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Goooood morning Grover-teers. Today it really does feel like winter is coming. No more home games in the sunshine. We have the Champions League Group stage creeping up on us and a winter scheduled packed full of big games. Exciting times if this team can gel.

We have German Champions Borousia Dortmund up tomorrow night at their place. There has been a bit of a resurrection for the ex-European Champions over the past few years, culminating in them winning back the Bundasliga last year in quite stunning fashion. Jurgen Kloop has proved that good coaching still exists, taking the trophy despite having a wage bill well under half of Bayern’s (£120m —-> £48m).

He’s basically tried to pull off a model not too dissimilar to the one Arsene Wenger has been trying to adopt. He’s bought in top youth talent but perhaps blended it with better experience. He’s one of the most passionate coaches in the league, so no slouching on his watch. The jewel in the Dortmund crown in Mario Gotze. He’s 6 months younger than Jack Wilshere and so far, he’s pretty much out performed him in all areas of his career (goals, caps, assists and trophies won). That doesn’t mean to say Jack wont catch up, it just goes to show that the boy is pure talent.

Tomorrow night is going to see a very tough challenge. They have players like Sven Bender, Marcel Schmelzer and the much linked centre back Neven Subotic. They also have Kagawa and Blaszczykowski keeping things exciting. They’re a technical powerhouse of a team… though on the upswing, they’re not in the best of form. That said, nor are we. Point neutralised!

Arsenal will have a much fuller team to choose from tomorrow night. We’ll have Mertesacker and Koscielny starting at the back, a partnership that looked fairly solid and complimentary against Swanseas, I’d imagine that Santos might get a run out if he’s fit enough, big question marks still hang over Gibbs and his positional sense. Sagna will play out right. In the middle, there are concerns over Ramsey. He’s packed in some severe minutes since the season started, so I’d imagine our midfield will contain Yossi, Arteta and Song. Leaving us hopefully with a 3 prong attack of Theo (If fit), Gervinho and Robin.

That should be more than enough to take on any side. Hopefully with all the top players back a bit of urgency can seep back into our game. Arsenal fans need to understand that although a win would be grand, a point will be no shame. We’re playing the Champions of Germany, we’re the 4th best team in the UK, this should be a 3 pointer for them, not the other way round.

German Engineering…

Buying a drink at half time when you’re not picking one up for free in club level is an unbelievably painful experience. If you leave when the whistle blows, you’re looking at 15 minutes minimum. The staff can’t count and have a similar lack of urgency to the players.

A solution on offer in Germany and more recently implemented in Brighton is that of the touch pay system. Similar to the Oyster Card, you load up a prepaid beer card and instead of messing around with change at the till, you tap and move on. We have the technology built into our season tickets and we have the same tilling system Bayern Munich have. If the club want to keep people in their seats for longer, a good place to start would be improving the efficiency in the bar area. It takes 3 minutes max to get a drink at Brighton… there’s not reason we shouldn’t be matching that.

AST Meeting…

So it’s getting to that time of the year when we start decorating that open top bus for the release of our financials. Only this year we’re not going to be too celebratory. Any profit we make will be off the back of players sales again and I’m imagining quite a bleak picture is going to be painted.

Arsenal have more than likely slipped to the 5th most expensive wage bill in the Premiership this summer. That should technically mean that if we finish higher than 5th, we’ve out performed our wage bill. If we win the league, it’ll mean we’ve performed a miracle.

Sure we can shift out some of that expensive deadwood and make some efficiency savings. We’ll be able to take £12million off the wage bill and bring in at least £4million cash for Diaby, Almunia and Squillaci alone. However, that still doesn’t give you a clue about how to take on the big 4. Still, it’s possible. If Dortmund can do it in Germany, why can’t we? Surely being a great manager is about outperforming the given standards of football. If can reduce the size of our squad drastically, bring in a better quality of players and develop those players to the levels we did with Thierry and Patrick all those years ago, there’s not reason we can’t compete to a higher standard than we have been doing.

