So finally, we have an end game from Wenger, well sort of…

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After silent Stan finally spoke yesterday, we find out Wenger is completely untouchable, can do what he wants, when he wants and stay as long as he wants.

So this prompted Wenger to come out and say this. Whoohoo! I told you I own Arsenal! (just kidding)

‘The vision is to make this club the best club in the world, it is as simple as that’

Asked to put a time-frame on his ambition for the club he said ‘In my life I hope. You may say to me I have to live very long, I don’t know’

What sort of comment is that then? Bizarre. So that’s it then, the end game is in his life time (maybe), well buckle up Grovers, that may not be in your lifetime, Arsene Wenger has just written himself a paycheck for life.

He wants to make Arsenal the best club in the world, this season he has probably the worst team in his reign and the worst team I have seen since the 80’s it’s certainly the worst team big Frank has seen, so we’ll have to wait a while to see his vision completed, I don’t expect Stan will see it either. Boy has he been suckered.

Arsene be warned, you could end up being the most unpopular manager in our history at this rate.

He is doing his usual’ leave this player alone nonsense’ be good to Ade, why?

That guy disrespected our fans (at City) after he disrespected our fans (with Milan), you can’t get worse than than, I hope he gets ripped, I hope Robin blanks him and if Song gives him a man hug before the game I will vomit.

All Wenger seems to want is to be loved by ex-players, what about the fans Arsene?

You know what though? I like Ade as a footballer and still believe getting him on loan would have been a smart move, he is a country mile better than Chamakh and his goals are amongst the best I have ever seen from an Arsenal player, good move Harry.

I would like to think Wenger can pull a rabbit out of the hat but I can only see it going one way, how can we go from title contenders to underdogs in the space of one season, it’s a disgrace what has happened to the Arsenal, the only thing I can think of doing is to flood the team with the new talented players and surprise them, put Harry on the back foot like we did in the Carling Cup last season.

Maybe he should swap Song with Kozzer, try Kozzer as a DM, either that or put Coquelin in there, I would try Ryo on the wing if he’s fit, if not then try Chamberlain and Gervinho on the wings and Theo or Robin in the middle.

Just mix it up and do something they aren’t expecting, like we did against Dortmund, when we thought we were amazing leading them 1 nil, until Marseille stuffed them and we actually found out they are really crap and drawing against them wasn’t the big deal we thought it was!

You get my drift, either way we need to defend well against the spuds, never mind defending empty spaces, that’s a crap idea Arsene, follow the player and try and guess his next move, that’s what we used to call defending, if you aren’t sure, call Martin Keown and ask him.

So not wishing to go over old ground but 2 years ago we were 3 players away from being unbeatable, since then we have sold Kolo, Ade, Nasri, Fabregas and Clichy all world class players. We have replaced them with Squillaci, Koscielny, Chamakh, Park, Santos, Chamberlain and Arteta.

Gervinho replaced Bendtner, Wenger said that so I didn’t count him and the 30 year old crock from Chelsea is just on loan so I didn’t count him either.

Have a great day Grovers, tomorrow is the big one.

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  1. bade the gooner (bernard)


    how can you ever gamble against the mancs luck eh?

    Napoli Inter today, with in 3 hours time from now…..

  2. IvoryGoonz

    RR: agree, the 3 best players of Lille last season where Gervinho, Hazard and Cabaye. So Im not surprise he does well.

  3. Radio Raheem

    ivory the problem newcastle might have is that they lack squad depth. if tiote or cabaye gets injured they’ll be fucked

  4. Gus J.

    How awesome is Phil Jones! He reminds me of a young Maldini. Pure class! Too bad he’s not french. Perhaps Wenger might have given him a better looking then…

  5. IvoryGoonz

    zeus: true too. shame that’s probably the only pure quality player they bought with all their money. is he worth 42m euros?

