At last Arsenal sign a world class player. Can we win tonight and top the group?

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It’s official, as if you didn’t know it already but we have signed Vermaelen for another 4 years which is news going the right way for once! The thought of watching him and the big sack together warms the cockles of my heart. If the Verminator can stay fit for those four years then we could have the making of a Keown/Adams partnership with him and the big Sack in the middle, and one that makes me feel we finally have a defence worthy of the Arsenal.

I was reading Gibbs piece in the Standard last night and he says he needs to stay injury free and get a run of games to improve, I agree, and the fact that he holds Cole up there as the player to emulate is indeed good news, as long as it stays footballing and doesn’t progress into mobile communications, then he won’t go wrong.

With players in the team coming through like Ramsey, Wilshere, Gibbs, Chezzer, Oxo, Coquelin, Ryo and Frimpong the future looks good, but we need a bit of success now and where better to get it than in the south of France.

The most probable team tonight is this.


Jenkinson the Sack Kozzer Santos

Arteta Song Rosicky

Walcott Robin Gervinho

That would be my guess unless he decides against Rosicky and puts Ramsey in and Arshavin instead of Theo, he’ll play Gervinho because he was in that league last season but I am surprised he didn’t take Park along, my question is, if he doesn’t think he’s good enough to play in this team then why buy him?

He may even surprise us and put Chamakh up top and play 4-4-2 as he was also a big success in France, then use Theo and Arshavin as impact subs.

We’ll see soon enough but a win will put us top and that is just what the Arsenal need right now, a convincing win to banish the rubbish that’s been on show in the Premier league.

I read with ineterest that Wenger said had we not beaten Udinese and qualified it would have been a disaster, yes the word he used was ‘DISASTER” in stark contrast to bonus boy Gazidas who said it wasn’t neccessary to our sustainable business model to have ECL football this season.

Wenger then went on to say that we won’t give up on the league as a season without the Champions League would be a catastrophe. Yes he used that word ‘CATASTROPHE’

Perhaps those two should get together before they speak to the press as they appear to be at odds with each other, still at least we now know that we are officially playing football in England with the sole purpose of qualifying for the European Champions League, twist what he said how you like but he said it all the same.

Pick the bones out of that with your expensive spin boys Ivan!

Back to tonight, yes I think that Chamakh is hopeless but when he was in France he was a top, top player, so maybe going home will bring out the best in him and either give him confidence to kick on, or act as a great showcase to be sold back, either way I wouldn’t be upset to see him start, even if it meant resting Robin.

And for that same reason I would give Ju Young a go, but he hasn’t packed Park so I won’t travel down that road!

Arteta was a revelation for Everton so he will come good, maybe we’ll see more of that tonight, I hope so, I like him a lot. It’s a shame he didn’t take Oxo, especially after he last impressive start but he has taken Coquelin, another player that did well in France last season.

In all I expect Marseille to be a very tough game, they did stuff Dortmund last time out and we didn’t, however we are the Arsenal and we are the best, so bugger the oppo and sod all the rest… …Somewhere in there is a song!

Have a great night on ITV tonight Grovers, this will tell you how our season will pan out, me I’m going for a comfortable 3-1 win and a big well done to the Arsenal for finally signing someone worthy!

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  1. IvoryGoonz

    incesc: maybe to ease negotiations for future transfers…

    Keyser: the only way to replace that midfield creativity is by increasing direct goal threat with 2 strikers and enforcing midfield with 2 DMs rather than 1. Be it a duo VP-Chamakh, Walcott-VP, or… -Park.

  2. Lurch LeRouge

    Theo played better tonight than on the weekend, but yeah until Arteta learns how to use him he’ll continue to disappoint.

  3. Rohan

    I thought he was alright today Lurch. We need to see more of the ball in midfield i he’s going to get the chance to make a few surging runs.
    Arteta I feel is just not being adventurous enough. I don’t know if he’s nervous or something but we know he can launch them 20-30 yarders and spray the ball around from deep.

    As Lurch says, atleast Denilson was good value for 7 goals a year from long range.

  4. Keyser

    That’s it though, Rosicky of 2007 would have enough confidence in himself to do it, or confidence in those around him, we’ve got several new players, a few youngsters and we’ve had a proper shit start so everyone’s looking around thinking there’s no-one left to walk us through it but themselves.

    Home to Sunderland probably doesn’t strike as much fear as away to Marseille, a win out there’s pretty big.

  5. Keyser

    IvoryGoonz – Stability’s probably more important than creativity right now, if Marseille played for a draw, we played to hopefully not concede. We only pressed in the last 15 minutes.

  6. Lurch LeRouge

    Rohan, I think you’ll find the Ox features more in the coming weeks, Gerv’ll be off to ACON so he’s probably being physically preserved for an intense usage around then.

