The damning verdict on the board | Are Arsenal fans about to protest? Will you join?

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Nothing quite like an England match to sober up your birthday celebrations. A game that had the creativity of an accountants marketing brainstorm. Truly laboured. Expectantly boring, but a win all the same. Oh and a goal from Ashley Young which burned a little… and an assured Ramsey performance.

In other international games, Park Chu-young zipped in to score another cracking goal. The boy looks tasty. Oh… And Mr Chezzer had a one man army game for the Polish. Check out his wonder save if you get the chance!

Black Scarf…

There’s a protest heading out on Saturday before the game. It’ll be aimed at the club and the terrible summer we’ve just faced. A bit of an awkward one really.

People will say the timing isn’t right… when is the timing ever right? If it had happened at the Emirates Cup, people would pull the, ‘there’s still six weeks to go, be patient’ line. If you did it at the AGM, you wouldn’t have the critical mass. So Swansea it is.

I’m like many Arsenal fans. I don’t really know where I sit on this subject. I’m a big fan of a statement, I’d march for my rights and I commend those who do. I’m just not sure I’d like to do it against my team?

Once I’m out the house on match day, I’m in the zone, us against the world… I don’t want to be against my club on a match day. I’m the battered house wife, I know what’s going on, I can see the summer bruises, but Wenger has presented us with a bunch of slightly mature bunch of ok roses and promised everything will be ok…

… do I truly believe him? No… Do I at least want to give him the chance? Yes…

I always think there needs to be goals that come out of something like this.

1) Is there any benefit to the club in sacking a manager now?
2) Would the board ever get sacked on the whim of Arsenal fans?

I think the answer to both of those questions is no.

So what is the aim? I’m not sure. We need to find out so I’ll try and get some info in for tomorrow from the chaps who are running it.


My plantaris is literally killing me…

So turns out Tommy V hasn’t done his alternate Achilles, he’s merely had some surgery on his plantaris. It’s basically this years metatarsal. All the kids in Shoreditch have got a plantaris issue this season, it’d be embarrassing if you had anything else. He’ll be back in 4 weeks and playing in 6. Who believes that? Not me…


Apparently he wants to play for Ghana. How can I criticise him. He’s as English as Ozil is German. Or Cascarino is Irish! If he wants to play for his country of origin, why not? It’ll be a massive loss for England, but all those midseason breaks to Africa must be appealing!

The Board

The Raw Data - 2035 Votes

The Split

The truth...

So there we have it, out of 2000 fans polled, only 7 percent are satisfied or above, pretty damning you have to say. I feel for Ivan and his team. It’s amazing that 40% of people are satisfied with Wenger, choosing to ignore that much of the summer was down to him. Whilst almost categorically, people have slammed the board.

Important questions I’d like you to answer today on that topic…

1) What are you reasons for unanimous board disapproval?

2) What would you like to see them do better?

I think if this poll proves anything, it’s that for Arsenal to see a change of manager, things have to get far, far worse. Wenger is still beyond reproach. The focus of the bad summer is on the board, not the manager. If they’d removed him when they should have, they wouldn’t have had support. Fans still believe there isn’t money, fans still believe our wage structure stopped us getting players and fans obviously feel that Stan should have done more this summer to steady the ship. Or maybe, just maybe, comments like this from your Chairman hack people off?

“It’s complete and utter rubbish and absolute nonsense. I think he is happy enough and we are happy enough,” <- On Wenger

“He is absolutely right – they did get him on the cheap. But he wanted to go back there and we respected that.” <- On selling our Captain

I’ve posed this question many times before, how bad does it have to get before we make a change? On the evidence of the last two polls… very, very bad.

Anyway, your thoughts will be welcome in the comments, come and join the party!

P.S. I thought this was funny (Link)….

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  1. Honest Bill

    The thing with the board dissatisfaction is, that ultimately, it’s them who are in charge.

