Arsenal take the spoils, but is our form enough to take us past Spurs?

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Arsenal extended their winning streak to 3, which to the fans that bothered showing was a huge relief. The game didn’t mask the problems though, you can take the match as a morale boosting victory against Greek top 2 or you can take it as a massive warning for Sunday that we need to sharpen up.

The team we threw together was talked of as inexperienced, I’d scrap that and say it was just very average. Chamakh dropped in up top with Oxo and Arshavin. The midfield had Frimpong, Arteta and Rosicky and the backline has Song and Santos in the mix.

Has Wenger written down the Champions Leagues importance? Based on that team you’d have to say chasing 4th is the goal.

We put ourselves on the front foot almost instantly, Alex Song floated a beautiful pass into Oxo who controlled it, cut inside, lost it / gained it back, slipped into the box then banged it low back across goal for his first Champions League goal!

Down the other end some typically shoddy set piece play saw Arteta called into action to make a goal line clearance of note.

Santos put us two ahead when his ball into Chamakh made its way back to him, he dropped his shoulder and slipped the ball inside the keepers near post. A top goal from a very cool customer.

Chamakh had a chance to impress his game on the half when he timed his run perfectly to collect Andrey’s chipped pass, sadly though he dragged his shot hideously wide. Much in the same way Gervinho’s act of greed cost us against Blackburn, I wondered if this miss would cost us today.

Back up our end, Oxlade lost his man outwide, the full back picked out his cross and Fuster headed home unchallenged. A terrible piece of defending. Only Arsenal could concede a header against a team shorter than the Islington under 8’s.

It all turned rather panicked after that. Oxlade might be a dream on the ball but defensively he’s very naive. Frimpong was terrible in possession last night, far too casual and sloppy. We couldn’t string a pass together and in the end we resorted to hoofing the ball out of play.

The second half saw us tighten up defensively, the full backs partook in far less bombing forward and we settled the game. That still didn’t stop them creating chances. The best one saw them hit the bar from 30 yards out.

Song and Mertesacker put in a terrific shift at the back, many were stating that the man from Cameroon looks far better when he’s forced to tackle. The big German looked far more comfortable next to someone who was willing to communicate… The man hug at the end didn’t go unnoticed.

Our best chance came towards the end, Arshavin cut back in their box and toe poked across the keeper, he parried… Where was Chamakh for the rebound? Outside the box… he really is not an Arsenal striker.

The ground cleared out, the ref blew up, all thoughts were on Sundays massive show down.


Wenger gambled on the game and it paid off. We had a few stand out performances. Andre Santos looks composed, brave and fantastic going forward. He’s presented Wenger with a paracetamol for the cure of the ‘oh no, Gibbs is my best left back’ headache.

Alex Song shouldn’t be playing at centre back. I said this in the summer. He’s either our best DM or he’s fighting it out for a spot in the backline. Fuck what Barca do, we’re not them. He played superbly though. He can play with both feet and he had to play with discipline. Something that doesn’t often happen in midfield.

Mertesacker was man of the match. He worked hard, hoofed when he had to and made sure he was counted. He’s not fast but he’s awkward and tough to get past. He’s our plan B defender for Stoke but he’s more than capable of being plan A.

Oxo looks very slick on the ball, a far more natural talent than Theo. He has nowhere near the pace but he has that unpredictable trickery about him that full backs hate. His tracking exposed us though, that will improve with shower room beatings from Sagna.

The two major disappointments were Frimpong and Chamakh. The midfielder was very lazy in possession and his weak passing destroyed any fluidity to our game time and time again. I like his hustle, but you need more than that to make it at the top.

Chamakh just hasn’t worked out, he can’t turn on the ball, he isn’t mobile and he has no instinct for the net. He is next in line when Robin breaks down. That my friends is scary.

