Massive PROTEST banner in – Wenger for England – Kozzer to right back?

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Hello and welcome to Le Grove, there’s some pretty hardcore topics to be dealing with this morning, not least the planned protest… that comes with a banner!

You’re lucky I didn’t roll with the headline ‘It’s banner time’.

I can’t help but marvel at the inflammatory nature of the beast. I mean, wow, I would not want to be rolling that into a stadium unless I was pretty sure I had the backing of most. It looks like it’s been put together by the embroidery arm of the Weakest Link production team!

As with any of these protests, it’s about timing. Wenger should have gone in the summer, but the bulk of fans won’t be ready to make a statement like that for a while. It’s all muffled, slightly awkward conversations about him going at the moment. From what I understand, the group behind it are called ArsenalAFCnotPLC, a Facebook (742 fans)/Twitter Group (1500 followers) with a name that slightly confuses me considering the fact it’s fully accepted we need to be a good business if we’re to catch United and co.

I digress…

Now I haven’t heard much from them, which is surprising considering what they’re planning on doing. Even more surprising considering the trouble the far more popularised BSM group have been having getting fan backing. I just hope this isn’t a bit of fame hunting for a university project. Getting a banner story into a paper isn’t tough, it’s newsworthy, getting backing through fan sites is where the effort should have been spent, because you have to take on many different points of view and criticism that you might not like.

The overriding concern is that this is happening at all. What a total mess we’re in to be in this situation. People can keep on bleating minority, minority, but it’s becoming ever more obvious that it’s not the minority who are gravely unhappy with the man in charge. Whether October is banner time is another question. I guess my biggest criticism is that if there’s no protest before the game, you’re literally holding up a banner as an individual. If you protest with a thousand people before the match, then go into the game and do it, at least you know you represented more than just yourself and a few mates on twitter.

Good luck to them though, we’re all entitled to an opinion, we’re all allowed to do what we like in this beautifully democratic society, and we can all do as we please in the ground… unless it’s standing up, waving a national flag, taking a plastic bottle in with a lid or carrying a 9 gauge shotgun.

Wenger Escape Route…

My guess is that despite the embarrassing backing Wenger received from Stan and Ivan, if it continues the way it’s going, there’s no way he’ll be allowed to continue. We’re a Robin injury away from total mediocrity.

The Mirror have linked Wenger heavily with England job this morning. They’ve also suggested he chooses a successor.

I do hope that isn’t allowed, he shouldn’t be given any control over who succeeds him, mainly because he has no idea what makes a great modern manager, takes one to know one and all that.

I hope it’s Guardiola, he’s looking for a new challenge, we are a massive one and he’d have money, infrastructure and a youth production line to play with. Very little pressure as well for a few years…

Pepe Reina…

Well I told you last year Pepe Reina was subject a massive bid from Arsenal and he confirmed it today, saying he wasn’t allowed to leave as he was integral to the sale of Liverpool. Bad times… But not so bad now we know we’re set with Chezzer.

Joey Barton…

The Newcastle mouth piece is in the news more than Harry Redknapp these days, I don’t know why he doesn’t set up a blog and call it ‘Ramblings of a cultured Scouser’ or something.

Today he digs out PHW for not knowing what’s going on at his club. Hardly making a point is he? PHW isn’t aware what decade he’s in or what he had for breakfast… the board probably haven’t told him Bergkamp signed!

Again, how low can one club go when the player himself admits the link is hardly that unbelievable considering the state we’re in!

Thomas Vermaelen…

The good news I’ll leave you on is the news we already knew, Thomas should be back after the international break, which is a giant fat relief to everyone. I’m not sure really what we’re pining for with Thomas. Is it the accountability and leadership, is it his pace and power that he puts into everything or is it a bit of quality and stability? He’s one of those players who has hero qualities.

Who does he go next to? In my mind it has to be Per Mertesacker… A little and large combo. Pace and aerial dominance. I’d also consider sticking Kozzer in at right back. Our backline needs all the strength it can get, he’s more than capable of filling in and he’s fully up to speed with Premiership life.

How is your defence lining up for the coming few months? Is Jenko ready? Can Coquelin slip in there? Is it right to move a centre back to full back?

Let us know on a banner! Sorry, I mean in a comment!


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  1. ArsenalFan

    I’ve been a season ticket older for 40 years and I don’t think any manager could do better than Wenger. We take for guaranteed what he’s done for the club. Imagine if we were like Preston or someone. Champions League football is a luxury!


  2. abnet

    proper post this !! IMO at least we have to give the man till the end of the season , i wld love it if he can change it around but i’m afraid he looks gone, Re the TV news – its about time we get some positive news from the club n i wld prefer coqiline over kozzer at right back

  3. NW5 gooner

    anti wenger – if you are going to be a credible critic of the manager you need to know the initials of our chairman!

  4. Terry Patrick (@TPat1974)


    Not that I am a hater or anything but I’d say given our current league position and the number of defeats/draws we have suffered since last season there are about 15 or 16 managers who are doing better at the moment!

    I think Wenger has had more than enough opportunities to show whether he can do better and he has been shown wanting at every point.

    I like the idea of the Dragan having a go (Arseblog today & Arseblog news).

