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Firstly, it’s our Le Grove’s birthday today, we reach the age of four and we’ve kept up our record of posting everyday at least once for the duration of that period. This last year has been our biggest in terms of comments (250,000 in a year, 80,000 away from a 1,000,000), it’s been the biggest in terms of visits, we’re about 37% up on last year already and it’s also been a bit of an amazing year for being picked up by the various news publications.

Thanks for dropping by everyday, thanks for following our tweets and Facebook updates and thanks for taking the time out of your day to post comments in our thriving community, which for me is still the best for varied opinion and banter. We know you could go anywhere in your quest for a hit of Arsenal, we’re over the moon so many of you choose to swing by Le Grove so regularly!

The next year is will see a pretty robust growth plan. First up is a redesign of the site which is underway, we’ll be moving from and the new site will hopefully capture all the best bits the current template does but add all the modern functionality you see elsewhere. We’ll also definitely, most certainly be setting up a Podcast in the next few weeks. I’ll be trying to source guests like Jack Wilshere and Robert Pires on, if those fall through, I’ll certainly be able to land Rodney from the Armoury… he’s gagging to get his opinion out there. We’re also investigating a few other avenues which could certainly add value to the site!

Onto the post… oh, and thanks for all the amazing gifts no one sent in. Real classy.

Tommy V…

Vermaelen’s injury started as a thigh complaint, it ended as an Achilles operation. Starts out as 8 weeks, will it end in a season long lay off again? Let’s hope not…

This has all the hallmarks of JD two seasons back when the club knew he was out long-term yet decided against pushing for a new body to replace him.

That year we played Gallas and Vermaelen in most games and eventually ran them into ground. Gallas was out before the end of the year… Followed by Vermaelen at the start of the next.

Bad luck or bad management? How long can you keep putting injuries down to misfortune? Is there any other industry you’d be allowed to watch the same costly problem happen over and over again before someone compared your misfortune to your rivals and noticed a pattern…

Other clubs have less injuries and quicker recovery times.

How we could miss out on Gary Cahill if there was even a suspicion of long-term problems I don’t know. If John Cross was reporting the Vermaelen concerns last week you can bet your bottom dollar the Arsenal medical staff had reported that to Wenger well before the window closed.

Anyway, we’ll see how this pans out. Once again we’ve bought in a new player and they’ve got to adapt and hit the ground running straight away… A big ask, but I guess that’s why they get paid the big dollars.

Just for the record, Thomas Vermaelen was out of the squad the Friday before the United game… There was no late Fitness test on match day. According to team bus sources, he wasn’t on it.


Wenger’s ban was upheld and the club was fined an additional £10k for their troubles. Makes a mockery of the £500 fine the Spanish coach recieved for being an on air racist about Thierry a few years ago. The severity of the punishment compared to what UEFA dish out for serious crimes against the game is laughable.

Though I’d still question the professionalism of the club, I’m not a manager and I knew you couldn’t communicate with the bench. How many ridiculous stories have we heard over the years of coaches trying to bend the rules?

If we asked a UEFA Official, why did we only do it on the night? Why didn’t we get the response in an e-mail? Standard business practice for any decision that could get you in trouble. No one got a delivery time changed when I was ruling the show in cardboard box world… No matter how perishable their lettuce was.

‘It’ll fail unless I get the change in a mail’

That was my motto…


You buggers eh? While you’re all crawling up Frimpong’s backside voting him up the most exciting youth player chart, our strangely named winger is out there making things happen. He landed three assists and won a penalty… The greatest England under 21 talent since Franny Jeffers? Possibly… Our saviour? Well according to many today you’d imagine so!

Personally, I’d send him out on loan for a year like United would do. Let him rip it up with a team like West Ham or Bolton then bring him in when he’s ready to blow at the Emirates. Just like we did with Jack.

Arsene Wenger Satisfaction Poll (0 being very unsatisfied to the point of suicide / 5 being so happy you’d give him a Denilson deal)

Raw data for the accountants...

Visual for the artists... (and builders)

A further split down…

Keeping it very simple...

So there we have it people. Most people voted with a 3, indicating they were satisfied, however, when the numbers are totted up, a substantial amount of the fanbase are unsatisfied with how things at the club are being run by the man in charge of the playing side of things. I couldn’t have picked a fairer time to run the poll either. It’s the first time in about 5 years we’ve been reasonably pleased with some players coming in.

Next up… the board.

Have a great day Grovers!

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  1. TonyS

    In case you have forgotten, Nikki B cleared that Fabregas shot off the line V Liverpool in Champions League which went a long way to putting us out of that tie. Remember how all the other players gave him the evil eye for the next couple of games.Or what about the end of Barca last season when he just had to trap the ball properly at the there would have been a really good chance to put those fuckers out.

