George knows the the game,same as Ansene,when I read some of the comments on here about certain player’s,you can tell right away(never kicked a ball) so who do you believe,simple really, go to a live game,if I see a player make a bad pass and start smiling to the crowd as the other team are mounting an attack,Stats are the last thing I want to here after the game.

  5. Ricky





    Subs: fabianski, Ramsey, OX, rosicky, coquelin, benayoun, park

  6. Carlito

    Kroenkunt says:
    October 22, 2011 at 09:59

    9jagunner. I look here to read comments not to see who’s first so no you didn’t beat me You bell end


    Chill out, it’s only a bit of fun. You don’t have to play if you don’t want to.

  7. Carlito

    It’s funny hearing Wenger defend Arshavin. I’ve never thought he rated the russian anyway. Certainly not enough to play him in his favoured position. Wenger would rather play Rosicky or Diaby in the hole, than Arshavin.

  8. The BearMan

    Look! what Arsene has to do is not rocket science, but simPly look for the weak areas in the squad and strengthen it. Identify all the potential players in the coming January transfer window and be ready to do some business.

    No 2: tempting as it might be, resist the Bargin Bucket Offers!

  9. Kurt F

    “Why not play him where he plays best?” – that question pretty much sums up where Wenger’s going wrong. He’s still insists on playing a formation designed for Fabregas, despite the fact that it’s totally wrong for the personnel he now has available.
    People can diss Theo as much as they want, but Michael Owen would be just as crap if he was playing out wide – which is probably the reason Fergie doesn’t play him there.

  10. gambon

    Dont agree about Arshavin, I was a huge fan, but these days hes garbage.

    Wasnt his goal against Swansea his second in 25 games or so?

    Agree with the rest.

  11. goonermart


    Good post Pedro. We definetly have a problem with the creative side of our game this season, only problem is I do not think we have the players to work hard as a unit.

    I’m not sure our players have the consentration, discipline and work ethic to play like that week in week out. It would not be long before Gibbs would be caught out of postion or Song gave away a stupid free kick on the edge of the box or Arshavin & Theo being slow to help out our full backs.

    I agree if Arshavin is to play it should be as play maker not stuck on the wing but it’s very unlikely that wenger is going to have this kind of revelation now.

  12. incesc

    i dont really understand why we dont have the shape and creativity

    is wenger making them train against traffic cones again and telling them to just play their natural game instead of instaling a game plan?

    we do have some ok players….

  13. Kurt F

    Thing is (when everyone’s fit):

    Sagna, Verm, Mert, Santos,
    Gerv, Song, Wilsh, Ox
    Theo RVP

    add a bench that includes Kos, Gibbs, Ryo, Park, Arsh, Coq etc
    and it seems to me like there’s a team there that could be genuine title contenders.

  14. incesc

    if he bought a lightning quick and great striker in january and played him infront of rvp in a 442 i might even be tempted to sing one arsene wenger


    nah fuck that

  15. goonermart

    Le Coq…..Mets……Kos……Santos

    Ox…….Ramsey….Song…… Gervinho

  16. Tinyspuds

    I don’t think we can afford to play 442 esp with Gervinho and Chamberlain wide. We’d get seriously over run in midfield. The days of 442 have gone now really. You need an absolute defensive monster in midfield to cover that extra ground and probably a more defensive player wide too. Maybe a midfield of Arteta, Song Wilshere and Gervinho might work as you’ve got 3 players who are happy to put a foot in.
    I’d like to see Walcott and RvP up front though. Walcott’s pace would mean defenders couldn’t play a high line and that would give RvP space to operate. Could help both players

  17. goonermart

    If you have the players with the right discipline I do not see why you need to get over run in midfield. I prefer an attacking team with wingers.

    Agree I would like to see Theo given a chance up front, at least then we would know.

    When we play 433 RVP just looks isolated

  18. Tinyspuds


    While an attacking player can defend, they’ll never be as good as someone who is more skilled in the role IE a defender. It’s why teams have specialised players not 11 strikers. Chamerlain is very inexperienced at this level. He WILL leave gaps for a while and Gervinho is almost a striker so relying on him to fill gaps is very risky.
    When we played 442 under Wenger at our best we had a defensive CM in Petit and a midfielder who held back to help in Vieira.Both massive players. Alongside them we had Parlour who was a real workhorse and was much more defensively minded then either Chamberlain or Gervinho. It worked well then, but partly because 442 was more popular with other sides than it seems to be now.