    Time for change I’m afraid. I have seen worse in more than 30 years supporting the arse but never have I seen things like they are today. Can’t be allowed to go on.

  5. redhighbury


    Oh thats right he personally designed and layed every brick at the Emirates etc etc blah blah blah.


  6. Ml

    Looks like hazard is off to Madrid ! Wengers only been tracking him for about 5 years.

    If w can’t beat Sunderland next week that really is the end for wenger

  7. gee

    Ancelotti with a strong assistant like wilkins or even keown as well.

    What the team needs is organization, discipline and a system for when we don’t have the ball. Ancelotti would provide this.

  8. abnet

    ML we never ve the chance to get Hazard and never will in z future unless some sugar day pops up out of some where

  9. Grassy Knoll

    Wenger should have been bundled out along with his “Youth Project” that failed for 6 years. He’s been a failure for almost as long as he was a success.

    He should go and coach for an Abramovich team.

    And he’s going to choose his successor? Why does he hate Arsenal so much?

  10. Hitman

    “No manager could do better than Wenger”

    Hello its 2011 – not 2004. That was seven years ago.

    Wenger has fallen away. His methods are outdated. He has failed to adapt and improve. Other managers have overtaken him.

    Wenger got too many decision wrong in recent years. Especially player recruitment, too much faith in losers like Diaby, Bendtner, Denilson, Clichy, Almunia. The best managers are ruthless with failures. We gave them extended contracts.
    His tactics and match preparations or lack of them are unforgivable. He plays to the oppositions strength. Has no idea how to sort out the defensive problems.

    He even gets outwitted by the managers of Ipswich and Leyton Orient these days.

    Teams beat us without having to try. Just ask Harry and Fergie.

  11. kwik fit

    We’re a Robin injury away from total mediocrity.

    Pedro agree with everything except this cos were already there.

  12. gunnerAJ

    At least wenger tell what he is up to, or leave in dignity. He has chosen a successor, the current manager of Grampus 8- Dragan Stojkovic.

  13. patthegooner

    I agree Pedro, the fact that a banner is made and ready to be put on display at the Emirates, to go with protest marches that have either gone through or have been cancelled does show that things are not good at the moment.

    I doubt it will be up for long though. Either the stewards will take it down or other fans will get it taken down. However I do think that there will be a large number of fans in the stadium that will agree with what the banner says, but wont agree that it should be on display at a home game.

    Like it or lump it Wenger is here at least until the end of the season and no banner or protest is going to change that. What I do hope though is that tough questions are asked at the AGM and that some kind of pressure is put on Wenger to deliver or depart. If we fail to finish top four, that simply must equate to Wenger leaving next summer, and hopefully he will have the decency to resign rather than be sacked. But if he stubbornly wants to plod on, then he should be sacked.

    I am getting more and more concerned about these RVP rumours. At first I thought it was just the media kicking us whilst we are down, but they are recurring headlines and I now believe there is no smoke without fire. On one hand getting 30m for an ageing crock who is no Arsenal legend is good business, but the problem is we all think that it would surely mean a 30m striker coming in to replace him. Yet recent history (Vieira, Henry, Cesc and Nasri) shows that we wont get that 30, 20 or even 10m Striker in his place. Wenger will simply bring in another bargain basement nobody and start proclaiming how Chamakh will be the internal solution!!!!!

    Pep Guardiola… I am not so sure Pedro. I like him, but I just have a lingering doubt about his ability to do something with Arsenal. Look at the tools he has available to him. Jesus I could win La Liga with that. Personally I stick to wanting a Hiddink or an Ancelloti. An older statesman with someone like Bould, Bergkamp or even Stuart Pearce as his understudy.

  14. Grassy Knoll

    Actually, our best 11 look pretty good to me … as good as anything in the EPL I reckon.

    It’s the tired, out-dated, and out-thought Manager that’s the problem.

  15. patthegooner

    Grassy Knoll, I agree

    I think a different Manager playing the same set of players in a different formation with different tactics would get a lot more out of them.

    I think between now and Christmas will be a telling period. We have a lot of what should be expected victories. Lets see how many wins become draws or losses.

  16. gab

    Obviously kozzer or coquelin will do at right back because they both have knowledge on how to make clean tackles.

  17. Grassy Knoll

    “I think a different Manager playing the same set of players in a different formation with different tactics would get a lot more out of them.”

    Arsenal in a nutshell – perfectly summarised by patthegooner!

  18. Steve Palmer

    I wonder at times how people can call themselves supporters, and then slag off everything that the so called club they are supposed to be supporting are doing.
    Arsene wenger has and always will be the shining light of Arsenal football club, since his arrival he has put trophies in the cabinett he has kept us in the top four for all those years in what is considered the hardest league in the world, He has given us Champions league football for fourteen years, he has made it possible for you to enjoy a game in comfort at our new ground the Emirates where 30 thousand more can watch, and while that stadium was being built he kept up with all the rich owners who breezed in, and now that we have hit a bad season with suspensions and injuries to key players, so called supporters are calling for Banners protests and marches to out the great man . well shame on you you poor excuses for supporters you make an Arsenal supporter ashamed. be carefull of what you wish for as whoever your choice may be they will never hold a candle to who we have.