    There is no doubt that Wenger has made things worse for himself with his insistence on keeping faith in under-performing players (read thickos) such as Eboue, Denilson etc, although it would be unfair not to mention that this same unwaivering faith has made some good players in to excellent ones.

    One must ask though, why Wenger couldn’t see that Eboue was rubbish years ago when everyone else could see that he is. and futhermore Wenger previously claimed that the first quality he looks for in a player is intelligence.. Really Arsene? because it seems to me that over the last few years, we have been ruined agin and again by lack of intelligence. One can say it’s immaturity, or inexperience, but it isn’t. Some of these guys are repeat offenders.

    The only issue muct be that we didn’t have the money to buy the best players and so had to rely on players with good physical attributes to develop into smart football players. While i agree that ‘footballing intelligence’ is a real and trainable skill, there has to come a point when you realise that a player just doesn’t get it.

    And one must say ok, we didn’t have enough money to compete with the big boys, so in fact Wenger has done remarkably well at getting the most out of sub-par players (still haven’t dropped out of the CL places) but now it is different. Wenger is on record and so is the board, as saying that we do have the money to compete.

    So why aren’t we using it?

    Sure we spent a little bit of it at the end of the window, and on players who seem to genuinely add quality and experience to the side, but was that enough? why did we throw away three premier league games before we were motivated to buy? (of course i’m only speculating that this was the motivation)

    Of course at the root of the argument, is that we, as fans, are unsure as to whether transfer funds are actually available to Wenger to buy in the kind of ready made quality which would ensure we compete for the real competitions. However Wenger himself says it is available, so we rightly want to know why he isn’t spending it, of course he could be lying, in which case he is protecting the board and lying directly to us which makes him part of the problem.

    So why won’t he spend? that’s the question we should ask, and Wenger himself is the best person to ask, when asked he keeps replying that spending money is not always the answer. There’s an element of truth to the statement, but whether or not money is the answer, would have to depend on the question, and to Arsene this question seems to be, is there anyone out there who is better than what we have? Well to be honest Arsene, there are many, fans are not all blind, and we all have access to world football now, you can no longer fob us off with such arguments, because if you couldn’t find a better player than Eboue over the last three years, then perhaps this is no longer the job for you..

    Perhaps i’m being harsh here, since Eboue has actually gone, but i am only using him as an example. Also, it can’t be avoided that when Wenger makes public statements, he knows full well the players will hear it, he can’t very well say “well yes i know that Diaby is shit and will probably never shake off his injury” because that would destroy Diaby’s confidence. But what i will say is that Wenger should stick to football as psychology is clearly not his strong point.. You can say the words ‘mental strength’ all you want but that wiill never instill it, players should not even be thinking about their mental strength or confidence,

    But if we look even further, we will see that Wenger does not quite agree with his own statements, at least if you are to believe the stories about us having bid for many top quality players, and large bids too, so perhaps Wenger is willing to spend the money? It could ,of course, have been Arsenal’s spin doctors starting these rumours, but on a few occasions, we have had confirmation of such from the recipient clubs. So we have the money, Wenger is willing to spend it, has tried to spend it repeatedly, so why aren’t the players coming? Is it because they don’t think that the Arsenal away colours accentuate their cheek-bones enough? or is it that Arsenal won’t pay the going rate? probably the latter, in which case, people are right to be dissatisfied with the board, while clearly opinion is still split over Wenger.

    Sorry for being long winded, you all know as Arsenal fans, that sometimes you need to get things off your chest.

  2. IvoryGoonz

    Gay Dave says:
    September 7, 2011 at 19:17

    1st from Goa?
    who’d be in Goa and log on to internet?

