Massive PROTEST banner in – Wenger for England – Kozzer to right back?

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Hello and welcome to Le Grove, there’s some pretty hardcore topics to be dealing with this morning, not least the planned protest… that comes with a banner!

You’re lucky I didn’t roll with the headline ‘It’s banner time’.

I can’t help but marvel at the inflammatory nature of the beast. I mean, wow, I would not want to be rolling that into a stadium unless I was pretty sure I had the backing of most. It looks like it’s been put together by the embroidery arm of the Weakest Link production team!

As with any of these protests, it’s about timing. Wenger should have gone in the summer, but the bulk of fans won’t be ready to make a statement like that for a while. It’s all muffled, slightly awkward conversations about him going at the moment. From what I understand, the group behind it are called ArsenalAFCnotPLC, a Facebook (742 fans)/Twitter Group (1500 followers) with a name that slightly confuses me considering the fact it’s fully accepted we need to be a good business if we’re to catch United and co.

I digress…

Now I haven’t heard much from them, which is surprising considering what they’re planning on doing. Even more surprising considering the trouble the far more popularised BSM group have been having getting fan backing. I just hope this isn’t a bit of fame hunting for a university project. Getting a banner story into a paper isn’t tough, it’s newsworthy, getting backing through fan sites is where the effort should have been spent, because you have to take on many different points of view and criticism that you might not like.

The overriding concern is that this is happening at all. What a total mess we’re in to be in this situation. People can keep on bleating minority, minority, but it’s becoming ever more obvious that it’s not the minority who are gravely unhappy with the man in charge. Whether October is banner time is another question. I guess my biggest criticism is that if there’s no protest before the game, you’re literally holding up a banner as an individual. If you protest with a thousand people before the match, then go into the game and do it, at least you know you represented more than just yourself and a few mates on twitter.

Good luck to them though, we’re all entitled to an opinion, we’re all allowed to do what we like in this beautifully democratic society, and we can all do as we please in the ground… unless it’s standing up, waving a national flag, taking a plastic bottle in with a lid or carrying a 9 gauge shotgun.

Wenger Escape Route…

My guess is that despite the embarrassing backing Wenger received from Stan and Ivan, if it continues the way it’s going, there’s no way he’ll be allowed to continue. We’re a Robin injury away from total mediocrity.

The Mirror have linked Wenger heavily with England job this morning. They’ve also suggested he chooses a successor.

I do hope that isn’t allowed, he shouldn’t be given any control over who succeeds him, mainly because he has no idea what makes a great modern manager, takes one to know one and all that.

I hope it’s Guardiola, he’s looking for a new challenge, we are a massive one and he’d have money, infrastructure and a youth production line to play with. Very little pressure as well for a few years…

Pepe Reina…

Well I told you last year Pepe Reina was subject a massive bid from Arsenal and he confirmed it today, saying he wasn’t allowed to leave as he was integral to the sale of Liverpool. Bad times… But not so bad now we know we’re set with Chezzer.

Joey Barton…

The Newcastle mouth piece is in the news more than Harry Redknapp these days, I don’t know why he doesn’t set up a blog and call it ‘Ramblings of a cultured Scouser’ or something.

Today he digs out PHW for not knowing what’s going on at his club. Hardly making a point is he? PHW isn’t aware what decade he’s in or what he had for breakfast… the board probably haven’t told him Bergkamp signed!

Again, how low can one club go when the player himself admits the link is hardly that unbelievable considering the state we’re in!

Thomas Vermaelen…

The good news I’ll leave you on is the news we already knew, Thomas should be back after the international break, which is a giant fat relief to everyone. I’m not sure really what we’re pining for with Thomas. Is it the accountability and leadership, is it his pace and power that he puts into everything or is it a bit of quality and stability? He’s one of those players who has hero qualities.

Who does he go next to? In my mind it has to be Per Mertesacker… A little and large combo. Pace and aerial dominance. I’d also consider sticking Kozzer in at right back. Our backline needs all the strength it can get, he’s more than capable of filling in and he’s fully up to speed with Premiership life.

How is your defence lining up for the coming few months? Is Jenko ready? Can Coquelin slip in there? Is it right to move a centre back to full back?

Let us know on a banner! Sorry, I mean in a comment!


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  1. Lurch LeRouge


    Alas no yellow fluids, AW just revoked that secret photo library club they’re both members of…. 😉

    MJ took his own life.

  2. Arber

    Since David Dain left the club It look like it took Wengers brain with him,or maybe Wenger did had no brain but he borrow Dain’s brain.

  3. Thomas. It's up for grabs now!

    Steve Palmer @ 15.34
    …it’s not our given right to win trophies

    Did you believe him then when he said Arsenal can win the title?

    July 2011

    July 2010

    March 2010

    Oct 2009

    April 2008

    But it’s not about titles is it now? It’s about his judgement. He said we were good enough. The board said money is available. He said I don’t need it.