  19. Skid 64


    100% agree with you about Arshavin ! He’s a professional footballer and seems to have been out of sorts of absolutely ages. He needs to buck his ideas up quick along with Theo !

    You on twitter ?

  20. 2pistols2cannons

    chamberlain needs to work on the defensive side of his game but soon as he does that walflop will be on the bench. Feel sorry for Arshavin the guy is trying and trying he,ll come good .What about Rosicky i thought he was finished but hes been outstanding certain starter but will need a rest.

  21. 2pistols2cannons

    chamberlain needs to work on the defensive side of his game but soon as he does that walflop will be on the bench. Feel sorry for Arshavin the guy is trying and trying he,ll come good .What about Rosicky i thought he was finished but hes been outstanding certain starter but will need a rest.

  22. goonermart

    Tinyspuds, thanks for letting me know about the 11 strikes, always wondered why we never played 0-0-11, 1-0-10 might be a better option!

    Song is supposed to be the monster in midfield and at the moment i do not feel we create enough so would rather play with wingers most of the time.

    There is not point comparing this team to teams of old because they are just not good enough anyway.

    I just prefer 442 and I think if we played like that we would create more chances.

    If RVP has a bad game in the system we play then we are fucked.

  23. Zorr0

    I’d like to see the stats for AA23 over the last 40 games. I think he has bags of talent but has pretty much been awful!

  24. Lurch LeRouge

    if one needs a spreadsheet to distinguish creativity then its non existent, that is simply using stats to force a conclusion.

  25. Pedro

    Gambon, you don’t reckon dropping him into the hole behind Robin would work? A place he doesn’t have to move too much?

  26. gambon


    I think it would be an improvement, but i dont think he cares anymore, no motivation and no intention to improve.

    I think his career is pretty much done, he should go to Anzi and see his career out.

  27. Dial Square

    I think AA plays with his head down too much to play in the hole, it’s the new Arsenal disease, AA, Theo, Gerv

  28. WengersSweeties

    Great post.

    Totally agree we need to adapt our style of play to fit with the current squad we have.

    Will Wenger do it though…?

    Doubt it.

  29. Pedro

    Dial, you might as well go for Robin… oh, and the keeper.

    It’s a sorry state of affairs when your keeper is one of you most exciting players.

  30. goonermart

    at least if we played AA in the hole it would provide us with more options to rest RVP. Cant see it happening though.

    I reckon you were right before Pedro when you said it seems like wenger reads Le Grove and then does the opposite of what is popular. Where has Oxo gone??

  31. Tinyspuds


    You were the one suggesting that offensive players can hold down a defensive role 😉

    There is every point in comparing what we have now with that tem because it’s when we used to play 442. Song is a pretty decent midfielder but he’s not Vieira. He was pretty unique in his prime.

    I’m hoping that some of the lack of creativity at present comes from the lack of confidence. I think it’ll be the last part of our game to come back.

    Arshavin is a weird character, he’s not afraid to blame himself for poor performances and has shown that he can track back when he puts his mind to it. He just needs to do it more often. Personally I thought he was good against Sunderland when he came on but rubbish 3 days later…

  32. gambon

    Great vid incesc, really highlights how wengers weird ideas have destroyed the club.

    Also, look how empty the stadium is, didnt notice that last week as was too busy watching the game.

  33. goonermart

    Not 11 strikers though. the 442 is not unique to the team of vieira and Petit and if we started comparing to that team we would realise the whole team we have now is pretty shit.

    If we cant beat 90% of the teams in the prem with a 442 not sure what that says about us really.

    It pisses me off when people (wenger included)keep going on about this lack of confidence, as if it some excuse as to why we are so poor. Where did this lack of confidence come from? Are we the only team that suffers from it? it’s pefectic.

  34. samir masri

    I think that OM supporters are more angry about their team than us. watching how empty their seats were was kind of funny. I think that wenger’s focus is’nt the supporters. He was probably thinking about the great time he had with that french rapper.

  35. Geoff

    Great video guys and shows that someone out there is finally seeing what I see everytime I watch the airhead play, they should do one on the 3 minute booking the moron got against Marseille and the resulting free kick!

  36. Tinyspuds


    It was an extreme example to explain my point.

    And you have to play with what you have in front of you. Currently our team probably isn’t strong enough to play 442. In the same way that when we played 442 regularly we would have been weaker playing 451 or 433.
    It’s also that 442 has fallen out of favour with other sides in the PL so it’s not just us that have changed our formation.