  3. Gooby

    hmm ivory

    that’s basically what i said, he hasn’t been good in the last two years, it means for lyon. Yes i forgot to mention he got injured but still…. they paid good money for him as far as i can remember and was supposed to be a marquee signing and take the void left by juninho, he failed miserably imo. Expectations were too high for him

    as i said, there’s still time fo him to turn this around

  4. IvoryGoonz

    Honest Bill: again, some will tell I defend Eboue because he’s from Ivory Coast. But well. here it is: if he had had as much play time as Sagna had, from the start, Im pretty sure Eboue would have grown much better. Sagna learnt by experiencing i all on the pitch on match days. Eboue had to accept to play bench warmer, right back-right midfield sub. In any case, we had to let him go, as it was unfair to keep him longer on that said bench. He deserved to play first team football week in week out. Im sad some fail to see it, but well. that’s football and opinions.

    in any case, of all those who left, he’s the only one I’ll really miss with Nasri.

  5. Yandi


    He was never great at Milan. I watch Serie A and Milan regularly. Ancelotti never beleived in him. He arrived with much fanfare, but flattered to deceive. He never established himself in the team. And frankly, he’s been utter rubbish since 2009… for France, Bordeaux and Lyon. Taking gambles is a good thing when we actually have the makings of a settled team. We don’t, and Gourcuff would’ve been a disater imo.

  6. Honest Bill


    Well i guess we’ll have to agree to disagree, but i don’t really think you can use lack of playing time as an argument, as he had plenty of games.

    He has skill, he has pace, he can dribble, tackle, always, worked hard, but unfortunately he isn’t very smart, is a disgraceful diver, and generally wasn’t good enough, not necessaruly all his fault (except the dives) but Wenger should have identified this all earlier and replaced him before he cost us so many points.

  7. IvoryGoonz

    “to be a marquee signing and take the void left by juninho, he failed miserably imo.”
    I said it, you don’t get rid of your old shoes before or at the same time you buy the new ones. always takes time to “break” the shoe, and mould it to your foot. and you never know, the new ones might break after 3 months. or 6. fact is Gourcuff would probably not have had his injury if Juninho had stayed one more year. their squad was becoming depleted thanks to Puel who sold lot of their biggest players, and they have to thank the new coach for keeping Bastos…

  8. IvoryGoonz

    either you watched him, or you take Ancelotti’s opinions.
    And honestly, I don’t care whatever Ancelotti think or his fans.
    To me, he’s a s**t manager.

  9. Honest Bill


    they weren’t good enough or other players were more good enough, either way, we are describing the same amount of liquid in the glass

  10. Rohan

    Nasri’s a funny one. It’s difficult to say how good of a player he was/will be
    Don’t think he’ll ever hit the heights he was touted to.

  11. Gay Dave

    who’d be in Goa and log on to internet?

    Err, what else to do? it’s raining, I can only drink so much booze and eat so much pork and king prawns, plus I live here!

  12. IvoryGoonz

    “Ancelotti never beleived in him. He arrived with much fanfare, but flattered to deceive. He never established himself in the team. And frankly, he’s been utter rubbish since 2009… ”
    the kid has confidence issue, thanks to stupid media and idiots like Ribery. had ancelotti believed in him, he’d have repaid the faith 1000 folds

  13. IvoryGoonz

    Gooby says:
    September 7, 2011 at 20:12

    i won’t miss nasri now that we have gervinho 😀
    I’d have been happy with both on the pitch.

  14. IvoryGoonz

    HB: you cant blame Eboue for diving, it’s up to the manager. If he had been suspended every time he did, and fined 3 weeks wages, he’d have learnt better. all im saying.

    GayDave: have you tried paragliding? no seriously, apart drinking and eating, nothing else to do when it rains? clubbing? f*ing? working maybe lol?

  15. Gay Dave

    GayDave: have you tried paragliding? no seriously, apart drinking and eating, nothing else to do when it rains? clubbing? f*ing? working maybe lol?

    I go clubbing, shit fucking drivers mostly!

    I do work aswell, kind of, have my own business…

  16. IvoryGoonz

    HB: on the numbers of matches, between Sagna, and Eboue, they’ve played a little more than 220 each. But Eboue arrived in 2005 and Sagna in 2007. draw your own conclusion.

  17. IvoryGoonz

    Rohan says:
    September 7, 2011 at 20:14

    Why is my economics homework harder than my comp sci homework?

    because scientists are paid like sh**t, unlike economists?

