Massive PROTEST banner in – Wenger for England – Kozzer to right back?

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Hello and welcome to Le Grove, there’s some pretty hardcore topics to be dealing with this morning, not least the planned protest… that comes with a banner!

You’re lucky I didn’t roll with the headline ‘It’s banner time’.

I can’t help but marvel at the inflammatory nature of the beast. I mean, wow, I would not want to be rolling that into a stadium unless I was pretty sure I had the backing of most. It looks like it’s been put together by the embroidery arm of the Weakest Link production team!

As with any of these protests, it’s about timing. Wenger should have gone in the summer, but the bulk of fans won’t be ready to make a statement like that for a while. It’s all muffled, slightly awkward conversations about him going at the moment. From what I understand, the group behind it are called ArsenalAFCnotPLC, a Facebook (742 fans)/Twitter Group (1500 followers) with a name that slightly confuses me considering the fact it’s fully accepted we need to be a good business if we’re to catch United and co.

I digress…

Now I haven’t heard much from them, which is surprising considering what they’re planning on doing. Even more surprising considering the trouble the far more popularised BSM group have been having getting fan backing. I just hope this isn’t a bit of fame hunting for a university project. Getting a banner story into a paper isn’t tough, it’s newsworthy, getting backing through fan sites is where the effort should have been spent, because you have to take on many different points of view and criticism that you might not like.

The overriding concern is that this is happening at all. What a total mess we’re in to be in this situation. People can keep on bleating minority, minority, but it’s becoming ever more obvious that it’s not the minority who are gravely unhappy with the man in charge. Whether October is banner time is another question. I guess my biggest criticism is that if there’s no protest before the game, you’re literally holding up a banner as an individual. If you protest with a thousand people before the match, then go into the game and do it, at least you know you represented more than just yourself and a few mates on twitter.

Good luck to them though, we’re all entitled to an opinion, we’re all allowed to do what we like in this beautifully democratic society, and we can all do as we please in the ground… unless it’s standing up, waving a national flag, taking a plastic bottle in with a lid or carrying a 9 gauge shotgun.

Wenger Escape Route…

My guess is that despite the embarrassing backing Wenger received from Stan and Ivan, if it continues the way it’s going, there’s no way he’ll be allowed to continue. We’re a Robin injury away from total mediocrity.

The Mirror have linked Wenger heavily with England job this morning. They’ve also suggested he chooses a successor.

I do hope that isn’t allowed, he shouldn’t be given any control over who succeeds him, mainly because he has no idea what makes a great modern manager, takes one to know one and all that.

I hope it’s Guardiola, he’s looking for a new challenge, we are a massive one and he’d have money, infrastructure and a youth production line to play with. Very little pressure as well for a few years…

Pepe Reina…

Well I told you last year Pepe Reina was subject a massive bid from Arsenal and he confirmed it today, saying he wasn’t allowed to leave as he was integral to the sale of Liverpool. Bad times… But not so bad now we know we’re set with Chezzer.

Joey Barton…

The Newcastle mouth piece is in the news more than Harry Redknapp these days, I don’t know why he doesn’t set up a blog and call it ‘Ramblings of a cultured Scouser’ or something.

Today he digs out PHW for not knowing what’s going on at his club. Hardly making a point is he? PHW isn’t aware what decade he’s in or what he had for breakfast… the board probably haven’t told him Bergkamp signed!

Again, how low can one club go when the player himself admits the link is hardly that unbelievable considering the state we’re in!

Thomas Vermaelen…

The good news I’ll leave you on is the news we already knew, Thomas should be back after the international break, which is a giant fat relief to everyone. I’m not sure really what we’re pining for with Thomas. Is it the accountability and leadership, is it his pace and power that he puts into everything or is it a bit of quality and stability? He’s one of those players who has hero qualities.

Who does he go next to? In my mind it has to be Per Mertesacker… A little and large combo. Pace and aerial dominance. I’d also consider sticking Kozzer in at right back. Our backline needs all the strength it can get, he’s more than capable of filling in and he’s fully up to speed with Premiership life.

How is your defence lining up for the coming few months? Is Jenko ready? Can Coquelin slip in there? Is it right to move a centre back to full back?

Let us know on a banner! Sorry, I mean in a comment!


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  1. kwik fit

    Arsenals ideal line-up for the next few games should be;

    Kos Mert Verm Santos
    Le coq Song
    Ox Arteta Gervinho

  2. 87gooner

    I for one think Mertesacker is going to be amazing once hes settled, and once our back line has settled in fact. Its far too chop and change

    When we can field

    Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Santos

    On a regular basis, will we see the best of him. Problem is the supporting cast are shit, and only takes a few injuries to leave it horrendously exposed

  3. goonermart

    I would be interested to see



    Not sure about about Santos yet, but thats not to say I am happy with Gibbs.

