Massive PROTEST banner in – Wenger for England – Kozzer to right back?

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Hello and welcome to Le Grove, there’s some pretty hardcore topics to be dealing with this morning, not least the planned protest… that comes with a banner!

You’re lucky I didn’t roll with the headline ‘It’s banner time’.

I can’t help but marvel at the inflammatory nature of the beast. I mean, wow, I would not want to be rolling that into a stadium unless I was pretty sure I had the backing of most. It looks like it’s been put together by the embroidery arm of the Weakest Link production team!

As with any of these protests, it’s about timing. Wenger should have gone in the summer, but the bulk of fans won’t be ready to make a statement like that for a while. It’s all muffled, slightly awkward conversations about him going at the moment. From what I understand, the group behind it are called ArsenalAFCnotPLC, a Facebook (742 fans)/Twitter Group (1500 followers) with a name that slightly confuses me considering the fact it’s fully accepted we need to be a good business if we’re to catch United and co.

I digress…

Now I haven’t heard much from them, which is surprising considering what they’re planning on doing. Even more surprising considering the trouble the far more popularised BSM group have been having getting fan backing. I just hope this isn’t a bit of fame hunting for a university project. Getting a banner story into a paper isn’t tough, it’s newsworthy, getting backing through fan sites is where the effort should have been spent, because you have to take on many different points of view and criticism that you might not like.

The overriding concern is that this is happening at all. What a total mess we’re in to be in this situation. People can keep on bleating minority, minority, but it’s becoming ever more obvious that it’s not the minority who are gravely unhappy with the man in charge. Whether October is banner time is another question. I guess my biggest criticism is that if there’s no protest before the game, you’re literally holding up a banner as an individual. If you protest with a thousand people before the match, then go into the game and do it, at least you know you represented more than just yourself and a few mates on twitter.

Good luck to them though, we’re all entitled to an opinion, we’re all allowed to do what we like in this beautifully democratic society, and we can all do as we please in the ground… unless it’s standing up, waving a national flag, taking a plastic bottle in with a lid or carrying a 9 gauge shotgun.

Wenger Escape Route…

My guess is that despite the embarrassing backing Wenger received from Stan and Ivan, if it continues the way it’s going, there’s no way he’ll be allowed to continue. We’re a Robin injury away from total mediocrity.

The Mirror have linked Wenger heavily with England job this morning. They’ve also suggested he chooses a successor.

I do hope that isn’t allowed, he shouldn’t be given any control over who succeeds him, mainly because he has no idea what makes a great modern manager, takes one to know one and all that.

I hope it’s Guardiola, he’s looking for a new challenge, we are a massive one and he’d have money, infrastructure and a youth production line to play with. Very little pressure as well for a few years…

Pepe Reina…

Well I told you last year Pepe Reina was subject a massive bid from Arsenal and he confirmed it today, saying he wasn’t allowed to leave as he was integral to the sale of Liverpool. Bad times… But not so bad now we know we’re set with Chezzer.

Joey Barton…

The Newcastle mouth piece is in the news more than Harry Redknapp these days, I don’t know why he doesn’t set up a blog and call it ‘Ramblings of a cultured Scouser’ or something.

Today he digs out PHW for not knowing what’s going on at his club. Hardly making a point is he? PHW isn’t aware what decade he’s in or what he had for breakfast… the board probably haven’t told him Bergkamp signed!

Again, how low can one club go when the player himself admits the link is hardly that unbelievable considering the state we’re in!

Thomas Vermaelen…

The good news I’ll leave you on is the news we already knew, Thomas should be back after the international break, which is a giant fat relief to everyone. I’m not sure really what we’re pining for with Thomas. Is it the accountability and leadership, is it his pace and power that he puts into everything or is it a bit of quality and stability? He’s one of those players who has hero qualities.

Who does he go next to? In my mind it has to be Per Mertesacker… A little and large combo. Pace and aerial dominance. I’d also consider sticking Kozzer in at right back. Our backline needs all the strength it can get, he’s more than capable of filling in and he’s fully up to speed with Premiership life.

How is your defence lining up for the coming few months? Is Jenko ready? Can Coquelin slip in there? Is it right to move a centre back to full back?

Let us know on a banner! Sorry, I mean in a comment!


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  1. goonermart

    yes i do, you have know idea what na$ri said to wenger, unless it was while you had wengers cock in your mouth. na$ri also spoke of his desire to join man u, but senile wenger sat there two days before he left telling a press conference he would stay. Total joke

  2. Goon in 60 Seconds

    Nasri did promise gervinho though? Agree with much of what you say though Ivory.

    Am off for some Tapas.

    Kat slaters

  3. naija soccer


    Wenger wil turn this ordinary england team around for sure. I ve never seen a team with a core of very good players yet play like afghanistan. No clue whatsoever how to play good footie.

    Even the USA team of unknown plays better footie and have had better success in the last few years. Says it all really.