    For quite a few years now we’ve had fragile confidence. It can piss you off or not but it’s the case. For whatever reason it takes a long time to build it back and a very short time to lose it.

  37. incesc

    Marseille announced that the stadium would receive another renovation (a roof and an increase in capacity from 60,031 to 67,000), making it an UEFA Elite Stadium. Works began in the spring of 2011 and are expected to end in summer 2014.

  38. IvoryGoonz

    Samirmasri: with a name like that I thought you had a bit more clue. Anyway.

    Incesc: thanks for righting the wrong.

  39. Pollux

    Pedro. Great post! Absolutely agree with u. It’s shuddering thought that the back up for RVP is the Morrocan and south Korean who are both big question mark. I wonder why we play 3 mid when arteta is so ordinary like a piece of stale cunt. Maybe to justify his 10mil price tag? We really do just need 2 workhorse in the middle and play another striker with RVP since we do not have any outstanding playmaker.

  40. Big Dave

    I would take 1 -0 all day long if it meant we climb up the table, problem is, this club can’t keep clean sheets in the league against good teamd

  41. goonermart

    tinyspuds, My point is that we do not create enough now with a 433 your point is that we cant play 442 because our team is not as good as yester year, oh well.

    if we have had fragile confidence for quite a few years now we should get a new manager that inspires confidence. wengers metal weakness has infected our team like a plague. sack wenger

  42. naija soccer

    Incesc , wengerssweeties, gambon

    Showing that video doesn’t make song a bad player. You can make a video of the failures of most players (makelele , carrick , fletcher , de jong etc), still don’t make them bad players. I can compile a video of all the sitters that Van persie blasted into row z but I don’t have to tell you how great a player he is.

    The thing is most players have good games and bad games but what matters is if they get the job done most of the time and believe me Song gets the job done MOST of the time. The earlier u stop comparing him with vieira the better. Fletcher got nothing on keane but he’s a damn good player.

    The joke is not on Song , its on you.

  43. incesc

    oh fuck off naija

    the joke is on me?

    with rvp you could make a video stuff full of great goals and football, with song you cant, there arent any clips.

    that video is fact, its just what happens when song plays.

  44. IvoryGoonz

    Naija: with the amount of cards Song get I’m sorry, but I’d rather play Kosc as a DM.
    The point is that we could have much better squad than we have, all over the pitch, but Wenger does it on the cheap.
    If praising player even when they f* up is how you manage your team, get a job at Disney world.

  45. visionary

    scouse mate text me after 87 minutes of marseille game stating how boring arsenal had become and hard to watch
    visionary text him back 5 minutes later asking him was ramsey’s goal as late as Michael thomas championship winner all them years ago
    1 nil 2 visionary me thinks in that exchange and thank u GEORGE GRAHEM FOR A WOUNDERFUL MEMORY

  46. Geoff

    Song is shit, Wenger only signed him because he wanted to prove he could turn a shit player into a good one, his attitude stinks as well apparently.

  47. Grassy Knoll

    What’s all this crap about how great it is that Vermaelen’s signed a new contract – he currently doesn’t even play for the fucking team!

    How about we get to see him run around the park in a few games after basically a year out – *before* we sign him on a new 4 year contract.

    Another one of Wenger’s injured ‘sons’? Ferguson doesn’t have ‘sons’ at MU, he has ‘professional footballers’.

    We’re a complete bunch of suckers under this lazy complacent cosy management team. What an irritation that there are such things as Arsenal Supporters – if only there were just the board, the management, and the players. How much better would that be!

    Aristotle onced asked ‘Who are the most important participants at the Olympic Games?’

    His answer: ‘The Spectators’.

  48. IvoryGoonz

    and are we ever going to keep our best players and let go our under-performing and constantly injured players rather than renewing them and selling our best players? There’s enough money in the bank to act now. I just can’t get my head around it.

    grassy knoll: I agree on Vermaelen, that we should have waited a good run of games un-injured before actually offering a new contract, and a good one, rather than using the fact he came back from injury to probably offer him a cheaper one, and retain him at the club because of money, and not performances.
    This has to stop.

    and Arsene, if you read this, let’s be clear, if you renew Diaby, Squillaci, Denilson, or Roscicky, and don’t bring in top class players next winter and next summer, I’ll book your eurostar ticket for you.