  19. wattsy65

    Morning Pedro, trouble with you and protests is that you over think everything, it matters not a jot what time of year it is, whether it’s an individual, group or most of the crowd. It matters more where the protest takes place, inside the ground will always be more effective in my view.

    we agree I think that everyone has the right to protest, fortunatley there seems to be people who prepared to do it now, when it matters more. Me thinks you would still be discussing the timing and format, while the emirates burnt to the ground.

  20. abnet

    “I have every trust in the things we are doing within the club. There is only a fine line between winning and ­losing. Just look at our last match against Spurs. We could have won that game with the chances we had. There is no need to panic for anyone.
    Our start is not good. I would have felt better if we had won the derby. We didn’t and right now there is a negative feeling. But I assure you, it is not all that negative. It is up to us, players and staff, to sort it out on the pitch.”

  21. abnet

    Pedro says:
    October 9, 2011 at 11:00
    Abnet, it’s still going… Not suspended.

  22. Trickygonner

    Love the banner. Wenger out.
    Korchha. That was funny!!!!
    Arsenal fan. Your the minority.


  23. Confidentgoner


    I don’t mean to be rude but how on earth do you think a human being is irreplaceable? Aren’t you elevating him to a godlike stature? Everybody is replaceable, even late Steve Jobs ( May his soul RIPP).

    It looks like guys like you are happy with:
    – selling top players and buying nobodies, thereby fleecing the squad.
    – a manager who rewards failures and retards giving us a top 4 salary spend in the league whilst we pay top players the lowest salaries.
    -our summer inaction and our panic buys and all these and more leading to our pathetic league position.

    wenger should have been sold years ago! Our brand will certainly loose value with him at the saddle.

  24. timao

    shame the banner people haven’t the courage to show their faces in that shoddy photograph. maybe they are more used to being internet warriors…?

    i wish hell and death upon their pathetic protest and predict they will not have the nerve to go within a mile of the stadium with that ridiculous piece of rag.

  25. Collins

    Pls pedro i want that banner to be display at the emirate stadium this week because that is the only way to send wenger out of Arsenal

  26. arsenal1886-2006

    ‘gunnerAJ says:
    October 9, 2011 at 10:48
    At least wenger tell what he is up to, or leave in dignity. He has chosen a successor, the current manager of Grampus 8- Dragan Stojkovic.’

    “He has chosen a manager”

    And if this proves to be the case then you can see what is wrong with our club. How many clubs give the outgoing manager any say in the appointing of a replacement?
    It is a case of ‘the tail wagging the dog’.

  27. Alan Ball

    Wenger told us to judge him after the season…last year or the year before. How many times do we have to judge him?? Enough is enough! Wenger is weak and unfit for the job
    He has turned Arsenal into a feeder club for Manchester Dubai and Barca.

  28. terry

    acttually the defence of
    kozzer mertersucker vermy santos looks extreamy strong on paper
    i strongly beleive its not onli our cb who have to take the blame for the number of goals conceeded… we donot press the oposition enough.. i think we are very poor off the ball it would help us a lot if could improve that aspect of our game. and ya change in formation also… back to 442 of 4411 RVP not as d main striker… he should be in the no. 10 role

  29. Steve Palmer

    Arsene wenger never sold our best talent, they made their own minds up about leaving, Wenger tried for all he’s worth to keep them almost jepordising his own position and how can you buy in when you don’t know if deals are going through, he may of left it late to buy but buy he did and i don’t believe he brought that bad you may consider all Arsenes buys as nobodies but once we get a full squad together maybe you may think differently.

  30. boozy

    something about this banner and protest smells geoff’s handiwork.

    anyways if there was ever any manager capable of banishing the memory of wenger, while bringing back the beautiful football we where once know for, and still win trophies – it could only be PEP GUARDIOLA.
    dream manager for me. if we get him, i’ll never say anything bad about the board again – ever.

  31. Nick the Greek Gooner from Ealing

    Ever since Bac got injured, I’ve said it’s got to be the Koz at right back. I’m with you on that Pedro.

  32. Arber

    Why does he has to choose his succsessor, to make us suffer more? Why does this man get 7 milion pounds and we are still in 15 position, someone else can do that for much cheaper from what Wenger get .Wenger time is gone forever he will never make arsenal great again, if somebody doesn’t understant that just look the past 6 years and the shit we are in, from a fragile team we have become even worse.The money arsenal get in any manager can do better job from what Wenger does.

  33. Pedro

    Steve Palmer, be careful with what you settle for… Look what’s happening around you, look at the slow demise… Look at the facts, living in 2004 won’t save this season…

    Wenger isn’t a shining light anymore…

  34. timao

    damn pedro, any idea why I can’t seem to post youtube embed codes properly? i’m in firefox and simply copying and pasting the code from youtube. soon as i hit ‘post’ the line of code changes and appears like the above

  35. Karan j the gooner

    Ok….the banner shud b
    ” IN WENGER WE TRUST-ED”…..but not now…..and it’s very interesting that Pep is reportedly ready for a new challenge…as u said above….v h’ve Got everything.And this piece of news ‘s really interesting…..but i hate Pep…coz he told last year dat Jack is ordinary …..and he’s got players like him playing in Barca U-18 and barca reserves

  36. Pedro

    Steve, Arsene Wenger’s lack of ambition forced those players out… How out of touch can a manager be if he doesn’t know his two best players want out?