    He failed. year after year… and it is still going on…Time to admit that and call it what it is. More and more are coming to that conclusion.

  4. kwik fit

    Greg the last five years as you say didn’t quite happen us.
    However at times over this period it would of happened if the purse strings had been slightly opened. The manager refused to strengthen
    what it was plainly obvious that new blood was needed. Consequently we find us in a position that players are not signing or renewing because expectations have been lowered.
    This is gross mis-management and heads must roll!

  5. kwik fit

    “he’s earned the right to see his vision out”
    The right was indeed earned but ran out at least a year ago.

  6. naija soccer


    Fabregas IS mentally weak. He rarely lifts the team when the going gets tough. He plays well against the blackburn type teams but disappears against the chelseas, barcelonas and manyoos. I stress it again, fabregas is really very weak mentally.


    He bought those players bcuz he didn’t have 20-30 million to buy the essiens of this world, plain and simple. In a world of billionaire owners and lucky coaches,wenger is having to compete with a small budget and average players.


    Wage bill or not , he had the best team in portugal, kudos to him for winning uefa with that team but wenger also took his team to the final with a weak team.

  7. Lurch LeRouge


    absolutely, MJ’d placed a load of belief in ‘project youth’, he’d invested considerable personal energy if you will.

    Ultimately I think Michael knew that Arsene didn’t have the clubs interest at heart any more and it pained him.

  8. Lurch LeRouge

    Hitler revitalized Germany’s economy in a massive depression.

    surely he had the right to see his project out?

  9. gambon

    What does “see his vision out” mean?

    Keep failing until he dies?

    You are fucking morons, completely unable to see beond a french weirdo.

  10. kwik fit

    naija cesc carried the team for the past five years. Without him we would not have made top four.Yes in big games perhaps he was not at his best but that was because of the quality he played with.
    Cesc is one of the top 5 players in Europe .He is very strong mentally!

  11. Greg

    …the manager refused to strengthen. Like offering 20mil for Reina, as we found out today…

    People WANT to believe that he “refuses” to pay good money, or “refuses” to see where his team needs strengthening, because that fits into the stereotype of an arrogant, elitist Frenchman, and gives them ammunition against him.

    Sorry for being blunt, but it’s bullshit. The truth is, as the Stones sang, you can’t always get what you want. People think that buying players is as easy as picking up the phone and offering more money…

    He’s careful, and only buys quality. So he gets criticized for being too slow and fussy over transfers, and then when he buys 5 players on deadline day, he’s criticized for that, too.

  12. Sir Henry Norris

    Pedro you are right the players play anyway they take the praise when things go well and the abuse when things don’t. Either way they get paid. 60k pay for their season tickets countless others spend money on the club win lose or draw. Does that make us all retards, like some would have us believe?

  13. IvoryGoonz

    Greg: had he brought better quality, paid the extra buck, have a better squad, better training methods, better coaching, and so on and so on… and I’ll even add one big mistake when building the Emirates. If you want to compete with Man U and a 75000 stadium, you dont build a 60000.
    it’s this “minimalisme” that kills it all.

  14. Wenger the liar

    “Wenger also took his team to the final”

    What you mean once in 15 years, with the players we once had. Not that I need to point this out to you but taking a team to the final isnt really the point of a competition. Theres one team that wins and every other team has lost.

    4th isnt a trophy.

  15. gambon


    We are the only club in the PL with £160m in the bank.

    We have the 4th largest wage bill, but are 15th in the PL

    We lost to relegation bound birmingham the last time we made a final… they have more resources than us?

    Do you wanna keep floundering with your arguments?

  16. patthegooner

    Well if we finish the season potless, out of the CL and regularly playing in front of 40-50k each week, lets just see if the board are still so willing to let him see his vision out.

    Cesc, Clichy and Nasri were part of that vision and now they are gone. His vision was based on getting 100% player loyalty out of giving them opportunity. Sadly it does not work out like that. Players want to win things and they wont at Arsenal.

  17. Thomas. It's up for grabs now!

    Greg, Steve,,, He’s earned the right to see his vision out..

    Until when?

    Don’t you think he’s got a fair run at it over the last few years?

    We are all aware of the stadium and financial position as you are too. These issues are not holding us back. (This debate is not about competing with City or Chelsea, that’s another one)

    It is…is the manager doing the best with the resources AFC has available? Has he exercised good judgement over the last few years?

    Nasri told him in early July he was leaving. He (stubbornly) refused to accept that and thought he could turn it around. Cesc has admitted that AW actually helped him to move by getting the club to lower its asking price!

    Then we see the late night scramble to get Arteta and he signs without a medical! Now we have to listen to those players saying we need time to gel.

    All points to poor judgement. (That doesn’t leave Nasri, Cesc or Barca or City and Viera off the hook.. but let’s not let that shift our focus off the main issue, Arsenal and Arsene Wenger)

  18. gambon

    “He’s careful, and only buys quality.”

    Haha, the endless bullshit train rides on.