Lots to think about for Sunday. Accountability from set plays is one. Ade is a set piece destroyer. We need to defend the player and the ball, not the space. We’ve also got to work out a way of creating chances, we don’t have the personnel to grind teams down with a million passes. We need to feed our front man quickly and take advantage of our widemens pace.

Sunday is massive for morale, expectation and the race for 4th… not to mention bragging rights. How do you see it panning out?

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  1. Ricky

    Those stats mean nothing dale & you know that..

    Remember reyes? arshavin ring a bell?

    Now can you get stats for the amount of times walcott gets himself in position to cross the ball & fucks it up? Can you get stats for the amount of times he’s put himself in one-on-one situations with a keeper & fucked it up?

    Fact is he looks good on paper because he has the pace to put him in position to score or make an assist & majority of the time he fucks it up.

    Bergkamp played for us from 95 – 06, had 423 apprearances & only scored 120 goals.. Looking at those stats you’d think he was shite going on he’s goals per game ratio.

  2. Kayciey

    Ricky says:
    September 29, 2011 at 20:38

    Should have said Wenger made him….after his flop at Inter…..Bruce Rioch signed him.

    Bergkamp hit his best form for Arsenal after the arrival of ArsΓ¨ne Wenger in September 1996. Arsenal won an FA Premier League and FA Cup double in the 1997–98 season (although Bergkamp missed the cup final with an injury), and Bergkamp was voted PFA Player of the Year

    We are gonna beat spuds fare and square …….watch this. Parker, Bale, King, Lenon, Defoe, …….over hyped and pampered.

  3. Stu

    Theo fucks up about 5 chances for every one he doesnt fuck up. I dont have any stats to back it up but if you watch arsenal you wouldnt disagree.

  4. DaleDaGooner

    SUGA…your cup of tea, Hleb for all his skills, if we needed a goal, I would rely on Walcott to get the goal, I can’t rely on Hleb, but i can rely on Hleb to provide that goal…something Walcott has also been developing…seriously, who is comparing Hleb now?/

    We are talking Gareth fucking Bale and Theo Walcott, stick to the argument.

    @IvoryGoonz…*sigh* i don’t know what to say to you most times…you hold on to stuff and you love to challenge me, even when i mind my own business and don’t bother to read your epistles..just saying mate, no need for the violence, please? Shalom

    Gareth Bale IS NOT better than Theo…cause as far as i’m concerned, he plays for the spuds! All this “lets be real” shit is doing my head in, why do some people say they are Arsenal fans and get a hard on when it’s time to diss Arsenal?

  5. bade the gooner (bernard)


    when was the last time you did bash arsene? why are you lying to yourself eh? you’r another blind believer ….

    it’s not a gospel, it’s a crystal clear, only blinded AKBs don’t see it. he’s nutty he needs to go. and if it was a gospel i’m the best person to get it from.

    he had the team under his disposal with full control, and he fucked it up for too many years in a row. but people like you will always allege themselves not following him sheepishly, but that exactly what you do…..

    sorry for the late respond, i was away a bit……

  6. SUGA3


    I am presenting you an argument that stats are worth fuck all…

    D******n was supposedly the best midfielder in the Prem and he was fucking shit…

  7. DaleDaGooner

    Ricky, we are talking Gareth Bale, c’mon, he struggles against decent right backs, and fucks up as well, to me, they are both over hyped, but the fact that Bale plays for sours, i cannot give him more credit than he deserves…i don’t peer over the fence to check out the neighbors wife.

  8. DaleDaGooner

    bade fuck right off, you have no clue, so quit it….some of you just come on here looking to throw around sheepishly the word “AKB” i diss Wenger when it is called for, ask SUGA, i am no sheep, i piss on Wenger at my own time, not on yours!

  9. Ricky

    Dale, you started pulling the stats out knowing full well they dont tell you the full story about a player.

    Walcott is a fake & take away he’s main asset & he looks no better then a championship player probably worse.

    Like i said before, bale is just as bad but he inches walcott in most ppls views.