  37. Wenger the liar

    The RVP situation was called months ago, MONTHS AGO.

    There are three things that come to mind about this now;

    1. I wonder how long it will be before LJW is being linked to United, I am going to go with next summer straight after the EUROs

    2. I wonder how long until LJW actually states his desire to go to United, I am saying summer 2013.

    3. I would hazard a geuss that Theo ends up signing a contract and Song will get a new contract too. I wonder what the combined total of these two contracts will come to. I am thinking along the lines of £120,000 for Theo and £80,000 for Song.

    These wages will not reflect the ability of either player, these wages will reflect fortunate timing for the player’s agents and Arsene’s ego buying “loyalty” from his favorites.

  38. patthegooner

    Steve Palmer, maybe it is Arsene FC you support and not Arsenal FC.

    Look at the bigger picture. Why did 3 of our 1st team decide that Arsenal was not the place to continue their career. And ask yourself why next summer at least another two in RVP and Theo will do the same. And dont say Barca DNA. Its bullshit, if DNA had anything to do with it, he would not have left them in the 1st place. And why did Henry leave? IMO none of these players (even Nasri) left for money, they left to win silverware and sadly under Arsene Wenger, we will not be winning anything again.

    I greatly appreciate what Arsene did for us pre 2004 but since that time we have regressed. Arsene is stale and cant see the wood through the trees. No man is immortal and no man should be given lifetime membership of being the Arsenal manager even if he delivered so much in the early days. Football is changing and Arsene and Arsenal stand still.

    The real sad thing though is that Wenger will not resign. He is killing his own legacy. He has taken us as far as he can. It is time for fresh ideas.

  39. 87gooner

    When RVP signs for city next summer, we are going to be in a position where we cannot sign anyone. We are literally going to have to build up from scratch. No players of RVPs class will want to join us, they will just laugh. Oh and we wont pay them what they can get elsewhere, it would be lose lose for them to join Arsenal

    This board can fuck off and take Wenger with them

    I’d love fan sentiment to get so low, that its not just a minority but that we see a half empty emirates every single weekend in the prem

  40. gunnerAJ

    It is not at all clear what is going on. No replacements coming in on time. We over use the guys, then complain about the medical team, I believe they are not the problem. Wilshere, Vemaelen etc. We are already out of center backs, right backs, and we have to play them out of position. We do not have a left winger, play Arshavin there, when he should be right behind the striker. We got Arteta, offers not much in attack, just lateral and backward passes, after all how can some Everton player adapt to our system so quickly?.
    How come ferguson wins by playing carrick at center back? We do not change according to the opponents, we are too predictable.
    The thing is that the problems could have been addressed but we carry on with the same old things and make the same mistakes.

  41. 87gooner


    Van Persie’s own future remains the subject of much speculation, with the Holland international reiterating that he is not looking too far ahead at present.

    He added: “I am not going to make any statements about my future. Not now, not for a while.

    “I’ve been at Arsenal eight years and that is quite extraordinary these days. Which is why I treasure this. What my future will bring, nobody knows.

    “I can understand people are curious, but I am just dedicated to everything at

    Arsenal right now.”

    Hes definitely leaving

  42. dennisdamenace

    So, seven years into Wenger’s five-year plan, and this is where we are. All the pain, angst and overpriced tickets for this, a continual procession of also-rans, failed junior players and our class players eventually leaving. Remind me, what exactly did we leave Highbury for? Oh yes, to ensure the select few would make money out of the insane ticket pricing and limited investment in the playing staff, unless of course you’re yet another fucking teenager.

    And, from the sublime to the ridiculous, buying the Jenkinson’s of this world just enable Wenger and his cronies to maximize profits. His signing (like many before him) makes absolutely no sense whatsoever in terms of keeping the first team competitive.

    It’s taken me this long to get over the recent underwhelming “effort” against Spurs, here’s just a flavour/reminder of how the game unfolded via Twitter from a bitterly frustrated, disappointed and angry life-long Gooner –

    Switching off seems fucking endemic throughout this whole wasteful fucking team……..poor management and poor leadership.

    FFS Ramsey, outside of the goal you have been truly dog shit son.

    Is RvP still on the pitch?

    Do something you useless £7m a year flop!

    Lacking quality, lacking ruthlessness, lacking leadership, lacking defensive stability………four years and counting, £7m a year for that.

    This team is only focussed when they have the ball, too many of them switch off when they don’t have the ball, poor coaching.

    RAMSEY you fucking wanker, what is fucking wrong with you????

    Lord have fucking mercy, Ramsey you are a fucking joke.

    Pathetic Wenger, you have brought us to this, you and you alone, how much more of this shit do we have to not only put up with, but pay for?

    If they (players) are not ready WTF are they doing in the AFC first team then? Clueless fucking management.

    A probable handball for the 1st goal doesn’t disguise the fact that your team STILL cannot defend, clueless defensively, clueless manager!