    Koscielny quality?

    Squillaci quality?

    Jenkinson quality?

    Chamakh quality?

    Diaby quality?

  19. patthegooner


    He’s careful, and only buys quality????

    Really Chamakh, Squillaci, Silvestre, Denilson, Diaby, Koscielny,

    Sure there are gems, but I hardly think Wenger can be crowned king of the transfer market. If anything his ability to pick out and sign a gem is getting worse every year.

  20. Greg

    LMAO. Brilliant. Now we’re comparing him to Hitler… I must be on the internet.

    Gambon, no of course not. There’s got to be a limit on how long you are allowed to fail. If you take February as the starting point, when we were challenging for the title (if you remember), we are on an eight-month bad run. 14 years of good v eight months of bad. This is nowhere near time to pull the plug.

    And by the way, I could call you far worse than a moron if you were worth it.

  21. kwik fit

    Greg says
    ‘He’s careful, and only buys quality’
    Ye nice one do you want me to provide a list of his ‘quality’ purchases.

    Without cesc we wouldn’t even be having this exchange of views cos Wenger would have been long gone!

  22. kwik fit

    Greg ‘So he gets criticized for being too slow and fussy over transfers, and then when he buys 5 players on deadline day, he’s criticized for that, too’
    Hell no.

  23. patthegooner

    14 years of good v eight months of bad

    Oh Please, 1997 – 2004 were good, 2005 onwards has seen a gradual decline and drop in the overall quality level of the squad.

    It is hardly only 8 months of bad.

    Again sure we had a couple of peaks in the last few years but always bottled it when faced with real opposition and pressure.

  24. gambon

    No Greg, 9 years of good, 6 of bad.

    Name any other person in the world that could take the best team in europe and ruin them as wenger has?

    There isnt anyone, we have gone from top of the PL to competing with the likes of Wolves & QPR, and some idiots dont see a problem.

    As i said Pedro, IQ test….will keep the retards out.

  25. Wenger the liar

    “Arsene is the reason we’ve been relegated to the Championship, who better to get us back up”

    Give it time, its coming.

  26. Greg

    OK, I should have known I would get it for the “only buying quality” comment.

    But yes – Koscielny, Diaby, Chamakh, Denilson. Quality. All of them. Kos will go on to be a legend. The others maybe not. But not because they are not quality. Because they are squad players in a team of too many squad players.

  27. IvoryGoonz

    Greg and others: why are we even having this discussion?
    whatever we say, you aint gonna open your eyes, and you always come back with same arguments ignoring all that has already been said and done.
    And whatever you say, you wont convince us to shut up, we’ve just seen too much.
    Can’t you just spend the international break praising your Wenger poster rather than troubling the blog of love?

  28. IvoryGoonz

    “Because they are squad players in a team of too many squad players.”
    and this is not Wenger’s fault?

  29. Greg


    6 years of bad. Please, tell me. Does Wenger get any credit with you at all for what he’s done for the club?

    Go on, challenge yourself. I dare you to say one good thing about him.

  30. Greg

    kwik fit and IvoryGoonz, yes of course. Absolutely Wenger’s fault. Among others.

    What made you think I thought he was perfect?

  31. IvoryGoonz

    Greg: Im sure Gambon didnt bash him for winning the double.
    So there’s pretty much no point to your question.
    We are talking about now, not 5 years ago.
    No ambition anymore.

    Wenger has been great at making money. there you go, I said one good thing.

  32. Wenger the liar

    “Diaby. Cham. Denilson. Quality. All of them.”

    That reminds me, anyone know a man I get some really good LSD from?

  33. gambon

    Heres your problem Greg…

    Lets change that question a bit..

    Is Wenger DOING anything good for the club?

    Have you noticed you live in the past a lot? Still talking about what Wenger DID rather than what HE IS DOING?

    You seem to have a lot of trouble seperating the 2.

    I have no problem saying Wenger was a great, albeit flawed manager once upon a time, but even Stevie Wonder can see that he is now a failure and a joke to his family.

  34. IvoryGoonz

    Greg: then what makes you think the rest of the areas in where Wenger touches have not been treated the same way?

  35. Greg


    This is kind of my point. When we won the double, he was good. Now, he’s total shit according to people like Gambon, and driving the club into the ground.

    What changed since 2005? Money. Abramovich, Dubai, USA. Which takes me back to my original comment somewhere back up there. We didn’t have the resources to compete dollar for dollar, so we competed another way. And we’ve done pretty fucking well, considering.

    Let me put it this way, if you think the last 6 years are not good enough, then you want a new owner, not a new manager.