There will be talk of why Arteta had to take a pay cut. Clubs have to include wages into any transfer deal. The cost of Arteta over 4 years will be £24million. A big price to pay for a player who will be worth nothing at the end of that time period. Spurs pay Modric £12k a week less than Diaby. That’s why citing Spurs spending over the years as higher than ours is laughable. We spend £50mill more year than them on salaries straight off the bat. That’s a huge head start.

I’d imagine their will be some conversations about the Directors bonus schemes tonight. What will Gazidis be taking home this year in his pay packet? I’d also imagine there will be question over how United have stormed ahead even further on the commercial revenue side of things and we’re still lagging. There will also be question over the shocking summer we had and why we had to sell Cesc for a pittance.

Lots of big questions to be answered and I’ll be there, tweeting the answers, so make sure you follow me and get involved!

P.S. Le Grove have gone all arty and signed up for an Instagram account, you can find us… we’re called, LeGrove. Also a big well done to Lansbury, West Ham fans have been praising his hard work and solid impact for their first team in centre midfield.

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  1. zeus


    You do Ronaldo a disservice. While at Man Utd he too years before he scored against a tp 4 side, by the end he couldn’t stop scoring against us though.

    Meanwhile in Spain, only Barca makes him disappear.

  2. kapslock

    I’m sorry KM but Ronaldo is miles ahead of Hazard. Ronaldo’s record speaks for itself having pretty much won a CL and back to back League titles for United. Don’t get me wrong I think Hazard will be class but he’s got a lot to go until he’s classed among the best players in the world. I don’t like Ronaldo and a lot of people don’t but no one can put him down as a player. He is quality.

  3. frenchie


    totally agree. i thought his second half contributions were phenomenal. how i hope arsenal go back in for him after lille are knocked out of cl…

    did you notice bacary sako for asse? he is quite an interesting player.

  4. frenchie

    how would it be to have a manager who said things like this:

    “Any player that is not part of the squad, or not part of the selected players is not happy,” Villas-Boas said. “I am glad that they are not happy because it means that maybe you can stimulate them to go one step further.

    “Or maybe you can motivate them a little bit more and when they come back to being selected or to starting in the first XI they can still perform.”

  5. Kushagra India

    Gambon agreed with Rvp but,if he is played with qualidee players he is a much different animal …bergkamp–esque…..

  6. Josip Skoblar


    do you follow asse? I don’t but i’ll always remember them because of their incredible team back in the 1970s. one of the most memorable football games i’ve ever watched was liverpool (my second team) vs. asse in march 1977. if you ever have a chance to watch it on a video, do it, it’s one of the most intense, spectacular and beautiful matches of all times imo. two great teams.

  7. Radio Raheem

    Koscielny knows the importance of a reliable partner at the back and says Mertesacker can be a perfect fit alongside the Club’s other defenders.

    “He is a very good defender with a lot of experience,” said the Frenchman. “He is a German international and is really important for us on the pitch.

    “He is tall which is good for our physical side, and he will help me on the pitch with defensive corners.”

    Koscielny understands that keeping a clean sheet in Dortmund could prove vital to the Gunners’ chances of advancing through the Group Stage, and believes there is enough quality in the squad to see the job through.

    “We must defend very well and make a clean-sheet more possible,” he said.

    “It is very important to defend together. We have the quality and it is in our hands to perform, along with intelligent players who put the effort in on the pitch.

    “We have new players who have arrived at the Club, and it is important for us that they can provide some technical creativity in midfield.”


    Wow Koscielny talks?!?! Lol our players have learned the art of Wenger speak. Technical creativity eh!

  8. Radio Raheem

    Facking hell we’ll be on skysports 4. Skysports facking 4!!! Can you believe this shit. Wenger is ruining my club the facking cunt. How dare you let Sky put us on skysports 4!!!