  4. IvoryGoonz

    Goon in 60 Seconds says:
    October 9, 2011 at 13:02


    Nasri gave his word to Wenger and Gervinho that he would stay. You know not what you are saying goonermart.
    Wenger gave his word to Nasri he would get a raise and some teammates to play with

  5. alan b'stard M P

    the sooner AW goes, the better. However, the new coach will still be under the same board instructions as AW

  6. goonermart

    same with cesc last year IG, after agreeing to stay he took one look around him and thought ‘fuck this’ hence the stupid beard

  7. incesc

    the board doesnt tell wenger to defend like spastics, to buy relegated koreans and put out a team that concedes 8 at old trafford with a suicidal high line does it alan????

    surely not

  8. abnet

    Yep Moh4 – it an fair when AW perceived like monster by some in here . Yes he ve done some mistakes but he is not the only person responsible for mess we are in the board is massively responsible as well, What about protesting at the board first , why they didnt force him to replace the players they sold with quality, after all he is employee

  9. goonermart

    abnet, you should not have to force your employees to do their job, if they can not do their job sack them

  10. Wenger out NOW

    Steve Palmer says:
    October 9, 2011 at 10:59
    I wonder at times how people can call themselves supporters, and then slag off everything that the so called club they are supposed to be supporting are doing.
    Arsene wenger has and always will be the shining light of Arsenal football club, since his arrival he has put trophies in the cabinett he has kept us in the top four for all those years in what is considered the hardest league in the world, He has given us Champions league football for fourteen years, he has made it possible for you to enjoy a game in comfort at our new ground the Emirates where 30 thousand more can watch, and while that stadium was being built he kept up with all the rich owners who breezed in, and now that we have hit a bad season with suspensions and injuries to key players, so called supporters are calling for Banners protests and marches to out the great man . well shame on you you poor excuses for supporters you make an Arsenal supporter ashamed. be carefull of what you wish for as whoever your choice may be they will never hold a candle to who we have.

    Steve bloody Palmer and people like him are one of the reasons why My club are where they are now!!!!!

  11. IvoryGoonz

    alan: give me the same wage cap, the same finances, 1 summer transfer window to do a cleaning and I give you a winning team.
    its buying all the useless players to fill the reserve that bite us, all the players to fill the numbers, rather than focusing on the first team. all the 15 scouts. We should only keep 6 of them. I wont give names though. there’s mismanagement all over, and it takes a manager to rectify the situation.

  12. incesc


    did the board scout, follow and then buy chamakh?

    a striker that has 1 league goal in nearly a year???

    no that was wenger…

  13. terry

    I am as angry as most of ul are, i have previously said that we should sack wenger but come on he is one of the best managres in the world.. do u think managers like mourinihlo and gualdiola would leave their current clubs to manage arsenal.. no they wont…. ancelloti was no great manager if he was so great he would have been snapped up by some top club… i want the board to change and im sure 90% of u out here would want wenger to stay and bring glory back to this club… things need to be put straight to him we want to win sumthing this season at any cost… he sould be given a defensive coach and this should be a stern deceision from the board no matter wht he says… the board should look at the transfers see that star players are brought in… thats how you will get suppoerters globally…

  14. goonermart

    i just can not understand this total blind loyalty to wenger, fuck i loved the guy when he was sane and doing right by arsenal but not he is destroying us. Even now though I think wenger should have won more with the players we’ve had.

  15. naija soccer

    Radio raheem

    Yea I heard nigeria didn’t make the ACN. But u didn’t need nostradamus to predict that one. Its been in the works for a while as that team has been getting weaker and weaker year after year.


    So u mean that a guy that has mentored his team to play great footie wakes up one morning and suddenly forgets how to do it ? Don’t worry I ll be here to rub salt in ur wounds when wenger makes it happen again. No way liverpool and spurs is finishing above us. No freaking way. Spurs better than Arsenal is one of the most ridiculous statements of the 21st century.

  16. gambon


    He isnt even a half decent manager…..stop living in the past!

    Is Thierry Henry one of the best 5 strikers in the world? No, hes not even at the same level as Darren Bent anymore….he was on 2004 though.

    Things change, the game changes, people age, and they get left behind…..this is what has happened to Wenger.

    There isnt another manager anywhere in the world that couldve failed as much as Wenger has with these players, the money available and a £125m wage bill.

  17. abnet

    goonermart says:
    October 9, 2011 at 13:19
    abnet, you should not have to force your employees to do their job, if they can not do their job sack them
    Agreed !!! they must be to blame 1st before the manager !! I wish if some of the board members could attend the AGM and face the questions from fans as much as the manager

  18. Radio Raheem

    Ivory, yeah he does. Wasn’t he banned from the team for a while? It’ll be harsh to blame Song for Cameroon’s failure to qualify. But I know you’re kidding.

    I think Kalou will be a good addition to our squad though.

  19. goonermart

    naija soccer says:
    October 9, 2011 at 13:23

    No way liverpool and spurs is finishing above us. No freaking way. Spurs better than Arsenal is one of the most ridiculous statements of the 21st century.


    What do you base that statement on, recent form? recent results? settled squads?

  20. gambon


    Spurs beat us a week ago, you have a poor memory.

    They also beat us at home last season… have a poor memory.

    Since February they have been much stronger than us.

    As for Liverpool, thats a pointless discussion. They have been much better than us for a long time now.

    I am going on facts, you are going on pure blind faith, which is ridiculous.