  36. Steve Palmer

    IvoryGoonze, i wonder if you are following the right club as all your comments are detrimental to what the Arsenal stand for, we built what we could afford we were never trying to outdo anyone just trying to make a future for a club that were stagnating , it took men with vision to get the project underway and restrictions had to be put in place Wenger was told he had to spend wisely and keep the expense down for how long i am unsure but for a venture of this nature i would imagine for some considerable time , not only did these men build a stadium they also built a state of the art training ground Medical facilities while also trying to run a football team, we also had building works on the highbury site in a way of getting the best from our old ground from which all that building is now complete, i understand you call yourself an Arsenal supporter and probably only concerned with what goes on on the pitch but while you sit in your comfy seat in the stadium those men are working for Arsenals future, and personally speaking i think they have done a very fine job, men working together to try and give back to the supporters that have given support for many years. Wenger may be getting on but he is still a man that has done his best for Arsenal football club, We now have very rich owners who if they wanted could buy a team tomorow but those men have tried very hard to do it the right way a self sustaining model that brings success as a good business should. Yes we have rich owners and yes we are in a better position than we were at Highbury but nothing gets done overnight we have waited for six years but those men have made sure the The Arsenal will be here for your childrens children to support

  37. Thomas. It's up for grabs now!

    Injuries are still killing us and used as a excuse for poor performances.

    Would investment in some quality for the first 11and not just young prospects have been more productive?

    Here’s the player numbers over recent years and paid a salary!
    This is the number of players at the club.

    2007 Players 52
    2008 Players 54
    2009 Players 62
    2010 Players 64

    He had 12 more players in 2010 than in 2007 in the club to cope with injuries.. But we are still fucked when a key player gets crocked. Now that’s poor judgement.

  38. IvoryGoonz

    Greg: what changed since 2005?
    a) it didnt start in 2005. You usually notice the effects of a big change only at least a year after it actualy happened in football, just look at the players who left us since then, and the players that came in. that’s called Project Youth.
    And it failed in the overall of things, because it should have been supplemented by only super-quality buys. but Wenger leveled the team with average players, and this is not working.
    that’s the result we look at. and all for a wagebill of £124m. almost as much as Chelsea 2 years ago.
    We failed massively on the commercial side because of the lack of result, and rather than discussing what went wrong, which has already been discussed, we should look at ways to change things.
    And for your new owner thing, if you gave me the same budget, Im sorry, Id get you a title every year, and I’d pay myself much less.

  39. IvoryGoonz

    Usmanov in would just ensure that the commercial and financial side of things are overlooked by someone who isnt afraid of investing…

  40. gambon

    Greg you are so wrong its unreal

    Look at the average age of our winning teams, the average height, the experience.

    Then look at Wengers teams for the last 5 years.

    Spot the difference?

    By your rational Tony Adams should still be playing CB for us.

  41. Sir Henry Norris

    Gambon, individually those players are not of the exotic nature of say Messi, Pedro, Alonso, Dani Alvez, or Benzema but those players are unavailable.

    Reina is a top keeper Wenger bids 20m they say no, We bid for a stop gap keeper from Fullam they refuse to sell. Other than Shay Given waht top goalie did we lose out on?

    We have been in for players who decided to sign for our rivals,

    Jones bid of 15m choose Utd prefered to stay north.
    Smalling – Utd outbid us.
    Ricky Alvez – Inter outbid us
    Mata – valuation too high

    Quality comes at a premium and there is a lot more dynamics at play than is apreciated, especially for a club with less finacial resources than some of our competitors

    Over the last two seasons Wenger has said he is not adverse to spending money he said he would spend 30m if he thought it was right do so. But you tell me how many players got sold for more than 30m in the last windo?

  42. IvoryGoonz

    Greg: and you’re getting carried away. the financial success on the pitch is what drives better sponsorships, and in the end, ensures financial stability. If you dont reinvest in the squad wisely, and with class players, but keep on bringing raw talent, you can not produce a team of enough quality, experience, and strength, to compete for titles.

  43. IvoryGoonz

    Greg: Wenger was proven wrong when he refused to strengthen at beginning of summer again, and it came back to bit him, and forced his hands, but he kept his old ways, and bought cheap replacements.
    Im glad he brought Mertesacker, because we would be in relegation zone by now, but had he brought Hummels 1st July, Vermalen might have avoided his injury and be in top 8.

  44. Greg

    I just posted a comment containing a line of abuse, which I don’t see, so it’s probably gone into moderation. Fair enough, it probably shouldn’t go up.

    Have to go.

    Good luck everyone, hope we all enjoy the season.

  45. IvoryGoonz

    SHN: but we could have bid £16m for Mandanda and OM would have said yes. Why wuold Liverpool let Reina go anyway?

  46. chozzer

    It’s astonishing that anyone with even a vaguely positive viewpoint still wants to come on here and attempt to stem the anti-Wenger tide.

    You might as well just piss all over your own leg.

  47. Wenger the liar

    Greg –

    Why has your comment gone into moderation? You didnt use the words Denilson and Quality in the same sentence again did you?

  48. IvoryGoonz

    chozzer: what’s astonishing is that they still keep coming on here and ignoring the message.
    well. maybe one day they’ll see the light. the sun always comes back after the rain…

  49. kwik fit

    Steve Palmer are you on the board of directors? Some of your comments are very patronising which would suggest that you have a seat on the board.