  7. Rohan

    A draw away to Marseille is a decent result by anyone’s standards be it United or City. Today is still a win away in Europe.
    It’s not like the Invincibles went to places like Marseille and raped them 5-0.
    We probably deserved to win in Dortmund were it not for a wonder strike, beat Udinese away and beat Marseille away. That’s quite a bit to be positive about.
    We just need to focus on improving our domestic form. And for that, we really need to play the unbridled “without the handbreak” football we’ve come to enjoy over the years. That hopefully will come as confidence and the mood in the camp grows. The team also need to Emirates crowd completely behind them.
    this team isn’t all that, but they do have some heart imo.

  8. Keyser

    The Ox has got loads to learn, he blazed past Shrewsbury players, against Olympiakos he scored, but one-on-one the defender showed him the outside and he struggled to get past.

    Miyachi’s at least played in the Dutch top division, he looks pretty fragile though.

  9. zeus


    The rubbish buy Arteta is what 3 months into his Arsenal career and already has a goal.

    Denilson never got 7 goals a year (can’t be bothered to verify that)

    Mr Ken Doll, shit as he looks is more than capable of getting 10 goals over the season.

  10. Keyser

    IvoryGoonz – It depends on the two dm’s, it’s why Wilshere is a massive miss, because he’s ideal to play there, forward thinking and very good on the ball, with a decent defensive side.

    If Arteta goes forward, who do we have next to Song ? Diaby could be the player.

  11. Rohan

    Denilson in 09/10 the last proper season where he was utilized as a first team player, in 28 appearances had 6 goals and 2 assists I believve.

    In a season not ravaged by injury, he’d have 35+ appearances and it’s not outrageous to claim he could replicate that given consistent games.
    He had a great shot on him. FACT!

  12. Lurch LeRouge

    I couldn’t care less if Arteta didn’t score a goal again this season, its the assists, and the assisters assists I want from him.

  13. incesc

    denilson had nothing

    he scored a free kick once because the keeper was expecting him to pass it back to the half way line

  14. OPG

    We won’t be over relying on AOC which is best for his career atm, I think Wenger said tonight he would be careful with Ramsey even.

    “I do not want to overplay him,” said Wenger.

    “I’ve seen in my mind that he has been injured for a year and that Wilshere played a lot last year (and is now injured). I try to be a bit more cautious when I can.

  15. Keyser

    “he scored a free kick once because the keeper was expecting him to pass it back to the half way line”

    That was a quality free-kick, he actually managed to get it over the wall and not 50 rows up into the stands, Lurch’s right we could do with him just for free-kicks. Think there was Hull and Stoke.

  16. Lurch LeRouge

    nor do I, but he has a quality which arteta lacks although I’m much happier having Arteta’s maturity ball control in there. Its just frustrating watching slow laborious and predictable movements.

    and whats up with Szczesny’s outlets? gone are the Lehman’esque hurls at theo or shava bombing down the wing…no use of pace at all.

  17. Rohan

    Fuck, LG does it again smashing my productivity that I had maintained at such high levels over the past few weeks to zilch.

  18. incesc

    so one good freekick against hull


    stupid dance, stupid face, falling over and giving the ball away in bad positions and the inability to play football in general

    im in

  19. Radio Raheem

    I did criticise Arteta today for not making one or two forward passes. On reflection, I thought he did well in his defensive duties which is what he was asked to do, in the main. We played 4231 today and he sat alongside Song. I suppose the point of this formation was to make us solid defensively away from home and nick the odd goal. We did that! On occasions we had 10 outfield players behind the ball.

    Wenger got it right tactically. I don’t know about everyone else but I enjoy the sort of disciplined performance we showed in the second half as much as the entertaining stuff!!

    I think our middle 3 should be

    Song Rosicky/Diaby and Arteta/Ramsey

  20. OPG

    Denilson has been punished by Brazil’s ‘football court’ for his red card record with one match suspension,so he wont play next Sunday either…

  21. OPG

    Well yes it’s a long season with many ups and downs and you can’t win every game, you’re going to have conflicting opinions and reactions it’s a endless cycle…

    Dortmund lost to Marseille cause they made some big defensive mistakes and missed chances and Dortmund outplayed us for the most part at their place that’s football though.
    Some say they miss Sahin but I don’t know how good or important he was to them, they have alot of young and exciting talent plenty of clubs are scouting, but lack experience in the CL

  22. dennisdamenace

    RvP was isolated for far too much of the game (again) last night. Was it the the formation/tactics or just more simply inadequate support/midfield players?

    OM were quite average, almost a mirror of our current selves really. And, yet our best two players were Mert & Kozz!! That’s a bit worrying considering how toothless and mediocre OM were.

    It makes that 1-1 against Dortmund look a poor result, although at the time i thought it was a good result, and we were hanging on for large parts of the game!!

    However, an ECL away win is a step in the right direction. Although it doesn’t disguise the glaring problems with our team, that will be ruthlessly exploited by better opposition, both in the ECL and EPL

  23. Dream10


    Great points.

    – Our attack and not our defensive unit is what will stop us from competing

    – If your dreaming of competing with Europe’s best, Theo Walcott up front is not the solution