    Wenger out, Gazodaz out, Kroenka out, PHW sliced into pork chops…

    Skysports 4?? That fucking channel is for Aussie sports for ffs 🙂

  9. Radio Raheem

    Actually Skysports 4 ain’t that bad you get those Aussie milfs stretching their butt cheeks in the morning on there…errrrr aerobics?

  10. Mayank

    Your name, it is heard in high places
    You know the Aga Khan
    He sent you a racehorse for Christmas
    And you keep it just for fun, for a laugh, a-ha-ha-ha

  11. dennisdamenace

    So there you have it the salaries of the Diaby’s of this world are in effect holding us back, and making us less competitive in the transfer market……

    We have the money to spend, but the manager won’t spend, he is holding us back…..

    Wenger did his business in June, his priorities were purchased in June, you could not make this up, he was ready to go into this season without Arteta, Santos, Mertesacker or Benayoun. Wenger’s lip service attitude to players needed is a fucking joke.

    The Toure & Adebyaour money was never spent, nah, get away, tell us something we don’t fucking know. So, if that wasn’t spent, and the stadium “debt” is under control and paid off by agreed loan terms, then where the fuck has it gone?

    Kronke has no input, he is not driving strategy, Arsene is driving strategy………..WTF……..Seriously have you ever heard anything so fucking insane, Wenger is a football manager, wtf is he doing running our club???????

    This was all from the horse’s mouth, so no more hiding behind Wenger being the victim here. The ONLY fault the board has to answer for is that they allow this insane situation to continue!

  12. Mayank

    So in the AST meeting it was revealed that Wenger didn’t really want Arteta, Santos, Mertesacker or Benayoun. Must’ve missed that.

  13. kapslock

    Wenger’s such a cunt. I can’t believe he thought his business had been done in June. What a fucking lunatic we have in charge of our club. I knew he never had any intention in signing a CB. The guy angers me way too much.

  14. dennisdamenace

    In the AST meeting it was revealed that Wenger did all his business in June.

    So, using your well developed sense of logic, what does that tell you about the deadline day purchases?

  15. dennisdamenace

    Let’s be honest here, AW is such a huge part of the current AFC he’s almost unsackable. It needs him to fail big time for him to be sacked/moved on, and the easiest/quickest way for that to happen to let him carry on unchecked…….

  16. Mayank

    Oh please! Are you actually suggesting Wenger didn’t sanction the purchases of Arteta, Santos, Mertesacker or Benayoun?

    So they were purchases forced upon him?

    That’s jumping the gun a bit isn’t it. Even if something like that happened do you think the club would reveal it to you?

    Or does it simply mean that Wenger wasn’t involved in their purchases. Something we already knew.

  17. dennisdamenace

    I don’t know who’s more loathsome, Wenger for his failing policies etc etc, or the board for allowing him to exercise those policies….

  18. Mayank

    This is really funny. When People don’t like Gazidis they say that Gazidis was installed by Wenger and therefore is his puppet. This is something that many have said on here.

    When purchases are made by him it Ivan going against the board and Wenger and doing what’s best for the club

    Perhaps all of you have decided that all that is bad with arsenal is because of Wenger and therefore anything negative is down to him.

  19. dennisdamenace

    If Gazidis has the balls to come out and make quotable statements, to an open forum then i tend to believe him.

    If it’s not true, then i wait with baited breath for Wenger’s response/denials.

  20. Le Profarter


    Wenger wont leave,neither would he be sacked mate.

    Wenger is just a parasite feeding on the fortunes of the club,just like the board members.

  21. Socretes

    Maybe you should consider DDM that in June we had Cesc,Nasri,Clichy and Bendy.

    Dont know, but couldnt this have affected his decision, no need to look at things in a one dimensional way to suit an arguement. I still think Arsene is past it though but basing the June thing as your arguement is lame.

  22. Keyser

    One things for certain fans need a protest march to go on, they seem to be cracking up on here.

    Can’t believe the pussies wimped out.

  23. Le Profarter

    Not suprising, that most of the staunchest Wenger supporters on here are those overseas fans, who havent spent a penny on the club, and would support another club,once the affiliation between the club and Wenger is over.Ring a bell?