  50. SpanishBill

    I do wish you’d turn your attention to Kroenke not Wenger. Wenger deserves some slack. Kroenke and Gazidis do not. The problem is that our club does not have ambition anymore and as a result its pulling power is fast diminishing. Our business is stale self-serving and corporate. It stinks. Extracting value, self-sustaining, is not the language of a football club going places. Just check out kroenke’s track record. It’s worrying and irrelevant. The banner should read So what’s the point of Kroenke?

  51. Sir Henry Norris

    IvoryG maybe Wenger was not interested in that player

    be lucky, Greg

    Gambon, WEnger’s team of 07/08 was close to be very competitive it got broken up with key departures has as been the story over the last 5 years.

  52. IvoryGoonz

    SHN: I’d pay £42m for Hazard over 48 months, and £59m for Gotze over 48 months too. They would sign for under 105k/wk each and just the interest money on the 160m in the bank would suffice to pay for their fees over 4 years.
    You sell Arshavin and Diaby and that’s your wagebill reduced, and your repayments insured.
    Mata too high? cause £18m in his buy-out clause was too high? or because he was asking 125k/wk at least?
    all bollocks. replace average players, injury prone players, by first team quality, and sponsors will come knocking at your door begging. yes, you shouldnt have to spend 150k for a class player, there are still plenty available. But if you buy top quality, its to keep them over the years, and only titles can ensure that.

  53. IvoryGoonz

    until Wenger leaves, Kroenke will not have to get his hands dirty, and they are both happy with that.
    Kroenke said he backs Wenger 200%.
    And what power do we have over Kroenke?
    Not going to games, and not buying merchandise.
    If Wenger was entirely innocent, and wanted to do the right thing, he’d resign, say all the truth, and we could start afresh.
    But it’s not Kroenke who got Yossi, Arteta, Diaby, and others.
    I repeat. With the same wagebill, any good manager would build a better team and actually challenge for title, if they were not obsessed with money.
    Id rather pay myself 500k/y as a manager, and make the team win titles, rather than save millions to the club. (and nothing prevents from doing what the commercial teams did, and invest more in the first 11 squad, nothing.)

  54. chozzer


    Some of them still keep alive a hope (misplaced, maybe) that Wenger can inspire some sort of revival.

    This hope is not borne out of a deranged love for Arsene FC over Arsenal FC or any of that hysterical bollix, but simply because Wenger is the incumbent manager (for how long, who knows) and so is the only one in a position to do so.

    Arsenal Football Club have games coming up against Sunderland and Stoke in the league. How can anyone go to those games and not hope that Wenger does something to halt the slide?

  55. IvoryGoonz

    chozzer: and obviously after (sigh) winning against Sunderland and Stoke, all hyped up with people singing “one arsene Wenger”, what happens if you lose against Marseille? or the next one?
    keep hope as much as you want. just dont come on here to diss on people who just warn you to not have too great expectations, and this based on more than just pure faith.

  56. IvoryGoonz

    chozzer: btw, Pat Rice has to me proven he can at least ensure a transition period, after all, we didnt lose the games when Wenger was banned did we?

  57. kwik fit

    Ivory if wenger did turn this around I would rejoice and again become a disciple. Alas its past the point of return.

  58. boozy

    dont recall the dude who said that fergie would have won the title with any of the top 4 teams – he was right – and that includes arsenal – naija.

    i’m pretty sure pep and maureen would have won titles with the same team – naija

    cant really imagine maureen reaching 2 carling cup finals, and 1 champions lg final, without winning all of them – naija.

    really ridiculous thing to say – naija.

  59. IvoryGoonz

    Gazidis being implicated in a Research group to try to bring in a salary cap across the FIFA, while even Wenger is against, tell me all about Gaz. I’d have him out straight away for thinking USA is like Europe. and you can not bring in a salary cap BEFORE you bring in a draft system.
    That will still not prevent big spenders from buying Gallardo’s to attract the biggest players from outside the league.

  60. Sir Henry Norris

    IvoryG, Agree I would of paid a good fee to secure Hazard (30m) and or Gotze (20m)but neither were ready to leave their clubs this season. It;s not like we are the only club in the world is it? I means they have not gone anywhere it seems to me looks like they did not wish to move to Aresenal or anyother club who might of wished to sign em.

    Yeah Mata, the bid was turned down by the club as per his dads testimony And of course your being silly? no Manager knowling sign injury-prone players.

    Euro-wide there were no great movement of players sold and bought in the last window. I’m sure what with the comings and goings at our place we we where in fat one the most active. Granted the quality of which can be debated but surely we should alow the to play first, no?