  10. DaleDaGooner

    Bade for your information, I shit on him when he’s fucked it, and give him credit when he does what you all ask for….for you, you shit on him when he fucks it up and you STILL shit on him when he does what you moan about and it goes tits up….

  11. bade the gooner (bernard)

    and dale,

    you can call me a doomer, but one thing i can tell you i will always support arsenal, not arsene. i don’t think i need to support him, he’s a mad despot, he lost it, he’s harming my beloved team.

    i always supported our team and for us winning, even when it was in the worst days ever

    i will always support arsenal, even when it is our under 8’s ladies against the best team of the world, i will support the arsenal, i will want them to win wholeheartedly,

    but, not like many others, i have also a brain that functions, and i can foresee the foreseeable when it’s not a rocker science. if that’s doomer you say, i’d say that’s the reality bites… and it sucks to find you’r right time after time when all you want is to be found wrong…. but hey, i agree it’s much easier to bury my head deeper in the sand! i might consider it one day…..

  12. Tinyspuds

    Suga3: “Hleb had probably worse stats than these two, but if you asked me which of the three I would prefer, I would choose Hleb (one of 07/08 season) any day…”

    I’m not normally one for stats but I think in the Theo vs Bale debate it’s worth bringing them up. Theos mistakes get analysed more than Bales IMO and vica versa.

    As for Hleb. Yes he had velcro feet and an amazing ability to gain a yard of space for himself but he was probably more frustrating than Theo.

    Memories of “For fucks sake SHOOOOOT Hleb” spring to mind

  13. DaleDaGooner

    Come on guys, is this hate for wenger so bad that it sooths you to make up arguments that have no bearing whatsoever? said Walcott has no end product, i pulled the stats..what’s an end product???? PRODUCTION OF A SUBSTANCE AFTER MANUFACTURING

    Walrun’s manufacturing method is his speed, by your logic we should take away his God given talent so it can justify you as right?

    do me a favor, take away Bales hit and run talent and what do you have left??

  14. IvoryGoonz

    Dale: like what? like he bought De Rossi, or Hazard, or Mata, or others? tell me we all wanted Arteta, Benayoun, and others.
    Or that he did his buys early, and not last minute again for team to gel.
    if he had done what we all told him to years ago, we wouldnt be there, and now you blame it on us for not getting too overwhelmed yet? Give it some time.

  15. bade the gooner (bernard)


    why do you take personal offence?

    i just read your previous post i missed, don’t take it personally…. it’s only a debate mate…. it’s the blog of love

  16. Ricky

    Dale loves a debate,

    He’s not as hard headed as he makes out.. He knows who can & wont cut it at the club.

    As he says, “dont believe the hype!”

  17. DaleDaGooner

    bade…seriously give yourself some brains… if you don’t know me! stop talking like we hang out, I’ve been an Arsenal fan since Graham, so don’t give me that crap about ARsene, when he goes I’ll still remain an Arsenal fan like i was before he came on.

  18. bade the gooner (bernard)

    as much as i hate to take dale’s side, but BALE???

    what the fuck with you guys? what has he done, apart from that game against Inter? he’s a journo’s hype…..

  19. DaleDaGooner

    Of course I’d prefer someone better technically than Walcott, but you can’t deny the boy is a weapon for us, Cesc used it very well.

  20. bade the gooner (bernard)

    well dale,

    i didn’t accuse of anything, but as always you try to walk around the bad corners you get yourself in

    so what did arsene do right in the past few year? tell me as i might missed it……

  21. Tinyspuds

    Bale looks very exciting when he breaks forward so he gives commentators and journos a hard on. The problem is he’s a little like Darren Huckerby. Thrilling to watch but not so much end product. Of course he’ll probably get a hat trick on sunday now I’ve said that πŸ™

  22. DaleDaGooner

    I’m really appalled at people saying Spuds have a better team than us…if it even is so, not the spuds ffs! How hypocritical of you lot…Diaby pulls on a Spurs nappy and he’s the devil….says a lot

  23. bade the gooner (bernard)

    hilarious how people slag theo for his pace, as one might think bale got anything else than his pace (and his strange look)

  24. timao

    as long as Bale is on the pitch he is a danger, he’s one of those players that pose a constant menace, whether he has a good game or not. he is a great bet to score on Sunday, but we will score more.