  6. Radio Raheem

    gus j.
    yeah phil jones looks better than cahill already. i agree with capello he is in the same talent category as wilshere

    those mancs are too bloody lucky. seriously, norwich should have signed some strikers

  7. IvoryGoonz

    zeus: agree, at least he’ll be the star of his team, he’ll be adored. and that will give some added competition to the french ligue.
    hate PSG, but still good for football and for him. Would have warmed the bench at Chelsea.

    and on Jones, well. he’s the future Terry dare I say.

  8. zeus

    Weren’t we also in for jones?

    Defensively something can happen for us between now and the end of next summer.

    Cahill on a free looks more than likely.

    Also Borrusia are not gonna do as well this season, that ‘playmaking CB’ Hummels looks really good.

    Too bad they wouldn’t sell both him and Gotze to us.

  9. IvoryGoonz

    zeus: yes, we were, until he realised he might as well signing directly with Man U if it was to end up in Manchester…

  10. IvoryGoonz

    87gooner: I chose Deep Purple for you 🙂
    I agree Led Zep wrote lot of brilliant hits, were great when together.
    But to me, the diversity of Deep Purple, their performances on stage

    Wish I was born and seen that next concert:

  11. Gooby

    dalglish calls for more referee talks but doesn’t want to see rodwell’s chalenge again! work that out!


  12. Per Santos Park

    why it sucks so much on such a day as gunner…
    1. all the chavs have won
    2. Nasri***t on score sheet
    3.the idea that for my nxt game, i gat to watch Ade**** somehow

  13. 87gooner


    Agreed; Deep Purple were also excellent, as were Kinks, Stones, Beatles, The Who, Sabbath, J’ Tull, Rory Gallagher, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Creedence, The Doors, Free, Cream and of course Jimi Hendrix to name but a few of my favourites

  14. IvoryGoonz

    party time:
    I swear one of the poster is so right, the chipmunked version is better than the original 🙂

  15. Fed

    it takes a lot of balls to critize a manager who can calmly state that they have a bold plan to make decades worth of work to become the greatest footballing empire there has ever been.

    let the man do his work and judge him after he is done.
    He will be out one day, one way or the other, but only the greatest men are willing to go for the greatest heights and to suffer for it.

    the only thing that is left is to wait and see if arsene and his companions really ARE that great or not… can they bear the hits along the way and accomplish what they are trying…

    you guys who talk down on him just have no respect at all…

  16. IvoryGoonz

    a pile of cash so that we can make more interest money in the bank, so that we can buy the players we actually need to win trophies in 15 years ?

  17. IvoryGoonz

    Fed: I dont understand what prevents from doing that AND letting Usmanov spend his cash to improve our squad consequently?
    160m in the bank, and that’s just a start.
    Please, you want to talk, defend your opinion by all means.

  18. IvoryGoonz

    Mayank: that means a club that invest in the squad to last, and to challenge for titles, not just for 4th in the CL. what kind of ambition is that “we can do with missing out on the CL” ? same as the rest.
    just milking the customer. works great I heard in the MLS and NFL

  19. Mayank

    Was it a statement of ambition or reassurance for our position in a bad scenario.

    Currently there are 5 big clubs in England, Man U, Man C, Chelsea, Lpool and us. 3 of them have more money than us and Pool and us are close financially.

    And there are 4 CL spots. Now, except Man City for whom money is just not a problem and Liverpool, who’re in the process of rebuilding the rest rely quite a bit on the CL money.

    Now if you consider that 1 club out of the 5 will always be outside the top four. And would be stupid not to plan for it.

  20. Waldo

    Usually, here in the states, when a team is in trouble and an owner comes out and gives his/her full support in the press, they are doomed. Essentially the “…the manager/coach has the full support from the organization…” and “…we back his decisions 100%…” are the ultimate kisses of death.

  21. Mayank

    However you didn’t really answer the question, what does the phrase mean? Does it mean that you want things to be restored to the pre-emirates era, basically our best period ever post war? Understandable but not really reasonable. Or pre-Wenger? Or pre-Graham?

    When was the club ‘taken’ from us?