  61. IvoryGoonz

    they were ready, we just didnt offer enough, soon enough, for their clubs to find replacements. Like he tried Lucho on deadline day or close, when we made the deal for Gervinho, we should have made a deal for the pair, and in advance (not like forgetting to get the permit done in advance for Gerv to play in Asia). And not go after their target either. anyway. if you are not ready to spend a bit of your money, clubs wont be willing to make deals with you and agents will go elsewhere. the more money you spend with another club, the more likely they’d spend a bit on a Diaby. either you have a straight policy and ethics, and you apply it accross the board, and dont promise things you cant bring, either you take all the help that is offered to get the best chances for your team.
    Too many lies, too many spins…

  62. goonermart

    Steve Palmer says:
    October 9, 2011 at 15:34

    in our six year wait we have gone forwards not backwards,


    Most delusional AKB statement ever! What are you basing that on,
    League form? quality of players? league postion? recent signings?
    attendances? commercial revenue? quality of football? stability of team? success?

  63. Carlito

    Goon in 60 Seconds says:
    October 9, 2011 at 17:06

    This rumour?/ What is it?


    That you’re Wenger’s rent boy.

  64. kwik fit

    Don’t you just love these wet Sunday afternoons with a bit of good banter with fellow Arsenal fans and AKB’s

  65. dennisdamenace

    Earned he right to see out his vision!!!


    Are you people really supporters of Arsenal FC or Arsene Wenger?

    Earned the right, not on the back of my money, or my club. If your deity wants to perform experiments, then i suggest you and him fuck off to some idyll somewhere and grow your own fucking dream from your own fucking money…….

  66. Sir Henry Norris

    In your opinion Arteta, Beneyoun are injury prone? Arteta has yet to pick up a knock of anykind and Yossi were not Livepool FC realising the errors of their ways ready to sign said player on loan?

    In order to exstrapulate as much revenue for the club as possible the Club/Wenger took a gamble that teams wishing to purchase our two best players were not going stump up enough cash for their services and basically lost.Not only did we lose we did not have enough time to find the quality replacemnts, hence the calibre of player we bought in instead.

  67. IvoryGoonz

    SHN: 27 games in average over 6 years is what? bad luck?
    and the rest is just a lame excuse. there’s plenty of money in the coffers.
    the real thing and you say it yourself: “In order to exstrapulate as much revenue for the club as possible the Club/Wenger”. making money, that’s what it’s all about. rest are bollocks and excuses.

  68. IvoryGoonz

    and Benayoun played 8 games last season, he’s totally out of fitness, and like he hasnt already picked up injuries.

  69. goonermart


    is it reasonable to believe that we could have bought a quality player or playes before that duo left.

    We could have bought Cahill, Parker and Mata in july.

    Every fucker in the world knew cesc would go back to barca so we should have already bought his replacement before selling him at a knock down price

  70. Phil

    To the Akbs,
    Don’t begrudge your right to support the manager. I would like to know when is enough ?
    At what point in time will you recognize that change must occur.
    I would rather have managerial stability than be a Newcastle who change managers as often as politicians fiddle their expenses, but we are a club in decline in terms of football performance.

  71. Bit Ov Spin

    it’s been 6-7 years of complete and utter embarrassment from wenger,year after year of shit,he hasn’t been able to turn things around and he never will,enough is enough of him,his time is up.All these wankers saying we will fall into mediocrity when he leaves,WAKE UP AND SMELL THE coffee,he’s incharge now and we are sitting 15th the league,we already are already are living in mediocity,AND HE’S THE FUCKING MANAGER….

  72. Sir Henry Norris

    No football is not all about money but we had the goods what did you want us to do give em’ away, cos we, are so morally better than all the rest of the clubs put together?

    We need that money to finance better players and to pay off our debts as most football club endeavour to do.We don;t have the resources of some of the top clubs, so yeah be under no iilusions, we also operate buy to sell policlies in order to make up the shortfalls in our commercial revenues.

  73. kwik fit

    Everyone’s seems to be worrying about RVP not signing a new contract. Fear not cos we all know whats going to happen. He will get the inevitable injury(say 4-6 months) and then h’ell be glad to sign!
    And w’ell be glad to have him sign.

  74. ice

    arsene in totteridge this afternoon, nice italian food, discussing the what’s rights and wrong with the weekend’s country games,….meanwhile the real fans fretting over what’s going on with england’s top club….doom last days ala terry neil whilst aw sips his barolo….and muses on a load of shit about rooney being red carded and song being a half decent player( not)…..A FLY ON THE WALL WOULD BE SOOOO SCARED FOR OUR CLUB JUST NOW…..

  75. Sir Henry Norris

    yes Goonermartit is reasonable, we were in negoitiations for Ricky Alvez who signed for Inter. We were also in for Jones and Mata, but aa i said earlier if anylise the transfer activity across europe there was not a lot of movment sales wise.

  76. jack

    Hi, i recently sent an email to expressing my disdain at Arsene’s continual tenure at the club and i received a polite email back from with an attatchment and when i opened the attatchment my email started to overflow with postmaster@ type of virus. I just wanted to know if this has happened to anyone else when emailing ? thanks

  77. Radio Raheem

    4411 or 4231.