  21. IvoryGoonz

    naija: what was great footie 20 years ago is now common practice for the top clubs, and a few of them have since taken it further. but we have stagnated in the same position for 6 years now. kind of reaching the top of an hyperbolic curve before a big fall. We need fresh eyes, sort out our commercial deals, we should be laughing at Man U and Liverpool by now. not the other way around.

  22. goonermart

    abnet says:
    October 9, 2011 at 13:27

    goonermart says:
    October 9, 2011 at 13:19
    abnet, you should not have to force your employees to do their job, if they can not do their job sack them
    Agreed !!! they must be to blame 1st before the manager !! I wish if some of the board members could attend the AGM and face the questions from fans as much as the manager


    Your missing the point, wenger is their employee. i.e he should be sacked rather than be forced to do his job

  23. gambon


    The board answer more questions than Wenger.

    Wenger hasnt faced the fans since someone called Silvestre a geriatric. He is too scared to face them as he knows they think hes useless, and they will tell him.

  24. abnet

    incesc says:
    October 9, 2011 at 13:22

    did the board scout, follow and then buy chamakh?

    a striker that has 1 league goal in nearly a year???

    no that was wenger…
    true incesc – sure under that performance he should get the sack right away, so why didnt he? the real problem lay in the management of the club by the board , its obvious if an employee didnt perform to the standard of his job tittle he should be sacked right away

  25. dennisdamenace

    As an aside.

    Myles Palmer & ANR.

    Notice how quiet he’s been since his favourite fucked over England on Friday night?

    Be assured, that if Arsenal (and, and Arsenal player) had fucked up like England did on Friday he would be all over us like a cheap fucking suit.

    And, although a lot of what MP has written recently has come to painful fruition, his silence reeks of double standards.

  26. patthegooner

    Kalou is probably being lined up as RVP’s replacement.

    Just you watch. RVP out next summer for 30m. Kalou in on a free transfer. 30m in the Arsenal Stadium Mystery black hole

  27. IvoryGoonz

    RR: I wasnt dissing Song, just a poster earlier told Song was without ACN earlier… 🙂 Im actually blaming Eto’o’s ego on that one.

    Kalou…at least might make a good bond with Gervinho, why not, or any other left winger with more grit and teamwork than Arshavin
    I’d still go for Hazard or Gotze there. With preference for Hazard first, we’d really need to get rid of Diaby and Arshavin first to bring both. Shame we didnt earlier, they could have been HG for us…

  28. IvoryGoonz

    Song got banned for what? taking Eto’o’s seat?
    or for asking why Eto’o was allowed to be late or absent of trainings?

  29. Radio Raheem

    pathegooner if that happened I would personally strangle Wenger right there in his dug out. The force of my conviction will form a magnet shield around me that would repel any fucking steward who tries to interfere. I am sure of it. I will be a force of good and I know the gods of football will back me up.

  30. finestcuts

    It was all brewing up inside many fans, losing our status as North London Kings was the tipping point. I know about the handball, and that just makes it even sweeter for Spurs, the score was 2-1 to them and that’s what counts at the end of the game.
    Would I like Guardiola in and for him to be given the same authority as Wenger?
    The protest banner acknowledges that Arsene Wenger has been a massive success at the club and has made Arsenal football club much revered for the football the club plays. It’s been fantastic and Wenger is the man who has raised the bar. I don’t think Wenger should leave mid season, I don’t believe we’ll be relegated. We’re too far behind the pack at a moment to be considered realistic title challengers.
    I think we should judge in May who the best man for the job is. At the moment I’d say the best man for the job is Guardiola. If in May Wenger is judged to be the best man for the job then he should stay, otherwise we should appoint a manager who has fresh ideas and is a proven winner. Guardiola is definitely the main candidate.

  31. kwik fit

    Steve palmer
    ‘I have seen in my time many Arsenal managers and all i can say is that wenger beats them all’

    Steve he BEAT them all (past tense) but now hes all washed out .He has nothing more to give. His ego is such that he doesn’t admit to needing a new defensive coach. He is starting to believe his own lies
    and can’t decide what is fact or fiction.

  32. abnet

    gambon says:
    October 9, 2011 at 13:34

    The board answer more questions than Wenger.

    Wenger hasnt faced the fans since someone called Silvestre a geriatric. He is too scared to face them as he knows they think hes useless, and they will tell him.
    yaa I know !! It think he will attend the next AGM , that would be very testy ,after all now 50% of his team if filled with silvestres
    But i still believe he should finish the season !!!

  33. Radio Raheem

    Ivory, yeah you’re right it would appear that a lot of African national teams are mismanaged. I mean however bad Nigeria’s team might be it is still surprising that they lost out to Guinea in qualifying for the ACN.
    So did Ivory Coast qualify?

  34. terry

    I agree with what u say gambon… the simple fact that he is not willing to change our formation says it all…but i would still like to see wenger leave onli when when we are assured by the board that we will get a top manager… serioulsy i cant deny the fact that we have brought shit players for like 3 windows now… seriously i think arteta, mertersucker, gerviniho, jenkinson are all very average players…
    i think that 30 m on these players should have been wisely spent…
    what a waste whos gona buy these players from us????