  24. Mayank

    God! Do you all understand the difference between Wenger doing his business in june and signings being forced upon him?

    Or are you just so damn happy that a perceived ‘AKB’ is wrong that you will completely ignore the facts.

    I’ll try to break it down for you.

    Wenger doing his business in June doesn’t = Wenger not wanting to purchase Arteta, Santos, Mertesacker and Benayoun. What it means is he had a bunch of players earmarked namely Hazard, M’Vila maybe Gotze etc and he didn;t get them. What he did get are a bunch of players that Ivan was negotiating with.

    Again, if any one of you are saying that Wenger is playing in his first team, a bunch of player he didn’t want but were forced upon him by Ivan, maybe you should re-evaluate your assesment of Wenger’s character. Because it goes against almost everything you’ve said about him.

  25. SUGA3


    Cesc? it was pretty obvious that he was a goner…

    ditto Nasri and Clichy, good job that someone had put a stop to that lunacy of thinking to keep them and let both go on a free…

    Bendtner is a load of wank and it was pretty obvious tht he was being pushed out of the door by playing him out wide…

  26. goonermart

    Mayank says:
    September 12, 2011 at 20:39

    Perhaps all of you have decided that all that is bad with arsenal is because of Wenger and therefore anything negative is down to him.

    Yes, pretty much, but with a little help from the board.

  27. Gooby


    “he was being pushed out of the door by playing him out wide…”

    i don’t think it’s a proper way to get rid of a player, it didn’t happen that way

  28. Keyser

    That is pretty nuts, it’s like the shit gambon would come out with.

    – Wenger has complete control the club wouldn’t dare sign anyone without his say so.

    – He doesn’t have complete control, we’re a bunch of mentalists, the board make the signings behind his back without his say so.

    Definetly need a protest march.

  29. Mayank

    I think DDM, Gambon and SUGA3 really need to organise a protest. Enough testosterone and anger in there to fuel a full blown rally. That’ll show Wenger not to fuck around with our club.

    If only the poor AKBs had enough gumption to do anything beyond spill bile on a blog, maybe we would be equal to Man Utd. Where we deserve to be.

  30. zeus

    Rohan says:

    September 12, 2011 at 19:42

    Does anyone know if technical creativity alone will provide us technical security?

    SUGA3 says:

    September 12, 2011 at 19:44

    technically speaking?



  31. Socretes

    DDM, what you are implying is an interpretation that you chose to see. I struggle to accept that Arsen would actually go into a season having sold/loaned all those players and having not got any form of replacement…. its lunacy, surely he cant be that far gone!

  32. Mayank

    Haha Keyser, ‘you couldn’t make it up!’ as many love to say.

    They’ll happily contradict themselves if it means getting a few cheap shots against Wenger.

    Maybe A is right, it does seem like something of an obsession.

  33. gambon

    Organise a protest?

    Im having way too much fun watching an old french cunt losing his marbles to senility.

    2009 at Old Trafford when he got sent to the stands and abused was absolute magic, I want to see more of that!!

  34. Gooby


    We don’t operate that way, it would be a joke. That’s professional level we’re talking about

    Every time he played on the wing was because we had little option and he was the best choice among them

    having said that we have to go back to every game to prove my point but i don’t think wenger would operate that way to get rid of a player

  35. incesc

    dont know if shocked is the right word but wenger has been completely revealed as the man holding the club back.

    sold down the river really.


  36. dennisdamenace

    Your efforts in hanging onto the coat tails of Wenger are admirable.

    But, if it’s stated that he did all his business in June it is equally logical to surmise that Wenger had every intention to go into the season without Arteta etc, but was either forced into action due to the ManUre game OR the board intervened and those signings are not his…..

    And, as for Hazard etc, pipe dream , something to hold onto i suppose, the belief that Wenger is still the real deal….