    Coquelin Koscielny TV Santos

    Yossi Song Arteta/Diaby Gervinho



    Mertesacker should sit it out for now. The combination between TV and Koscielny looked good until the ‘pool match

    If Diaby is ready I’ll start him instead of Arteta.

  78. goonermart

    Yes Norris, but Cahill, Parker and Samba were available and would have made our team stronger. We could have tried harder for Mata too.

  79. Thomas. It's up for grabs now!

    Sir Henry!
    I hear what you are saying about finance but I don’t believe we were forced to sell those players for financial reasons. Henry chose to go along with most of the others, (We sold Viera after a bid from Juventus), as did Nasri and Cesc recently. And it’s quite possible that the board instructed Wenger let Nasri go.. once he refused to sign another contract. But if he wanted to sign we could have kept him and given him a decent salary increase. We were not forced to sell him against his will is my point.

    Now, it is true that those sales helped the balance sheet and kept us in profit but we could also have afforded to keep them. Probably the only difference would be that we would not be looking at 160m cash in the bank now and would have turned smaller profits in the last number of years.

    Maybe we would have been more successful if we kept them? who knows but success on the field drives success in the balance sheet also.

    It was clearly the managers policy not to spend the money from those sales (whatever money was available) as he believed he could do it another way. The board could not be any clearer in their statements that this money was his to do with what he wanted.. on the player front. The fact that he didn’t simply moved us to a much healthier financial position that we would otherwise have been in.

  80. Radio Raheem

    What a leprous scrotal sac you are. Shouldn’t you, at least, give a reason why you think it is pathetic or suggest an alternative? Idiot.

    Koscielny and Diaby should never get a game because Mertesacker, Arteta and Ramsey are pulling trees with their performances at the moment aren’t they?

    Grow a fucking brain cell man.

    Anyway I’m off so you dimwits can carry on.

  81. AnoN-GOONER

    well well well what a bitter sorry lot we are when our team need us most we can’t even show proper support. (Example) in our own ground we are reguarly outsung and out passioned by away support the worst example this season so far was when swansea came to town why can’t we be our teams 12th man how about we try putting some pride back into our support do you all feel that we should go down the Citeh/chavs route and spend for the sake of it. last season we were in 4 trophies at one stage so how have we gone into being a bad team overnight. yes we should have won at least one but now that we have lost two big influentual class players we will struggle for a while. But when have we ever had a really bad season we are always dining at the CL (Champ League) table which spuds\pool and others have chucked money at only to fall short so i say at least show your full support for this season and if we fail to at least land a CL place then yes he should resign but until then while are down stop kicking and start backing THEM Come on you GUNNERS

  82. Sir Henry Norris

    Thomaupfor garbs, Once those players decided for what ever reason to go we have to get the best possible deal for the club. Wenger intimated he would of had Nasri stay and risk losing him for nowt. But as it happend he was overruled.

    You name me a club that do not buy players with one eye on their resale value, it is one of the key criteria when a club is investing huge sums of money, after all, the player may turn out to be, shit, homesick or ask for too high a wage increase.

    The managers policy is to buy players that represent value to the club. You can countenance spending big on top-notch i.e Benzema, Hazard, M’villa but as I said those players stayed at their respective clubs. Other than that you go with the squad you have and put faith in those players to provide wins on the pitch.

    The rest matters little right now it is the players that need to stand up and be counted. As i also said earlier had we not had lost so heavily aganist United then we would not of went on that that minute shopping spree.

  83. Ricky

    I just had my close mate who supports utd come by who I never speak to about arsenal off field issues & he took a look at some of the bloggers comments like Goon in 60, Steve palmer etc etc & guess what? He said one word..,


    (& this is coming from someone that is getting enormous amounts of pleassure watching us suffer)

  84. A

    internet discussions with Cuntene supporters are entertaining to read but they’re nowhere near as fun as face-to-face in-the-flesh encounters. One of the most satisfying things to do is to not actually respond to them with any reasoning or conversation, but rather to laugh at them and mock Cuntene, especially derisory mimicry. Give it a try, just do a big belly laugh and then put on your stupid Cuntene voice and say: “well, errrrrr……. overall I belieeeeve”. The variations of mocking mimicry are as endless as the number of things which Cuntene and his supporters can be mocked about.

  85. goonermart

    agree Ricky its delusional disorder thats for sure. Look through their posts and they are never backed up by facts and they never answer a direct question like ‘what makes you think wenger can turn it around’ or ‘what do you base your answer on”. its tragic

  86. Sir Henry Norris

    Gone in 60 seconds, I visit here everyday, don’t always comment mind, cos it can get a tad abusive here even for someone like me.

  87. Thomas. It's up for grabs now!

    Sir Henry.
    I agree on the resale thing. I recall I saw in mentioned in one of the annual reports.. it makes more sense to buy a 24/25 year old proven quality rather than a 28 year old, all things being equal. However, I don’t believe we got that for Fabregas. Anyhow that’s the exception.