  22. IvoryGoonz

    Mayank: because all the other clubs that dont qualify for CL always fail to stay in the EPL?
    We are planning as if we were ready to stay in Championship for the next 10 years, and while there’s a pile of cash in Usmanov’s account reay to be used. I dont see the logic.

  23. IvoryGoonz

    Mayank: not reasonnable to ask from the 3rd richest Club in the world to actually bring success on the pitch?

  24. ice

    a heavy defeat 2mrow and the fanbase and media go into free-fall calling for aw to go and,guess what, he is now ready to go (to Paris SG)…..a 2 goal loss is a sweets-from-babies bet… get ur money on in the morning….if either or both rosicky and the liitle russian plays then losing possession in midfield against spurs mediocre central mids results in atleast 2 goals….rvp btw is carrying a hamstring and may not start…..happy days…..can’t watch this humiliation……

  25. IvoryGoonz

    Mayank: Wenger’s advantages on coaching and fitness training have faded away along the years, he’s just a salesman now. he might enjoy his job, promise to make us the greatest team in the world, that’s very candid and naive.

  26. Mayank

    Huh? We’re talking about whether having a contingency plan for falling out of the top 4 is a good idea or not. Maybe we could talk about whether it was very smart to say it publicly given the current climate but I’d be very worried if we didn’t plan for it.

    And as for the second post, who really profits if Arsenal profits. No one gets a dividend for turning a profit. As for their salaries and expenses they could be kept as high and higher if the club invested all the money and more back into the club and we were successful. So I don’t get why they would choose that.

    And as far as asking Usmanov to give us money goes you know what that implies? And would he even sign a cheque when he doesn’t solely own the club. If the combined wealth of the owners of a club was the measure of the clubs spending power QPR would be competing with City.

  27. Mayank

    Ivory, I actually want a change of manager in the summer. I just think we need fresh ideas. More than that with a new manager in, we’d be forced into spending quite a bit.

    But I don’t for a second go along with notion that Wenger’s ideas are ineffectual because they’re old or something. This is a man obsessed with coaching and training. He would keep up with all the changes. It wasn’t like we got Wenger when he was 30.

  28. IvoryGoonz

    Mayank: you asked what meant “I want my club back”.

    Now, yeah, fine, having a contingency plan for falling of the top 4 is a good plan, sure, great. but you ignore my point too, nothing prevent both.
    so what’s the plan? more money in the bank?

    who profits? the wagebill. are you f*n blind? check the bonuses (boni) as well.
    as for the rest of that paragraph, I dont understand your point.

    Usmanov is a shareholder. give him more shares. what does that imply for you ffs? with 2 billionaires for shareholder, you’re afraid of going bust? with the one kept off the board worth >£17Billions?

  29. IvoryGoonz

    Mayank, a new manager would at least get rid of all the dross on the wagebill, and bring in part of his coaching staff as well. There’s plenty of money when they want to find it…
    and yes, he’s lost it, you have to be totally crazy to think you dont need cover because you have Vermaelen, Koscielny, and Djourou.
    That you dont need to replace Fabregas and Nasri because you have Wilshere and Ramsey.
    You have to be crazy to keep selling players to Man City who in the end, take one of the top 3 place you should have.

  30. IvoryGoonz

    he’s still very good at judging player’s potential, but he shouldnt be the manager anymore. give him the youth management.
    You need to spend money to earn money.

  31. IvoryGoonz

    also, 7m a year? I’d be him, I’d have taken a paycut, not a raise, for not delivering trophies and instead of raising tickets,

  32. IvoryGoonz

    if AKBs were right, their numbers would grow, and they’d pick up all the tickets available. I dont see them filling the stadium.
    then there are the fans who will go no matter what they think. cant really prevent them from going as long as they enjoy it.

  33. IvoryGoonz

    dont misunderstand me, Im not saying that we should spend like City, but we certainly can bring in a 25m player a year since a few years now, afterall, we sold plenty, and we’ve stayed to the £15m max, and 100-120k max, buying cheap, selling high.
    This is not the stock market. and there are people involved.