  18. IvoryGoonz

    SUGA3 says:
    September 7, 2011 at 20:29


    working? so many years after the war, everything should be done by now 😆
    gonna take that one to the kitchen, really need to eat and no one’s gonna do it for me if I dont.
    see you Goons

  19. IvoryGoonz

    GayDave: I deduced you’re a gigolo… Am I right ? 🙂 muarf, seriously, got to hit the kitchen badly. see ya peeps.

  20. JonTron

    I’m pretty torn between who’s at fault, the manager or the board. I’m under the impression that it’s the board…some one is holding the leash so to speak. The problem is who’s holding who’s…

    can’t wait for the weekend…hate internationals unless it’s the WC and being a yank i don’t get much satisfaction of the USMNT either…

  21. Yandi

    In all likelihood, Mertesacker will have trouble adapting to life in north London. And now, after his horror show against Poland, he faces a steep uphill climb if he is ever to become a key player in Low’s plans for Euro 2012.

    Every player, especially one with Mertesacker’s experience, deserves a chance to prove himself, and it would be unfair to write him off just yet. But Arsenal fans be warned: Mertesacker is more likely to be a Senderos, Stepanovs or Cygan than he is a Keown, Adams or Kolo Toure.
    Did anyone actually watch the game yesterday…? Was he that bad???? Written off before a kick of the ball… Fucking hell

  22. Rohan

    That’s bullshit. I saw half an hour of the game. He wasn’t bad at all. Very tidy. None of the goals were his fault. hates Arsenal anyway.

  23. Honest Bill

    They’re just trying to generate hits. Mertesacker will be fine. It’s funny how nobody had anything negative to say about him before.

  24. DaleDaGooner

    Player Country Caps Goals
    Yossi Benayoun Israel 85 24
    Tomas Rosicky Czech Republic 82 20
    Per Mertesacker Germany 76 1
    Andrey Arshavin Russia 64 16
    Marouane Chamakh Morocco 60 29
    Robin van Persie Holland 58 25
    Chu Young Park South Korea 55 21
    Thomas Vermaelen Belgium 32 1
    Bacary Sagna France 32 0
    Gervinho Ivory Coast 29 7
    Johan Djourou Switzerland 28 1
    Alex Song Cameroon 23 0
    Andre Santos Brazil 22 0
    Sebastian Squillaci France 21 0
    Theo Walcott England 18 3
    Lukasz Fabianski Poland 17 0
    Aaron Ramsey Wales 16 4
    Abou Diaby France 15 0
    Wojciech Szczesny Poland 6 0
    Jack Wilshere England 5 0
    Kieran Gibbs England 2 0

    Out on loan
    Nicklas Bendtner Denmark 41 14
    Carlos Vela Mexico 35 9
    Joel Campbell Costa Rica 6 2
    Samuel Galindo Bolivia 2 0

  25. Honest Bill

    Sorry IG, i won’t swallow that, if he dives it’s his fault.. How do you know all those games EE missed out on to Sagna weren’t due to these suspensions you speak of? (well probably not) but either way, the manager can’t dive for him

    And as for why Sagna got so many games, is that he’s quite simply much better i’m afraid.

  26. Gunner2301

    @Pedro 13:16 Totally agree

    @Bloomers 13:44 As I see it they have used up their good will all 6 years of our support and getting behind the project now if they can;t accept or understand that the fans might be frustrated now after the shit they’ve been fed for so many years then they might as well move on. What about them getting the supporters trust back again?

    If you wronged your missus your hardly gonna make the situation better by carrying on doing the same things and expecting her to run after you you have to win her affection back and that’s exactly the position we are in and in my view the club the players and the manager need to do their bit to get the fans back on side, then we can get behind them.

    There’s a saying that goes “Don’t take my kindness as a weakness” and that is exactly what has happened they have had our unwaivered support and walked all over us and taken our support as a weakness. For me they have to earn it back show us that they are worthy of it.