    – To be honest, you could’ve made those exact same angst ridden observations against almost every game we have played since the CC Final. Simple, basic defensive errors throughout the team, the type of non-EPL level of play that promoted teams are constantly guilty of, The type of sub-standard play that up until this season we’ve had Fabregas et al to bail us out, not any longer, these average players are now on their collective own.

    Yet still people claim no one could do a better job than Wenger. Incredible. This fraud has actually engineered this situation we find ourselves in, with his refusal to replace quality with quality, his refusal to attend to our defensive frailties, for his refusal to use ALL the financial resources at his disposal. Yet the excuse makers still have their collective heads stuck in the sand, refusing to believe that this man is lost a la Brian Clough. And, as long as this “status quo” remains we will continue to slip away from the elite end of the EPL.

  43. Steve Palmer

    Fair comment Pedro
    I’m prepared to wait, after all were only in the start of the season and i am still looking at champions league Carling Cup FA cup and a top four spot, i’m a supporter with vision and i expect a promising year ahead.

  44. timao

    oh well! forget the video, (good song though)… my general point is that most signs are crap and this is no exception.

    even the people that made it are ashamed to show me their faces, and rightly so

  45. patthegooner

    Steve, I think our finish in the top four depends on our run to christmas. Very winnable games normally, but our poor form has been going on since Feb and I still see no sign of it ending.

    Its why I cant understand the reluctance to change formation and tactics. It is like we are doing nothing to change it. Every week it is same formation, same tactics, same group of players, same mistakes. Lets go traditional 4-4-2 to suit the players we have and start doing the basics again. Again I am sure it is Wenger’s stubborness that holds us back and how can I think anything different when his post match comments are regurgitated rubbish about handbreaks, tiredness and lack of confidence, and then statements like being in the game for 32 years means he doesnt need additional advice about defending.

  46. Arber

    Bring in George Graham ,at least he will teach those fuckers how to defend , i will better watch a team winning 1-0 then a fucking a team that can defend at 4-0 up. For these who love Wenger so much they can join him and became fans of the next team he takes over .No fucking manager or a player is biger than Arsenal club .

  47. kc

    Banner looks good to me. Massive props to them if they get it up in the emirates. Arsenal fans who want change should get behind this.

  48. abnet

    DarrenArsenal1 Darren
    #AST to reveal some interesting information tomorrow on #arsenal regards developments on commercial arrangements & the club’s medical centre
    great news especially on the medical front for immediate impact

  49. Goon in 60 Seconds

    Wenger is still a top manager. Steve you shouldn’t give up so easy mate, what ever these think in here, they are the minority. That banner would be torn down by the fans in 2 minutes of being up. We have next level talent developing at this club, but of course one can’t be an Arsenal fan and a wenger fan, according to this place you are only allowed to be one or the other.

    I, as many many others do, still believe. Of course i have only been an Arsenal fan since 2010 so what the f would I know ;-)?

    The futures bright, The futures Wenger.

  50. Bajone

    If Arsene starts managing some other team, whos games would you be watching? Wenger with all of his fans- out!!

  51. Goon in 60 Seconds

    The banner looks like it was made by an islamic fundamentist Jihad Group.

    I can almost hear Wenger begging David Cameron to get off his arse and save him!

  52. IvoryGoonz

    Great day Gunners. And thanks Pedro for making your article about the main issue these days.
    At least we can now clearly see amongst the people posting who’s here to spread propaganda, and who’shere because they heard the call…

  53. Steve Palmer

    Alex oxlaid Chamberlain has been brought for fifteen million wenger has planned for the future you all seem to want superstars that can come in and change everything just like that, how long would you give a new man that has everything in place and money should now be available for the manager to use, do you not think wenger has brought cheaply because he wants to or because he has had spending restrictions imposed on him, a multi million building project both with Highbury and the Emirates must slow down any managers spending but we have come out of that debt and are now nearing the fruits of the boards labours, any manager in the world would want to manage The Arsenal now, as we are now being toted as the best run club in the world, Fair play rules will be in place and that is when our youth acadamy will spring into life another Wenger project, thats when we shall see if Wenger and the board have got it right.

  54. gambon

    Steve Palmer says:
    October 9, 2011 at 10:59
    I wonder at times how people can call themselves supporters, and then slag off everything that the so called club they are supposed to be supporting are doing.
    Arsene wenger has and always will be the shining light of Arsenal football club, since his arrival he has put trophies in the cabinett he has kept us in the top four for all those years in what is considered the hardest league in the world, He has given us Champions league football for fourteen years, he has made it possible for you to enjoy a game in comfort at our new ground the Emirates where 30 thousand more can watch, and while that stadium was being built he kept up with all the rich owners who breezed in, and now that we have hit a bad season with suspensions and injuries to key players, so called supporters are calling for Banners protests and marches to out the great man . well shame on you you poor excuses for supporters you make an Arsenal supporter ashamed. be carefull of what you wish for as whoever your choice may be they will never hold a candle to who we have.


    Blimey where do i begin with this awful post.

    We are Arsenal fans, not Arsene fans, the fact you cant seperate the 2 is pathetic and shows me how long you have been a fan, probably the same as willy….about 4 years.