  34. Mayank

    Easy there Ivory no need to get wound up.

    Having a contingency plan doesn’t mean we’re planning to stay out of the top 4. It means if we fall out we have enough money to sustain our wages and add to our squad so we can get back in the fight.

    So after million invested by Stan to get 60 odd percent of the club he’ll approve diluting his share so the club can get a cash injection? Also Usmanov would buy these shares at top dollar knowing that Stan still has 50%+ shares. Why, because he said so? Funny that you trust him.

    We have 4 CBs Verm, Kos, JD and Per. As many as any other club does. And at least 2 of them are very goos and even world class.

    And £7m a year, really? Where’d that figure come from. And I’ve never heard anything about a raise. You think Wenger decides his own salary as well?

  35. OPG

    Nobody will question Wenger all we get is spin and excuses right from the top and ppl listen, unfortunately we don’t have another person like David Dein around knows his football and has ambition.
    Something needs to change we need to stop losing key players and do the minimal cause we can’t compete financially but still don’t do enough yet we overpay average players, last season was supposed to be our biggest chance to compete but we came 4th in the end.

    Oh well lovely weather and all have a goal worth watchomg..

  36. Mayank

    Who was the AKB rant directed at and how is it relevant to anything we’re talking about?

    We should buy a £25m player a year. Haha that’s quite a football/business strategy you’ve got there.

  37. Thomas. It's up for grabs now!

    Quick one from me as I’m heading out!

    Of course it is smart to plan for a finish outside the top four. I agree on that. But we took 51m last year from being in the CL. That figure will be a bit lower this year as we exited the CL a round earlier. We struggled to turn a profit this year. (12.6m after tax). Finishing outside the top four would hurt us a lot more than the club cares to admit. I know Gazidis has said we plan for it and it would not destroy us. What would replace that revenue? Such a finish would knock us right back in our chase to close the gap more on the big boys.

    Of course we would survive but don’t expect us to turn a profit next year and expect the excuses that we could not afford player x and y. Expect the word ‘consolidation’ and operating with our current playing staff as the standard. Expect RVP to be off if we don’t finish in the top 4 and expect refusals from target players because of this.

    Such a finish would be very damaging to the club imo. That’s my take on it!

  38. IvoryGoonz

    Mayank: “we can” and “we should” are 2 different things. but ok, keep playing. Usmanov offered 15k/ share, where Kroenke offered 11.
    He’s got 2 boxes he modified into 1.
    HE comes to the games.
    But you ignore the fucking main point, they are both grown up and should be gentlemen for the best of their club. Im sure they can work out an arrangement that satisfies both if both party wanted to listen. now tell me, what’s your problem against changes for the better?

  39. IvoryGoonz

    Mayank: the AKB rant was for Savage:
    Savage says:
    October 1, 2011 at 14:24

    “Arsene be warned, you could end up being the most unpopular manager in our history at this rate.”

    Geoff, you don’t speak for a huge contingent fans who hold him in very high regard. And don’t be fooled into thinking that the rabble who support you confirm you either.

    When is Pedro back? The Pedro version of Le Grove is tolerable.
    Geoff says:
    October 1, 2011 at 19:23

    Ha, ha Savage I think you got your answer there didn’t you!

  40. Thomas. It's up for grabs now!

    And regarding RVP.. What he has said is that he wants to win things with Arsenal. He would take greater satisfaction from winning with Arsenal..

    Take away that prospect? See what I mean? Here’s what he said before the CC Final…

    “I don’t have the inclination to go anywhere. This is the best team for me to be in.

    “The bottom line is that I want to win trophies with Arsenal, not anybody else. I know you can win trophies in many countries and in many ways, but I want to do that in our way and in an Arsenal shirt.

    “I’m sure I could win things at another team in another country. But would it feel like our trophy, my trophy? I’m not sure it would.

  41. zeus

    Interviewer: “Have Spurs closed the gap on Arsenal?”