  49. IvoryGoonz

    the only good reasons for keeping Song is that he’s the best of our home growns left, that he is a decent DM, and a decent CB cover, has great stamina, and fights all the time. that’s good enough for me to keep him, but some people have to wonder what their ambitions are.
    DM’s a critical role in any modern tactics, and with the amount of cards he picks up, because he is not a tackling genius like Kosc, and not quick enough, it’s unfair to put all the pressure on Coquelin and Frimpong. Both should have gone on loan, Coquelin to a PL team, Frimpong to a French, German or Dutch team, and we should have brought a top class DM. simples.

  50. naija soccer


    Surely u have a better judgment that most on here. The problem is u keep comparing song to his version of 2008-2009.


    I can understand ur hate of Song since u obviously can’t never be satisfied. Pretty sure u don’t like van persie too.


    By your definition of song being a bad play because he gets carded a lot I guess u also think roy keane and vieira are bad players too.


    Disneyworld or not Song is currently one of the best in his position in the world. U only need to open your eyes to see the miracle happening in fron of you. Oh and song doesn’t need to score great goals and play out of this world football. He ain’t a playmaker or striker, he’s a defensive midfielder and a damn good one at that. I can’t remember a lot of great goals and beautiful football by makelele.

    Enough said.

  51. IvoryGoonz

    I understand there’s been a start of a change, but we again went on the cheap and the short term.
    Santos and Mertesacker are close to the 29-30 range, so are Arshavin and Rosicky. Youngsters are still going to need more experience when they’ll be gone.
    Buying top quality is expensive, but on the long term, it benefits the finances as well. Im not saying we should go over the board, but we cant just stick to a maximum transfer fee limit, whether it was £7m 15 years ago, or £15m 2 years ago. With the change rate there was at the time of Vieira, and Henry, it was much easier for Wenger to offer them more. Things have changed.
    Ideally we should stop buying youngsters, now that we are not limited in youth recruitment as we were, we should be able to increase the quality of players entering academy, and not need constant input from other academies.
    If there’s one thing I’d like to see from Wenger, that would definitely prove to me he changed his ways, it’s a public declaration showing him burning his economics diploma.

  52. Tinyspuds


    I’m saying the players we have are better as a 433 / 451 then a 422. In the same way that when we had Vieira and Petit in the centre (and of course Bergkamp in front) we were better at 442 than a 433. You have to play to your strengths. And at present having Chamberlain and Gervinho both wide in a 442 would not be doing that.

    Is the fragile confidence down to Wenger ? Who knows ? I don’t.

  53. IvoryGoonz

    naija: I think you missed the point and transform again my words. I didnt say he’s a bad play because of the cards. I say he’s a decent DM, but the way the cards happen, we can’t have that week in week out, and he should be on the bench with a better player in his place. if you’re content with averageness, fine for you.
    I aint. I want the best for my club, and no, Wenger will not succeed diminishing my ambitions for Arsenal. with the price of the tickets, the good health and performances of the TPA, the amount he’s paid, and the mighty club he’s allowed to manage, I wouldnt be taking a piss if I where him.
    Now Im not saying DM should be our priority either.
    The good results we have been stringing where against weaker/weakened oppositions. there’s no point avoiding facing that truth.
    big tests are gonna come in the coming weeks, with Chelsea, another international break, and by January, we’ll now if we’ll be in the middle of the table come May, or in Europa League.

  54. Tinyspuds

    People who say Song is ‘fucking useless’ or words to that effect are wrong IMO. He still makes mistakes and for me he still goes too far forward but as a DM he’s one of the best in the league. It’s easy to point to his stupid yellow after 3 mins against Marseille as evidence of him being rubbish but he put in a very good shift for the remaining 87 mins+ injury time.
    And I do wish people would stop suggesting playing Koscielny / TV5 in the DM role. They are center backs not midfielders

  55. IvoryGoonz

    Tiny: twisting again…
    It’s not only that stupid yellow against Marseille. there’s many more.
    and no one said rubbish apart from you. Kosc would be a better DM than Song is. I have no doubt about that. But Song wouldnt be as good as Kosc as a CB. (no im not saying he’s a genius either).
    I never said Vermaelen would though.
    I think lot of people dont understand nuances.
    Like some pieces of Pedro and Geoff… great work by the way, keep it up.

  56. Hitman

    To be fair to Song Billong – there has been an improvement in his performances in the last 6 months. One of our better players at the moment , but lets face it thats not a difficult achievement.

    “Conswistencee iz bit zer now ah feel”

    But always a chance that sloppiness will cost us. Will never be an all time great.