  25. DaleDaGooner

    bade, i’m not talking bout Arsene, i don’t need an “arsene is a cunt” chat to get a hard on. and i don’t need “Arsene knows best” to get one either…he is here, i want to see him do well for the sake of my club…now if you want us to discuss his bosses, then we can go all day…the same croonies that put him there are the ones that fired Rioch when he demanded to buy more quality after Bergkamp…most of the establishment didn’t want to fund Graham as well, so he worked with a pap budget and had to take kick backs….blame the scheme that is the Arsenal plc.

  26. IvoryGoonz

    Dale: when someone present you an argument, you ignore it.
    you can not compare them both.
    One is a left defensive winger, and a good attacking one at that, the other a striker-right winger, why dont you include all the stats rather than just goals or assists?
    Just this season to give you an idea:

    Bale – LB, Left WB, ML
    1 goal in 5 games?
    10 Successful crosses ?
    7 Passes intercepted?

    Walcott: Winger, Striker
    1 goal in 6 games?
    5 Successful crosses?
    0 Passes intercepted?

  27. bade the gooner (bernard)

    and to be fair for the debate, there’s a big difference between Bale and Theo, positioning wise….. while Bale is played in his ideal position and produces so little, Theo is played out of position mainly, and still manage a much better end product … so i’d pick Theo over Bale any day of the year (apart the days he’s injured of course!)

  28. SUGA3


    do you think anyone takes pleasure in discussing merits of that scum team?

    and you may want to look up the meaning of the word ‘hypocrisy’, as I don’t realy get how is castigating the freeloading permacrock cunt for publicly admitting wearing the worst enemy colours ‘hypocrytical’ when you can actually see that Wenger has allowed these inbreds to grow strong enough to be considered pretty much on par with us (at best)…

  29. DaleDaGooner

    IvoryGoonz, when you are done, can you help me compare Bale and Messi as well…thanks! Since he’s almost Messi like..

    Somebody put spurs team against us and compared Bale and Theo, so maybe you can direct that to the person who compared them head to head.

  30. bade the gooner (bernard)

    well dale,

    i agree that the board should sack arsene, if that’s what you were leading to. but if you tried to hint that arsene not given the tools to succeed or the money, then maybe we should stop there…..

    the board accountability, which is screaming, has nothing to do with arsene constant inept to manage the team, on and off the pitch…. he’s first to blame, then the board. no question about that.

  31. DaleDaGooner

    Bale was a shit wing back, so they had him play leftwing, he’s still shit, until he had Maicon for dinner, and that was it, what else?

    SUGA3, some on here are “Publicly” stating the spuds are better than us and will thrash us…when you see that, it’s not very gooner-like, we may agree that Manure is better from time to time, but not the spuds! It’s as bad as Diaby pulling on their shirt a a nightgown

  32. bade the gooner (bernard)

    dale, right now with the players we had, and the manager we had, i fear the Derby game…. i will never say spuds are the upper hand on us, but i don’t see us winning this one, head wise, i pray and love to see us nicking them to get back for the shame of last season, heart wise….

  33. frenchie

    personally, i have not read anyone state that spuds are better than arsenal.

    bale v. theo? like asking whether you woould rather shave your testicals with a cheese grater or have them smoothed out with hydrochloric acid. the question and argument is stupid.

  34. DaleDaGooner

    bade..did you say the same last season at white hart lane carling cup? Even the games we drew and lost to them, was all a mental issue…but we spanked them proper, the mental side is the problem..and I remember Fabregas stupid handball along with Rosicky’s booboo.