    @SeamlessInSeattle 13:58 are you haveing a laugh? Why does it have to be an England international? It just needs to be somebody who can play the same position as Walcott and we already have him Gervinho for 50-60k.

    @IvoryGoonz 17:52 Totally agree with you mate. The biggest contradiction and more to the point on being a traitor to the cause he is defending is this,19528,11661_6443119,00.html If it’s right to get rich funders for PSG why is a self sustainable model right for us? GET HIM OUT!

  27. IvoryGoonz

    either way, they’d have blamed Szczesny or Mertesacker.
    I think Germany had lots of occasions, and you have to blame Klose for missing most of them, or praise Poland’s defense and keeper.
    both holds I think. anyway, I think Poles were much more motivated, especially playing in Gdansk. Suga3, I leave you the microphone on Gdansk’s fabulously rich (war) history! ;p

  28. Yandi

    My point too Honest Bill

    Nobody had anything bad to say about him before he moved. Now that he’s signed, he’ll be as bad as Cygan and Stepanovs were for the club…

  29. IvoryGoonz

    HB: if your manager lets you dive, thats your manager’s problem. and that’s why Wenger takes the blame everytime for them
    tell them not to dive, not even if they have the occasion to.
    if your manager tells you to dive if you have the occasion, like “in occasions where the ref doesnt seem to look, (or the camera is not on), and then tells the press, say, “I didnt see it”, what message do you give your own player?
    when your children mess up, what do you do? do you let them burn all your house down before you lock-up lighters and matches? are they responsible? No. No matter what age they are, no matter what amount of pocket money you give them every week. you want to be respected, just show it. they want respect and play time? prove themselves. and if they dont, replace them. cant put it on your kid’s fault. he’s just looking for attention, and love, and cracks under pressure.
    hitting on a plastic bottle doesnt solve the problem.

    Wenger’s relation to the players is the same as parents-children.
    if you let them burn your carpet, they’ll eventually ending up rioting for a M&S cheap bag. but who’s to blame?

    Wenger has always favoured Sagna over Eboue for Sagna’s pace.
    Not for the diving.

  30. IvoryGoonz

    @Gunner2301: yeah, saw that, pure hypochrisis, wasnt surprised, I saw he went to PSG management during the early summer, and that was not to get a coach job, but to negotiate his after Arsenal and give them advice on building a youth project as the article says.
    I’m sometimes thinking that Wenger has lost the plot between the board’s directives and his real own mind, and because of this, sometimes get caught with paradoxal attitudes/statements. Thats why I only judge him on facts, and no more on whatever he says, apart form the 8-2, I usually don’t listen to his post-game “corporatw” BS.
    And rather than dropping the towel and telling the truths about the board like Lady Nina did, he decided to stay, at least to try to salvage what can be salvaged, but definitely prepared his next job.It’s admirable, but he’d better jump the ship now, so that it actually gets down quicker, and Usmanov’d earlier. But thats just my opinion. To me, Wenger is an opportunist who has passion for football and youth but he got lucky, got found out, moved again, got found out again, and its just a matter of time before the truth opens up. When a club can’t compete anymore or wont allow big wages, thats when rats usually leave. And I cant see Wenger accepting to coach a club if that clubs falls out of CL for too long.

  31. American Arsenal

    I was born in 1953. The New York Giants won the World Series in 1954. They next won the championship in 2010 as the San Francisco Giants. They are my team. They have always been my team. They will always be my team. Same with Arsenal.

    However, a fan and or a supporter has the right to express their disatisfaction with the team and management whenever and however they choose. I have no problem with the Arsenal fans showing Arsenal FC how thet feel about what has happened and not happened in calendar year 2011.

    European fans are far more vocal and have a tremendous impact on the teams they support. Players get sold, managers get fired (sacked), empty seats in the stadiums because the fan base tells the clubs they won’t accept the current situation. Americans just buy the tickets and merchandise, eat the food, drink the beer, pay the parking and take what they are given by these franchises like good little dogs. Very different between Europeans and Americans with their sports teams.