    Wenger: “I don’t know. As far as I know, they are still 4 miles and 11 league titles away!”


    He can still give a classic quote when he wants to.

  42. Mayank

    Thomas, I agree with everything you’ve written.

    Ivory, firstly I don’t want either man owning the club. Usmanov is a very rich man indeed but he’s a businessman as well. Buying a box is like buying a painting its a pleasure thing. What pleasure would Usmanov derive from paying the club a lot of money to buy player and still not being the majority shareholder?

    And the more important question, why would Stan dilute his shares after paying so much for them.

    We should talk about what’s plausible not just possible.

  43. IvoryGoonz

    Mayank: the issue of share would be to make him majoritary shareholder, and on the board, it could for example be a mix of new shares, and current shares he owns, if Kroenke was afraid of losing money, they can agree on a price of the shares Kroenke would sell Usmanov. Kroenke would get much more money per share than he’s put in. and at the end, the price of the share raising with the debt reducing and profits growing, his remaining shares would also get more value.
    Between 2 business men, I’d rather have the most successfull at the helm. and just this year, he has made like 3 billions more.
    What has Stan that Alisher doesnt have?

  44. Rohan

    Interviewer: “Have Spurs closed the gap on Arsenal?”

    Wenger: “I don’t know. As far as I know, they are still 4 miles and 11 league titles away!”


    😀 😀 😀

  45. IvoryGoonz

    Totties have the third of our budget, and on the pitch, do you see 3 times better quality atm?

    To answer someone, I dont like them, but I’d have Harry for sure. Imagine if he had 3 times his current wage budget, and 160m in the bank…

  46. Mayank

    That would just give Kreonke money.

    Now I know dick about finances but I thought the only was Usmanov can inject cash into the club is if the club decides to put out new shares which Usmanov would buy up. But depending on how many new shares are taken out the rest of the shares would be diluted accordingly. Thereby reducing Stan’s share in the club for no profit to him.

    Either way, I don’t what the club to whore itself out to the highest bidder. If we can do it off our own money then fine but if we have to sell the club to get a few trophies then I don’t really care.

  47. incesc

    arsenal are right at the bottom of our potential right now and spuds are right at the top of what they are capable of.

    if spuds dont get 4th bale, modric, van der vart will go, redknapp will go manage england.

    this is his level, challenging for 4th.

    not the champions league winner we need.

  48. Mayank

    They’ve outspent us in the transfer market by a fair amount. What they lack in wages they cover up in the window.

    Harry Redknapp! is the world so completely devoid of good managers that we have to nick Spurs’?

    If he was as good a manager as some would have you believe why hasn’t he ever managed a top club?I want our next manager to be a winner. Maybe not proven in La Liga or EPL but definitely a winner.

  49. IvoryGoonz

    Mayank: we have sold the club to an owner who doesnt care about football, will not invest his own money. Why did Kroenke buy the club other than making more money?
    Usmanov can make profits by snapping fingers on all his other businesses, you think he bought it to make more money?
    you call it whoring, but just because you’re jealous of Chelsea and City’s money doesnt make them whores.
    And if you see if that way, you whored yourself for 11k when you could have done it for 15k and get flowers every day. who’s the whore?

  50. Mayank

    Umm Stan doesn’t own the club. He’s the majority shareholder. He can definitely make money off us but it would be in a transparent way. He can’t just walk home with the profits we make.

    Yes it is whoring, ask any fan of a club with real legacy. Say Man U. Would they want to be owned wholly by anyone, no matter how rich he is?

  51. IvoryGoonz

    as far as im aware, nothing would prevent Kroenke from selling now a part of the shares he owned prior to acquiring majority, and the new ones a year after it, to make Usmanov majoritary to 60%

    and whoring for 11k or 15k, Id rather do it for 15.

  52. Mayank

    Okay Ivory this is what I’m trying to say.

    Right now no one owns the club. We have a majority shareholder. Them buying up shares from each other doesn’t make us money. The only way to make money is to put out new shares. I don’t know why either would want to do this.