  4. kwik fit

    I’m agreeing with Pedro and feel that Kos could be a quality RB but we still need a defensive coach tough .

  5. kapslock

    Think Verm and Mertesacker will be a good pairing once they’ve played together a few times. The other CB’s are garbage and need to go thought I’d be satisfied knowing that Koscielny was 4th choice CB. We need one more world class CB. Cahill doesn’t really do it for me but I guess he’d be cheap and somewhat ideal.

  6. kapslock

    @goonermart – Would you really play Theo through the middle? The guy can’t finish for shit. Would rather given Young a shot there.

  7. Thomas. It's up for grabs now!

    Sir Henry.
    To answer your question. No I don’t think we should stop. It’s always a good policy to buy young talent. I fully agree we should get them. Actually we have that market well cornered and long may it continue. Basically we get first shot at them. However, I also believe that our biggest priority this summer was in the first team. And if that young talent does not develop as expected then the ‘cull’ must happen earlier.

    AW hasn’t demonstrated that ruthless streak to ditch them early and move on. Remember that Italian keeper for Utd… Taibi…? He survived a few games and was out the door after a few mistakes.

    Regarding nobody buying. I think the salary expectation of the players may also have had something to do with it too.

    To hell with the 12 days of Xmas.. can’t wait for the 31 days of the window!

  8. OPG

    The market was very much active early on especially July, just that so much was put into keeping Cesc and Nasri most of the summer and they couldn’t offload players because of the wage structure and valuation of some players.

  9. goonermart

    To be fair to the guy thats where he wants to play and where he was promised to be played. At least if we give him a run we will find out once and for all and then he would not be able to leave in the summer citing that as his reason for leaving.

    Plus he can not cross for shit either.LOL

  10. Sir Henry Norris

    Goonermart, You guys here have the answers you tell me. We were in for Jones? was that before the medics assement on TV? We also lodged a bid of around 10m for Jageilka?

    That to me say that he knows the players he wants he places bids and if it is a non stater we stick with what we have.

    Berbatov has nowtto lose by sitting on the bench for United picling up winnesr medals and and bonuses and stuff. He is an established international with no threat to his position as his nations superstar.

    Sure, Cahil is going to leave Bolton form where he has come to the attention of Capello and England to sit on our bench. Wenger said he would be happy to play song there if need be, he has rarely let us down when asked to fill in there, hence our M’villa inquiry, but that was before the Man utd meltdown. Bolto had a valuation and we did not want to meet it, so we got current German International instead. I have a feeling we got the better player, but aye thats just me and Wenger.

    I say this with all due respect: it is easy to understand whats happening at the club when you actually listen to Wengers words and take note of his deeds, cos, some people hear but refuse to listen and therefore fail to understand what actually is going on.

  11. goonermart

    To be fair i am not interested in bids that do not turn into purchases. If Wenger could not buy Jags and jones he should have turned his attention to Metesacker straight away, not last day of transfer window.

    Everyone knew we were going to get trounced at united and I would have been happy for us to have spent 20m on jags or chaill for that not to happen.

    We could have got Samba for 9m and although not world class he would have improved us.

    And as for not buying Parker for 5m thats insane and nearly as bad as leaving Arshavin on the bench against chelsea in the 2009 fa cup semi final. (the time wenger died in my eyes)

    Wengers Words? Two days before cesc and nasri left he said they were not leaving, sorry i do not believe any thing that comes from his mouth

  12. tipitapi

    norris this buying for the future thing I thought thats what we were doing 4 years ago in arsenal land the future never comes

  13. Sir Henry Norris

    OPG yes indeed the market was active in July we bought Gervinho and was in for Jones at that time and we ended up bringing in 7 players how many did United or for that matter City buy in the last window?

    When has Wenger lied Incesc? He may of changed his mind as he is entitled to do and often accused of not doing, but lies i don’t think so…

  14. incesc

    i will do my business in july

    nasri and cesc will stay

    my best ever squad

    i did not see it

    i will only buy super quality

    i will strengthen the defence

    taking my cheque book to the euros

    just off the top of my head…

  15. Sir Henry Norris

    Incesc, Lying to protect the player and our club! Everything Wenger does is to protect our club.

    He certainly did not lie about Cesc and Nasri as he wanted them both to stay if the purchasing clubs had failed to meet our demands they would still be here today. It was obvious Cesc was not injured for pre-season the games, if you had seen Wenger down the supermarket and asked him he may of told you the whole truth and nothing but!! provided he believed you when you reply with the promise, not tell another soul. A sure-fire way to be beaten around the head at the negotiating table and inviting negative reportage is by telling the world, the gutter press and our rivals that all might not be well. Not to be patronising but we are dealing with human beings here, lots of things both personal and professionally goes on at a football club and thus remains within the confines of the club, usually for the best of all concerned, is this notion lost on you? or beyond your thought process?