  35. naija soccer


    Another ridiculous statement by u. Liverpool have finished over us once in the last 4 years so where is the idea that they ve been better than us in a long time. Talk about facts. As far as spurs goes , they are playing well at the moment but what we all know about them is they tend to drop points against teams they are supposed to win against. Yes u can say that about us as well but we are more consistent and more ruthless than them. Even having the worst season we have had in a long time , they are just a few points above us. When vermaelen gets back we ll start playing well again and by december we would have caught up with them or overtake them. Its smooth sailing from there.


    If u say we haven’t worn any trophies in six years I agree with u. But saying we haven’t played great footy is 6 years is very innacurate. In 07/08 for large parts of the season, we were regarded as the most attractive/entertaining side in europe. Even better than barca , real and manyoo.

  36. bade the gooner (bernard)

    Hello Sunday lazy boys!

    Am I the only one fucking working in Sunday? It’s totally unacceptable!

    That banner is softer than a Chamakh shot at goal (if any of you can recall a such)

  37. bade the gooner (bernard)

    And do you think Steve avatar of Polar bear has anything to do with his AKBness and the poor metaphoric coconut used the other day? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  38. IvoryGoonz

    naija: 07-08 was the peak of that hyperbolic curve. and it didnt get us trophies. we still lacked something to do so.

  39. Radio Raheem

    Ivory, well done to Ivory Coast. I must say there is something English about the Ivory Coast i.e. the flatter to deceive. They seem to qualify for the big tournaments, have great players, people label them ‘golden’ then fail to meet expectations. Or I’m I being harsh here? Do you think they can threaten Ghana at all?

  40. IvoryGoonz

    bade: when you see this “I’m prepared to wait, after all were only in the start of the season and i am still looking at champions league Carling Cup FA cup and a top four spot, i’m a supporter with vision and i expect a promising year ahead.”, and the guy runs away when you offer him to put his money where is mouth is, he runs away. got a grand waiting for him.

  41. IvoryGoonz

    RR: you are being harsh. When you compare finances of England and Ivory Coast, it’s like expecting third world to take over the NYSE.
    There still some way to go Radio.

  42. bade the gooner (bernard)


    he’s still waiting for Arsene Wenger 2.0 late bloom!!!

    He’s just like his idol, when he’s whining about how hard the finances are and how we struggle to compete with big spenders, yet he’s taking home 7 million a year without a blink of an eye!

  43. Munitionsman

    I think kos to rb is v good call. He is very mobile. Leaves Gibbs to wander off and kos stays home. Theo can then avoid running back and tv can find him with left foot diagonal balls placed IN FRONT of Theo not bloody behind!!

  44. John

    It is not the time for banners or protest that for end of the season or in the summer during the Emirates Cup but not in October of the season especially with 3 games we have to win. Sunderland, Stoke and Norwich the players and manager needs our support because anything less than 3 points from all these games we can kiss our Champions League hopes for next season goodbye and we will be in for a long and difficult season. It’s time for the disgruntled fans to shut up for once and do what they are supposed to do and support the team. I hope the banner gets taken off them.

  45. IvoryGoonz

    John: then after the 3 games you named, it will be wait the nex 3 games, and the 3 after, and comes May when we are out of CL, wait one more year, he can do it, then Wenger “dont worry, I will strengthen early – Gazidis – yeah, he’s got plenty money if he wants to spend “.
    And spin again.
    when do you say stop?

  46. Radio Raheem

    Ivory, yeah England have zillions at their disposal but I was referring to the talent. Ivory may be underfunded when compared to England but they are pretty big when compared to other African countries. Weren’t they managed by Roger Lemere, France’ former manager, at one point?

    I think this Drogba-Toure generation should have won, at least, one ACN.They are a talented group. I don’t think the Cameroon side that has dominated African football, until now, were as individually talented as the Ivorians. I used to follow African football quite a bit. I remember Ivory Coast had a super team in the early 90s with players like Fofana, Coulibaly? and so on. I think they won the ACN in 1992? Did Basil Boli play for Ivory Coast? He was a top top player for Marseille along with Abedi Pele

    As for Nigeria, their decline began with the decline of Okocha. They just haven’t been able to replace the pool of talent that emerged between 1993 -1996.

  47. Kojak Favelas

    That sorry banner sums up a worrying proportion of the so-called supporters. No wonder we don’t seem able to win anything – as the yanks say, “God don’t like ugly.” This type of behaviour doesn’t reflect well on supporters.

    Liverpool, Everton, Newcastle and Leeds supporters could teach you lot a thing or two about supporting your club! Never too late to jump ship. Seriously, the way some of you lot carry on, it shouldn’t be do or die!

    Just quietly start supporting City or to save face Barcelona! These years in the wilderness are especially for the post Graham supporters (post Wenger’s 1st/2nd double/invincible run)! Rather than spewing your poisonious bile, get fanatically behind your team (with constrcuctive criticism when required) – at least till the January window – or do us all a favour and support another club.

    Hopefully Red & White holdings (Usmanov) will never have full control of our beloved Arsenal! Arsene ain’t leaving any time soon, so at risk of sounding like a broken record, jump ship!

    C’mon Arsenal!

  48. bade the gooner (bernard)

    Re RB situation….

    It will be totally unfair to throw Jenks into the deep water. This is not the way to develop him or grow his confidence. It is surely the way to smash his confidence and any chance of him being a part of our regular first team in years to come

    So I’d play either Kozzer or Coq. Even-though Le Coq is young, he already tasted a football regular role in a better league the Jenks, he’s more comfortable with the ball and more calm.