    The other way for either of them to inject or even take out cash into/from the club is by owning it. I don’t know the technicalities but you need upwards of 90% shares to do that.

    So unless you’re willing to sell the club to Usmanov how rich he is doesn’t make a difference to us.

  53. IvoryGoonz

    Mayank: the reason for issuing new share is if you know the value of a share will raise and you want to grow the amount of shares that are going to grow and make you more money, or to raise capital, while the debt reduces and the profit grows, or the club has on field success, that’s what happens. That’s why Usmanov valued the shares at 15k when he offered. Because they all know it should grow higher. But that will only happen if we manage to keep high attendances, and keep in the top 4, and we make good sponsors deal come 2014.
    I know he’s not “Ze Owner” but owning 60% of the share, and refusing Usmanov at the board, is pretty much the same, that’s saying Wenger stays in place in charge of everything, and that we refuse Alisher’s contribution to our club, but sorry for misunderstanding.
    Buying share from each other grows the value of the share if that’s done with added value, like Usmanov would have done buying 10k worth shares at 15k rather than 11. But if he can’t even be at the board, why would he setup a sponsorhip deal, or arrange sponsporship deals for us?

  54. IvoryGoonz

    Mayank says:
    October 1, 2011 at 20:39

    The 11k Stan paid for the shares wasn’t to the club it was to the owners of the shares.

    Im not THAT stupid.

  55. IvoryGoonz

    We already did. To Kroenke. And he doesnt really love the club.
    At least Usmanov does, to me AST should have sold to Usmanov.

  56. IvoryGoonz

    as far as venality is concerned, we sold to a man who accepted to keep Wenger and his team and not question him and his team (on pitch, and on board), because that pleased the board.
    while we could have sold to a man who values the club, would have challenged Wenger and brought the best out of him.
    It still can be done, but I dont see Wenger having the humility to do so.

  57. IvoryGoonz

    (Thomas, nothing to do with that, if you come across it, I’d be interested to know if the budget for the ladies team is also accounted in those figures, and an idea of the wagebill for that? – no sexism, but would be interested to compare, cause it’s a great PR investment, if it works.)

  58. goonerboy

    I don’t think Wenger will be sacked in the way that Chelsea sack their managers. But it does not mean that he will stay in charge of the team in any circumstances.. At the present time, the Arsenal Board assume success will occur-maybe not this year but some time soon.
    The possibility of relegation hasn’t entered their heads-but it is a real possibility-and as it becomes a real prospect, Wenger will be offered a different role. Guys like Kroenke are business men-they are not going to allow personal loyalty to over-rule a business decision-he stands to lose millions in the value of his investment if we are relegated.
    I wish it were otherwise-but Arsenal will lose again today- possibly heavily because we can’t field a strong enough side. Its not as if Spuds are unbeatable-they were pissed on by City-but they are better than us-though they would not be if we had a fully fit squad managed by someone who knew how to organise a defence.

  59. 87gooner

    Despite all the shortcomings and poor decisions from OGL, that quote he came out with is World Class haha

    4 miles, 11 league titles

  60. Thomas. It's up for grabs now!

    Mayank, IvoryG…
    Just in after a few celebrating our bank balance! 😉 hic,!

    Regarding your earlier convo…

    As far as I am concerned none of the cunts who hold shares have put a penny into the club… All that has happened is that shares have changed hands.. some politics has gone on.. and some people have made a shit load of money selling shares..(Including Mister I l Love Arsenal and make millions selling my shares Dein)

    Arsenal FC have not benefited by one Pound/Euro/Dollar…

    Stan has bought shares.. the money for those shares went to the shareholders.. NOT to the club. Stan now has an investment.

    Stan says he is a fan and loves the club.. Well Stan when we see you putting brass into the club to move us forward then we’ll believe you..until that happens you’re a share speculator and a businessman. End of..

    In the meantime.. fuck off and study your portfolio to see what your next investment will be.