  57. Tinyspuds

    Ivorygoonz: “Tiny: twisting again…
    It’s not only that stupid yellow against Marseille. there’s many more.
    and no one said rubbish apart from you.”

    Really ?

    I suggest you reread posts above then, and you might not put your foot in your mouth


    “Song is fucking useless”


    “Song is shit”

    Has Koscielny ever played at DM ? If not then how can you have no doubt he’d be better than Song ? Weird

    As for Vermaelen playing as a DM I wasn’t referring to you I was referring to:

    Goonermart@13.22: “if we had bought Cahill maybe TV could have been used as a DM”

    Understand now?

  58. Chigooner

    Wenger always fits players into his system instead of going with the formation that would produce the best result with the players he has. Arshavin would have been massive in the Bergkamp role, instead he plays as a winger where his talents are wasted. While this is far from a great Arsenal team another manager would have gotten better performances from them.

  59. IvoryGoonz

    Tiny: only Geoff said he’s shit. adress to him then, not everyone.
    and he’s entitled to his view. please discuss.

  60. samir masri


    I wrote what I thought was right. So yeah thanks for mentioning my name. Your making me famous here.

  61. Confidentgoner

    If you want a guy to play in the hole, why not Ramsey? That is his best position. Supporting the striker. he is lethal with his shots outside the 18 yard box. If I can see that, I wonder why a guy paid 7mill quid cannot see that. And what’s the point of Arteta? He has shown us that he is Everton level at best. I’d rather have Dennilson there than Arteta. But seriously, what’s wrong with playing Benayoun there?

    With the players we have, This should be his line up



    Theo/Arsh—— Song——Benayoun———Gervinho

    ——————- Ramsey/Park———————————-

    —————– RVP———————————————

  62. IvoryGoonz

    Tiny: it’s not about “he’s never played this position or that one”.
    It’s a question of minimum attributes for a particular role and position.
    To be a great DM, you need perfect tackling, which Kosc possess, acceleration and pace, which he possess too, great positioning and awareness, which he is a bit too slow at, but can be trained.
    Overall, he’s more qualified to play as a DM than Song. But then who would we play as CB? Song? we’d have an even weaker defense, and concede cards in the box leading to penalties.
    everything in its context in my opinion.

  63. goonermart

    ha ha tiny, you need to have a chat with wenger about playing people out of position, I’m sure TV would be better than song in a DM role anyway, composed on the ball, would win more tackles,
    more disciplined, better football brain and he is not a clumys dumb cunt

  64. IvoryGoonz

    samir masri: me making you famous? you overestimate my influence. what you said was ill-informed, reason why incesc replied to you.
    And I’ll be honest, that’s cold meat, we already went through all this the day of the game. Incesc was nice enough to try to give you a clue.
    what I find funny is people who believe the attendance at the emirates last home game was 60k, and that it’s because of the financial crisis.
    So, take a refreshener, and go read the post on that day might be a good idea. and can we stop talking about OM ffs?

  65. Tinyspuds

    IvoryGoonz: “Tiny: only Geoff said he’s shit. adress to him then, not everyone.
    and he’s entitled to his view. please discuss.”

    And you still didn’t read my post properly!


    “Song is fucking useless”

    please just spend a little more time reading then you wouldn’t make so many mistakes and make false accusations 😉

    As for Koscielny being better than Song as a DM, it’s purely an assumption on your part. Personally I’m not sure that Koscielny has the overall vision of the game or the stamina to do that role. Yes it’s possible he could learn that role but that would take time.
    Suggesting that overall he’s more qualified to play as a DM than Song is again purely guesswork on your part.

    Still, when TV5 returns then maybe you’ll be proved right after all. Me ? I seriously doubt it

  66. Tinyspuds


    Haha well yeah Wenger is famous (infamous maybe) for buying players and sticking them in other positions. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

  67. IvoryGoonz

    Tiny: the point is that Gambon, Geoff, couldnt even be bothered making a fully formulated answer to you…

    Im defending Song because we dont have a better option at the moment, but in the context of the Arsenal as an EPL and CL winning team, Song is shite.

    context. context.
    (and btw, I’d also like to see Vermaelen try out that DM role, as he does have all the aforementioned qwalidees to be be our best DM)

  68. abnet

    Nasri on french TV : “Last title for City was 40 years ago”.
    hahaha cunty is rambling his city knowledge, fucking stupid!!!