  37. Keyser

    “2009 at Old Trafford when he got sent to the stands and abused was absolute magic, I want to see more of that!!”


  38. Mayank

    Gambon I hope for your sake this is a wind up.

    Surely you realise that you’ve maintained for years that nothing goes on in the club without Wenger’s say so. Hell even the Medical team is personally appointed by Wenger. And now you’re saying that Ivan went behind Wenger’s back to make purchases he though were necessary for the club..

    Furthermore, Wenger, despite being the most stubborn manager since the dawn of time, played some of these players in the first team and is taking them all to Dortmund. And not taking his Own signings! AOC, Jenkinson and Ryo.

    Surely this means everything Wenger has done upto this point has been forced upon him.

  39. incesc

    its incredible that wengers plan this summer was to sell nasri, cesc, eboue, bender and clichy and buy gervinho and some kids.

    that was his plan?!!!!

    what the fuck

    what an awful excuse for a manager

  40. SUGA3


    plenty of dictators end up being stitched up by their cronies when they feel that:

    – enough is enough
    – they are strong enough to pull that off and get away with it

    Stalin is a prime example!

  41. dennisdamenace

    I basing it on statements made by Gazidis at the AST meeting……

    Maybe he’s made all this up himself then eh….

  42. gambon

    incesc says:
    September 12, 2011 at 21:04

    its incredible that wengers plan this summer was to sell nasri, cesc, eboue, bender and clichy and buy gervinho and some kids.

    that was his plan?!!!!

    what the fuck

    what an awful excuse for a man

    Amended it for you Incesc.

  43. Mayank

    Here’s the thing most of you have watched more football than I have. I only started following Arsenal since 2001. That’s why I take all of your views regarding football with seriousness.

    But after years of maintaining Arsene is running everything at the club you are willing to believe, Wenger, or any other top manager is willing to play in his first team players he did not sanction the purchase of, I have real doubts about your sincerity. Not your commitment to Arsenal. Far be it from me to question that. But your sincerity while analysing the problems v/s the desire to blame everything on one person

  44. gambon


    Oh lordy it was funny.

  45. Gooby

    gambon says:
    September 12, 2011 at 20:57

    Organise a protest?

    Im having way too much fun watching an old french cunt losing his marbles to senility.

    2009 at Old Trafford when he got sent to the stands and abused was absolute magic, I want to see more of that!!


    ridiculous, you would rather see us fail to enjoy wenger getting bashed. How did you work that out?

  46. SUGA3


    fuck me, he said it himself, he wanted to give the side the belief that they could do it against Yoonited without him, as AA was cup tied…

    that surely ended well, what an idiot…

  47. Keyser

    Mayank – Mate. If you think someone’s talking shit, trust your heart and go with it, I used to rationalise the stuff people said on here all the time, thinking they aren’t that retarded, they must realise what they’re saying, it doesn’t make sense but they keep repeating it.

    The truth is no-one cares, it’s a blog, it’s like Talksport, it’s just a release where you can blurt out the stuff you keep bottled up in the real World because you don’t want people giving you that scared look just before they back away from you slowly.

  48. Mayank

    See comparing Arsene to Stalin and Hitler as many here often do, is enough proof for me to think that you’re projecting all that is wrong with Arsenal, indeed football, onto one man.

    It’s a common escape mechanism. Hence the inception of Satan.

  49. dennisdamenace

    Agreed, that there is a significant contradiction here. In so much that Wenger runs the show, but the deadline day purchases here weren’t his!!

  50. SUGA3


    no one is comparing OGL to these two in the sense of being a murderous maniac, but since you have brought up the other one, here’s a parallel for you:

    Hitler thought he was a dog’s bollocks master tactician and would not listen to his generals from about 1941 onwards, I don’t need to remind you how that ended, do I?

  51. dennisdamenace

    For the record – I DO NOT ENJOY watching any Arsenal manager struggle or be ridiculed.

    I would prefer someone of Wenger’s stature to bow out with dignity, and with his record unblemished and intact. However, the past few seasons have seen him hang on for too long (imo), just like a heavyweight boxer who doesn’t know when to retire.