  16. incesc

    everything wenger does is to protect his shitty experiment not the club

    if he was protecting the club we wouldnt be 15th with millions in the bank and one injury prone striker, no right back, and a lack of quality all over the park

  17. MatthewT

    “We’re a Robin injury away from total mediocrity”

    mediocrity arrived a long time ago, i support the banner, anyone that doesn’t is asking for the mediocrity to continue.

  18. goonermart

    @ Norris, typical AKB, ignore all answers to his own quesions then begin with the insults. Is it beyond your thought process that wenger is a self protecting lier that is damaging our club. Form and league tables suggests we are getting worse year after year as do attendances, regardless of any AKB belief

  19. Sir Henry Norris

    Incesc your getting yourself all in a tizzy over being 15th after a hand full of games if in Jan we are still 15th or lower then the minority of fans who think Wenger is a senile retard can be justified in calling for his head but until then, give it up, show a little more respect for what he has done for our club and support for the players who take to the field.

    You know I do share a lot of the reservations some you guys have on certain players and can also see that Wenger has mad a lot of mistakes and misjudgements but we operate in an environment where there is often only one winner and the rest are nowhere, I just don’t believe we are nowhere.

  20. goonermart

    Sir Henry Norris says:
    October 9, 2011 at 22:54

    When has Wenger lied Incesc? He may of changed his mind as he is entitled to do and often accused of not doing, but lies i don’t think so…

    Sir Henry Norris says:
    October 9, 2011 at 23:40

    Incesc, Lying to protect the player and our club! Everything Wenger does is to protect our club.


    You could not make this shit up, even when proved wrong an AKB will still argue they are right. There is no rationale, it really is like a mental illness and I’ve never known anything like it.

  21. incesc

    its a steady decline over many years norris, not a handful of games.

    losing to spurs on a number of occasions, letting in 8 vs man u, last season we lost at home to west brom and let a 4 goal lead slip at newcastle.

    i gave up on wenger when wenger put out that team that united knocked out of the champions league with ease.

    he should have changed then but since we have got even worse.

    its nice you have patience with him but ultimately it is not helpful that so many fans bury their heads in the sand.

  22. ok1

    i believe wenger has done a great job at arsenal but football has changed and great players wages have changed aswell. If any manager comes in now i don’t think they would do a better job than wenger, while working under the wage structure the club has. Change the board, kick hill wood of and invite the russian and david dein back to work with american and keep wenger. Russian willing to invest his own money so why not???

  23. walkpass

    When dont I see u guys putting up a banner that says “Come on guys, you can do it”…. or something more encouraging… Or a banner that says “Out with unfair referees” etc. I am not a Wengerite but at this juncture it is better to support our team and all. Do we know the whole story behind the transfer windows? Why only Wenger, where are Gazadis and Stan’s names? It is easier to bang someone to express our frustration then to encourage and turn things around.

  24. David

    incesc says:
    October 9, 2011 at 12:43
    koz at right back

    what a good idea that is


    Brilliant idea.

    For starters its harder for him to get himself send off or put it in our own net from the far right. But you never know..

  25. Chris Healy

    Why are we soooo shortsighted , financial fair play is real , salary cap is possible. Arsene wenger makes stars in a salary cap world that’s what wins. I hope he gets the England job, and proves how great he is at coaching. I’d love to see hiddunk as our manager with Bergkamp as his assistant.

    Ive been a fan since the 80s and I’ve seen us in worse shape than this many times. Oh yeah it’s 7 games in and it’s not like we won at old trafford last year or at whl. So basically we lose 2 games blackburn and Liverpool and it’s all over.?

  26. soulrebel

    Agree on Kozzer at RB, think he’d be very good, probably be a better DEFENSIVE full back than Cliche was actually, least he knows how to tackle and jump.

  27. goonermart

    Turn things around walkpass, it’s been getting worse for six years.
    Unless wenger buys back all the quality players he has sold over that period and becomes a tactical, defensive and motivational genius i’m not sure how he can. Do you?

  28. SUGA3

    morning πŸ™‚

    with my PC temporarily buggered, I am entering the non-digital week, prop planes (off to Luxembourg today) and all that…

    having read the thread, I can see that the AKBs are taking the last stand positions, I mean, how deluded can one get?

    my hat goes off to these brave men daring to take this banner inside, like a beacon of knowledge amongst the maneating savages!