    He is shite. Don’t mourn his loss and furthermore he doesn’t even want to come back.

    Best of luck to him though 🙂

  2. incesc

    Ramsey played real good considering.

    covered lots of ground and pinged the ball about well.

    definately going to be a tidy player, just needs games and experience

  3. Nick

    Happy birthday Legrove peds Geoff keep up the goodwork your hobby has hit the mainstream what could you achive if you were being paid for it 🙂

  4. finestcuts

    A draw’s a good result for Poland in this game Suga, we both expected Poland to lose and would definitely have accepted it before the match.

  5. SUGA3


    supporting Arsenal gives you enough mental strength to stomach snatching a draw out of the jaws of victory 😆

    Szczesny, what a fucking player, unlucky Wawrzyniak, Glowacki should be fucking shot…

  6. Rohan

    Don’t think he had much to do. By all accounts, the goals werent’ really his fault. Most of the game was played in midfield from the half hour I watched.

  7. SUGA3

    to be honest, I did not actually watch him that closely, tidy player but not really at dizzying heights…

    good use of his height to cut out the long balls, but needs a mobile partner, IMO…

  8. Yandi

    Bar a decent engine,I still don’t see what Ramsey offers a team. Should be putting a lot better than he is giving at the moment. No quality or composure in his game. And he’s a starter for Arsenal. Tragic that.

    How did Per do against Poland????

    Btw we got the wrong Brazillian left back. Marcelo is a fucking gem. And we could’ve got him for 40 million… Cost-effective.

  9. Dutchman

    Per was not that bad. Those goals came from stupid fouls from Wiese and i saw that the first goal was a fault of lahm, who lost his man.

    But Szcesny was fantastic, people in Holland are praising him so much at the moment 😛

    Mertesacker-vermaelen really could be a fantastic duo with Chezzer behind them. And i think that Kos and Mertesacker can be a great duo too.

    And AOC has to play against Swansea, he will kill them. What a player. And we have Frimpong back!

  10. Rhyle

    Yandi, while I feel there are issues of confidence and consistency with Ramsey…his potential and quality are indeniable. Starter? Not yet…

    But, to highlight just one of many good performances…he was fucking GREAT against Man Utd at the Emirates last season…

  11. 87gooner

    It is very strange that the injuries mount up all of a sudden

    Wenger hasnt changed his training methods, they are still as intensive as ever, but I cant remember us losing players to injury like this in the past

    Its never been the same since Gary Lewin left

    Bring back Lewin and Dein! Oh and Keown to do defensive drills. That would sort us out no end

  12. Dutchman

    For me:


    With as our first line-up


  13. Yandi


    But he followed that up with shocking performances against Villa, Stoke and Fulham. And he’s now continued where he left off. My point is that I’ve seen scape goat Diaby put in some really stunning performances in the past (Bernebeu 2006, Roma at the Emirates in 2008 being two examples), and get no praise for it, but as soon as he fucks up, everyone’s on his case. It’s different with Ramsey, who IMO has been utter crap since pre-season, and the games before that. He never get’s stick! I’d go as far as saying that when Diaby’s back, he starts ahead of Ramsey. That’s how bad I think he’s been…

  14. gnarleygeorge9

    Happy birthday Geoff & Pedro/Le Grove.

    Pedro this was from another blog.

    Bstrum says:
    September 2, 2011 at 11:00 am
    (Unnamed) I was a more than a little surprised by your contention that LeGroaners cannot and will not moderate their bloggers. I have to concur with (Unnamed) – not only do they ‘moderate’ comments supporting Arsenal and Wenger, they practice censorship which would be Stalinesque were it not so utterly infantile and pathetic. It nauseates me to see them referred to as “respected” or “influential” in the media and I have to again strongly agree with London in that they cannot be called committed Arsenal supporters when they are a conduit of derision and hate towards the club. This vituperative, hysterical hate has had an effect on the morale of some of the supporters and thus on the players and the team performance, and this climate of contempt and disrespect for the club allows refereees the brazenness to sometimes quite openly, in my opinion, cheat Arsenal out of potentially title-winning points.

    So apparently its not The Clubs fault that it can’t win anything, its Le Groves fault 😆

    I remember the daze when 100 comments was big, now 2700 plus is the ceiling.

    The only thing down are the number of comments by Geoff 🙁 He still gives me a good chuckle when he gets fired up.

    Viva Le Grove

  15. OPG

    Theo and Song will always start if fit they are some of the most ‘experienced’ in the squad who have been around a while, as imperfect they may be.