    Shining light? When was the last time a shining light had a team 15th in the PL, having won 5 of their last 19 games? Does a shining light fail to win trophies season after season?

    He has far from consitently put trophies in the cabinet, he has won 7 in 15 years, and none in 7 after this season……judge him on what he DOES, not hwat he DID you muppet.

    How the fuck did he make it possible for us to move to the emirates you idiot? it was nothing to do with him. And as an avid Arsenal fan you should know the Emirates is 22000 larger, not 30000…..great fan you are.

    As for keeping up with rich owners? Erm, how exactly have we done that? We are 15th, where are Chelsea, UTD & City….all 3 of which have won trophies over the last 6 years…..infact between them 3 they have won 15 trophies since we last did……oh and Spurs & Birmingham have won as well since we last did.

    You are a poor excuse for a human being, let alone Arsenal fan.

  55. kapslock

    I agree when Verm comes back to stick either Coquelin or Kozzer at RB. Jenkinson is utter shit from what I’ve seen. Needs at least 2 seasons out on loan.

  56. Arber

    Goon Wenger and people like you are making arsenal club suffering so much,One get 7 milion a year and the others like you have no fucking idea in what deep shit we are in , wake up for fuck ‘sake

  57. IvoryGoonz

    Gambon: you should remind Steve these 22000 more are not being filled at the moment because of an idiot who thought raising tickets and lowering quality in the team was a good way to make people come to the game and ignore a major warning.
    There’s no point having a big stadium if you don’t play a big team.

  58. gambon


    Its funny, the AKBs think we built the emirates to allow an extra 22000 to go!

    What they fail to recognise is that we make £50m pa more from the Emirates than Highbury, if it was all about the fans wouldnt they reduce the ticket prices?!

    Haha, mugs.

  59. patthegooner

    Steve Palmer

    Are you Arsene in Disguise.

    FFP, do me a favour

    Even Wenger now recognises that depsite the best intentions, FFP is doomed from the start.

    Football needs FFP, that I agree, but nobody has the clout to implement it. As soon as UEFA start to put their foot down (even if they bother, I think it is all hot air) the big clubs and players will break away and form a European super league. UEFA wont have a pot to piss in.

  60. patthegooner

    UEFA exists on sponsorship. Can you imagine them going to their sponsors and saying sorry Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City, Chelsea, Inter Milan and AC Milan wont be competing in this years champions league as they have flouted FFP rules!!!!

    The sponsors will say reinstate them or else.

    Like I say, it wont even come to that. FFP is hot air and UEFA will ensure that there are enough loop holes for clubs to get around it.

  61. mpintshi

    Like it or not we need an owner like Usmanov someone who is only interested in the glory and adulation that comes with owning a winning team. Instead of calling for Wenger’s head we should be directing our anger at the board whose only interest is turning a profit. The board is old and outdated and incapable of moving with times, we need a strong board who will demand not just profit but trophies and glory. The moment we sack Wenger, ManCity WILL snap him up because they know they will be getting a world class manager.
    As long as we have the same board changing the manager won’t mean a thing, if they are unwilling to pay higher wages then nothing will change. Changing the manager will not attract world class players as long as we’re not paying world class wages, we may get players early in their careers on low wages but once we turn them to world class players they will leave for better wages, which is exactly what’s been happening to us because we are unwilling to compete on the wage front.

  62. Steve Palmer

    Gambon, you have your views and i have mine we differ greatly but the board are quite happy with wenger as they obviously know more than both of us , they will back him and we will carry on as we normally do . i on one hand believe that things will improve and we will of course get back to winning ways you on the other hand believe that wenger will continue to stumble along and will only leave after protests and banner waveing, i suppose we will just have to wait and see.
    I don’t believe it makes any difference to how long a supporter has supported as we all pay the same money, but a supporter is a supporter and I have seen in my time many Arsenal managers and all i can say is that wenger beats them all

  63. kev

    im looking forward to the day wenger leaves. i think a lot of these in wenger we trust people will sod off and support PSG or something. itll be a great day.

    its hard to know how the season will go really. theres still time to turn it around but at the moment our players look clueless and theres no sign of our current run of shit form ending.

    id agree with pat – our run up to christmas will tell all.

  64. alan b'stard M P

    a massive protest banner is one thing, a massive protest is another. I wait with hope

    It’s the board not Wenger you should attack. AW is bad news but he’s still an employee

  65. tipitapi

    FFP is just smoke and mirrors mate a UEFA stunt to keep the money rolling in, and the board fell for it hook line and sinker BECAUSE of their greed

  66. IvoryGoonz

    Steve Palmer: we are not the board.
    But if that amuses you thinking you’re like PHW, Kroenke, and Gazidis, please keep it up.

  67. The Noise


    The bloke who done this banner is a gold pal of mine and he’ll b there with the banner in person… If you have a problem with it, perhaps try going up to him and doing something!

    If there’s only one cyber warrior on ‘ere it’s you, you mug!

  68. MOH4

    Fox sports is playing an Epl classic game. 07/08 season Arsenal vs Chelsea at the bridge. Im soooooooo depressed. What a team we had… fab, flamini, toure, ade, gallas, hleb, clichy…. Man say what you want about those players but fuck we had a strong team. We were absolutely smashing those cunts at the bridge. Sagna just scored from a cesc corner kick. Fuck me how quickly our team has changed…..