  29. SUGA3

    IMO, Koscielny would be lost out wide, he is a central player not necessarily the best suited to playing in a wide position…

    another square peg in a round hole? thanks, but no thanks, Coq au vin all the way for me!

    off to pack myself for the trip…

  30. northern Gooner

    maybe the fact that these protest dont get fan backing shows that LeGrove and its followers are not speaking for the maiority of the fans and that the impression one gets from reading your blogg that it is consencus amongst the supporters that Arsene has to go is wrong. It seems like the Arsene haters mainly belongs to the blogsphere…

  31. Pedro


    Northern, Le Grove has never backed a protest. Try getting down to a game to find out if the views expressed on the blog are felt around the ground.

  32. northern Gooner

    No, but you support the Wenger Out Brigade, and the lack of backing of a protest might just show you the majority is (still) in favour of Wenger.

  33. gazza_5

    AKB’s, please LOOK at what is happening to our club, and dont LISTEN to what you are told.

    We have sold quality, and bought mediocrity. From challenging for trophies, we are reduced to trying to get 4th. (unlikely this year). We were promised that the move to the new stadium would allow us to compete financially. The soulless new stadium is nearly paid for, but we cant (wont?) spend big.

    We suffered our most humiliating defeat in over 100 years, a defeat most of us were predicting. We are told that we are offering 30m+ for players, but how can we pay the wages?

    I know this will not get through to the more rabid AKB’s, but there will be life after AW, plenty of other managers would love to take the Arsenal job. No pressure to win anything, excuses when our best players are lured away by the prospect of winning trophies.

    I believe only one thing can save AW now, and that is if he swallows his pride and asks George Graham to come back and run the defensive drills. GG has served his punishment, is an Arsenal man through and through, and turned good individual defenders into a great defensive unit.

  34. northern Gooner

    And you belive GG would work under Wenger? This is a very silly idea, GG havent managed or coached for 15 years…

  35. alan b'stard M P

    anyone seen this? Wenger really is a fuckwit!

    Arsenal’s Park Chu-Young has revealed he will quit the Emirates in just two years to do national service.

    Read more:
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  36. gazza_5

    George Graham has been out of football for 10 years, which is exactly the same as Kenny Dalglish was when he came back to manage Liverpool for the 2nd time.

    I’m not advocating he take charge, but if he were offered a position of defensive responsibility at the club, as an Arsenal man, I think he would at least consider it. Could it cause any problems? Would his methods be any less effective now than they were then?

    At the moment, I think I could improve our defence, GG would improve them immeasureably.

  37. soulrebel

    Goonermart hop off the AKB bandwagon. When someone counters an argument against calling for Wenger’s head, that doesn’t make them an AKB. When you blindly call someone an AKB with absolutely no analysis whatsoever you prove to be more deluded than anyone else.

  38. Ben

    Why do people keep saying pep guadiola?! Doesn’t make any sense?! Btw akb.. GG has a better record and stats than AW.. Just saying don’t hunt me down a kill the messenger I’m split on what to do next?! I’m angry at Aw but I soo want him to succeed.. Only god knows what arsenal will do next.

  39. goonermart

    @ soulrebel

    Sorry but have you read the thread? Where have they countered the argument with any substance or facts?

    Fuck me, one dude says wenger is not a lier and then when proved wrong says wenger only lies for Arsenal, What the fuck???

    On two other post’s I have asked what they base their argument on and do you know what….. They dont have a fucking answer.

    Read the whole days thread you muppet, because I have.

  40. Zohad Fazal

    Why is there a protest against WENGER…..If there is a protest, protest against the board….any top manager today whether it is mourinho or ancelotti or even andre villas boas require readymade top international stars who can perform match after match. It is the board which due to its stinginess is finding problems in retaining and acquiring players. Wenger is trying his best to do what he could with the current set of players…..

  41. Zohad Fazal

    Why is there a protest against WENGER…..If there is a protest required, protest against the board….any top manager today whether it is mourinho or ancelotti or even andre villas boas require readymade top international stars who can perform match after match. It is the board which due to its stinginess is finding problems in retaining and acquiring players. Wenger is trying his best to do what he could with the current set of players…..

  42. gazza_5

    @ northern Gooner

    So your argument against even asking GG to come in as a specialist defensive coach, is that Kenny Dalglish may not be a success?

    So we wait, while others act? Precisely the mindset that has seen us fall from genuine league and champions league challengers, to desperately trying to get 4th.

    BTW, I’m not fixated on GG. Keown, Bould, Adams, Dixon, Winterburn would probably all be able to improve our teams defending as a unit.

  43. goonermart

    @ Zohad Fazal says:

    The players we have now are wengers players.

    If the players are shit then that is wengerw thought.

    If the players are good but under performing then that is wengers thought too.

    Look at it this way, Stoke are above us in the league but are their players better? No wenger has gone stale over the last five years and its just time to say bye.

    Dont get me wrong I want the board and owner out as well.