  16. Gooby

    And if I was an Arsenal fan, I would be salivating at the prospect of Ramsey. He is really looking like something special.

    a non arsenal fan view

  17. Josip Skoblar

    Does anyone remember Adams telling Wenger circa 1996-7 that his training sessions were not intensive enough? I read that they are too intensive now. This would be evidence that the man has changed his training methods over the past ten years!

  18. zeus

    The guy was a Cardiff fan and was attacked by 6 Swansea fans.

    I thought football hooliganism was a thing of the fucking past.

  19. Lurch LeRouge

    sure but its quite easy to smack a fella and have him fall badly and the worst happen.

    has it been confirmed as a full blown kicking?

  20. SUGA3


    6 against one? what do you think it looked like?

    bunch of cunts, shame they will get a slap on the wrist and walk free in 3 years time tops…

  21. Lurch LeRouge

    what it looks like is people jumping to conclusions.

    we’ve all been in situations when one guy sparks a rumble and shit goes down. we don’t know if the other 5 guys were defo involved or if they are witnesses.

  22. Lurch LeRouge

    im just saying don’t jump to conclusions.

    we’ve all been in situations when one guy sparks a rumble and shit goes down. we don’t know if the other 5 guys were defo involved or if they are witnesses.

  23. SUGA3


    fair enough, but I just somehow can’t see a family man in his forties carrying out a banzai attack on a group of six…

    then again, you never know, either way, it’s fucked up!

  24. Lurch LeRouge

    lol suga

    my old man used deck cunts in car parks just for looking at his wife weird.

    its a weird world we live in.

  25. Yandi

    Does someone have a link to a picture of the billboard on display in the vicinity of the Emirates??? The protest one…

  26. gambon

    Oh darn…..guess i’ll just go to the chunky realist convention.

    The CRC is a good place to be, much better than the CAWLF

  27. gambon

    Time to pass out.

    Anyway, just remember Keyser, you may get told youre the white uncle phil banks, but just remember, your mum is being cruel to be kind.

    Although she was always nice to me.

    You fat cunt.


  28. Yandi

    Lurch thanks mate

    Should’ve been bigger scale than the billboard though. Everything’s a bit relaxed now (as it can be with the circumstances). Guess people are waiting to see what the new players have got in store…

    btw Fucking excited by Chu-Young. Wacthed a bit of the game against Kuwait. Now there’s a forward with great movement and a good finish on him… Looks miles better than Chamakh.

  29. Keyser

    Think people are going to be pretty disappointed really, it took us long enough to get the Wilshere,S ong, Fabregas axis going.

  30. Lurch LeRouge

    not expecting much from the squad until JW, Gerv, RVP, Arteta start playing together to be honest.

    if these signings weren’t wengers, I’m curious as to how much ‘love’ they receive and how they creatively integrate, it could just be a whole squad of arshavins for the 2 months.

  31. Keyser

    Haven’t watched it in a while really just caught today’s.

    Downloads Un Prophete, might watch that in a bit. Unless I fall asleep.

  32. Keyser

    Marcotti was talking about Santos, that he played midfield for Fenerbache a bit and while he didn’t have many good games for Brazil at left-back, it could have been because he was trying to make the transition from club to country and differing positions.

    He also said he’s had troubles with partying and his weight, if you watch some of the skills he does and consider the goals he’s scored, think this is an old school Wenger punt. Where Wenger’s taken someone who’s struggled with their attitude, but could be absolute quality.

  33. Keyser

    Or he could completely fall apart, I’m not sure anymore, I don’t think we’re at the point where Wenger’s estranged from the board, if you look at Arteta and Benayoun, they’re two players who could be quality in the short term at least, giving Wilshere and Ramsey time to learn and progress.

    With Fabregas in the team, they weren’t ever going to replace him without him being injured, but they can genuinely learn and compete with these two.

  34. Yandi

    There had been talk that some of the Arsenal board are questioning whether Wenger is the man to lead the club going forward but Hill-Wood said: “It’s complete and utter rubbish and absolute nonsense. I think he is happy enough and we are happy enough.”

    Wenger had a hectic summer transfer-wise, boosting his squad by eight players and allowing 21 to leave, including 10 on loan.

    “We have brought some new players in and although I don’t know that much about many of them I think, generally speaking, they are going to improve the squad,” added Hill-Wood.

    Two of the big departures from the club were skipper Cesc Fabregas, sold to Barcelona for £35m, and Samir Nasri, who cost Manchester City £25m.

    Responding to Barca vice-chairman Josep Maria Bartomeu’s claim that Fabregas was a bargain, Hill-Wood said: “He is absolutely right – they did get him on the cheap. But he wanted to go back there and we respected that.”