  61. arsenal1886-2006

    Thomas. It’s up for grabs now! says:
    October 2, 2011 at 02:03

    The nail on the head. The big money in football is yet to come. The internet is going to blow television money out of the water.
    That is why they are falling over themselves to buy clubs.
    £££££££££££’s will be up for grabs.

  62. Moray

    Arsenal to swap zonal marking for man-to-man system against Tottenham
    • Gunners altered their defensive system after Blackburn defeat
    • Szczescny confident Arsenal know how to handle Adebayor

    how long have we been practising zonal marking?

  63. Thomas. It's up for grabs now!

    I agree on the Internet.. How many of us scramble around looking for a decent (illegal) feed on the Internet and end up watching some shitty feed that drops out?

    There is millions to be made for providing a decent live internet feed for games. However this is tightly controlled by the Premier League itself and is complicated by legal and broadcasting rights in various countries around the world.

    It will surely move to the Internet in the future but I also think that it is still quite some time away. The PL will only move in that direction when they will get more money than they do now for the TV broadcasting rights and of course they will control it!

    The PL is growing all over the world but in many of these countries issues like high speed broadband access are significant obstacles to Internet TV. There is more cash to be made (by the PL) in selling the rights to various TV companies than in allowing the games to be transmitted on the Internet.

    £££££££££££’s will be up for grabs! I like that! 😀

  64. Mayank

    Thomas @2:03,

    That’s basically what I was saying in all of my posts.

    As of yet we haven’t received a penny from Stan or Usmanov. Neither owns the club so isn’t obliged to put money into it or allowed to take money out of it.

    Fans who want Usmanov’s cash to me seem a bit desperate. I don’t want to take the high moral ground of wanting us to do it our way. If money comes in from outside and helps us win a trophy or two I will enjoy it as much as anyone else. But if it comes at the price of either Usmanov or Stan owning Arsenal it will definitely reduce my enjoyment of it.

    The funny thing is the people saying that they ‘Want their Arsenal back!’ or any similar soundbite, are the ones who want a cash injection from outside and by extension want Usmanov or Stan to own the club.

  65. Thomas. It's up for grabs now!

    Yes Mayank, spot on.. Both of those have yet to put money into the club. However, at least Usmanov has said he would! I think we would all drop our.. er.. ‘standards’ if we saw a sugar daddy put his money where his mouth is, if it led to success on the field! How many Chelsea fans said after their first PL title that.. “this is not right?”

    When you want an example of an owner having a relationship with his club, both financially and emotionally look no further than Dave Whelan! He’s no multi-billionaire but everything is relative..

    “Whelan bought Wigan Athletic in February 1995, when they were a Division Three team.

    When Dave Whelan took over the reins he announced that he would get Wigan Athletic into the Premier League, a promise he fulfilled in 2005.

    He funded the £30million construction of the club’s new JJB Stadium which opened in 1999 and on its completion was one of the largest football stadiums outside the Premier League.

    Thanks to Whelan’s resources, Wigan, who were tipped to be relegated from the Premier League in their first season, not only managed to stay up (and have stayed in the top flight ever since)” WikiP..

    In an ideal world we need an owner, or majority share owner who’s day is fucking ruined when his team loses, an owner who is a grumpy bastard after a loss… and owner who loves the club more than anything else…except perhaps his children! 🙂

    I don’t see that in either Kroenke or Usmanov. But I might be convinced to soften my position if they pumped some real cash into the club!

  66. IvoryGoonz

    Mayank: No that’s not what you were saying in all of your posts. Don’t try to use Thomas to say you’r right. You’re not. Just another coward afraid of Usmanov.
    You’ve been constantly misreading and misinterpreting whatever I said just for the sake of arguing.
    “I don’t want to take the high morale ground of doing it this way”. But that’s exactly what you did.
    Whatever Mayank. Keep being happy with your sustainable shit model.
    I was proposing a solution that would work for everyone, you’re just plain dismissing that.