    But surely Kozzer is the best pick now. The only obstacle is the indirect meaning of playing him as RB: we will be again one small knock or unjust red from the scary introduction of JD or Squirl!

  49. Ricky

    alan b’stard M P says:
    October 9, 2011 at 12:22
    a massive protest banner is one thing, a massive protest is another. I wait with hope

    It’s the board not Wenger you should attack. AW is bad news but he’s still an employee

    Well said mate!

    If the board had half the ambition David dein had none of this would be allowed to happen.

    If your allowed to come into work late everyday & arse about all day, slacking with your work while your boss sits there watching, who would be to blame?

    The emloyee for getting away with what he can or the employer for allowing it to go on!?

    Think about it….

  50. Sir Henry Norris

    Here here! John@14:10

    Surely protest can wait? We need all the stadium support we can muster.

    Sure we are not in great shape and the doomsayers are all so right and have predicted the clubs demise for \ number of years now, but I want us to win every game not to save Wenger but because I want us to be the best. Should results not turn around before Jan, then I believe Wenger will do the honourable thing and resign. But lets rememeber who has moulded our famous club to become a leading player in club football around the world and for that we should be a little more respectful.

  51. IvoryGoonz

    RR: and the WC with Sven?

    Ivorians have had much more trouble in their country the past decade than Cameroon. Until the Toure brothers grew, the defense was pretty weak, and Egypt, Cameroon, Ghana, Senegal, where the powerhouse for years over there. The country is still pretty much divided in 2.
    Its true its starting to change, and should get better, Asec Mimosas is one of the best, if not the best african academy.
    Since Abedi Pele, and with Basile Boli scored the only goal against AC Milan to give OM the CL (he was born in Ivory Coast, but decided to play for France), and Drogba, it gave lot of Ivorian kids hope of better lives…

  52. Carlito

    It wasn’t a good time to protest before the season was it. Because this was going to be the season that Wenger turns it round, and of course we were keeping hold of Nasri and Fabregas.

    It’s no good protesting at the end of the season because Wenger will promise he will sign what we need, he knows how to put things right. The sheep will believe him as always.

  53. Greg

    I see a lot of anger towards Wenger for what happened this summer. I don’t see a lot of anger towards Cesc, Nasri or Barca, who between them are the real culprits. Barca for taking 2 months – sorry, I mean 3 years – to make a realistic offer, Cesc for helping them to drive down his price and stall us, and Nasri for not having the balls to stay at Arsenal and take on more responsibility.

    Some of you have to face facts. Without Usmanov, Arsenal are always going to be a second-tier club, financially speaking. (This is just fine by me, I don’t want that bastard’s money.) What that means is that our best players are always going to have their heads turned by the clubs with more money.

    So what’s the solution to this? Well, the whole idea of the last five years’ work has been to build a squad of excellent young players who are loyal. Not just to Wenger, as Myles keeps ranting, but to Arsenal. Players who maybe aren’t the superstars fans like to see, but talented players who don’t jump ship at the first sign of trouble, or the first tinkle of a cash register. But loyalty is reciprocal – if you want players to be loyal to you, you have to be loyal to them.

    This was the downside to the plan; we stayed loyal to Cesc, Nasri and some other players who failed to deliver. In the end the whole project basically fell apart this summer. But fuck me, it very nearly worked. We were a Henry finish away from a Champions League title in 06, and we’ve been scrapping for the Premiership on and off since then. We were a Bendtner finish away from knocking Barca out last year.

    So what we are currently undergoing is a rebuild. And I would have thought that the end of the transfer window would have put to bed all stories of Wenger being stubborn, or not seeing the weaknesses. He did what everyone wanted, and bought a beast of a CB. He bough Arteta, who’s already been excellent. He went for experience with Gervinho, Park and Santos.

    And in the middle of a rebuild, we are hit with 9 first-team injuries. Any wonder we look shit right now? And yet, Arteta and RvP aside, it’s telling that the brightest spots in our team are Szcz, Frimpong, Coquelin and the Ox.

    Oh and by the way, if I was a young player, I certainly wouldn’t be loyal to a group of fans who took every opportunity to spew stupid, pointless, hateful and ugly abuse at their own players and manager.

    Just a few thoughts.

  54. goonermart

    naija soccer says:
    October 9, 2011 at 13:53


    Another ridiculous statement by u


    My ridiculous statement is based on facts and form, yours by blind faith. Muppet

  55. IvoryGoonz

    now tell me Wenger has done that too;

    ASEC holds the world record for unbeaten league games, racking up 108 games without loss between 1989 and 1994 before they were eventually beaten; four more than the unbeaten run of Steaua Bucureşti in the late 1980s[10].

  56. gambon


    We didnt stay loyal to Cesc & nasri at all.

    We told them we would bring in quality players alongside them which we didnt. Wenger lied to them over and over while indulging his weird fantasies, hence they left.

    As for Nasri staying and assuming more responsibility, you are wrong there….he is now at a club that demand success, at Arsenal he couldve stayed and taken the easy option.

  57. gambon


    We should get the ASEC manager in right now, even though that run ended 14 years ago, cos according to the AKBs he must still be a great manager.