  35. Lurch LeRouge

    yeah i listened to the same podcast last night, Robson and one of the other guys really laid into Arteta & Benayoun as lame duck signings if i recall.

    can’t blame santos really, turkish food is the nuts.

    enjoy prophet, one of the best films I saw last year.

  36. Lurch LeRouge

    yeah fair points, Ramsey looked better tonight, 2-3 more games and i’m confident we’ll start to see his old self.

  37. Lurch LeRouge

    I don’t think we’re seeing the disintegration of the board and AW’s relationship yet. I think we’re a really bad season not qualifying for ecl away from that tbh.

  38. Keyser

    Heh, I think anyone could be a Sports Journalist in today’s age, Barclay said Hargreaves could be his signing of the transfer window.

    Marcotti seemed to want to chastise them, but stuck to his role as host.

  39. Daniel

    Regarding 9/11, Gambon doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about. Please, no one ask him for evidence because he has none (similar to the ‘Wenger gets a bonus for not spending’ bullshit’). As much as I’d like another thing to peg on Bush, no one with any credibility believes in that nonsense. Gambon is conspiracy nut!

  40. Keyser

    If that happened I think they’d come to some sort of mutual realisation, either Wenger steps and gives someone else a go, that’s all it’d be really, because I think both understand how hard it’s going to be to get us back to the top with the state of football as it is.

    Fan pressure could accelerate it, and I think that’d also be the only way we’d see someone like Usmanov come in.

    Wengers like Telly Savalas at the moment, with a crock dirty dozen.

  41. Lurch LeRouge

    yeah it was pretty low quality.

    I didn’t set any stall by it tbh, besides I don’t make judgements on players until i’ve watched them a few times. I don’t see the point in making rash judgements – its not like its a race after all.

  42. Keyser

    Ramsey looks a bit like Wilshere when Wilshere steps into the England team, except with more responsibility.

    Wilshere comes in and instantly starts making links players like Barry, Milner, Lampard, Gerrard can’t quite seem to do, the way Rooney drops into midfield, links play up and realises he needs to be upfront to link it up there asell.

    Except Ramsey doesn’t have the same standard of players, so he’s basically going around along with Bale trying to get things to work, some come off, others he ends up looking a div when he backheels into space with no-one there.

  43. Lurch LeRouge

    i suspect Wenger won’t step off easily, he’s modeled the club in his image (and reinforced chapmans ethos), my guess is he’d angle for a change in ownership from behind the scenes before walking away.

  44. Keyser

    Lurch LeRouge – I suppose it is a race of sorts for journalists though to be fair to them.

    If Wenger manages to get things going and we get into the top 4 from here, I think it’d be an achievement, whatever you think about us not being in this position in the first place.

    If we won the league or something, it’d probably be his best achievemtn ever.

    Last year for 5-6 games we saw the quality with everyone fit, Fabregas and Nasri had been together for a few years, and now we’ve started againn with a new set of players.

  45. Lurch LeRouge

    he did look better tonight, but he hasn’t had the fluency in the last couple of outings for us. He was bamboozled against the mancs, still finding his feet for Udinese and basically AWOL for Newcastle.

    When fat frank got taken off he grew even more tonight I thought.

  46. Lurch LeRouge

    yup agreed winning something this year would be a remarkable achievement.

    I said something along these lines last week, but I’m a firm believer in patched together artifacts. Sometimes the best sculptures are those that have been disassembled and recombined through accident.

    We could embody those characteristics this season.

  47. Keyser

    I think he’s a bit lost really, Fabregas started off at Barca, they drill the passing game into them, he’s got players constantly moving and passing in tune, he came to Arsenal played with some of the best our club’s had and progressed very quickly.

    Ramsey’s basically had to learn what he can from the bench and been thrust into situations of pressure to learn on the job with a whole group of new recruits in similar positions to him, it’s going to take time.

    We don’t have time. It”s either make him stronger, or hell fade like merida and move on.

  48. Keyser

    I saw your post about footballing resembling art or along those lines, the other day adnw as going to reply, I’ll do it tomorrow maybe.

    We’re basically up against teams who employ the best artists in the World to paint by numbers.

  49. Moray

    Keyser – there is a guy in Australia or Japan called Prickasso. He paints using his cock and maybe balls for smudging. I think this is more along the lines of what we have been doing over the last few years.

  50. Mayank

    EmmanuelF4 You Been Frimponged
    “@DenilsonDiaries: @EmmanuelF4 hi KingKong. Now you are breaking into the first team, feel free to call me for any advice.” Thankz deni lool

  51. Pedro

    Dale, I don’t want to talk about basketball, you wear ankle books to deal with the turns.

    Your opinion, is once again, totally wrong and totally baseless.

    But you can have your beliefs…