  69. Potter

    Wasn’t it Gazidis that said the only way that Wenger was going was if the fans turned against him. Is this board instigated ? and like lambs the protest fans are following their way down to another 6.5% increase.

  70. abnet

    Orbinho Orbinho
    Only Swansea (0 points) have a worse away record than Arsenal in the Premier League this season.

    Only Man Utd, Man City & Chelsea have scored more away goals than Arsenal this season.
    what a fucking weird position we are in!!! i just hate 12/11

  71. patthegooner

    Depends on the stage of his tenureship Steve.

    I dont think anyone would argue that Wenger 1997-2004 was the best Manger that Arsenal have had ever had.

    However Wenger of today is IMO worse than GG and many others.

    As for the board, they infuriate me more than the Manager. Of course they like Wenger, the height of their ambition is a top four finish. Lets just see how much they like him come May if we have failed to get that!!! Do they know more than us?? Probably but ultimately it is the fans that show whether the manager and the board are doing a good job and you only have to see the empty seats on match day to know that they are not doing a good job.

    Look at this

    I cant remember a time since 1997 when games went to general sale so frequently.

  72. naija soccer

    Wenger would actually be perfect for the england job. He cant do worse than the dross coaches they ve had in the last few years. Maybe he can get them to play some old wenger footie instead of the hit em up bang bang style they usually employ………….boring stuff I tell u.

  73. patthegooner

    In fact, I can only compare Wenger at the moment with Rafa Benitez late in his Liverpool tenureship. Too big for his boots and clueless.

    Wenger IMO has become bigger than the club (God knows why)

  74. gambon


    It was at the end of that season that our defence started to unravel.

    Leading at the bridge….lost

    Leading at OT…..lost

    We have never looked like a league winning team since….yet Wenger is incapable of fixing that.

  75. goonermart

    dennisdamenace says:
    October 9, 2011 at 11:35


    Good post Dennis, sums up alot that is wrong at the moment

  76. Goon in 60 Seconds

    The noise, is your mate started school yet?

    Mate this is blog land, a place where people can say what they think without some inbred like you actually threatening violence against them. If you have a problem with something that somebody wrote then argue using sentences not half arsed attempts at threats.

  77. IvoryGoonz

    some seem to ignore that Wenger has a major input on the board and that they wouldnt take decisions without consulting him, if he wasnt happy with things going his way, would he say he’s happy to keep on until he’s dead?

  78. gambon


    I dont wanna see England throwing 4 goal leads, 2 goal lead the other day was bad enough.

    Wenger would be a disaster at international level. He would take the U17s to the Euros next year, then say “we are very young” when we got kicked out.

    Alhough if it gets him out of Arsenal im all for it.

  79. Goon in 60 Seconds


    England were sooooooooooooo bad this week right! I mean did we even have a midfield?? I think England miss wilshere as much as us!!!!

  80. nickw

    Will be seeing that banner at the sunderland game, I’m going so I hope so as it should provoke a reaction. I’m not sure the autocrats at the emirates will be allowing it in the stadium though, they don’t seem to be too fond of criticism. They like their mass gatherings to be more Nuremberg Rally than Speakers Corner.
    As for FFP while its a great idea I have to agree with Wenger and the cynics on this one. It won’t happen, Man City have already proved that with their £35 million a season naming rights deal. Compare that to our £7-10 million PA for shirts and naming rights deal. Does that sound fair to you?

  81. goonermart

    timao says:
    October 9, 2011 at 11:40

    oh well! forget the video, (good song though)… my general point is that most signs are crap and this is no exception.

    even the people that made it are ashamed to show me their faces, and rightly so.


    Post a picture of your face then, so we can all see that you have an arse for a mouth.

  82. Confidentgoner


    If he had bought Alonso and some other talents, Cesc would have won things and would actually stay- ditto Nasri. A club where the best players want to leave is a club in crisis, no matter how the egg heads in charge try to disguise it. Next summer you may be talking about RVP, Theo, Vermaleen. It goes on and on, a cycle that never ends! If you still bury your head in the sand, that’s fine. Keep it there till May- maybe then you will see the light. AFC only has a future without Wenger and perhaps without the current board.

  83. IvoryGoonz

    nickw: thing is this has been called long ago.
    Rich will always find ways around legislations as long as money exist. Dont forget who put these legislations in place, and that they are not the Incorruptibles.

  84. Goon in 60 Seconds

    Yes but Ivory is it not possible that things can change, that wenger and the board had symbiosis and then not? The nasri affair is testament to the fact that he doesn’t have as much control as you would suggest. I mean Nasri was integral to his plans this year, in-fucking-tegral. And the board went over his head and made him change all his plans at the last minute. Yeah, great relationship there!! Bullshit does wenger hold full control at board level. Utter shite

  85. Steve Palmer

    Sorry Ivory Goonze,
    I thought i had stumbled onto an Arsenal supporters site obviously not, wave your flags but dont forget to stand up and be counted when we turn it round sorry when he turns it round.