    There is evidence that AW decided to clear out some of his ‘mistakes’ with the following being told to ‘clear off’! Bendtner, Almunia, Denilson, Traore, JET, Eboue, Vela, and as it now appears add Squillaci to that list!

    Also it’s pretty clear that two of the signings were a direct response to the injuries of TV and JW. Wenger saying he needed 2-3 but ended up with 5 on the last day.

    Anyway, in the end it is a balancing act between finance and what would be ideal. Arsenal have their threshold but the balance has shifted too much into the profit side when we could have veered more into the spend side without bankrupting the club.

    No guarantees is there that new signings wont bomb also. Shevshenko! But you have a greater chance with proven rather than unproven prospects. It looks like Oxlade-Chamberlain is going to be something but how many others will fail? Jenkinson is far from the finished article and where is that Puerto Rican we were chasing at the start of the window?

    No one will leave or arrive now until Jan so that’s that!

  88. Matt

    After reading through all irrigate comments, I am genuinely convinced that Steve Palmer is an Arsenal employee.

    If not then I find his ridiculous, unwavering pro wenger stance deeply disturbing.

  89. Goon in 60 Seconds

    Sir Henry, it’s getting better on here for that I think 😉 Today was strange on here, loads more people Sticking up for Le boss! Usually It’s just me on my own, and that gets difficult!! Pissed off I was too busy to get in on it toady. As I said, don’t be a stranger.

  90. gazza_5

    Some of these comments have got very personal, so I will try to be as sensible as I can. I love Arsenal, my club that I have supported for 35 years. I am not a new fan, I stood on the north bank in the mid 80’s when the best we could hope for was maybe a UEFA cup place (when it meant something)

    I loved it when we were winning things under George Graham, and was overjoyed to belt out 1-0 to the Arsenal, and then He came.

    Arsene Who?, was the headline. Within a year, everyone knew the professor. 1-0 to the Arsenal very quickly became ironic. We blitzed everyone, and they were ALL scared of us. ( Even the purple nosed one up the M6)

    Unfortunately, that is all in the past. AW’s achievements allowed him to experiment, but his experiment failed, but his arrogance grew. If anyone, reporter or fan, dared to question his methods, they were dispatched with a derisory “what do you know about football?”.

    The “In Arsene we trust” fans, seemed more allied to the man rather than the club. An almost fascist reverance overcame them. Anyone not towing the party line was quickly dismissed as disloyal, and not a true fan.

    Let me make this crystal clear, I am forever indebted to AW for the trophies, the style of football and the memories. Winning at the Bernabeu and the San Siro. Almost winning in Paris. Winning titles at Old Trafford and White Hart Lane. Seeing Thierry Henry at his very best……….. But.

    It is with great sadness that I must say that, Arsene it is time to go.

    Your loyalty to players like Arshavin, Rosicky, Denilson and others has caused those that may have been loyal to you, such as Fabregas, Nasri, Toure etc, to leave. Your playing players out of position, such as Bendtner on the wing, Song at centre half, and who can forget Arshavin playing as centre forward has brought myself and others to the end of our tethers.

    AW stated that he was going to buy experience this transfer window, but for some reason, he was the only person in the world that KNEW Fabregas and Nasri would not be leaving, and so left his buys until we had been humiliated 8-2. Hence we now have Mertesacker being doubted by certain sections of fans, because its easier to blame him than AW.

    At the moment, it feels like a bad relationship with a woman that is ending. You both know its going to happen, but its hard to take responsibilty. I am taking responsibility

    Arsene, thanks, but please be honourable and leave.

  91. goonermart

    Agree Matt, It’s clear to see the more high profile Le Grove becomes, the more delusional wenger supporters log on. normally without ever having a decent argument or point, palmer being a prime example.

  92. Sir Henry Norris

    Goonermart, We bought 27year old 70 German Cap defender Mertersaker instead of cahill for whom we placed a bid for. How many international central defenders do you want at the club, what are we to do when they are all fit after we sack the medical staff. I mean nly two can play at anyone time right?

    Thomas I’m glad we agree on buying resaleable players, and correct definitely the club acknowledged that the sqaud is on the large size and has begun to the cull. But again as Wenger intimated it is nit easy to sell players when no one is buying.

    Hey I ask you this question? Do you think we should stop buying for the future (i.e AOC, Joel Campbel, Ryo) because we cannot buy for the present, should all other transfers cease because Kaka has decided to stay stay at Real or Everton refuse to discuss selling Jageilka? .

  93. goonermart

    Norris, wenger only bought Metersaker because of TV’s injury, what would have happened if he became injured one week later. Also hasn’t Song been playing at CB due to injuries, give me Cahill over song any day. I would rather have Metersaker or Cahill sitting on the bench than Kos or Djourou any day.
    Look at Berbatov keeping the bench warm at united.
    Also I would be happy to see TV given a go as our DM instead of Song.