  35. SUGA3

    OK, let’s consider their probable starting XI and compare with ours:

    Szczesny = Friedel

    Merts = King (at a stretch, King is faster)
    Koscielny Corluka

    Song = Parker

    Ramsey < Modric
    Arteta < VdV

    Gervinho Ade

    and you seriously don’t want me to compare the subs…

  36. SUGA3

    taking the above into the account, we are highly likely to be ovverrun in the midfield and that is bad…

    FSM forbid Song needs to play CB, with Frimps in the mid, we can pretty much forget of the game being a contest…

  37. IvoryGoonz

    Gooby: yeah, right, tell me Walcott can tackle, intercept, cross.
    pretty much what you expect from winger.
    Sure, Bale is no striker. but that’s the point. you are comparing statwise 2 players.
    While Ricky was comparing one against each other positionaly speaking one against another, as Attacking Winger, against Defensive Wing Back. Is Theo’s pace enough to burn Bale on such distance? can he cover his defence as well, can he cross?

  38. bade the gooner (bernard)

    the CC is another issue, i was excited but it was second strings tie

    as for the double tie, i though we were better team, and i think we were better then than now, squad wise……

    look at it dale,
    we play without jack, nasri and fabregas… we play with new CB pairing, with a midfield were you can mainly count on Arteta… and the mental side? we even worse this season than the last one

    but i hope we’d spank the scums and truly turn on this season!

  39. Gooby

    bale got 2 assists last season while theo got 13. i don’t know if you watched full games of bale but he doesn’t look more dangerous and consistent than theo for me, most of time he’s rubbish like his stats suggest

  40. IvoryGoonz

    Gooby: told you to not only look at goals and assists. there’s a difference between a cross and an assist. walcott wanders much more around the box, normal he gets more assist and goals. and to me, Walcott is still under-achieving. He could truly be our replacement for Henry, but he’s not progressed as intended.

  41. IvoryGoonz

    bade: can we stop comparing a defender with some attacking supporting skills, and a striker-attacking right midfielder who is under-achieving, just on stats? that’s really pointless like comparing a quaterback and a tight end.
    Walcott still plays for the greatest team, and Bale for a crap one.

  42. bade the gooner (bernard)

    i think i’ll let you inherit the rest of the joy for tonight…. i need to reload in few hours , so keep it smiling

    and iif arsene got sacked, just drop a post …. i’ll check in a few hrs time

    “the end” πŸ˜†

  43. gnarleygeorge9


    Re Previous post Manchester Turmoil, I see Shitty have suspended Tevez for a max 2 weeks πŸ˜† I thought he would have at least had one of his hands cut off as per sharia law.


  44. DaleDaGooner

    IvoryGoonz, to be fair, Bale plays in his natuarl position as a left winger, Theo is playing in a rigth winger, he’d rather be a striker…so tell be who is making the most of a sticky situation between both? hmm? go on…..

  45. TonyS

    Whats this horseshit in Guardian RVP on the “well trodden path” to City. If it happened then truly that would be the end for us. Its incomprehensible that such a deal would even be considered.

  46. DaleDaGooner

    IvoryGoonz, then be thick then…i’m out, “soccer” beckons.

    Don’t eat the free pork bacon, live free or die…shalom

  47. IvoryGoonz

    Toure-Adebayor, Clichy-Nasri, nothing’s impossible these days. We seem to like to make sure the sheikh can’t buy our targets by selling them our players, and get their money instead. But who is it gonna be VP? if you were Man City, which Arsenal player would you buy at the end of the day?

  48. IvoryGoonz

    Dale: again, if one plays his favorite position, the other not, even more reason for not comparing them. Walcott plays for a big team, with more CL games, better tools, better support.
    But if you want to keep comparing them, ok, sure, Yes on the overall Walcott is more successfull in his team, in the position he currently plays, than Bale in his. Castrol Index is a good indication of that, but does that mean Walcott will outplay Bale at WHL?