    And The noise i hope your standing with him when he holds it then i can see who the real supporters are, ha so tough ha ha

  86. goonermart

    Steve Palmer says:
    October 9, 2011 at 11:54

    do you not think wenger has brought cheaply because he wants to or because he has had spending restrictions imposed on him,


    Scott Parker £5m ?

  87. naija soccer

    There is one person in the world who doesn’t deserve the ridiculous criticism he get; arsene wenger. You lots are are the worst fans ever. And I mean that from the bottom , undeground and basement of my heart.

    When will u get it thru ur hardened heads that this club doesn’t spend money and we have a different approach to doing things ? I can’t wait till wenger and his team prove u wrong.

  88. Wenger the liar

    Has anyone ever sat down and worked out how many games Diaby averages per season, and what he has cost us per league game thus far in his Vieira mirroring career?

    Off out to buy tat.

  89. incesc

    i wish arsenal would bring in FFP as a club in general.

    is it Finacial fair play that we get charged the highest prices in the world to watch wengers extract money from our club for his rettirement fund

  90. MOH4

    Gambon, I agree 100 fucking percent. The signs were there early and still our manager done shit. I cant believe the way our club is run. How can every expert, every pundit, every supporter, every cunt blogging on this site, EVERYONE see what the fucking problem is, except the one cunt thats in a position to do something about it. It boggles the mind. Is he senile? or is he just that fucking stubborn that he’ll destroy our club intead of bruising his ego? Why dosent he just admit it…. YOU GOT IT WRONG

  91. GEE

    If Wenger the man who hasn’t made a right decision in years decides who are next manager is I will not be back to The Emirates. It’s beyond a joke now. Just fuck off Wenger and let us try to rebuild and sort the fucking mess out that you have created !

  92. goonermart

    Goon in 60 Seconds says:
    October 9, 2011 at 12:43

    I mean Nasri was integral to his plans this year, in-fucking-tegra


    You fucking goon, so if na$ri stayed but picked up a long term injury we would be in the same position as we are now. Every man and his dog knew na$ri was going to leave but stubbon cunt wenger refused to admit it. Comical

  93. MOH4

    Abnet thats my favourite podcast atm, That & the arsecast. I never miss em. Esp the latest edition from footballistically Arsenal. Amazing insight to wenger and the way the club is run… Strongly recommend all gooners to listen..

  94. Sir Henry Norris

    Yes indeed MOH4 the 07/08 sqaud was close to winning the league, until injuries derailed our quest. I don’r know what happened that summer but it was like the lunitics had taken over the asylum, with in-dressing-room fighting going off all over the place due to clashes of personalities. If the club managed to keep that squad together and added the potent striker I beleive we needed in place of the dessenting Adebayor then history would of been so different, and we would not be in the position we now find ourselves in.

  95. Goon in 60 Seconds


    Nasri gave his word to Wenger and Gervinho that he would stay. You know not what you are saying goonermart.

  96. naija soccer

    People don’t realise how much we miss vermaelen. They also don’t realise we have a new defence and it might take maybe 20 games before the get it together. But we ll be fine. No way in hell a team of verm , wilshere, persie, ramsey, song, scz, arteta, sagna is ending this season below at least 4th.

  97. IvoryGoonz

    Goon: thats bollocks on Nasri. it’s not like he couldnt have secured his new contract a year before it happened. they judged it too expensive to keep him. period. and dont start saying what I didnt say again, I didnt say he has full control.
    What I say is whether he had 100 or 10% influence on that decision, or that he was really against it, he’s still happy to do it, for more money, and to keep shutting his mouth.
    Wenger is not crazy, but he’s obsessed with being precautious, to the point he damages the team’s chances of success. And again, if he really loves the Arsenal, he should speak out.

    Steve: you’re mistaken twofold. this is an Arsenal Supporting site and not an Arsene Supporting site.
    If Wenger knew what he was doing he’d have brought his Vermaelen, Wilshere, and Diaby’s replacements 1st July.
    He’d have brought Fabregas and Nasri’s replacement 1st of July.
    He’d have brought VP’s replacement already.
    But no. he didnt. Just to save more money.
    The illusion of financial safety can sometimes overshadow the actual aim of the game for some people with too much thriftiness.
    How much has he spent on Diaby over 6 years going on 7 for 16.6 games a season? And how many red cards, or stupid moves? Renewed him Jan-Feb. 2010.
    It takes way too long for Wenger to admit his mistakes, and way too long for him to rectify it.
    Look, why did he have to wait for the last day of the transfer window? Just to avoid paying an extra million? If Wenger had brought all his players in time for them to have a pre-season together, he wouldnt be here.
    and it’s not like we didnt have enough cash in the accounts to do the deals. that’s taking too much risk by trying to take as less possible. to save the season, we basically have to win 90% of all our games until the end, and strengthen in Jan nevertheless. What’s the highest winning rate Wenger achieved the last 6 seasons? Right. Exactly.
    how much you want to bet on your carling, fa, CL cups, and on the 4th place? Lunatic

  98. gambon


    You are in a dreamworld. there is no way we are finishing 4th this year.

    We have picked up 5 wins in 19 games, this isnt a blip. We were a disappointing 4th last season, then we sold our best players, and Wenger has lost the dressing room.