    Protest, carry picket signs, scream through bull horns and march on The Emirates at the next game. Good. Let Arsenal know things need to change and that 4th or 5th place isn’t good enough.

  32. 87gooner

    The Sack will be a big player for us even if it takes a little while

    Remember Vidic took time to adapt, arrived at a similar age and he’s not too shabby a defender

  33. Dutchman

    I think the worst fault from this summer was to loan out Bartley. This guy is immense, he has everything to be the best defender in the world. He is 20 years old and thank god that he extended his contract, what means that wenger has plans for him. But we had to keep him here. No we have Djourou as fourth choice and with vermaelen out we are just one injury from JD or Squillaci. Omg. We really had to keep Bartley who is ten times the player miquel,djourou and squillaci will ever be.

  34. Bit Ov Spin

    merte sack of shit is a bad bad signing,cahill would of been much better,the guy takes a year to turn round those that see the poland germany game the other day witnessed what we have got coming to us,the guy is no better then what we already have,wenger strikes again with another shit defensive buy,weng out

  35. OPG

    Some good comments about the wage structure, ticket prices and the all players that have been sold or gone on loan with Cesc and Nasri 2 first teamers gone it’s a been a big overhaul since 2008.
    Yet we’ve had to scramble in the last few days to get some new signings because of injury worries and find we have big competition for 4th place as it is, we miss out on our top targets and still the wage structure also remains to hinder us.

  36. OPG

    The wearetheorthbank blog reckons Santos was recommended by Hiddink and all this time we wanted a experienced LB for Gibbs, I can’t really believe that was the case until Vermaelen’s injury and Traore who was awful against United but he may have known he was off to QPR already.
    Very specifically Wenger said Gibbs would get his chance, he might well do still.

    We need changes behind the scenes from the board, to the fitness methods, training methods especially defensive, negotiating methods and such

  37. Mack Daniel

    I understand why you are puzzled that the majority are dissatisfied with the board while only 60% are dissatisfied with Wenger. I am dissatisfied with both so I’ll give you my reason. I belive that Wenger and the board have planned the youth project/self sustaining model together. The clubs reaps financial rewards, while Wenger gets to become a board member when he retires from coaching. The fans will have to be content with that. Kronke know that we as fans will always love our club and support it no mater what. In the US the Chicago Bears of the NFL are in exactly the same spot. There are many similar examples in Hokey, Basketball and Baseball. The tickets will continue to be sold out to faithfull loving fans regardless of success. It is cruel and calculated. The only way to address this problem is if the club follows the model of Real and Barca and gets purchased by the fans or the municipality. The Green Bay Packers of the NFL are also owned by the community and are more successful as a result of that. I hope that I made it clear. I know that I didn’t make it look nice.

  38. bade the gooner (bernard)

    we love you arsenal, we do
    we love you arsenal, we do
    we love you arsenal, we do
    oh arsenal we love you!!!!!

  39. LAzer

    The summer of woe to continue into the season. Wilshere out longterm. Per having a mare on International duty. TV doing what he does best, getting bruised ankles during ballet lessons. Next Bendy will be a 20+ man and leave on a free.

    Woe to the Gooner nation.

  40. Mayank

    RvP, Park scoring hatricks. AOC ruling the U21 roost. Gervinho doing well.

    And Per did not have a ‘mare’. He was coming back from injury and managed pretty well.

  41. Just Stick It In !

    How I wish we live in parallel dimension, where:-

    Wrighty is still poaching on them goals.
    Bergkamp is still banging in the glorious and spectaculars along with Titi.
    Pires and ACole still patrol the left flank.
    Vieira and Cesc in the middle of the park.
    Adams, Sol and Keown manning the defence.
    …and Seaman is still between the sticks.

    Let’s hope the new boys have what it takes to be a proper Gunner.

    I wonder if the board of directors or Wenger ever read this blog.