  58. Greg


    Nope, at Citeh, he’s one of a raft of overpaid superstars. Medium-sized fish in a big pond. He can coast. Like he did at Arsenal. And that’s what I predict he’ll do. Silva’s the one with the work ethic at that club.

  59. gambon

    No Greg

    You dont understand….there are no standards or expectations at Arsenal.

    Nasri couldve taken £110k and basically played shit every game for the next 4 years, instead he chose to go to a better team who want to win things. He took the harder option.

    He made the right choice, as did Cesc, as will RVP at the end of the season.

  60. Greg


    Stoke are a top-tier club are they? LMAO.

    If you’re praising them for doing well for five minutes with not much money, then it’s be nice to see Wenger getting the same praise from you for 14 years of top 4 finishes.

  61. goonnneeeerrrrr

    “Radio raheem

    Yea I heard nigeria didn’t make the ACN. But u didn’t need nostradamus to predict that one. Its been in the works for a while as that team has been getting weaker and weaker year after year.”

    Now naija, do we need Nostradamus to tell us we won’t be making the top 5 this season? Or do you not think we’re getting “weaker and weaker” by the day?

  62. bade the gooner (bernard)

    There is no logic at all in keeping Arsene

    1) He earn 7 million a year! so anyone who fills in will earn as much a half….. Of course can demand his full contract, but then he can’t be a manager of any other team for the next 3 years, so I believe an arrangement would be found and it would be cheaper than keeping him another 2 seasons, let alone the footballing damage he’s bringing on us
    2) No one can possibly get us into a worse situation than where we stand right now. We’re 15th in the league, get a new manager now so he can assess the team and have enough time to run with the players until the January transfer window, so he’ll then do the necessary actions to get us out of the mud
    3) Arsene though the squad, even before the last day panic buys, was actually good enough to compete for the title! How deluded and blind a manager can be eh?
    4) Arsene is sure 4th is a trophy!

  63. Greg


    He took the harder option to go play for a club with limitless resources, in a stronger squad, for a fuckload more wages? A club who will rely less on him personally for a chance at success?

    Er… no.

    Succeeding at Arsenal is harder than succeeding at Man City, because we have limited resources. The players have to believe in themselves, they have to step up and become leaders. (Yes, this in Wenger’s mantra, and yes, it’s where we fail more often than not).

  64. IvoryGoonz

    hehe, and to bust another myth about Nostradamus, he didnt have a gift, he didnt see in a crystal ball, he was a charlatan, failed doctor, who used past stories to make up new ones, pretty much like most statisticians these days…


    7 points from 7 matches… I’m surprised there haven’t already been demonstrations against the Arsene/Gazidis regime. The club needs new leadership at all levels.

  66. Greg


    I will bet you a week’s wages right now that Arsenal finish above Stoke. If you think they are doing a better job than Wenger, you’ll take that bet, right?

    I didn’t think so.

  67. IvoryGoonz

    Greg: you think because they have more money they are not harder on their players? with Vieira to kick their asses?

  68. goonermart

    see if you are still laughing at the end of the season when clubs with less than half our resources finish above us.

    Not saying wenger hasn’t done good things for the club IN THE PAST, but now he is stale and senile. All good things come to an end

  69. IvoryGoonz

    Greg: depends how much you earn mate 🙂 looks like you’re on way too much money for me to even dare a bet.

  70. Pedro

    Greg, many things you can say about Stoke, but to say what they’re doing with fuck all resource isn’t amazing would be a lie.

  71. Greg

    Gambon: “there are no standards or expectations at Arsenal”

    Goonermart: “Wenger is senile”.

    That’s right, we are supporting a club with no standards or expectations (or ambition), run by a senile old fool.

    And you expect people to take demonstrations against the manager seriously, if you guys can’t make sensible criticisms?

    IvoryGoonz, if only that were true!

  72. goonermart

    Years ago I would bet with people against the likes of man u, chelsea, liverpool, spurs Ha ha but now you want to bet us against stoke ha fucking ha thats how far we have fallen.

  73. gambon


    Its harder to succeed at your dads cafe than it is as a head chef at a 2 star restaurant, but which one is the easy option?

  74. kev

    is someone trying to say that bringing through a crop of good young players will mean they wont get their heads turned by other richer more successful clubs?! come off it – every good young player we bring through will soon get fucked up if theyre getting underpaid or if were constantly only battling for 4th spot.

    i have no doubt the likes of jack frimpong coq will eventually leave if we lose european football. no matter how loyal they claim to be. we are now ajax mark 2

  75. Greg

    Pedro, I guess I have a lot of respect for Stoke. But I don’t want them to be a model for Arsenal.

    They’re above where they should be in the table at the moment. We’re a long way below where we should be. But I’ll stick with our philosophy – and manager – ta.

  76. boozy

    best way to keep rvp now is just to offer him the 120k nasri asked for, give theo 75k, get rid of some chaffs, and everybody’s happy.
    dont wait until its too late and city offers him 200k.

    and tevez should be top of our shopping list this january.

  77. goonermart

    Any sensible critism is dismissed by AKB’s and their blind faith, have to go now but will be back later to see your next joke post. Give me some reasons Why You believe wenger can turn this shit around then

  78. Pedro

    Greg, the manager will run us out of the Champions League this year and he’ll probably never recover. I’m pretty sure this will be his last year…

    I don’t want Stokes model… I’d like a United style model… success takes care of the rest.