  49. LAzer

    Its gonna be a crash bang wallop affair. Hopefully we are doing the walloping but am not too hopeful of that.

    We have the quality to beat those mugs, the heart and the discipline and the belief though are up in the air.

    Wishing on a star…its a night to remember.

  50. SUGA3


    shaddup gimp! πŸ˜†


    that’s a Parteigenosse kinda helmet, and I am not talking a Piaggio here, that scooter is really a motorbike with a chassis…

  51. Lurch LeRouge

    suga3 don’t do it, that bike of your is gorgeous that helmet reeks bad taste why? because its humourless, looking badass on a scooter looks daft and I know it ain’t your jovial self.

    get a fun helmet, a helmet that communicates you don’t take yourself too seriously.

  52. SUGA3

    and these helmets are pretty damn light, would prefer to ride without one, but doing so without licence requires you to look like you comply πŸ˜†

  53. Lurch LeRouge

    yeah prefer that one – for summer riding.

    I know you don’t mean it as badass but the signal will get crossed, the irony will be lost on 95% of peeps.

    don’t like open face helmets in the winter, at speed those goggles are death traps, in summer yeah great but we’re about to head into the wrong season for open face.

    I used to crash my scooter riding pissed that many times I opted for full face all year round eventually.

  54. SUGA3


    given that the bike stays in Poland and the winters over there are about as unwelcoming for riding as it gets, the summer gear will do me…

    these helmets are dirt cheap, I may buy both πŸ˜‰

  55. Lurch LeRouge

    i ain’t gonna lecture you. just be sensible.

    i’m a complete dick when it comes to risk and speed, so I go the extra safe options usually.

  56. SUGA3

    I know what you mean mate, thing is that I will be riding this bike at spliff speed, given that it’s a vintage piece of kit…

    will deffo buy a more serious helmet for a more serious bike…

  57. Lurch LeRouge

    haha. spliff speed is lethal! those ultraslow corners where you just roll off and end up on your back laughing yer ass off.

  58. Lurch LeRouge

    yeah like that shape, big and goofy.

    had a white one in that shape with a mars rover sticker on it, loved that helmet.

  59. SUGA3

    an early Tony Montana/Raoul Duke shirt is another piece of essential scooter gear πŸ˜‰

    I gotta get some sleep, a super tough weekend beckons, nite!

  60. IvoryGoonz

    Suga: I was after good injury news when I said good result tomorrow… Walcott, Gervinho ares still out apparently, and has not given updates… So I hope nothing serious.

  61. dennisdamenace

    Currently have the following injury status’ for us;

    Diaby – Ankle/Foot Injury – 8th Oct – So what, worthless skank

    Wilshere – Ankle/Foot Injury – Jan’ 2012 – Major Loss

    Squillaci – Calf Muscle Strain – No Return Date – Good

    Vermaelen – Achilles Tendinopathy – No Return Date – WTF???

    Benayoun – Side Strain – 2nd Oct – Better Than Nothing

    Walcott – Knee Injury – 2nd Oct – Rather have Oxo-Cube

    Djourou – Hamstring – No Return Date – Good

    Gervinho – Hamstring – No Return Date – Jury’s Out

  62. dennisdamenace

    Seriously, Vermaelen – NO RETURN DATE

    WTF is going on here??

    How much is our medical staff paid, and they can’t offer an approximate return date!!

    Anyone else see the tell-tale signs of last year all over again….

  63. Yippee Kai Yay

    physio room is not a bad guide, but part speculation. The return dates are based upon typical projections for type of injury not specific to the injury of individual players based upon their own regiemes, where it is more complex, ‘no return date’ means ‘don’t know when return date is’, that’s all.

    OS is the only real place to get info, which means waiting for the media machine to sink a couple of Americanos before actually getting to work.

  64. dennisdamenace

    abnet – i know, it’s just Wenger’s comments these days carry about as much credibility as Squillaci’s defending…..