  52. Mayank

    I guess you’re right Keyser. Like I’ve said before, getting wound up easily is one of my major faults. No use having a coronary over something as common as blatant disregard for facts.

    Nite all.

  53. Mayank

    Keyser, I used to play football till six months ago. Right back. Too bad I was shit at it. Bar the odd moment of brilliance of course.

    Now I’ve pretty much taken on drinking as a full time sport.

  54. zeus

    Is there a video to the AST meeting? I can’t possibly imagine would have the balls to post that video if Pedro has articulated the happenings of the meeting in a perfectly true represented way.

    Business done in June? So Myles Palmer was right? And that was why he was in motherfucking Switzerland/France at some coaching convention?

    Serious questions need to be asked if true. Need to see that video. Protests back on…

  55. ardentgooner

    Mayank says:
    September 12, 2011 at 21:29

    Now I’ve pretty much taken on drinking as a full time sport.


    Hahaha EPIC statement. I wish Wenger used lines like these. Atleast his press conferences would be interesting. Now he just spouts shit and new words from the dictionary.

  56. Keyser

    It’s a weird one, how would you class Citeh ? A suped up Dolph Lundgren with an Adamatium body full of steroids, while we’re still in Rocky 3.

    That should explain it.

  57. Keyser

    Mayank – Hah, think about how good at it you’d have to be to type some of the things people post on here.

    I’ve never had a drink in my life, it mean’t I’m far less comfortable with beautiful women, but it’s also far easier to use Rohypnol in clubs.

  58. Yandi

    Where do people get this story about Wenger doing all his business in June? Is this an actual statement by an offficial at the club?

  59. ardentgooner


    Business done by June could mean that he had all plans to keep Nasri Clichy and Fab even though they didnt want to stay. He was willing to let them go on a free next season..

    So if had done his business by June, then we had Gervinho, AOC and Jenkinson….Plus Bendtner was still at the club. So we had pretty much everyone. Plus Vermaelen was back. And we were shipping out Eboue and Almunia (FFS he’s still at the club. smh)

    I’m not defending wenger neither do I think he is the right man for us right now but I don’t think he is stupid enough going into the season with just those two and losing cesc, nasri and clichy…. They all left in Aug/July… So can’t really take that statement literally and say that he was going to add only those two players even after selling all those…

  60. ardentgooner

    I also think the Board forced Wenger to sell Nasri. Wenger wanted to keep him even if it meant he went for a free next season, especially after his statement ” We wont be a big club if we sold NAsri and Cesc”… So i think there was some friction between the board and Wenger in that situation. But I can’t see how he planned to add only two players while selling half the team. He can’t be that crazy surely?

  61. Mayank

    Non drinking, non smoking, vegetarian. And fat at the same time? Are you BB King?

    I’m veggie too but I had to take up drinking and smoking just to even out my evil balance. Wouldn’t want to end up in heaven with all the squares. 😀

  62. Keyser

    I make up for it by gambling, though I’m still torn between whether I have a problem, or I do it because I have no other means of escape. I don’t sleep much.

  63. incesc

    not if he is to blame

    which is basically what was said at the AST by the sounds of it.

    wenger decides on who we buy and what wages we pay.

    he decided to only buy one senior player in gervinho until we lost 8-2 to united.

    and that after losing 5 senior players

    we could have had a proper team and squad by then and we could have beat liverpool and newcastle and be up near the top of the table.

  64. Mayank

    Don’t have the balls to gamble. I don’t even go out with friends who are skint if it means I’ll have to end up paying the difference.

  65. Yandi

    ardentgooner says:

    I can’t see how he planned to add only two players while selling half the team. He can’t be that crazy surely?
    You can’t really be serious. Look at him right now. Look at his demeanor on the sidelines during matches. Straight-jacket stuff at the moment… He’s gone absolutely mental, and dragging Arsenal down along with him. It’s sad to see. For Arsenal that is. Couldn’t give a rat’s arse about Wenger.