  79. gambon

    Greg another typical AKB

    No facts to backup his argument, no common sense or logic, just pro Arsene rambling and delusion.

    Pedro, maybe you could put an IQ test on here, and those below 70 dont get on, it would keep a lot of the arsene lovers away.

  80. Steve Palmer

    For Wenger out now,
    what. !! qualified for the champions league for the fourteenth year in succession. still allthough you may not believe it in the premier league, still in all the cups not to mention maybe a cup along the way and who knows may even finish forth or higher. not bad for a hasbeen. Show me another Manager in the epl other than red nose who can compete with that.
    Some one asked why does he get 6 million a year wages simple for fourteen years he has put a 30 million cheque on Arsenals door mat every year thats why. money well spent .

  81. Greg

    Kev, it was an ambitious project and like I said, it basically fell apart this summer.

    If that alone is enough for people to want Wenger to go, then fair enough, I guess, but I think it’s very short-sighted and pretty harsh on the quality of the football we’ve been able to enjoy.

    Right now we’re having to rebuild. We’ve had shocking luck with injuries. I’m not saying Wenger’s a genius or he walks on water, but he’s as good as anybody out there to do the job.

    Many of us are spoiled by the success we’ve had, we forget it’s not god-given.

  82. Pedro

    Steve, sadly 4th place isn’t a trophy…

    Seems like you’ve missed everything else that’s gone on in the past 5 years.

    If we miss out on Champions League Football, that’ll be Cesc, Nasri, Robin, Theo, Song and Verm will likely leave… 6 of your first team in a year.

    Not to mention the lower commercial revenues, the inability to attract top talent to rebuild… a problem we’re already suffering. If you can’t recognise the depreciation of talent over the past 5 years, you’re kidding yourself.

  83. Sir Henry Norris

    Hey Greg, your a man of rational thought, good to here form you.
    Agree with most of your post especially the last para.

    Qoute: “Oh and by the way, if I was a young player, I certainly wouldn’t be loyal to a group of fans who took every opportunity to spew stupid, pointless, hateful and ugly abuse at their own players and manager” un-quote

    But I diagree with your assessment of Arteta’s performance so far, actually I did not like this signing or indeed that of Beneyoun, had we not lost in spectacular fashion against United then we may never of seen those last minute signings.

  84. naija soccer

    No manager in the world is capable of finishing better than wenger in the league table , with the players we had since 2005. Not guardiola , hiddink and not even phil jackson.

  85. Greg

    Gambon, poor analogy.

    We’re talking about Head Chef at a Michelin-starred restaurant that has built its success on a reputation for excellence over the years, or Sou-Chef at a fancy new place that hasn’t won any stars at all yet.

    That enough rambling and delusion for you?

    You going to try to get anyone else to gang up on me?

  86. Pedro

    Naija… what a ridiculous statement. How would you know? Jeez…

    Mourinho wouldn’t have been able to better what Wenger did last year? I’d expect all of the top ten champions league coaches would have bettered what he did last year.

  87. Pedro

    Sir Henry, interesting that you think players give a fuck about the fans. If you’re shite at Barca, Madrid, Milan or Inter they wave white hankies at you… everyone wants to play there though… right?

    Pointless comment. Young players come to us for the wedge, not what the fans say online.

  88. ice

    my agent mate tells me today that all’s about to crash quickly now with new revelations abouts aw’s private life……the players know and so can’t take things seriously….but hey you all knew that anyways!

  89. gambon


    That comment was way off.

    Mourinho himself completely took the piss out of wenger last season for his inability to win a trophy.

  90. Greg


    I don’t know enough to say anything about fitness management. We have too many injuries in general, so maybe something better needs to be done.

    But I have a problem with people (not necessarily you) who assume that its either incompetence or – ridiculously – sabotage by our medical staff. Now that IS rambling and delusion.

  91. JoshuaChaz

    Kozzer. Per. Tommy. Santos

    Song. Arteta
    AOC. VP. Theo

    Koscielny at Rb I agree with. Jenko’s just not ready (has anybody else notices he has yet to use his left foot??? Strictly right footed player..that worries me). Santos over Gibbs, he looked like a chicken with his head cut off against spurs, although he did look good attacking. Looking forward to per-Tommy forming a partnership to rival vidic-Ferdinand. Coquelin looked solid as solid gets, he gets the shout over frimmers. Ramsey was overwhelmingly dissappointing, he needs to see the bench. I feel like those three in the middle can connect some pretty quick triangle passes, which is fantastic considering artetas and songs through ball ability. AOC is on a tear, keep him in the squad. gervinho was wildly laxadasical against the spanks so I say move theo to the left so he can run at players, cut in, and bend in curling right footed wonders (like a right footed messi). Here’s to 3 Pts!!

  92. kev

    etoo moved to russia where they have a shocking track record of racial abuse. players want one of two things – loads of money or loads of trophies. we offer neither

  93. IvoryGoonz

    well, we pretty much have to win 28 games out of 31 to have a chance. with all our current injuries, lack of gelling, fixtures list til January, you really want to bet that we finish in top 4?