  69. goonermart

    i reckon the lack mental strength is down to wenger, you only have to listen to wenger after a defeat.

    i think we are shit at 433 so would prefer to see 442

  70. Tinyspuds


    Ramsey’s best position is as the most forward of the center midfielders but he’s still learning his game. Wenger’s also said he’s taking it easy with him. As for having Denilson rather than Arteta, I disagree. Arteta might not have shown the creative side so far that most of us were hoping for but he’s still a better option than the Brazilian

  71. IvoryGoonz

    and did you see the “maybe” in here:
    “Goonermart@13.22: “if we had bought Cahill MAYBE TV…”


  72. Tinyspuds


    You’re making me laugh again. Do you need a spade to dig yourself out of the hole you threw yourself in.

  73. Tinyspuds


    Of course I saw the ‘maybe’ which I why I wrote ‘…suggesting playing..’ and not something stronger.

    So as to your question

    Yes, you are the one not reading properly

  74. nishanth

    HERD HAS BEEN SENT OFF – IT’S A PENALTY! The referee has got this completely wrong as Richard Dunne rises high and handles accidentally in the box as he challenges with Olsson, and a penalty is awarded. But referee Phil Dowd sends off Herd – mistaken identity!

    Phil Fucking Dowd

  75. IvoryGoonz

    some key things on Walcott’s last interview: “Theo, you’ve had two big wins in one week. Do you sense that things are beginning to click?”

    Walcott: “…We can’t look too far ahead so when people say ‘Arsenal are back on track’ we just have to forget about that. But we are starting to work for each other a bit harder than we have done in the past, that’s the case now, and it’s starting to take shape for us….”

  76. Tinyspuds


    I read your post at 15:42 hence my point about needing a spade.

    You got the first point wrong, then you got it wrong again, and then you got the 2nd point wrong.

    You can argue all you like that the slagging off of Song was simply a matter of context, but then you have to apply the same logic to my reply.

    Either way you’re making asumptions and you know what that makes you ?

  77. boozy

    would metersaker ever score a corner kick for us.
    vermalean had scored llke 10 goals by this time into his debut season.

    however having kos, djourou and mertz in the box would cause problems for teams – not stoke city though.

  78. IvoryGoonz

    Tiny: you got a pb with Gambon, talk to Gambon, you got a pb with Geoff, talk with Geoff, you got a pb with Goonermart, talk to him.
    “And I do wish people would stop suggesting playing Koscielny / TV5 in the DM role. They are center backs not midfielders”
    I wish people would stop suggesting others to stop suggesting.
    this is a free country, and this should be a free world. my final point is, they are right. please argument your choices, and what’s your problem with giving us other options? what if that is successfull?

  79. IvoryGoonz

    boozy: I think for Mertesacker to score, he needs to be attacking second post all the time, he’s too slow for first post, whereas Verm is effective there too. Hopefully this will come… I really can’t wait to see the partnership Vermaelen-Mertesacker though, and that’s also another reason why we should look at other positions for Kosc already.

  80. Tinyspuds


    Haha so this is a free country but you’re ordering me to do what you want me to do ? How does that work then?

    Hole getting deeper for you I see…

    Look, let me make it easier for you. Just copy and paste the piece below into your next reply to me

    ” @Tiny

    Opps, seems I didn’t see the posts from Gambon or Geoff criticising Song. And I assumed you had made a mistake and thought it was me that suggested TV5 as a DM whereas it was actually someone else who suggested it. I realise now you weren’t twisting anything. Let’s just move on and forget I ever said anything shall we otherwise I’ll just make a complete pigs ear of it”

    I probably wont read it as I’m off out now for the night, but it’ll save you from saying more dumb things 😉

  81. IvoryGoonz

    Tiny: yeah right, run beeaach. don’t answer anything.
    or grow up.
    I perfectly knew you didn’t talk for me about Vermaelen. but it didn’t prevent me from sharing the same view, and that was part of my f*g point too.
    you got a pb with Geoff, adress to him, and so on and so on.
    now move on or tell us all what makes Song so great, and why should we not try out Verm or Kosc in that position? The strength of a team is its depth. you want to play Yennaris for the foreseeable future maybe? And why should we not bring someone better than what we have for once? You seem to just refute any actual discussable points to just focus on the wording.
    I’m asking you. I’m not telling you to do so. I’m suggesting, like you suggested…
    it wont prevent you from doing it again anyway, will it?

  82. Confidentgoner


    you are right, I meant Kos. Never want to see Squil put on the shirt again. Djoruo is a mystery. Looks like he is on drugs. Good at some point last season, but piss poor now. How can that be?