  66. Keyser

    Mayank – Balls ? That’s either savvy or stingy, stingy is if you have more money than you need, savvy is if you want to have more money then you’ll ever need.

  67. zeus


    Even so, you just can’t take the man at his word. Didn’t he say we needed to strengthen defensively? Didn’t buy a defender till we got gangbanged by Manure did we?

    And where did his econ degree go all of a sudden. Losing players on a free and shit with our debt is such bulls…………….


    The good will from the last days of the transfer window is fast going.

  68. Yandi


    Has the potential to be very good in the right circumstances. Better than Ramsey, surely. Anyone is at the moment. We’re playing Rosicky in midfield ffs! After the shit he produced last season (and this)! Tarrabt can’t actually be any worse.

  69. zeus

    Klopp is confident his side can qualify from their group, after being drawn against Arsenal, Marseille and Olympiakos.

    “We did not want a group where we had to travel to Russia or Ukraine and we knew we would not stand a chance in a group with Barcelona, Chelsea or Inter. We wanted a real contest and I believe we have got this. But this does not mean we will underestimate the opposition,” he added.

    Thats called a back handed compliment.

  70. Mayank

    Don’t really care about money if the basic amenities and indulgences are covered. But even if I had more money than I could handle I couldn’t risk it on anything as arbitrary as chance.

    I’ve studied probability for way too long to see any point in gambling. No offence meant.

    But besides all that you can put me in savvy rather than stingy. But remember I live in a 3rd/2nd world country.

  71. Keyser

    Yandi – The only way he’ll be better than Ramsey is if Ramsey’s leg injury is seriously affecting him.

    Taarabt is worse, he can’t run, has fuck all work ethic, it’s why Tottenham wouldn’t give him games, he does what he wants at QPR. He might have lost some weight though.

  72. ardentgooner

    And if Gazidiz is implying that the players signed on the last day aren’t Wenger’s signing then thats shit strategy/PR..

    How would those players feel if they found out the manager didn’t want them… Its fucking disgraceful that Ivan had to come out and say that just so the fans dont get on his back.. Its demoralizing for the team…and not a bright idea from Ivan… Use your fucking brains Ivan…What is that statement going to mean for Arteta, Per and Santos….

  73. Yandi

    Andre Santos for a debut tomorrow? Been checking out videos and expert opinions on him from Brazil. Looks very exciting. Good for 5 goals a season from the fullback position and has very dynamic attacking capabilities. He surely has to start ahead of Gibbs at a certain point…

  74. Radio Raheem

    Why would Gazidis deliberately mislead the fans?

    Why would Wenger intentionally go to battle with one hand tied behind his back?

    What happened to those 20 gremlins working in the Arsenal engine room? Have they had dinner?

    Why is it that, “When a German communicates you listen” ?

    Why are we on Sky Sports 4?

    I know all is hopeless so why am I writing this?


  75. Keyser

    Mayank – Offence ? Heh, come on, that’d be like me criticising you for drinking. Depends why you do it ? It’s escapism isn’t it ?!

    I know it’s all a scam, otherwise there’d be no gambling to begin with, it’d just be like Christmas where everyone just exchanges money until you buy someone a pair gold ear-rings and you end up with some socks.

    The fun is probably trying to beat the system. The worst are the machines they have in shops over here, you see people who earn £200 a week put it one spin of a rigged digital Roulette wheel. That should be when someone tells you you have a problem.

    I’m at a point now, after Uni where my responsibilities are towards the mortgage or the house or next onto marraige where I need something to motivate me for the rest of my life.

  76. Yandi


    So Ramsey is better because he can run and has bucket-loads of work-ethic? Bullshit. He’s a dud. Denilson with an Energizer battery. He can’t pass. He can’t hold onto possesion. He’s not dynamic. He doesn’t have vision. He loses focus too often. He doesn’t create. He doesn’t tackle. I could go on all night…