  94. Greg


    On the abuse from fans comment, I wasn’t talking about where young players want to go and play. Of course they want money and success.

    I was talking about the large number of players at Arsenal that fans have helped to undermine and drive out of the club.

    Many of these weren’t good enough and would not have made it in the long run. But we certainly didn’t help them out, did we. I hate it when any player in an Arsenal shirt is not being supported. But that’s just me.

  95. Pedro

    … and if a player isn’t going to be good enough long run, what interest do we have in keeping them? We’re not a charity.

  96. Carlito

    Yeah right, it’s always this season Wenger’s going to do great things again. We haven’t had a clue how to defend for years. How can you expect to be successful if can’t even do this.

  97. naija soccer


    Using mourinho as an example is just plain bad. In portugal, england and spain he’s always had the best of the best to play with. When he’s coaching players like carvalho , terry, essien, deco, ronaldo,ozil the list goes on . Wenger on the other hand is having to make do with vanpersie(injured always), cesc(good player but mentally weak), ade, eboue, squillaci, senderos, silvestre, diaby. Shall I continue ?

    Yet despite having all these weak players he’s come 3rd and 4th, reached finals and semi finals, qualified for the uefa every season. Not bad for a coach that’s clueless. Mourinho couldn’t do better with that bunch.

  98. Steve Palmer

    Pedro, I’m sorry but its not our given right to win trophies, every fan loves it when we do no more than myself but there are a lot of teams competeing and they want it just as much as we do we have had our trophies while some are still waiting, but in our six year wait we have gone forwards not backwards, city have proved that you can buy a team to compete so far they have a trophy under this new ownership, fair dues to them, they have waited for what seems like forever Chelsea waited forty years and only got their trophies because of a rich owner even with all the big plans Bates had for them he had to give up, Arsenal will not give up, they have worked to get their house in order, it appears that the worst times are behind us financially but we still have work to do on the field. personally i don’t see a forty year wait i see a bright future for Arsenal wether Wenger leads us or another we will without doubt be there very soon, In my honest opinion Wenger has put a great deal of input into the modern day AFC and deserves the right to see his vision out, time will tell if he has transformed this once precarious club to a world beater but my thoughts are that he will if the club will give him the funds, we have a better set up than most with tip top facilities we have a good youngster program that i can see as only aiding us in the future, fifteenth position is not unheared of and we can quite easily pull the deficet back with a little luck which we have not had this year yet, we can overcome this bad start not every club can keep momentum for a full season, judge this team when they are all there and i’m sure you will see the potential.

  99. Greg


    No. I don’t put it all down to bad luck, but I do put some of it down to bad luck.

    If you think it’s all down to incompetence, then you have to tell me what one thing it is they are doing that is causing all these different injuries in all these different players.

    All I know is that it’s pretty clearly one of the things that is not the manager’s fault! Unless he’s now physio as well, and paying other teams to break our players’ legs… in which case, Wenger Out!

  100. Pedro

    Naija, how can we have a mature debate when you call Cesc mentally weak and say Wenger hasn’t been helped by the shit players he’s signed?

  101. Wenger the liar

    “Using Mourinho as an example is bad”

    I wonder what the wage bill at Porto was when he won old big ears.

    “Wenger is having to make do with….yet despite having all these weak players”

    Players bought and moulded by Wenger from a young age. The truth is Jose wouldnt put up with the shit players, Almunia wouldnt be approaching a testimonial under Jose.

  102. Wenger the liar

    Can someone give me some good news and say that the rumour about Wenger is so bad that he will have to step down as manager.


  103. Lurch LeRouge

    interesting that there’s some mega gossip in the channels…

    AW’s been pretty vocal about the press trying to bring him down recently, has he been paving the way for a super injunction about to get lifted?

  104. Greg

    IvoryGoonz – sorry, yes, talking to self, bad habit!

    Pedro – Bendtner, Eboue, Denilson and Clichy. None of them were bad players. All of them added something to the squad. All of them suffered from bad spells of confidence that were made worse by the crowd on their backs the whole time. Now Chamakh’s going through the same thing (though to a lesser extent, maybe people have learned their lesson); Jenkinson and Ramsey are next on the list. I just worry that we don’t support these kids when we should.

    kwik fit – hand on heart, I don’t know. But any realistic assessment of Wenger has to be that he’s a great manager. And you don’t suddenly turn into a bad manager overnight. The last five years were a hugely difficult prospect. It didn’t quite happen for us. The project is over. The new one begins.

  105. Greg

    Pedro, you’re very confident that it’s overtraining and overexposure at a young age. What information do you base that on?

    Do you think Arsenal train harder than other clubs? I thought the general feeling was that we didn’t train hard enough, so which is it? Should young players not get games? There are hundreds of teens and 20-somethings playing week in, week out throughout the leagues.

    What about Kos, Vermaelen? Not trained at Arsenal. Not overexposed. Both injured.

    What about Ramsey, Eduardo, Diaby?

  106. mr somali

    kozy-per-cahill(if.we can bring hi- vermalin
    before january
    i like like this
    thats strongs defendrs we can gett
    kozzy is the fastest devendr we have, also he likes attaking and his crosing and long balling bass is better then sagna
    so lets chek if he can ply RB